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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EgHeadFool

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    Main Walkthrough (Continued)

    After the Wind Temple

    There are a few quick things and one big thing to mention before going after the last sage:

    • A girl at Fina's Inn will now let you play the 4th installment of Block Defense (Wasteland Oasis). Clearing it will get you 400 gol, and a perfect clear earns you the usual Small Block.
    • Talk to the man on the right inside the Raejack blacksmith shop, then return to Fina's Inn. Talk to the man closest to the entrance, and he'll give you the unusable Rust Sword. Take this back to the man on the right at the Raejack blacksmith shop, and he'll give you a usable sword, the Gladius.
    • Talk to the inventor, Dic, in the northwest house of Raejack. Give him 5000 gol and then talk to him again after staying at an inn. He'll give you a sword, the Karasawa.

    The Fairy Ai

    If you found the fairy Sue, this quest will change the outcome of the game. The third and final fairy, Ai, is located in the south cave in area D1. As before, you will need a colored key of each color, or the Super Key, to explore the cave. To get there, go straight north from Raejack and follow the path around all the way up into area C1, then go east. The cave is in the far southeast portion of the area, and you need a bomb to get in.

    Inside the cave, avoid the traps and enemies and progress to the end. You may want to Freeze the enemies in the room containing Cyclops and Black Knights to make your life easier. At the back of the cave, talk to the fairy Ai. If you already found Sue, have all 6 orbs, and also got the first 5 spells from the sages, then the fairies will turn into the princess! After talking to Ai, Princess Iris will join your party. This event will disappear once you get the Light Orb.

    If you go to Raejack at this point and stay at the inn, you'll get a trophy.

    Fun Fact

    Note the names of the Fairies: Ai, Lee, and Sue. If we examine the way the names sound in Japanese (ignoring extended vowels), we have "Ai-Ri-Su." Iris. Get it?

    The Light Orb

    Once all that's taken care of, return to the castle and go upstairs. The cutscene will be different depending on whether or not you saved the princess, but the outcome will be the same. After the cutscene, Fuelle will engage you in battle.

    Boss Battle: Dark Bishop Fuelle (First Time)

    You cannot hurt Fuelle at this point in time, so your only goal is to avoid his attacks until a certain amount of time is up. If he summons monsters you can go ahead and kill them, especially since they sometimes drop health, but mainly just stay on the move and watch out for fireballs. He always shoots them after teleporting. Also make sure not to run into him. After a couple of minutes, another cutscene occurs and the battle ends.

    After this encounter, the final sage, Origin, will give you the magic spell Lighting. Then all the sages will combine their powers and fuse the six orbs you've collected into the Light Orb. With this you can enter the Dark Tower. Once you have the Light Orb, you can finish up a couple of sidequests as well as a couple of new ones:

    • On the first floor of the castle, talk to the soldier way in the back on the east side. Answer "Yes" and you'll obtain the Ice Candy.
    • In Colneria, if you talked to the man at the north entrance both previous times, there will now be a girl accompanying the two men. Talk to Moyomoto and he'll give you the key item Demolisher.
    • Return to From Cave and talk to the mech game man. If you've followed the event successfully so far, he'll give you his completed game, Armored Core.
    • Go to Ortego. This event requires you to have brought the two dancers to town (a previous event).
      • A man in the northeast area, standing by a fence, will request an autograph from the dancer Mary. If you accept, he'll give you Autograph Paper.
      • Go to the southeast area of Ortego, where Mary is dancing for a crowd. Talk to her and she will give you Mary's Autograph.
      • Take the autograph back to the man, and he'll give you the Giga Sword! This is, quite simply put, the best sword in the game.

    Hotel Nialliv

    To continue, we must venture into the poison swamps. As with finding Ai, head straight north from Raejack Village in area C3. You will have to bomb a circular rock enclosure to proceed. Head north into area C2 and then C1. Go east into area D1, then follow the path north and west until you come to a solitary house on the northwest end of the area. This is Hotel Nialliv. It is a warp point and also the starting point for several sidequests:

    New and/or Recommended Sidequests
    • Talk to the man by the beds in Hotel Nialliv and he'll give you the Falcon Ball.
    • Once you have the Falcon Ball and the Demolisher (see Key Items for reference), take them to the man on the right at the blacksmith shop at Raejack and he'll give you the key item Destroyer.
    • Go west from Hotel Nialliv into area C1 and walk north through the poison. You'll come to a zombie-infested area with a central area surrounded by rocks. Walk into the very middle and a message will prompt you to search. Do so to find the Mirror of Truth.
    • Once you have the Mirror of Truth, you can do a rather large event sequence:
      • First, talk to man at the top of the room in Hotel Nialliv. He'll ask you to use the mirror to cure 7 curses. To do this simply talk to the following 7 animals (the order doesn't matter):
      • The dog standing just left of Fina's Inn. Afterwards talk to the man next to him, who will reward you with some Dog Food.
      • The chicken inside Wardna's House.
      • The chicken inside Jim's Shack.
      • The cat to the right of the center house of Ortego.
      • The dog to the right of Candata Inn.
      • The cat on the little island on the south end of Colneria.
      • The dog just south of the town square in Raejack (east of the potion shop). He will reward you with a Life Shard.
      • After completing all 7, talk to the man in Hotel Nialliv again and he'll give you a new sword, the Beam Saber.
    • Once you have the Dog Food, take it to the man inside cave 3 at the volcano. See the Volcano Path section for details and pictures. He will reward you with a sword, the Gungnir.
    • Also with the Mirror of Truth, if you talk to the man at the north end of Raejack who used to be a Blue Slime, the mirror will turn him back into a slime! Stay at an inn and come back and he'll be human again. Use the mirror to convert him yet again! This counts as an event.
    • If you've got all the Key Items, you can get the Moon Sword at From Cave. See the Moon Sword section for details.

