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    Walkthrough by horror_spooky

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    Raiden is ready to set out on his own adventure in Metal Gear Rising: 
    Revengeance! Developed in collaboration between Kojima Productions and Platinum
    Games, this latest entry in the long-running Metal Gear franchise trades the 
    stealth action for lightning bolt action!
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper
    Copyright 2013
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    E-mai: horror_spooky@hotmail.com
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    1. Introduction and Controls
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    Set after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4, Raiden is now working as the head 
    of a company that offers private security aid to those that need it. However, 
    the cyborg enhancements that give Raiden his incredible powers have now become 
    widespread and used everywhere, completely changing the face of war.
    LT - Blade Mode
    LB - Sub Weapon
    RT - Ninja Run
    RB - Lock On
    Left Stick - Move
    D-pad (up) - Visor
    D-pad (left) - Equip
    D-pad (right) - Equip
    Y - Heavy Attack
    X - Light Attack
    B - Zandatsu
    A - Jump
    Start - Pause
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    2. Walkthrough
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    File R-00: Guard Duty
    Upon gaining control of Raiden for the first time, you will be taught the 
    basics of the game's swordplay. You can swing your sword with light attacks (X)
    and heavy attacks (Y). Hold RT to enter "Ninja Run" mode, which will 
    automatically deflect incoming projectiles as well as automatically allow 
    Raiden to traverse over objects in his way.
    LT enters Blade Mode. In this mode, you can make more precise cuts. Blade Mode 
    also deals more damage. In Blade Mode, you can do horizontal (X) and vertical 
    (Y) cuts, plus you can control the blade freely using the right analog stick.
    The early parts of the game consist of Raiden fighting off enemy soldiers. They
    are weak and easiliy defeated just by using regular attacks. As for 
    exploration, just look at the mini-map and go to the objective marker that 
    flashes there.
    The first boss in the game is Metal Gear Ray. In this first part of the fight, 
    you can do damage to three parts of Ray. You can attack its legs or its head. 
    The legs are the easiest way to damage it, however. Use Ninja Run to get close 
    to Metal Gear Ray, and then start attacking one of its legs repeatedly.
    The health of the legs is represented by a circular meter. Once the meter has 
    been drained, you can tap LT to enter free Blade Mode and go crazy on the leg 
    to get rid of its armor. When that's done, focus on the other leg. There will 
    be QTEs that occur, but when they're done, refocus on attacking the legs and 
    go through the next QTEs and Ray will be defeated for now.
    Next you'll have to chase an enemy through the city streets. Use Ninja Run to 
    automatically traverse obstacles and bypass anything in your way. There will be
    a gate that you'll come to eventually, so slice it down and then continue the 
    pursuit. The pursuit will be interrupted by the return of Metal Gear Ray, 
    This fight takes place on a rooftop. Metal Gear Ray will fire a Plasma Cannon 
    at Raiden, so be prepared to jump over it as it moves back and forth across the
    rooftop. Then start button mashing at Ray's head to deal damage. Ray will have 
    a couple of other attacks, such as shooting missiles (which can be deflected in
    Blade Mode), but this fight is much easier than before. Go through QTEs and 
    Blade Mode as instructed.
    Raiden will now have to run straight down a building while Ray fires plasma at 
    him and missiles are also flying at him simultaneously. Avoid the missiles and 
    the plasma cannon. Be sure to hold in RT to keep Ninja Run active. Finally, the
    fight against Ray will be finished and the pursuit can resume.
    Following a few cut-scenes, you'll be in a fight against another boss, but he 
    has no health meter. You can't win the fight against him, so just lose. When 
    that fight's over, more cut-scenes will play. After that, swing at the enemy by
    hitting X repeatedly until another scene plays to interrupt the action and 
    signify the end of the mission.
    File R-01: Coupe d'Etat
    Upon landing on the beach, make your way to the street. A few enemies will 
    attack, and this is where the game teaches you about the Zandatsu ability. Your
    energy meter will be full (indicated by the fact that it is blue), so what you 
    do is go over to an enemy and enter Blade Mode. A red box will appear on the 
    enemy, so swing the blade there. The game will then tell you to press B. Do so 
    and Raiden will rip out the enemy's cybernetic spine, which will refill his 
    health and power.
