Different ways to use X rays and to avoid being hit?

  1. Could someone explain the differences between these?
    I mean, many times i save myself from getting attacked by one, but some others got me even if i'm pressing "Block" button.

    I kinda figured out by myself, many of them are throws (how do you escape, only by jumping?)
    Others are some kind of energy ball (you block)

    And the most important thing : You can do many of them even if you are far from the opponent, how do you escape from those?

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    streetfighter76 - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Thanks for answering; i know that at some point someone will come up with a FAQ explaining all there is to know about this feature, but it's so annoying when i'm DESTROYING my opponent and just because i don't know how to defend against X rays efficiently, they manage to take a BIG chunk of my life bar. >_<

    Right now i'm just escaping by mere chance and a little bit because of my reflexes if the other guy is predictable but a strategy guide showing how to deal with EVERY ONE of them would be really useful.

    - So you are saying that when someone wants to attack me with let's say Kano's X ray the only thing i need to do is duck?!

    - Also, when you jump against the teleport, do you do it backwards or towards or it doesn't matter?

    User Info: streetfighter76

    streetfighter76 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. you are right, the ones that are throws cant be blocked just dodge or jump away, some are energry blasts block or jump. Noob, sektor, and scorpion use teleport to engage their x-rays. sometimes block works but jumping when they teleport has saved me many many times. as far as the one done far from you, you have to know what each character does to engage their x-ray in order to dodge it. Some throw, some teleport, some have to make contact (kung lao), cyber sub zeros is an aerial attack. good luck.

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Other Answers

  1. Also some require you to be hit while engaging the xray like johnny cages.

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  2. When a character attempts a grab, x-ray or otherwise, duck as fast as you can. Grabs don't work on a ducking opponent.
    It doesn't really matter which way you jump in order to dodge a teleport: If you just want to dodge, jump up. If you want to create distance between you and your opponent, jump away from their new location. If you want to counterattack them, you could probably jump behind them and get a kombo in before they recover.
    Most x-rays you will just be able to block, and some you will even be able to counter with an attack (a well-timed uppercut will knock Liu Kang out of his x-ray, for example).
    I would recommend going into practice mode and trying every character's x-ray in order to see how it might be avoided or countered.

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  3. awww i read this topic wrong i thought it was about (unblockable) x-ray set-ups
    (For Example:)
    - w/ scorpion: use spear then while there confused quickly do your x-ray

    - w/ Noob: use the blast thing (down,forward,square)

    - w/ sub-zero: use ice blast then do your x-ray

    - w/ Quan chi: use trance then walk to them & do your x-ray

    - kratos: use medusa then go into x-ray

    -Cyrax : use net then use x-ray while there in the net

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