    To the Dark Tower

    By the end of this, if you've followed everything I wrote in the guide, you should have a complete Key Items list in your menu. It's finally time to tackle the final dungeon in the game. Make your way west from Hotel Nialliv, and travel west along the poison swamp. At the very west of area C1 You'll come to stairs that lead up to the Dark Tower.

    The Hero Shield

    I hate to do this, but there is actually ONE more thing that would be very useful to have before entering the tower, and that is the Hero Shield. This will let you block any projectile in the game. It requires that you have the Bolt Shield as well as one colored key of every color (the last ones you'll ever need), or the Super Key of course.

    To get the shield, enter the cave just west of the Dark Tower. You have to bomb the entrance to get in. Avoid the difficult traps and enemies, and use your keys to progress into the depths of the cave. For the spike traps, you may find it quite useful to equip the Wing Sword so you can dash past them. Otherwise you can use the spell Slow Down to slow them down. However, save enough magic to use your Freeze spell once and Reflect once, because the last room makes you fight several Magi and Black Knights. Freeze the room and take out the Knights, then wait for the Magi to unfreeze and kill them with Reflect.

    At the end of the cave, answer "Yes" to the man and he'll give you the Hero Shield. You can open the chest behind the man, but it's empty.

    After that, follow the stairs up to the Dark Tower. Press the action button in front of the door and the Light Orb will dispel the magic guarding it. Enter the tower.

    Dark Tower

    Note: For a map of this or any other temple, check out Neslib's work in the Supplementary Temple Maps section.

    Good thing this level has good music, because it is going to be long. You'll notice immediately that there are 3 warps. This is because the tower has 7 floors, with a boss on each floor. There are warps before the bosses on floors 3, 5, and 7. If you die before reaching the warp on one of those floors, be prepared for some backtracking. The way this level works is that the first 6 floors are each themed toward one of the 6 previous temples. In fact, the rooms are lifted straight out of them. In that sense it's not really anything you haven't encountered, but that can also make it seem all the more boring and tedious. I'm going to divide the walkthrough of the temple by temple theme. For now, head north to enter the Grass Temple section.

    Grass Temple Section

    The first room has Scorpions and two wall switches. Boomerang them and head west. This room has the single new feature of this temple, which is the weird black hole things. They will warp in and out of existence, but when they appear they suck you in if you get too close. You can counter their pull by running the opposite direction. However, if you touch one, you will be returned to the first room of the floor, so make sure you avoid them. Anyways, you don't have a key so go south.

    Push the movable blocks out of the way to reach the switch in the center (I hope you know how to do it without an explanation by now). Then take the Key from the chest that appears and head north. Use the key to open the door and continue north. Avoid the projectiles and head west, then move a couple of blocks out of your way and go west again. Freeze the room to kill the Knights quickly, or just use Reflect until you can take them out if you're up for a challenge. When they're dead, take the Key from the chest. Return east twice and use the key to go north.

    Push the movable block out of the way on the west end and exit west. Kill the enemies in the next room for a chest containing another Key. The return east and Boomerang the wall switch to open the door. Continue east. Use your key to go east a third time. Ignore the enemies here and go south. Stepping on the 4 floor switches will make a chest appear. Take the Boss Key from it and return north and then west. Enter the boss room.

    Boss Battle: Eelagon

    That's right, not only are they rehashing parts of the temples, they're also making you fight the bosses again. This boss is much more aggressive this time around, as well as being faster. But then again, unless you're still stuck with the Iron Shield, you can block all those annoying projectiles. Just try to be careful not to get run into (remember you can block his body as well). The general strategy remains the same. Check the Grass Temple walkthrough if you want to refresh your memory.

    After beating Eelagon, go into the next room and head upstairs.

    Forest Temple Section

    Forest Temple Section Statue Puzzle

    Head west and you'll now be doing a portion that represents the Forest Temple. Bomb the north wall and head through. This room is dark. There is a chest in the northwest corner containing 100 gol. There are a couple of arrow traps facing west, so be careful. Make your way across the room and exit east. Here you have to push the statues out of the way to get the Key from the chest. Start on the east side. If you can't figure it out, check the screenshot for reference. Then return west and south.

    Head west to continue. This room is dark as well, and contains Magi. Kill or avoid them and head south. Run into the middle of the next room to avoid the spikes and kill the Scorpions. First head west. Push the southeast block up and the one that was next to it left, and open the chest to get another Key. Then return east use a key to open the south door. Enter it to find yet another dark room. Navigate past the Skeletons and exit south.

    Use Reflect here and hit the two wall switches with your Boomerang to open the door. You don't actually have to kill the Magi. Then go east. In this next room, kill the enemies and be careful going past the black hole, Then exit south. There are two Black Knights in this next dark room. Kill them however you please to unlock the doors. Before exiting east, bomb the west wall and go west. Parallax will reveal the puzzle solution.

