When is the new DLC coming?

  1. I was just wondering when the new DLC besides the Classic Content coming out,and what will they be.? I hope to see the glitches fixed & also I would like to hear the Ending of Cyber Sub-Zero's ending since it plays in Silent mode for sum reason, I have read that some ppl do hear it and others don't. Also do you think they will add other realms and more charecters besides the two I've read being Kenshi and Kera? I also would like to point out I think the Kreators like Ed Boone got abit Lazy with this one. They could have added alot more to this game then what they did.I would go into details but I don' think this is the right place to post it. Anyone else agree? Just that certain stage fatalities and certain charecters may have more added to them. They need to hire us FANS since we know what we want in our MK Games.Don't you think?

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    eaoxcrawl - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. All of the upcoming fighters will be released during the summer, all of them are coming with classic costumes.

    Kenshi is coming in July, and with him will be classic costumes of Noob Saibot (MK2) and Smoke (MK2, NO CYBER )

    Secret one is sheduled to be released in august (NOT CONFIRMED).

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Other Answers

  1. Most of the patches they've been releasing have been stealth patches. As long as you have the game connected to the net when you log on, you're probably getting a patch occasionally without even knowing it. Any large patches will be obvious, but whatever glitches you're talking about have probably been fixed already, or will be soon.

    In addition, Cyber Sub-Zero's ending is quiet on purpose. He's the only character to have an ending without narration, so don't worry, that is NOT a glitch. Whomever says they've heard narration in it is lying.

    As for new characters, Skarlet is actually being released tomorrow, the 21st. I've heard that PSN updates its stuff on Thursdays, so you might have to wait 2 extra days, but regardless, she's coming out first. Kenshi is slated to be next, followed by Rain, and an unannounced new character. These three do not have dates set on them yet. Also being released with each character is a free "compatibility pack," a required download which lets you play against the characters online even if you don't want to download them. These packs also come with free klassic costumes. Skarlet's includes MK3 Cyrax and MK3 Sektor.

    I don't expect them to add much else via DLC, like stages, because there's already a ton of stages in this game, and they're beautifully rendered. There's also no such character called Kera, unless that's the name people are giving to the unannounced character. Don't believe everything you read, unless you read it on the official site, or sites that monitor official press releases like MortalKombatOnline and Shoryuken.

    I also vehemently disagree with you saying that Boon or anyone on the development team got lazy with this game. This game is the biggest comeback in fighting game history. Mortal Kombat has been irrelevant for well over a decade, and suddenly it's going to be featured at the World Series of fighting games, Evolution 2k11. They packed this game with fantastically designed characters, the best looking stages I've seen in a fighting game, tons of nostalgia for old fans, a genre-destroying Story Mode, and plenty of new content to please both the hardcore and the casual. There might be a few hiccups in the overall presentation, but to call Boon or anyone at NRS "lazy" because of "a lot of things" they supposedly could have added that you've decided not to list... Well, that's frankly absurd, sorry to say. But you are welcome to your opinion! Feel free to head to the Board section and tell everyone what you think they could have added!

    Hope I helped answer your questions. :) I'll be getting Skarlet and I'm looking forward to Kenshi and Rain.

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