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"Round one will have you coming back again and again"

There have been many Mortal Kombat games released in the past 10-13 years, but this one is the one you will not want to put the controller down for even a second. Mortal Kombat first off is the best fighting game that has been released for my generation, and this game is filled with non stop fighting action as well as massive amounts of blood and gore in one sitting. This game is filled many unlockables to keep more than the average gamer pre-occupied with adventure as well. The online play is an added bonus as well that will also add to the fun and excitement known as Mortal Kombat. This game was a top seller in its first week as well, Neither Realm Studios and Warner Brother's Games have put together a fighting game that will be remembered for years and years to come.

The sound has really been amped up for the most part since the early days on the classic play station and nintendo 64. The announcer for each match seems to have a deeper voice, but there are those classic things (Scorpion's Signature calling when he lashes out his spear etc) that Mortal Kombat just would not be the same without. In the story mode, the characters seem to have their own voices from which they use, this is a relatively new feature in Mortal Kombat. The level music is often intense in this game as well, but it fits the level and really makes the game a lot better. The sound track though is not really the main attraction, but it definitely does not hinder the gamer by any means of enjoying this awesome epic adventure known as Mortal Kombat.

The graphics on the PS3 are amazing, but with this game the graphics are just straight beast. Everything from the character's costumes to the blood to the levels are top notch. The character's appearances are just amazing, more amazing than they have ever been. Mortal Kombat has come quite a long way from the old days it has been on the PS1 or N64.This game also has featured the new "X ray moves", in which characters unleash massive destruction and can see the result first hand what they have caused their opponent. The character graphics for the Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 and extremely great from top to bottom, from the various Muscular appearances from the characters to the unraveling of cleavage on other characters, the graphics are a hit.. The levels themselves have been enhanced to the full extreme on graphics, each level is original from Mortal Kombat(s) 1,2, or 3. The gamer who has played those Mortal Kombats know exactly what I am referring to, The levels have been enhanced so that the backgrounds move revealing even more gruesome violence and what not. The amount of gore in this game is incredible but Neither Realm Studios and Warner Brother's games have put together a great job of depicting this event in the moves as well as the fatalities. Every hit from small punches to Spears impaling the enemy releases a very real looking amount of blood. The graphics I would say are probably the number one reason to purchase this hot title of a game.

The controls in this game are truly ahead of their time. There is no lag effect what so ever, all the characters appear to be fast moving when they are in combat as well. The Combo moves can be a trick sometimes but usually they cause more damage. The fatalities in this game are actually easier to do than in previous Mortal Kombat games, the game even helps with a fatality tutorial as well to get the player associated more with this hands on bloody finishing move. The controls are pretty easy to learn to because they mimic previous MK games, for the most part the controls are extremely great and add to the value of this awesome title.

The story is essential the same it has always been for a Mortal Kombat game, Earthrealm is in trouble and once again our heroes must fight the evil forces known as outworld and their foes to succeed in saving Earthrealm and ultimately winning Mortal Kombat. there is a story mode in this game as well which is extremely interesting for the most part. The story has never really changed much, the antagonist is hardly the same with each Mortal Kombat game however, so there is new stuff right there. The story however is the same for the most part because this game takes place between Mortal Kombat(s) 1,2, and 3 so you are pretty much just reliving those adventures from the early days in the series.

Replay Value
This is the feature that makes the gamer unable to drop the controller, this game has so much replay value packed into it that you will not want to stop playing this mesmerizing game even for a second. The online play is an added bonus, the PS3 version even has an added character exclusive only to the PS3. There are many new modes including the challenge tower and King of the hill mode,tag combat is also a new feature as well in this game in which the gamer can use two characters to combat eachother rather than just one and can switch out mid battle. There are much unlockable content as the krypt has been expanded beyond its horizons, The challenge of online play will also have the player coming back again and again. The replay value is probably the second best reason to pick up this title behind the number one which is the astounding graphics displayed in the game.

The conclusion being here is buy this game, this game is on its way to being a best seller and the reasons are very obvious for the most part, everything from the sound to the replay value is a hit, I have personally spent many many hours playing this game and I just can not seem to put the controller down. This game is definitely a game for the ages that will leave the gamer wanting more and more just during round one and beyond.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/08/11

Game Release: Mortal Kombat (US, 04/19/11)

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