    Now go east twice. You might want to replenish some magic by killing the Magi. Either way, avoid the arrow traps and go east. Here you can apply the puzzle solution. Push the northwest statue left, the southwest statue up, the southeast statue right, and the northeast statue down. A chest will appear. Take the Boss Key from it. Return west and use your key to go north. Then enter the boss room.

    Boss Battle: Queen Bee

    The Queen Bee is more aggressive this time, but still not much harder than the first time. Just be aware that she will send out a lot more drones at once and shoot fireballs more frequently. You should still be able to easily handle the drones with your sword, and if she starts firing while drones are coming at you, simply block. The key is still patience. This battle should not be troublesome. If you want to read my original strategy, see the Forest Temple walkthrough.

    When the boss is down, continue into the next room and head upstairs.

    Desert Temple Section

    Head east once upstairs to enter the Desert Temple portion of the tower. Go east first. Watch for arrow traps and enemies and bomb the east wall, then head through. To depress the blue switch here, move the top movable block right, the central block left, and the bottom block right onto the switch. Then go south. Take care of the Magi here (you'll want the magic), then grapple your way around the room and go south again.

    To cross the next room, push the movable blocks up, down, up, and up. That alone should be enough to dictate the solution. Then go west. Here you'll find Black Knights, arrow traps, and pits. Freeze spell anyone? A chest appears when both of them are dead. Take the Key from it and continue south. In the quicksand room, go around the room in a clockwise progression and exit west. Avoid the black hole and go west again. Now you can activate the first warp (finally!) and not worry too much about dying for at least a while.

    We don't have the boss key though, so you'll have to do some backtracking. Head east, east, north, east, north, north, west, west. For the movable block puzzle room, you can get back across by pushing the blocks south, south, and south.

    Once you have finished backtracking, go north. Then use your key to go north again. Take the southeast strip of quicksand to make your way to the top of the room and go north, then east. Step on the cracked tile second from the right to fall down to the second floor. Watch out for projectiles as you hit the wall switches with your Boomerang so that you can go east. Then ride the quicksand in a clockwise direction to cross the room and exit south.

    From here go east, being careful to cross the center of the room when the black hole is gone. In the next room kill the enemies to open the doors and go south. Take the stairs up to find a chest. Open it for a Key. Then return downstairs and head north, west, and west. Go upstairs. Hit the red switch to open the door and go south. Kill the enemies to open the door and exit west. Go north twice then use your key to head west.

    The chest in the center of the room contains 10 gol. Take it and avoid the black holes as you continue west. Step on the cracked tile and drop down. Bomb the east wall and go through to find a chest surrounded by quicksand. Head in a counterclockwise direction this time to reach the chest, which contains a Key. Take it then return west and go west once more. Avoid the black holes and go south. Then hit the red switch in the middle of the room to unlock the door and go south again. The chest here contains 10 arrows, if you can be bothered to move around the room clockwise to get it. Go upstairs.

    First, go north, and open the chest in the room to finally obtain a Temple Map. Then return south. Cover the blue switches with the top-left and middle-right blocks to open the door and go east. Use your key to go north. The tile you want to stand on this time is the leftmost one. Open the chest you land near to finally obtain the Boss Key. Go east if you want a complete map, otherwise just save and load your game, then take the active warp. Enter the boss room.

    Boss Battle: Giga Golem

    Giga Golem may attack more frequently this time around, but he's still a cinch. Read the original strategy from the Desert Temple walkthrough and this should be cake. Just don't get impatient.

    When he's down, enter the next room and go upstairs.

    Aqua Temple Section

    Once upstairs, you're forced to go west. You are greeted by a lovely spike puzzle. Use Slow Down, the Wing Sword, or the movable blocks at your disposable to cross safely and go west again. It's a timed switch puzzle! starting with the northeast one, step on them in a clockwise order and then open the chest that appears above you for a Key. Return east twice and use it to go north.

    This room contains another timed switch puzzle. Hit the northwest switch. Then grapple to both poles to have enough time to hit the second switch and exit east. The next room is dark and contains Magi. A chest in the southeast corner contains 10 arrows. Grapple your way around the room and exit south. For this next timed switch puzzle, push the movable block on the west side out of the way (or even permanently onto one of the switches). Then hit the switches from north to south to make a chest appear. Take the Key from it and go east.

    Grapple across the next room and go south. Defeat the three Shadows to open the door and go south once more. Avoid all the projectiles and go south yet again. Here you will have to shoot the targets with arrows to open the door. then go south. Avoid the traps here and go east. Taking out the Shadows and Black Knights will make a chest appear containing a Key. Take it and then return west, north, north and use the key to go east. Shoot the target on the east wall to earn the Boss Key. Take it and return west, then south twice.

    This time, go west. You'll definitely want to use Reflect here, whether or not you want to kill the Magi for magic. Cross the room and go west. This room is dark. Avoid the black holes and Ropuses and cross to the west side of the room. Bomb the wall and head through. Solve the timed switch puzzle by stepping on the easternmost one, grappling west, stepping on the west one, then grappling north and opening the chest for a Key. Then return east and use the key to go north. Enter the boss room.

