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    FAQ/Walkthrough by awritingdog

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                              YAKUZA 4
            Densetsu o Tsugumono - Successor of the Legend
                Action-Adventure Game for PlayStation 3
      A Yakuza 4 Guide
      Version 1.1 
      Sponsored by Sky Finance, Ebisu Pawn and Toughness ZZ
      Created by awritingdog for GameFAQs and Neoseeker
      Copyright 2012 Mario Rustan
      Mail: politicsbrat@gmail.com
      Yakuza/Ryuu ga Gotoku franchise is a property of Sega
    What's new: New publication licenses, correcting typos and wrong information,
    and improving grammars, expressions, and examples.
    1. Introduction
    2. Why I Write
    3. Thank You
    4. About Yakuza 
    5. The Story So Far
    6. Game Mechanism
    7. Glossary
    8. Walkthrough
       8.1 Shun Akiyama
       8.2 Taiga Saejima
       8.3 Masayoshi Tanimura
       8.4 Kazuma Kiryu
       8.5 Finale
    9. Substories: How to Become the Friendly Neighborhood Yakuza
       9.1 Akiyama
       9.2 Saejima
       9.3 Tanimura
       9.4 Kiryu
    10. Challenges
        10.1 Lockers
        10.2 Dining
        10.3 Modding
        10.4 Friends
        10.5 Revelations
        10.6 Minigames
        10.7 Hostesses & Hostess Maker
        10.8 No.1 Hostess Maker
        10.9 Saigo's Training
        10.10 Master's Helper
        10.11 Nair's Kumite
        10.12 Coliseum
        10.13 Fighter Maker
        10.14 Police Scanner
        10.15 Gang Encounters
        10.16 IF7-R
        10.17 HEAT Action
    11. Conclusion
    Yakuza 4 is the fourth game in Sega's criminal action-adventure series.
    You are Kazuma Kiryu, a former chairman of the Tojo Clan and descendant of
    Miyamoto Musashi. In every game in the series you roam the fictional 
    area of Kamurocho, based on the real red light district of Kabukicho in 
    Shinjuku, Tokyo. 
    In this fourth episode, Kiryu continues his retirement in Okinawa. 
    The district, of course, are still full of sinful activities with plenty of 
    interesting characters tied up to the yakuza's bloody businesses.
    Besides Kiryu, you will play three other characters with unique 
    personalities. All of them, however, are well-versed in street fighting and
    have the knack to help out strangers.
      2. WHY I WRITE
    Although I have played video games for more than two decades, I always see 
    myself as a casual gamer.The Internet helps me out with walkthroughs, and 
    it nulled out the necessity of games guides and magazines that were important
    for the children of 1990s. When I see that Yakuza 4 still doesn't have enough
    FAQs and walkthroughs it deserves, I think I need to make my own. Plus, I
    think I want to make a game guide as a writing project, and of course to help
    other players enjoying and solving this variety show of a game. 
      3. THANK YOU
    In completing the game and in making this guide, I owe much to Yakuza wiki @
    Wikia, BreadSkin and yewjhin from ps3trophies.org, and Ice Queen Zero and 
    kliqIMB from Gamefaqs.com. Thank you. Also thank you ThePatrick for 
    comprehensive guides for past Yakuza titles.
    With the success of Grand Theft Auto, of course many game companies want
    to create their own 'crime simulator'. Sega released Yakuza for PlayStation 2
    internationally in 2006, and it was sadly not recieved well due to its English
    dubbing. Yakuza 2 was released as the last action-adventure game for PS2, and
    it went well, perhaps as action-adventure fans were disappointed with the PS2
    versions of GTA's Liberty City & Vice City Stories. Yakuza 3, the debutant
    for PS3, was disappointing again for a reason. Sega America complained that 
    they had not enough time to localize all the mini-games and substories and
    had to cut a big portion of those. Add that with the doubt that Western gamers
    would be interested with the dating sims and minigames involving massage etc.
    Yakuza 4 assumes that gamers worldwide want to enjoy Japanese games like 
    the Japanese gamers do. The game case advertises all the activities available,
    from karaoke to table tennis to yes, the courting of hostesses. Four playable
    characters seem to be a winning strategy too, as fans want aging hero Kiryu to
    have more comrade-in-arms and that the franchise's world is broadly expanding.
    Besides the eventual Yakuza 5, Yakuza is of course expanding into Vita and
    even includes a non-canonical zombie game. In many ways, it is Japanese 
    beloved answer to GTA*, and it has its unique charms which even GTA can't 
    provide. More on this later.
    *Sega can argue that it pioneers the 3D action adventure sandbox game with
    its tragically doomed Shenmue, released one year before GTA III. 
    Yakuza 4 is a very story-driven game and it shows that none of incident in
    the saga is a separate incident - all the vilains, the women, and the 
    conspiracy throughout the last five years (and more) of the life of Kazuma
    Kiryu is connected. I recommend you to read below to understand what every
    characters in Yakuza 4 are talking about.
    PROLOGUE - Direct-to-DVD "Like a Dragon" (2006)
    In 1970s, yakuza Shintaro Kazama (his name is changed to Fuma in international 
    versions of the  franchise) funded the lives of three children in an 
    orphanage - Kazuma Kiryu, Akira Nishikiyama (Nishiki in i.v.), and his sister 
    Yuko. Ten years later another girl joined the orphranage - Yumi Sawamura. 
    Fuma was responsible for  the death of the children's parents. When they 
    became teenagers, they were introducted to his La Familia, the Dojima Family.
    Kazuma became a rising star of the Dojima Family and naturally Akira was 
    jealous. Naturally, they also fell for Yumi. In 1990, Yumi moved to Kamurocho
    and worked in Serena bar. 
    In 1995, Kazuma Kiryu wanted to build his own family. The Dojima boss, Sohei,
    kidnapped Yumi and raped her. Nishiki killed him. Kazuma saw the scene 
    and told Nishiki and Yumi to run away. The police got him and he was jailed 
    for murder.
    YAKUZA (set in 2005, released internationally in 2006)
    Kiryu was released from prison in 2005 as a marked man. Yumi was missing and 
    the Tojo Clan, which the Dojima Family belongs, had lost ten billion yen 
    (that's about $100 million). 
    Kiryu befriended Yuya,who owned Stardust, a host club. Then he met Haruka, 
    an orphan who was connected to the hunt for the 10 billion. He found 
    her mother, Yumi, who conceived Haruka with Kyohei Jingu, who reclaimed back 
    his 10 billion from the Tojo Clan's vault. Yumi, tired of running, wanted
    to destroy all the money with a bomb.
    Kiryu fought Jingu and met Nishiki, now a top officer of Tojo who had become
    a cold person. Yuko died from illness soon after Kiryu was imprisoned and he
    believed that Yumi loved Kiryu more. All that left for him was the power in 
    the Tojo Clan.The two brothers fought and Yumi sacrificed her life when Jingu 
    attempted to shoot Kiryu. Nishiki killed Jingu and setting off the bomb,
    exploding the ten billion yen from the Millennium Tower to the streets below. 
    All of them dead, so Kiryu adopted Haruka, his memento of Yumi.
    YAKUZA 2 (set in 2006-2007, released internationally in 2008)
    Yukio Terada, the chairman of the Tojo clan, was gunned down as he was
    speaking with Kiryu in a cemetery.The killers were identified as members of
    the Omi Alliance, Kyoto-Osaka's rival to the Tojo Clan. Kiryu proposed Daigo
    Dojima as the next successor. Of course he was bitter with the killer of his
    father. Kiryu dragged Daigo to Osaka to speak to Jin Goda, the Omi chairman.
    In the middle of the peace talk, Goda's son Ryuji launched a coup. The fight
    between Kiryu and Ryuji was broke down by the Osakan police and Kiryu was 
    put under the custody of Detective Kaoru Sayama. Sayama believed that the Tojo
    Clan killed her parents and went back to Kamurocho with Kiryu. 
    Eventually, it was revealed that Kiryu, Fuma, Ryuji, and Sayama's parents, 
    and even Terada were in the same building in an 1980s Christmas Eve. Fuma was
    launching a hit on the Korean mafia group Jingweon, led by Ryuji's father.
    Kiryu witnessed the massacre and Detective Jiro Kawara, who was trailing Fuma,
    took the Jingweon boss' surviving wife and her baby. He married her and they
    had Kaoru, while the baby was adopted by Jin Goda and named Ryuji.
    The Jingweon planned to bomb Kamurocho to avenge their fallen brothers, while
    the Omi Alliance under Ryuji planned to invade Kamurocho to destroy Tojo.
    Kiryu's frenemy, Majima Goro, drove back the Osakans and defused the bombs 
    with help from Sayama. Kiryu fought Ryuji on the top of the 
    Kamurocho Hills, and found the plot mastermind, Terada. He was a 
    Jingweon member and faked his own death. Ryuji acted chivalrious and 
    died for taking a bullet to protect his half-sister.
    YAKUZA 3 (set in in 2009, released internationally in 2010)
    Although Kiryu and Sayama were in love, they decided to split path. Sayama
    moved to United States while Kiryu moved to Okinawa with Haruka to open
    an orphanage. 
    The government planned to take over Kiryu's neighborhood, but the plan
    was split between making the beach into a missile defense base or a resort.
    Whatever the decision, the Tojo Clan and their affiliates in Okinawa were
    interested. Rising stars in Tojo were also trying to make their marks, 
    including Goh Hamazaki, who dealt with the Triads of Yokohama, and Yoshitaka
    Mine, who made even more money from legal trades. They arranged for the 
    shooting of Daigo Dojima and threatening Majima to get out of their way.
    The Minister of Defense revealed to Kiryu that the missile defense base
    was a bait designed by CIA and his ministry to lure The Black Monday, an
    American weapon smuggling gang based in Okinawa. His rival, the Minister 
    of Land, employed the help of the Tojo Clan, who sought profit from the 
    resort plan. Both CIA and the Tojo were not averse to assassination and
    kidnapping to fulfill their goal.
    So in Okinawa and Kamurocho Kiryu battled the Tojo pretenders, their allies
    in Okinawa, and the Black Monday members. Mine threw himself from the 
    Millennium Tower together with Andre Richardson, leader of the Black Monday.
    in the epilogue, an angry Hamazaki stabbed Kiryu. He survived, and so did 
    Daigo, while Hamazaki was imprisoned.
    Kiryu is in Okinawa, living together with Haruka. A lazy money lender opens
    his business above Kiryu's haunt New Serena. He says that he got his wealth
    when money literally rained down five years ago. A corrupt cop is touring 
    Kamurocho's seedy lanes and Little Asia, a slum housing illegal migrants
    from other Asian nations. Daigo and Majima are back in clan leadership. 
    In a secret Okinawan prison, Goh Hamazaki is about to get a new friend. 
    Be warned that Yakuza is a highly VIOLENT game with frequent visible blood.
    People are not getting shot here. They are beaten in every imaginable way
    using hammers, bats, pliers (yes), trash cans, and so on. They would not
    die, but are battered and bloodied by the time you leave them. It's for this
    reason that you never fight women, it'd be just wrong (GTA also doesn't want
    to venture on that).
    Regarding the CORE STORY, Yakuza 4 is quite a simple game. Your character
    would receive phone call, text (called mail in Japan, since they use e-mail
    system rather than text messaging), and prompts from other characters on 
    where to go next. Of course, the direction of your next destination is also 
    marked in your mini-map.You SAVE by facing a public phone booth and pressing
    You solve problems by BEATING UP bad guys. Employ mixtures of light attack,
    heavy attack, blocks, and grab and throw. Signature of the Yakuza series is
    Heat Action, which you trigger by pressing Triangle when your character
    emits blue or even red flame and you and your enemy are in the 'hotspot'. Make
    sure people around you don't object to the very violent scene that will
    occur. There will be blood.  
    Whether you are in Kamurocho or other areas, you will RUN along the
    neighborhood. Taxi are available on the edges of the map to teleport you
    (for a fee) to another side of the map or to areas such as docks, airport,
    or golf club. You'll run and walk, never drive.You'll never leave the district
    like in GTA. 
    There are stationary civilians with GREEN ARROWS above their heads. Approach
    them and press X to hear a good banter between themselves, a clue for your
    next move, and other kinds of info. Starting in Yakuza 4, civilians with blue
    arrows above their heads have something to tell about the game. Hearing them
    out earn you 500 XPs, so talk to them.
    Yakuza is rooted in the Japanese tradition of action RPG. You EARN XPs by
    eating and drinking real and varied meals, beating up enemies, and finishing
    quests. Think of Kamurocho as an enclosed RPG world. The civilians are 
    the NPCs. They give you quests, which is based on daily situations (or its
    exaggeration). Punks are intercepting you constantly, as if your look doesn't
    intimidate them. They are like the random monsters who will drop items or
    money after you beat them.
    So, you go to a spot, get a SIMPLE PUZZLE that can be solved by talking
    to nearby people and moving to several shops to buy items. Before you know
    it, if you just moving toward the next waypoints, you'll face the boss. And
    just like many other Japanese games, you'll encounter long and dramatic
    full motion video cutscenes and also plenty of cutscenes where characters
    are sitting down and talking in text. Press R1 and x if you want to skip
    through the lines.
    It's rather more fun to play Yakuza by tackling as many as SIDE QUESTS and 
    mini games as you can. That is why I'm writing this FAQ. While the core game
    itself is straightforward, the side dishes will really take your time away. 
    The game itself is designed that way - the core story involves just about
    a dozen of missions, unlike 80+ missions you must complete in GTA. Characters
    will prompt you to "prepare" before a showdown, while effectively they invite
    you to try gambling, helping a hostess' personal problem (with happy ending), 
    or eating and drinking as you much you can without weight gain.
    Now and then you'll get cutscenes, even the FMV ones when you just leave your
    safehouse or entering a store. They don't necessarily form the core story.
    As long it's not involving high-level yakuza powerplay, it's just a side 
    quest, which is called SUBSTORIES and CHALLENGES.
    Of course, attempting and solving them will earn you money, XP, valuable
    items, laughs, and even important info regarding the characters' background.
    They are what making Kamurocho feels realistic. If nothing else, they 
    tell you fads, social problems, prejudices, and world views one faces daily
    in Japan and other parts of Asia. Even in your local Chinatown.
    When you are done with the story, Yakuza can serve as a virtual life game, an 
    adult The Sims 3 (with even tamer visualization of WooHoo, actually). 
    Choose "New Premium Adventure Game"and you're free to fish, play mahjong,
    dressing up college girls desperate for money, and playing bowling with them.
      7. GLOSSARY
    Chairman: The Godfather of a Yakuza family. The chronology from the 
    foundation of the outfit is numbered. So some people remember Kiryu as the 
    Fourth (well interim, and it didn't go well for him), and Daigo is the Sixth.
    Say that Vito Corleone is the First Chairman of the Corleone Family (and
    of the Five Families Clan) and Michael is the Third (after Sonny).
    Host(ess): A professional drinking companion in a club. Lonely men and women
    enter the club to have a sweet conversation with gorgeous boys and girls 
    while being prompted to buy expensive drinks and food. The goal is not sex
    but illusion of romantic companionship. Kiryu and other heroes of Yakuza 4
    can do much better than the other guys with these gals.
