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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kliqIMB

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    	  	              Preface (PRF)
    A kliqIMB Guide | Copyright June 29th, 2011 | Version 1.0 - Complete!
    Contatct: kliqIMBGameFAQs@hotmail.com
    This guide was written explicitly for use on GameFAQs. If you are interested
    in having it hosted on your website, please contact me via the message board
    PM system or through telekenetic powers, whichever is more applicable to you.
                             Table of Contents (TOC)
    0a) Preface............................................................(PRF)
    0b) Table of Contents..................................................(TOC)
    1a) Introduction.......................................................(INT)
    1b) Controls...........................................................(CNT)
    1c) Main Characters....................................................(MNC)
    2a) Part 1: Shun Akiyama...............................................(PSA)
        2ai) Chapter 1: The Mysterious Loan Shark..........................(SA1)
        2ai) Chapter 2: The One............................................(SA2)
        2ai) Chapter 3: Trouble in the Tojo Clan...........................(SA3)
        2ai) Chapter 4: The Promise........................................(SA4)
    2b) Part 2: Taiga Saejima..............................................(PTS)
        2bi) Chapter 1: Flight for the Truth...............................(TS1)
        2bi) Chapter 2: The Tiger and the Dragon...........................(TS2)
        2bi) Chapter 3: The 25-Year Blank..................................(TS3)
        2bi) Chapter 4: Oath of Brotherhood................................(TS4)
    2c) Part 3: Masayoshi Tanimura.........................................(PMT)
        2ci) Chapter 1: The Parasite of Kamurocho..........................(MT1)
        2ci) Chapter 2: The Mastermind.....................................(MT2)
        2ci) Chapter 3: Door to the Truth..................................(MT3)
        2ci) Chapter 4: As a Detective.....................................(MT4)
    2d) Part 4: Kazuma Kiryu...............................................(PKK)
        2di) Chapter 1: Reunion............................................(KK1)
        2di) Chapter 2: To Kamurocho.......................................(KK2)
        2di) Chapter 3: The Encounter......................................(KK3)
        2di) Chapter 4: Chain of Betrayals.................................(KK4)
    2e) Finale: Requiem....................................................(FIN)
    3)  Closing Comments...................................................(CLC)
                               Introduction (INT)
    Hello, and welcome to kliqIMB's guide for Yakuza 4 a game for all of you 
    wea-- I mean otak-- I mean... Japanese Culture Enthusiasts out there. (Myself
    included). A great series with rich story telling and enough side quests to
    make any one's head spin, Yakuza weaves the tale of four different men trying
    to survive the Japanese underworld. So without further ado, here's the guide!
                                Controls (CNT)
    (Taken directly from the game manual)
    L2 - Reset Camera
    L1 - Guard
    Up Button - Weapon
    Down Button - Fists
    Left Button - Weapon
    Right Button - Weapon
    Left Stick - Walk / Run
    R2 - Taunt
    R1 - Fighting Stance
    Right Stick - Camera
    X-Button - Dodge / Quickstep
    Square Button - Attack (Rush Combos)
    Triangle Button - Kicks / Finishing Blow
    Circle Button - Grab / Pick Up Weapon / Throw
                               Main Characters (MNC)
    (Taken directly from the game manual)
    Kazuma Kiryu:
    The legendary ex-yakuza of Kamurocho and the Fourth Chairman of 
    the Tojo Clan.  One year ago, he was embroiled in the infamous 
    Okinawa resort deal incident. He resolved the matter to protect the 
    locals, but was seriously injured in the process. Although his wounds 
    were not fatal, he was forced into a long period of recuperation. Now 
    in 2010, he is living happily in Okinawa with Haruka after a full recovery.
    Shun Akiyama:
    Akiyama manages a company called Sky Finance, located in a building 
    off of Tenkaichi Street. Commonly known as "the Lifeline of 
    Kamurocho", Sky Finance is famous for loaning money to those who 
    have been turned down by other loan sharks. Rumor has it prospective 
    clients must take a special test as part of the "loan terms" before they 
    can receive a loan.
    Taiga Saejima:
    A former junior leader of the Tojo Clan's Sasai Family and the 
    perpetrator of the "Yoshiharu Ueno Hit" of April 1985. During this 
    famous incident, 18 members of the Ueno Seiwa yakuza clan were 
    killed in Tokyo and Saejima receive the death penalty. As of 2010, he 
    has spent 25 years in the Tokyo Penitentiary, awaiting his execution 
    Masayoshi Tanimura:
    A detective in the Community Safety Division of the Tokyo 
    Metropolitan Police Department, Tanimura is known as the "Parasite 
    of Kamurocho". He frequents Kamurocho's many red-light 
    establishments to receive bribes in exchange for turning a blind eye 
    towards their illegal activities. However, Tanimura does not tolerate 
    Japanese business owners who profit from exploiting illegal aliens.
                           Part 1: Shun Akiyama (PSA)
                    Chapter 1: The Mysterious Loan Shark (SA1)
    Okay here we go, Yakuza 4 HO! After the initial cut scene showing 
    Akiyama (I'll be using their last names throughout most of the guide) 
    talking to an unknown female, Hana. It appears it's collection day, and 
    after you gain control of your character he prompts you to go to the 
    Hotel district first, so let's do just that. Head north towards your way 
    point marker and you'll be stopped by a Mysterious Old Man for a 
    Memo and 500 experience points. (Memos are a way for you to 
    basically learn information about the game and earn experience for 
    doing so, pretty nifty I must say. So always talk to the people with blue 
    triangles over their heads as this indicates memos.) As you head north 
    to your destination make sure to interact with all the people with 
    green triangles as well, it's not really "necessary" but they give you 
    some tips and it's always good in talk to as many people as you can in an
    RPG. Gives you more ambience and atmosphere, gnome sayin? On your 
    way to the Hotel District you'll be stopped by some loan shark street 
    thugs on Theatre Ave. It's a little tutorial battle, so make sure to pay 
    attention. It'll nab you a level up through the various challenges if you 
    complete them all.
    BATTLE: Your first objective is just to learn a simple "combo". Basically, 
    land ten hits with Square and you'll be good to go. Next you'll learn 
    how to follow up your light attacks (Square) with a heavy hit (Triangle). 
    Do this several times to complete the challenge. Third, you'll learn 
    about grab attacks. Use Circle to grab your opponent and then press 
    any other attack button to send your opponent flying. Finally, it'll show 
    you how to grab weapons with Circle and beat the shit out of your 
    enemies using the other attack buttons.
    After defeating the punks and learning the ropes of fighting, make 
    sure you spend your soul points to learn some new abilities before 
    heading toward your objective.  A little ways down the road you'll be 
    stopped by Kamiyama, the owner of the weapons shop. He'll tell you 
    to come see him if you're ever in need of anything more powerful than 
    your fists. Continuing on after you've grabbed his catalog, you'll 
    approach a convenience store and be sucked into a cut scene. You'll be 
    informed of honestly what seems to be a pretty convoluted turf war 
    going on between the Ueno and Kanemura clans. After a pretty big 
    expository dump that attempts to clue you in on everything, it's suffice 
    to say that there's some brochiefs partying at a bar and they're not 
    supposed to be in their because of (insert odd Japanese reasoning here).
    After Akiyama leaves, Kido will inform the random unnamed new guy about 
    Akiyama's weird business practices. Apparently, you're a modern day 
    Japanese Robin Hood. When the cut scene comes to a close you'll be 
    prompted to head to Club Elnard. Do so and you'll be accosted by the 
    same street punks from last time, and they've brought back up!
    BATTLE: Another tutorial battle, though this time they're a little bit 
    tougher than before. The first challenge is simply holding R1 to enter 
    into fight stance for 5 seconds. It's basically like strafing in a first 
    person shooter, pretty helpful. Next you'll learn to block and to quickstep; 
    both are extremely helpful when fighting. After that it'll prompt you to 
    land enough attacks to fill your HEAT Gauge. Upon filling it up you'll 
    learn how to use your HEAT Gauge. Basically you grab and enemy and 
    take him to a pre-determined spot and press Triangle to unleash a 
    brutal attack or grab a weapon and do the same.
    After besting the street punks once again they promise to never 
    bother you henceforth. When the obligatory, "Oh hey go to Club 
    Elnard in case you forgot," message is over make sure to upgrade your 
    abilities since you should've leveled up. Follow your waypoint to the 
    club where you'll come to find that there's an incident occurring. Upon 
    entering, you see two of the Ueno members boozing it up with some 
    ladies and being pretty obnoxious; you decide to settle things. 
    Showing how much of a badass you are, Akiyama beats one guy over 
    the head with a wine bottle; then he shows his diplomatic side by 
    stating this isn't a turf war or anything; it's a damn bar fight.
    BOSS FIGHT - IHARA: Okay, first boss fight in the game. He's not really 
    that challenging, but he can and will use his HEAT Gauge against you. 
    Utilize the chairs scattered around to your advantage by constantly 
    having a new weapon. Be sure to actually use your guard and dodge 
    moves because if you go in there button mashing on Normal or higher 
    you're going to get dominated. At half health, Ihara will use a HEAT 
    Gauge attack on you; simply follow the on screen prompts to counter 
    it. If you happen to be low on health (or if you're like me and messed 
    up the QTE) grab the health up and use it mid battle. Once he's down 
    to about 3/5ths health a simple HEAT Gauge attack will take him out. 
    You should level up twice at the end of this battle.
    As the fight ends you'll see Arai walk into the club during a cut scene. 
    After some prattle about Arai taking over Kanemura, Ihara will stagger 
    to his feet... WITH A GUN! Arai tries to pull the whole, "Walk slowly 
    towards the guy and grab the gun" technique, but the guys shoots and 
    grazes his side. Exiting the cut scene a short conversation between 
    Akiyama and Arai will occur. Leave the club to be called by Haru, who 
    proceeds to chew you out before telling you there's a scary-man with 
    a gun standing outside your office. (Clearly it's Ihara.) Take a quick 
    second to upgrade your abilities and then head to Sky Finance. (If 
    you're like me, you probably haven't saved up to this point. Since you 
    have a bit of free roaming, I'd save just to be on the safe side.) Once 
    you've hit Sky Finance you'll be treated to another cut scene where 
    Arai shows he can in fact kill people. Akiyama, on the other hand, isn't 
    nearly as lucky as he is "framed" for the murder. This concludes 
    chapter 1. (Also, apparently it asks you to save at the end of the 
    chapter. >_>)
                             Chapter 2: The One (SA2)
    At the start of the second chapter, you'll be greeted to Akiyama 
    sleeping beside a curb, when suddenly an explosion rocks the entire town. 
    Everyone looks up to see a building on fire and money falling from the 
    sky! A dream come true isn't it? Well, that's because it is a dream. 
    Akiyama is released from prison and after a short tete-a-tete with 
    Detective Sugiuchi, who informs you Kanemura is dead and to back 
    away from the gang altogether, you leave the station. Prompted by a 
    call from Haru, she asks you to return to Sky Finance. 
    However, instead of running a straight bee-line for the office, take this 
    time to explore some of the city. The game starts too actually open up 
    at this point and there's tons of things to do. Talk to people, fight thugs 
    on street corners, play mini games, etc. etc. One specific thing to look 
    out for is locker keys, which are designated by glowing lights. They 
    don't really pertain to the story at all, but they always give you pretty 
    cool stuff. So once you're done exploring, I recommend at least 
    spending 20 minutes running around, head to Sky Finance for real this 
    When you arrive at Sky Finance a cut scene will start that holds the 
    single most exceedingly awkward and poorly scripted conversation 
    between Akiyama and a chick (read: she's a whore) asking for 100 
    million yen. (Seriously, her dialog was BAD!) Akiyama informs her that 
    she'll need to pass a test in order to prove her trustworthiness and she 
    agrees to come back tomorrow. Kido also calls during the cut scene to 
    tell you he's been questioned about the death of Kanemura. After Lily 
    (the chick) leaves, Akiyama calls a mystery person and tells them he's 
    hired a new girl. He hangs up and you regain control inside of Sky 
    Finance. SF is a hideout where you can save, switch items around, 
    regain health, and also "reminiscence", which is where you watch info 
    about the previous Yakuza games and the cut scenes from chapters 
    you've already played. It was great for me because this is the first one 
    I've played, plus it'll nab you a bronze trophy for watching them all!
    Once you leave Sky Finance head out towards the alley and you'll 
    receive another call from Kido asking you to meet him on the rooftop 
    of THE red building (because there's only one apparently) next to 
    Theatre Square. As you head towards it you'll get a call from Hana 
    informing you that there's a new customer waiting. (Note: This call 
    from Hana is an optional side-quest. Given the enormity of Yakuza 4, 
    it's always fun to go and do a few side-quests as it expands the world, 
    as well as giving you items and experience. However, for the sake of 
    this guide, I'll only be detailing the main storyline quests.)
    As you head to Theatre Square, again, make sure you try to immerse 
    yourself in the game. None of it is necessary, but all of it is useful for 
    making progression in the game easier. Especially the people with the 
    blue triangles over their heads, 500 experience points a piece is no 
    joke. Once you're in the Square follow your waypoint marker to the 
    back of the building and interact with the stairs to trigger a cut scene. 
    Kido tells you of how he found Kanemura dead in the office and that 
    the police think a woman did it. As Akiyama is discussing the finer 
    points of femme fatal, a group of Shibata goons attack you.
    BATTLE: The first thing to notice is that this is your first real battle 
    against a big group of enemies all of whom are complete pushovers. 
    However, use their numbers to your advantage by stringing them 
    together in combo hits or using your heavy hitting finisher to knock 
    down a few of them at a time. The two you should be most wary of are 
    the ones with actual weapons. Take them out first to make your job a 
    lot easier. Depending on how many blue triangles you've talked to, 
    you'll probably level up during or after this fight.
    Once you dispatched the goons, they'll tell you that they've already 
    sent another group to Sky Finance. As you start to head there the cops 
    show up with Sugiuchi in tow and proceed to chase you.
    CHASE: Okay your first chase scene! It's a pretty easy one and the 
    game constantly stops to tell give you helpful hints. Pretty much just follow
    the red line to your destination, in this case Sky Finance, while avoiding 
    the police. Your chase gauge will slowly deplete as you run and if it 
    completely runs out, you'll have to start the chase over. Quick turns 
    (tilting the left stick while holding R1) aren't essential in this scene, but
    they will be later on. Also, if the cops are nearing in, use Triangle to 
    execute a HEAT move on them. Be warned though HEAT moves can 
    only be used once per chase and should only be utilized as a last 
    desperate resort. 
    Once you've bested the cops, you'll land on top of Sky Finance and a 
    cut scene will start. Watch as you see the results of Hana whoopin' 
    some serious ass and the chapter will come to a close.
                     Chapter 3: Trouble in the Tojo Clan (SA3)
    Chapter three begins with Akiyama and Kido chatting it up like bros in 
    the bathroom about Sugiuchi and his obsession with Arai. Little do they 
    know... he was listening the whole time! Exiting the cut scene Akiyama 
    feels like it'd be okay to take a walk around the city, but he notices 
    some street punks threatening to rape a young girl and decides to play 
    BATTLE: A short and sweet two on one battle. They're slightly more 
    aggressive (read: actually attack you) than most of the enemies you've 
    fought thus far, but they're pretty much pushovers. Just keep a steady 
    combo going and it'll be a cake walk.
    After the would be assaulters scurry off, Akiyama is approached by a 
    buff military man that informs him he runs an operation in the city. An 
    operation, he claims, AGAINST PEACE! That's right, Mr. Testosterone 
    claims everyone is  way too peaceful in Japan and needs to be more 
    alert. Right as he's saying this the absolute slowest robbery in history 
    occurs (legit, it takes real time 10 seconds) and Akiyama begins his 
    chase after the pickpocket. 