    Boss Battle: Kraken

    This battle should actually be easier this time than before, because the Hero Sword, even when you're not at full health, is long enough to reach the Kraken in 3 of his 4 possible locations without ever grappling. Like all the bosses here he has gotten faster. He will surface and immediately fire a quick series of 5 ink balls at you before returning underwater. Just block these. For the original strategy, refer to the Aqua Temple walkthrough.

    After defeating the Kraken, head into the next room and go upstairs.

    Flame Temple Section

    Head east to begin the Flame Temple portion of the tower. Ignore the switch for now and go east and then south. This room contains two Knights, which are a lot more manageable than Black Knights. Kill them to get a chest containing a Key. Nab it, then return north and west. Now flip the switch to blue and head north. Freeze the room to take out the flame wall, and the other enemies too for that matter. Then grapple out and head west.

    Avoid the traps in the next room and use your key to continue west. Flip the switch to red to allow you to shoot the target and open the door. Then flip it back to blue and go south. Alternate flip switching here to make it around the room and go west. This room contains traps and two Knights. Fortunately there is no need to kill them, so just go south. Flip the switch to blue in this next room and continue south.

    Bomb the west wall here and head through. The Magi in previous rooms should have replenished your magic by now, so you should simply be able to Freeze this room immediately. Destroy the flame wall and Knight, then calmly get the Key from the chest and flip the blue switch in the northwest corner to red. Exit to the east before the Magi even unfreeze. Use the key to go south.

    Watch out for the enemies and black holes here and go east. Kill the two Knights and go east again. Activate the warp here and breathe a sigh of relief. Then bomb the east wall and go through. Take out the Magi and block the arrows to safely traverse this room and head east again. Flip the switch in this room to blue, then backtrack west twice. If you keep going west, west, and then north, you can now open the chest in here, but it only contains 100 gol. If you decide to do this, return afterward. Then go south.

    The chest in here has a Key, but to get back out you'll have to deal with the two Black Knights. Once that's done with, go north, east, east. Flip the switch back to red and then use your new key to continue north. After taking care of the enemies, you have to press the four switches. It's simple enough, just remember that for 3 movable blocks next to each other, push the outer ones in the middle one sideways. Then claim the Boss Key from the chest. Return south, west, west, and enter the boss room.

    Boss Battle: Dragon

    Not this guy again. The main thing to note is that he's now much quicker with his fireballs. He'll start firing them the instant he lowers his head, and he'll start doing 3 at once pretty early in the battle, so I hope you've got at least the Fire Shield. Not being able to block those means you're almost certain to take damage. He also takes to the air again much quicker after slamming, so you have to be pretty fast to get a stun in. The key to the battle is still the Boomerang. Read a more detailed strategy at the Flame Temple walkthrough.

    This next part is by far the longest and most annoying section, so if you're severely hurt I would suggest leaving the tower and healing, then coming back and using the second warp. Otherwise, proceed into the back room and up the stairs.

    Wind Temple Section

    Start out by going west. Use your shield to block the wind and go west again, then head north. Watch for the arrow traps here (there are 4 of them), and bomb the west wall. Go through. Step on the cracked tile to fall below. Stay on your toes, because you'll land in the middle of a room containing two Black Knights and Ropuses. You may want to Freeze them. Once they're dead head north. Take the stairs down to 4F.

    Here you will find two targets on the north wall, between wind statues. Shooting them only earns you a chest containing 10 bombs, so you might want to just ignore it. If not, watch out for the pits the wind will blow you into. Then head east. Avoid the wind and enemies here and go upstairs. Step on the two timed switches to open the door and head south. Watch for the Magi and arrows and step on the cracked tile. You will land in a dark room near a chest. Open it to get a Key. Then avoid or kill the Magi as you grapple across the room and go north.

    Head up the staircase again, and then up the next set of stairs to return to floor 6. Block the wind using the 3 movable blocks here to safely Boomerang the switches on the west wall to open the door. Then go south twice. Go south once more to find a timed switch puzzle. If you use Parallax, you'll find that only the northeast and southwest switches matter. Press them in that order and exit south into a dark room. Watch for the Magi and cracked tiles here and go straight south into the next room.

    Kill the trivial enemies here to open the doors and go east. To the east of this room is the boss, but there is no warp on this floor and we don't have the boss key, so go south instead (watch out for the black hole). You can ignore the Knights here if they aren't bothering you. To reach the chest, push the northeast movable block to the left and the southeast one down. Take the Key from it. Now you have to return to the first room of this floor. You can save/load if you want, or backtrack north, west, north, north, north, east, and east.

    Once you're there, head north. The chest in the northwest corner contains 100 gol. Take it and then use your key to go east. Head north from here, and use Reflect to avoid all the projectiles as you go north once more. Watch for the Cyclops as you hit the red switch and exit east. Cross the next room and go east again. This room is annoying. Killing the Knights won't unlock the door, so ignore them if you can. Otherwise the best course of action might be to Freeze them. In any case, push the movable blocks out of the way on the south side and step on the cracked tile in the center of the room.

    You'll land in another room full of enemies, so be careful. Bomb the west wall and go through. Parallax will reveal that only the southmost target matters, so shoot it with the Bow to get a Key. Then return east and head south this time. Take out the enemies to open the doors and then go south into a dark room. Step on the far left cracked tile to fall below. Hit the switch in the northeast corner, then push the movable block in that corner west twice. Follow the path around to hit the switch in the middle. Once the door opens, go west.