    Kamurocho Hills: An office and mall complex which is perpetually under
    construction, located in the northeast of Kamurucho.The lucrative land
    is the MacGuffin of Yakuza saga as factions try to wrest its control from
    Majima and Daigo. 
    Kansai: The area surrounding Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, and their satellite cities.
    Kansai people see themselves as more outspoken and outgoing than their Kanto
    rivals.The Osakans speak a distinct accent often translated as Southern U.S.
    accents in American subtitles and dubs.
    Kanto: The area surrounding Tokyo and its satellite cities, including
    Patriach: The founder of a Yakuza outfit.
    Purgatory: An underground entertainment complex maintaned by Majima and
    super-informant Kage the Florist. Kiryu can fight in the complex's Coliseum.
    Ryugujo: Named after the Japanese Atlantis, it was an abandoned building
    used as a dwelling by the homeless (with every sequel, the numbers of homeless
    increased, reflecting the reality). Later on it became a secret casino.
    Triad: General term for Chinese crime organizations. While Japan has less 
    significant presence of ethnic Chinese compared to those in Western and Asian 
    countries, Chinese crime groups are deemed significant rivals for the Yakuza.
    In the past they came from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and now groups from
    People's Republic of China are also expanding into Tokyo.
    Yakuza: The Japanese crime organization. They have been around for centuries.
    While police and government everywhere have mutual secret interests with the
    mafia, the Yakuza is not illegal to exist. The government and police credit
    them for keeping the streets of Japan safe, and those same people and members
    of the public credit them for preserving the Japanese tradition of chivalry
    and samurai. The Yakuza's parlance and terms are not imitated after the 
    samurai. They have used their own unique language since they lived 
    side-by-side with the samurai five hundred years ago.
    Step into the streets and head north to hotel district. Congratulations,
    your first XPs through memo. Komaki is Kiryu's martial arts teacher. Now
    pay attention for any civilian sporting blue arrow. You can read the memos
    anytime by pressing START and go into the Memos section. Go through the 
    fighting tutorial. When the game says that you can upgrade your abilities,
    press START and purchase new skills with your soul points. 
    You'll meet Kamiyama. He has sold and repaired weapon for Kiryu and he has
    a brother in Okinawa.I suggest to pay him a visit later on as you need weapons
    and armors in hand when facing bosses. Talk to people as you are prompted
    and watch the cutscene. Trouble's brewing. Go to Club Elnard. You won't
    go there again in this game so don't bother to memorize the location. You'll
    get the second fighting tutorial. Follow the instructions. Good, now you
    have the HEAT MODE. Employ them often. The game loves it and so will you.
    They'll knock out regular enemies and deal big damages for bosses.
    Whoa, whoa? Just going there and there and it's boss fight already? Yes, 
    that's the way with Yakuza games. Writing walkthrough is the easy part of my
    project. Things that you can use as a weapon are marked with a red arrow.
    Use circle to grab them, smash them at Ihara. And when he's down to half of
    his health, Ihara will use his own HEAT ACTION. Get ready to press the 
    correct buttons to break his attack and counter him.
    Great, the first fatality. Americans, be aware that guns are very illegal
    in Japan and it's a serious crime to hold one, especially a smoking gun.
    Setback to Akiyama's past and how the explosion in Yakuza 1 saved him from
    poverty. By this time you should have a crush on Hana. The secretary is 
    a chubby digital version of voice actress Aya Hirano, who took anime fandom
    by storm as Haruhi Suzumiya. Her stern phone calls will remind you of Haruhi 
    bossing on Kyon (although she's the sensible one in this pairing).
    Now you'll get plenty of random encounters. Don't hate them. They build up
    XPs and if you get hurt, that's a good reason to visit a nearby eatery and
    order something. The bully will give you money, or an energy drink which 
    serves as your health recovery items (PACK DOZEN OF THEM BEFORE BIG BOSS 
    FIGHTS), or two kind of items. You can SELL ornaments in Ebisu Pawn (in a 
    small lane in the southwest of the map) or store metals in a phone booth. 
    Gears, battery and like are used for weapon mods.Visit Kamiyama for your 
    inner-MacGyver work.
    You can also begin key hunting. Look for shining spots on the street, above
    platforms, and on the floor. These are locker keys and the lockers' locations
    are on the map. Unlock the locker to get more items. Nothing is junk. 
    Everything can be sold at Ebisu.
    Akiyama will meet Lily. She will be connected with all the four protagonists.
    Now you have Sky Finance as your safehouse. You can save, you can arrange
    your item pack, and view stats.  
    You'll go to see Kido. As you leave, Hana calls for another client meeting.
    This is not part of the core story. It's your first side quest, so I won't
    discuss it now. 
    After talking to Kido, you'll fight the Shibata Family. Akiyama's not yakuza 
    but he's got involved too much with the men of "the other world". 
    Get the armed people first. They present the greatest threats and you can
    use their weapons. Just like in Double Dragon.
    Now you have the tutorial for the CHASE BATTLE. This time you become the 
    chased one. I heard many Americans dislike this segment. Certainly it's
    annoying when you become the chased one esp. when you get touched by the 
    policeman. Later you'll see when you chase someone, it'd become ridiciously
    easy. Of course, you'll never chase a boss in core story (well...). 
    In Japanese culture, talking in front of the urinal is permitted, since
    it's much harder to talk about confidental matters outside (in business 
    sense). Go out, save a lady in distress and a bald military man approaches 
    you. This is a quest. His name is Saigo and he wants to train you in combat.
    Now you're in another Chase Battle Tutorial. See, the person you chase will 
    keep running in circle, it's quite easy to throw things at him and you can 
    always restore your energy. Please don't go chasing people in real life as 
    it's not that easy.
    Saigo is a developmental character for Akiyama. Meet him on the rooftop where
    he stands and takes on his challenges. If you are going to combat him, bring
    plenty of food and drinks since he uses an Uzi against you (yes). Completing
    his challenges unlock new skills and he has amusing tall tales. If you watched
    Full Metal Panic, Saigo may be like Sosuke Sagara (Akiyama thought so), 
    but as you know him more, the more he's like Kurz Weber. 
    Back to the office. Aw, the Shibata Family wants you. The story cuts to
    the tough negotiation in the Tojo Clan, involving a severed finger.
    People will green arrow now have the chance to trigger substories for you.
    Watch their speech balloon to decide whether they are just chatting or they
    need your help. Now and then, however, you'll get a cutscene activating their
    substories just by approaching them.
    Now Akiyama dates Lily. Test? Yeah right. Seems the tenants of Kamurocho are
    indebted to him in many ways he gets away with IOUs.In other words,
    free item.You won't get this opportunity again, especially when you are
    dating hostesses. There will be hell to pay in Le Marche. For now, any choice 
    of dress and jewelry's fine, just choose what you like.
    Now Lily works as a hostess in Akiyama's club, Elise. Dress her up and
    that's it. This minigame (hey, no one says that Sims 3 is creepy for playing
    dressing up) serves as an introduction to Akiyama's quest of pimping up her
    hostesses later on. In case you don't know, Kiryu managed another hostess
    club in Yakuza 2 and spending millions in decorating and coaching. As if 
    you're playing Pimp Tycoon.
    Tour the city, solve substories (XPs, items and laughs, remember), and 
    with your basic effort, Lily will make 500 thousand yen that night. $5000
    in one night without sexual contact, wow. She joins Akiyama in the Theater
    Square. Walk with her eastward to Champion District (feel free to run and
    hearing her keep yelling 'chotto!' behind, or be a gentleman and tilt the
    left thumbstick gently. She won't walk beside Akiyama, anyway, always behind).
    Enjoy the romantic scene (yes, women in Yakuza are not as shallow and cynical
    as American women in GTA)
    The Shibata hitmen are catching up with you again. One has a sword and the 
    other has a gun. Bullets won't kill you instantly but they hurt. O yeah, if
    you hold a firearm, spam Triangle to shoot. You are likely to hit the target.
    IMPORTANT: If you want to complete all substories for Akiyama, do it now
    while he has free time. Hana will be out of action in this chapter.
    More with pimping up Lily. I provide the guide to reach the max stats for a
    hostess' style, but your consumers this time want a conservative Lily. Buy
    her a white long dress and apply minimum make-up with default hair style.
    Enjoy that icky transformation cutscene - you'll see them again and again
    when you tackle the No.1 Hostess challenge. Now tour your club. If Lily's
    at the bar with her phone, you're doing it wrong. Hopefully she's sitting on
    the sofa with a guy. 
    She works three shifts so you have two times for improvement. Then go to
    Champions District. When you're inside after talking with the crossdresser,
    examine the room for every chance to press X. When you've gathered the clues,
    Akiyama says that he's seen enough. Yes we have. 
    Oho, Sky Finance was invaded, Hana is hurt and Kido is missing, along with
    the client registry. Go outside and you'll meet Mack. He's a happy American
    guy who taught Kiryu the art of cell phone candid photography. Like Kiryu,
    Akiyama will find that random act of accidents and pervesion will inspire
    him to launch deadly finishers in fighting. Zoom at the screaming woman (R3)
    and X.
    As for the button sequences, they are random, unlike in Yakuza 3. But once
    a button has been used, it will not be used again. So usually I get two 
    fingers ready on triangle and circle, and two other on square and X like 
    a spider. Then choose the first option. If you get the clicking right,
    Akiyama has black and white imagination of his fighting scene. If he fails
    to write anything, repeat the Revelation.
    For your first Revelations scene, this cutscene is disturbing. Hopefully if 
    someone catches you staring at the screen, they are understanding.  
    Go to Theater Square and talk to the helpful people. One will give you a radar
    which will help you collecting locker keys. They eventually will point you
    to the underground area under the Theater Square. Stock up energy drinks. You
    are in one long series of fights. When you are ready, proceed underground.
    You'll face the Hatsushiba Clan thugs. As usual, hit the ones armed, use their
    weapons, and grab anything you can use as a weapon. Now you know why Asian
    gangs don't need guns. Be aware that a homeless will mistake you as an 
    intruder. Press the right button to avoid his strike. He'll join you as an
    Halfway you'll meet tougher criminals. They are marked purple in your map and 
    they have attacking patterns that can knock you down. Now you must find the 
    homeless who can pick locks. He's on a corner, among garbage piles.He'll 
    stand back while his buddy will return to aid you in fistfights. 
    Remember quickstep? X? (I'd combine it with R1 so you'll stand ready facing
    the enemy) Using it, you can avoid bullets just like in The Matrix. When an 
    enemy win gun rolling and then aiming, then step, otherwise  his shot will 
    hit you. When Midorikawa runs away, watch out. He's getting his chainsaw 
    (I know, that's pretty 80s...something like comes out of RoboCop).
    Now you're in another timed button sequence. When the screen says "Feel the 
    Heat!", careful especially when you are a veteran Yakuza player. In the past 
    it was a prompt to tap R2 repeatedly to turn up the heat, and then triangle 
    for a devastating strike. This time it's buttons timing only. Otherwise he'll 
    cut you with the chainsaw (big damage, but Akiyama will not have his body 
    ripped or anything. Still, a nasty scene).
    Now you have got Kido and the book back, go to Elise to train Lily. Training
    is no more complex than choosing an area to improve in the first part, giving
    free time to the hostess in second part, and another skill improvement in the
    final part. So Lily passes her test and Akiyama gives her the money. 
    When Lily leaves, Elise is in financial trouble. Really. That's the time to
    recruit three more hostesses for Elise. Refer to the challenge guide for how
    to play. You'll need hours to complete this challenge and the hostesses you
    train will be available to Kiryu and Tanimura the cop.
    Back to Sky Finance and goodbye Hana. No, for this chase the round girl will
    run better than men, you won't be able to tackle her or even throwing bottle
    at her. That's not right. She'll state her resignation from the Sky Finance 
    in the park. 
    More thugs are invading Elise, for no other reason than hunting Lily. Save and
    buy energy drinks. You're about to face one annoying mofo.
    Minami is the protege of Majima, so like his big brother, he's crazy. He's 
    also a new generation of Yakuza which is more Americanized (see his gothic
    tattoos. Pretty West Coast, you think?). Note that you can't grab bosses.
    When he glows pink, he'll take a drink. Watch out, he's going to spit them
    at you (yuck). Better hit him while he's drinking - those alcohol will only
    make him stronger. Yes, he's that fast just like his boss is. 
    Eventually he has to stop, so jump over him.
    8.2 Part 2: TAIGA SAEJIMA 
    Before we talk about global warming and climate change, Saejima and Majima
    have talked about the ozone layer. Yes, seems like six revolvers are much less
    efficient than say, two Beretta 92s to wipe out ten men. But maybe guns are
    that hard to purchase in Japan and something like Beretta is very unreachable
    for two poor lowly yakuza soldiers. 
    O yeah, many people laugh at that gun biting scene. I don't know, for me it's
    pretty badass. 
    Twenty five years later, Saejima is in a prison in Okinawa. Surrounded by Ueno
    convicts. And you will fail that fighting tutorial. The instruction is 
    supposed to say "three-hit Square combo then hold triangle". Translation 
    mistake, I guess. And no, the convicts will not use knives although they do in
    Skip the torture scene if you like. The man who takes interest in Saejima is
    Hamazaki. He is interested to create his own Prison Break.
    Being a Yakuza game, you don't need heavy puzzling for this sequence. Talk
    to Kamiyama's brother next to the phone. Overhear the prisoners talking about
    work out equipment and beat them under one minute. Give Kamiyama the chain.
    Now he needs a hoe. The guys talking about farm duty want cigarette. Talk
    to the man under the basketball hoop. Now talk to the guard to let you out
    of the yard. The lighter is on the dead end. Go back to farmers, again beat
    them up. 
    Now talk to Kamiyama and then to Hamazaki and hide the grappling hook under 
    the manhole.
    Right, this is bit tricky, isn't it? You have to fight all the guards with 
    minimum insurance. One or two health items are there, please collect them.
    Pay attention everytime you can level up as spending them on soul points will
    make you stronger.
    You will hate Saito and you'll enjoy every punch you land on him. As they say,
    cops are worse crooks than criminals. Watch out for the quick time events (ah,
    that's what they are called) since it's missable easily and yet devastating 
    for you.
    On the rooftop, the sniper will track you down. Quickstep and make sure his 
    aim doesn't turn red. Some guards are equipped with flashbang which can dizzy
    you...and their buddies. Ensure that you're armed everytime you finish a 
    fight. It's not over.
    BOSS: SAITO again
    Gyah. As a proper chapter boss, he's quick and his pattern attack can knock
    you down.Take down his men first and use their weapons. This time use your 
    health items as necessary but don't overspend them. Remember, Saejima is 
    miles away from the nearest drug store and convenient store. 
    Some of you joke that Saejima is closeted since he's not interested in 
    hostesses. Now he's on the verge of becoming a child rapist. You really have
    to be careful with men, Haruka, yakuza or otherwise. Suzuki is a Japanese
    equivalent of "Smith" or "Jones", but not in Okinawa, where something like
    Shimabukuro would be more common. 
    This is just wrong. It's like if Johnny Klebitz or Luis Lopez having
    a shoot out against Niko Bellic and the screen says "Take down NIKO". Well,
    there's C.J. racing out Claude Speed in San Andreas, but racing is alright.
