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    Boss FAQ by Warrior of Zarona

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 09/03/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game
    Boss Guide Version 1.4
    Created by Warrior of Zarona
    Email: trekon85@hotmail.com
    AIM: WarriorofZarona
    Copyright 2010 Andrew Bautista
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    Please feel free to e-mail me with any information you may have to
    help support this guide. You will be credited for your contribution.
    Thank you for your help!
    Table of Contents
    1. Revision History and Updates
    2. Introduction
    3. Preparation
    4. Bosses
       4a. Matthew Patel
       4b. Lucas Lee
       4c. Envy/Lynette
       4d. Todd Ingram
       4e. Roxanne Richter
       4f. Robot-01
       4g. Super Fighting Robot
       4h. Kyle & Ken Katayanagi
       4i. NegaScott
       4j. Super Gideon Graves
       4k  Gigadeon Graves
       4l. Gideon Graves?
       4m. Mr. Chau
    5. Boss Rush Mode
    6. Closing and Credits
    1. Revision History and Updates
    09/02/10 Version 1.4: New contributed strategy thanks to Otoya Kurenai,
    changed the Gigadeon strategy
    08/27/10 Version 1.3: Added a section for Mr. Chau
    08/27/10 Version 1.2: Added more contributed strategies and cleaned
    up some typos from the previous version.
    08/24/10 Version 1.1: Added strategies contributed by the GameFAQs
    08/23/10 Version 1.0: Added the introduction, preparation, and basic
    knowledge of Boss fights.
    2. Introduction
    Welcome to Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game!! This is a Boss Guide
    that contains strategies to help defeat all of the bosses in the game.
    I won't get too detailed into the history of the story and game itself:
    if you're reading this, then I assume you already have the gist of it.
    There will be some minor playable character information as far as
    strategies go. There may also be user-contributed data concerning each
    This FAQ assumes that you are not using the "Power of Love" sword,
    outside of when you are actually allowed to use it. It also assumes
    that characters do not have max stats and instead focuses on strategies
    and tactics to defeat the bosses of the game. However, other weapons may
    be used and actually be recommended to have.
    If you have any comments or suggestions that you would like to add, or
    your own unique strategy that isn't include in this guide, then please
    feel free to send me an e-mail to my address above.
    Please enjoy reading this guide!
    3. Preparation
    Whenever you're about to encounter a boss of the level, you want to
    try to reserve as much health as you can. Before each level, visit
    the shop district and bring a snack with you. Alternatively, if there's
    a shop on the current level you are on, buy it and hold onto it as
    long as you can. Going after the bosses the first time can be a chore,
    especially when your stats haven't been leveled high yet.
    Having any number of Guts will also be useful in keeping you alive.
    If you die, you will revive as long as you have some Guts left over.
    Tap any attack button right away when you revive to get out of your
    daze, or the enemy will have a free hit on your extra life. In general,
    you don't need Guts as much for your Super Attack or Striker during
    a boss battle, save perhaps for Kim who can use it to regain some life.
    Also, keep in mind that in single player, most bosses are generally
    much easier. The reason is that NPC mobs tend to come out in 2 or more
    player games, causing disruption while you try to fight the enemy.
    I suggest having one person trying to focus on the mobs while the other
    focuses on the boss.
    However, one advantage in multiplayer is that players can use Cheer
    (Tap Up+Circle next to another player) to share your HP with them.
    Help out a teammate right before going into a boss fight in case
    they're low on health, granted that you have plenty to spare.
    Keep in mind that bosses will flash yellow as you continue to damage
    them. The more rapidly they flash yellow, they closer they are to
    being defeated. Use it as a gauge to see how much more you need to
    do to finish the job.
    4. Bosses
    This section will cover all information that I can gather on bosses,
    as well as the strategies to use in order to defeat them. Keep in mind
    that not all strategies are written by me, but have been contributed
    by the GameFAQs community. Use them as your own discretion.