    Ahh, the old spike puzzle. The movable blocks, Slow Down, the Wing Sword - use your preferred method to safely cross and exit north. Make your way around the next room and head upstairs. Then take care of the Cyclops and go south. Then take the staircase back to the 6th floor. Be careful not to grapple here, or you'll have to do the whole loop over again. Instead, go east. Make your way across this next dark room and go north. Here you have to hit the target with an arrow to open the door. Use Reflect and avoid the enemies as you do so. When the door is open, go east.

    A lone Black Knight guards this room, but you don't have to kill him. Just step on the northwest cracked tile to fall below. You'll land in a dark room. Make your way to the southeast corner, where you'll find another cracked tile to step on. Just watch out for the Cyclops. When you land on the 4th floor you'll be in yet another dark room. Kill all the enemies to open the doors and head south. Watch for the Magi and the black hole here and use your key to continue south. Open the chest in the next room to finally get the Boss Key.

    Now it's just a matter of getting to the boss room. You can save and reload to make things faster, but since there are unvisited rooms I'll describe how to get there. Return north twice. You'll have to kill the enemies again to open the doors and continue north. Then make your way around the room and head upstairs (Freeze the Knights if they're too much of a pain). Then kill the bats and go upstairs once more. There's no need to kill the Black Knight here, just hit the switch to open the door and go west.

    Now it's pure backtracking. If you don't want to save and load, you'll have to head west, west, south, south, west, south, west, west, south, south, south, east, and east. Remember to watch for the usual traps and enemies. Then enter the boss room.

    Boss Battle: Dark Knight

    I don't have anything new to say about this boss. He's just as pathetic as the first time. Read the Wind Temple walkthrough if you'd like to be refreshed on the strategy.

    After defeating the Dark Knight, head into the back room and head upstairs onto the final floor.

    The Seventh Floor

    There isn't really anything to this floor. All the rooms are basically the same. Just watch out for black holes and arrow traps as you navigate the rooms. Start out by going east, east, and south. Here, push the north block right, the east block down, the south block left, and the west block up. When all 4 switches are depressed, a chest will appear. Open it to get the final Key of the game.

    Now head north, west, west, west, west, south. Use your key to continue and go south, south, east, east. Hit the button to activate the final warp. Then go east, east, north. When you enter this room, you will find the "Princess?". This is the only place to find her, so if you're filling your Bestiary, hit her with it twice to book her. She actually doesn't show up on the pages of the Bestiary, but if you scroll through the monsters with the triggers she will be there.

    Either way, after 2 hits she will transform into the Succubus (also the only one in the game). The Succubus will follow a pattern of teleporting and then firing two sets of projectiles. After this she will pause for a second and then teleport again. Occasionally she will just stand there and not fire. This is really easy if you have the Hero Shield because you can block her projectiles, but no other shield can. If you have it, just block in her direction as soon as she teleports and after the two shots, hit her with your sword. Otherwise you'll have to do your best to dodge her projectiles as you fight her.

    Once the Succubus is down, take the Boss Key from the chest. Then return south, west, west, and enter the boss room. You may want to leave the tower and heal up first. Once you enter, refuse Fuelle's offer to join him (or you'll get a game over), and the battle will begin.

    Boss Battle: Dark Bishop Fuelle (Second Time)

    You'll remember that the first time around you had no way to hurt him. So what's changed? The answer is the spell Lighting. When you use the spell, the torch in the center of the room will ignite, and you can only damage Fuelle while this light is on. Now, since he has multiple copies of himself, you have to know which one to attack. The way to tell is that the real Fuelle will cast a shadow, and the false ones will not.

    Every time you hit the real Fuelle, he and some of his clones will teleport, and you'll have to find the one with a shadow again. When the torch goes out, cast Lighting again to keep it lit. If you run out of magic, which shouldn't happen if you came into the fight fully healed, he will periodically summon enemies that drop red and green apples.

    As for attacks, Fuelle still does the same thing he did before. All versions of himself will glide around the room and teleport. Upon reappearing they'll shoot a fireball at you. Either block (if you have a capable shield) or dodge these as you pursue the Fuelle with a shadow. As he takes damage, his number of clones will increase. When there are 5 of them (including the real one), you'll know he is nearing death. This battle isn't too difficult, especially if your sword has good reach. You should be able to take him down in 3 Lightings.

    Once Fuelle goes down, there will be a short cutscene. Fuelle will go out of control and turn into the Dark King himself! It's not over yet!

    Final Boss: Dark King Onyx

    If you have the Hero Shield and/or full health, this battle will be pretty easy, because you can block almost all of his attacks from afar. If you have a long sword you can hit him all the way from the back of the arena, without even having to move for the most part. Here is a breakdown of his attacks:

    • If you're really close to him, he will swipe his tail at you.
    • He will shoot out a series of purple projectiles at you.
    • He will send out a series of tornadoes at you.
    • He will cause several floor tiles to turn purple, and shortly after they will be struck by lightning.
    • At low health, he has an attack where he charges up a huge purple projectile and shoots it at you. This is unblockable, so when you see the charge animation, run across the arena to avoid it.

    The lightning should be blockable with the Bolt Shield, but his main projectiles require the Hero Shield. You'll have to dodge those if you don't have it. To hurt him, wait for him to finish one of his attacks and then slash him in the legs. If your sword isn't very long, try to stay close to or within sword range as you fend off the attacks so that you have time to hit him before the next attack. Especially after he takes some damage, he will give you a pretty small window. Also, once he's taken a certain amount of damage, he will begin shooting projectiles 3 at a time. These are harder to block at an angle so be careful.