    When they're dead, continue into the building. After the call, Raiden will be 
    taught about the stealth mechanics in the game. Drop down the hole in the 
    floor and walk over to the dude that's just standing around. Press B to stealth
    kill him. Then move out onto the balcony. Go to the right for an item box, and 
    then press "up" on the d-pad to get a lay of the situation.
    There is an enemy on the balcony to the northwest, plus there are a couple of 
    guards with a prisoner on the street. If you want to be sneaky, make your way 
    to the balcony guy first and take him out silently, then take out the two 
    guards one by one. Otherwise, just rush forward and kill everyone. It can be 
    tricky getting on the balcony, so you can just cut its supports up to make the 
    guy fall down.
    As you move forward, a Gekko will show up along with more soldiers. These 
    mechs are a real pain to fight. They will charge at you, which is an incredibly
    tough move to dodge, and they will also kick their legs and spit a grapple hook
    at you. When they are about to kick or spit their grapple hook, parry. To 
    parry, quickly fick the left analog stick in the direction of their attack and 
    then press the X button. This will give Raiden an opening to do damage.
    Once it starts to glow blue, and if your Blade Mode meter is full, you can 
    slice it up into a bunch of little pieces, and may even have a chance to 
    perform Zandatsu. When it's dead, stick to the sidewalks and huge the walls of 
    the building to avoid confrontations with the other ones up ahead. Go to the 
    door and interact with the button ont he door to gain entry.
    Walk over to the enemy intel computer on the ground and use it. Then go 
    outside. You now have to fight Blade Wolf. Blade Wolf is a very tough battle if
    you haven't mastered the parrying abilities yet, so buckle up for a really 
    tough fight.
    Every time that Blade Wolf's eye flashes, parry in his direction. He will 
    spiral at you, throw kunai at you, and also try to whip you with his tail. The 
    spiral, once blocked, will leave Blade Wolf dazed for a moment, leaving him 
    wide open to a series of combosto drain his health meter.
    If he starts bouncing around the area, use Ninja Run to get away quickly, as he
    will pounce on Raiden and dig his chainsaw tail into Raiden's shoulder, which 
    deals a ton of damage. He'll retreat after so much damage and send enemy 
    soldiers after you.
    This is a perfect time to replenish your health if you've taken damage. Use 
    Zandatsu to replenish Raiden's health by killing the enemy soldiers. Then Blade
    Wolf will come back to the fight. Use the same strategy as before, and then 
    he'll send a Gekko after you. Use the strategy fro the previous fight to defeat
    it, and then return to fighting Blade Wolf.
    Japanese symbols will flash on the screen occasionally in the game. When this 
    happens, this is an opportunity to enter Blade Mode to do more damage than 
    usual. It also shows up at the end of boss fights a lot of the time so that 
    Raiden can do cool execution moves. Put Blade Wolf away in this fashion, and 
    then check the nearby house for items by slicing down the door before 
    continuing down the street.
    There will be a gate blocking the path at the end of the street. You have two 
    options. Your first option is to use Blade Mode to slice off an enemy soldier's
    hand to get the codes to the gate so you can get through. Your other option is 
    to kill all the soldiers and then slice through the gate. If you take the 
    latter option, you'll have to fight more enemies.
    Whatever you decide, get rid of any enemies in the next area and then move 
    through the building. Go outside and start making your way down the bridge.
    A helicopter will show up and start attacking Raiden and blowing up the bridge.
    Use Ninja Run to get away from the bridge before it crumbles completely and 
    takes Raiden with it. Keep running straight forward upon hitting solid ground 
    to the sub weapon that is lying on the ground, which is a homing missile. Walk 
    over to it and pick it up.
    To equip sub weapons, use the right and left directional buttons on the d-pad. 
    Equip the homing missile and then aim it at the helicopter. Stay behind cover 
    until after the helicopter fires its rockets, and then shoot the helicopter 
    with the rocket when it stops to reload.
    The helicopter will be forced to get closer to Raiden. Stay at its side and go 
    crazy on it until it is destroyed. Then continue forward into the abandoned 
    fairground. There are two Gekkos here. You can slice down the legs of the 
    giant Ferris wheel to crush one of the Gekkos and the enemy soldiers as well.