    4a. Matthew Patel
    Ramona's FIRST Evil Ex-Boyfriend
    Powers: Mystical.
    Patel is a very basic boss that's easy to observe and thus it's easy to
    counter any of his attacks. At the most, he walks around you until he
    gets a chanceto either use one of three attacks:
    - Patel attacks with a short range energy blast with a slow startup,
    but it is unblockable.
    - A short combo that leads into the energy blast. The combo can be
    blocked, but in case you get hit, it's impossible to escape the final
    energy blast. This combo can be countered.
    - A jumping punch that's easy to read and can be countered easily.
    In short, try to approach Patel cautiously and watch for signs of his
    attacks. If you have counter, you can choose to counter either his
    combo attack, or his jumping punch. If you see that Patel is ready to
    use his energy blast, either short hop or jump behind him. Keep in mind
    that Patel will usually use his energy blast just outside of your
    punching range. Also, he tends to jump to the other side of the screen
    when he gets up from the floor. Jump attacks work great to start combos.
    At about 1/3 of his life, Patel jumps to the middle of the stage and
    summons four of his "Demon Hipster Chicks" while surrounded by a pillar
    of light. These flying batty women circle around Patel, at which point
    he is invincible and can't be hit.
    Be wary that approaching Patel or any of the Demon Chicks will result in
    damage. You must stand right outside of their orbit and use jump attacks
    to defeat them.
    Once the Demon Chicks are gone, Patel resumes the initial battle phase.
    At 3/4 of his life, Patel will once again summon Two Demon Chicks, both
    at each side of the screen. They disappear and reappear to throw purple
    blasts of demon energy, which is unblockable. This time, however, Patel
    resumes his battle phase once more and he can be hit. It's suggested,
    however, that you take care of the Demon Chicks first before resuming to
    fight Patel, as they can effectively interrupt your battle with him.
    Continue to pummel Patel until you defeat him.
    Extra Commentary by Kaitouace:
    "As far as Patel goes, once you reach the final phase of his attack when
    he summons the 2 demon hipster chicks on opposite sides of the screen, if
    you take the battle to the bottom of the screen the chicks will never be
    able to reach you. They don't ever teleport down that far. You can
    complete the fight and completely ignore them."
    Extra Commentary by Otoya Kurenai:
    "when the demon chicks appear on the sides of the screen, move all the way
    to the bottom.  They can't hit you here.  What you can do is run and slide
    at Matthew to knock him down, then use the sweep move (Down + light attack)
    to hit him on the floor,  Keep spamming it until he jumps to the other side,
    then run and trip him again."
    4b. Lucas Lee
    Ramona's SECOND Evil Ex-Boyfriend
    Powers: Look it up on the web...
    Lee, by himself, is a complete push over. He walks around and does
    either a jab  or a straight punch, the latter being slow and easy to
    counter. You always know he's about to attack you when he runs up to
    you. He's also the first boss that can attack while getting up off
    the floor. Therefore, when choosing to do so, try to space out your
    attacks so that you don't get hit when he does.
    Lee's greatest strength comes when his mobs appear.
    - Cameraman. Relatively weak, but when they take your photo,
    your character gets stunned for a few seconds. They also like to run
    in real quick to give you a quick jab. In multiplayer, two of them
    come out. Therefore, have one person assigned at killing these guys as
    quickly as possible. In single player, there is only one cameraman to
    worry about.
    - Two skateboarders. They come from each side of the screen and attack
    you. Knocking them off the skateboard turns them into a regular baddie.
    Prioritize knocking them off the skateboard right away or they'll
    continuously try to attack you with on their skateboards. These mobs
    will continually enter the arena once you kill the two that are onscreen.
    Knocking the skateboard off, however, comes with at a price: Lee
    can now pick up the skateboard and attack you with it. He gains
    a new set of moves:
    - Lee will run to a corner of the screen, and he'll start
    skateboarding around in a Z pattern. You cannot knock Lee out of it
    once he begins, and you cannot block his attack, so your best
    course of action is to move out of the way.
