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Reviewed: 02/28/11

Simply Put, Two Great Games in One Package

The first two God of War games, initially made for the Playstation 2, now in HD, and both of them on a single disc. There isn't a whole lot more that can be asked for. These two games are a huge reason why the God of War trilogy has been such a successful series. To put it very simply, this package is the first two games of the God of War trilogy. To find my thoughts on them simply read on.

God of War (the game) is an excellent way to start the series. It's a fairly simple in comparison to the other games in the series. It does a great job setting the table for the rest of the series as well. As I was saying first though, the controls are fairly simple, very easy to use. The only drawback from that is that some of the more intricate parts of the games that you would see later in the series were not a part of this game. That really is not a huge drawback, at least for myself, since I played the games in order and didn't even know that the other things that you are able to do later in the series even existed.

With that though, while I do not know this for sure, but I do feel like the games replay value when you have the rest of the games would not be the greatest. However, like I said, that isn't something that I can say for sure, so in the scoring of the package I'm not going to include that, but felt that it was worth mentioning.

As for the actual game itself, it starts off seeming like it is going to be a button masher slasher game and not much more. As you go along the story very slowly begins to develop. For a first game in a trilogy it is done almost perfectly. You start off watching Aries attacking the people and eventually work your way around and out and to Pandora's Box. I would go further into details, but I am very cautious abut throwing spoilers in there (as usual with my reviews). Either way, the game does a good job at taking Greek mythology and not trying to totally recreate it, but basing the game heavily on it. By the end of the game the story has developed to the point of where I could not wait to get into God of War 2.

God of War 2 is an excellent next step for the God of War series. I loved the opening scene with the whole thing with the Colossus of Rhodes. It is where the series becomes more dynamic. There was no point during this game where I felt like I was just playing some slasher. This is the game where you had flying parts for the first time, the Icarus Wings made their debut, the only game where you are able to stop time in the series, and of course we cannot forget about the grappling that is such a big part of this game and the series as a whole.

The one gripe I have about this game is that I felt like the story got really stale. Really, after about the first 15% of the game or so and until the last 15% of the game (again, these are mostly estimations) the story just really didn't seem to go anywhere. Of course, it's not a terrible thing at all when you really don't realize it until you're about two thirds of the way through the game. So while it's a legitimate complaint, it really is not a complaint that makes a huge difference. Also, with the end of the game it more than makes up for the lull in the story. It makes me happy that I waited until I had all three games to play this one, because I don't know if I would have been able to wait for the third game in the series.

While this game was where the more advanced controls started (that's a relative statement), it put them into play gradually. There was never a part where controls became at all difficult outside of occasionally getting a short timeframe to hit a button during a scene.

The God of War series is one of the better series of games that I have ever played, and getting to see the game that was an excellent starter to the series and the game that took an almost perfect next step. The first game was an excellent introduction to the series while the second made great leaps in gameplay while also leaving you with a cliffhanger ending. This was an excellent release and a great way to hold over many fans of the series while they waited for the third game to come out.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: God of War Collection (US, 11/17/09)

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