    Grab a Toughness ZZ at the back.Speed and dynamism, which is sounds weird for
    a tank like Saejima. Concentrate in another quick time event, like the way 
    it's always against bosses.
    That's it. That's Chapter 2. 
    Apparently Saejima has no problem in the airport even with the current 
    security climate. And trust me, Japanese airports are tough. Now he's
    in Tokyo and is into army chic. I wonder if Saigo spots him.
    Now you're playing in the Kamurocho playground. Collect keys and beat up 
    punks who challenge you. However, some policemen are already stationed here. 
    They are much more avoidable than the punks. In case a policeman catches you, 
    just run away from him easily. Japan fiction loves to potray the policemen as 
    meek pushovers, anyway.Note that you can't start substories before you get a
    Talk to the homeless and he'll point you out to the underground. Buy a sake
    for the bum. Go up, follow the waypoint and you'll meet improved Kido. 
    Attaboy. Chase him. Rooftop chases are not in circles but following mazes.
    Throw bottles at him and grab the green glows for energy restore.
    Kido will show you your very very comfy accomodation in Kamurocho, the former
    HQ of the Hatsushiba Clan. 
    Go up and follow the man. No, The Master is not the informant Kido's talking
    about (he's Kage the Florist, certainly). The Master is Saejima's designated
    teacher. Refer to the Challenges section for his quests.Since Saejima's tech
    level is stuck in 1985, and the Master's probably way behind, he gives 
    Saejima...a wood and chisel for his Revelations. You'll see that Saejima is
    the world's fastest wood carver he should contact Guinness.
    Kage the Florist works in Purgatory (or Millennium Tower. Whatever fits him)
    and the famous access point is a toilet door in the West Park. The West Park
    is located in the northeast. Don't be angry. That's the name. Feel sorry for
    the man. The park's management is mean enough to stick with traditional
    Asian crouching toilet, despite this being 21st century and all.
    Where to go now? Go to the west, heading for M Store. Construction workers
    will talk about an urban legend. Go to Children's Park and remove the punks
    who stand above the manhole.
    Explore the sewers (wow, even Japanese sewers are pristine). Welcome to
    Purgatory.The rule of Purgatory: if this is your first night in Purgatory and
    you're the main character, you have to fight. Sorry, no health items. Clean
    up all items, save, and proceed to the ring.
    He is named after Swedish soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Japanese love to
    pick soccer players' names for random European characters). Corner him, don't
    be lazy to block, and you'll knock him out.Saejima will launch his version of
    "AREN'T YOU ENTERTAINED?!" to the audience (well, Maximus still capped the 
    poor devil btw).
    Like Kiryu in Yakuza 2, after Coliseum it's audience in front of the big
    aquarium. Return to the streets and an martial artist will ask for your help
    to maintain his dojo. This is another major challenge. When Akiyama trains
    girls needing money to become top courtesans, Saejima sticks with the boys
    (ow), turning them from average Japanese boys into killing machines. Ethically
    I think it's wrong - it's fine to turn them into athletes, but not as blood
    fighters. Still, it's a fun and funny challenge to take and it's not as boring
    as the Hostess Maker. Refer to the corresponding section for the walkthrough.
    Now we play the stealth section. No, not as demanding as MGS, of course.
    If the police spot you, you fail. It's easier than you think. Just stick to
    the waypoints, avoid all the purple indicator (they have short sights)
    and hold L1 to walk normally. Hug buildings and cross the street when walking
    cops are turning their backs on you. I think this is a pretty realistic 
    depiction on how yakuza, and people running from them, are utilizing lanes,
    undergrounds, and even manholes to avoid sentries.
    And ah, here's Minami again. Majima wants to see you in Millenium Tower.
    Kido says he'll scout the best route to MT as you can't go there directly. So,
    as Kamurucho is infested with police you can't complete substories? You can.
    Go outside. Police are standing here and there and if you get close to them,
    Saejima will only track back, but none of them will catch him. You have to
    make several changes to your routes but it's possible to complete the sub-
    stories and challenges. Kido said that you can't access the MT directly 
    because there is a single policeman standing in front of it. That's all.
    Buy energy drinks. You'll meet Mr. West Coast again who sprays alcohol
    at you. Go back to your safehouse and talk to Kido. Follow his proposed
    path, which is kinda the backtrack of the route you took from Children's
    Park to the Underground Mall.
    Kiryu had passed the annoying task of battling the whole Majima Family. Now
    it's Saejima's turn. Hit them hard, use anything you can get, and don't worry.
    They won't be the one who will hurt you.
    A true manga fan will have to read Touch as "Minami-chan" and "Koshien" are
    referred in many other animes and mangas. So I can't help thinking of the
    Japanese Sweetheart everytime I fight this gangsta. Minami means South, 
    He's not as speedy as he is in Chapter 1 - he's hurt here and there thanks 
    to Akiyama.On the other hand, he's trying flame throwing with his mouth.
    Don't try to attack him while he's breathing fire. You'll only get hurt.
    And like Kiryu, the protagonist of Yakuza must have a friendly fight with
    Please buy the Dragon God Talisman ability since it can help you against
    knife attack. And yes, Majima always uses knives in his fights with Kiryu.
    When he's doing his.....euh....ballet spinning attack, clear out of the way.
    It's unblockable. He'll get tired when he's done so pummel him.Like in other
    boss fights, prepare for quick time events that will break you or your enemy.
    Finally, a Yakuza hero who is under 30. Enter the mahjong parlor and then
    go to Ebisu. Hmm, they sell only fake silver platters, for party purposes.
    Ah well.
    In the parking lot you'll fight Iida. He's an old friend of Kiryu. Meaning
    he's a hustler who thinks he's good with quickstepping only to have Kiryu
    wins the bets. Follow the fighting tutorial, and then he'll tell you about
    his problem with Kiryu.
    Another fighting tutorial is held in Theater Square and you will unlock
    the Police Scanner challenge. In early 90s I played Hill Street Blues, where
    you respond to report of crime in progress, race to the location, call in
    paramedics and arrest the suspect. It's like this. A crime is in progress 
    and it's always nearby your location. Talk to the victim or a standing police
    and you will have no trouble locating the perp. You always need to beat them
    up or chasing them down to solve the crime.
    Finally now Little Asia is opened for you - all the guards are gone. You also
    have access to Homeland, your safehouse. Now you can play all the substories.
    Go to Midori to see Yasuko. The Shibata men are catching up with her as 
    always. Oh no, they are just there to distract you while their unseen friends
    kidnap Yasuko! But those guys across Alps need a hand for their group date!
    Nevermind, go on with your fun business. Yasuko can wait. When you are ready,
    buy energy drinks, weapons from Ebisu or Kamiyama, and take a taxi to the 
    Okay, you know what docks are for. They are for epic battles and you are 
    getting it. With all the heavy stuff around, also pay attention during
    cut scenes - the yakuzas are throwing things of you and you have to 
    constantly avoiding them in quick time events. Keep buying new skills as
    you are levelling up. When they are pouring oils on the ground, they are
    not to burn you. But falling down hurts, so be careful and keep your feet
    dry. Yet in another set of quick time event, you have to run against the 
    burning flame behind. Stay to your action star script.
    Two men in purple icons. They can be painful and I found out that its easier
    to defeat them by using weapons you have bought in the city. 
    Yay, you get Yasuko and someone has got rid of Shibata for you. He certainly
    wants no trouble with police (although he had no trouble of shooting at 
    Of course, the safest place for Yasuko is Homeland. Leave Homeland and you'll
    meet Nair, a Southeast Asian policewoman (non-descriptive country...personally
    I like to think of her as Singaporean although her fighting music sounds Thai-
    like). Nair is Tanimura's Challenge character and his fighting coach. Getting
    through her Challenge is the first fighting duel against a lady in Yakuza,
    and is a murder case in itself. Sorry, not much laugh on this one compared to
    Akiyama's challenge.She also unlocks Tanimura's portion of revelations, using
    his note book. Hey, he's a good artist.
    There's a chance that the game will force you to do a substory when you leave
    Little Asia and Mei Hua runs to you. Since she's tailing you, you seem like
    forced to do this sub story. Just go down the Senryo Avenue, found the yakuza
    surrounding Zhao and beat them up. Zhao will tell you about Naomi. Actually
    Tanimura has a long set of substory that deals with his past, his family
    (besides his late father), and explains why he's attached to Little Asia. 
    Walkthrough is in Substories section. 
    Back to the main story. Visit the Underground Carpark and look for cars
    which are parked with their trunks facing you. Inspect all the black sedans.
    If you get the wrong car, the angry owner will seek trouble with you. Proceed
    to the next car after you're done with them. 
    Outside, you receive a mail with attached picture (known in other parts of the
    world as an MMS). The old castle is Kamurocho Castle, nearby Pink Alley.
    Head to the rooftops east and talk to a man next to some flowers. He works for
    Kage the Florist. He'll give you Katsuragi's phone number.
    After the phone call, you'll be able to do whatever you like in the city. When
    you're done, return to Homeland, Save, and talk to Zhao.
    The next afternoon, you'll meet Katsuragi and walk together to the Theater 
    Square. After the cutscene, you have to race back to Little Asia - Zhao and
    Mei Hua are in danger. The steel briefcase is like your hammer arm - it will
    not break. Keep fighting and moving on.
    Eventually the Ueno will steal the briefcase, so grab any weapon you can find.
    Chase the thief through the roof tops, and now you're ready to remove more
    threats with your steel briefcase. Then you will outrun the chasing yakuzas.
    Even when someone gets close to you, with quick time event you can dispatch 
    them. Neat.
    You reach Little Asia, and the Chinese-speaking men who keep Akiyama and 
    Saejima away are not there. Instead, there's a small Chinese-speaking girl
    guarding the entrance. Maybe she's like that girl in that motivational poster
    ("Asian Girl: She'll f*** you up"). The briefcase is in her hand, and now you 
    will destroy the last of the invaders. Watch out for the ones marked in 
    If you still want to play around, go ahead and make frail Hisai waits. Then
    take the taxi (with your expense) to the precinct.
    Hisai takes you to Archive Section 13 and this is the first time you can
    roam in it. In Yakuza 2 it showed up in cutscenes where detectives were 
    talking about Kiryu, his foster father, Jingweon, and the Osakan Omi Alliance. 
    Walk around and press X everytime you see the symbol on the right top corner.
    Eventually Tanimura will find the file he's looking for. Back to the city and
    back to free time for Tanimura. Why don't you recreate his gambling addiction
    and practice mahjong and go to the casino? Oh right, to unlock access to 
    Ryugujo, you have to solve a substory first where you're hired as a debt 
    collector for the secret establishment (in another substory, Saejima's the
    casino's bouncer. Ryugujo's Kamurocho's fastest growing employer).
    To complete the chapter, just return to Homeland.
    Finally the heroes are meeting each other.Tanimura agrees to pick up Mishima,
    who is hiding in the docks.So Mishima's out of the picture, and despair that
    none of the blue shirt there has the gut to tackle or at least chasing 
    Boat chase? No way! First time ever Yakuza believes in vehicles? Yes. 
    Everytime the reticle turns red, press triangle to shoot Sugiuchi's boat.
    Square is to ram his boat. Whenever you're losing him, look at the meter on
    the right. When your blue icon is closing on his red icon again, that means
    you're following him, so keep to the direction. You cannot overtake him in
    this chase.
    Prepare for quick time event. Don't let him grapple you. Use Tanimura's
    parry ability and be aware that he can break your guard. This old man after
    all, is yakuza's answer to Andy Lau in Infernal Affairs and Matt Damon in
    The Departed. So don't underestimate him.
       8.4 PART 4: KAZUMA KIRYU
    Back to Okinawa. Hamazaki is explaining how past incidents - the 10 billion
    hunt, Jingu, The Tojo Clan, the secret prison, and the police are all 
    After speaking with Haruka, you will hit the Okinawan downtown (Naha, to be
    exact) where Hamazaki will surrender.Yasuko is there. The police seem not to
    be alerted by the presence of two suspicious-looking men, one of them a 
    fugitive (well from secret prison, anyway) talking to a babbling woman. 
    Yasuko seems also can smell Tojo Clan people from afar she just follows
    two scary strangers who might not actually knowing anything about Taiga.
    They bring Yasuko to the vacant headquarters of the Tamashiro clan which
    Kiryu flushed out in Yakuza 3. The police are not trailing them. Saito and his
    men are (I assume they are from a private security service. Isn't Private
    Military Company is the new villains in various stories, from MGS 4 to the
    The SOTB again. He can be tough even for the Dragon of Dojima. Kiryu is
    less quick than Akiyama, less strong than Saejima, and less technical than
    Tanimura. But he's an all-rounder, has extra Heat bar, and his soul points
    cost only one orb.Never block Saito - his baton is too hard for your arms.
    Remove his men and throw everything at him.
    Go down the building, dispatching guards all the way. Watch out for the 
    return of Saito in another QTE. On this second fight, a clipping problem helps
    me. Saito is somehow stuck on the stairs (try to lure him there if you can)
    and I can spam him with punches and kicks. Of course, Kiryu's forward roll
    kick is unblockable. He's down now.
    Okay, goodbye Hamazaki. I wished you were dead in Yakuza 3 but you've 
    served greater purpose for everyone.
    Another character is removed from the picture, while making the last sin of
    subjecting Mei Hua to lifetime trauma of seeing the impact of a .38 on the
    skull and brain. Akiyama has lost his business as District Attorney office
    is cleaning it out on coercion charge (I've got several wrong number calls 
    from debt collectors asking for people I don't know so I know what's coercion).
    Kiryu introduces Yasuko to New Serena. She's not the first lady to stay there.
    (God I miss Kaoru Sayama). It is guarded by Makoto Date, Kiryu's longtime ally
    in the police. He manages the bar with his girlfriend, who is away for this
    As you leave New Serena, Kiryu will get mails from his past. They are 
    substories. If you visit Komaki in Ryugujo, he'll complain that Kiryu never
    updates his Revelations blog (set up by Mack in Okinawa in Yakuza 3). Yes,
    even old man Kiryu is more high tech than Tanimura...but how on earth the 
    Japanese manage blogs through a fliptop phone without virtual keyboards or
    QWERTY layout? Even with current smartphones, updating blogs are pretty
    painful unless Kiryu is using something like Tumblr.
    If you want to complete all available substories before proceeding, stay clear
    from Millenium Tower's main entrance. You'll automatically see the cutscene.
    Majima's handcuffed and the news will be retweeted and shared on Facebook
    all over the world with people will laugh at his snake and leather outfits.
    It's bit like American Gangster here - corrupt cop blackmailing gangster. But
    that was in 1970s. Actually it makes sense if you have seen the National
    Geo show on the yakuza (which shows scenes of the real Kabukicho).
    In Purgatory, you'll fear Katsuragi a bit. If Saejima can defeat Kiryu, then
    how the hell his men can defeat him and also Ibrahimovic? You also learn that
    Akiyama is one of the wealthiest men in the world. The tax department must be 
    unhappy. For their  scheme to topple Tojo Clan, I'll be disappointed if the 
    Uenos don't furnish their men with M4 rifles, APCs, and maybe some drones.