    - Lee will walk around and smack you with the skateboard three times.
    You cannot knock Lee out of the attack, and therefore if you try to
    attack him, he will outprioritize you and knock you senseless.
    He can continually do this three hit combo on you unless you move
    out of the way. However, you can counter him and hit him for some
    damage without getting hit, but it's risky since missing the counter/
    block means taking all three hits of the skateboard.
    Using any move to knock Lee onto the floor will also knock the
    skateboard out of his hands, therefore breaking it. I personally
    suggest using the Heavy dash attack. If you are playing with a friend,
    I suggest having one person focus on the skateboarders, and the other
    grabbing the skateboard and using it as a weapon against Lee. In
    single player, knock the skateborders off the skateboards, but do
    not kill them. You do not want new skateboarders to respawn, thereby
    giving Lee more chances to use a skateboard. Get rid of any skateboard
    Lee picks up, and then pummel him while avoiding the mobs. Continue
    until he is defeated.
    Extra Commentary by DSMoe:
    "against Lucas lee in boss rush mode i got him stuck on the ground a couple
    times. I first did the flying stomp move and he landed partially off screen.
    then i did the down triangle move while over just his legs until he died. he
    tried to get up using his head butt attack but couldn't seem to hit me. the
    whole battle lasted like 10 seconds... I haven't been able to repeat this
    every time. i've only done it once with Scott and once with Kim."
    Extra Commentary by Killago0mba:
    "I was just about to mention the Lucas Lee trick myself. All you have to do is
    an attack that will down him, such as a strong dash attack, a launcher, or
    whatever else you like. Then when he's on the ground, start hitting him with
    your down square or down triangle attacks, down triangle is recommended unless
    you haven't learned it yet. Just be sure to stand above his feet, as far away
    from his body as possible, while you're doing it. He won't be able to hit you
    off of him and you can just attack until the numbers stop appearing. Once he
    gets up, one attack will finish him."
    4c. Envy/Lynette
    For the majority of this fight, you'll find that you'll be fighting
    Lynette first - Envy decides that she'll stay out of the fight and
    hangs at the top left corner of the screen. You can still hit her,
    but if you're playing single player, you'd want to focus on taking
    Lynette down first. In multiplayer, feel free to have another player
    attack Envy. This fight is special because you only need to defeat
    one of the girls to win the battle.
    Lynette has three attacks that you want to look out for:
    - Lynette punches through the ground, her fist exploding from the
    spot where you're standing. This move is unblockable, so when you
    see Lynette crouch down to punch it, get out of the way.
    - Lynette can stretch her biomechanical arm across the screen to
    punch you. This move is also unblockable. Avoid it by using moving
    vertically or by sidestepping.
    - Lynette uses a short range rapid-fire punch combo. You may block
    or counter this, but be forewarned that if you block and release
    it in the middle of her punches, you will get hit.
    When Lynette takes enough damage, she starts to teleport around the
    screen. It's completely harmless, so try to chase her around and
    attack her where she appears. After eight times, Lynette will get
    dizzy. Use it as your chance to land some hits. At this point,
    Envy will kick Lynette off and she'll begin to attack.
    Compared to Lynette, Envy is a complete pushover. All her attacks
    involve kicks - a roundhouse kick, or a flying jump kick, noticeable
    when she jumps off a wall. All of her attacks are blockable and easy
    to counter. After damaging Envy enough times, she will tag out with
    Lynette again. Repeat the strategy until one of the girls is defeated.
    Extra Commentary by Otoya Kurenai:
    "Should never hit you, ever.  Start when she's at a distance, and dash up.
    She should do her ground poke, at which point you can land a full combo.
    She'll start teleporting.  Jab her every chance you get and when she's dizzy,
    land 3 or 4 hits and jump out before Envy comes in."
    4d. Todd Ingram
    Ramona's THIRD Evil Ex-Boyfriend!
