How do I beat hydra?

  1. i got god of war collection to day ( 3/2/10) i'm tiring to kill the hydra? when i get it on the mast i tap the circle but Kratos just stands there and wont pull the hydra in to the mast ? help

    User Info: boywheel

    boywheel - 7 years ago

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  1. He wouldn't be able to climb up to the big Hydra unless the smaller two were taken care of first. They slam against the mast as you climb it to knock you off otherwise.

    It is, as far as I can tell, a glitch. Its happened to me before, though only once out of the three or four plays I've done since getting the collection, and I don't remember this problem on the PS2, so I think its the collection. Anyways. When this happens, you just have to keep knocking him down, hitting the circle and moving around close to him. Eventually he should grab the Hydra.

    User Info: TheEndless1986

    TheEndless1986 - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. Ok, did you defeat the 2 smaller ones first, if not, u have to fight them until they get knocked out, then right above them should be a spiked platform, climb up on the boxes till you reach platforms level, and jump on and tap r1 i think, or just swing your blades, there's one for the other one too, then after you do that, go ahead and start attacking the main one until you get an action sequence

    User Info: TheGame50401

    TheGame50401 - 7 years ago 1 1
  2. Yeah about that you have to impale the two smaller ones by knocking them out jumping int the boxes right next to them and then on a platform it impales the smaller ones then climb up the net and just fight the hydra when you start giving it an ass whooping you have to grab it and just tap i had a lot of problems with this one too you have to do the three times then the mast breaks and you impale the big hydras head and later if you have trouble yur supposed to go inside the hydra. when i was done with this i kept on beating the hydra cause i was pissed off. i actually got the "getting my ass kicked " trophy at that level

    User Info: nntendoguymario

    nntendoguymario - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. I think this may be a bug. If Kratos attempts to climb, the little ones bang their heads and cause him to drop. If you somehow got up there, chances are you speared one in the head, but only knocked out the other, allowing you to climb up before he woke up. In this case, I don't think Kratos can kill the Hyrda before taking out the babies first.

    User Info: Soniczero1993

    Soniczero1993 - 7 years ago 0 0

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