    You will get another call. Listen to the call as you walk down the mountain 
    path. Slice through the fencing. Fight all the enemies on the other side of 
    the fence, which will include new robot enemies.
    These little orb-like robots with arms are called Dwarf Gekkos and they are 
    very helpful, actually. They are weak, and they drop healing items a lot of 
    the time that you just have to walk over to replenish a lot of Raiden's health.
    They make fights a lot easier when they're around. They will sometimes jump on 
    Raiden's face, and if they do this, wiggle the left analog stick to break free.
    When everyone's dead, continue into the compound. It's helpful if you remain 
    stealthy here, but it's not necessary. Watch out for laser grids that will 
    alert everyone to your presence. Destroy the cameras on the wall whenever you 
    see them as they have turrets attached, and will only shoot in high alert. The 
    cyborgs here get a bit tougher to fight because they also have sworsd, but keep
    at it.
    Finally, Raiden will reach the final boss fight of the level with Mistral. 
    Mistral is much easier than Blade Wolf because those little Dwarf Gekkos will 
    constantly drop health as you kill them. Button mash against Mistral and block 
    her attacks. When the Japanese symbol flashes on the screen, go into Blade Mode
    and slice up her weapon as well as her to deal the most damage.
    She'll retreat to a higher area and shoot missiles. Use Ninja Run to avoid 
    them, and then keep fighting her as usual. A few scenes will play, and then 
    you'll have to fight her on a pipe. Continue the fight here until enough 
    damage has been dealt to trigger the next cut-scene.
    Resume the fight and be careful of any QTEs that happen. Mistral is much easier
    than Blade Wolf, as I mentioned so you shouldn't have much of a problem.
    File R-02: Research Facility
    Welcome to the sewers! As you explore, you'll encounter a new enemy type. These
    are big, gorilla-like cyborgs called Mastifs that are incredibly annoying. They
    possess grapple attacks that deal a lot of damage, and their strikes are also 
    very damaging as well.
    Do your best to parry their regular attacks. They will climb on the walls and 
    try to pounce on Raiden as well, so be ready to block just about everything. 
    Use the game's lock-on to keep track of where he goes as he jumps around. When 
    he flashes gold, that means he's about to do a grapple attack, so run away.
    As you damage him, his arm will start glowing blue. Use Blade Mode to slice off
    one of his arms. Be sure to make the cut as close to his shoulder as possible 
    or else the arm can regenerate. Then continue the fight until you are able to 
    cut off his other arm and eventually his legs, and slice up his body to finish 
    the job.
    In the next area, Wolf will warn you of enemies below. Walk along the catwalk 
    and then jump down and kill the enemy by pressing B. Sneak up on the other 
    enemy here and use another stealth kill to take him out.
    Now continue pushing through the sewers. The Dwarf Gekkos will show up. Kill 
    them all and continue. Raptors are your next enemy, and they pose quite the 
    threat. They are faster to kill than the bigger Gekkos, but they typically 
    roam in packs. Use the same strategies as you always would with the larger 
    mechs to take them out.
    Continue pushing through the sewers until you reach the generator room. There 
    is enemy intel in here, as well as a cardboard box. You can use the box to 
    sneak around in the next area, but it's tricky to pull off.
    Equip the box and wait for the coast to be clear before dropping down the 
    catwalk to the sewer water below. Use the box and slowly sneak by the guard 
    that is walking back and forth down here. The reason this is tricky is because 
    the guards on the catwalks above can see you walk around in the box, which will
    raise the alert level, so you have to ahve a bit of luck to get through this. 
    Go to the door at the end of the sewer tunnel to get out of this area and 
    continue through the facility.
    You'll encounter numerous cyborgs as you push through. You'll then reach a 
    warehouse room with a few guards walking around. Kill them all and then go 
    to the Dwarf Gekko controls. Interact with it to take control of a Dwarf 
    Gekko in the other room.