    Dating: Envy Adams. Cheating on her, too!
    Todd is one of the more annoying bosses in the game. He's one of the
    few bosses that doesn't take full damage from your attacks normally,
    and in multiplayer, several mobs come in and make the battle a little
    more difficult. Todd has the following attacks to look out for:
    - Todd will rear back, then lurch his head forward, sprouting electricty
    that hits continuously. This is his most common attack, and he cannot
    be knocked out of it, so if you see it coming, your best option is to
    block. You can opt to counter it, thanks to its slow startup.
    - Todd will use his vegan powers to lift all the objects in the screen,
    then toss them in one direction. This is relatively harmless as I've
    never seen him hit with this attack. Regardless, but cautious and
    block in case you find that you're going to get it by it.
    - Todd will choke hold you, slowly doing damage until you struggle out
    of it. Tap light and heavy attack quickly to escape his grip. This is
    an unblockable attack and Todd seems to choose anyone who's in the
    - Todd attacks with electricity when he is floored, so be wary of this
    when opting to choose to attack him on the ground.
    The most significant attack to look out for is when the screen flashes
    green, and the radiation symbol pops up. Todd will jump to one side
    of the screen, his arm bulging with muscles. He'll launch his arm
    out horizontally as his powers rage out of control, random vegetables
    flying into the direction he's facing. You cannot block the attack, so
    you must try not to get in the way and block the vegetables that are
    coming in. After this attack, Todd will be drained , and the Vegan
    Police will  come out to scold him. At this time, Todd is completely
    vulnerable and will now take full damage from your attacks. Use it to
    your advantage and pummel him as hard as you can. When he recovers,
    he'll return to his same tactics.
    Keep in mind that the next time he uses this super-powered vegan attack,
    he'll use it once more than he did previously. In other words, if he
    only used it once the first time, he'll use it twice the second time,
    and three times the third. Just stay out of the way wherever he's about
    to launch his attack, and you should be fine.
    As always, if you're playing in multiplayer, have one focus on the mobs
    while the other focuses on Todd. Choose to stay close to Todd can help
    ensure that he won't use his Vegan Choke Hold, but beware of his
    electrical attack. Continue the strategy until he is defeated. Note
    that Todd is the only boss in the game that gives 1-up when you defeat
    4e. Roxanne Ricter
    Ramona's FOURTH Evil Ex-Boyfriend
    Gender: Female
    Roxie is, by far, one of the more agile bosses you'll face. She's
    harder to counter than the other bosses due to her quick attacks.
    In multiplayer, ninjas make the fight much more annoying. Look out
    for the attacks Roxie will use on you:
    - Roxie will use a four-hit combo with her sword. You can block
    it easily enough, but it comes out so fast that it may be incredibly
    hard to counter. This attack also makes jump attacks hard to use,
    as her sword slashes cover the air as well.
    - Roxie will kick by swinging her leg behind her head, instantly knocking
    you down when hit. She'll often do this when you're right next to her.
    This makes rolling around next to her difficult. Blockable, but quick.
    (If someone can give me the name of this kick, please send me an e-mail.
    You will be credited.)
    - Roxie will jump and slash. Also blockable, and a little easier to
    - Roxie will use a ninja technique similar to a body replacement
    technique, where her body is switched off with a log. After a few
    seconds, she appears and uses an aerial slash. Completely
    - Roxie will extend her sword and whip you with it. This move is
    quick, unblockable, and has lots of range. Try to avoid it by staying
    close to Roxie, or sidestepping her.
    The most significant attack to look out for is when Roxie uses her
    ninja clone technique, in which she summons 3 other versions of herself
    that run around and slash at you. All of the slashes are unblockable,
    and you cannot defend yourself against it save for evading the attacks.
    Luckily, the clones follow a perimeter that looks to be a square,
    and standing outside of this perimeter allows you to dodge the whole
    thing all together. Wait for Roxie to reappear before you attack again.