    Go to New Serena. Yasuko is missing with Date knocked down. Bad girl. Run 
    around and follow her, who is running with Akiyama and Tanimura. Go to the
    manhole and watch stupid Akiyama and Tanimura tell their VIP to go ahead 
    without escort while they are intercepting the chaser. Directly to where 
    the bad guys are. Everyone's being vague so everyone's fighting.
    "Hi, I'm Kazuma Kiryu. You might know me as ex-Tojo Chairman. I'm here to
    save Yasuko from Katsuragi."
    "Oh hi, I'm Shun Akiyama. I love Yasuko. I was also her pimp. Hence my purple
    "Hi, I'm Detective Tanimura. I think I know you. Yeah, I hate Katsuragi too."
    And they don't have to fight.
    Oh no. This is like telling Niko Bellic to have a fist fight with Klebitz and
    Lopez at the same time. Watch out when they try to double team you, and for
    Tanimura's parrying skill. Since Kiryu's not hulk enough to open manhole by
    himself, a friendly homeless gives him a T key.
    Ready for the finale? Date's treating the victims of misunderstanding. Too bad
    his motherly girlfriend's not there. Katsuragi agrees to hand over the 
    Saejima siblings and Kiryu has to hand over the book himself after passing
    the whole Ueno army.
    The Tower of Death. 
    So have fun around Kamurocho. Date Akiyama's hos...tesses. Meet your old
    friends like the Bantam bartender, Yuya across the street, the Kyushu Star's
    crews, play billiards, and get wasted with alcohol. In Theater Square, Kiryu
    will fight punks in blue who are kicking a Kamurocho Guard. It's not the 
    classic vendetta between red vs blue. After helping him, you'll unlock the
    Gang Wars challenge. I highly recommend you to complete it for various 
    First, for the first time, your street fighting doesn't seem random. Young
    gangs, who have no respect for yakuza, are fighting for the YouTube bragging
    rights of claiming the head of Kazuma Kiryu. Second, the KG rewards you
    big for destroying the gangs. We're talking about 1 million yen prize here,
    enough for all the girls in Pink Street. Third, of course the fights level 
    you up for the battle royale against Ueno.
    When you're stocked with armors, bats, and Toughness drinks, head for
    the toilet. It's unlocked now. Now you're in the Kamurocho Hills, which is
    still under construction since 2007 (gah). Hori will take a chunk of your
    health with his sledgehammer. Grab weapons and HEAT him. If you haven't 
    bought Komaki gun grabbing skill, buy it and yakuzas will feel sorry for 
    using guns against you. 
    Inside, you'll see that finally Majima's making improvement on the interior.
    Feel free to laugh at the yakuza pretending to be a mannequin, but watch out
    for the sub boss attacking you from behind. You need enough space to use
    mannequins. If they get you first, you'll drop it and break it. 
    Nakanowatari returns, but Kiryu is armed with handbags. He is well-versed
    in the Lady Thatcher's School of Handbag fighting.
    Another mini-boss is here and his name is...don't laugh...Suzumiya. He has
    shotgun. You have Komaki's technique against guns. Pick the shotguns after 
    the fight and shoot down gunmen on scaffolding. Yeah, that's GTA style b****.
    Suzumiya returns and has another shotgun. Well so do you. Grab the bat after
    the elevator showdown.
    Now you're going to face some Uzi-wielding yakuzas. The best way to hit them
    is with HEAT action. Otherwise, quickstep and wait for the rain to stop.
    You can break through the "fire retardant" (that's what they are called) until
    construction tools block your way. Find a door in the middle of the floor
    to proceed. How we're like Home Alone 2 where you can use paint cans, wooden
    planks, and pipes as weapons. Keep negotiating the path. No tricks here. Just
    go through your path.
    Oh look, someone uses a spear. Or a long construction pipe used as a spear.
    Nothing beats the awesomeness of Yazuka 2 where a samurai-geek yakuza
    dressed his men as samurai warriors, so let's not go into that. Can you think
    of an action comedy where a Renaissance-nerd mafia dresses his men in tights
    and arm them with crossbows?
    Yakuza heroes are pretty cool when wielding spear, as seem they master the 
    Chinese arts of staff fighting. Well Kiryu had short course in Chinese 
    martial arts from a retired Triad matriach in Yakuza 2.
    Dark room...let your blue flame become your light. That and enemies' blood.
    Hori the obese sledgehammer. Nakanowatari the sunglasses baton. Suzumiya
    the shotgun shooter. And Ijuin (are you even Japanese?) the 'fro. I hope none
    of them get promotion. Aim for Suzumiya first. His shotgun rules. Spam them
    with shells and continue with anything you can smash their heads with.
    Okay. You can guess it. Yasuko's dead. But she's one bad mama and she does
    what the yakuzas never think of - headshot ("Not in the face man, I gotta look
    good in the funeral. AARGH!").
       8.5 FINALE: REQUIEM
    IMPORTANT: The maximum level for Kiryu and friends is Level 20. If you want to
    be your best for the final showdown, try to level up all your characters to
    the max. Finish substories and challenges, hunt down troublemakers and inflict
    HEAT actions, and eat and drink and be merry.
    Munakata: "Okay. So, uh, please kidnap Haruka. She's a teenager now. That
    sailor uniform, man. And yeah, this revolver should scare her."
    And yet, Haruka is kidnapped again in zombie game Dead Souls. I heard that
    Stepfanie Kramer resigned from Hunter because her character was raped too many
    Don't get sad, gentlemen, get even. Now it's time to complete all challenges
    and substories. And yay, there're new substories for Saejima and Kiryu. To
    switch characters (remember, many challenges and substories are unique to
    a particular character) talk to the man you want to control. Their funds are
    pooled, and Akiyama is stingy enough to keep his billions for the bait (come
    on, what they gonna do? Get angry when there's 10 million shortage?)
    The biggest funders would be Tanimura when you solve his Russian roulette
    substory and Kiryu if you play his gang war challenges. With around 4 million 
    yen, you are more than adequate to waste them away for women, booze, and 
    gambling (man, who needs Vegas at this point?).
    Of course, also shop for weapons, armors, and health items for everyone. 
    Sell your precious gifts in Ebisu for extras of hundred thousands yen. Equip
    Tanimura with a bulletproof vest - you're up against a corrupt police force.
    It's available from weapons dealer across the West Park and the one on the
    rooftops (activate it first by talking to the man next to a chained van in
    a parking lot).
    When you're ready to end Yakuza 4, talk to Date.
    The four men in black suits. Raiding the Millenium Tower.
    Inside we see their suitable rivals. There's Arai. Kido. And Dojima. Aye,
    he's really like his daddy, isn't he? And Munakata. The commish might not a
    peer of Tanimura in fighting. But he has a SWAT team with him. So we are in
    Batman: Year One territory. 
    And then an assault helicopter comes on (GTA 4. How the hell Little Jacob
    and Roman got that fancy attack helo? ULP?) and blew Japan's 100 billion 
    money away. Comes out Agents A, S, T, and K. 
    He's Akiyama's mentor so he fights like Akiyama. Keep the fight quick and 
    simple with your rapid fire kicks. As always, watch out in the quick time 
    The old man versus the kid. Don't be fooled, the brat is strong and fast.
    He's also a berseker in heat mode. Even when you control Saejima, don't ever
    think that he can't bring you down. He even can recharge his health bar. 
    Utilize charge attacks against him.
    In the standard yakuza duel procedure, both men rip off their shirts in one
    movement (luckily/unfortunately the heroine of My Wife is a Gangster, a
    Korean yakuza action comedy, is waived from this procedure). 
    You can pummel Dojima easily. Then he gets pissed off and stays in Heat mode.
    Well isn't that nice. Kiryu saved his mother from internal coup in Yakuza 2
    and look what he's doing. Quick combo, run. Quick combo, run. Expect to see
    another Ashita no Joe's counter punch quick time events, 40 years after its 
    While you're fighting the SWAT team, Munakata will launch pot shots and none
    of them will be friendly fire. Or is it? Maybe in the attempt to inject the 
    dose of reality, Munakata will not fire when you grapple his guy. So when you
    hear the revolver clicks, grapple someone. All his men are grab-able, and 
    maybe that's the designed trick of this boss fight. 
    The SWAT Captain, however, is not grab-able. Damn. Your bulletproof vest and 
    your stocks of Toughness ZZ can help you survive while defeating him. And did
    I say that bosses won't run. Well Munakata does. Chase dem.
    CONGRATULATIONS, you've won the game. Be sure to stick for the post-credit 
    scenes. Of course Yakuza 5 is coming.
       9. SUBSTORIES
    That was the easy part to write. Here comes the fun part to write.
    Visitors and residents of Kamurucho needs your help. Be a good man and
    help them out. You'll gain XPs, money, good jokes, and good insight on
    Japanese daily lives along the way.
    If you complete a substory, it'll be marked as "Complete" with purple sign.
    If you fail to achieve the required goal, it'll be marked as "Finished" with
    a gray sign.
       9.1 AKIYAMA
    01. Layoff Already 
    Roleplay as the moneylender. You'll learn the business dilemma
    of layoff versus bankruptcy. Hana calls you to activate this quest and greet
    Mr. Shiohara in your office. Give them all tests. Head to Shichifuku St. to
    talk to the printing company's president. See Shiohara in Children's Park and
    save him from the angry ex-employee.
    Rewards: Memoirs of an Action Star. Books and DVDs contain designs for 
    weapons modification. More on this on Challenges section.
    02. The Apprentice 
    Meet Shiohara outside Sky Finance. He's not marked by green arrow but you'll
    trigger a cutscene when you're near him. A housewife will ask you for a loan. 
    Defeat her abusive husband downstairs. Poor lady and son.
    03. Gourmet Reporter 
    Talk to the guy lying on the ground outside Kotobuki Drugs. Meet him in
    Earth Angel, Champion District. Yes, this is a drag bar. The bartender is
    an ex-biker and he likes Kiryu.
    So, the answers are "Kanrai" on Shichifuku St., The Grade A Sirloin, and
    the Grade A Harami. Feel free to taste the grade A sirloin yourself in the
    fine Korean BBQ restaurant.
    Go out of the district and come back. He'll pay you. Talk to him again. The 
    answers are: "Kyushu No.1 Star" in Pink Alley, a rich, authentic pork 
    (tonkatsu, just so you know) stock, and spicy roe imported...
    Speak to him again for your reward. You can sell the diamond at Ebisu.
    04. Art of Scouting 
    Talk to the scout in front of Elise. Yes, some young employees today...
    Talk to every girl sporting green arrow. Five of them are eligible (you'll 
    never see them again, tho). That "this might be your dream job" bullshit 
    works. It's never for the money.
    05. Akiyama vs Hostess Club
    This is your first step to the expensive world of hostess club. Most guys in
    real world will spend millions of yen with nothing really happens with the 
    girls. Minamizawa is one of them. He's a comedian Kiryu met in Osaka. See him
    and his editor in front of MEB. It's "Men Entertainment Bulletin". Yep. You
    can go inside to talk to the staff on nightlife entertainment venues and even
    about the hostesses, and get their magazine to get discount in clubs.
    Enter Jewel Club not far from MEB, say No Preference (oh Akiyama, you never
    scout competitors before or are you just acting?) and enjoy the gorgeous 
    virtual world. Those gals are modelled after real porn actors, racing queens,
    real hostesses, tabloid babes, and other models. Just search their names.
    Go back in again and request Erena. Play your cards well and leave. Return,
    request Noa. Now go south to Pink Street and repeat the process. Leave, go
    back again and request for Rio. I don't understand why she's kept being 
    referred as "half-Japanese" while she must refer herself as "half-Portuguese".
    Now you are ready to give cheat sheet to the comedian. Go to the Underground
    Mall and enter Cuez Bar. Answer his questions, assure that they're gold,
    leave the bar, collect your reward, leave the bar, and repeat. I know.
    Cheat sheet:
    Erena likes manly rich guys with sweet side. She comes from Kyoto and she
    likes Yamazaki 12 years.
    Noa practices ballet. She loves chicken basket (What would her teacher say?)
    and she likes good drivers. 
    Rio loves rose champagne. Her favorite animal is dog and her other job is a
    pin-up model.
    Your social research will leave you drunk. Buy Ryukyu Legendary Drinker from
    the nearest stores and consume it for instant relief.
    06. Pimp My Otaku
    Animax or MTV Japan must make this show. The otaku is in front of Elise. 
    Then he's across the street, where girls are laughing at him. Dress him. No,
    please no the silly bottom options. Whether you dress him as a dandy European 
    or a hip American (top and middle choices), he'll look Alpha Asian. Your most
    important lesson for him is to "Listen to Her". He'll score.
    07. How to Spend Money
    Approach the woman speaking to a man in front of Matsuya Tenkaichi Street.
    Head back to Sky Finance where she's now a client. Head to Sushi Gin and then 
    to Le Marche. Finally, head to Host Club Adam, Hotel District. Can you believe
    Kiryu worked here and made himself the top host? He must be Japan's answer to 
    Neil Strauss. Destroy the loan sharks (they are your competitors, anyway).
    Return to office to complete her contract.
    08. The Fate of the 30 Million Yen
    Talk to the man outside Sky Finance and agree to help him. You'll get phone
    call soon, so return to Sky. Meet him at Taihei Blvd. lockers and go together.
    Head to West Park on northeast. Head to Children's Park and notice how 
    careless Japanese brats can get. Head to Le Marche. My, Miki. Why don't you
    shop in Shibuya? Talk to the nearby witness on Senryo Ave then head to 
    Theater St. Talk to the students and the to the taxi driver in Hotel
    District. Head further north. You have to hug the entrance of the hotels to
    find the right one. 
    That's one unnecessary cutscene. That's Miki's Mom. YouTube respondents pity
    her as she'll get plenty of paper cuts. Nishihama himself is embarassing. 
    Fighting Akiyama in cheap underwear and staying in a sleazy hotel rather than 
    renting a five star in Roppongi. Ah well, what a crazy family.
    09. Lonely Hana
    Approach Kanrai restaurant. Return to Sky Finance. Visit Club Sega at Naka-
    michi, Elise, Theater Square, and MEB. Return to the last place you visited
    to continue with last option. Talk to grumpy owner at Theater Square and found
    his extra size-loving scout in northern Pink St. Tsk, tsk, Akiyama.
    10. Counterfeit Bills
    Head to office. Head to Sushi Gin, Poppo, Volcano, and to a homeless man
    in West Park (come on, my drawing's worse than that!). Walk around until you
    get a phone call. Find the man at the south end of Pink St. and chase him.
    Take a taxi to the docks and bust the fake bills operation.
    11. The Apprentice: 2
    Talk to Arima in Theater Square. Head back to office. Talk to the guy in
    front of the building on Shichifuku St. Enter Shiobara office and trash your
    other competition.
    12. A Wife's Concern
    Back to office. Head to Elise and defeat Arima. Simple.
    13. Make it Big with FX
    Foreign Exchange trade, the modern opium of East Asians since 1970s. After you
    get the spam, head to Senryo Avenue. Say that you're here for the seminar.