    CHASE: Your first chase mission where you are the one doing the 
    chasing. It's fairly simple. Follow the on screen prompts and you'll have 
    him weakened in no time. Square tackles the fleeing target; you can 
    pick up debris and other weapons with Circle and throw them at him. 
    Basically, you want to wear him down before you run out of stamina. 
    One good thing to always do though is never follow the target in a 
    direct path. Always cut corners, or hurdle obstacles as that will allow 
    you to get closer to your target easier allowing you to tackle him 
    multiples times in a row without much running.
    Once you've caught the thief, you return to Saigo (the military man) 
    who asks to follow him to the roof. Up there he tells you of your 
    "latent abilities" and you unlock the ability Dash Kick. Once he's 
    finished blabbering about inconsequential nonsense you're free to go, 
    or to stay and train under him. Each character will have a specific 
    trainer like this that will teach them special skills, raise their stats, and
    give different sub stories that will lead to great rewards. Again, like 
    most of this game, it's totally optional; but the rewards you reap are 
    genuinely useful most of the time, so I recommend coming back 
    occasionally just to unlock some extra abilities. Also, just as a bonus to 
    you, there's a locker key on the roof for the Underground Mall locker.
    Regardless of if you trained or not, your next main destination is back 
    to Sky Finance. (This was great for me, because I chose combat training 
    and the guy had a freaking machine gun! Also, small side note, if you 
    want to ease the pain of finding locker keys; talk to the guy beside the 
    locker on Taihei Blvd. He'll give you 500 experience and a locker radar!) 
    Upon returning to the hideout, Akiyama will see some cops guarding 
    the entrance and Detective Sugiuchi waiting for him inside. Sugiuchi 
    tells you that you're offices are now under 24-hour surveillance 
    because, and I quote from the game, "shit's about to hit the fan". 
    Enter cut scene! You'll see Diago Dojima (a regular of the Yakuza series) 
    attempting to absolve the fight between Tojo and Ueno by offering 
    their lieutenant Katsuragi a very large sum of money (and a finger 
    o_O). Katsuragi whips out some very convoluted Japanese logic (I feel I 
    should say here that the previous statement was a joke referencing 
    Yahtzee's review of this game. It was in no way a meant as a racial 
    slander) and basically says, "Oh I understand that we should just 
    sweep this incident under the rug, but all my underlings are pretty much
    going to wreck your shit." So Katsuragi pulls out the ultimatum card: 
    either Ueno gets some ridiculously profitable land or Arai's head. If 
    neither condition can be met, then Tojo should expect trouble.
    Exiting the cut scene, Sugiuchi leaves as Lily enters. Akiyama proves 
    once again just how sly of bastard he really is by telling Lily the first 
    part of his test for her is to go on a date with him. (If only that worked
    in real life, amirite?) She agrees and you're met with a slew of way point 
    markers on your map. It doesn't really matter which store you go to 
    first, but know that the only two that really matter are Le Marche for 
    your accessories and Milestone for the dress. Milestone's 
    underground mall entrance is closest so let's head there.
    As you walk underground to your waypoint, make sure to check out 
    the chick standing next to the other set of lockers for another 500 
    experience points. Once you're in front of Milestone, talk to the lady 
    outside and buy either of the dresses for Lily. I personally chose the 
    halter-neck. Now let's head to La Marche. Same deal here, choose 
    between either a sexy necklace or an elegant one. Once you've 
    selected, Akiyama will tell Lily to go have her hair and make-up done 
    and meet him at Elise when she's finished. (In case you can't tell you're 
    turning her into a hostess). This gives you some time to blow running 
    around the city doing whatever. When you've finished, follow your 
    waypoint marker to Club Elise.
    When you reach Club Elise, you'll catch a semi-crazy stalker man 
    standing outside that's part of the hilariously named side quest, Pimp 
    My Otaku. Anyways, head into the elevator and interact with it to be 
    warped into the club itself where Lily will be waiting for you. Now it's 
    time to play dress-up... I mean... no, I definitely mean dress-up. The 
    hostess mini-game is basically dress up virtual girls and drool over 
    them. (Not a bad idea, I must admit) For now though don't worry with 
    all the figures appearing on the screen, just put Lily in the clothes you 
    purchased and enjoy yourself a cut scene of Akiyama's smooth lines 
    and some actual life out of Lily for once. 
    Akiyama will end by asking Lily out on another date, and she agrees to 
    meet up after business hours. Here you'll be given another chance to 
    take a break and do stuff around the city (in case you haven't noticed 
    by now Yakuza 4 is really intensive on side-quests, mini-games, and 
    really just experiencing the game as a whole). Once you've had your fill 
    of Kamurocho head towards your way point marker to meet Lily. 
    Before the arranged time you'll get a call from an employee at Club 
    Elise who will inform you Lily managed to make 500K her first day. 
    Impressive. Akiyama will chat up Lily some more before she decides 
    she wants to go to the Champion District.
    Follow your way point over there, don't worry about Lily falling far 
    behind or her constant exclamation of "wait for me!", and you'll end 
    up on a roof. Akiyama and Lily discuss the finer points of money and 
    happiness and man's every present struggle for gain; you know typical 
    first date conversation material, when Akiyama decides to plant the 
    most unrealistic looking kiss on her I've ever seen. The ecstasy is short 
    lived however, as a group of Shibata hit-men jump you.
    BATTLE: Not exactly a tough battle, but there are definitely two things 
    you should watch out for. First, the guy in the very front has a sword. 
    Second, don't worry about him because the guy behind him has a 
    fucking gun. So rush past the would be samurai and beat up on the gun 
    wielder. These enemies are a bit strong than previous fights so don't 
    expect to take them out in two or three combo strings. Make sure you 
    dodge though because if the pistol-fiend gets a chance those bullets 
    do pretty decent damage. After you've taken care of him though, the 
    rest is really easy. As I said, the bullets do great damage so take out the 
    rest of the group from afar using Triangle to shoot. Anyone that's still 
    left over should be weak enough to die from a combo or two. At the 
    end, you should be close to or already leveled up to seven.
    Once you've disposed of the goons, Akiyama and Lily will run to a park 
    before ending their date for the night and bringing a close to chapter 
                           Chapter 4: The Promise (SA4)
    Chapter four appropriately starts off with Akiyama telling Kido about 
    his past and his connection to Arai. Framed for embezzlement, 
    Akiyama went reverse rags to riches until the Millennium Tower 
    explosion (from the original Yakuza game, referenced earlier by 
    dream) gave him a million yen. However, Akiyama was homeless, and 
    so some street thugs attempt to kill him and steal it; there he was 
    saved by Arai. Following the cut scene, Hana will demand you go collect 
    some debts in Champion Avenue, but the manager of Elise calls and 
    suggests you give Lily some pointers. Obviously, you'll shirk work 
    duties and go help out Lily.
    As you head toward Club Elise, you'll get a text about some foreign 
    currency nonsense, don't worry about it though as it's another sub 
    story. Follow your waypoint marker to the club, but before entering 
    talk to the young man standing outside. This'll start you a Sub Story 
    called Art of Scouting. Now I know I said I wouldn't detail any side 
    quests, but this one is super easy and once you see the reward you 
    might decide to go try a few more. Basically this punk thinks you don't 
    still have your pick-up skills (obviously not true seeing as how easily 
    Akiyama scored Lily), and gives you five minutes to score three girls. All 
    you have to do is run up and down the street and talk to the girls with 
    green arrows over their heads. Some will refuse you, some will have 
    people fight you, others will accept your offer, and other's still will 
    require you to ask the correct question to get them on your side. 
    (ProTip: Use the second option both times). I finished with almost two 
    minutes to spare, and received 5,000 experience. Yes, you read that 
    correctly: five thousand experience. At this juncture, if you feel like 
    going and doing a few more Sub Stories: feel free. I don't think Lily will 
    mind the wait. ;)
    When you're finished with a romp around Kamurocho, head back to 
    Club Elise and head up. When you arrive at the top the manager will 
    give you 100,000 yen to use as funds for the exciting (not really) 
    hostess mini-game. Basically, it's dress up. You pick outfits, hair, and 
    makeup, even down to the eyebrows on a girl and then send her out 
    to chat up some gentlemen and make some cash. It's like a strip club, 
    but with the most vital part of those missing: stripping. Honestly, I 
    saved and reload a bunch of times because I wasn't sure what the 
    customers wanted, luckily for you I now do so you can breeze through 
    this. Keep the same clothes Lily already had on (the dress and necklace 
    you bought for her) and go out to the customers. If Lily ends up sitting 
    at the center of the bar, (which she will because the customers 
    wanted a conservative looking girl tonight) that means she's doing 
    well. If Lily ends up by herself in the corner, (like she did for me several 
    times) that means you're doing it wrong. In the mini-game you're given 
    three rounds to talk to the customers, but don't worry with all that 
    nonsense this time. Just keep the dress and necklace on her and send 
    her out.
    Once you've made your three rounds, Akiyama will leave Club Elise and 
    say he needs to head to that Marimba place in Champion District to 
    pick up the debt. Follow your way point marker there. (It's actually a 
    little difficult to find, just circle around the Champion District and you'll
    find in nestled in the corner). When you arrive the door will be locked 
    and as you're walking away you see the Drama Queen, the bar that Lily 
    said she worked out. Turns out... it's a tranny bar. As in transvestite, as 
    in my first thought was, "Oh God she's got a dick and that's why she 
    needs 100 million yen". After being hit on by a cross-dresser, Akiyama 
    will enter the Drama Queen only to find the manager dead in the back 
    room. Investigate the crime scene to see the same lighters Lily used on 
    your date (with one conspicuously missing) and a Shibata family pin on 
    the coat lying next to the dead guy. At his juncture it's not looking very 
    good or anyone involved.
    Head back to Sky Finance and instantly notice the lack of guards 
    outside your place. Wtf happened to your protection detail? Akiyama 
    is oblivious to this however, and walks in on a barely conscious Hana 
    and wrecked office. Rushing to Hana, she stirs and begins to recount 
    what happened. Apparently, some goons from the Hatsushiba Clan 
    (oh man, yet another one to keep up with) pistol whipped her and 
    Kido was kidnapped along with the client registry. 
    As you leave Sky Finance to look for the thieves, you'll come across the 
    most hilariously out of place black guy I've ever seen in a video game. 
    Akiyama attempts to question him (Mack), but apparently all he says is 
    "YES!" (read: he wants you to go super stalker creep pedophile and 
    take "Revelation" pictures). Across the way Mack spies a girl crying out 
    for help and wants you to snap a picture of the "decisive moment" In 
    essence, Revelations are certain events around the city that enable 
    you to learn new techniques. First you must press R3 to go to first-
    person mode, and then press X to start the cut scene. During the cut 
    scene (this one being THE weirdest fucking thing I've seen in a while; 
    seriously, you'll be all o___O during the entire thing) you'll have a 
    sequence of three different QTEs you must press. Get them all correct, 
    answer the question at the end correctly (it's the first selection in this 
    case), and you'll get the new technique: Essence of Triple Attack. Be on 
    the lookout for more picture opportunities that Mack sends you as the 
    techniques they unlock are SUPER helpful.
    After you finish voyeur shooting super pantsu man, Mack will tell you 
    that he saw Midorikawa heading down Tenkaichi Street. Follow the 
    street towards the Theatre District, talking to people along the way to 
    gain info about the people you're pursuing. Eventually you'll be 
    directed towards a group of thugs hanging out under the Tower Battle 
    sign, go talk to them and initiate a fight with the loan shark you beat up 
    earlier in the game.
    BATTLE: Another battle where you're vastly outnumbered, but again 
    it's pretty simple. Either spread them out one by one and slowly wear 
    them down, or be a bit more ballsy and try to group two together so 
    your combo's hit both of them. One weapon you'll want to utilize is the 
    bowling ball lying around. It's only four hits but that piece does massive 
    Once you've finished them off, they'll tip you off that the thugs took 
    Kido down the stairs next to the lockers. Use your map (if you don't 
    already know where it is) to locate the locker emblem and head 
    towards it. Go past the lockers, down a long hallway, and then head 
    downstairs. You'll see some homeless guys blocking the entrance to an 
    escalator, talk with them to find out the Hatsushiba guys took Kido 
    down stairs and have locked everyone out. They'll also inform you of 
    an elevator in the back of Millennium Tower that you can take to get to 
    where you need to go. Head back up above ground and follow your 
    way point marker there. Head underground and head to the left in the 
    direction of your marker. You'll go up a set of stairs and through a door. 
    On the other side is a group of thugs.
    BATTLE: This whole area is one big seamless battle, but I'll try and 
    divide them up as best I can. However, one thing to note is that you'll 
    constantly be in the "Battle" mode, meaning you won't be able rest in 
    between fights. This first group of five is fairly easy. Watch out for the 
    two with the knives though. Again, either group them together or 
    string them out. Kill one of the knife wielders first to gain a formidable 
    weapon that can one-hit kill if you use a HEAT action.
    When you've disposed with that group, begin attacking the door to 
    lead you up some stairs. As you head through the door watch out for 
    the QTE as a homeless man tries to bash your brains in with a beer 
    bottle. After a quick reconciliatory conversation the man joins up with 
    you. Head through the door on your left to begin a fight with four 
    more thugs.
    BATTLE: This fight is super easy, especially if you've kept one of the 
    knives from the last fight. Word to the wise though, use the old man to 
    your advantage. He can't take damage, but his attacks will distract 
    people away from you and allow you to gain an advantage. You'll finish 
    this fight by smashing someone through the door to the next room 
    where you'll find four more enemies. Try and let the old man fight the 
    guy with two health bars first so you can take out the small fry without 
    having to worry with him.
    After you've beat up that batch of goons, make sure you pick up a 
    weapon from the hallway to bring into your next fight, which you'll find 
    through the door up and to your right.
    BATTLE: The most difficult battle I've had so far. The space was really 
    confined so it was hard to spread out the enemies. Plus these guys 
    actually dodged, and blocked, and actually acted with a little bit of 
    common sense. Take it from me, don't button mash through this one. 
    Actually utilize quickstep, blocking, and good solid combos. You'll walk 
    away from this one with a whole hell of a lot more health than I did.
    The last guy runs away like a total pansy and locks the door behind him. 
    Old man brawler will tell you his friend (another pansy) used to be a 
    locksmith and should be able to help. Head back through the area you 
    just came from to find his friend hiding behind a garbage can. Now as 
    you're heading back to the door WATCH OUT! Four more yakuza thugs 
    will get the jump on you if you're not careful.
    BATTLE: A semi-easy battle, just take out the bat guy first and use a 
    HEAT action with it on the knife wielder. The other two are really 
    Once you've dealt with them, if you need some health there's a 
    Toughness ZZ laying around one of the garbage bins in the area. Grab 
    that and drink it. Head back to the door and the old man's friend will 
    open it for you. Walk up the stairs and be prepared for a fierce fight.
    BATTLE: If this particular battle taught me anything it was ABUSE HEAT. 
    Until now I had been saving my HEAT actions for really tough 
    opponents that I assumed would be showing their faces. I actually 
    didn't realize you could build it so quickly because I always had mine 
    maxed out. Here you'll need to fight defensively and quickly. There are 
    six guys that all rush at you down the hallway. If you're like me and still 
    had max HEAT, go ahead and waste one of the guys with a weapon 
    HEAT. Build it back up with some quick combos, grapple / grab a 
    weapon, wash, rinse, repeat. Don't let them surround you or you're 
    done for. They will combo you and you WILL get staggered. As for the 
    fat ass at the end of the hallway HOLDING A COUCH, just throw stuff at 
    him till he dies.
    Behind him will be another locked door that the old man's friend will 
    open. Get ready for another battle.
    BATTLE: Three guys in a small room with a long hallway behind me? 
