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"Mortal Kombat Comes to The Nex-Gen Console. My opinion? FLAWLESS VICTORY!"

Yes, it is finally here. The Mortal Kombat of the next generation console. I am not talking about that Mortal Kombat VS DC game. I played that and though its a decent game, its not Mortal Kombat. I eagerly awaited the arrival of this game, as with all of my other Mortal Kombat fan friends. I read so much about this, online and talking about it at Gamestop. I got more and more excited about it the closer it got to its release. Then, the night of the release game. Everybody rushed out of their houses to run out and get it, wherever it was they preordered it from. I got my copy from Gamestop, so I got a really cool bonus. Gamestop offered a Classic MK Scorpion outfit DLC. Amazon offered a Classic Reptile Outfit DLC. I heard other stores offered other things, but what we all have in common is one thing, the anticipation for finally getting to play the game itself.

I have been playing Mortal Kombat since the beginning. I was in my early teens when I first noticed Mortal Kombat on the shelf. I thought the case looked pretty cool. I looked on the back of the case, and the graphics looked gorgeous. I read the entire description, and without hesitation, I asked my mom to buy me the game that day. I had to wait until Christmas to actually play it, but let me tell you that this game made the biggest impact on me that any fighting game had ever made or possibly ever will make. I eagerly awaited opening it Christmas morning. I took the game to my friend and neighbor's house, we popped the game in and we played it. We were instantly hooked, the game was unlike anything we had ever played before. Mind you, we never had access to special moves, fatalities, etc. We played the game the way it was, with no knowledge of it at all. We had no idea of hidden characters, blood codes, DULLARD codes, nothing of that manner. We simply loved the game the way it was. But we progressively learned more and more about it, through game guides, talking with other friends at school, etc. The internet wasn't around back then, so we couldn't just go online and look up moves. We had to be fortunate enough to find a copy of Game Pro or whatever other gaming magazine that had an article about Mortal Kombat in it, or we had to get help from friends that knew about the hidden stuff. With all of that being said, Mortal Kombat was truly the premiere fighting game in video game history.

This brings us to the modern era. Consoles have come and gone. Now we have the PS3, Xbox and Wii. But if you are reading this review, you have a PS3. And us PS3 fans eagerly awaited a great Mortal Kombat game for our system. Many of us have been pondering exactly how great a Mortal Kombat game could be on the most modern system, with its graphical and sound capabilities. So finally, the wait is over and here is my in depth review.

The graphics. They are amazing. I am not just saying this because I am a PS3 fan and want to make Xbox 360 fans angry. No, seriously the graphics are perfection. The coloring, the backgrounds, every little detail is simply perfect. The blood looks so realistic, the character designs are all flawless as well. The animations are beautiful, all the fatalities are so well done that you actually feel a bit grossed out at some of the fatalities, not only at how gruesome they are, but how realistic the situation is and how painful it not only looks, but "feels" to the player. If graphics are very important to you, this game will not disappoint.

Sound. So ridiculously appealing to the ears. Now I play my game through a home theater system, and many would agree that is indeed the way to play the game, along with all current titles. But the sound coming from the speakers, absolutely gorgeous. The sounds of the hits, the voices, so perfectly done. I see (or hear) no flaws whatsoever with this. The voice actors do a great job in this game, it sounds like you are listening to real movie dialogue. And just the power coming from the sound of this game, its so breathtaking. Crank your surround system up, sit back and listen to how beautifully done the sound is. Hearing somebody else talk about it is one thing, but to experience it for yourself is totally another.

Controls. Perfection. The moves in this game, once you know how to do them (and there are instructions IN the game) they should prove no problem at all performing, with little difficulty at all. The controls are not stiff one bit and all moves are performed and executed perfectly. There is no game lag, the controls are extremely responsive as a Mortal Kombat game should be, especially on the PS3. Though the computer player may "cheese" you a bit, and continually spam the same move over and over, or trap you in the corner, that is not the fault of the controls at all. The computer just likes to cheat.

Replay? YES! I will have an extremely hard time getting bored of this game. The game is a reboot, in a sense, of the first couple Mortal Kombat games. And some reboots were poorly done, and some may say it ruined the original story. But this reboot is excellent. The storylines have been improved upon. Everything makes so much more sense, and so much that went on behind the scenes is finally explained. The story has many twists and turns, and it will not disappoint in the slightest. And thankfully, the end of story mode leaves the game open for yet another great upcoming Mortal Kombat release. And I personally look forward to some great DLC content on the Playstation Network. The hidden character element is still there, adding to the replay value. Everyone has an alternate outfit. There is a Krypt, like in Deception, where you can explore and buy hidden items. And speaking of the Krypt, many of the animations I have found so appealing. The torture devices you activate when buying hidden items with your coins, are so fun to watch. It makes you feel that this isn't a game, its a world you are drawn into. And that is very important in a game, to feel that you aren't just playing another game, but you are inside of a world, exploring freely and having a great time. And the world of Mortal Kombat has never looked more beautiful.

Online mode? Yes, online fighting. What many of us have been excited about. Whether playing one on one, two on two, tag, king of the hill, etc, it will be so satisfying indeed to test your skills against the world and show off your high online rank, granted you are able to achieve one. And earning trophies is also another added bonus. I love the feeling of knowing I unlocked another trophy, and I love displaying it on my facebook page. I am proud of that.

Buy or rent? Don't be foolish. If you don't have it by now, turn off your computer, get to your local video game retailer and BUY IT.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/25/11

Game Release: Mortal Kombat (US, 04/19/11)

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