    No one else attends (everyone deletes the spam, of course), and hear the sales
    pitch. DO NOT sign the contract. If you do, Akiyama is not luring the 
    criminal. He will say he's forget his mission (ah) and Hana will call him in
    When you refuse to join in, the fraudster will get panic and gather his
    buddies. Liquidate their office furnitures and you'll receive your instant
    14. Tricks of the Trade
    Bump into Shiobara on Tenkaichi St. Head to Public Park 3. This is a 
    classic Japanese parable of trading small items to gain more valuable items.
    Trade the cigarette to the guy opposite the park. Trade the medicine to the
    OLD NERVOUS MAN in Nakamichi Street (not the youth) for tickets. Trade the 
    tickets for a business card (while enjoying the satire on assistant's 
    assistant's assistant). Trade the card with a man in Theater Square for a
    watch. There you go - a cigarette can earn you a watch.
    15. Beware of Imposters
    Talk to the man at the south end of Theater Ave, and the to a lady at north
    end of Theater Ave. Someone's smearing your brand. Sky Finance, that's a brand
    name. Like Pepsi, that's a brand name. Go to Park Alley and enter the 
    impostor's office. Beat up the Masked Men but be nice - they are your 
    employees. You don't want them to skip work for illness, or worse, suing you.
    16. Hostess Training
    Talk to the hostess outside Elise. Answers: Be more open. Ask for his fave
    dish. Create an at-home atmosphere. Take out your wallet like you're going
    to pay. Watch all your pimp your otaku program fails.
    Congrats, your first mail from Bob Utsunomiya. Go to Naomi's Palace and talk
    to BU B. Talk to Naomi for random information, her complaints about the Bobs,
    and the plea for you to play online.
       9.2 SAEJIMA
    1. Brother and Sister 1
    Every character seems to have a long quest divided into subtories. This is
    Saejima's. Bump into the kid who steals your money in the Underground Mall.
    Pay 1000 yen to a homeless standing nearby. Head down to Parking Lot,
    space 312. Defeat Tadokoro's goons, outside and inside. Saejima will agree
    to become his wage slave to ransom the sister.
    2. Nice Catch
    Fishing. I'm fishing. Go to the Docks and talk to the young man near the 
    forklift. Talk to the fishing master and buy three baits from him. You have
    to fish SUCCESSFULLY three times. It's not hard.
    Choose your bait and match the line with the fish icon. Wait, press X. Now
    the trick is to balance L1 and R1. Don't snap the line and don't lose the
    fish. Follow the fish's movement with left thumbstick, watch for the ripple.
    You're winning when the fish is approaching the docks, so aim close to the
    docks (at the cost of catching smaller and cheaper fishes). Sell your catch
    to the fisherman. After your second catch, the next catch will be the case.
    Grab it and defeat the Yakuza and return the case to the employee. Sell the 
    ruby at Ebisu.
    3. The Homeless Men and the Cats
    Talk to the homeless men outside your hideout. Meow like a kitten (in a 
    manly way), choose milk, and yeah, buy milk from the M store. Feed the cats
    and you get pendants and note about treasure.
    Head to B2 floor into a room with wooden floor tiles. Examine the desk. Go
    up to B1, examine the fire hydrant.Go back down to B2 and the find the room
    with an empty bookshelf. Name the cats (careful with the virtual numeral
    keyboard). You get a locker key. Head to the one in the Underground Mall
    and open it. Don't be greedy and give the suitcase to the man. He'll give
    you a key shaped in cat's head, which worth 50 thousand in Ebisu. To every
    man his fortune.
    4. Running Woman
    Head to Theater Underground B3, the electrical room. Defeat the men and talk
    to the woman.Head upstairs and defeat more shady men. You'll continue battle
    them in Pink St. and Pink Alley. Finally, take the elevator at the back of
    Mill Tower for more battle. Seems like she's a professional blackmailer. 
    And she should have had better self-protection than relying on you.
    5. Old Yakuza, New Tricks
    Visit Children Park. Head to Tenkaichi Alley and defeat the gang. Leave the 
    area to let the area refresh. Irie will be chatting with the prince when you
    return. Talk to them. Seems like Japan has the same problems with Italy - 
    mafia living with code of honors are being challenged by youth gangs wearing
    sportswear who want to be gangsta.
    6. Mother and Child
    Head back to your hideout via the lockers. In the hall, someone will stop you.
    Accept the instant job offer. Congrats, Saejima is now The Bodyguard. 
    For a starlet. You know she will lose you by saying "I need to go to ladies."
    Track her down to Shichifuku St. Parking Lot and protect mother and child from
    the freaks.
    7. Speechless
    Rescue the old politician lying on the floor. Accept the protection detail
    outsourcing. Be careful. Don't try to talk to the wrong people since the game
    interprets that Saejima is threatening them rather than just overhearing
    them. If you do, they'll get annoyed and leave and the secretary will scold 
    you. Three strikes and you're fired. So the hired hecklers cum bullies are
    punks who are saying "it's time to let the sparks fly" on far left. Remove
    them from the crowd and sort out your political difference in the alley.
    8. Reason for Revenge
    I wonder if homeless bullying in Japan is getting worse. Head to northern
    part of Theater Avenue where a homeless will ask for your help. Defeat the
    thugs. Leave and return to the area. Oh, they want a second helping of your
    charge attacks. Defeat the boss in another office battle.
    9. Ryugujo Bouncer
    Return to hideout. So this is a development in the brother and sister arc.
    Head to Ryugujo for your bouncing job. Leave the casino. Please don't come
    again, dear cheating customers.
    The search for the sister goes on. The slimeball is waiting outside your
    hideout as always. Head to the parking lot behind Mill Tower. Talk to the
    men. Defeat the hitman. He won't fight you but is programmed to hunt
    for the target. Repeat until you two reach finish. Yeah, poor man.
    11. Brother and Sister 2
    Back to security job. This time to remove loiters outside Orchid Palace
    Mahjong. As usual, activate the substory from your hideout.Flush out the
    punks outside Orchid P Mahjong, Nakamichi Alley, and more battle on the roof-
    12. 25 Years
    Shichifuku St near Theater. At least the cockroach now doesn't camp outside
    your door. Track Motoyama in the Hotel District. Friendly fight, alright?
    He's still a good guy. Report back in the hideout.
    13. Brother and Sister 3 
    Gah, why are you back to my home? Now you're blackmailed to become an illegal
    fight (due to popular demand after Ibrahimovic fight, maybe). Hm, Luis Lopez
    has the same kind of problem. Head to Purgatory via manhole. You'll fight
    three opponents without the aid of health items or armors. Back to Children
    Park. You know he won't respect the deal. Chase dem.
    14. Brother and Sister 4
    Finally. Talk to Tadashi in your hideout and track him in Theater Alley. 
    Defeat 3 waves of yakuzas after you. Oh, sad to think about their future, but
    then again they need a responsible adult who's better than their relatives.
    15. Green Shadow
    Talk to the homeless men beside the the escalator leading to your personal
    hideout. Head downstairs, talk to another pair on the stairs leading to B2. 
    Enter your hideout. ALIEN INVASION. Head to Children's Park and talk to the 
    TV guy. Check the manhole. Now go to M Store and buy TWO packs
    of Miso Paste Cucumbers (you need both). Head back to the park, leave one as 
    a bait. See, you've lost one to the kappa. Head to Sushi Gin and order 
    Kappamaki. Yep, that's where your second pack comes into play.
    Chase the poor man. And Americans think it's fun to attack the guy wearing
    hot dog custome.
    Since Saejima doesn't have phone, Naomi's courier will hand him a letter near
    New Serena. Visit Bob to claim your prize.
        9.3 TANIMURA
    1. Gambler's Blues
    Speak to the couple next to hideout. Talk to the homeless men outside Ryugujo.
    Now you are outsourced as Ryugujo's debt collector. Defeat the boxing doctor
    in the Champion District, the Westerner-loving madam in front of Mill Tower
    (Iverson? Bryant?), and chase the running lawyer at the Underground Parking
    Lot, space 402. No no, that 2 million is for the couple.
    Now you have access to Ryugujo, roleplay as a gambling addict. Have fun. 
    Remember, cheating items are not really available in real life so don't think
    you can go a long way in Macau just because you can pocket ten million here.
    2. Be My Boyfriend?
    The developer team has changed their attitude toward Asians greatly since
    Yakuza 1. Like a Dragon: The Movie is a shameless Koreans-bashing act and 
    Yakuza 2 is still Korea-phobic. And the Triad who Kiryu faced in Yakuza and 
    Yakuza 3 was still modeled after Fu Manchu.Now Tanimura lets the Asian 
    migrants to come into pictures not as criminals and clueless foreign 
    Speak to Fay in Homeland and agree to become her boyfriend. Go to Shellac.
    Fight one. Leave the Champion District, fight two. Head to Purple Moon on
    Pink Street. Go in, of course. You're responding to emergency call. Chase the
    3. Tanimura vs Hostess Clubs
    It's the unfunny comedian and his formidable editor again, in front of MEB.
    Enter Jewel Club, no preference (so he hasn't gone into clubbing. Product and
    Profit must go to the next level, Masa). Go back and request Chihiro. You'll
    love this girl. Enter Shine on Pink Street, no preference, go back and request
    Himeka.Head to Cuez Bar in Underground Mall. Use the tiring procedure of 
    answering-leaving-talking so on to claim some cash.
    Cheat sheet: Himeka loves chicken basket. A customer is harassing her. She
    loves them (I forget what is them, but it's not the customers).
    Chihiro can't order strong drink (yay, orange juice for 1000 yen!), she's
    trained in Kabuki theater, and she wants to be an actress.
    Note that you can also visit Elise and later on request for Nanami (if Akiyama
    has made her number one). Be aware that Nanami is only interested in rich men.
    4. The Mixer
    A mixer is a group date - sort of. Equal number of girls and guys are eating
    out. Because of the same amount of numbers, their akwardness remains. Approach
    the two guys outside Cafe Alps. If you meet them, you'll be promptly asked
    to become their wingman. Even when you're okay, the Shibata yakuzas are 
    willing to wait for you in the docks. Go ahead, feel the power and respon-
    sibility of a wingman.
    Here's what you have to say, wingman. Call yourself Ryota. Say to leave the
    order to Yusuke. Say "Very!". Throw Yusuke a lifeline. Recommend cocktails.
    And of course, offer Yusuke to take the drunken girl home. Hey, you have your
    own woman to save.
    Do well and his friend will be generous enough to give you 50 thousand yen.
    Can you imagine paying a stranger $500 for helping your buddy to score? (at 
    least in stopping him calling you at 11 pm or crashing your apartment in 
    5. Another Case
    Here comes Tanimura's story arc. At the end of the arc, you'll learn about
    his mother and father. This is almost automatically triggered as you leave
    Nair's room since Mei Hua stands so close to the stairs. After helping Zhao,
    talk to Naomi. Find Saki, the muscle wearing purple scarf and leather mini 
    skirt. Chase him. Now go to the docks. Hmm, human traffickers. Worst kind 
    of scums to crawl the earth.
    6. Clues
    Leave Shellac and respond to the police distress report. You'll also get a 
    call. Head to the crime scene where another detective will immediately judge
    you for strolling around a red light district (seriously, so many teens are
    here it's scary). Meet Saki back at Shellac and raid the criminal's hideout
    behind Club Sega Nakamichi Alley. Go to Naomi's Palace, pay her 50 thousand
    yen (goodbye, wingman wage. I'm yet to spend you on Chihiro). Speak to the
    bartender in Cuez Bar (hey, how come you never around the other days?). Seems
    the writer is a Don Juan. Still, he's dead so nyah. Head back to Underground
    Lockers. To be continued.
    7. The Witness
    Not related to the Bridge arc. Talk to the Street Artist at Theater Avenue
    underground entrance and chase him downstairs. You'll get a portrait of the
    criminal. The Triad you're looking for dyes his hair blonde. Defeat them.
    8. Car Thieves
    This is hilarious. Talk to men at the junction between Shicifuku St. and 
    Theater Square Northwest. The car thieves are near Children's Park. Hold L1
    to approach them silently. Say "Is that the key to the car"? They go panic 
    and trying to fight you. Watch them bantering and then decide to come clean.
    Correctional rehabilitation in action.
    9. Looking Down
    Another day for the public safety officer. Approach the woman west of Theater
    Square. Take the lift to the rooftops next to Volcano. Match your location
    with her last location below and you'll find the stalker. Chase him. 
    10. Kamurocho Culture
    Another day for the tourist cop. Beat up the yakuzas harassing a white tourist
    next to Kanrai (WTF dude. Do you think I can go to NYC and taking pictures
    of black gangsta just because I want to Twitpic 'em?). He's not as perveted
    as he sounds. Take him to a shogi salon (all old men) and a hot spring. After
    the hot spring, you'll see how common interest in Japanese nightlife unify
    them. Great, now he'll think those trafficked women are happy.
    AFTER DROPPING BRIEFCASE AT HOMELAND (No way you're helping people while 
    carrying a suitcase of cash around)
    11. Stolen Funds
    Mei Hua will call you when you're leaving Little Asia. Return to Homeland
    to speak with her. Head to the back area opposite Public Park 3. Stupid 
    12. Voiceless Cries
    Finally, a liberal voice in the immigration debate in Asia. Speak to Zhao.
    Find Nui behind Homeland. Nui will hide behind Homeland. Then behind the
    tables in the shop of east of Homeland. None of them will dare to leave
    Little Asia. In fact it's like playing hide and seek with kindergartens
    (they are, of course, are not in school). Tao is up in the corridor, and will
    hide under the stairs below the corridor. Mi-Youn, who is of the same model
    with the Chinese girl (Mi-Youn's Korean) who guards Little Asia against
    the Ueno, is in the southwest of Little Asia. She will hide on gratings nearby
    Homeland. Use R3 for first person view and then X to mark her.
    In case you don't get the story yet, so the parents of these kids are already
    deported back to their countries. Japan still maintains that its a homogeneous
    society with neglible amount of citizens coming from other countries, so 
    it's even harder for an illegal alien to become legal resident in Japan than 
    in say, U.S or Canada.
    By this time you might catch the impression that even Mei Hua is not
    Zhao's biological daughter, and Tanimura can relate himself really well with
    the children.
    13. Burning Bridges
    This time it's personal. Approach Poppo Mart Nakamichi. Fight. Meet Saki at 
    Shellac. Speak to Naomi. Head to Rooftops West, another fight. Go to Suppon 
    St. Third fight.
    14. Successor
    Naomi calls you when you're leaving Champion District. See her in her palace.
    Head to Pink Alley. Fight. Now it's the final fight against the snakeheads
    in Millennium Tower. Chase Katsuura. It's quite vague if Tanimura shoots him.
    Poor Tanimura. He has a real father and then a stepfather, and yakuzas kill
    both of them. His circumstance's similar to Kaoru Sayama - born of a foreign
    mother, father is a policeman, and the mafia kill them.
    15. Letter to Mei Hua
    Talk to Zhao. Yep, Mei Hua is his foster daughter. Go to West Park (remember,
    it's in the northeast). Poor Zhao. Head to Hotel District and punch the 
    bastards. Zhao, you really need to learn self-defense.