    Time to funnel! My strategy here was lead one guy out into the 
    hallway while the old man grapple with the other, as the last guy was 
    another sofa wielder (never thought I'd say that in a guide). Once 
    you've disposed of the two smaller guys, grab a weapon and HEAT 
    attack the fatty.
    Head through another locked door to meet a crazy Japanese 
    Christopher Lloyd and have another brawl.
    BATTLE: Six people all in a small room, and they've almost all got 
    multiple health bars. This fight is really no joke. Keep plowing away at 
    them, utilizing the old man to the fullest and using HEAT as often as 
    possible. The only real strategy here is don't get hit a lot and don't 
    button mash. It's as simple as that.
    After you finish saving the scientist he'll try to tell you about his 
    machine, but Akiyama will stop him short and tell the old man he's 
    going it alone from here on out. Which means it's about time for a boss 
    battle. (Oh, remember the scientist guy though, he'll be important 
    later on). Head through the final locked door and pick up the 
    Toughness ZZ health item in case you need it, then go through the 
    door to the bosses lair!
    BOSS FIGHT - MIDORIKAWA: A quick little conversation of bravado and 
    Akiyama is ready to fight Midorikawa. It's your first true boss battle 
    (Ihara was like a tutorial boss) and true to most Japanese games: he's 
    got more than one stage. You'll first take him on with him wielding a 
    gun. The basic strategy here is, use quickstep to dodge the bullets, get 
    close, do a short combo, quickstep back to dodge his pistol whip, and 
    then go in for a medium combo. It's tough to get in a solid rotation, but 
    just keep making sure you're dodging the bullets and you can bite one 
    or two pistol whips. A good technique to have for this battle (since you 
    may or may not have leveled up recently) is Quickstep Attack, as you 
    can quickly get into a combo after quick stepping. Once you've 
    defeated his first form, three thugs will come out and fight you. Grab 
    Midorikawa's discarded pistol and make quick work of the thugs, using 
    any of the many other weapons around you if necessary. After you've 
    defeated them, Midorikawa will return WITH A CHAINSAW. Now it's 
    time to play the distance game. Stay away from him as you'll take 
    radiant damage just by being near the chainsaw, also any chain saw 
    hits will floor you instantly. There are two ways to defeat him, use 
    weapons from afar and whenever he charges do a quick combo then 
    quickstep out of the way. I say that like it's ez pz, but this shit was is 
    SUPER ANNOYING. Every hit being a knockdown is ridiculous and his 
    chainsaw has a stupidly large hit detection range. I might just suck at 
    this game, but seriously, this guy was dumb. I wasted way too much 
    health and time on him. Once you've defeated him though (hopefully 
    much faster and easier than I did) you'll get like an entire level's worth 
    of experience, so that's pretty cool.
    The Chairman will then tell you that he did all of this as a favor for 
    Shibata who is looking for Lily. Apparently she's pissed off the wrong 
    clan of people. You'll then return above ground where you can either 
    mess around in the city some more, or head back to Sky Finance. (Also 
    here's my total crackpot theory for how the game was going at this 
    point. Lily is a tranny that doesn't want her secret to be known 
    anymore, she hasn't quite finished the procedure yet and the manager 
    threatened to rat her out if she didn't pay some fee or do (insert 
    some demand here). So instead, Lily kills the manager, who just 
    happens to be connected to Shibata, and asks Akiyama for the loan to 
    get the procedure done and have enough to run away afterwards. The 
    reason she's so uncomfortable around men is because SHE IS ONE!)
    Enter Sky Finance and Akiyama will muse to himself about helping out 
    Lily at Club Elise. So head right back where you just came from and take 
    the elevator up into the club. You'll be sent into the back room where 
    the manager explains (to the owner of the club, mind you) about the 
    finer points of training hostess. Now here's where this mini-game 
    becomes a little more than dress up your Japanese waifu. Basically 
    under the Training option there's three facets of the hostess job you 
    can increase: Conversation, Appearance, and Wit. Depending on what 
    the customers want that particular night is what you'll need to train. 
    This night it's Conversation, so choose Conversation Tips. Notice once 
    you've trained her, Lily's stress level will increase. The more you train, 
    the more stress your hostess will gain. If she gets too stressed out 
    she'll start getting angry with customers. Also, if you train the same 
    facet one too many times she'll get bored and it'll lose its 
    effectiveness. However, absolutely none of this is required for now. Just
    train Lily in Conversation Tips and send her on her way all three times.
    If you want knock yourself out refining this mini-game to your heart's 
    content. Or, continue on with the main story.
    Head once again back to Sky Finance (getting kind of old isn't it), and 
    Akiyama will get a call from the manager of Club Elise saying that Lily 
    made 3.8 million yen. Akiyama tells Lily to meet him at the top of 
    Millennium Tower (great idea since that hasn't been a horrible location 
    for the series /sarcasm). So head on back to EXACTLY where you just 
    were as Millennium Tower is right across the street from Club Elise. 
    Enter the tower through either door, and head down the escalator to 
    find the elevators that'll take you to the roof. Here you'll discover why 
    Akiyama tested Lily the way he did, how he's been betrayed a lot in his 
    life, and that he's just giving the money to Lily without her having to 
    pay it back. It seems things will be good until Akiyama lays the bomb on 
    Lily by asking her why she killed the head of Kanemura and the 
    manager of Drama Queen. Unwilling to answer him, Lily vows to pay 
    pack every dime of the loan and then leaves.
    Coming down from the tower, Akiyama will get a call from Hana saying 
    she'll be released soon. He'll then get a call from the manager of Elise 
    saying that the club is in danger of going under (wtf, didn't you just tell 
    me business was booming an hour ago). Head to Elise for a sub story 
    and go back to Sky Finance (as if there were another place to go) to 
    continue the main story. Entering the office, Akiyama will find Hana 
    looking good as new. However, after he tells her about the loan he just 
    made to Lily, and how he doubts they'll see the money again; Hana 
    CHASE: Go down to the main streets and you'll start a chase sequence. 
    This is super easy; just follow Hana until she stops on the park.
    A small scene will occur with Hana quitting Sky Finance because 
    Akiyama won't let go of the past and doesn't quite see that Hana is 
    totally in love with him. Akiyama tries to stop her, but she's made up 
    her mind. After the scene ends, you'll get a call from the manager of 
    Elise telling you that some Yakuza are at the club asking for Lily and 
    making a ruckus. Before heading over there though, make sure to grab 
    the locker key from the tree in the park. Follow your way point marker 
    over to Club Elise, but make sure to save outside, stock up on health 
    items, and do any side quest stuff because you're about to fight the 
    final boss of part 1.
    BOSS FIGHT - MINAMI: Akiyama will enter the room to hear some 
    very... uh, "unique" singing from a shirtless Yakuza. He tries to reason 
    with them in his joking, witty manner, but Minami won't have any of it. 
    They're here to take Lily back to their boss Majima and "no" isn't in 
    their vocabulary. Minami isn't really all that tough in the beginning. He's 
    super quick and he guards way more than any opponent you've fought 
    before though, so be wary and take your time with this fight. Go in 
    land a quick light combo, quickstep back and run to the far side of the 
    little arena. His combos always move him forward so quickstepping out 
    of the way of those is a prime opportunity to land a quick counter-
    combo. Don't try to combo too much though, because generally he'll 
    block after about 2-3 hits, unless it's from behind. If you came in with 
    full HEAT like I did, grapple him quickly and let off a HEAT action on one 
    of the tables. You only have about 1.5 seconds to do it though, so try to 
    grapple him near one. Every so often when he takes damage, Minami 
    will begin pull out a beer and start chugging. ATTACK HIM! His fighting 
    style is based on his inebriation so the longer he drinks, the stronger 
    he gets. Once he was at about half health, Minami did one of those 
    HEAT QTEs that allow you to counter for massive damage. Just be on 
    the lookout for it because the time to press the buttons is relatively 
    fast. After this QTE is when things started getting insane, and why I put 
    "in the beginning" at the start of this paragraph. He's super quick, his 
    first hit stuns you, you can no longer grapple; it's just completely nuts. 
    Keep up the dodging and quickstepping always keep your distance 
    from him and wait to attack him from behind. Don't be conservative 
    with those health items either, using a Toughness or Staminan sooner 
    rather than later can be all the difference now. Eventually, he'll calm 
    down and get out of SUPER INVINCILBLE HEAT MODE and go back to 
    his normal semi-easy self. Try to finish him off before he gains HEAT again
    or this battle will wear you down really quick.
    Once you've finished with Minami, and gained a TON of experience, 
    Goro Majima (head of the Majima family) will appear and ask you 
    where Lily is. Akiyama says she's probably skipped town, but asks why 
    everyone is looking for her and who she really is. Majima tells Akiyama 
    her real name is Yasuko and that he's trying to protect her to make 
    amends for "what happened in '85". Oooohhhhh, super ambiguous 
    statement to end part 1!
                           Part 2: Taiga Saejima (PTS)
    Taiga Saejima's story begins with a eye-patch-less Majima, him, and a 
    younger Lily (now known as Yasuko) all gathered together in an 
    apartment. Things seem like a normal day, until Saejima sends Yasuko 
    (who is purposefully played ambiguously as his girlfriend, but look how 
    much older Saejima looks than her, I'm banking on daughter) out for 
    beer. Turns out that Saejima and Majima are set to kill ten Yakuza from 
    the Ueno family tomorrow. Flash forward to tomorrow and we see 
    Saejima chillin' in his car waiting for Majima to show up. Majima no 
    shows and even though there's way more than ten guys, Saejima puts 
    on his bad ass hat and decides to do it himself. Grabbing all six guns 
    (placing one in his mouth instead of somewhere, I dunno, less idiotic) 
    he heads into the diner and systematically slaughters the lot of them. 
    (I'll pause here to say this is the DUMBEST shooting scene I've ever 
    witnessed. There's a door right behind the boss that no one runs out 
    of. They just sit there and let themselves die at the beginning before 
    rushing him ONE AT A TIME. Plus, apparently two bullets in his back 
    and shoulder don't even faze Saejima more than a disgruntled moan. 
    This could've been an amazing cut scene where he defies all odds and 
    kills them, instead it was just dumb.
                      Chatper 1: Flight for the Truth (TS1)
    Chapter 1 of Saejima's tale formally begins with some scrolling text 
    detailing that he was sentenced to death row for the slaughter and 
    that now he's suddenly being transported. He's also apparently only 
    20, so that throws out my daughter theory. After being escorted to 
    your new cell, Saejima will find himself in the cafeteria where he gets 
    accosted by several members of the Ueno clan all of whom just 
    happen to have knives... in a prison... wtf? (Even though they're plastic 
    harden killers aren't given those). 
    BATTLE: Okay so right off the bat I'll tell you this first challenge is dumb 
    and I completely failed it the first time. (Only time I've had to retry 
    anything in this game so far). The way it's described is, "Hold down 
    Triangle while attacking unarmed Square to execute a charged attack." 
    Which to me says, hold Triangle as you mash Square. Wrong. It means 
    do a three-hit Square combo, then hold Triangle at the end of it to do 
    the charge attack. I blame it on the localization team. So do that five 
    times to grab 1K experience, which will level you up. I paused mid-
    battle to get myself some more skills. Finish off the remaining few 
    weak enemies, whose knives mysteriously disappeared in battle.
    Once you're done with the fight the guards show up and take Saejima 
    off to be beaten by some psychotic guard named Saito. The prison 
    warden (I assume) shows up and has Saito stop... so the inmate that 
    bribed him can have his turn. OR NOT! Hamazaki, the inmate, is a 
    fellow Tojo member that informs you of how things go down around 
    Okinawa Penitentiary Number 2 and asks for your help with 
    something. Supposedly your hit did jack shit back in '85 (as evidenced 
    by the Ueno stuff that happened in Part 1) and your boss, Sasai, 
    stepped down and disappeared. Then in a twist typical for the Yakuza 
    series, Hamazaki informs you that Majima wasn't ever going to show 
    up for the hit; that that was the plan all along.
    Back outside, Hamazaki will detail to Saejima tonight's escape plan. 
    However, before anything can happen he needs you to get some 
    materials to make a grappling hook. Head over to where your waypoint 
    marker is and talk to the fat guy next to the save point. He'll tell you he 
    can make the grappling hook but you're going to need some materials. 
    First, we need to find a chain. Approach the three inmates standing 
    next to the work out equipment. Talk to all three of them and you'll 
    get into a brawl.
    BATTLE: Dispose of them quickly before the guards catch you fighting. 
    They aren't anything to be worried about, just use your charge attack 
    and you'll be good to go.
    Once you've disposed of them they'll give Saejima the chain he needs. 
    Head back to the fat weapon-smith and he'll tell you he now needs a 
    "fork-like object" or a farm tool (read: hoe). Go talk to the guys next to 
    the bleachers who were on farm duty, they'll agree to give you the 
    tool if you can nab them a cigarette. In order to get a cigarette, talk to 
    the guy standing under the basketball hoop and then head back to the 
    farmers. They'll of course need a lighter, sending you on another fetch 
    quest, so talk to the guard below the save point and he'll let you out 
    into the exterior area. Go left to the dead end and you'll find the 
    lighter. Head back to the farmers for one last talk.
    BATTLE: He did only say he'd think about it. Derp. Lay a quick beating 
    on them and get the hoe.
    With hoe in hand (innuendos, innuendos everywhere), head back to 
    the fat guy and he'll make you the grappling hook. Talk to Hamazaki 
    again, who'll tell you to hide the grappling hook. Follow your waypoint 
    maker and put it under the man hole. With everything set, it's time to 
    start the escape! Everything goes according to keikaku (TL Note: 
    Keikaku means plan); Hamazaki slips by garbed in guards clothes and 
    Saejima gets to fight five guards with batons. Hmm, seems a little one-
    BATTLE: So from here on out the entire chapter gets a little more 
    difficult than previously. Since they're kind of throwing you to the 
    wolves here with fight after fight after fight, being low level and sparse 
    health items; you'll need to fight intelligently and make sure not to get 
    hit too much. At the start of this battle, turn around and grab the 
    Toughness ZZ health item. Then begin to work on the weaker guards, 
    dodging Saito's lunge attacks along the way. Once you've dealt with 
    the others, then head in for Saito himself, as he's the hardest hitting 
    and has the highest health. You should have a HEAT action built up now 
    though, so release a charge attack on Saito to put him on the ground in 
    prime position for HEAT.
    After defeating the guards and claiming the keys, you'll get into 
    another fight as you head to the director's office.
    BATTLE: These guys are about as tough as the other guards you just 
    fought, but one of them has a wooden sword. Knock him to the 
    ground, and then make quick work of the other two, to build up HEAT. 
    Knock him down again and use HEAT. Make sure to grab the HEAT 
    upper item laying on the ground here. Once you've defeated the last 
    enemy, a gate will open and he'll flee. Also, as a side note you should 
    be about to level up to level 4 at this juncture. Remember to spend 
    those ability orbs!
    Run forward after the guard to be caught in a QTE when the gate slams 
    closed. Head towards the stairs, but turn left right before them to grab 
    a Staminan X. Go upstairs and head down the hallway for two more 
    gate QTEs and another QTE for Saito! That one is especially important 
    because I missed it and half my health was gone.
    BATTLE: If you brought the wooden sword with you and you get the 
    QTE, you'll have enough HEAT shortly to utilize it with the sword. 
    Alone, Saito isn't very difficult; just remember that the wooden sword 
    is slightly slower than his baton; so if he gets in close you'll be at a 
    disadvantage. When around 3/4ths of his health is gone, you'll do a 
    FEEL THE HEAT QTE that is pretty brutal and finishes him off giving you 
    an entire levels worth of experience.
    Having felled Saito for a second time, check his motionless body for the 
    card key and use it on the wooden doors in the room. Head down the 
    hallway toward your waypoint marker and enter the Director's Room. 
