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  1. Just wondered what some other people thought should be in DLC. I'm thinking playable bosses (including Motaro) for arcade ladder with kombat kodes to use them in VS. mode, custom ladder, Bo' Rai Cho, Fujin, Shinnok, Rain, Cyber Smoke, Klassik Kostumes and fatalities, normal Kabal kostume, Liu Kang fire god kostume, kreate-a-kombatant, more stage fatalities (at least the Bell Tower), Animalities (at least for Nightwolf), Friendships, Brutalities, Kano's eye laser, Shang Tsung's shapeshifting for all (or at least more) kombatants, smashing through walls/ceilings into other stages and maybe Cyber Khan just cuz he looks bada$$. D@mn that list is longer than I thought it'd be. So any thoughts or opinions on this subject?

    User Info: Klokateer

    Klokateer - 6 years ago
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    Also, Havik, Jax's machine gun and replace that purple sh!t he shoots with missiles.

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    Klokateer - 6 years ago
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    Blame Boon for making me want the old stuff in this version. This game just triggers so many childhood flashbacks lol. And yes stage fatalities show up on the move list once performed. Good point on Shang Tsung, maybe just randomize his morph? That's actually why I like Bo Rai Cho lol. He's the comedy relief. Don't get why Kenshi is being put in, his moveset is like 75% Ermac. Very sad if true about Motaro. Always preferred him over Goro/Kintaro. K/Chameleon was kinda screwed from it's inception. I know what you mean with Smoke, mainly I want Cyber Smoke to tag him with Cyber Sub-Zero VS. their human selves...or against Sektor/Cyrax. I hope to see Onaga again at some point too but I don't think he'd fit well in this one. The bosses do need fixing...we should at least be able to fight them in practice mode.

    User Info: Klokateer

    Klokateer - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'd like to see Rain, since he was the only main cast member from MK 1-3 that wasn't in this game anywhere. Otherwise, I don't care. Perhaps some new characters, if they're good. They could also try to re-imagine C/Khameleon to make them interesting, but that seems doubtful. Cyber Smoke would be another likely one, but I am SO freaking happy to have normal Smoke in official canon that I almost never want to see him cyberized again.

    Something tells me playable bosses would be too broken unless they were purposefully toned down, like say Seth or Gouken from SF4. Motaro, however, dies in the story mode. They don't want to program a big centaurian like him anymore, so they're not going to. We'll likely never see him again, outside of the cameo in the city stage.

    I don't expect many other 3D-era characters outside of Kenshi. Got to save some of them for future games. Maybe Bo Rai Cho, though, but I certainly wouldn't mind him no longer puking and farting all over the place.

    DLCing in more stage fatalities and character finishers is possible, but unlikely. You're pretty much wanting them to add back just about everything they ever had in any 2D-era game. If they wanted all that stuff in, it'd be there already. I expect more DLC fatalities, but friendships and brutalities? I'm not holding my breath. Same goes for altered stages. There's no need to be able to smash through walls and ceilings, the stages are great enough as they are.

    Shang Tsung being able to change into everyone is just needlessly complex, as well. I don't want to have to memorize a million commands. The moves he has now are a good way to bring back his morphing abilities without having it be out of control.

    Here's one I thought of: Do Stage Fatalities show up in character move lists? If not, PATCH THAT IN.

    User Info: SmokeRulz

    SmokeRulz (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

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