    16. A Dangerous Game
    Considering the prize and the risk, I thought this was a part of the Bridge
    arc. No. Go to Ryugujo Casino and speak to the old man. Agree with the offer.
    Russian Roulette. Right. Play. Pull the trigger with a FEARLESS expression.
    Play the last round. Pull the trigger with a BLANK expression (that's not
    really blank, Masa). Welcome 3 million yen.
       9.4 KIRYU
    1. Yuya's Way     
    What's a Kiryu substory set without troubleshooting Stardust? Speak to Yuya
    and enter Stardust, the site of numbers of fights. Talk to the girl on her
    mobile phone opposite Smile Burger. Catch up with her and her bf outside 
    Watami. Destroy his not so pretty face.
    2. Return of Fake Kiryu
    Fake Kiryu is an ugly and chubby man who dresses like Kiryu and acts xtreme.
    Imagine Brucie Kibbutz telling people that he's Niko Bellic. Talk to Yuya 
    outside Stardust and head to Club SEGA, Theater Square. Go to Smile Burger.
    Of course, being a champion Kazuma Kiryu will drink in Champion District
    (pray he's not visiting drag bar Earth Angel). Make him pay. Yes, he's a fast
    3. Color Gangs
    Kiryu gets called by his former enemy of the Green Gang near Jewel (believe
    me, in Yakuza 2 there was the 16-bit Gang who plays portable games instead of
    hustling). Meet the Akai (Red) Brothers near Pronto. If you've triggered 
    the arrest of Majima, this substory is suspended while it's still raining.
    Talk to the blue jacket man north of them. Head to Nakamichi Alley, behind
    Poppo. The Blue Gang has not disbanded in the name of brotherhood. But you
    were going to gangrape a woman had Kiryu not stopped you, you assholes!
    4. The Twist is Back in Style
    I thought that the man from Kiryu past was an American professional player
    who challenged him in Yakuza 2. This guy is from Yakuza 1 and now he's in MLB
    (or its farm leagues, who knows). Speak to his American agent (I assume he
    speaks fluent Japanese since Kiryu doesn't speak English). Now you have to
    make a clean hit of his pitch. You may hit his pitches earlier but the
    challenge is on, probably because it's registered as foul balls. With a clean
    hit, the challenge will stop automatically and he's pissed off.
    Now explain how did you get a chunk of sacred wood, dear American agent.
    5. Kotaro Gets a Job
    You'll meet Kotaro outside Bantam. He's a slacker hitman. There's should be
    a Jack Black movie about a slacker hitman ("Man, I'm tired sniping this dude
    for like two hours. I'm getting a nap and then watch baseball"). Head to
    Kanrai and solve the customer dispute. Walk around and he'll mail you. Head to
    southern Nakamichi Street and get the punks.
    6. Kiryu versus Hostess Club
    Minamizawa again in front of MEB! He remembers Kiryu and tells his editor that
    Kiryu is the third member of his comedy group. Enter Jewel. No preference (for
    this man, because he's slept with all the previous hostesses).
    Then return and ask for Maya Mori. Then go to Shine, no preference. Return 
    and ask for Shizuka Saito. Cuez Bar, answer questions, go out, go in to 
    collect money and do it again.
    Cheat sheet: Shizuka is an embalmer. She offers to wash men's backs and she
    likes vegetable sticks.
    Maya works second job as a model. She keeps getting questioned by police and
    she loves chocolate.
    Note that you can go to Elise and request for Hiyori and Kyoko if Akiyama have
    made them number ones. Hiyori is as cool as Chihiro.
    And that Kansai girl Kiryu's talking about is of course Kaoru.
    7. Master versus Apprentice
    Enter Kyushu No. 1 Star and speak to Ueda, the man in suit. Agree to help. 
    Kiryu had helped him in Yakuza 3 in producing Kyushu No.1 Star instant noodle
    (thank you Mr. Kiryu. Now I can buy it in the Asian Food section). Matsu-
    yama's grumbling in the parking lot south of Champion. Go back to Kyushu and
    go outside to speak to Matsuyama. Agree to help and try all the food (burp).
    Still no inspiration so say "Let's just wander around the town". Eureka.
    8. White Lie
    In the great tradition of East Asian romantic tragedy with dashes of yakuza.
    Speak to bartender in Bantam and agree to go out with the girl (they went 
    with the trouble of making the FMV of her slapping Kiryu). Defeat the landlord
    and feel touched by her loss. And then sell her engagement rings.
    9. Curry Adventure
    I believe not only Matsuya pays Sega extra to promote their instant curry,
    but the developers have passed many long nights with curries. A delivery boy
    is surrounded by construction workers near Ryugujo. Both him and the workers
    will hesitate to seek your help, but it's clear that they're hungry and he's
    trying to get away with his mistakes. Go to Matsuya and Kiryu will automatic-
    ally order take away curry. He needs to reheat it at home. So go to New
    Serena. Hot curry is ready! Now deliver the curry to the hungry workers and
    let the cheeky delivery boy getting away.
    10. Urban Hero
    More curry goodness! Opposite Public Park 3, you will see a fat hero in 
    action. Continue to Poppo Nakamichi Alley and he will save you, random
    old man in distress. Head to the front of Mill Tower. He's in trouble. Rather
    than the boring task of finishing the evildoers yourself, why not a change?
    BE SPICY! Head to nearby Matsuya and again order take away curry. Sorry, no
    time to heat it so enjoy your cold curry. But he's back in power and you
    don't have to fight. Talk to him. Maybe you can bring some packed curry 
    for fight, but don't rely on them. Nothing can rejuvenate you like Toughness.
    11. Becoming Family
    Speak to the girl in white outside New Serena. He's Date's daughter from
    his previous marriage. Head to Millennium Tower to find Minoru in predicament.
    Speak to him. The thief is in the parking lot of Shichifuku St. East while
    the mother is in the middle of Theater Square. Return to Minoru. What a good
    12. A Doctor's Pledge
    Take a taxi to the docks and pick up the dying man. Dr. Emoto specializes
    in treating yakuza and illegals everytime paperwork could become...inconvi-
    nient for the concerned party. The man's speaking Chinese so go to New
    Serena to ask Tanimura's help. He will become a NPC ally in the fight against
    the Triads.
    13. Kiryu the Babysitter
    This one's great. Leave New Serena and go back in. Five men and a baby. 
    Brave yourself for the dread of men - changing diapers. Okay, that's a less
    biohazard than I thought it be. Leave New Serena and ask the helpful (read:
    terrified) locals. Follow their leads. Maybe Kiryu is the sign that they 
    should stick to more family-oriented areas. Sydney is not only Kings Cross, 
    you know. Rush to lot 404 in Underground Carpark. HEAT those nazis.
    If you can't think of a good Asian name for a boy, just close the dialogue
    and Akiyama will name him Yusaka. Great to have friends like them.
    This one's deep. Approach the young man in green jacket in front of Mill 
    Tower. He is Takashi and he's Kage's son. But since the Florist abandoned
    him, he doesn't know how his father looks now although he had met Kage before.
    He used to be a womanizing slacker, that's why Kage keeps distance with him
    (besides his own guilt. And looks who the ex-cop looks like now. Rahad
    Jackson). Exit Kage's room and talk to Takashi. Go down the hall to figure
    out that Kage's hiring Kiryu's friends to play devils to Takashi. Head to
    Poppo Nakamichi Alley (use sewer for quicker access) to see devil Akiyama and
    his ho...stess. Go to the alley in to the south of Champion District (follow
    the screams if you can't find it) to see devil Saejima. No, I think he just
    flexes his muscles and it's enough to bring down Takashi. Head back to 
    Purgatory through West Park toilet to see everyone, and bring the flower to
    Takashi in front of Mill Tower. A touching ending.
    15. The Hills Have Noise
    Bring some health items. You're going to spar an old friend. Go to Public Park
    3 to hear two Ueno soldiers talking about their hit in Kamurocho Hills. Go to
    MEB to hear the urban legend. Head to Kamurocho Hills (via West Park toilet
    and straight instead of turning left to Purgatory). Press X when you're in
    front of the building. Sneak in.
    Buster Holmes was a fighter in Coliseum and he's named after James "Buster" 
    Douglas, the man who broke Mike Tyson's supremacy in a supposedly easy fight
    (for Mike) in Tokyo. Thus his name is legendary in Japan, although around
    the same time C.J. Johnson was not happy to be called "Buster". I thought 
    it'd be a tough fight but after you take Kiryu defeating a whole Ueno army, 
    this foreign construction worker/Majima soldier should pose not
    much problem. 
    Trivia: After Douglas defeated Tyson, Sega cheekily re-released Taito's Final
    Blow as James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing, renaming The Detroit Kid as
    Douglas (the boxer comes from Columbus, Ohio). Cheap money-making? More than
    that. The legendary Nintendo boxing game was cough cough, Mike Tyson's Punch-
    Out!!!. My man defeats your man so my Genesis/Mega Drive knocks out your
    NES. Here's a glimpse of the macho and mean Sega of 1990, featuring Buster.
    Get the mail from Bob and claim the prize.
    16. Amon
    Amon is my biggest gripe with Yakuza. He's a super assassin that really 
    bothers Kiryu, but he's always substory. He's never in the major plot that
    decides the life and death of Kiryu and the Tojo Clan. He's like a German
    or Russian who constantly bothers James Bond without ever really trying to
    create World War III. When you enter New Serena as Kiryu, Tanimura will give
    the challenge letter from Amon. Go to the taxi in Underground Car Park and
    of course your allies will fight with Amon's three apprentices. 
    I really won't bother. It's just ridiculous. They are more super-powered than
    the bosses in main story, defeating them is a hidden gold trophy but doesn't
    count into a challenge, and it's said that it's impossible to beat them in
    Hard mode. So I'll just ignore this quest - the main story is already over 
    the top enough. 
    If you're a beat-em-up fan who's up for the challenge, and if you really 
    cleared beat-em-up arcade games with coins and time you had, then give it a 
         10. CHALLENGES
    More quests, stories, trophy-unlocking, and checklists are available here. 
    Like many other gamers, I'm yet to able to uncover everything and this is
    simply a long list of activities. I'm trying to provide a concise guide to
    help you complete the checklists as many as possible. Everytime you complete
    a challenge, Bob Utsunomiya will tell that you can reclaim a prize from 
    Naomi's Palace. Speak to Bob B.
    10.1 LOCKERS
    Open 100 lockers - 50 in Taihei Blvds, 50 in Underground Mall. Keys for
    the Taihei lockers are found all over Kamurocho while the ones for the 
    Underground Mall are in rooftops and undergrounds.
    Hope these two maps (uploaded by a Chinese-speaking writer) help.
    Taihei Boulevard keys: http://img863.imageshack.us/img863/6426/key1.gif
    Underground Mall keys: http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/6523/key2.gif
    Reward: Beads of Good Fortune - reduce random encounters.
    10.2 DINING 
    As an Asian, this is why I prefer Yakuza over GTA. Asians take eating out
    seriously. We need the photo and the description. While dating in GTA also
    consists of eating out, it never shows what you really eat and why it's good.
    Certainly many of the items are product placement and that's fine. Living in
    a country where alcohol is expensive and limited, Yakuza teaches me the 
    history and pro tips on various vodka, whiskey, and beer. Even sometimes
    the food description encourages me to try cooking the meal myself.
    Now Yakuza 4' Challenges Menu  keeps in track what you have ordered, including
    when you're on a date or a substory. To obtain secret meals from various 
    restaurants, buy a copy of Tokyo Isshun from any convenient store and place 
    it in your inventory. Some restaurants like Pronto have different day and 
    night menus. In Finale, you can change the time into day and night by 
    'clicking' on the blanket in New Serena. Finally, grab a free copy of 3 Times
    from Underground Mall and you'll receive discounts in many places.
    And o yeah, to complete the checklist for Kyushu No.1 Star, you need to 
    complete Kiryu's substory "Master vs Apprentice". To order the black ramen,
    talk to Matsuyama instead of his mentor. Bentos and other food you grab 
    from convinience stores are not considered in the dining checklist, but they 
    are handy as quick fixes in random encounters.
    Description of restaurants, bars, and cafes in Kamurocho (refer to in-game
    map for locations):
    . Bantam - 'Traditional Irish Pub', but in reality more French (look at the 
    paintings). Play darts here.
    . Cafe Alps - As it says. Coffee, tea, and entree pasta and sandwich.
    . Cuez - A newcomer. A pool bar.
    . Earth Angel - Drag bar in Champion District.
    . Gelateria - Italian soft ice cream.
    . Kanrai - Korean BBQ, also known as yakiniku.
    . Kyushu No.1 Star - Ramen.
    . Matsuya - Japanese fast food - curry, rice bowl, and bento.
    . Pronto - Spirits and entrees (sausage, salad, and soup).
    . Shellac - Another bar in Champion District. Aoki is another informant in the
    district besides Naomi and Kage.
    . Smile Burger - As it says.
    . Sushi Gin - As it says.
    . Watami - A newcomer. Japanese comfort food (fried chicken, seafood) and 
    alcohols. Loved by hostesses for this reason.
    Feeling hungry now? :)
    Reward: Lucky Binding. You'll get cash in 7 amount (777, 7777, 77777) from
    random fights.
    10.3 MODDING
    Be a malicious MacGyver. Create your own spear, taser, and blunt objects.
    Visit Kamiyama brothers, one for weapons across the West Park and the other 
    for gears in Rooftops West. To create a weapon, acquire the design, a base
    weapon, and two other raw materials. Here's how to get them step by step.
    1. Completing substories & challenges, meeting NPCs, and buying discs 
    from Beam will get you the design. Beam have different discs for different
    characters. To read the design, go to Items in the menu, R1 for important
    items, and look (X) in the disc or the book for the recipe.
    2. Base weapons/gears. Browse items in Kamiyama, weapon dealers, Ebisu, Don
    Quijote discount store, and convenient stores (umbrella and coat hanger). 
    Everyday gears like contact lens and shampoo are available from Kotobuki
    Drug Store and Don Quijote.
    3. Materials. This decides whether you will play this challenge or not. If
    not, then items dropped by random punks in fights or stored in lockers feel
    meaningless (unless you sell them for hundreds of yen or so). But if you do,
    you must hold to them since several items like Broken Radio are not 
    available in stores. Many daily items like cooking oil and battery are 
    available in Poppo or M Store. To avoid them clogging your inventory, store
    them (and other things you don't really need, like Toughness when it's far
    from boss fights) in your save inventory. Pack things you only need in your
    Finally go underground and check out tradeable items from the bums (you don't
    buy them with cash but by collecting garbages) or trading them in Coliseum.
    Rewards: Hercules Gauntlet - Enemy can't get out of your grab.
    10.4 FRIENDS
    This challenge is unique to Akiyama. Well, Kiryu had his moment in Yakuza 2.
    Basically Akiyama becomes the favorite patron of several business in Kamurocho
    after buying items from them TWICE. If you have shopped in your local 7-Eleven
    for five years and the manager still doesn't know you, that's because you 
    don't lend him $10000. The perk: Everytime you have random fight nearby,
    they'll throw a joke item that will devastate your enemy. The phrase "Stick 
    it up your ass" never rings truer.
    . Poppo Tenkaichi Street - shop there twice.
    . M Store - shop twice.