    Hamazaki isn't finished yet, and two more guards will attack you.
    BATTLE: Two more regular guards. Easy battle, just charge attack one, 
    and then move to the next one. They go down in like 10 seconds.
    Hamazaki finishes, and is inexplicably in yet another different outfit, 
    and you continue your escape to the rooftops. On the roofs, you'll 
    encounter a sniper and Hamazaki will tactfully use Saejima as bait. 
    Whenever the laser is green you're good to go, but the closer it gets to 
    red the closer you are to getting shot. Utilize quickstep when the color 
    is changing to avoid getting filled with holes. Destroy the gate behind 
    you and run into three enemies.
    BATTLE: This battle is tricky only in that you need to watch the sniper's 
    laser constantly to make sure you don't get shot. This means 
    sometimes interrupting your combo to dodge roll away to safety. One 
    of them does have a sword as well, so watch out for that. They're just 
    your garden variety guards though so they should cause too much of a 
    Once you've disposed of them, head up and turn left and they'll be a 
    guard waiting for you.
    BATTLE: Bro-kun is super easy, just make sure he doesn't hit you with 
    his flash bang or you will get shot.
    Destroy the gate behind you to get a Staminan X and then the one in 
    front of you to proceed on the rooftops. A group of guards will come 
    running towards you, but you don't want to fight them now. There's 
    still that sniper and there's very little cover. Instead, run past them and 
    take out the sniper first by running to the next gate and watching as 
    Hamazaki finally does something useful: taking out the sniper.
    BATTLE: Now that that's taken care of, you've got plenty of time to 
    fight the guards without worrying about getting shot. There are two 
    unarmed regular guards, two sword wielders, a grenade thrower, and 
    a new fat standard guard. My strategy was use HEAT on one of the 
    sword guys so I could grab that and make quick work of the rest of the 
    guys. It's a decent strategy, but it does leave you slightly open to 
    grenade attacks. The best thing to definitely remember is spread out 
    the enemies. Though the grenade does affect them as well, it won't 
    ever stun all of them; so you'll be ripe for the picking if you're 
    surrounded. Finish off the battle to advance to level six.
    Destroy the gates you ran to for the sniper scene and head towards 
    your waypoint marker. Go through the door to meet back up with 
    Hamazaki, who somehow ended up behind you, go down the stair 
    cases, and follow the hallway until you're attacked by eight guards.
    BATTLE: Utilize the swords dropped from the guards, both in this fight 
    and the last, and make sure Hamazaki always has a few guards 
    occupied. In this fight, since there's not a grenade thrower, bunching 
    the enemies together can be extremely helpful since your combos and 
    sword swinging will often times connect with more than one foe. After 
    you've defeated the last enemy, make sure to grab a fully charged 
    Go through the doors to reach the prison yard and head to the man 
    hole where you hid the grappling hook for a cut scene where Saejima 
    heroically lets Hamazaki go first and then has to stay behind and fight.
    BOSS FIGHT - SAITO: This isn't really technically a boss fight I don't 
    think, but since he's had multiple "forms" and he's a named character; I'm 
    calling him a boss. The guards surrounding Saito are all armed, but 
    they're the weaker guards for the most part. Take out the pistol 
    wielding one first to have a power weapon to use against Saito. Word 
    of caution though, I wasn't expecting what happened in the next 
    chapter so I used a couple health items in this fight to max out my 
    health. DON'T! You start with full health next chapter and the fight that 
    happens there is BRUTALLY difficult with only one recovery item. Once 
    you've taken out the weakling guards, and only Saito remains, this 
    battle gets significantly easier. Still though, Saito's attacks are stupidly 
    quick (much, much faster than before) and his flopping jump attack 
    thing is an instant knock down. Give him some distance and make sure 
    to utilize HEAT moves if you can keep your meter up. (Note: I say this 
    like it's easy, but this is the first fight I ever had to retry and I had to 
    do it multiple times. HIS ATTACKS ARE FUCKING WAY TOO QUICK!)
    Once you've finally managed to take down Saito, get ready for another 
    incredibly dumb cut scene. Saejima and Hamazaki decide to spend 
    some quality time up on the roof of the prison they've just broken out 
    of. Hamazaki also decides it'll be a great idea to stand and talk, not 
    watching his back, so he gets shot. The scene ends with Hamazaki 
    throwing himself and Saito (whom Saejima had THREE chances to kill 
    earlier) off the prison roof, and Saejima jumping from the chain after 
                    Chatper 2: The Tiger and the Dragon (TS2)
    Watch as Haruka finds Saejima washed up on shore and brings you 
    back to Sunshine Orphanage. In case you didn't watch the 
    reminiscences this place is super important. Kiryu Kazuma, the main 
    protagonist of the Yakuza series owns this place, and Haruka is basically 
    his adopted daughter. So, of course, Saejima decides to put her in a 
    super rape position, but he backs off because that's a little too fucked 
    up, even for Yakuza. Kiryu then shows up and Haruka runs off scared. 
    Kiryu questions Saejima who stupidly lies about his name and past, but 
    Kiryu sees right through him. Saejima begs him for money in order to 
    abet in satiating his revenge, but Kiryu refuses. Saejima and Kiryu 
    vocally buck at each other for a bit, showing off some more 
    testosterone fueled bravado before fighting it out LIKE MEN!
    BOSS FIGHT - KAZUMA KIRYU: Again, not technically a "boss" but it 
    might as well be because this dude is TOUGH. First thing you're going 
    to want to do is go grab the Toughness ZZ sitting at the back of the 
    battle field. This is great for when your health gets low and believe me 
    it WILL get low A LOT; don't be conservative with healing items here as 
    you lose your entire inventory at the start of the next chapter. Kiryu is 
    quick and he attacks in short burst. Go in too brashly, and he'll punish 
    you. Just like the player, he'll gain HEAT as well; gradually going from a 
    blue aura to a red one. Once in the red form, Kiryu will unleash some 
    absolutely devastating attacks. The worst of which is an unblockable 
    HEAT move that does absolutely ridiculous damage. Honestly, the 
    name of the game for the battle is speed and maneuverability. Go in 
    quick, go out quick (that's what she said), and try to wear at him slowly 
    but surely. Another good tip is once, he's gained HEAT try and run 
    around a bit to let it go away so you have longer to attack. It's a waiting 
    game really, but it'll pay off in the end. Once you've got him down to 
    about 1/4th health remaining it'll go into a QTE for you to finish him off.
    You'll now be greeted by a few cut scenes giving some explanation on 
    what's going on. Turns out it was the same Hamazaki that stabbed 
    Kiryu at the end of Yakuza 3 that was in prison (oh wow BIG SURPRISE) 
    with Saejima. Kiryu leaves to "buy some groceries" and tells Haruka to 
    give Saejima "his bags" when he wakes up. Oh Kiryu, you clever 
    bastard you. Saejima does indeed stir from his sleep, and upon seeing 
    the items in the bag, clothes himself and leaves for Tokyo.
                        Chatper 3: The 25-Year Blank (TS3)
    Now that we're back in Kamurocho, this is really your first opportunity 
    to use Saejima to explore. So go out there and get your feet wet. Find 
    some sub-stories, grab some keys, talk to people, do anything and 
    everything you want. Be careful though, Saejima is an escaped convict 
    after all. Any police that spot you will engage you in a chase sequence. 
    They're fairly easy to outrun so it's no big deal, just gets a little 
    annoying after a while. When you're done having your fun with the 
    town though, head to the top right section of the map where your 
    waypoint marker is.
    Once you've reached the alleyway, Saejima will pointedly state that 
    the Sasai family is no longer at this location. (Oh really, I'd never have 
    guessed) Talk to the homeless man sifting through garbage and he'll 
    direct you to the Underground Mall to find a man called Toku. Head 
    south to your new waypoint, conveniently located all the way on the 
    other side of the map, but before you head downstairs, go into the 
    any of the shops nearby and buy some alcohol (it doesn't matter what 
    kind). Now head down to the Underground Mall and talk to the 
    homeless next to the lockers. Toku will tell you he might know 
    something, but some booze would probably jog his memory (good 
    thing we bought some!) Give him the alcohol. He informs you that the 
    Sasai family is no longer in the city and that he has no idea where the 
    boss might be, but he does say it might help to go back to where it all 
    started. At this, Saejima decides to go back to his old apartment.
    Go up and out of the Underground and follow your waypoint marker 
    to the same place Akiyama took Yasuko (Lily). Saejima will come across 
    Kido just as he's finished giving a good ass beating to some Shibata 
    goons. Saejima questions Kido about his yakuza ties, demanding he 
    helps him find Sasai. Kido, in typical fashion, freaks out and runs.
    CHASE: So, you'll need to actually pay attention during this chase 
    scene, as it's more than just following Kido. (I actually failed the first 
    time. >_>) Anyways, at the beginning just make sure to stick close and tackle
    him when possible. Cut corners, hurdle obstacles, don't hit pedestrians; 
    you know the drill. After a bit though, Kido will can a speed boost. 
    Follow him a distance and he'll eventually tire enough to where you 
    can tackle him again. However, once you've done this, he'll change 
    directions completely and haul ass the other way. Don't let this take 
    you by surprise! Keep right on his ass and you'll eventually get him.
    Once you've caught him, Saejima and Kido will exchange horror stories 
    before Kido tells Saejima he may know a guy that can help. Follow Kido 
    back to his hideout (the place where you fought the chainsaw boss in 
    Akiyama's story) and before you go inside grab the key beside the 
    entrance. Once inside, Kido will tell you that the information broker 
    he's heard about generally uses the homeless to help gather intel.
    Now, while you'd think that you need to talk to the homeless people 
    around the hide out to figure out where the info dealer was; this is 
    Yakuza... nothing ever makes sense. Instead these are mostly sub 
    stories that'll of course net you experience and items, but won't help 
    you progress in the storyline. Instead, head up the escalator to be 
    greeted by an older homeless gentlemen that asks you to follow him 
    to save the "Master". You'll see three hooligans accosting another 
    elderly man. Saejima the Strong to the rescue!
    BATTLE: There are three of them. Yup, that's all the pertinent info for 
    this fight. Easy.
    Once you've gotten rid of the street punks, the old man will tell you 
    about how he's been digging down here for 25 years looking for 
    something a Saejima agrees to help him whenever he can (sub story). 
    You'll also now have access to Saejima's Revelations to learn new 
    abilities. Except, instead of Akiyama's camera phone, Saejima has... a 
    wooden chisel... yeah, that'll be really helpful snagging something 
    happening in an instant. Derp. Anyways, now that you've unlocked the 
    sewers you'll have access to even more sub stories and a few new 
    shops. Mess around down there if you'd like, you can get Saejima 
    pretty OP if you do enough sub stories, or just continue the main 
    storyline. Oh also, you'll be standing on a key when you exit the cut 
    scene, so grab that too.
    Head away from the old man's tunnel entrance and follow the path till 
    you see a bridge. Cross it and go to the right. There will be a group of 
    three men at the end, talk to the two huddled in the corner. They'll 
    give you some info about the info dealer, Kage the Florist, and tell you 
    there's a rumor that you can access his headquarters through the 
    bathroom in West Park. Saejima response, and I quote, "Oh West Park, 
    added for emphasis). Are you serious, SEGA and/or localization team? 
    Facepalm. Anyways, follow your new waypoint out of the sewers and 
    up to West Park. Upon entering the bathroom you'll be treated to a 
    hilarious scene where Saejima rips open the stall door with a man 
    taking a dump inside, only to see the locked door behind it and give up 
    with an appropriate, "My bad" to the flabbergasted man.
    With no clues to go on now, Saejima is back at square one. Luckily for 
    you, I'm not. Open up your map and scroll all the way over to the left 
    most section where there's a taxi symbol. Now look to the right and 
    you'll see a yellow square that represents the building, M Store. Head 
    there from your current location and you should see two construction 
    workers standing on the corner in front of a tall black building. Look to 
    your right to see one standing along muttering, "Kage the Florist". Talk 
    to him to gain some info as to where Kage might be. Head toward your 
    waypoint marker in Children's Park where you'll meet a group of street 
    punks standing over the manhole cover.
    BATTLE: Though they have weapons and a few have more than one 
    bar of health, they're all really just pushovers. Grab the trashcans and 
    ashtrays around the park to deal a lot of damage quick, then just pick 
    up the weapons the drop to deal with the rest.
    Once you've finished with that trash, head down the manhole into the 
    sewers. Head right towards your waypoint, making sure to stop and 
    talk to the old man for 500 experience, and you'll eventually reach a 
    ladder that leads you to Purgatory Underground. Saejima turns and 
    goes into a building where Kage (another recurring character from the 
    series) is waiting for him. Turns out Kage knew about Saejima all along. 
    You'll inquire as to the nature of Purgatory and find out Kage built it as 
    a safe house for decadence. When prodded about the location of 
    Sasai, Kage will tell you that he does know, but the info won't come 
    cheap. Saejima of course doesn't have any cash money, but Kage has a 
    different plan. He'll lead you to the Coliseum where he holds gladiator-
    esque deathmatch fights. Save, and leave Purgatory to finish any side 
    quests or grab any items you need. Then talk to Kage again to start 
    your final battle of the chapter. Oh, except choose the third option 
    first to grab 10K. 
    BOSS FIGHT - IVAN IBRAHIMOVIC: Maybe I'm being a little too liberal 
    with the term "boss fight". Meh, whatevs. He's not too terribly difficult 
    as none of his attacks, even HEAT, do all that much damage. He can 
    however, get you in a string of combos that's a little harder to roll out 
    of than most. I came into the fight with a full HEAT, so grappling him 
    and using HEAT against the chamber walls does a good bit of damage. 
    After taking some hits and giving some, Ivan will begin to glow and his 
    attacks will be slightly quicker and slightly strong. Shelling up during 
    these is a good idea, as I never had him break my guard even with a 
    four to five hit combo. Keep at it and eventually he'll revert back to 
    normal. Once you've done enough damage he'll use a HEAT move that 
    can be countered within the QTE; do this to finish off Ivan.
    Defeated, Ivan lies on the ground as Saejima gives the crowd exactly 
    what they need, a good smack in the fucking face WITH WORDS! In all 
    honesty, the cut scene wasn't nearly as cheesy as I thought it was 
    going to be and have some merit of poignancy to it. +1 to Saejima's 
                        Chatper 4: Oath of Brotherhood (TS4)
    After Saejima leaves the ring, Kage pursues after him and declares that 
    the fight in the ring was just a test to make sure Saejima wasn't just 
    some crazy psychopath. Kage then calls to have Sasai, who is still alive, 
    brought in to see Saejima. However, Sasai isn't quite the same as 
    Saejima remembers him, unresponsive and apparently riddled with 
    some memory disease; Sasai can barely utter Saejima's name. (This 
    scene was actually pretty moving given the trite we've seen thus far). 
    After he leaves, Kage tells you that the cops are still hot on your trail 
    and you should go back to Kido's hide out and lay low for a while.
    Go forward and Saejima will climb down into the sewers from 
    Purgatory. Follow your waypoint through them to come out in the 
    Children's Park area. Coming out of the ladder you'll be stopped by a 
    man in a yellow martial arts outfit. He's the leader of a dojo nearby and 
    wants you to go there and help him. Either option will lead you to him 
    explaining how and why he wants your help with the dojo, but it's still 
    an entirely optional sub-story type thing. If you accept you'll be shown 
    how the Training mini-game works, or decline to continue with the 
    main storyline.
    Once you're outside, an on-screen prompt will inform you that the 
    police force is out in full and that one false move (them spotting you) 
    will lead to a game over. Notice the pink dot on your screen, that's a 
    cop, avoid them. Your first waypoint will be the entrance to the roof of 
    THE red building from Akiyama's story. Head forward a bit and you'll 
    see another cop blocking the road, turn right. Head down this street to 
    the edge of the buildings then hug the wall turning left. As you 
    approach the alleyway entrance, Saejima will see a cop. Don't let him 
    so you or bump into him or you'll have to start over. Simply walk, with 
    L1, past him and into the alleyway to make it to the rooftops. Once 
    you're on the rooftops just follow the path to your waypoint marker 
    until you reach Sky Finance (it's the same way you ran as Akiyama). 
