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    Knight Incorruptus Initial Equipment Guide by pprincess

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    Table of Contents

    I. Elder Equipment Rift Locations.

    II. Elder Equipment Chart, initial equipments available in story mode.

    III. Walkthrough




    Copyrights: Shirokishi Monogatari: Hikari to Yami no Kakusei Created by Level 5, Inc. 2010 Sony Computer Entertainment. White Knight Chronicles II created by Level 5 Inc. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. 2011

    by pprincess Carie Novitzke, PhD copyright 2011. No part of this guide can be used without permission of this author. Contact if you wish to submit corrections.

    Knight Incorruptus Equipments

    To obtain your avatar knight form: Redhorn Island must be open in WKC 2. You don't have to complete the Island. Check the guild for the quest "Knight Moves." Go to the ruins at Dogma Rift. Check your map for a purple rift circle and enter the Other World there. Defeat the Ark Incorruptus, return to the guild to complete the quest. Then head to Balandor Castle and talk to the researcher to get your knight.

    You'll get a basic equipment set but you can get better equipments and body parts in the Other World. There are rift openings in every area of the game, in some places more than one opening. Fight your way around the platforms and open any chests you find. There are some rare items in the chests (somewhat random items), and then the knight part you seek.

    Elder Equipment Rift Locations

    Elder Helm - Balastor Plain G-3, inside cave

    Elder Armour - Nordia Tunnels D-3

    Elder Fists - Flandar Trail B-4, inside cave

    Elder Tassets (waist) - Bunker Lode basement, D-2 basement or D-3 rift main floor.

    Elder Greaves - Lost Forest C-2 rift or F-5.

    Elder Sword - Beneath Balandor, Treasury area B-4.

    Elder Aegis Shield - Greydall Plain C-4.

    Elder Spear - Redhorn Island G-4.

    Elder Hammer - Redhorm Island D-4.

    Elder Equipment Chart

    This chart shows the stats for the Elder equipment and accessories available via story mode and via rift points. There may be other pieces I have not found. If you find any, let me know and I'll add them.

    Elder Sword6160--Turn Brk 1,Slash,Thrust,Heal
    Elder Spear6160--Turn Brk 1, Slash,Thrust,Heal
    Elder Hammer6160--Turn Brk 1,Strike,Thrust,Heal
    Elder Aegis Shield6-10-Level 1 shield
    Elder Helm3-1010/5Level 1 helm
    Elder Armour3-1010/5Level 1 armour
    Elder Fists3-1010/5Level 1 hands
    Elder Tassets3-1010/5Level 1 waist
    Power Gem12--+2 ATT +4 STR
    Power Gem II14--+4 ATT +4 STR
    Guard Gem1-4-+4 DEF +4 VIT
    Guard Gem II1-6-+6 DEF +6 VIT
    Spirit Gem II1---+6 SPR
    Magic Gem II1---+4 MAG +4 INT
    Philosopher's Grace3---+MAG allies
    Princess' Grace3---+MAG RES allies
    Princess'Awakening3---+ MP amount for allies
    Fire Bulwark3---+ Fire Shield allies, story
    Water Bulwark3---+ Water Shield allies
    Wind Bulwark3---+ Wind Shield allies
    Earth Bulwark3---+ Earth Shield allies ??
    Knight's Awakening3---HP to allies, story item
    Heroic Barrier3---Full Shield, allies, story item


    Upgrades to all of these pieces are available as you gain Guild Rank (GR). You will see the recipes in the binding shop when you reach the appropriate Guild Rank. Armours increase in HP by 10 points a level and MP by 5 points a level. Male and female only pieces are available at each level in a variety of styles, including head pieces. Weapons have around 5 levels and differing styles. Relics are used only by the story mode character knights, and expand HP by 30 points, and MP by 5 points. Weapons carry several styles and require building a base weapon and getting the correct Arks to bind the next level.

