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    Item Guide by Damien94

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                                Sengoku Basara 3
                                Item Translation
                                  By Damien94
    I put a lot of work into this translation, so I would appreciate it if it 
    does not get distributed freely.  Do not attempt to sell it.  If you wish to
    post this somewhere other than Gamefaqs website, please contact me first at
    Contributors (special thanks):  
    Sonsaru - For helping me with my mis-translations
    AdawgDaFAB - For originally posting the Google Translation of the spreadsheet
    The spreadsheet guy - For putting it up in the first place
    *Note:  I will probably be adding the Kanji for each item later for ease
    of recognition.  However, the items are in order as listed on the game 
    screen.  I will also add the Personal items you get from beating the game
    each time with a character.  I will probably use saitou1024's once I get 
    permission from him.
    Item Name                             Description
    Fierce Bull                           Increases life bar (2000, 3000, 4000)
    Young Lion                            Increases Attack Power (100, 150, 200)
    Ancient Tortoise                      Increases Defense Power (150, 250, 400)
    Dancing Crane                         When you damage opponents, Basara gauge
                                          will increase faster (+20%, 25%, 30%)
    Thrusting Boar                        Basara skill's Attack Power increases
                                          (200, 300, 400)
    Giant Catfish                         When you defeat an enemy in one strike, 
                                          receive a coin bonus of (3, 4, 5) 
    Mantis                                When you are near death, Attack Power &
                                          Defense Power increase (200, 300, 400)
    Two-wheeled Wagon                     Luck increases; chances of regular 
                                          treasure and weapons becoming Wonderful 
                                          versions increases (+10, 12, 14)
                                          *Translator's note:  Do not appear to be
                                          straight percentages.
    Centipede                             Becomes easier to break an Enemy's guard
                                          and/or stun them (low rate, medium, high)
    Shoulder Guard                        Chances of being staggered, stunned, or 
                                          having your guard broken are reduced
                                          (low, medium, high)
    Skull                                 Probability of Critical strikes increase
                                          (6%, 8%, 12%)
    Fierce Tiger                          While using Boost, Attack Power
                                          increases (300, 400, 500)
    Phoenix                               When you defeat an enemy, Boost gauge 
                                          increases more quickly (30, 40, 50)
    Pumpkin                               Equipment for taking it easy on the your
                                          Enemies; Attack Power decreases (-5%,
                                          -10%, -15%)
    Japanese Fan                          Attack Power against Enemy Base Generals
                                          increases (300, 400, 500)
    Three Cherry Tree                     Elemental Attribute attack probability 
                                          increases (5%, 7%, 9%)  [Red Text]:
                                          Only applies using Elemental weapons
    Prancing Crab                         Parrying strike's Attack Power
                                          increases (2000, 2500, 3000)
    Bounding Locust                       While airborne, Attack Power increases
                                          (400, 500, 600)
    Halberd                               Damage of the first attack of a regular 
                                          attack chain is increased (500, 600, 
    Sweating Horse                        For the first (10, 15, 30) seconds after
                                          starting a level, Attack Power increases
                                          greatly (4000)  [Red Text]:  Each 
                                          additional Sweating Horse equipped adds
                                          to time of buff
                                          *Translator's note:  Max time of buff is
                                          3 minutes (6 of highest rank equipped)
    Rice Ball                             Effectiveness of recovery items
                                          increased (+5%, 10%, 15%)
    Sea Shell                             For each base camp you control, Attack 
                                          Power increases (70, 80, 90 per camp)
    Ancient Dragon                        When Life, Basara, and Boost gauges are 
                                          full, Attack Power increases (700, 800
    Hen (as in Chicken)                   When you perform an Assisted Basara with 
                                          your ally, Attack Power and Defense Power
                                          are increased (50, 60, 70)  Maximum of 10
    Elemental Basaras
    *Note:  The [Red Text] for all of the following is the same:
    [Red Text for all]:  Equipping multiple of this type does not increase effect.
    Fire Charm                             All allies take less damage from Fire
    Lightning Charm                        All allies take less damage from 
    Ice Charm                              All allies take less damage from Ice
    Wind Charm                             All allies take less damage from Wind
    Darkness Charm                         All allies take less damage from 
    Light Charm                            All allies take less damage from Light
    Slaying Seals
    [Red Text for all]:  Effects do not stack
    Seal of Archer Slaying                 You do triple damage to Ranged soldiers
                                           (bowmen, gunmen, etc)
    Seal of Shield Slaying                 You do triple damage to soldiers with
                                           Shields.  Additionally, you destroy
                                           shields in one hit
    Seal of Giant Slaying                  You do triple damage to Large soldiers
                                           (with the giant fans, hurling large 
                                           rocks, etc)
    Seal of Ninja Slaying                  You do triple damage to Ninja soldiers
    Seal of Machine Slaying                You do triple damage to Machines
                                           Additionally, you destroy traps in one 
    Seal of Beast Slaying                  You do triple damage to Beasts (Tigers
                                           Horse soldiers, etc)
    Music items
    [Red Text for all]:  Multiple items do not stack
    Rod of the Flatterer                   Your allies flatter you for 
    "Encouraging" Wig                      Allies give delicate encouragment,
                                           increasing your will to fight
                                           *Translator's Note:  The name of this
                                           item is part of a joke.  "hagemashi" 
                                           means encouragement, but "hage" means
                                           bald, and the item is a wig.