    It's worth mentioning that in the Japanese version, if you position yourself properly in between his legs, he won't be able to hit you (fireballs can still hit you in the English version). This is extremely useful if you're trying to book him in the Bestiary because you can just sit there and whack away at him. However, be careful if you're going to try this with a sword. Even if it has pierce, there's a chance that the recoil from the hit will push you into him and hurt you.

    After Beating the Game

    After defeating Onyx and watching the ending, you'll be able to save. If you load a cleared file, you will be at the Dark Tower. However, there is still one new thing to do:

    • Talk to the soldier near the door inside Hotel Nialliv. He will let you play the final level of Block Defense (Dark King's Garden). Win to earn 500 gol, and get a perfect clear to get another Small Block. If you've completed every Block Defense game, you'll receive a Life Shard. If you got a perfect clear on every game, you'll also receive a sword, the Wyrm Sword.

    Saving after beating the game will also unlock a New Game+ mode. If you select this, you will start your file with all your money as well as Small Blocks, as they were when you beat the final boss. This carries over to harder difficulties as well, including Spelunker mode. Swords do not carry over except those bough with Small Blocks (introduced in the 1.01 patch), which is a pity. However, any sword upgrades you made in your cleared file will remain intact in the new game. In other words, as soon as you obtain a sword, any upgrades you had applied to it originally will still be there. Bestiary entries also carry over.

    Life and Magic, as well as all other items, will not carry over.

    Additionally, beating the game will unlock a new difficulty for new games called From mode. This is your basic Hard mode. In this mode, enemies do twice as much damage to you and tough enemies appear all over the world map in hordes. In addition to that, on this difficulty there is a new event on the world map involving Spelunker. He will be stuck up on a cliff in area A1, next to a couple of stumps. If you burn them away with the Flame Wand, he'll be saved and you'll unlock Spelunker mode as a difficulty level for new games. In Spelunker mode you must play as Spelunker, and you die in 1 hit. For details and tips, see the Spelunker Mode section.


    You'll notice that your world map (when you press the map button) fills in by blocks when you visit new sections. These are the set "areas" of the game, which have load screens between them. The mini-map actually marks the boundaries between these areas, and shows little triangles indicating the places you can cross between them. The following world map diagram is based on that. The red crown represents Dotnia Castle and is there for orientation purposes. The rest of the legend is pretty self explanatory. "Other" just means a random item that doesn't fall into the main categories (for example, a Lamp or Wind Wing).

    World Map

    Below is a really awesome world map diagram created by Neslib. The legend is below it as a separate image due to space constraints. It should be pretty useful if you need something more graphical!

    Neslib's World Map

    Neslib's World Map Legend

    Area Details

    This section briefly mentions all locations or items of interest in each area. A list of enemies that appears in each area is also provided. Note that Crystal Slimes and Blue Dragons spawn rarely, and the areas where they are listed are just the areas in which I or others have confirmed their appearance. It may be that they can actually spawn anywhere. Enemy information does not apply to From mode, where all kinds of crazy enemies spawn all over the place - even enemies that are normally restricted to dungeons.

    Click on a coordinate to jump to the details for that location:

    A1 | B1 | C1 | D1 | E1 | F1 | G1

    A2 | B2 | C2 | D2 | E2 | F2 | G2

    A3 | B3 | C3 | D3 | E3 | F3 | G3

    A4 | B4 | C4 | D4 | E4 | F4 | G4

    A5 | B5 | C5 | D5 | E5 | F5 | G5



    • Small Block in a chest in the northwest.
    • Lamp in the southeast chest.
    • 1 Gol in the northeast chest.
    • Special Sign in southwest corner; requires breaking the rock with 256 strikes first.
    • Spelunker can be found here on From mode, next to the two dry stumps. Burn them with the Flame Wand to save him.
    • Monsters in this area: Cloudon, Centaus, Centathrow.

    To reach the points of interest in the western portion of this area you have to enter the area from the northern part of B1. Then drop a bomb and push it into the quicksand when you come to it, so that it blows up the two rocks preventing you from hopping down the northwest ledge after grappling to it.


    • This area is the Forest of no Return.
    • Small Block in a chest (go Up, Right, Up, Left, Left, Up).
    • Magic Up in a chest (go Up, Right, Up, Left, Left, Down, Down).
    • Forest Temple (go Up, Right, Up, Left, Left, Down, Left, Up).
    • Monsters in this area: Killer Bee, Goble, Evil Tree.


    • Wardna's House is at the north end of this area.
    • Small block in a chest on the southwest side (you have to enter the area from below to get it).
    • The cave in the center of the area is From Cave.
    • The cave in the southeast portion can be bombed and contains a Life Shard.
    • Monsters in this area: Killer Bee, Goble, Spidel.


    • The cave in the northern portion can be bombed. The person inside will give you 100 gol.
    • Small Block in a chest near the center of the area.
    • Monsters in this area: Dark Goble, Centaus, Centathrow, Zombie.


