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"The collection of Vengeance."

God of War one and two are not only two of the highest rated PS2 games of all time, but also on numerous top 100 games of all time lists. There is a very simple reason for this. God of War one and two represent the best of the action genre. The violence is brutal, direct, and never senseless. The controls are tight and responsive and the story is simple but never boring. The God of War Collection takes these two terrific games and puts them on one Blu-ray in what is easily the best marketing tactic for the conclusion of the series ever.

Single player 9 out of 10. (Minor spoilers)

God of War.

God of War as whole, is a great example of Greek Mythological story telling. It has all the key components in both accounts. It follows a great man who has fallen from grace and has to work against impossible odds to reclaim his life and glory back. However, he's on a quest for absolution - once a captain in the Spartan army, he sold his soul to Ares, the God of War, in exchange for victory over his opponents. Ares accepted, and Kratos went into his service. However, Kratos did something so awful that even he was shaken by it. Since then he served Olympus as a whole, in exchange for forgiveness for his crimes.The game opens with Kratos attempting to kill himself by jumping several thousand feet into the rocky Aegean Sea. Just before impact, the scene cuts back with a classic “Three Weeks Earlier” message.You'll find yourself in a graveyard of ships under attack by the vicious Hydra. After fighting your way across several derelict hulls, and gaining some help from Poseidon, you'll kill the beast and sail to Athens. Athena will explain that Ares is attacking the city, and the Gods of Olympus need your help doing what they themselves cannot: killing one of their own.. (Find out the rest for yourself.) Moving on, the length of the story can be fairly short, also boss battles are good but there is not enough of them.

God of War II. (Minor spoilers)

Kratos is the new God of War, and he loves his job. However, not everyone loves his work ethic. When the gods of Olympus ask Kratos to stop favoring Sparta in battle, he ignores them, and so triggers another downfall. Just like Ares before him, Kratos drops to Earth to aid his army in giant form. This time, in Rhodes. Seizing his opportunity, Zeus empowers the Colossus of Rhodes, and the bronze, well, colossus starts a lengthy fight with Kratos. Unable to defeat it alone, and still unaware of Zeus' betrayal, Kratos drains his godly power into the Blade of Olympus when Zeus provides, and uses it to defeat the Colossus.Now mortal, he is vulnerable when with its dying breath the Colossus crushes him. Injured and exhausted, Kratos tries to reach the Blade and regain his status. But Zeus steps in, toys with him, and then kills him. Ready to give up, Kratos begins to fall into Hades. But Gaia gives him a pep talk and reinvigorated, he fights his way out once more. He decides to take her advice and he flies to the Island of the Fates to change his destiny.. (Find out the rest for yourself) Moving on, the length of this game is far longer than the first and boss battles are everywhere.

Game play 8 out of 10.

The combat system is designed perfectly, you have hard hits, quick hits, and grabs, every combo is comprised of these basic attacks. You can block, parry and evade with all of it being fluid and quick. On the other hand, the character you play is also equipped with multiple types of Godly powers as you progress through out both games. All which take a part in your arsenal of help. The downside for the powers is that within both games nearly few of the powers are useful and used the most, the ones that aren't so effective will never be used. What really got players hooked was the brutal executions the player can perform upon countless enemies, for example. Once you deal enough damage to a character that just doesn't want to except his fate to die like a Cyclops than an on screen prompt displays for buttons to press, as in square or circle etc. Get the buttons correct and timed just right and you will carry out one hell of a kill. One other feature this game possesses are challenging puzzles. They got me stuck for at least an hour multiple times. I'm not a fan of headache puzzles but I know some of you are and around every corner there is one waiting for you here. You can also locate hidden items which will help buff you up. Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers, when a certain amount are collected, it will boost your maximum Health and Magic levels, respectively. Each game can be real challenging when played on the hardest difficulty as well as easy played on the normal settings.

Graphics 9 out of 10.

For a PS2 game, God of War represents the best the PS2 had to offer graphically. It looks even better now that several textures have been updated and the game runs at 60 fps constantly. The 60 fps in particular is noticeable to those who have played the old game, and you will notice slight increase in control responsiveness and the overall fluidity of the game. The key here is fluidity, and it is why God of War is generally considered the benchmark of action gaming. Nothing in God of War feels forced, everything flows one into the next. Everything from blocking in between combos to being able to switch targets in mid combo is possible. Aside from the in game cut scene's, The high definition cut scenes (movies in other terms?) are done so well they can no joke, pass for a current generation game.

Sound 8 out of 10.

The sound is done pretty well, I don't really know what to say because it's all basic to me, like any other game. But if your wondering in detail. The in game music matches up for any moment within the game, as in intense battle music while your fighting or slow downed relaxing music for when your trying to solve a puzzle, even epic sounds for that you know something gonna go down music.

Overall 9 out of 10.

The new remastered collection for PS3 is worth every penny, it brings back the fun and joy of simple gaming. I recommend this game in any way possible. You won't be let down.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/01/10, Updated 06/03/10

Game Release: God of War Collection (Greatest Hits) (US, 04/30/10)

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