What is the strategy for cutting off Left Arms?

  1. I've been stuck on the first Left Arm you're supposed to get for 6 hours now, I just can't seem to chop it off, is there a special way to do it, or is it all luck based?

    User Info: JoeyMURDERFACE

    JoeyMURDERFACE - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The best way to cut off a cyborg commander's left arm (if you aren't in alert or caution status, just go up behind them unnoticed and stealth kill them, as it gives you the option to Blade mode them as they're dropping and their arms usually extend out as they fall. It also completely fills your Blade mode meter when you enter it, even if you had none before) is to knock them off gaurd with a heavy attack (they throw their arms out as they stagger back, giving you a good target) or knock them to the ground (they fall out in a t shape and remain immobile for a moment, giving you the opportunity to disarm them). As for getting a higher chance of actually hacking the arm off, when you enter Blade mode hold up or down on the right stick and keep it held, then use the left stick to make Raiden move the whole target reticule in any direction until you have it centered over their arm, then move the right stick in the opposite way you have it. It's a lot easier than just using the right stick to try and slice it off without moving the left stick. If you're not sure who in an area has the left arm commander data, just turn on the Augment mode visor and look at the enemy from any distance, the arm will light up blue/green and they will have a similar blue/green diamond shape around their red model, or at least the arm. It's really easy to spot from a distance as the blue/green stands out among the light Augment mode environment and the red character models. Later in the game, some of the left arm commanders will have that annoying armor that you'll have to break off before you can remove the arm, and sometimes it's even the ones with the even heavier steel plating and massive hammers. Hope I managed to help you and sorry this ended up being so huge.

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Other Answers

  1. I cut off there's legs then let em lay there till I get in a good position I got more then 20 arms also ninja kill works aka stealth

    User Info: rebellionmaycry

    rebellionmaycry - 4 years ago 1 0
  2. The first left arm isn't difficult. When you are told to look for the arm, ninja run up the ledge to the left of the door that you need to get through.

    Once up on the ledge you can safely travel to where the guy is at, drop down behind him and press circle to stealth kill him. When time slows down, go into blade mode and line up the blade with the light blue part of the upper arm. It's recommended to press square for an easy cut.

    User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

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