    . Homeless Man (West Park) - give him sake. Buy sake from convenient store. 
    Now you can access Ryugujo as Akiyama.
    . Cuez Bar - drink twice. You can drink there while helping Minanizawa.
    . Taxi (Hotel District) - hire him three times. Hire him when you need to go
    to docks.
    . Asia - a strip club on Pink Street. Watch the strip show twice. You can
    choose the girl you want to see - from bombshell Westerner to flat-chest 
    Japanese. Getting the prime seat is another matter.
    . Earth Angel - Drink there twice and sees if the bartender hits on you.
    . Club SEGA Theater Square - Play Boxcelios 2 thrice. Easy to play, hard to
    master. Boxcelios 1 is now available. No, you can't play Virtua Fighter 5
    at all. Not that SEGA is mean, but a VF5 inside Yakuza 4 would be too much
    even for a Blue-Ray Disc.
    . Homeless Man (Theater Square) - Buy him sake. Nice since many troublemakers
    are in the square.
    . Kyushu No.1 Star - Eat there twice.
    Reward: Rage Talisman - Part of the Rage set which will boost your Heat damage
    I love this one despite the quick time events. You see people having 
    unfortunate moments, some of them deserve it. It's like some of them are 
    competing for the Darwin Awards. Your character will be inspired to apply
    the incident into a fighting trick.
    Akiyama, Tanimura, and Kiryu will get newsletters from Mack. When you're close
    to the hotspot, you will overhear people talking about the incident with
    purple marker around their dialogue balloons. The actors will stand there on
    stand by, ready for you to turn on the camera. Press R3 for first person view.
    The focus will trace and lock on your target. Press X to initiate.
    The buttons are random, but once a button has been used (your character is
    snapping pictures), it won't be repeated so prepare for the next button. If
    you fail to press all the correct button or choosing the correct conclusion,
    leave and come back later for another try.
    AKIYAMA (after meeting Mack)
    1. Location: On the roof of Sky Finance/New Serena building.
    Answer: "The way he was leaping and bounding was amazing" 
    Comment: Is he dead? Freakin' panty thieves...they disgrace Japanese men.
    2. Location: Rooftops East Entrance.
    Answer: "Rights in the jewels. I know that hurt."
    Comment: The translation "red wire or blue wire?" confuses many players. I 
    guess the detective is saying something like 'red or yellow?', meaning like
    "Should I shoot him or can I take him alive?". The joke is that the criminal
    sees her panties and whispers "Red...". Maybe Sega America thinks it's of bad
    taste and doesn't translate the whisper.
    3. Location: Pink Street North, next to men talking about kung-fu masters.
    Answer: "Hmm..a counterattack when the guard's broken?"
    Comment: Although the incident is in Little Asia (the couple and the 
    girlfriend are Chinese), you don't need to enter it. The western guard of
    Little Asia is away for this incident (maybe he leaves when he knows
    Lady Dragon is approaching). Chinese players have mixed feelings on this one.
    Is it racist as it stereotypes that all Chinese are kung fu stars? (Come on,
    African-Americans dislike when whites saying "I like basketball and hip-hop,
    you know,") Or is it just funny and might be a reference to Kung Fu Hustle?
    SAEJIMA (after meeting The Master)
    1. Location: Pink Street North.
    Answer: "She kicked through his guard"
    Comment: The relapse husband? No, this is the same incident and it's weird
    since both men are not really there (you don't see Akiyama next to you, 
    do you?). But hey, making FMV is a pain.
    2. Location: In front of Poppo Nakamichi St.
    Answer: "He used his momentum to land a powerful blow."
    Comment: That is useful but it's painful to have your head pulled down by
    silk, tension, and gravity.
    3. Location:Docks.
    Answer: "Something as heavy as that is sure to do some damage."
    Comment: LOL, man in a barrel. 
    4. Location: Underground Car Park, Space 104.
    Answer: "He slammed through the wall"
    No comment. Yeah, it's funny too. 
    Note if Saejima gets the wrong button or answer, he'll make a random carving.
    And sadly you can't sell that fine piece of art to Ebisu.
    TANIMURA (after meeting Nair)
    1. Location: Club Sega Theater Square.
    Answer: "He hit one toy to make the other fall"
    Comment: The cute romance scene. That's why Asian guys practice crane games.
    Asian girls dig guys who can give them cute plushies for 100 yen.
    2. Location: Guy bending at vending machine, Hotel District.
    Answer: "Backward between the legs, huh?"
    3. Location: Female student, east Park Boulevard.
    Answer: "A powerful blow landed when he's off-guard"
    Comment: This is great. Too bad the girl has left Kamurocho when it's over 
    (outside Kamurocho is other parts of Shinjuku). Is the fat bastard the same
    slimy politician who Saejima faces?
    KIRYU (after meeting Komaki)
    1. Location: In front of Poppo Nakamichi St.
    Answer: "A powerful hit after the taunt works well."
    Comment: I assume the developer team are on the edge of deadlines so they just
    repeat this one.
    2. Location: Rooftops East.
    Answer: "She didn't even let him fall"
    Comment: Ditto.
    Reward: Substitution Stone - Revive you when you're out of health, single use.
    10.6 MINIGAMES
    Make sure you don't get caught playing this one by someone you don't want to
    (which means so many people). If you keep the target near the upper ends, you
    can get better scores, but it's risky since the target's position fluctuates.
    No, I don't want to know what does the target represents.
    And Mari is really a woman, based on Mari Yaguchi, former member of Morning 
    Musume.Some people say her animated version does her no justice but she looks
    like that.
    Trivia: In a cruel twist, her fellow ex-band member Ai Kago attempted suicide 
    after got tangled in a what could have been an amusing substory - her deadbeat
    boyfriend threatened his creditors by saying that he's close to the yakuza.  
    DARTS (Bantam)
    Just like playing it in real life. Read the instruction. Okay, pull down right
    stick halfway and hold for a second, and let go to 'throw' the dart. This 
    one's trickier than in GTA 4, where what only matters is your math.
    POOL (Cuez)
    I'm never good in pool and this setup is too confusing. You might have better
    luck or understanding of the mechanics than me.
    TABLE TENNIS (Indoor Hot Spring)
    ARE YOU KIDDING. Even with power shots you will either miss the timing or
    overshoot the ball. The point of this ridiculous sim is to stare the girl's 
    boobs with R2. Doing so in several seconds, before she hits the ball, will
    increase your Heat. Using Heat attack will result in the ball hits her boobs
    and she falls down, blushing and moaning. Ecchi.
    BOWLING (Mach Bowl)
    Easy when you know how. Take two step rights with right d-pad, aim for the
    middle (see the farthest arrow, not the nearest), and use full power. If you
    miss your aim, compensate by adding small spin to the ball. STRIKE! Some 
    hostesses can be really bad and keep hitting gutters, and thus ensuring your
    CEE-LO (Ryugujo, Gambling Hall)
    Now we're talking gambling. It's a Chinese game and this is its American
    spelling. The name of the game is 4-5-6. Get cheat item Trips Yokan from 
    locker (J5 Taihei, on a lamp post in Hotel District). 
    Start a game with 10000 tags to start. Bet low until you become the banker. 
    You'll roll 4-5-6 with the cheat item. TRIPLE PLAY.
    This is a Japanese game and pretty simple. Bet odd or even with the dice. 
    Equip Even Goro's Bead (G2 Taihei, on the lamp off the side path of Senryo
    Ave.) to roll the dice into an even side and Lopsider Cigarette (G3 Taihei,
    in a garbage can outside Club Sega Nakamichi St.) to make other betters bias
    on one side. So if with the cheat items you bet on even and other players
    are betting on odd, you'll rob all of them.
    Both card games use Hanafuda cards and this is a guide to games using 
    Hanafuda cards: 
    Feeling James Bond? With cheat item Zero Jewels (C5 Taihei, Kotobuki
    Drugs) you can force the ball to land on 0 or 00 (bet on both, or you'll mess
    a clear shot). 
    I'm still learning the ropes of poker so you might know this better than me.
    Cheat item Royal Joker Card (G1 Taihei, Club Sega Nakamichi St.) can help you
    gaining better hands.
    With Blackjack Amulet (C3 Taihei, Bantam, inside top of stereo) you reach
    21 points easier.This is the first gambling game which I understand.
    I still don't understand this game, which is James Bond's favorite. You can
    get cheat items player piece and banker piece from substories to help you 
    The game is simple - shoot the enemy ship and aim for its core for quick
    destruction. The hard part is to reach level 20+ in 30 seconds (you win
    the challenge when you reach level 50). My strategy is to 'stab' the enemy -
    race your ship toward the core (no damage if you get too close to the enemy),
    and shoot it from close range. Every countdown beep is the warning to get 
    to the core and shoot. 
    PACHINKO (Volcano)
    Japanese answer to slot machine, while it started as a take on pinball. 
    Therefore the themed boards including Virtua Fighter 5 on this one. Sorry,
    clearly I haven't played real pachinko in my life so I have no idea on
    good strategy. 
    The Chinese chess. Like the Indian-Persian chess, this might start as a
    wargame board. This is an introduction to Shogi: 
    A popular tactic is to ask for help from a computer. Offline, download a
    shogi software in English (if you can't read Chinese or Japanese). Pit
    your software's AI against Yakuza 4's AI. It's like playing tournament chess
    with your friend telling how would Chessmaster responds to your opponent's 
    Online (with netbook or tablet), use this applet: 
    When will we have a high-profile chess match between supercomputers?
    Collect plushies and give them to hostesses as presents. Kawaii desu...
    Hold X to move horizontally and again vertically. Lift when you believe the
    crane is directly above your target doll. Press-and-release if the crane is
    already above your target from the start. Then hope that physics and luck
    will work for you. Speak to the staff if you want new stocks of dolls.
    I suck at rhythym games so it's hard to become the Karaoke King. Still, it's
    fun to hear in-game J-pop after long time. Practice alone several times to 
    memorize (the Asian way of doing things) the tempo and timing. If you go on a 
    date unready, the hostess will be angry at you. Especially if she's a singer 
    like Kyoko.
    MAHJONG (Orchid)
    Aiyah. This is Tanimura's favorite game and yet I understand nothing about it.
    My Chineseness is disgraced. Here's mahjong guide:
    Aim for the "Homerun" boxes. Everytime you complete three, you get the old 
    school target circle, and for the next pitch you have to hit it for bonus.
    Otherwise it will disappear. You get 20 pitches in one play. Trade your
    points for prizes.
    GOLF (Take taxi)
    I have to do more practices on this one and I'm yet to master the putting. 
    Hmm...Korean women are really good in golf aren't they? 
    (seeing news on the LPGA US Open)
    FISHING (Take taxi)
    See Saejima's substory guide on how to move the fish from the water to your
    lap. Some fishes are weapons material (yikes).
    Phew. Akiyama and Tanimura can request three hostesses. Akiyama of course
    won't hustle in Elise (he pays them) while Tanimura can get one from each
    club. Big Boss Kiryu gets four - one from Jewel and Shine and two from Elise.
    I assume that you complete the substories regarding Minamizawa's requests
    (60000 yen and six girls a pop, people!). Buy popularity bracelet from Ebisu
    and cologne from Le Marche and equip them. Get a copy of Naimaga from MEB
    for cover charge discount (single use).
    The next time you request them, they remember you but the heart meter is 
    empty. Talk around and make the logical choices, as if you're talking with a 
    real hot girl. You'll quit automatically when the time's up (yes, they are 
    like flirty and hot psychologists. In the end she'll say "the time's up and 
    here's the bill". That's who a hostess is about). From here...
    1. SAVE. Besides bracelet and cologne, stock Legendary Drinker. You'll always
    leave the club drunk. Now her heart meter is about 30% filled. Plus when
    she's attracted to your charm (heh, literally). As gifts you can give her
    dolls you win from Sega or assorted fashion from Le Marche for extra points.
    Now you can also buy her fetish clothes (not S&M, but cosplayish like school
    uniform and cat ears) but that's too extreme for my taste. Still, if she 
    likes it she might wear it later. Have fun, otaku.
    2. Order her favorite food and drink. As far I know, no one complains with the
    free shoju (in the past the free drink was house wine). Minus point if you
    order something she dislikes or she thinks you're a cheapskate.
    3. Conversations. Please be patient with the pointless ordering and smoking
    scene. Japanese love those. It builds up the simulation. You're prompted to
    speak. If she likes it, plus point. If she's indifferent, no change. If she
    feels depressed talking about it or dislikes what you say, negative point.
    4. You have enough money so you can extend. Of course there's extension fee
    since other dudes are lining up for her. Order her favorite food and drink
    again. Repeat the pattern.
    5. She'll say that she's hungry/thirsty and asking to order her favorite food.
    That's a sign that you should order that for plus points. Never decline even
    if it's 300 thousand yen gold champagne (or it can be 1000 yen beer. Hooray).
    6. She'll ask you to guess a body part she's talking about. Now first person
    view. If you're sure about the body part, hold X. Make a choice than no choice
    at all. And yes, one correct answer to a question is "my boobs". But I'm yet
    to get a "my thighs" answer correctly.
    7. When she asks you for a hot fad, choose something like the hot springs.
    No Japanese says no to hot springs. Also Ameba Pigg the social network. With
    777 Town, you have to be sure the girl's fun-loving or tomboy since it's like
    talking with a Western girl about pokies or pinball.
    If you play your cards right, you'll fill the ten hearts in your second visit
    (including extension).If not, back to main menu (press Select) and load the
    latest save. Why? Because retrying is expensive. It's Groundhog Day
    when you've loaded the game. She'll talking the same things, so if you made 
    the wrong choice, choose another one you think is better. 
    Like in real life, agree with her, don't flirt too early, don't say vulgar 
    things, don't be egoist, and try to act mature and wise.
    8. She'll send you mail. Be nice and avoid cliche replies but try to connect
    more personally with her ("Good luck with your magazine job" is better than
    "I'll see you again"). She will call for a date and her problem will be 
    introduced. Based on your conversation in the club, take her to eat what she 
    likes or do what she fancies. 
    9. Repeat the visit. Now you have 5 hearts to fill instead of ten. You'll gain
    two and half and more from the start just with the booster items, gifts, and
    ordering her favorite. And if she likes your mail reply, so that also counts.
    Play it right and you can leave without extension.
    Watch out, if you have filled the 5 hearts early, the conversation continues.
    And then, if you blow up something and she's unhappy, you will lose heart. No
    date for you. Just like in real life. You have to leave the club will all 
    the hearts filled.
    10. Don't forget to save. She'll call for second date. Her personal problem
    intensifies. After the date, you'll automatically have another session with
    her. Play everything right and spam her favorite food and drink. You see
    the light when she gives you her "fancy card" (same picture as regular card
    with glittering photoshop effects. Whatever).
    11. Save and congrats yourself. Walk around and she'll call for help. Usually
    it's about bad men harrassing her or her family members. Beat them up. She'll 
    hug you. The screen's turning pink. Now you are with her outside the baseball
    cage. No, you were not playing baseball. You two just left Hotel District
    (....okay, maybe in her apartment and you take taxi back to Kamurocho 
    Right? Right?). She'll say you're the best and she loves you and goodbye.