    This is one of the few cases where it may be recommended to use a weapon.
    Having the Grand Slam makes this fight a lot easier, and there are
    plenty of bamboo sticks laying around to attack her with. Alternatively,
    before the fight, you can pick up Ramona's Hammer on the bottom left of
    the screen to help fight Roxie. When using a weapon, try to space your
    attacks and keep her out of range. When not using a weapon, try to use
    dash attacks to get inside and combo her. Keep in mind that you cannot
    use floor attacks on Roxie as she gets up so quickly that you won't be
    able to. Continue your assault, dodge all her attacks, and you will be
    able to defeat her.
    4f. Robot-01
    Invented by the Twins
    Size: Small
    Not so much as a boss as it is a regular baddie, but will be included
    in this guide regardless. Robot-01 has three attacks, all of which are
    blockable: a jump attack where it spins its legs, a two-hit kick combo,
    and a punch. Treat Robot-01 like it is any other baddy, but be wary
    that it does have an attack when it is on the floor.
    4g. Super Fighting Robot
    Invented by the Twins
    Size: MAXIMUM
    The second Robot that you fight, this battle is more challenging than
    the last one. While you see the Robot in the background, what you'll
    be attacking are it's floating arms above you. All of its attacks
    are unblockable:
    - The arms will slam on the ground. Dodge it with an evade or sidestep,
    then pummel at it while it sits there. Be aware that the other arm
    may slam on you.
    - An arm may grab you and slowly damage you. Quickly tap the light and
    heavy attacks to escape.
    - The arms will come down simultaneously and will clap hands. A quick
    sidestep will help you dodge this attack.
    Occasionally, the arms go away and the robot jumps into the background.
    It will launch missles from its shoulders, and you'll see targets on the
    ground. Avoid the targets and the missles from the sky, and eventually,
    the robot and arms will return.
    Should you destroy one of its arms, the robot will gain two new attacks:
    - When moving into the background, the robot will now fire a massive laser
    at the center of the screen. Move to the side of the screen to avoid it.
    - When in the foreground, the robot will occasionally use a flamethrower
    and move left and right across the screen. Try to jump over the flames
    to avoid getting hit.
    Use jump attacks to hit the arms, and continue to do so until they're
    both destroyed.
    Extra Commentary by Otoya Kurenai:
    "Dive kicks will re-launch you into the air for a risky extra hit, or
    jump and push jump, attack in the air to deal two hits instead of just
    4h. Kyle & Ken Katayanagi
    Ramona's FIFTH & SIXTH Evil Ex-Boyfriends!
    Powers: Being Japanese...
    Compared to previous boss fights, the twins are relatively easy to fight.
    They have a habit and moving and attacking together, so this may be a
    case where multiplayer shines better than single player by keeping
    the two separate, though one twin may jump to another twin's location at
    any time to do a dual attack.
    Otherwise, the twins are completely identical in how they fight. The twins
    will walk around and either punch, kick, or jump kick into you. These
    attacks are completely blockable and easy to counter. The twins can also
    attack when floored, so be wary when using ground attacks.
    When the twins team up together, doing so by locking  hands, it means they
    will do one of two moves, both of which are unblockable:
    - The twins will use a dual spinning kick. Dodge out of the way either
    by jumping out or using Evade.
    - The twins will both use a punching thrust that releases an energy blast
    in front of them. Again, dodge out of the way to avoid it.
    Also note that in case one of the twins goes down, the other will try
    to reanimate him. Unlike your playable characters, you cannot knock
    the twin out of this gesture. Instead, use this opportunity to pummel
    him for extra damage. Defeat both twins to advance.
    Extra Commentary by Otoya Kurenai:
    "The Twins:  If they hit you with the thrust palm, it's actually strong enough
    to send you flying back into them, dealing big damage."
    4i. NegaScott
    Scott Pilgrim's Evil Twin!
    Rating: Negative Awesome!