    You'll also bump into the fat weapons mod guy you met in prison who 
    just so happened to have also escaped. After you're back on the 
    ground a new waypoint marker will appear just a couple of streets 
    over from you. Head out of the New Serena Backlot and cross over 
    Tenkaichi Street toward your objective. Now walk so the far cop 
    doesn't get suspicious and enter Central Parking Lot (D). Run all the 
    way across the parking lot to the opposite side and go through the 
    door with the big "E" painted next to it. Once you come back up top 
    side, there'll be several cops really close to you. Walk to the right and 
    go down Senryo Avenue a little bit before turning right into an 
    alleyway. Follow the alley to your waypoint and it will take you to the 
    rooftops east sector. Again, follow your waypoint across the rooftops 
    until you get to a fire escape that leads to the area Kyushu No.1 Star. 
    Here comes the challenging part. Now when you first come down the 
    stairs you'll realize there's quite few cops in your vicinity. Don't panic. 
    Turn right from where you came out and head across Taihei Blvd East 
    toward your waypoint destination. Now, hug the buildings in front of 
    you as you make your way up Senryo Avenue North. Keep hugging the 
    buildings to your left and the cop stationed in front of the Champion 
    District won't see you. Keep going until you can see the building your 
    waypoint is in. There will be a cop in front of it who moves in a triangle 
    like pattern. Wait for him to not be facing you and casually walk across 
    the street and into the building. Go down the man hole into the 
    sewers below. You'll now be in some familiar territory underneath the 
    Millennium Tower. Head to the elevator and take it back up to the 
    streets. Turn left and follow your way point marker to find the back 
    entrance into the Theatre. Head down and to your safe house. Whew! 
    That was quite the journey.
    Entering your hide out Minami is chillin' on top of the desk with the 
    homeless people around him scared shitless. Don't worry though, he's 
    not here for a fight, he'll just tell you that Majima wants to meet you 
    tomorrow on top of Millennium Tower. After he leaves, Kido will tell 
    you that it's pretty impossible for you to get to Millennium Tower right 
    now (even though we just came from there), so he'll go stake out the 
    best route. Here you're given the option to wonder around the city a 
    bit more, though how it's possible with all those cops I know not, but 
    instead just go back into the hide out and have Kido go run some spec 
    ops for you. 
    When Kido returns he gives you what appears to be the most 
    complicated directions for getting anywhere ever, but it's pretty much 
    just back tracking your steps a bit. As Saejima leaves, Kido will ask him 
    if he has any regrets and he'll reply with a stereotypical blind loyalty, 
    give it all for the boss, BALLS TO THE WALL, answer. Outside you'll gain 
    control of Saejima, now when I said "pretty much just back tracking" 
    what I meant to say was, re-read two paragraphs ago backwards until 
    you get to Central Parking Lot. Legit, it's exactly the same route we just 
    took. Once you've gotten to the parking lot, follow the waypoint 
    marker to a manhole cover and go down into the sewers. Down here 
    continue to follow the marker until you reach a ladder that'll take you 
    to the Millennium Tower garden. Go through the doors and prepare to 
    fight a fucking army.
    BATTLE: This battle is a long one, so your main focus at all times is 
    taking as little damage as possible. The first phase should be easy 
    enough. It's just the simple thugs that don't do anything but stand 
    there and occasionally grapple you. No big deal. Clear out the easier of 
    those and more will start to funnel in that have more health. Keep up 
    the combos into the charge attacks and you'll do just fine. You'll know 
    when you've finished the first section when you see a short scene and 
    several differently designed yakuza enter the ring. This second phase 
    isn't any harder than the first, but they do have more health and are 
    slightly more aggressive. They'll inevitably put a few hits on you, but 
    don't worry; just keep up the combo attacks and charges and they'll be 
    done in no time. After you've cleared them out the third phase will 
    begin. There's only three this time, but they all have two health bars 
    and can take their fair share of damage. Focus on them individually and 
    definitely don't get surrounded, you'll need all the health you can 
    muster going into the final phase...Minami. That's right good old 
    Minami gets to get his ass whooped once more. It seems Akiyama 
    thorough beat down slowed Minami quite a bit as his speed isn't an 
    issue at all in this fight. For the first part most of your combo and 
    charge attacks will hit him and if you can get HEAT up enough you'll 
    have a chance to use it when he gets knocked down. Once you've 
    whittled him down to only having one bar left, he'll throw you into that 
    same QTE he tried on Akiyama. Get it right to take a nice chunk out of 
    his last life bar. However, now he's pretty ridiculous with HEAT power and
    speed. Try to distance yourself from him and like the previous battle you
    had with him, utilize his over-zealous combos to your advantage. Also 
    at this point, Minami decides to go full circus on us by guzzling beer and
    blowing it into a lighter to create a mini-flamethrower. When he uses 
    this attack BACK UP! Don't try to get in and sneak an attack it as you will 
    get hit. I know because I tried to rush him because he only had one-hit 
    left and that shit took away half of my health. Just wait for him to stop 
    and continue giving him a good pounding.
    Once you finished with Minami, Majima will finally show his face and 
    take you to another location so you can have a little chat. Of course, 
    this means it's time for a boss fight!
    BOSS FIGHT - MAJIMA: Okay so first things first, if you've done what I 
    did you'll have leveled up two or three times fighting the army from 
    before. At the beginning of this battle pause and go to your abilities 
    menu. If you don't have it already, I HIGHLY suggest getting the Dragon 
    God Talisman as an ability as it allows you to guard knife attacks using 
    L1. Perfect for this fight since Majima constantly has a knife. The 
    biggest factor in this battle is speed. Majima is insanely fast and if you 
    go in too aggressively he quickstep rings around you before you know 
    it. All of his attack are incredibly annoying and quick, so after you're 
    done selecting abilities, run to the side of the arena and grab the two 
    health items and a bat. Use these bats wisely to keep Majima at arm's 
    reach and do some good damage to him. Remember the weapons still 
    degrade even if the person is blocking so don't waste any swings. 
    Another thing to be on the lookout for in this battle is Majima's QTE 
    attack. You can't counter it, but you'll need to press the correct 
    sequence of four buttons to make sure you don't get absolutely 
    wrecked. After you've dwindled his health away some, Majima will go 
    into HEAT mode and do this incredibly unblockable spinning attack. Try 
    and dodge it as best you can but you will get hit and there's no real way 
    to get away from it. However, be near him when he stops because 
    he'll go down on one knee and you can land several free hits on him. 
    Other than that, just keep hitting him when you can, and use health 
    items with abandon. You'll get him eventually, it's a long and slightly 
    frustrating battle sometimes; but it's not too difficult.
    Once you've defeated Majima, Saejima and him will lay back and chat 
    like old friends. Majima shows Saejima (but not the player o_O) what 
    happened to his eye and then starts to recount what happened that 
    fateful day in '85.
                        Part 3: Masayoshi Tanimura (PMT)
    Like Part 2, Part 3 starts off with the explanation of the cliffhanger from 
    the previous section. It seems that Majima was lured to an abandoned 
    warehouse by Shibata whom informed him that the hit on Ueno was 
    all a part of two traitors, one of them being Sasai himself, plan to make 
    it big in the Tojo and Ueno clans. Shibata says they can't have a Dojima 
    member caught up in the turmoil (yakuza politics how do they work), 
    but Majima doesn't care and tries to go to Saejima. Unfortunately, 
    Shibata has accounted for this and has a small arsenal of men come out 
    to stop him. Majima manages to down all but one of them and ends up 
    tied to a steel beam, where the guy proceeds to cut out his eye. Brutal.
                   Chapter 1: The Parasite of Kamurocho (MT1)
    Chapter 1 starts off with our good friend Detective Sugiuchi 
    interrogating the newest protagonist Masayoshi Tanimura, though it 
    doesn't really go over all that well seeing as how Tanimura is listening 
    to a horse race. Already you can see Tanimura is going to be a punk-ass 
    little kid. Anyways, as you leave the interrogation room, Tanimura is 
    stopped by the Chief who tells him that someone tipped off the 
    station that he was at a Mahjong parlor (gambling) on the clock. Of 
    course, this infuriates Tanimura bro-kun and he sets off to find the 
    Now that you've got control of Tanimura, head toward the waypoint 
    marker that's right up the street. Gee, I wonder how they saw you. 
    Before you enter the Mahjong parlor though, head down the street 
    some more and buy two Fake Silver Plates at Ebisu Pawn shop. With 
    those in hand make your way to the parlor. Talk to the manager at the 
    front desk to be directed to the group of four guys chillin' at the table. 
    Chat with them to find out they're the ones Tanimura destroyed 
    yesterday at Mahjong. They have the info you want, but they're not 
    going to let it go without a fee. Two Silver Plates is their price. Oh 
    really? We just happen to have some right here. Give them the fakes and 
    they'll tell you the guy you're looking for is Iida and he hangs out 
    around the Shichifuku Parking Lot.
    Follow your waypoint marker to your destination, but make sure to 
    talk to the guy standing outside the parking lot for a quick 500 
    experience points. Go inside the lot and talk to the braggart that 
    everyone is standing around. It's Iida, and turns out you get to fight 
    BATTLE: As is the norm with new characters, you're first objective is a 
    challenge. It showcases one of Tanimura's several unique features. 
    When an enemy is attacking, press L1 to do a reversal time guard on 
    them and send them in the opposite direction. This is absolutely great 
    for getting an enemy to show his back to you. Do this 5 times for 1,000 
    experience. Now, there are some other things to notice about 
    Tanimura that will come in handy later. The change from Akiyama to 
    Saejima wasn't too drastic. Akiyama was a great all around fighter. 
    Quick attacks, good health, good speed, nice HEAT; he was a perfect 
    beginners fighter. Saejima relied more on complete brute strength and 
    high health to get him through battles, so the adjustment from the 
    two was pretty negligible. However, the change from Saejima to 
    Tanimura is pretty drastic. Tanimura is much more lithe and agile that 
    Saejima and has much less health. His advantages are the new L1 
    throw and the variety of HEAT finishers he can unlock to perform after 
    combos. He's a much more skillfully played fighter and running into 
    fights button mashing isn't the best solution. Some abilities to 
    definitely grab are Combo Speed Boost, Enhanced Parry, and Essence 
    of Arresting. These will be vital tools at your disposal in the future. Oh 
    yeah, about the fight, it's easy. =P
    Once you've trounced Iida, he'll give you some sob story and Tanimura 
    lets him off the hook this once. As you leave the parking lot you'll get a 
    call on the police scanner about an incident at Theatre Square. 
    Tanimura will insta-warp there and see a lowly business man getting 
    roughed up by some street punk. 
    BATTLE: Another pushover fight, but it does give you a chance to try 
    out some of the new abilities you have and get a feel for Tanimura's 
    fighting style better.
    The battle completed, a "volunteer" will come up to Tanimura and ask 
    for his help defending the vox populi of Kamurocho. This gives you 
    access to the police scanner side missions. They're, as with most 
    things, entirely optional; but like the normal Sub Stories they reap 
    health rewards of experience and cash money. After the chat with the 
    volunteer, Tanimura will get a call from someone named Zhao that 
    needs his help. Follow your waypoint marker and upon approaching it 
    you'll enter a cut scene showing Tanimura enter Little Asia Town and 
    doing a super shady drug deal-like money exchange before heading to 
    the Chinese restaurant, Homeland, which serves as your hide out. 
    Inside we catch a glimpse of Tanimura's softer side as it's implicity 
    explained he does most of his gambling and shady activities in order to 
    help those in need. (Seems Akiyama's got some competition for 
    Japanese Robin Hood). We're also finally clued in on how Tanimura is 
    connected to all this: his father was murdered while he was 
    investigating the Ueno Clan hit that Saejima pulled. Apparently, 
    Tanimura believes Yasuko, now known to be Saejima's sister (man, I 
    was off), can somehow help him find the answers he's looking for. Just 
    then, the phone rings and the manager of a Korean salon called Midori 
    (which oddly enough is Japanese for Green) says that Yasuko is there 
    right now!
    Leave Little Asia town, which is surprisingly difficult to navigate 
    through, and follow your waypoint to the salon. Talk to the man outside,
    who will negotiate a deal with Tanimura, and Yasuko will come out to meet 
    you. Talk to her and in typical Yasuko fashion her dialog will be as dumb as
    ever. Some Shibata family goons will attack you, interruption Tanimura's
    BATTLE: This'll be your first battle against enemies that aren't complete 
    wastes of time, but it's still pathetically easy. The larger yakuza doesn't 
    stagger that often, so be careful of that. Grab the signs as weapons 
    that are around you and you should be able to make quick work of 
    these fools.
    Just as you exit the fight, you'll notice that Yasuko has been kidnapped. 
    Now's the time to do anything you want around the city and stock up 
    on items / equipment because you're in for a nice long stretch of 
    fighting. Whenever you are ready, grab a cab and head for the docks. 
    BATTLE: As soon as you arrive you'll be pitted against five Shibata 
    yakuza members. This battle isn't tough, but the enemies are by no 
    means pushovers. Try to take out one of the weapon wielding 
    enemies first and then focus on the purple-suited one. He's the 
    strongest of the ground and the most aggressive. Once you've dealt 
    with him, there will be a short scene of him breaking away a barrier 
    and fleeing. Finish off the remaining enemies if there are any and 
    make sure to grab the health item before you head after the cowardly 
    BE CAREFUL! After you've progress a bit, a truck will come out of a 
    hangar and try to run you over. Make sure you're ready for the QTE.
    BATTLE: Another group of five yakuza. The strategy is much the same 
    as the last battle except there aren't any enemies here with weapons. 
    One thing I did notice was that these guys seemed to grapple you 
    more. I'm not sure if it was because I took a bit longer to deal with 
    them or not, but I figured it'd be helpful just in case. Also, if you didn't
    do any sub stories before coming here, you should be leveling up like 
    every fight; so make sure to spend your ability points and get some 
    decent finishing moves.
    Follow the path toward your waypoint marker and you'll get hit with 
    another QTE of someone trying to kill you with falling 2x4s. Head 
    around the corner to find yourself in yet another fight.
    BATTLE: Five more guys, this time dressed as mechanics, come out 
    from behind a door. Before you start to fight them though, run to the 
    left and grab another health item. These enemies are by far the 
    easiest you've fought on the docks thus far. Simple combos will take 
    them out no problem.
    Continue along the path and you'll be met with several worker yakuza 
    pouring oil everywhere.
    BATTLE: At first I thought they were going to set it on fire, but turns out 
    it was just supposed to be slippery. Either way, the first three that 
    rushed at me, I just led backwards into the not oil field and made quick 
    work of them there. Strangely though, their weapons disappeared so I 
    couldn't utilize those. Be careful fighting the two enemies that remain 
    in the oil. Me being a dumb ass and continuously slipping I took more 
    damage than the actual enemies dealt to me.
    Round the curve and head for the final stretch of oil and you'll be taken 
    into another QTE. Oh, so you ARE going to set it on fire. You'll be 
    pushed into another fight.
    BATTLE: Another three grunt yakuza. One's armed with a pipe type 
    thing, but that's about the only important thing to say here.
    Break open the door in front of you and head to the next area.
    BATTLE: Getting tired of this yet? Go grab the health item first thing, 
    and then lead the two opponents running back into the area you just 
    came from. If you don't your susceptible to the machine gunner in the 
    back and that is not a good thing; if he gets a lock on you and you take 
    all the shots, it's a half health hitter at the least. Once you're done with
    the other two though, the machine gunner should have that purple 
    terrified aura around him that I haven't mentioned until now because I 
    didn't realize it existed until a few fights ago. >_> Anyways, he 
    shouldn't be shooting at you and you can make quick work of him. If he 
    is, pop out of cover and let him fire his rounds; then rush him.