    Wait for her mail and open it to complete her name in the list. The picture
    is just same with the picture in her dossier. Crimson Skies can show better
    bedroom photos and it's a Microsoft game. Bleh.
    Here's the list of girls:
    . Rio (Shine) 
    Order: Gold Champagne (GAH!) and Chocolate (her favorite). Don't order orange
    juice and pickled veggie.
    Favorite gift: Caviar skin bag.
    Comment: The half-white girl who wants to be a photo model.
    . Noa Mizutani (Jewel)
    Order: Rose Champagne (still ok lah) and chicken basket (her favorite). No
    orange juice.
    Favorite gift: Caviar skin bag.
    Comment: A pink polka dot girl (you know the kind) who has so many followers.
    . Erena Aihara (Jewel)
    Order: Yamazaki 12 Years & Dried Ray Fin (uhh...). No pickled veggie.
    Favorite gift: Monogrammed Bag
    Comment: The Kyoto girl. She's concerned about another girl.
    . Himeka Kawasaki (Shine)
    Order: White champagne and chicken basket (her favorite). Don't order beer 
    and pickles (that's just...cheap).
    Favorite gift: Drama femme from Don Q.
    Comment: The tiny (she's 5 feet tall!) Osakan girl who's being harassed 
    . Chihiro Ikki (Jewel)
    Order: Orange juice (good girl!) and fruit platter. She hates beer.
    Favorite gift: Maid outfit (black) (Wooww)
    Comment: A drama student. Seems hostesses aspiring to become models or
    actress are better to check offers from less sleazy area.
    . Nanami (Elise)
    Order: Gold Champagne (BUY ME GOLD OR I'LL DUMP YOU) and I guess fruit 
    Comment: When Akiyama recruits her, she was just dumping another boyfriend. 
    Her brother is a host. Heh, nice genes they have.
    . Shizuka Saito (Shine)
    Order: Black Champagne (robber!) and veggie sticks (her favorite). No orange
    Favorite gift: Italian Women's watch.
    Comment: A classic girl who maybe inspired by Oscar-winning Departure. 
    . Maya Mori (Jewel)
    Order: Rose champagne and chocolate (her favorite).
    Favorite gift: French Handbag
    Comment: A girl who says police often question her. That is to say that
    she's often mistaken as a prostitute. Wrong. She's a hostess.
    . Hiyori (Elise)
    Order: Beer (Favorite!) and Chicken Basket (yum!)
    Comment: A tomboy (when Akiyama finds her, she's wearing overall) who wants
    her man to be able to lift 100 kg weight. Daughter of a struggling wrestling
    . Kyoko (Elise)
    Order: Yamazaki 12 year (favorite) and chicken basket.
    Comment: A grunge girl who leads a band. Nana Osaki in brown hair. She's 
    alright with her band members but they face a competition.
    Reward: Luck Mallet - enemy drops money when you hit them with it. A dangerous
    Doraemon device.
    Dragon Binding if you have complete substories for Elise hostesses. It's a
    good armor for street fighting.
    10.8 No.1 Hostess Maker
    Ready for repetitive and yet rewarding programming? Want to play Princess
    Maker while having beard? Turn tomboy, yuppie, and grungy grrl into 
    professional hostess.
    The manager of Elise will call you after the departure of Lily. A vacant
    position is open in the club. You witness a girl is fighting with her father
    in front of Mill Tower. Now running from home, she needs income. Her name
    is Hiyori. You're free to assign her a stage name, just don't make it too
    Train Hiyori to become number one. When she is, the Elise manager will ask you
    to find a new hostess. Nanami is in Cuez Bar. Make her the number one hostess
    (Hiyori will not complain). After that, the third hostess, Kyoko, is in 
    Bantam. You should complete the quest for one girl before the next one is
    Here's the way this quest is played:
    1. Your hostess is number one when she's made 15000 yen total sales and all
    her skills are S - Superb. A+. These two parameters go hand in hand.
    2. A hostess has three shifts. You're to make adjustments between shifts.
    Her morale and stress level will change and you need to train her to increase
    her skills.
    3. Customers will ask for a conservative, cute, gorgeous, or flashy girl.
    That means your girl will have different hairstyles, make up sets, and clothes
    according to the customer's demand. Every time you're on the club floor you
    have to walk around until Akiyama says "I've heard enough."
    4. As your hostess earns customers and skills, you'll see cutscenes of Akiyama
    watching her acting cute, having customers giving her gifts or being nervous
    (in a good way) and he will take positive note on her performance. 
    5. The training strategy is simple - Skill for first shift, Free time for
    second shift (this will kill her stress and randomly increases her skill,
    even when she didn't improve it in the first meeting), and skill again for
    the final shift. 
    6. You must remember what the customer wants your girl to look like for the
    next shift. It can be radically different to how she's looking. Don't get
    7. Below is sets of outfits which will set her style factor to the max.
    Gorgeous and flashy have the same outfit. Save each outfit in a saving slot
    so you can load them in one go. Please be patient with the makeover cutscene.
    Note: Various sources credit Minamo who provides the list on GameFaqs but
    I can't find the list. Still, thanks Minamo.
    1. Max Cute Outfit
    Clothing: Mini Skirt Dress. 
    Hair: Short Shag black or Bouncy Bob (unlocked) Black
    Makeup: Eyebrows 1 (black), eyelashes 2 (black), Eyeliner 1 (brown), 
    Eyeshadow Brown (Down 4, right 3), Shimmer ES yes, Color contacts Velvet
    purple (Down 3, right 3), Blush any, Shimmer blush yes, Lipstick 2 - Pink
    (Down 3)
    Acessories: Hair accessory - double hairband. Earrings: Heart. Necklace:
    No. Nails: Cute. Ring: No. Watch: Simple. Bracelet: Jeweled.
    2. Max Conservative Outfit 
    Clothing: Charming Off-Shoulder Dress
    Hair: Default or medium length black (unlocked)
    Makeup: Eyebrows 1 black. No eyelashes, eyeliner, eyeshadow, shimmer ES, 
    color contact. Any blush. No shimmer blush. Lipstick: 1 - Dark Fucshia (1,1)
    Acessories: Hairband hair acessory, petite earrings, elegant necklace,
    no nail, no ring, simple watch, and pearl bracelet.
    3. Max Flashy/Gorgeous Outfit (2 in 1)
    Clothing: Mermaid
    Hair: Twist Updo - Red (Down 3, Right 1)
    Makeup: Eyebrows 3 - Brown (Right 3), Eyelashes 2 (Black), Eyeliner 4 
    (Black), Eyeshadow: Blue (Down 4, Right 4), Shimmer ES, Color Contacts Blue
    (Down 3, Right 1), Any blush, Shimmer Blush, Lipstick 2 (Dark Fuchsia) (1,1)
    Acessories: Hair Accessory: Double hairband. Earrings: Bold hoop/cross.
    Necklace: Chain. Nails: Gorgeous. No ring. Simple watch. Jeweled bracelet.
    Halfway the hostess will run away. Find her in the place where you find her
    in first place (Mill Tower, Cuez, Bantam). She'll agree to continue her 
    The club will also hold cosplay special. This time retain the makeups but
    you must change their dresses into cosplay clothes - Chinese, schoolgirl,
    or maid. Mix and match with their personality theme (cute/flashy etc.). 
    If you forget to put them in cosplay costume, the customer will be unhappy
    (freak). The special deal will end once the management says the hostess has
    got 10 customers.
    If you hear the customer wants a cranky girl...well...uhm....scold the girl.
    She'll get seriously cranky in the next session and yet the customer thinks
    it's an act and will be happy. A new meaning to "take one for the team".
    When she has become the No. 1 Hostess, you can dress her as you like. Have fun
    but remember, now the customer is you - when Tanimura or Kiryu requests her, 
    she will appear just as you design her, so make sure you like what you see. 
    ...understand how to win the game? Now repeat it all over again for the next
    two girls. That's how repetitive this game is. Many Japanese games are like
    that and for tired Japanese who just want to have some easy fun, that's fair 
    enough.They like things to be routine and predictable.
    Reward: Dragon Shirt. It's downright yakuza shirt but rather than avoiding
    you, street punks are revolted by its ugliness and come after you more
    This challenge seemed pointless for me until I understand how funny is Saigo.
    Akiyama will chase him and shoot his students. Easy. The hard part is to
    fight him due to that Uzi. Stock your Toughness and you'll be very hungry
    after you beat him.
    The next three trainings seem scary. Suicidal? Suicidal running can be hard.
    You run in circles around the Theater Square and Saigo is chasing you with
    bottles. Try not to miss the health restore to survive the minute.
    Suicidal shooting is easier. Run away from the shooters and quickstep left 
    and right for a minute. Bring plenty of energy drinks for Suicidal Combat.
    Better to get rid of his men first so you can flank Saigo and defeat him.
    Hear his complete story which is far from tragic. I wonder if he's related to
    Shino Amakusa from Seitokai Yakuindomo. I say that because using other 
    characters, you can see him talking to his student about his offbeat, but
    worthy, rules of life using the same martial tone.
    Reward: Sacred Tree Armor - part of a bullet-proof outfit.
    10.10 MASTER's HELPER
    I'll do this one later, okay? I dislike Saejima and his environment, and 
    the Master's goal, while understandable, is not interesting enough for me.
    What I hear is that Saejima will help The Master digging through sewers and
    visiting various old air-raid shelters.
    Reward: Sacred Tree Gauntlets - part of a bullet-proof outfit.
    10.11 NAIR'S KUMITE
    Why I pick Nair's nationality to be Singaporean: she looks so Chinese. In
    Southeast Asia, no Chinese will be interested (or eligible) to become a 
    policewoman. She can be Thai or Vietnamese, but her partner is named
    Marcos (Nair, on the other hand, is an Indian surname). I guess Sega just
    creates the Southeast Asia in their imagination, primarily made after the
    two most prominent groups in Japan - Thai (Nair) and Filipino (Marcos). 
    On the other hand, a pair of Chinese-Singaporean police can be named Nair 
    and Marcos.
    Well, no one says Tanimura can speak English, but if he can even speak Chinese
    and Korean, why not English. Obviously regular Japanese policemen can't speak
    English so they don't understand Nair's simplest explanation in any language.
    If Nair and Tanimura speak in Chinese, well, it just confirms my preference 
    that she's Singaporean.
    On to the tip. She's an expert in parry and she loves to lure you to corner
    her, where she will parry you and smash you to the wall. But there's a big
    exploit to her AI:
    She cannot block drop kicks. So just dropkick her (running and square). Run
    in a circle and repeat dropkicking her until she's knocked out. ("I give up!
    Mr. Tanimura, you're so strong!")
    Besides fighting her, to solve her case you need to leave Little Asia. A 
    police dispatch related to her target will be broadcasted and you will fight
    the criminals. When you're not sure what's next, visit her. Either you fight
    her again or she'll prompt you to wait outside Little Asia. Finally she will
    leave the ghetto to fight with Tanimura. This case has even
    more red herrings than the main story, which is good. I think Tanimura and 
    Nair make a cute couple.
    Reward: Sacred Tree Greaves. I think Sega designs this to become Tanimura's
    combat gear in facing Munakata's SWAT team. 
    10.12 COLISEUM
    Hey, I hate even the official MMA. Just like Maximus, Saejima hates the 
    audience and yet he signs up for a dozen of tournaments. Same goes with Kiryu. 
    Saejima also can fight tag team matches with his student. I think nothing
    really tricky with Coliseum. Just fight and fight like you fight in the 
    main story.
    Reward: Muramasa - stuns enemies with every hit.
    For many people this maker must be more varied and fun than Hostess Maker.
    I don't play it (dislike Saejima, thinking it's wrong to build boys into
    ring fighters...) but this is what I know. 
    Like the hostess maker, what important is getting S in the stats instead of 
    finishing building him as soon as you can. Begin with stretch and exploit 
    the meetings. Work on sparrings until their trusts are maxed. They will come 
    to every practice.
    For Finishers, nothing's better that Guard Breaker. Register the student to
    easy exhibition matches until his abilities maxed. Now he's ready to enter
    the tournament.
    For training, stick to punching, kicking, groundwork, roadwork, stretching
    and rest. 
    Tips taken from Challenges Database, PS3Trophies.org. Tip was given by
    Senor Nemesis of GameFAQs. 
    Reward: Limbo 2 - a DVD for weapon design. Stricly for completists.
    Man, I feel like a cop. Solve 22 crimes and emergency calls across the 
    district. You get rewards from the Kamurocho Guards for every five cases
    solved. There's a story in this challenge as well - yakuzas are unhappy
    with the presence of vigilante group such as KG and are hunting them.
    The happy diner-dasher is Kiryu's old friend. If you're on rooftops and 
    receive call of a 'jumper', you have to go downstairs and talk to people
    in the Theater Square (either a civilian or a policeman, I forget). A
    jumper is a man who's attempting to kill himself by jumping from rooftops.
    After you've talked to people on the ground, go up to talk to him. 
    I forget if there's a female criminal in this quest. If there's one, she'll
    run away after you defeat her male companion.
    Reward: Rage Armor - part of the Rage set, which boosts your HEAT power.
    At first this is fun, then it's kinda absurd. Like action movies where
    America's finest soldiers start by fighting Al-Qaeda and ending up against an 
    American cabal or sort. 
    Like I said, in Italy and Japan various gangs, modelling themselves after
    African-American gangs, are challenging the old "men of honor". Kiryu faces
    these young punks who are invading Kamurocho.But the gangs are getting more
    thematic it's like he's in The Warriors. But well, the first three or four
    gangs are fun to hunt...and think of the money he makes thanks to the Kamuro-
    cho Guards.
    Reward: Rage Bracelet.
    10.16 IF-7R 
    This is a virtual fighter system. It's bland...you fight featureless opponent
    in a first-person fighter. The Professor needs 700000 yen to complete his 
    machine. Input enemy data using the four characters. The fighter characters
    use the fighting style of heroes and villains of Yakuza 4. The reward for 
    winning fights in IF-7R are increased health and new Heat action.
    Reward: Ebisu Socks - You gain money as you walk.
    10.17 HEAT ACTIONS
    Find 112 ways to get violent. You might be inspired to inflict them in real 
    life, if criminal charge or suspension is not a problem and your victim
    deserves it. There are videos of complete HEAT actions for the four heroes
    out there, which will serve as arguments against video games and against 
    Japanese culture.
    Reward: War God Amulet. You can use HEAT actions anytime. 
    I guess that's all for my Yakuza 4 Guides. Phew. Alright, now I can say
    that I've made a walkthrough. Another milestone in life. Thanks for reading
    and I hope that my guide can help you enjoying and explore the game further.
    Thank you to SEGA for the great ideas, to SEGA America and worldwide for
    sharing what the Japanese enjoy with the world. Shoutout to old friends
    who were or are into anime and other kinds of Japanese pop culture. It's
    dwindling now but it will keep move on. 
    Thanks to awesome posters worldwide who provide information online
    which helps me to finish the game and making sure I don't miss any substory.
    I hope my guide can also preserve the medium of .txt FAQ/Walkthrough, seeing
    how forum posts and wikis are providing new kinds of walkthough. 
    - awritingdog, Southeast Asia, July 12

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