    NegaScott is a formidable opponent who is fast, powerful, and knows
    how to space out its attacks. It has much of the same moves as Scott
    does, save for two that are his own. In multiplayer, NegaScott is
    assisted by zombies that make this fight even harder than it already
    - NegaScott uses a jab to poke at you, or a kick that instantly knocks
    you down. These moves are similar to Scott's Light and Heavy attacks,
    but they come out quick and are hard to counter. NegaScott also uses
    a jump kick, which is the easier move to counter, and therefore you
    should take every opportunity to do so.
    - NegaScott will use his Tech 2 attack, which is a rising knee that
    hits twice. This move is powerful and comes out quick, but thankfully,
    it is blockable and could even be countered. Be aware, however, that
    it is still difficult to be able to see this attack coming.
    - NegaScott launches a fireball that is unblockable. You can always
    see this attack coming when NegaScott hops back. Use a sidestep or
    evade to dodge this attack.
    Being patient is key here. NegaScott knows how to space out himself
    so that you'll just be out of range of your attack, but he'll be able
    to swiftly kick you or use his Tech 2 attack. Having said that, he
    also has more priority than you, and if you leave any openings in
    the middle of your combos, he'll break them easily with his own attacks.
    Feel free to use Evade here, should you have it, to get in close and
    land some combos, but be wary of his Tech attacks.
    Extra Commentary by Otoya Kurenai:
    "Spam block.  Just push block as fast as you possibly can.  Done right,
    and you'll counter every single move he has.  It's not worth trying to
    slug it out with him.  This actually applies to a lot of bosses that
    like to hit you, but NegaScott seems easier since he doesn't summon mobs
    or have any attacks (besides fireball) that hit you outside of counter range."
    4j. Super Gideon Graves
    Ramona's SEVENTH Evil Ex-Boyfriend?!
    Powers: Just look at him!
    Gideon's first fight is the start of some of the most challenging
    fights you will encounter for the rest of the game. Not only does
    Gideon have a slew of unblockable attacks, he can also make himself
    invincible and even leave the screen to attack you with meteors.
    If you made it this far, then there's no stopping now: use all of
    your might to defeat Gideon!
    - Gideon's blockable attacks are his quick jabs and axe kick. You can
    block and counter these, and he tends to do them more when you're next
    to him. However, if you get caught, sometimes he'll use a combo
    attack on you.
    - When Gideon jumps, he'll use a bodyslam that is unblockable. Evade
    the moment you see him jump to dodge this attack.
    - When Gideon is at a distance, he'll sometimes use a charging attack,
    where he takes on an appearance as an angel. This is also an unblockable
    attack, so use a sidestep or evade to avoid getting hit.
    When Gideon gets floored, he sometimes uses an attack to knock you away.
    Therefore, space out your floor attacks should you choose to use it.
    When Gideon does get back up, he may power-up, and you'll see him flash
    white. At this stage, he is invincible and cannot be attacked. Dodge
    him until he stops flashing white, and continue your attack.
    Sometimes, Gideon will jump up and offscreen. When he does, you'll notice
    shadows on the ground and meteors falling from the sky. Avoid the meteors
    by moving away from the shadows, by keep in mind that when the meteors
    land, they break into smaller meteorites that can still damage you.
    When Gideon's HP is low, he'll instead drop a giant meteor from spot
    where he was standing. Quickly dodge away with an evade to avoid it.
    A quick note: If you predict that Gideon is about to jump up to use his
    meteor attack, simply do a jump attack. You can knock him out of his jump
    before he gets a chance to get off screen. I always tend to do this instead
    of doing floor attacks while he's getting up, as I don't really get punished.
    He either gets hit, blocks the attack, or uses the time to become invincible.
    Extra Commentary by Otoya Kurenai:
    "When he jumps to throw rocks, he'll come back down where he originally jumped
    4k. Gigadeon Graves
    Ramona dated this guy?!
    Powers: Undefeatable!!!