    Boisterous Lute                        During battle, music changes to [Naked 
    Boisterous Koto                        During battle, music changes to
                                           [Gyakko] ("Backlight")
                                           *Translator's note:  A koto is a
                                           traditional Japanese stringed instrument
    Actor's Hand Drum                      During battle, music changes to the 1P 
                                           character's theme
    Cheering Bamboo Flute                  During battle, music changes to the 
                                           Ally character's theme  [Red Text]:  No
                                           effect if there are 2 players
    Miscellaneous Items
    [Red Text for all]:  Effects do not stack
    Saisou's Grass                         Prevents being stunned by Ranged 
    Matabei's War Fan                      During a Basara attack, all Hits are +1 
                                           (effectively doubling hits)
    Reins of Pursuit                       When mounted, Hits are +1
    Trinity Jewels                         When Life, Basara, and Boost gauges are
                                           full, Hits are +2
    Time-Master's Whip                     While mounted, the Combo gauge will not 
                                           disappear due to interval between
                                           attacks (However, being hit will still
                                           cancel the combo)
    Gold Mallet                            For every 100 kills, instead of an 
                                           Onigiri (rice ball), an Embossed Mallet
                                           will appear (the hammer which gives x2
                                           coins) *Translator's note:  As with 
                                           some other items in this section, the
                                           name of the item could have double 
                                           meaning.  In this case, it could be 
                                           "Kogane's Mallet".
    Spectacles of Everlasting Darkness     The Life gauge will not be visible, but
                                           in exchange the exp multiplier is
                                           increased by 0.5 (this is the yellow 
                                           number at the bottom of the results 
    Glorious Wine Goblet                   The rewards for completing special
                                           special objectives are doubled
    Holy Water of Defense                  Start a stage with Basara gauge full
    Sengoku Hot Spring                     Start a stage with Boost gauge full
    Uesugi's Salt                          All Enemy's life gauges are doubled
                                           *Translator's Note:  This is a direct
                                           reference to the salt that Kenshin
                                           sent to Shingen to help preserve food
                                           for his soldiers
    Leaping Assassin                       While hitting enemies with air attacks
                                           (attacks while jumping), they will
                                           produce coins much more often
                                           (literally "scatter" coins)
    Kenshin's Sword                        When you win a Duel (the button mash
                                           event that occurs when you strike at
                                           the same time as an enemy, referred to
                                           in Japanese as "swordplay"), your Life
                                           will recover some  [Red text]:  If 
                                           there are 2 players, this effect is 
    Alarm Bell                             The time it takes to recover from
                                           being stunned is shortened
    Easy Money Purse                       The rate at which you attain coins
                                           is increased by +4, but if you take
                                           damage, current coin total is halved.
    Vile Writings                          Basara gained by Taunting is increased
    Teachings of the Eighth Sister         The eighth attack of regular attack
                                           chains will always be a Critical
                                           Strike  *Translator's note:  Literally,
                                           this means "8 star cluster", but I
                                           believe they are making reference to
                                           the star cluster Pleiades.  7 of the 9
                                           brightest stars are named after the 7 
                                           Sisters of Greek myth.
    Tabi of Mirror Image                   When using Evade Step (Evasion), the
                                           length of time you are invincible 
    Fool's Law                             You deal 1.5 times damage, but you 
                                           receive 3 times normal damage
    Last Line of Defense                   You are always in a near-death state
                                           (red life bar), but the exp multiplier
                                           is increased by +1
                                           *Translator's note:  Literally "stipend
    Gauntlets of Imperial Wrath            While guarding, Ranged attacks from
                                           Enemies will automatically be reflected 
                                           back at them
    Oar of Thunderous Blows                When using an attack that blows enemies
                                           away, the distance they fly is 
    Charging Wild Horse                    While mounted, Attack Power is 
    Hilt of Deflection                     The time window for Parrying attacks is 
    Sengoku Jewels (comma shaped)          While using Boost, for every 5 enemies
                                           you defeat you gain 1 second on the 
                                           Boost timer
    Passionate Ritual Tools                The length of "Basara Fever" is
                                           increased by 5 seconds
    Rengeki Folding Fan                    The window of time between hits in a
                                           combo chain before the Combo resets 
                                           is increased
    Sengoku Battle Formation               When you capture a base, the amount of
                                           Boost gauge gained is doubled
    Time Deceiving Machine                 The duration of Sword, Shield, and Hammer
                                           mark effects are increased by 10 seconds
    Kiyomasa's Tiger Hide                  Reduce damage from Enemies by 25%  

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