    Move forward a bit and the same guy will try to crush you with 
    wooden planks again. Dodge them in a QTE and be pushed into the 
    final battle.
    BATTLE: You start surrounded, but don't let that distress you. Make a 
    dash for the health item and then assess your situation. There's four 
    weakling yakuza, one with a pistol, and one with a katana. Now most 
    of the times, I'd say, go for the pistol wielder first. However, in this 
    case the two stronger opponents have too much health to be dealt 
    with quickly; so take out the small fry first. If you grabbed the Arm Bar 
    move, it's great here for grabbing enemies and using them as a human 
    shield for the bullets. If you haven't, the fight still won't be that bad. 
    Just remember that if you're health is low use those items we've 
    picked up since you sure as hell didn't need them prior to this fight. 
    One thing to make a note of is when there's only the gunner and the 
    swordsman left, try to keep them separate. The gunner likes to shoot 
    you right as you're going to knock the katana guy down, and the katana 
    guy gets all up in your face if he's near you attacking the gunner. Also, 
    they'll do a counter-able HEAT move when one of them is low on 
    Once you've finished off the last opponent, Tanimura will listen in on 
    the conversation between Shibata and... Arai! That's right, turns out 
    Arai is pretty much a traitor and is trying to basically repeat the incident
    that happened 25-years ago with Saejima. Kill an Ueno member, start a 
    way, then have Shibata make amends and he moves up within the 
    ranks of the Tojo. Idiots think the same trick will work twice. Well it 
    actually super won't because Arai is like the most RIDICULOUS traitor 
    ever and offs Shibata; you know double agent and all that jazz. At this 
    juncture, Tanimura decides to play hero and bursts through the door. 
    Arai fires at him and flees leaving a tied and bound Yasuko (giggity) and 
    a dying Shibata.
                         Chapter 2: The Mastermind (MT2)
    The scene starts with Tanimura and Yasuko talking at Homeland about 
    a lot of things. It turns out the Tanimura's father never showed up to 
    talk to Yasuko and that he feared a "greater force" was behind the 
    entire Ueno hit. Yasuko fled Kamurocho, but was brought back by the 
    promise of Katsuragi, who said that if she managed to get the hundred 
    million yen or kill someone he'd free her brother Saejima. Of course, 
    with a hundred million being such an exorbitant fee, Yasuko started 
    offing people... the ones that knew the truth behind that day. 
    Tanimura begins to piece some of the puzzle together, but he's still 
    missing some crucial elements. At first Yasuko declines his request for 
    help, but after a "moving" scene she agrees. Yasuko gives Tanimura 
    the key to a car with the money in the trunk and departs for Okinawa 
    where she thinks her brother still is. (Oh man, they really like their 
    dramatic irony don't they?)
    Now that you've got control of Tanimura let's head to the Central 
    Parking Lot. As you exit Homeland, you'll enter a scene with a 
    Southeast Asian lady named Nair. She'll act as the trainer for 
    Tanimura's section of the story and you can grab a sub story if you help 
    her with her investigation. Furthermore, she tells Tanimura about the 
    Revelations section of his story, at least he uses pen and paper instead 
    of a chisel! Once the scene is done you'll receive and email from Mack 
    about Revelations.
    As you try to leave Little Asia Town, there's a chance Mei Hua (Zhao's 
    daughter) will run up to you and tell you Zhao's been taken away. 
    Though this is a sub story you instantly accept it and Mei Hua will be in 
    your party with you. I didn't really want to chance being stuck with her 
    and the game like freaking out or something, so I went ahead and did 
    the sub story. You'll come out on Senryo Avenue (which may have 
    been why the sub story triggered) so head all the way down the street 
    until it branches to the right. You should see Zhao surrounded by some 
    BATTLE: Super easy battle, they're just your normal yakuza with more 
    health. The one thing is how closed quarters this fight is. If the 
    enemies were actually competent it might have been a slightly 
    challenging fight.
    Once you've cleared them out Zhao will tell you to continue the sub 
    story to go get your fortune read; however, with Mei Hua no longer 
    following me I opted to continue the main storyline. Head for the 
    waypoint closet to you and go down into the parking lot. Down here 
    you're going to want to look for cars with their trunks facing outwards, 
    specifically black sedans. I found mine near the taxi in spot 307, but 
    from what I'm hearing it's not a static location. In either case, just keep 
    checking trunks, sometimes you'll get into fights but none of them 
    pose any threat. Once you've found the trunk and grabbed the 
    money, your new objective is to get in contact with Katsuragi.
    Leave the parking lot through the same door you entered (the one 
    labeled "E") and you'll get a phone call from an anonymous tipper 
    saying that have info on Katsuragi. He'll send you a picture and say the 
    informant will be where this picture was taken... IF YOU CAN FIND IT! 
    Head to Kamurocho Rooftops East on Pink Alley. Once you're on the 
    rooftops follow the pathway until you see a man standing next to 
    some flowers. He's the informant for Kage the Florist. Once he leaves 
    you'll get a call from Katsuragi. Tanimura agrees to hand over Yasuko 
    and the hundred million (I'm hoping this is all a ploy) in exchange for 
    Katsuragi detailing to him what exactly happened twenty-five years 
    ago. Katsuragi agrees and Tanimura sets the time and place for 5pm 
    tomorrow in front of Millennium Tower. After the conversation 
    finishes head back to Homeland to grab some shut-eye before the big 
    encounter tomorrow, or go mess around in the city some more.
    Tomorrow comes quickly, so head out and follow your waypoint to 
    Millennium Tower (though you'll hardly need it to find that place at this 
    point). Once you're near the tower at cut scene will initiate. Katsuragi 
    and Tanimura will take a walk as the former details some of what 
    happened two and a half decades ago. Apparently, everything is as 
    you thought in terms of Katsuragi, Shibata, and Arai's involvement; but 
    your father is a different matter entirely. According to Katsuragi, your 
    father stumbled upon a police cover up of the "real" killer from the 
    Ueno hit that day and that was why he was killed. Of course, all of this 
    is thrown into even more confusion when Katsuragi double-cross (oh 
    wow didn't see that one coming) Tanimura and leaves him with the 
    words, "The man who killed 18 men that day... WAS ME!" Katsuragi 
    fades into a crowd of yakuza, but Sugiuchi comes to save the day and 
    lets Tanimura escape to try and make it back to Homeland before 
    they're all murdered.
    BATTLE: You'll start another long section of battles here as you fight 
    your way back to Little Asia Town. The first section of battles will be a 
    slightly length gambit of around 12-15 yakuza that pour into the arena 
    steadily. It may seem like you're vastly outnumbered, but the steel 
    case that has the money in it is an infinite use weapon that packs a 
    ridiculous punch. Keep swinging away as its wide swing radius and 
    power makes it the perfect tool for clearly out groups of enemies. 
    Don't be shy using its HEAT action either; remember, Tanimura gains 
    HEAT quickly and has a lot of it so use it as much as you like. Other than 
    that, just make sure to watch out for the bigger yakuza as they like to 
    bull rush you from across the screen when you're not paying attention.
    After you've cleared out your first contingent of thugs, head down the 
    street and turn to your left.
    BATTLE: The first two thugs are blocking the path through the cars in 
    your way, so take them down without remorse. Once you've made it 
    through there, a small scene will show a new group of yakuza. Again, 
    they stand zero change against your infinite weapon so take them 
    down. The two that have double health bars can get in a few good hits 
    if you're not paying attention so try to focus on them in the beginning.
    Make your way past the next set of cars and continue down the street 
    and walk into another ambush.
    BATTLE: You'll lose the briefcase at the beginning of this fight, so it's 
    significantly more difficult than the previous two (though that's not 
    really saying much). Again, be wary of the fat yakuza, their combos do 
    a good bit of damage to the paper thin Tanimura and you don't want to 
    waste your health items. Some of the yakuza are wielding weapons 
    and there are some other ones lying around the arena, so make good 
    use of them. You should finish them off without too much trouble.
    CHASE: The thieving yakuza will flee once you've dealt with his friends 
    so get ready for a chase scene. At the beginning, this go is ridiculously 
    slow. I probably hit him five to six times before we made it to the 
    rooftops and I was making damn sure I got really close to him. Use this 
    opportunity to get his bar down decently. Once on the rooftops he 
    speeds up a little bit, but I managed to tackle him into the wall of a 
    building before he turned so I got to hit him a few times before he got 
    a speed increase and jumped over the roofs. Make sure you're ready 
    for that QTE. When he lands it's just a short burst of speed and then 
    you're right back up to him. Wear him down and you'll get the 
    briefcase back.
    BATTLE: The chase will end and you'll find yourself "surrounded" by 
    three more yakuza. With the steel case back this battle is pretty easy. 
    Take out the sword wielders first as two combos a piece will make 
    short work of them. The toughest of the three can't be knocked down 
    so bear that in mind as you work on the others.
    Finishing off the three thugs, Tanimura realizes he's taken much too 
    long to get to Homeland and should hurry!
    CHASE: Now you're the one running, but this is pretty easy. At this 
    point I had totally forgot how to do those quick turns and all that other 
    stuff, I just ran the direction it was leading me and grabbed the status 
    gage refills on the ground. The pursuers hit me all the time, and I even 
    mistimed a jump and hit an obstacle; but I didn't even have to retry. 
    When you've ran far enough, you'll reach the entrance to Little Asia 
    town and tell the small child standing guard (yes, you read that 
    correctly, small child = best guard ever) to take the briefcase to 
    homeland. Then you turn to face the yakuza.
    BATTLE: The toughest battle of the chapter, which makes sense since 
    it's the last. Two of the yakuza will have extended health and one will 
    be wielding a katana. Try to focus on the katana bearer first so you can 
    get yourself an extra weapon early on. The main yakuza here won't get 
    knocked down, except when you use a HEAT action, and is extremely 
    aggressive. Be wary of his as his attack can take your health bar down 
    VERY QUICKLY. Make use of the weapons scattered about and try to 
    build your HEAT as much as possible to utilize on the main yakuza.
    Once you've beaten the last three of Ueno's men, you'll be ported to 
    Homeland where the Chief of police has been waiting for you.
                         Chapter 3: Door to the Truth (MT3)
    From here on out the game really starts to speed up and things start all 
    coming into place. Five out of the last seven chapters are really short 
    and mostly deal with you finding out what the hell has really been 
    going on with this entire situation and how everyone is involved.
    A short conversation with the Chief (whom I'm guessing isn't really 
    Chief of police, more like just the chief of Community Affairs Division 
    or whatever that Tanimura is a part of) and he'll clue you in on Archive 
    Section 13, "The Forbidden Room" or "Scandal Graveyard" as it's been 
    come to be known. (Really SEGA...) Tanimura and the chief head to 
    police headquarters (or you can mess around in the city a little) to see 
    if they can dig up anything there.
    Check one of the files on the bookshelf to the left and you'll see that 
    the case reports Saejima did pull off the hit and that Tanimura's father 
    worked with Sugiuchi on the case! Tanimura decides that's all the clues 
    he needs for now and heads back to Kamurocho.
    Once you're back in the city, either mess around with some sub stories 
    or mini-games, or just follow the waypoint back to Homeland for some 
    sleep to close the chapter. (Told you they were short.)
                         Chapter 4: As a Detective (MT4)
    The following day, Tanimura sets out to find out just exactly what 
    happened to his father; but first he decides to help out Yasuko by 
    returning the money to Sky Finance. Follow your waypoint marker 
    over there to initiate a conversation with Akiyama. Tanimura will relay 
    all he knows about Yasuko to Akiyama, but the latter refuses to take 
    the money as he's falling in love with Yasuko and it's his only 
    connection to her. Akiyama also gets a call from Kido who tells him that 
    Mishima, the yakuza that Akiyama knocked out with a wine bottle way 
    back in his story, wants police protection in return for coughing up 
    everything he knows. Akiyama says that Tanimura should go to him 
    since the rest of the police force can't be trusted right now. Tanimura 
    agrees and decides to set a trap for the rat on the force by calling in the 
    meeting. Follow your waypoint to the nearest can and set sail for the 
    You'll find Mishima trembling in fear in a warehouse in the docks and 
    seeking protection whatever means necessary. He tell Tanimura he 
    heard Katsuragi telling someone that Ihara was dead as was planned 
    and that he sounded like he was talking to the cops. Just as he finishes, 
    he sprouts a bullet hole from his chest. Tanimura turns around to see 
    Sugiuchi (shocker!) as the killer. Tanimura lays on Sugiuchi everything 
    he knows, including some clever clues that the player could've caught 
    earlier in the game, and Sugiuchi applauds his efforts. However, 
    Sugiuchi also says that this is way bigger than him and Tanimura doesn't 
    understand everything just yet. As he finishes, a police force and a 
    heretofore unseen police "Chief" show up and surround Sugiuchi. 
    What follows is probably the most bad ass cut scene so far in the game. 
    The music awesome and the tension is palpable, it actually got me 
    excited for once. I won't detail this one, just so you can experience it 
    CHASE: The epic cut scene finished, Tanimura and Sugiuchi both hop 
    into conveniently placed motor boats and speed off into a chase. (This 
    scene also has great music). The main difference between this chase 
    scene and the others is that it's done in a vehicle rather than on foot, 
    but the concept still remains the same... well sort of. Use the pistol 
    (Triangle) to slow down Sugiuchi's boat and whenever he gets in a 
    straight area use Square to ram his boat. Now my first instinct was, "Oh 
    I'm gonna pull some James Bond shit and cut off the boat or slam his 
    boat into a bigger one" yeah don't try that. Just follow behind him 
    shooting, and ram him whenever you get close enough. Also, ProTip: 
    Make sure your controller doesn't die during the chase... I couldn't 
    figure out why my boat wasn't responding until I had to restart. =/
    Once you've hit him enough his engine will start smoking, yet he 
    somehow miraculously manages to make it back to a dock and start the 
    final boss of part 3.
    BOSS FIGHT - SUGIUCHI: After a pretty bad ass cut scene of Tanimura 
    shooting Sugiuchi LIKE A BOSS, a QTE will initiate the actual boss fight. 
    Sugiuchi is actually the only boss that really doesn't have a significant 
    advantage over you other than health. He's not exceptionally quick or 
    strong, but he does quickstep often. Utilize Tanimura's strengths here. 
    Parry often and get him with his back facing you to knock him to the 
    ground and follow up with a HEAT action. Use your speed to never get 
    to close to him or stay next to him for very long so he can't unleash his 
    combos on you. If you do get knocked down, he'll unleash a HEAT 
    action which can be dodged via QTE. If you're grappled, make sure to 
    mash that X button like there's no tomorrow as his grapple attack deals 
    a good bit of damage. There's also a health item over on the other side 
    of the battlefield if you need it. One final note for the battle is, don't 
    stand there and try to guard his attacks. He breaks through them 
    eventually at it'll leave you standing there open for combos. Even 
    though he isn't that strong this was probably my toughest battle for some
    reason. It's probably because I'm not very good at timing parries and I'm
    not that technical of a fighter.