    • Note: as of this writing, Level 5 has raised the Knight max level from 10 to 12 in the Japanese version of WKC 2. The upgrades after level 10 require arks that aren't yet available in any current quest. These quests are anticipated sometime in the future. One possible reason for this change is that players aren't using knights much after GR 26 except as a tank, because the avatar can far out-damage a knight. Many Japan PSN players do not level their knights past Tier II equipments for this reason. I think Level 5 might be trying to bring the knight form somewhat more in line with avatar performance.


    Knights can be painted a variety of colours which can be seen in the frog binding shop. More colours are added as you gain in Guild Rank. You will need the appropriate materials to bind the colours. One colour bind will paint one area on the knight. Colour paints can only be used once, so if you want more you'll have to bind the recipe again. At GR 26, there are free special effects available, such as metallics, that can be selected at the knight shop without any special materials.


    • Note. The treasure chests and placement of the platforms in the Other World can be random, and vary by player. The rift locations listed above for the weapons seem to be fixed, but the armours and accessories may vary. The following walkthrough is my experience going through the game. If the platform pattern and chest locations differ in your game, there is no controlling that.

    Most story areas of the game have two rift openings. I describe in my walkthrough where I got each item, and whether I got no equipments in a rift spot. A knight piece may be in either of the two rift openings in the story area.

    Hopefully my walkthrough will give you an idea of the pattern of the platforms. There are always 4 chests in every rift. The contents, aside from the known knight piece, are probably random so I won't list everything I found in the chests, but I have noted a few things.

    Suggestions: the Other World is much less painful if you are controlling a bow user. If you've been a bow user all along and wondering why you bothered, now is your time to shine. Have Conceal, Dark Shot and Stun on your bar. There are Ark Incorruptus knights on many platforms, along with other large enemies. Use Conceal on yourself, and Dark Shot on the Ark Incorruptus and watch him TRY to hit you. You'll enjoy watching your avatar jump and dodge the way a short sword user did in WKC 1. Keep Conceal and Dark Shot refreshed at all times. Focus on taking out the smaller enemies on the platform first, and then the larger enemy. Use Stun on the demons to keep them paralyzed. Use +Judgment or another area attack when fighting efreets. Bring Equipment Repair items, ward chimes and mana potions with you. I suggest using Caesar or Leonard, and Yulie (a must) so you can use their knight forms on the bosses, but any combination of characters will be fine. For your knight, having the hammer equipped is useful.

    Try to go as fast as possible between platforms. The enemies all respawn fairly quickly so don't fight more than you have to. It's possible to sneak around enemies sometimes to access the portals, but if you are engaged in battle you can't use the rifts.


    Elder Sword - Beneath Balandor, Treasury B-4 Arena Boss fight area. In the Other World, you must circle around the middle platform, defeating enemies until you see a portal to the middle platform for a boss fight. Use Yulie's knight to take everything out.

    Shield Elder Aegis - Greydall Plain C-4, enter Nordia first, then go back out to Greydall for a shorter trek. In the Outer World, you'll land in the center and need to trek to the chests in all 4 far corner platforms. The chest contents may be random. I found the shield at D-1 on the map, but the other chests are worth getting for rare items.

    Elder Spear - Redhorn Island G-4. This rift spot is annoying to get to, so unless you enjoy returning to Redhorn Island, get the spear while you are going through this area in story mode. If you do this make SURE you bring enough equipment repair items. When you enter this rift, the path is linear, you have only one portal at a time you can access, so just follow the path along.

    Elder Hammer - Redhorn Island D-4. This spot also will give a Guard Gem 1, and a Wind Bulwark for your knight along with the Hammer. Enter southeast corner. Stay along the south platforms and you can enter the middle without having to go all around the circle.

    Elder Helm - Balastor Plain C-3 inside cave. Check the furthest corner platforms for chests. The placement of the chests may be that you have to open 3 and the 4th will give the Helm, regardless of where you start. I found it at D-1. Exit via middle platform.