    You can sprint by holding RT and moving the robot in any direction. Press A to 
    leap, and press X to attack. You can press Y when sprinting to do a rolling 
    attack, but all the robot's attacks are pretty much useless. Sneak up on the 
    guards and press B to take them out silently. Wait for the guard that is 
    walking by the stiars to get otu of the way before going up and knocking him 
    out, and then make a mad dash for the air duct you have to go through. Go 
    through the air duct and then interact with the controls in the room on the 
    other side.
    Go through the door as instructed. Kill all the enemies in the next room and 
    then continue through the facility. You'll come face to face with GRAD, a 
    giant robot thing. Cris-cross from shelf to shelf to avoid the fire from 
    GRAD. When you get close, start wailing on it with Power Attacks. When it 
    starts to knock Raiden away with its front end, run away, then return and keep 
    knocking GRAD backwards.
    GRAD will then turn into a bipedal mech, and this fight can be tough. However, 
    there's a trick to it that makes it a lot easier. Get bheind GRAD and then 
    just start going crazy with Power Attacks. If you're lucky, you'll be able to 
    stun him long enough so that as soon as he gets un-stunned, you can just resume
    mashing power attacks and stun him immediately thereafter.
    There will be a few times where Raiden has the opportunity to use Blade Mode to
    slice away GRAD's defenses. Take these opportunities as they take away some of 
    his attacks and they will also lower his defense so that it's easier to damage 
    him from all angles.
    From there, just go through the series of doors as instructed and listen to the
    calls Raiden gets before you can finally exit this research facility.
    File R-03: Mile High
    Cyborg police?! Oh yes. Well, defeat all the cyborg police and then scour the 
    area for a rocket launcher. Then start making your way down the street. Two 
    smaller GRAD enemies will show up. Kill them the way you killed the other GRAD.
    Once they're dead, continue to the designated building.
    Fight your way through the building. Keep an eye out for sub weapons and items 
    lying around. There's a rocket launcher leaning against the wall right before 
    the elevator, so be looking for that. Ride the elevator to the roof, and now 
    sneak by the guards and jump from roof to roof. You can fight the guards if you
    want, but if they see you and the alert goes up, you can just jump to the next 
    roof and the alert will disappear. There will be a helicopter that attacks on 
    these roofs, so take it out using any rocket launcher sub weapons you have. 
    There will be some lying around the area.
    There will be flying enemies as well as a new enemy with a hammer. Knock the 
    wings off the flying enemies, but keep them alive for now. Focus on the 
    hammer guy. He has a grappling move that is a pain and he's just overall tough 
    to block. When your health runs low, go over to one of the flying dudes and 
    then rip their spine out to replenish Raiden's health and energy before 
    continuing the fight with the hammer guy.
    Once he's defeated you can continue. Scour the area for items, such as a repair
    kit on the other side of the stairs, before continuing your adventure across 
    the roofs. You'll then reach an elevator shaft. Stand on top of the elevator 
    and slice through the ropes. The elevator will then plummet to the ground.
    Raiden will give Wolf an update on the situation. It's pitch black in here, so 
    press "Up" on the d-pad to activate Raiden's visor, which will allow you to at 
    least see outlines of objects in the dark. Slice down the door to reach the 
    actual railroad area, and take note of the situation.
    There are large cyborgs in the area that are a pain. However, they are easily 
    avoided in this section. Sneak your way to the train car in the center of the 
    tracks. Basically, just hug the wall on the left-most side and move down the 
    tracks until you can't walk anyore. Jump to the top of the car and move 
    forward until you can't move anymore again. Wait for the robot to walk by and 
    then assassinate him quietly.
    As you continue down the tracks, Dwarf Gekkos will start raining from the 
    ceiling. They won't alert the attention of the larger robots, but they will be 
    annoying. Kill them in an isolated area, or at least thin them out, and then 
    continue to the door.
    Back outside, there will be another Gekko battle as well as more encounters 
    with cyborgs. Fight your way through them all. There will be enemies on the 
    bridge above, so destroy the supports and then finish them off.
    As you near the building,t here will be a stealth section, if you want. I 
    personally recommend just blowing through all the enemies here and then 
    continuing through the subsequent building. Following the cut-scenes, kill off 
    all the guards, and then more scenes will play.
