How can one unlock and use alternate costumes?

  1. Now i have unlock what i thought to be costumes but when i got to the charecter selection and go to slect a alternate costume i can't?

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    bigbadbruce - 6 years ago

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  1. Beat the Fight ladder with any character and then I believe go to them in the Necropolis, and you should have their alternate costume unlocked. Alternatively, every character's alternate can be found in the Krypt somewhere. To pick a different costume, press Start when you select a character and you'll get a costume select.

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  1. In the krypt, when you unlock an alternative costume art piece, it will post a message saying "Krypt unlockable" and it will say the name of an item specific to the character you unlocked. You then go to the necroplolis, and go to the character that you unlocked the item for. Press "X" and it will now give you an alternate bio, and you will be able to select the alternate costumes.
    To do so, you press "start" on the character of your choice, which will give you your costume choices.

    Also, after pressing "start" to get to the alt costume menu, if you press "start" to choose your costume, as opposed to "X" you will get the alternate colour.

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  2. Go to krypt buy the alt costume go to nekropolis go to any character press x and it will unlock and be usuable for any character u have gotten it for. To actually use the alt costumes in a fight when ur in player select highlight the character and press start there u can choose between alt 1 and 2. This works for all but kratos, u need to be the arcade with him. If ur going for the trophy for all costumes u do not need to get mileenas 3rd alternate and cyber sub-zero does not have an alt. I have all trophies but "my Kung Fu is stronger" hope I helped

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  3. You have 2 choices:
    1.Beat ladder mode with the selected character you wish to unlock the costume for.
    2.In the krypt you may come across you may come across alternative costume concepts for each character.

    Either way you unlock an object for said character which if you go to the nekropolis and hit X on the character it will say you've unlock an alternative costume.
    You can choose the alternative costume in player select by hitting start which brings up the option of choosing costume 1 or 2.
    Also instead of hitting X after you hit start to bring up the options hit start again to use the pallet swap of the character, the same pallet swap if you played against your character (scorpion vs scorpion= player 1 will be the default yellow scorpion whilst player 2 will be an orange pallet swap).

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  4. There are two ways that you can unlock secondary costumes.

    The first is completing ladder mode on any difficulty with the character you wish to unlock a second costume for. (You can also do this in tag ladder if you wish, though only the character that gets the final hit on the final boss will receive credit towards the secondary costume.)

    The second is to purchase the alternate costume in the Krypt. You do need to have Koins in your inventory to do this, and the grave that the costume is hiding inside of. Refer to the Online Guide here at Gamespot for costume locations.

    To be able to access the costumes, after unlocking them through gameplay or purchase, access the character's stat sheet in the Nekropolis in order to be able to use the secondary costume. Just press start when selecting your character and switch between Costume 1 and Costume 2! Enjoy!

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  5. To use the alternative costume just go to Necropolis, go to the character that you just unlocked alternative costume for and choose him (with A for Xbox 360 or X for PS3) and it'll give you a message saying the alternative costume has been unlocked. Then when your fighting with said character press start while hovering over your character in the character choosing screen and you can change costumes. Hope this helps. If you didn't know how to, just use either Krypt or Arcade ladder for alternative costumes to unlock for other characters. For Krypt, go to the FAQs section here and go to Krypt Guide. Search for the numbers that have alternative costumes in it and find it in the Krypt in-game. This saves you Koins for other things you can buy later on to get the Krypt Completion Trophy. For Arcade ladder do Tag ladder and pick the character you want costume unlocked for first and w/e character next then have your first character land the final blow on Shao Khan. And Mileena's third costume you get from, I think, completing the Challenge Tower. Hope this helps !!!

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