    Now we get to Gideon's most powerful form. In order to effectively
    defeat Gideon here, it's recommended that you have the "Power of Love"
    Sword, provided for you on the cloud right before this fight. This
    sword has tremendous power and range needed to fight this boss.
    Gigadeon has two phases. The first phase is against a manifestation of
    the other ex-boyfriends, at the base of Gigadeon. They will spout
    electrical balls at you that are unblockable. Also, when you stand
    close, they will randomly shock with you a surge of electricity.
    Using the sword, stand right outside of the surge's range and continously
    slash at him. It's recommended that, by now, you have Grand Slam to have
    the most effect on him.
    The second phase begins when Gigadeon moves down to meet you at eye-level.
    From here, Gigadeon may do one of several things:
    - He will move back and start randomly striking with lighting bolts,
    marked by a blue recticle on the ground. Dodge the recticle to avoid getting
    - Gigadeon will move up and down the cliff while spouting red skulls
    from his chest. The skulls are unblockable, so be wary of when
    he stops and sidestep the skulls to avoid them.
    - Gigadeon will quickly use a straight punch to knock you back against
    the left side of the screen. This move can be blocked and can even
    be countered, but Gigadeon often spams this attack as it comes out
    so quickly.
    - Gideon will slam his fists on the cliff while they start to flash red.
    After a few seconds, a barrage of red skulls launches from his chest.
    The skulls are relatively easy to avoid, and Gigadeon's heart is exposed,
    so this is the most ample time to attack with the sword. Be aware that
    each time he slams his fist, a part of the cliff may break off. You
    can fall through the resulting hole and lose the sword, so be careful.
    What it looks to be is, when Gigadeon's arms are crossed, you need to damage
    the arms in order for him to expose his heart.
    Attacking his heart is the only way for Gigadeon to take any damage. Therefore,
    mindlessly attacking with the Power of Love could get you in trouble during the
    low levels. It explains why it looks like Gigadeon looks like he's taking damage
    sometimes when his arms are closed, but really, you're just damaging his arms
    enough so that he can expose himself. This knowledge also makes it easier to
    attack Gigadeon in case you lose the sword.
    When attacking, if you notice that Gigadeon is no longer taking damage from your
    attacks, he's going to slam his fists and expose his heart, so stay back and
    avoid being hit by his arms. As mentioned, this is the ONLY time you can damage
    Gigadeon. Hit him hard and fast here, just outside of the red skull's
    and unleash your strongest attacks on him. Repeat and you'll be able to defeat
    him in no time.
    4l. Gideon Graves?
    Is this the real Gideon?
    Powers: Unknown...
    Compared to the last fight, the final boss fight with Gideon is much
    more fair, but it doesn't mean that he isn't challenging. Gideon has
    a plethora of attacks, and he has the quickness and range to do
    you in easily if you're not careful. Gideon uses the following attacks:
    - Gideon will swipe with his sword horizontally and vertically with
    blue pixel streaks. These have good range on them and they come out
    quickly, but they can be blocked and even countered. Gideon will
    also use a spinning jump slash that can also be blocked and countered.
    - Gideon will sometimes use a double slash that leaves a X-marked scar
    in front of him. This move also comes out incredibly quick and can instantly
    knock you down, but it can be blocked, and thus countered with great timing.
    - Gideon can counter your own attacks with a sword slash. Be wary of this
    when you wail on him, as his counter strike has long reach.
    - Gideon's unblockable move comes in the form of a wave of pixelated
    energy that travels on the ground. Gideon always jumps back before he
    uses this move, so avoid it using a side step. More aggressive players
    can choose to jump over this attack and use a jump attack on Gideon.
    Again, being patient is key. Look for opportunities to attack, and
    dodge all of his. Once you defeat this form, you will have beaten the
    game! Congratulations!
