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"Can't wait until God of War III comes out? Want to refresh your memory on the storyline? This is the collection just for you!"

God of War - the most looked upon series in Sony's library of titles comes to HD. While we still have a while to go until God of War 3, but this should make our wait a little more easier before the release of God of war 3.

The God of War 1 and 2 is the PS2 classic you all loved, and now, It came to the PS3, better than ever. In High Definition! The gameplay has been left completely untouched, only the graphics have been put into HD.
God of War pushed the PS2 to it's limits, making it run at around 60 frames per second in some areas. For the PS3, both GOW 1 and 2 run in 60FPS constantly, even whilst heavy combat!

One small annoying feature in God of War one is that you have to manually change it to full screen in the options every time you start the game, not to worry, this won't ruin your gameplay experience!

It's quite amazing that the developers were working on God of War 3, but they put so much effort in this collection, new high definition cut scenes were added for both games! Although you only see those cut-scenes rarely, it's a really good experience.

When you insert the disc and press play, you'll be able to select which game you want to play, plus you can select bonus features which will be in the video section of your XMB to see some awesome videos!

Even if you've finished both games on the PS2, trust me, this is worth playing again and again. The gameplay graphics look amazing in God of War 1, and even better in God of War 2. Considering this game is really cheap, and on top of that, it's literally 2 games in 1.. who wouldn't buy it?!

Not to mention, The God of War collection also has Trophy Support! So if you're a fan of collecting trophies and playing God of War, this is for you! If you want to accomplish more than the trophies, try finish both games in God Mode! This will unlock a secret message, and even more bonus things.

Considering this game is really cheap, and on top of that, it's literally 2 games in 1.. who wouldn't buy it?! So give it a try before God of War 3 comes out and refresh your memories and have a small taste on how God of War 3 is going to look!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/08/10

Game Release: God of War Collection (US, 11/17/09)

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