    With the long battle now out of the way a lot of things come into the 
    light. Sugiuchi did in fact kill Tanimura's father as his is blood brothers 
    with Katsuragi. However, Saejima didn't even kill anyone that day. The 
    bullets in Saejima's guns were rubber (but here I pose a question, if 
    Saejima thought the bullets were real, HOW THE FUCK DID HE FAIL TO 
    awoke Katsuragi killed them all. Sugiuchi comes in a shoots Katsuragi to 
    make it look like Saejima. Flash forward to Sugiuchi turning in his report 
    to the second-in-command at the station, Munakata, and this bro 
    absolutely destroys Sugiuchi's file. He pretty much calls him out on 
    absolutely everything, and then says, "I want in." As Sugiuchi is telling 
    Tanimura this he also divulges some other tidbits, but just as he's 
    about to tell Tanimura the whole deal; he gets shot! (Yeah that's only 
    happened >9000 times in this series.) The perpetrator flees on a boat, 
    and Sugiuchi manages to tell Tanimura that there's another traitor in 
    their midst before he breaths his last. We then see Munakata getting a 
    phone call from the assassin letting him know Sugiuchi is dead; it pans 
    over to him and... IT'S THE OTHER CHIEF. At this point, rule number 1 of 
    Yakuza: Don't trust anybody, just kill everyone. The other police chief 
    has Zhao and Mei Hua tied up and as the screen fades away a single 
    shot can be heard. (I assume because implied child killing would be 
    super bad even for this game.) End part 3.
                            Part 4: Kazuma Kiyru (PKK)
                             Chapter 1: Reunion (KK1)
    The chapter begins with Hamazaki stumbling half-dead into the front 
    yard of the Sunshine Orphanage. Though how he managed to survive 
    at sea, or on land without being seen, for days is beyond me. Haruka 
    finds him and is shocked, but Kiryu takes him in and bandages him up. 
    Hamazaki lays some heavy shit on Kiryu as he explains a bit more of the 
    story. He informs Kiryu that the hit was set up by Shibata, but also 
    shows him something of way more importance. The ten billion yen 
    that was a main plot device in Yakuza 1 was actually supposed to be 
    used to help fund the Okinawa Penitentiary No 2. In essence, the 
    entire upper ranks of the Japanese police division are dirty and have 
    been laundering money for years. What's worse is that the Ueno are 
    rising up now with the help of the cops and will more than likely 
    completely erase the Tojo Clan from Kamurocho for good.
    The next day the other children at the orphanage come home from 
    the school trip and when Kiryu tries to introduce them to Hamazaki, 
    Haruka gets all pissed and starts yelling about how Hamazaki stabbed 
    Kiryu and then runs off when Kiryu says he trusts him. Follow your 
    waypoint marker to find Haruka at the beach. Haruka tells you that she 
    doesn't care about finding the truth behind what happened five years 
    ago and that she just wants to live her life with you. (Awwwwww) 
    Hamazaki will then approach and tell you that he's made up his mind; 
    he doesn't care about Kamurocho anymore, he just wants Saejima to 
    know the truth. So Kiryu doesn't have to return to Tokyo. You'll be in 
    front of Sunshine Orphanage after this, talk to Hamazaki to escort him 
    to the police station.
    At the police station you'll find Yasuko (funny how all these things 
    perfectly align) demanding from two police officers the location of 
    where she thinks Saejima is. Kiryu and Hamazaki see her and take her 
    to another hide out to talk. They swap stories and Yasuko learns that 
    she just missed her brother in Kamurocho. However, before they get 
    any further their interrupted by the arrival of Saito (yeah he's still alive)
    and some more guards from the prison. It's time to fight your way out!
    BOSS FIGHT - SAITO: Jesus, I had this as just a simple battle but Saito is 
    even more ridiculously annoying now than he was playing as Saejima. 
    The other guards will prove absolutely zero threat for the powerhouse 
    that is Kiryu. Kiryu has 90% of his abilities already unlocked from the 
    get-go and has a MASSIVE amount of health. He's really an 
    amalgamation of all the previous characters. He's quick, but not as 
    quick as Akiyama. He's strong, but not as strong as Saejima. He's got 
    HEAT, but not as much as Tanimura. Any and all techniques and fighting 
    strategies employed by previous characters can be utilized by Kiryu as 
    well. One unique thing he has is his own special red HEAT (as seen in 
    some of the bosses), that does RIDICULOUS damage. He's also got a 
    ton of "Essence" moves to still unlock, most at 1 orb a piece! But 
    enough of his tactics, you want to know how to beat Saito. Well, it's 
    not gonna be easy that's for sure. It's cramped, his baton is even faster 
    than it was previously, and he can combo you off of walls. Thankfully 
    there was a healing item and Kiryu has massive health or I probably 
    wouldn't have survived this encounter. When Saito attacks try not to 
    block or you'll get wrecked instantly. Just quickstep and hope for the 
    best. This is by far one of the most frustrating battles I've ever fought.
    Once (or if) you've finally trounced Saito, head down the stairs and 
    you'll face off with three more guards.
    BATTLE: Three of the guys you've seen before: a normal guard, a flash 
    bang thrower, and a fatty. You know how to handle these guys by 
    Head on down the hallway, making sure to stop in the side room for a 
    Staminan X, and go down the stairs grabbing the other health item on 
    your way. At the bottom, you'll be given another hallway of baddies to 
    BATTLE: The purple couch guy can be taken down with one combo so 
    he won't hit you if you get it off in time. Destroy the two sets of lockers 
    and beat up the three easy guards, the last of which will drop a pistol 
    so make sure to pick it up.
    Go down the stairs and watch out for the QTE as Saito tries to ambush 
    BOSS FIGHT - SAITO: I guess this one was technically the boss fight, and 
    the other one wasn't but he's pathetically easy compared to last time. I 
    was only level 4 and had just gone down the list of 1 orb abilities when 
    I leveled but with all the weapons and my HEAT actions he went down 
    in literally nothing. Only strategy here is combo with weapons and 
    abuse HEAT like no other. Just goes to show you the difference a few 
    abilities and weapons can make.
    Now that you've dealt with that trash for the last time, Kiryu decides 
    he'll escort Yasuko to Kamurocho and Hamazaki says he'll stay behind.
                           Chapter 2: To Kamurocho (KK2)
    The entire chapter is like 95% cut scenes so to save you some reading 
    time, and me some typing time, I'll just to be as blunt as possible.
    The chapter starts with Tanimura telling us how the chief killed himself 
    to make Munakata think Tanimura was dead. Then Akiyama shows up 
    because the DA has thrown him out of Sky Finance on coercion 
    Now the scene will pan to show Kiryu and Yasuko arriving in 
    Kamurocho. Kiryu knows something is up, but doesn't want to been 
    seen idling on the street, so he heads to New Serena bar. Follow the 
    waypoint two feet in front of you. You'll see the truck for the DA's 
    lackey's outside. Ignore that for now and head inside to meet and old 
    friend, Date the Detective. Inside Kiryu will ask why Yasuko needs to 
    see her brother so badly that she'd kill someone and she relays the 
    story. Turns out her and Saejima aren't blood related; he's her step-
    brother. When Saejima was fifteen, Yasuko needed a kidney transfer 
    but her blood type was too rare. She needed a blood relative and the 
    only remaining one alive was her drunk of a father that no one could 
    find. Saejima quit school, and is wildly shocking dream of becoming a 
    school teacher, to go search for her father. Turns out her father is part 
    of the yakuza and wants 30 million for the kidney. Sasai finds Saejima 
    and says he'll give him the money if he joins his family. With the back 
    story out of the way, Kiryu leaves Yasuko with Date in order to go find 
    Once you're outside, Date will tell you about Saejima and Majima's 
    meeting earlier and let you know that Majima is located at the top of 
    Millennium Tower. You'll also receive an email from someone from 
    Kiryu's past leading him on to come to the batting cages. It's a sub 
    story, but feel free to go and do it. Walk a few more feet and you'll get 
    an email from Kiryu's old master Komaki. Now normally I'd say ignore 
    this and head to Millennium Tower but Komaki's training regimes are 
    stupidly easy and they'll grant you awesome power ups and great 
    abilities for completing them. (He also allows you to access Kiryu's 
    Revelations.) Look on your map and go to the top of it, the blue 
    building labeled Ryugujo is where you need to go. Head to the dojo 
    floor and knock around the three opponents he throws at you. It's one 
    on one all three fights and takes about ten extra minutes. Once you're 
    done with that, either head to Millennium Tower or mess around in 
    the city.
    As you approach Millennium Tower you'll see a crowd of people and 
    police tape everywhere. Majima is being escorted into a police car, but 
    he tells Kiryu that Dojima set him up and that everything from all of the 
    Yakuza games, the '85 hit, the ten billion yen, the resort, etc, 
    everything is connected! Yasuko is also apparently in danger.
                           Chapter 3: The Encounter (KK3)
    Another relatively short chapter, this one starts with Dojima listening 
    to Munakata spout off some self-righteous bullshit about the police and 
    yakuza rebuilding Japan, and how organized crime is a necessary evil. 
    Blah, blah, blah. Then Munakata gets to the point of the meeting; he'll 
    completely wipe out the entirety of the Ueno Clan in exchange for 
    having Arai be promoted to lieutenant in the Tojo Clan as a liaison for 
    the police department. Dojima notes that the Ueno Clan won't back 
    down so easily, to which Munakata remarks, "If Katsuragi is smart, he's 
    already planning something"
    The scene changes and you're met with piles of bodies around a 
    chained down Saejima facing Katsuragi in Kage the Florists abode. 
    Katsuragi will taunt Saejima with the knowledge that he didn't kill 
    anyone that day, but won't divulge any more information. As Katsuragi 
    is continuing to chat, a lone man walks in clad in a white suit saying that 
    a hundred billion (yes with a b) yen from Sky Finance has been 
    received. Ready for the maybe the one half-way surprise of the game? 
    It's Kido. Yup, like I said, number 1 rule of this series: Trust no one, 
    kill them instead.
    After that you'll finally gain control back of Kiryu. Sprint to New Serena, 
    following the waypoint, and go instead to find Date knocked out on 
    the floor. Apparently Yasuko drugged him. Go outside and head north 
    up the street to catch a glimpse of her in a small cut scene. Keep 
    following her (and Tanimura / Akiyama since that's clearly who she's 
    following), and you'll eventually land yourself in the Children's Park. Go 
    down the manhole and watch as Akiyama and Tanimura send Yasuko 
    off into the lion's den (toward Purgatory) and turn around to fight 
    Kiryu. You know I feel like a lot of battles could be avoided if we just 
    talked things out.
    BOSS FIGHT - AKIYAMA & TANIMURA: Fairly easy battle, though it was 
    one I definitely didn't except to be. Though both characters have all 
    the power ups and upgraded abilities they did when you were playing 
    with them, they're surprisingly easy to deal with. The main thing to 
    watch out for is Tanimura's parry defense. Though he only hit me with 
    it twice and didn't follow up with a combo, I imagine it would be pretty 
    devastating for him to do so. Akiyama really doesn't pose much of a 
    threat at all unless he's in HEAT mode, so go after him first. If you've 
    got HEAT and one of them goes down, use it immediately to stop the 
    other from attacking you and losing your chance. HEAT attacks do crazy 
    amounts of damage to both of them so unleashing one on each of 
    them will tip the scales in your favor greatly. Also, I leveled up THREE 
    times fighting them so that's a huge bonus.
    Once you're done with them, head through the rest of the sewers and 
    you'll be met by a homeless that's apparently indebted to you. He'll 
    give you a manhole cover opener that allows you to progress. Go up to 
    Purgatory and go into Kage the Florist's house to see him battered and 
    bruised. Akiyama and Tanimura will burst through the doors just in 
    time to find out that Yasuko's been taken by Katsuragi and Kido.
                        Chapter 4: Chain of Betrayals (KK4)
    Whew, here we go. This isn't the end of the game, but TONS of shit 
    goes down during this particular chapter; including the longest section 
    of continuous battles in the game. Buckle up guys; you're in for quite 
    the treat.
    The first scene begins with the three bruised and beaten protagonists 
    resting up in Date's bar, as Akiyama recounts what probably (and did) 
    happen that allowed Kido to wipe him clean of his vast fortune. Then 
    they discuss how exactly they can get Saejima and Yasuko back. Kiryu 
    decides to call up Katsuragi and attempt to bargain with him. The file 
    with all the dirty secrets for the two Saejima's and Akiyama's fortune; 
    Katsuragi agrees to this, but under one condition: Kiryu must come 
    alone and fight the entire Ueno Clan before he gets to meet with him. 
    Kiryu agrees and so ends the cut scene. Now's the time to prep up, 
    because once you've taken the final leap there's no going back. Train 
    up, grab a fuck ton of healing items, and do anything around the city 
    you want. Then head to West Park and enter the battleground through 
    the men's bathroom.
    BATTLE: As soon as you exit the bathroom stall, you'll be pitted in a 
    fight against several yakuza. All of these except one pose very little 
    threat. His name is Hori and he has a ridiculously large sledgehammer, 
    oh look he's far away. As he approaches you, take out the small fry 
    here with your normal set of combos. One good strategy is to take out 
    one of the sword wielders first, then whenever you've gathered 
    enough HEAT grab it and go HEAT attack Hori. It does a good deal of 
    damage and with the five other yakuza at your disposal, it's easy to 
    repeat. Once you've sufficiently dealt with Hori, head across the way 
    to deal with the pistol wielding enemy who's scrambling on the ground 
    scared shitless.
    Defeat him and grab the pistol, then head forward to grab yourself a 
    health item. Then turn around and head toward the building to enter 
    it. Once inside you'll see some yakuza very poorly pretending to me 
    mannequins, watch out for the QTE before the actual fight.
    BATTLE: This next battle can be super annoying but it's not difficult. The 
    smaller enemies here are easy enough, but the grapple you 
    incessantly. One time I think I literally got stuck for a good thirty 
    seconds of nothing but one after the other grappling. The only real 
    threat though is the baton wielder (because we know how stupid they 
    are), but thankfully he's not as dumbly programmed as Saito. Use the 
    mannequins to your advantage though; if you can get enough room to 
    swing it'll knock everyone over, including baton man. This is perfect for 
    a HEAT action set-up.
    Trounce the last man and he'll scurry off down the hallway. Follow him 
    into the next room and as you approach the escalators five more 
    yakuza will attack.
    BATTLE: Another group of four easy opponents and one moderate 
    one. The fat guy does that crazy E. Honda thousand fists nonsense, but 
    just back away to avoid it. There's another Toughness health item on 
    this battlefield though so if he hits you, you can take it. Other than 
    that, just kill off the weaker opponents with a combo or two and deal 
    with the fatty by himself. Destroy the barricade and head up the 
    escalators. Turn left and enter the fancy looking store for three more 
    yakuza to attack you.
    BATTLE: The same baton wielder from earlier (Nakanowatari) and two 
    of the higher health grunt enemies. The most significant thing about 
    this fight is the fact you can watch Kiryu beat people to death with 
    handbags. =D
    Finish off the baton wielder for the final time and leave the store. 
    Head down the hall to see another frightened pistol man. Off him 
    quickly and take his weapon, maybe we'll get to keep it this time. Take 
    the hallway to the right and head up some stairs to the next floor. 
    Follow the walkway until you reach a dead end with a shop on the left. 
    Go inside to reach your next fight.
    BATTLE: Here you'll meet another unique enemy named Suzumiya, 
    he's got a shotgun (but he's not a hobo). This can be very annoying 
    since it shoots way faster than a shotgun should be able to and he 
    doesn't have to reload, but if you went to Komaki's training sessions 
    you'll have a pretty amazing HEAT move to use against weapon 
    wielding opponents that I totally forgot about until I did it on him. With 
    that in mind, destroy his two small fry companions and build up 
    enough HEAT to attack him twice and you should be good. Also, you 
    did get to keep the pistol from the previous area, so unload on him as 
    soon as you get in there. The mannequins here can also be used as 
    weapons, but they're much too slow to deal with the shotgun blasts.
    Now that you're done with them, pick up the shotgun and head 
    around the walkway to another barricade. There's two enemies here 
    on the scaffolding with pistols, but I just ran past them and into the 
    elevator room.
