Tower challenge #251 help how do i win?

  1. I am not the greatest player, so not that good at the game, but I can't beat the last one, i can beat Baracka,and sindel, with a little of less then half life left befor I face Shao kahn, can anyone give me tips to bet all 3, with good life left? i'm not that good with using Shang Tsung. Thanks

    User Info: RLM6699

    RLM6699 - 6 years ago

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  1. Update* well i finally beat friggin 251....... after 3 or 4 days almost straight (my backs fracked up so i couldn't go anywhere...... >.>) But I'll tell ya, It's not a game anymore when it pisses you off to the point you want to shoot someone (like one of the devs *cough*). I've seen so many posts all over so many sites about this challenge and other things i find it amazing Netherrealms hasnt' patched to game to make it ... well...... actually playable?

    Anyway... Baraka's just a pain in the ass no real way to do it..... IF you can hit him with a Soul Steal (if the move will even WORK), that'll double your damage. Don't jump he'll usually spin your ass. And he'll spam that double blade dash move (which seemed to have a farther range then when i played baraka myself). Spamming fireballs once your dmg is doubled can work, cept he usually shoots one the same time you do, cant' even block if that happens....Now Sindel, I found if you just jump around her and keep spamming X for low kick you'll usually connect, and if you time it right you can do it again and again.

    Now Shao Khan.... I saw a video of somone spamming fireballs and Khan just stood there and took it. I dont' know how the hell that happened cause i never saw it in 4 days of trying this. You have to keep jumping over his head just in front of him. If you time it right you wil land behind him as he's swinging his hammer and misses you. then when you land uppercut him while his back's turned. You time it just right you can keep that up till he falls. If he doesnt' spam dash on your ass or throw his hammer in your face over and over..... Honestly beating this is just pure luck imo. I'd love to know what Dev was on crack when they designed parts of this game.. seriously.

    User Info: Dragon_Irons

    Dragon_Irons - 5 years ago 1 0


  1. have you tried lose enough times in a row to force the AI to lower in difficulty? it work in challenge 300, but you must chose retry from the defeat screen.

    User Info: Nezard

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  2. I beat that one by staying away from him and tossing fireballs nonstop.just jump (when he tosses hammer) or duck (when he chucks spears) and if he gets too close try for an uppercut then run away from him.DONT FORGET TO BLOCK lol.
    side note - rung 300 was ridiculous - beat it with smoke ^.^

    User Info: blackart1111

    blackart1111 - 6 years ago 1 0
  3. fight carefully ..dont attack the enemy continuity....dont forget to use will save your healthty bar a litle

    User Info: heinelkun

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  4. In 250 you have to fight Shao Kahn one on one, so I assume you can beat him with a full health bar.

    Beat Baraka like normal.

    When fighting Sindel, try to throw as much as possible. Block her projectiles, and try to get in close. Whenever possible, throw her. Part of Shang Tsung's throw, he sucks out a little part of the soul. Which regains a little life. So, by throwing Sindel you're refilling your life bar (this works on Baraka too obviously). If you beat Sindel like that you have a full life bar for your fight with Shao Kahn. And if you beat 250, you already know how to beat Shao Kahn with a full life bar.

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  5. Something I did that helped me a lot on all of the fights was using his Soul Steal move to get a damage boost; that really seemed to make a difference for me.

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  6. Conserve life against Baraka and Sindel by knocking them down and doing mid range and far ground skulls. Neither of them is good at blocking that move. When you get to Shao Khan, use the normal skull shot (back, back, 1) from a distance. Toss in the enhanced version if he tries to close ground with you. When he tosses a spear, duck if you have time and block if you dont. When he tosses the hammer, jump it. Jumping back works best for me. Even if you KNOW you will get hit, try to jump the hammer anyway so it doesnt stun you.

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  7. Try letting yourself get beaten into pavement. That'll make the AI get dumber as you lose. Sooner or later, it'll be practically just standing around like a punching bag.

    User Info: tartarsauceman

    tartarsauceman - 6 years ago 1 0
  8. If you play this mk on ps3, Kratos is the best fighter for this challenge and final challenge. You mus use bow of apolo and golden fleece and O,B+/\

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  9. Toscoraitos, you can't use Kratos moron, you have to use Shang Tsung.... who sucks.... I can't beat this either... every time i let off block to do anything they combo my ass across the screen. >.<

    User Info: Dragon_Irons

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  10. Ok I've been trying this for 3 days now..... This is total bulsh*t trying to beat these 3 on apparently expert level. not to mention the fact I've seen my attacks go RIGHT THROUGH their heads, somehow they're able to pull off combos on me while they're STILL ON THEIR ASS. Don't forget Shau Khan, the biggest bunch of bullsh*t I've EVER SEEN in a game. O ya, what f*cking idiot developing this thought two different blocks (up and down while holding R2) with opponents attacking this fast was a good idea? O ya and Tartarsauceman... 251 does NOT get easier the more you die.... I've died like 200 times by now and then hit retry when it comes up, they still attack like they're on f*cking crack. I'll tell you one thing, unless they patch this game and fix this sh*t to where it's actually playable and fun and not this total b.s. where you want to break your tv by the time you beat it (IF you even do), I will NOT be recommending this game to anyone I know.

    User Info: Dragon_Irons

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  11. This drove me nuts, in the end i gave up and skipped, then later on jees, 3 goros, 3 khans, and other beautys and the last level omg, i was all for giving up theres enough other stuff to achieve, then i read that on last level if you just keep dying and retrying the computer gets easier, and i did it, and iv just done 3 other levels i had to pass on the same way, i would say its the same for all challenges, die and retry. dont press start and retry, that doesnt work, you must fail and retry, i wish id known this sooner iv spent nearly a week on these challenges

    User Info: calypso1164

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