    • Special signboard at the south end of the area.
    • Life Shard in a cave in the middle. Requires the Anchor Rod to grapple west to it. The grapple point is obscured in camera A so change cameras to see it. See Life Shards for more details and a picture.
    • Cave to the northwest contains a fairy fountain.
    • Small Block in the chest to the south.
    • Graveyard with secret tomb (push the grave second from the right and third from the bottom to the north). See The Path to the Wind Temple.
    • Monsters in this area: Dark Goble, Centaus, Centathrow, Ghost, Zombie, Crystal Slime (low chance of spawning).


    Note: You need the Anchor Rod to explore this area and to get to A1. See The Holy Sword and the Anchor Rod for details.

    • Life Shard in the northern treasure chest.
    • Small Block in the chest to the east, just up some stairs.
    • Monsters in this area: Black Knight, Centaus, Centathrow.


    • Life Shard in a chest on a ledge in the northwest part of the woods.
    • Monsters in this area: Cloudon, Goble, Killer Bee, Evil Tree, Crystal Slime (low chance of spawning).


    • Grass Temple at the north end of the area.
    • Small Block in a chest in the northeast.
    • The northwest cave contains an old lady who will upgrade your quiver up to 3 times for 200 gol.
    • Monsters in this area: Goble, Killer Rabbit, Spidel, Killer Bee, Crystal Slime (low chance of spawning).


    • Fina's Inn is at the north end of this area.
    • Monsters in this area: Dark Goble, Centaus, Centathrow, Crystal Slime (low chance of spawning).


    • Wind Temple in the northeast corner.
    • Small Block in a central chest (requires the Flame Wand to burn away a stump).
    • The cave to the east must be bombed open and contains a wishing well. If you toss in 20 gol, there is a random chance of getting the 4th Empty Bottle.
    • Monsters in this area: Centaus, Centathrow.


    The Miracle Boots are required to traverse the poison swamps here.

    • The Mirror of Truth can be found at the very center of the ring of rocks at the north end of the swamp area.
    • The Dark Tower is in the northwest section.
    • Life Shard in a chest on a ledge off the swamp at the south of the area.
    • The cave in the very northwest corner contains a man who will trade you the Hero Shield for the Bolt Shield. Requires a colored key of every color.
    • Monsters in this area: Zombie, Darkspidel, Centaus, Centathrow, Crystal Slime / Blue Dragon (low chance of spawning).


    This area is reached by going north from Raejack and requires bombs to explore.

    • Life Shard in a cave in the northwest section, which must be bombed and requires the Anchor Rod to reach.
    • Small Block in a chest at the very north end.
    • Wind Wing in the eastern chest.
    • Monsters in this area: Goble, Dark Goble, Killer Rabbit, Centaus, Killer Bee.


    • Raejack Village is here.
    • The southeast cave has a wishing will. If you toss in 20 gol, there is a random chance of receiving a Life Shard.
    • Monsters in this area: Spidel, Killer Rabbit


    To reach this area, go west from Colneria. The Wire Rod is required to explore most of it.

    • Small Block in the central chest.
    • Bomb the cave in the northwest portion to find a man who sells information.
    • Monsters in this area: Goble, Dark Goble, Octon, Blue Dragon (low chance of spawning).


    • Special signboard in the warp zone (see Special Signboards).
    • Life Shard inside a cave that you must bomb open next to the special signboard in the southeast corner.
    • Small Block in a chest within the warp zone (warp to the lone island with only 3 warp pads and take the northmost one).
    • Bomb the cave entrance in the northwest portion to find a fairy fountain.
    • Monsters in this area: Dark Goble, Octon.


    • Hotel Nialliv is in this area
    • 100 gol in the southern chest.
    • The southeast cave must be bombed open. If you have a key of every color you can traverse the cave and find Ai (must be done before getting the Light Orb). For details, see The Fairy Ai.
    • magical bag in the northeast chest.
    • Small Block in the central chest to the north. Fall down from the above ledge to get it.
    • Northern cave can be bombed open to find a workshop.
    • Monsters in this area: Centaus, Centathrow, Darkspidel, Zombie, Blue Dragon (low chance of spawning).


    • Small Block in the sole chest (bomb the rocks at the start of the Sacred Forest).
    • Monsters in this area: Evil Tree, Guardian.


    • Dotnia Castle is in this area.
    • Special Signboard just east of the castle.
    • Small Block in the northeast chest (requires the ability to grapple).
    • Cave contains a fairy fountain.
    • Monsters in this area: Spidel, Killer Rabbit.


    • Colneria is in this area
    • The single chest contains 10 gol
    • Monsters in this area: Octon, Goble, Dark Goble, Crystal Slime (low chance of spawning).


    • This area contains the Aqua Temple.
    • The single chest contains 100 gol.
    • Monsters in this area: Octon, Centaus, Dark Goble.


    Both items in this area require you to take an invisible warp in a groove of the cliff wall. For details, please refer to The Holy Sword and the Anchor Rod. You must have the Wire Rod.

    • Chest contains the Anchor Rod.
    • Special signboard next to the return warp from getting the Anchor Rod.
    • Monsters in this area: Centaus, Centathrow, Knight, Cyclops


    • Special signboard in plain sight to the north (requires grappling).
    • Life Shard in the northwest chest (you must enter the area from above to get it).
    • King Block's cave is on the west side. It can be reached by grappling across the river with the Wire Rod.
    • Small Block in the west chest near King Block's Cave.
    • 1 gol in east chest.
    • The cave to the north can be bombed open to find a fairy fountain.
    • Monsters in this area: Goble, Killer Bee, Blue Dragon (low chance of spawning).