    Extra Commentary by Zero 0083:
    "Well, for Final Gideon, if you pick up a stun rod before entering, a
    simple strategy is to hit Gideon with it, stunning him and downing him,
    then strike continuously so that, when he gets up, he is stunned and
    downed yet again in a painful cycle. Of course, he will occasionally
    jump to the other side of the screen and perform his ground slash, so
    you still need to watch out for that. However, it is usually not too
    much of a problem, except that you'll need to pick up the stun rod again
    in order to continue."
    4m. Mr Chau
    Mr. Chau is a random boss battle, and so can appear randomly on any
    of the stage marks on the map. Moving to where he is immediately
    starts the fight with him.
    Mr. Chau is incredibly fast, has loads of range, and difficult techniques
    to fight against. Think of this fight as if you were fighting Roxie,
    except twice as hard. When fighting Mr. Chau, you want to look out
    for the following attacks:
    - Mr. Chau uses a 6-hit sword combo. This combo hurts when you get locked
    in it, but thankfully you can block or counter it. Be forewarned that
    this move comes out quickly.
    - Mr. Chau uses a single swipe that can instantly knock you down. Again,
    blockable, but be wary of the range it has.
    - Mr. Chau will use a jumping slash attack. Blockable, and probably the
    easier to counter.
    - Mr. Chau will use a sword draw quick slash technique. This move is
    unblockable, has massive range, and can possibly hit twice on the
    return to his holster. Jump over, sidestep, or evade this attack.
    Mr. Chau's signature move occurs when he jumps offscreen. Three lines
    appear, and in any one of those lines, Mr. Chau will dash through it and
    slash with a bolt of lightning. This move is unblockable. In order to
    avoid it, you must stand in between the lines. Mr. Chau can op to use
    this attack vertically or horizontally on the screen, depending on if
    he jumps offscreen towards the sky or the side. At lower percentages,
    he will gradually start slashing through two or more of the lines. At
    his most critical point, Mr. Chau will use both vertical and horizontal
    lines, and slash through both points at once several times.
    Mr. Chau is a challenge and can give you a run for your money. Beware
    of using ground attacks as he can attack you as he gets up. Outside of
    his lightning bolt, which out for his quick draw attack as he'll commonly
    use it if you're out of range. In that case, try to stick close to him
    to avoid it. Continue to fight him until he is defeated, rewarding you
    with the Mr. Chau and Mrs. Chau striker for the characters that defeated
    5. Boss Rush Mode
    Boss Rush Mode is an Extra Game Mode that pits you in a Time attack to
    kill all the bosses in one run. In order to access this mode, go to the
    title screen and use the following code:
    Right, Right, Circle, R1, Right, Right, Circle, R1
    You should see this mode listed in the Extra Game Mode section.
    There are some differences between the bosses in the Story Mode and the
    bosses in Boss Rush mode:
    - There are no objects in Patel's fight, and you can climb on the stage
    to the right.
    - There are no photographer mobs in Lee's fight, even in multiplayer.
    - Lee dies on the spot, instead of his fatal death using the skateboard.
    - Envy and Lynette are defeated where they stand, instead of fighting
    it out one last time.
    - There is no 1-up given when you defeat Todd
    - There are no objects in Roxie's fight, making this fight slightly
    - There is some lag when the Super Fighting Robot launches its missiles.
    (I don't know if this happens in anyone else's version of the game.
    Please confirm.)
    - The "Power of Love" sword is on the left side of the screen when
    fighting Gigadeon.
    - If you still have the sword from Gigadeon's battle, you can use it to
    fight the final Gideon fight.
    Bear in mind that Mr. Chau is not part of the Boss Rush mode.
    6. Closing and Credits
    Thank you, Ubisoft, for creating this awesome, action-packed game.
    Thank you, my good friend EmblemLord, for buying this game for me.
    Thank you, GameFAQs, for hosting this Guide.
    Thank you, everyone in the Scott Pilgrim PS3 boards, for their
    support and help in making this guide.
    Finally, I would like to thank you, the reader, for taking the time to
    read this guide. I hope it was of help to you.

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