    Elder Armour - Nordia Tunnels D-3. Take the elevator at B-1. Now take the elevator at B-5. Next take the C-4 elevator. Run to the D-3 elevator and take it to the rift portal area. Land in the corner and you must work your way through all the platforms around the middle one, minus the corners which are not accessible. The last platform will give you a portal to the middle when you defeat the enemies. Use Holy on any Succubi and take out skeletons before approaching the larger monsters. Then have Yulie transform to take out the bosses. Raid the chests when you are done.

    Elder Fists - Flandar Trail B-4 inside cave. Go to Greede Central Station, and then from there to Flandar for a shorter trek. Hopefully you will find this one is a shorter path than some of the other pieces. Land in the southwest corner, or take note where you arrive. Go to the south larger platform beneath the middle one, once the enemies are defeated you can enter the center one right away. Use Yulie once again to take out the bosses. Make your way back out again to the corner platform where you arrived.

    Elder Tassets (Waist) - Bunker Lode basement D-2 OR main floor D-3. When you enter Bunker Lode you'll notice a rift spot at D-3. The Tassets will be in either spot. I found them in the basement at D-2. Take the elevator down to the next level. Run past the enemies and take the elevator to the basement. Bring up your map and see the rift spot at D-2. You'll find yourself in the southeast corner. Stay to the south and you can enter the middle platform without having to go all the way around. Defeat the enemies, using Yulie if need be, raid the chests, and make your way back to the platform where you entered. I suggest going back to the D-3 rift spot in Bunker Lode on your way back out, and getting that one over with as long as you're here.

    Elder Greaves - Lost Forest C-2 or F-5. You'll notice two rifts on the map, the greaves will be in either one. I found them at C-2. If you don't find them in this rift, go further below in the walkthrough to Lost Woods for directions on the F-5 spot. The C-2 rift will take you to the northwest corner platform this time. Stay along the north to reach the middle platform. Defeat the enemies, raid the chests and make your way back the way you came in. You can run to the other rift point in the Lost Woods at F-5 for a Spirit Gem II, though it's probably shorter to find the nearest logic stone and re-enter the woods to be closer to the rift point.


    In addition to the Elder equips, there are some accessories that you can find in the Other World via rift points in various areas of the game.

    There are two must-have accessories for your knight. The Heroic Barrier is a free item you get in the story. This item grants Full Shield on nearby allies. Spirit Lord's Barrier grants Angel's Favour on nearby allies. These buffs are a real help in difficult boss fights, and can save a quest gone bad. Put these on your knight. Everything else is a matter of preference. I don't see the point in putting INT accessories on the knight because you can't cast magic.


    Princess Awakening Balandor Treasury B-2 Use the rift, enter at northeast corner D-1. Get to either the north or east platform, enter the center platform from there. Fight the enemies and raid the chests, exit back to the northeast.

    Lagnish Desert

    Power Gem II H-4 Enter Albana and leave from the eastern most exit, where you would start A Grave Matter. Landed northwest corner. Access to the center platform at north. Defeat the enemies and raid the 4 chests, return the way you came in.

    Philosopher's Grace C-3 Entered on the straight north platform. Chests are on either side of north, east, west and south.I found the Grace straight away on C-1. I didn't check out the other chests.

    Lost Woods

    Spirit Gem II. (or Elder Greaves if you didn't get them at the other spot here) Enter the rift at F-5 or C-2 (whichever spot didn't get you the Elder Greaves). I entered C-2 and landed in the southwest corner.Go all the way around the circle of platforms, you can't enter the middle one easily this time. You might be able to sneak past some of the knights if you're careful. When you have defeated the enemies on the last platform around the circle, you can go to the middle. Use Yulie or strike weapons to defeat the enemies and then raid the chests. I got some Wind Dragon+ items along with the Spirit Gem II.