    Now you have to cross the street without being seen and make it to the front of
    the next building. Go to the right. Grab the healing items on the ground and 
    then keep going until you can't walk anymore. Then go across the street and 
    make your way to the front of the next building. The guards will start 
    attacking. Try to fight them off, and just wait until Sam shows up.
    More scenes will play, and then you have a boss fight with Monsoon. This fight 
    is pretty challenging, but not impossible. Monsoon will constantly attack, and 
    his attacks are very fast. Block them as best you can, and counter attack 
    frequently. He will knock you in thea ir, but if you have purchased the ability
    to parry in the air, you'llb e able to block his attacks here, too.
    Monsoon likes to throw smoke grenades on the ground. When he does this, just 
    stand still and wait for him tos how up out of the smoke so you can parry. Once
    enough damage has been done, he will retreat to the pillars. He'll then start 
    chucking vehicles at you. Activate Blade Mode and slice through them as they 
    near. They will drop helpful items, so grab them quickly.
    If your health goes below 30 percent, then it's wise to heal, as Monsoon's fast
    attacks can drain your health by large chunks before you even have a chance to 
    access your inventory. When Monsoon returns to the ground, he will be able to 
    dodge all your attacks by separating into pieces. If you have an EMP grenade, 
    throw it at him and then you can enter Blade Mode and slice his head for 
    damage. Otherwise just keep parrying his attacks until he returns to his normal
    state that can be damaged.
    This process repeats for a while until Monsoon ends up causing this giant 
    wheel to go after Raidne. Explosive barrels will shoot out of the wheel as it 
    rampages at Raiden as well. Run back and forth using Ninja Run to avoid taking 
    damage from the wheel. Then resume fighting Monsoon.
    Eventually, Monsoon will throw a stone pillar right at Raiden. Use RT+left 
    stick to run up the pillar and then complete the enxt QTE segment to put 
    Monsoon away.
    File R-04: Hostile Takeover
    Decaptitate the robot secretary, and then the cyborgs will show up. Murder them
    all and move further into the building. Break the display case glass to gather 
    sub weapons and grab other items that are lying around as well as you continue 
    to the elevator. Interact with the elevator and then you'll have to wait for 
    Dok to fix it.
    Go to the turret and take control of it. Use the turret to kill as many enemies
    as possible as they pour into the building. If any get by the turret, exit the 
    turret and finish them off. When the elevator arrives, get inside and ride it.
    On the next floor, wipe out the cyborgs here. You can be stealthy, but since 
    you have to do a lot of searching, it's just easier to kill the floor of any 
    opposition. Plus, there's a bunch of items and enemy intel computers to collect
    on this floor as well. When the enemies are dead, press "up" on the d-pad to 
    activate Raiden's visor.
    Go to each room and check for an orange electrical line running through the 
    wall. These electrical lines are connected to the security door, so you need to
    destroy all the panels they're connected to in order for the security door to 
    unlock. The first two are easy enough to find, but there's one that is hidden 
    behind a shelf. Just look at the top of the walls near the ceiling to find this
    one, smash through the shelf, and then destroy the panel.
    With the security gate open, kill any remaining enemies. Next will be an 
    intense sprint through the area. Ignore all the enemies and use Ninja Run to 
    automatically bypass all the obstacles in the way. You'll have to jump over 
    some debris, but just keep pushing forward and avoiding the enemies. Then 
    Raiden will end up on the side of the building. Sprint to the top. Whenever 
    red lasers appear on the glass, move out of their way to avoid the explosions 
    and keep pushing to the top.
    Fight your way through the garden room. Take out the enemies with explosives 
    before taking out the other enemies, as damage to Raiden by explosions will 
    cause him to go dizzy, and you'll have to wiggle the left analog stick to 
    regain his composure. Keep fighting until you reach a large lift platform.
    Start riding the lift. Cyborgs will show up on the lift, so kill them to get 
    them off. Keep knocking the cyborgs off the platform as they show up. Dwarf 
    Gekkos will grab onto part of the platform and slow down the lift as Raiden's 
    lift catches up to the adjacent one. Sice them off to make the lift keep 
    going. More enemies will show up ont he lfit, but you can choose to ignore 
    them and then jump to the other one when you can. Any remaining enemies on 
    Raiden's lift will be destroyed.