    • Cave in the northeast contains a man who sells information.
    • Magic Up in the chest to the north.
    • Central chest contains a magical bag.
    • Monsters in this area: Spidel, Killer Rabbit, Goble, Killer Bee, Octon.


    To reach anything of interest in this area, you must start in the desert in area G5. From there head west, then immediately north into G4, then west into E4 from the north exit of the area.

    • 100 gol in the easternmost chest.
    • Small Block in the northwest chest (requires the Wire Rod).
    • Life Shard in the west chest (requires the Flame Wand).
    • The central cave requires bombs and the Flame Wand to reach. If you have a key of every color you can make it to the end of the cave and find Sue. See The Fairy Sue for details.
    • Monsters in this area: Centaus, Goble, Dark Goble, Octon.


    • Special signboard on the southern cape by the water (requires Wire Rod).
    • Small Block in a chest after hopping down the cliff from the signboard.
    • Monsters in this area: Centaus, Goble, Dark Goble.


    • Jim's Shack is in this area
    • Cave in the southeast corner can be bombed open. The person inside will take 20 gol from you.
    • Small Block in the southeast chest.
    • Monsters in this area: Dark Goble, Centaus, Centathrow, Crystal Slime (low chance of spawning).


    • Cave near the center can be bombed open to find a magic well. For 20 gol there is a random chance of receiving the Tent (which can also be bought at Fina's Inn). To reach the cave you have to head west from the northern part of area G2.
    • Small Block in the east chest.
    • Monsters in this area: Spidel, Killer Bee, Goble.


    • 100 gol in the central chest.
    • Small Block in the northeast chest.
    • 1 gol in the southeast chest.
    • Monsters in this area: Spidel, Darkspidel, Goble, Big Worm.


    • 10 gol in the single chest, which can only be reached by entering the area from the south side of are E4.
    • Cave on the south side can be bombed open to find a Life Shard. The area must be entered from F5 to reach it.
    • Monsters in this area: Darkspidel, Centaus, Goble, Dark Goble, Killer Bee.


    Go east from Colneria and then along the beach to reach anything of interest.

    • 10 gol in the northern chest.
    • Salesman in the southeast corner. Sells the Claymore for 1000 gol and the Silver Ring for 2000 gol.
    • Life Shard in the southeast chest next to the salesman.
    • Monsters in this area: Goble.


    The large network of caves in this area has been omitted from the map diagram due to their sheer number. See the Volcano Path section for details, and pictures with labeling for the various caves.

    • Special signboard can be reached by following cave 6.
    • Small Block in a chest in front of cave 2.
    • Flame Temple at the north end.
    • Fairy fountain just southwest of the Flame Temple.
    • Fire Ruby necessary for the Fire Shield can by found by examining the pinkish rock just west of the Flame Temple (follow the narrow path along the edge of the lava, requires you to have talked to the old man in the northeast corner of Jim's Shack while in possession of the Magic Shield).
    • Monsters in this area: Dark Goble, Centaus, Centathrow.


    • Special signboard in front of the east cave.
    • Cave to the north contains a Life Up. Requires the Anchor Rod to grapple to.
    • magical bag in the west chest (requires the Flame Wand).
    • Wind Wing in the east chest (requires the Wire Rod).
    • Monsters in this area: Killer Bee, Goble.


    • Ortego is in this area.
    • Small Block in a chest northwest of the village.
    • Monsters in this area: Big Worm, Darkspidel.


    • Candata Inn is in the northeast portion of this area.
    • Cave in the northwest contains the Holy Sword (you need the Wire Rod to get to it).
    • Small Block in the northern chest (requires the Wire Rod).
    • 100 gol in the central chest.
    • 10 gol in the eastern chest.
    • Life Shard in the western chest. Requires you to send a bomb up the quicksand to blow up the nearby rocks and then grapple while riding the quicksand to reach the chest. Also see the Life Shards section.
    • Monsters in this area: Big Worm, Dark Worm, Darkspidel, Crystal Slime (low chance of spawning).


    • Desert Temple on the east side of the area.
    • Special signboard next to the northern cave. Reach it by going south from the east side of G4.
    • Northern cave must be bombed open. The person inside will give you 100 gol.
    • Southeast cave can be bombed to find a fairy fountain.
    • Magic Up in the chest in the southwest corner.
    • Monsters in this area: Dark Worm, Darkspidel, Crystal Slime (low chance of spawning).


    Swords in this game have seven possible attributes, each of which may or may not be upgradable or even present for any given sword:

    • Length: How long the sword extends.
    • Width: How wide the sword is.
    • Strength: How much damage the sword does.
    • Spin: The player's ability to rotate the sword in an arc after swinging it.
    • Beam: The sword's ability to shoot projectiles out of its tip when swung.
    • Pierce: The sword's ability to pass through any obstacles on-screen.
    • Special: A special ability which varies entirely from sword to sword.

    Additionally, each sword is assigned a maximum amount of money that can be spent upgrading it. After using it up, the sword will no longer be able to be upgraded, even though there will often be attributes that are not fully maxed. If you feel like you screwed up in your upgrade process, you can always have the blacksmith reset your sword to default and upgrade it from the start all over again. The blacksmith, who also does all the upgrading, is located on the east side of Raejack.