    BATTLE: Somehow Suzumiya's already managed to get up from his 
    previous beating, grab another shotgun, and two more thugs because 
    here he is to ambush you again. Since you've got the shotgun from the 
    last area go ahead and waste it on Suzumiya and if the others get 
    caught in the blast radius: the more the merrier. Now that you've 
    probably got your HEAT up, use that disarm HEAT and take out 
    Suzumiya; once he's down three more thugs will show up from inside 
    the elevator. Grab his shotgun and take them all out with two or three 
    shots. Three more will show up, fire away skipper!
    Grab the bat from the ground and ride the elevator up to the 
    penthouse floors. 
    BATTLE: Once you're off the elevator, a machine gun wielding foe will 
    be poised in front of you. Make a dash for the wall either side of him 
    and wait for him to finish firing. Then charge and kick his ass. Destroy 
    the barrier in front of you and you'll be met with two more brainless 
    enemies. Pull off a couple of combos to put them out of their misery.
    Now here's where my overall direction skills will fail you because I took 
    the longer way around. Basically I went left at the next intersection 
    when I should've gone right and been there in two seconds. Instead I 
    ran out and took out all the remaining guards (easy) and then entered 
    the room with the open door to my next "real" battle.
    BATTLE: Three guys in a small room, but they're all ridiculously easy to 
    down. It should be noted though that there's a tone of weapons all 
    around you to make sure you get the job done even quicker. It'll be 
    like that for a bit.
    Exit the northern door of the room and you'll once again be 
    transplanted in a "maze" of hallways and flame retardant doors. I just 
    followed the map where the enemies were systematically taking them 
    all out to give me more experience, but you can just go straight for the 
    exit near the top most enemy who is a machine gunner "guarding" the 
    BATTLE: Watch out as the would-be samurai attempts to slice you in 
    the QTE. Another battle with mostly nobodies though there is another 
    E. Honda here; utilize the weapons scattered around the area and take 
    out any weapon wielding enemies first. Although at this late juncture 
    in the game, if I have to tell you to pick up weapons I'm not sure you're 
    playing the game right. =P
    Head out the door and clear the following hallway of its four totally 
    pointless enemies. Then turn right into the room beside the trick 
    barrier (I say trick barrier because then sentence originally made me 
    look very foolish) for another fight.
    BATTLE: Uh, it's five guys (and not the burger joint). Kill them. Though I 
    will say bro-kun the spear made me o_O when I first saw him.
    Head out the opposite door and down the hallway to enter a QTE to 
    jump over the elevator shaft. Go through the door on your left.
    BATTLE: As you enter this darkly lit room, watch out for the QTE or 
    you'll take a hefty bit of damage. Several of these enemies wield 
    weapons but there aren't any that can do significant damage to you. 
    Two of them do have extended health bars, but you can take them out 
    with ease. NOTE! Do not use all of your HEAT in this battle; save it for 
    the final encounter to come. 
    Grab the Key to Kamurocho Hills off of one of the dead bad guys and 
    go through the door ahead to reach the roof and enter your final 
    theoretically this should be a pretty difficult boss fight since it's four 
    versus one, right? Nope, here's the perfect strategy. You should have 
    some HEAT still if you listened to my advice so first things first are to 
    run and HEAT attack Suzumiya. That'll take about half of his health 
    down, so you can either attack him directly to kill him or attack the 
    others a bit to build up HEAT again. I did the latter. Use HEAT on him 
    again and grab the shotgun. Sprint to the other side of the fighting 
    arena a just sit there shooting the gun in the direction of the 
    approaching enemies. With this strategy when I finished firing the gun 
    Hori was dead and Nakanowatari had one short combo of health left. I 
    finished him off and all that left me was Ijuin with about 55% health 
    left. At that point, all you have to do is do a quick combo to gather 
    HEAT, grab a weapon, and unleash it on him. He'll go down in no time 
    and you'll defeat all four of them without taking but maybe three or 
    four hits.
    With the boss fight done, head up the stairs to see the ending 
    sequence of Kiryu's part. A laughable exchange between Kiryu and 
    Katsuragi, I mean, did Kiryu really think he could be trusted? Then 
    things go a bit haywire when the bodies start piling up. Kido shows up 
    with the money, and then shoots Katsuragi claiming loyalty to Arai. 
    Then Arai shows up and shoots Kido because he's just a bastard. Now 
    remember when I said things went haywire, well here's where I just 
    start banging my head into cement. Yasuko goes and unties Saejima 
    who rushes over to Katsuragi because he knows he's still alive. Sure 
    enough, Katsuragi was wearing a bulletproof vest. Then instead of 
    throwing his ass off the building Saejima walks away and gets shot by 
    Katsuragi who pulls a gun. Yasuko then proceeds to shield Saejima 
    from the next bullet and gets shot in the back. Let me reiterate, SHE 
    GETS SHOT IN THE BACK. Yasuko then proceeds to very slowly and 
    calmly walk over to Katsuragi, who is shooting at her the whole time 
    and missing, and have a talk with Saejima while putting a bullet in 
    this was like the dumbest thing I had ever seen in my life. It was 
    tragedy for the sake of tragedy; Yasuko definitely had no business 
                               Finale: Requiem (FIN)
    It's here! The finale of Yakuza 4! Here we'll find answers to all the 
    burning questions left throughout the game, and undoubtedly be left 
    with a few unanswered for the sequel. This final chapter opens up 
    with Munakata berating Arai for not grabbing all the untraceable cash 
    left at Kamurocho Hills. He then goes on to try and have Arai kidnap 
    Haruka and the other children at Sunshine Orphanage. Instead, Arai 
    blows his brains out. (Okay, so maybe he's not a total bastard.)
    Back at New Serena everyone is at a loss as to what to do at this 
    juncture. Saejima gets pissed and leaves, Akiyama is mourning Yasuko 
    in Sky Finance, and Kiryu gets a call from Haruka saying that Hamazaki 
    died in the hospital from a gunshot wound. Haruka recants her 
    previous feelings toward Hamazaki. Kiryu finds Saejima on the roof and 
    relays Hamazaki's dying message to him. Then the four protagonists 
    have a bonding moment on top of the roof as they plan for their 
    destiny. Back in New Serena Akiyama will come up with a plan to 
    gather all the common threats in the same place at once. With the four 
    Japanese Musketeers ready to go; they know it's all or nothing.
    Now you have control of all four characters. Simply talk to any of them 
    to switch back and forth. Now's the time to do any sub stories, 
    purchase health items, gain experience, unlock abilities, play mini-
    games, etc. etc. ad infinitum. You'll have the entire city unlocked to all 
    four people for the first and last time so make good use of it. Of special 
    note is to buy Tanimura a bulletproof vest as this will come EXTREMELY 
    in handy during the final encounter. Once you're down gallivanting 
    around town, talk to Date to start the end of the game.
    You know this shit's about to get epic when you see all four of them 
    mourning Yasuko's death dressed in their best Men in Black attire. 
    After paying their respects, the four head to the Millennium Tower. 
    The next scene is honestly a cluster-fuck of nonsense. Arai calls out 
    Dojima, who had been controlling Kido from the shadows, saying that 
    basically he's not man enough to do things for himself and by the way I 
    figure out your whole plan. Then Dojima laughs and is all, "It's for the 
    good of the clan" I did what I had to do to protect Tojo UNLIKE YOU 
    ARAI. Then it turns out Arai isn't even yakuza; he's a cop. He starts 
    spouting off some more self-edifying garbage about "following your 
    true self even in the face of destiny" when Munakata comes out from 
    nowhere and is all, "Sup guys, I'm alive." He shoots Arai with the same 
    gun Arai shot him with to show him they were just rubber bullets 
    (again, HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THE LACK OF BLOOD). Then Munakata 
    surrounds them with some sort of SWAT team completely loyal to him 
    and is just about to kill them all; when our heroes come to save the 
    day. They fly a helicopter, blowing all the money away in the process, 
    down to the launch pad and get out looking LIKE BOSSES. They each go 
    to their respective nemesis and say some words with total bravado; 
    then the actual fighting starts. 
    BOSS FIGHT - ARAI: Okay so I broke from what I've been doing the 
    entire guide thus far and waited until the end of the fight to type this 
    strategy up. Basically, Arai is just a copy of Akiyama. His fighting style 
    is very similar, as is his speed and attack power. Now while this may 
    seem like a bad thing; it really means that you are able to get a feel for 
    free early on the pattern the fight will take. It's not a short battle as 
    Arai has like five or six health bars, but there's not a lot of mechanics to
    it either. It's a small arena, but try to keep some amount of distance 
    between you and him as you plug away at his health slowly but surely. 
    Small, quick, and simple combos are the key to victory here, though 
    you don't necessarily have to always be on the run. When he's not in 
    HEAT mode, a good way to get as much damage as possible done to 
    Arai is as follows: small triple Square combo, block while he's attack, 
    and then repeat. That's it, that's really all you have to do as his attacks 
    won't break your guard when he's not in HEAT. Once he is there 
    however, keep your distance and still just keep hitting the quick 
    combos. If he manages to knock you down you'll enter that QTE just as 
    you're getting up. When he's down to around half health you'll enter 
    into another QTE where the timing has to be very precise as it gives 
    you probably less than 1.5 seconds to react. After that he'll either be 
    dead or nearly there so finish him off. 
    Now we move on to Saejima and Kido's fight. After some brief words 
    of "encouragement" from both; they DUEL!
    BOSS FIGHT - KIDO: Again, I waited till I finished the battle to type this 
    out to really get a feel for everything. Kido is a powerhouse just like 
    Saejima (which leads me to believe the next two battles will be against 
    similar opponents to Tanimura and Kiryu), but is slightly faster. He'll 
    quickstep around your combos often, but don't mind this as even if 
    your combos miss push the thumb stick in the direction of Kido and 
    your charge attack will hit him. There are two BIG things to watch out 
    for while fighting Kido though: 1) When he glows dark red in HEAT, he'll 
    stomp the ground and the go insane and start comboing like nobody's 
    business. Back away from this as quickly as possible unless you want to 
    lose a lot of health. When he's done with the rush, he'll pause for a 
    few seconds allowing you to wallop him good. 2) Also when he's in 
    HEAT mode, Kido will charge you and lunge grapple you. If you're 
    caught by this it's unblockable, but you'll have to mash X to prevent 
    any more damage from being done. Once you've worn Kido down 
    enough in his last health bar, he'll start to regenerate it a bit. It'll 
    more than like be about one full bar now. Take it down again and he'll do 
    it once more. However, this time once he's finished charging you'll enter 
    a QTE with much nicer time slots than Arai's. Hit the correct sequence 
    to put him at nary any health; then finish him off.
    Moving on we'll see Kiryu and Dojima rip off their tuxes (I really do 
    wonder how they manage to do that in one swipe) and have probably 
    the most meaningful conversation out of all the fights.
    BOSS FIGHT - DOJIMA: Well this was slightly disappointing; the entire 
    battle is ridiculously boring and bland and ugh. Anyways, as you start 
    out just rain down some combos onto him as this'll be the only chance 
    you get to actually do anything productive. Knock him down and use 
    your HEAT action to take practically an entire bar of health down. At 
    this point you're thinking, "oh so it's an easy fight" nope not quite. 
    After being hit with HEAT he'll go into his own HEAT mode... and stay 
    there... for the rest of the fight. I'm serious. The entire rest of the 
    fight Dojima was continuously in HEAT mode. So from then on out it's just, 
    quick combo then run, quick combo then run. He hardly takes any 
    damage and there's really nothing you can do about it unless you've 
    got any HEAT upping items. Even then you'll only do well till he scores a 
    couple hits on you and you lose HEAT. Bleh. So yeah, after the first bar 
    of health is gone he'll do a QTE so watch out for that. Then when he's 
    about half a bar of health left he'll do another one that's really lame. All
    you do is mash X and then his hand gets broken after Kiryu and him 
    BROFIST! By this time you should be able to finish him off without much 
    Swap over to Tanimura and you'll get to see him resign from the police 
    force and get ready to kill Munakata. Now we're finally here, the last 
    fight of the entire game and you get to fight hordes of enemies 
    instead of a singular final boss; OH YEAH!
    BOSS FIGHT - MUNAKATA & SWAT TEAM: Okay so remember up there 
    when I said, "Make sure to grab the bulletproof vest for Tanimura" 
    that's because when I played this the first time I had no idea it existed. 
    Furthermore, this battle took way longer than it should have because 
    of this. My friend who I told about the fight described it as, "You 
    brought a Totodile and a hundred Super Potions to five the damn Elite 
    Four" So yeah, if you've gotten this far and you didn't heed my advice, 
    you better have stocked up on Toughness ZZ's or be REALLY damn 
    good at this game or you're going to be rage facing pretty hard in a few 
    minutes. It starts you out fighting six regular old bodyguards, but with a 
    catch. Munakata is firing his pistol at you from afar. You'd think that 
    putting the enemies in between you and him would stop some of the 
    gunfire, but you'd be wrong. Munakata has some sort of wicked sixth 
    sense and can warp the bullets Wanted style through the crowd of 
    enemies and miraculously hit you every time. However, what he can't 
    do is shot you when you've got a guy arm barred. As in, if you hear that 
    revolver clicking you best be grappling someone in a hurry. So that's 
    the name of the game from here on out: Grapple. Grapple into an arm 
    bar, grapple into a throw, grapple into a kick and combo, just make 
    sure your new best friend is the Circle button. Everyone can be 
    grappled even his elite guards so it makes this more a test of timing 
    than a test of skill. Once you've cleared out some of the main guards he'll
    send his personal detail out to fight. The two Elite Bodyguards are armed
    with knives and the Bodyguard Captain's attacks stun you instantly. Don't
    worry though, GRAPPLE! At this point, actually let yourself get surrounded 
    because you'll get sucked into a QTE that pretty much instantly kills a 
    few guards. After this, Munakata will probably tells his three bro-kuns 
    to retreat. Finish of the few remaining regular bodyguards and they'll 
    get sent back out. This is the trickiest part of the fight because while 
    the Captain can be grappled he won't allow himself to be arm barred. 
    So it becomes a game of trying to build HEAT on the two Elites, while 
    dodging bullets, so you can attack the Captain with a HEAT action. The 
    main problem with this is that the Elites die too quickly and you're left 
    with the Captain and Munakata firing at you. If you've got a bulletproof 
    vest, this is no big deal; but if you don't, now you'll see where the 
    Pokemon reference comes in to play. Basically, I just mashed the 
    Square button for all it was worth and wore down the Captain. Healing 
    myself whenever I got too low and praying I didn't run out of 
    Toughness ZZ's. Thankfully I didn't, and after that it's pretty much go 
    beat up Munakata time. He'll try to run, but you can catch him very 
    easily and combo his ass till he's defeated.
    This is it! Sit back and enjoy the final cut scene of the game where 
    everything is finally resolved! I won't spoil it for you here as it's a 
    pretty awesome ending. (P.S. Watch after the credits.)
                              Closing Comments (CLC)
    Well there you have it folks, Yakuza 4's storyline in its entirety! 
    However, this barely even scratched the surface of all there is to offer 
    in Yakuza 4. When I completed the game I had only 7.54% complete! 
    And that was with 36 hours of game play! (Of course, pausing to write 
    the guide did factor into the total time played.) Now that you've 
    beaten the game you'll unlock several new modes for you to go back 
    and experience this game to the fullest. I hope you enjoyed my guide 
    and I hope even more that it was helpful for you in any places you 
    might have been stuck or fights you just couldn't seem to win. Thanks 
    go out to my bro Jimmah Chestah who let me borrow his PS3 to play 
    this game, SEGA for creating the Yakuza series and putting out a pretty 
    nicely made product, GameFAQs and its wonderful community for 
    helping me with the penning of my guide (especially horror_spooky!), 
    and finally, you, ADRIAN, for reading this guide to its completion. 
    Till next time, ~kliqIMB

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