    Keep moving through the building, and next you'll have to fight against two 
    returning bosses. First up will be Mistral, and this battle is simple thanks to
    the Dwarf Gekkos in the area that can replenish your health constantly. When 
    Mistral is defeated, Monsoon is next. Monsoon is tougher than Mistral, but 
    this fight is easier than the first fight with Monsoon. Use EMP grenades to 
    weaken him when he turns purple and is able to dodge everything, and then you 
    can use Blade Mode on his face and force him back to normal, where he can be 
    damaged normally.
    When that fight's done, continue through the building. Grab any items you see, 
    and then at the helipad outside, you'll find Sundowner, and be thrust into 
    another boss fight!
    Sundowner can be a tough boss if you don't know the trick to it. His shield 
    will explode upon contact with Raiden's sword, so constantly circle around to 
    his back and slash at him. Run away before he can attack (blocking his attacks 
    will also result in an explosion), and then just keep running around in a 
    circle and slice away at his back. Be wary of the helicopters that circle the 
    area and fire missiles and machinegun bullets at you. Don't actually engage 
    them, as they will just respawn, but if Raiden's targeting lock-on system 
    latches onto the helicopter for whatever reason, quickly switch it back to 
    Sundowner so you can keep an eye on him so you can avoid his attacks.
    When a good chunk of his health has been depleted, his health meter won't be 
    as easily depleted. At this point, wait for him to throw up his shield. Then 
    go into Blade Mode and slice the shield either vertically or horizontally in 
    line with the red boxes that appear. Use the left analog stick to alter the 
    arc of the blade to better align and take out the boxes, which will in turn 
    cause Sundowner's shield to be disrupted.
    Now enter Blade Mode again. Reposition the arc of Raiden's blade so that it 
    won't hit any of the explosive shield panels, but rather the glowing blue bars 
    that connect the shields to Sundowner's body. Slice these, and then 
    Sundowner's shield will become smaller and smaller with each slice.
    Once all the pieces have been removed from his shield, Sundowner will grab a 
    huge smokestack and use it as a weapon. You'll get a checkpoint at this part. 
    A couple of ninja cyborg enemies will show up to help Sundowner as well, but 
    ignore them just as you ignored the helicopters. Focus all your attention on 
    Sundowner, and then go through the QTEs and Blade Mode stuff as they appear 
    following the battle to put Sundowner away.
    File R-05: Escape from Denver
    This level is really short and really easy. Sipmly just mow down the enemies 
    and go from objective marker to objective marker. There will be a few tough 
    fights against Gekkos and the lik, but they are easily taken out when you 
    activate "Jack", and go crazy on them. To activate Raiden's Devil Trigger-like 
    "Jack" mode, click in the left and right analog sticks.
    There are no puzzles and no boss fights to worry about in this level. Just keep
    pushing forward until eventually Raiden finds a motorcycle that tickles his 
    File R-06: Badlands Showdown
    This level is also very short, but it's a very tough boss fight against 
    Jetstream Sam. Well, I should say "tough", unless you know the trick to the 
    fight, which actually makes it much easier. Basically, the boss fight with 
    Jetstream Sam is separated into three different phases, and there are no 
    checkpoints for the battle.
    The first phase is a sword fight with Sam, and this can be very tough. Sam has 
    moves that are nearly unblockable, and can become quite frustrating. The trick 
    is to run away from Sam. This will trigger him to rush Raiden. This attack can 
    be parried easily, and will leave Sam open to a flurry of strikes. Use the 
    pole weapon as it has good range to damage Sam from afar.
    After about a four or five hit combo, run away before Sam can regain his 
    composure and attack. Keep repeating the process until you take Sam's health 
    under 70%. If you get low on health, check the area for two wooden crates next 
    to a couple of boulders. Break open the crates and you'll find healing packs. 
    I recommend having them equipped so if your health dips to 0, the game will 
    automatically replenish it. Remove your lock on Sam when doing this so the 
    camera doesn't get too annoying.
