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"2 solid games on one Blue ray disc"

God of War (GOW) was a huge hit for the Playstation 2 and so was God of War II (GOWII). This franchise helped Playstation not only get a mascot, but also gave Playstation a ton of more people for their ever growing fan base. The God of War Collection was the first two games of God of War put on one blue ray disc and had HD graphics as well as better audio quality. The God of War Collection was released on November 17, 2009 and it's greatest hits was released in April of 2010 this greatest hits not only gave you the collection but a red controller as well.

Story(GOW)- The first game is all about Kratos, a former soldier for Sparta and now he is trying to take down The God of War Ares. The reason behind this is that Ares once saved Kratos from his own death, but in return Kratos had to do the bidding of Ares and wear to swords chained directly onto his flesh. Kratos no longer wanting this life decides to take down the god of war himself. This game if you couldn't already tell is heavily based on Greek Mythology so with that being said it has everything Greek Mythology should, it is a very adult storyline.

Gameplay(GOW)- It is a button masher mixed with a puzzle solver. You beat up a couple of bad guys then solve a puzzle to unlock a gate to beat the crap out of another large group of bad guys. God of war was the first of it's kind to mixed in puzzle solving and blood with a dash of Greek Mythology. There is a lot of combo moves as well as magic powers to use. Some ripping pages from Greek Mythology and slapping it on your screen. Like one of the weapons is Medusa's Head, everyone knows the story of Medusa one look into her eyes and you were turned to stone. Well with her head in your hands simply aim this at your enemy then BAM stone he or she is. This game is NOT a little kids game it has a lot of blood and sex and nudity in it just like the books of Greek Mythology. Almost every girl in the game has their breast hanging out and the story is very adult as I mentioned above. The only bad thing about the gameplay was with this version I found Kratos moving to one direction at random and at first I thought it was my controller, but none of my other games had the same problem. With further investigation I realized every time it happen the enemies would just wonder around aimlessly.

Graphics(GOW)- The graphics are at their best, before opening the game up I looked on the back of the cover and it said “moves at 60 frames per second” and thought nothing of it. I began to play and realize that the game was not only smooth, but at times you can tell it was moving faster then usual. After playing the ps2 version again I noticed the difference in gameplay and graphics.

Enjoyment(GOW)- God of War has an excellent storyline, great puzzles, and is a solid beat them up kind of game. The enjoyment is extremely high and I don't see many other games being so creative.

Sounds(GOW)- Besides the sounds of chains whipping and sirens calling you will also hear a kinda war music playing at just the right moments giving this game the kinda Greek like feeling it was aiming for.

Replay Value(GOW)- Kinda low once you beat it on every difficulty, you just want to play the next one.

Buy or Rent?(GOW)- I am going to say buy. Lets just say there is a reason this game is the Playstation's mascot.

Verdict(GOW)- 9.0 out of 10.

Story(GOWII)- The Story Follows directly after the first game yet again you play as Kratos. To not give anything away I will simply say nothing more about this story.
Gameplay(GOWII)- The same as the first one with a few changes. The action button has been moved from R2 to R1 and you no longer need to tap R2 like a mad man to open cage doors; it is now tap R1 then O like a mad man. I found this to be useless, but it doesn't really hurt the gameplay because now R2 is weapons in the last one you had to tap R1 and L1 at the same time to change weapons, so the one button system is nice. Besides some new enemies and puzzles it is the same game with different weapons.

Graphics(GOWII)- The graphics had a huge bump up since the game did so well Playstation had many new people working with the people who worked on the first so the graphics look really good.

Enjoyment- About the same as the first nothing new besides the things I said before.

Sounds(GOWII)- The music is different, but still keeps the Greek like feel to the game.

Replay Value- Is the same as the first very low, but still fun for a while.

Buy or Rent?- Buy it if you want a great game and loved the first.

Verdict- 9.0 out of 10.

VERDICT FOR BOTH- 9.0 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/20/10

Game Release: God of War Collection (Greatest Hits) (US, 04/30/10)

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