How do I beat the final stage of Giant Eggman Robo!?

  1. Pretty straight forward, the last boss is the same as Sonic 2's Giant Eggman Robo. Problem is, when you hit him enough, it starts malfunctioning, covering itself in electricity that makes it INVINCIBLE! I get that you use the hands he fires at you for something but HOW THE HELL DO I HIT IT?!

    User Info: onemanarmy9

    onemanarmy9 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Spin jump on the hand three times, then it will fly at robot, stunning him. Now it's your chance - attack him with normal spin jumping and homing attacks before the hand flies back into the place. He'll get electrified again and you must wait when he shoots the hand again. Repeat the steps described above about 3 times, you should give around 10-12 hits at the enemy.
    For the last time, he'll fly around to break on you. When he falls on the ground, he'll then be vunlerable and you can do the final hits to beat the final boss!

    User Info: romeo777

    romeo777 - 6 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Home Attack his hand and it will hit it, knocking it over, vunerable.

    User Info: Chickenfries24

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  2. After he starts to malfunction, run to the far left side of the room. When he comes running, spin dash under his feet when both are off the ground. dodge the stomp, and run far off to the left again he'll launch a hand, and it will spiral up into the air. After a while, the hand will fall exactly where you are standing. Let it hit the ground, and then bounce on it three times. It will fly over to the robot and knock it over, also getting rid of the electricity. Hit it a few times (4 is about right. 3 jumps, and a homing after the third.) About this time, he'll also start to shoot crazy lasers and other things at you. Just remember that the slow lasers shoot for where you where when they were fired (so if you suspect he's about to fire some off, jump to make them go over head. The sweeping floor laser WILL NOT hit you. The shockwaves/explosions it leaves behind do. Just repeat the thing with the hand until he readies a jump attack and the aiming cursor wildly flies back and forth. Get one final attack off on him to kill him BEFORE he hits the ground, or else the floor is destroyed and you die. Hope that helps!

    User Info: FreakyGandPolly

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