    When Sam's health goes below 70%, it's time to hold your ground. Block all his 
    attacks, and eventually a Blade Mode moment will pop up. During this, slice 
    the sword right out of Sam's hand. This will cause Sam to drop the sword and 
    then he will continue fighting Raiden without it, which triggers phase 2 of the
    Phase 2 consists of Sam rushing Raiden and chokeslamming him to the ground, 
    then kicking him as Raiden getsup. Block the chokeslam and then nail Sam with 
    the string of pole attacks before running away. The reason you want to put the 
    distance between Raiden and Sam in phase 2 is so that he doesn't just go for 
    the kick, which is more difficult to parry, and rather so that he just 
    constantly goes for his grapple attack. Phase 2 will end with a QTE in which 
    you have to mash on the X button.
    Then enter Phase 3. Sam will pick his sword back up. He'll have more powerful 
    attacks and he will be a bigger nuisance. However, the exploit from earlier 
    will still work. Make him chase Raiden, block, combos, and then keep running 
    away. Sam will also try a jumping attack when you run away this time, so learn 
    how to parry that by waiting right before the moment of impact to block. 
    Unleash Jack's rage if the battle gets a bit close.
    Finally, at the end of the fight, press Y and B simultaneously to complete the 
    QTE. Then use Blade Mode to slice Sam's sword out of his hand again and the 
    battle will be complete.
    File R-07: Assassination Attempt
    Well, if you're a glutton for punishment, then this mission will be right up 
    your alley. It starts out easy enough. Just move through the facility and 
    slice your way through all the enemies. Destroy the camera turrets on the 
    Finally, you'll reach the first boss of this level, a Metal Gear of gigantic 
    proportions. At first, it's easy enough. It will try to smash Raiden with its 
    long arms. Dash and slide to avoid thea rms, and then focus your attack on 
    them once they remain on the ground. Eventually, the Metal Gear will try to 
    stomp Raiden.
    When this happens, get out of the way of the Metal Gear's foot, and then go 
    crazy on it. The damage will continue to wear away the Metal Gear, and 
    eventually signal a Blade Mode moment. Slice away at the armor of the Metal 
    Gear, run up the leg, Blade Mode again, and then the fight gets a bit tougher, 
    but thankfully there's a checkpoint to alleviate some of the punishemtn. The 
    Metal Gear will be in a daze, so rush up and attack the head while you can 
    before it regains its composure.
    The Metal Gear will start firing beams at Raiden that are highly explosive and 
    damaging. Run from left to right to avoid the beams. On top of the beams, 
    Gekkos will also join the fight. The giant Metal Gear will inadvertently kill 
    the Gekkos, but if it doesn't with the beams, it will in the next section of 
    the fight.
    Once it's done firing beams, it will reveal its large yellow blades and try to 
    smash Raiden with those now. Rusha round from left to right to avoid them, and 
    attack them when you can just as before. Then the Metal Gear will try for more 
    stomps, and after you avoid those and continue to damage the Metal Gear, 
    activate Blade Mode when prompted.
    With the Metal Gear defeated, the next sequence of battles in-between 
    cut-scenes can't be won. Just go through the motions until finally you get to 
    the real final boss fight, and get ready for the most intense battle of the 
    This boss fight will drain you. The Senator will start the fight by pounding 
    the ground and causing tremors to erupt in multiple directions. Run around in 
    a circle and make your way to the Senator's back. Slice him a couple of times, 
    then run away or parry. When he flashes gold, run away, and then as he dashes 
    at Raiden, run around in a semi-circle to avoid his grapple attack.
    When about 30% of the Senator's health has been drained, a sequence of QTEs 
    will occur. Then the fight will resume as it did earlier. More QTEs and a 
    Blade Mode will follow the ending of the fight. You HAVE to be perfect with 
    your parry blocks. You should probably be ready to block even if you don't 
    think he's going to attack, because the Senator can absolutely destroy Raiden 
    with just one string of attacks.
    Good luck. Be quick on the QTEs and Blade Mode, and keep pushing forward with 
    the same strategy. Mastery of the parry system is going to prevail here.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    3. Conclusion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I hope this guide helped you beat Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for Xbox 360 
    and Ps3!
    Please check out all my other content on GameFAQs and Cheat Masters!

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