    Van Haven Waste

    Magic Gem II I-4. Enter Van Haven from the Bacchea side. Jump down the hole and take the east exit at H-3. This time you'll start in the center and need to get to the far corner platforms. You can only go north or south along the side platforms, the east/west gates aren't there, so start south and work south/southeast/southwest and then return to the center platform and go north. Repeat northwest to northeast corners. This trip will be annoying because you may end up having to defeat the same platforms more than once as things respawn. I don't know how random the chests are, if the game makes you check all 4 corners before you get the gem, but mine did. I found it at D-1.

    When you get back to Van Haven waste, return via the same east cave entrance because now we want to head to the middle interior. Luckily we can save there too and repair our weapons.

    Spirit Lord's Barrier F-3. This time I landed on the south large platform, different from the others so far. The center platform is not accessible. Chests are not in the far corners but on the platform directly in front of each corner.I found the chest in the northeast, and thankfully didn't have to go all the way around. The chests aside from the Barrier had lame items. You can exit either the larger north or south platform when you locate the Barrier.

    Bunker Lode Caverns

    Guard Gem II OR Elder Tassets Bunker Lode D-3 main floor. If you didn't find the Tassets at D-2 in the basement, try here. If you already got the Tassets, there will be the Guard Gem II here instead. You'll land in the northeast corner. Take the east side down south and you will be able to access the middle platform directly from the east. Use Yulie to defeat the enemies. After raiding the chests, make your way back out to where you entered.

    Frass Chasm

    Water Bulwark. Rift spot is at D-4. Sure, you were wanting to fly around on the dandelions some more. Start in northwest corner A-1. You'll have to go around the entire set of platforms around the middle in order to enter the center. I definitely needed Caesar and Yulie both because the bosses were a Pyrodaemus and a Krakanos.

    Water Bulwark or ?? G-5 I did this rift spot and didn't get any items for the knight in the chests. This may be because I already found the Water Bulwark at D-4. If anyone gets something else from this spot, please let me know. Land southwest corner. Follow the gates (linear, no options) until you can go to the center platform. I went thru two platforms and then I could go to the center. I did the boss fights and opened the four chests and got Direspider Egg+, Direspider Body+, Wind-Beast Tail+ and Fulgarstone. The item contents will vary. I went around to some of other platforms, didn't see any other chests. I could have reloaded the save, but just didn't feel like it.

    Greede Underbelly

    Princess Grace or ?? Level 2 C-4. I didn't get any knight items in this rift, possibly because I found the Grace in the other location at C-3 basement. If anyone finds anything else in here, let me know. On Level 1, take the middle hole at C-4, no levers required if you've opened up the Underbelly for the Guild bounties up to/before completing Red Horn Island. Otherwise, if you haven't done the bounties in here, you'll have to do the levers required to access this area. But if you have, then this is too easy and you know a catch is coming. Land in the Other World on the center platform, you can go east or west from here. I went west. The chests are on the farthest corner platforms. The northwest chest gave me a Flemron208, wow! Otherwise I got stupid stuff in the chests like Mana Potion III and Pointy Demon Tail.

    Princess' Grace or ?? Level 3 C-3.This basement rift opening is on Level III, and is going to require levers. For the experienced player, all you need is to throw the levers in all 4 of the round rooms on Level 2. If you've run quests in here, you know how to get those rooms open and which levers to use. If you know what you're doing, go for it and skip ahead in the guide. For those of you confused in Greede, read on...

    Go to the lever at D-3 on Level 1, put the lever LEFT. Drop down the left hole at C-2, and throw the lever at C-2 on Level 2.Go back up the elevator to Level 1 and return to the D-3 lever. This time turn it RIGHT, and drop down the hole at E-2. Now for the levers at D-2, turn the first and third levers RIGHT. Enter the round room at E-2 and defeat the enemies so you can turn the lever in that room.

    Now you have to do the same for the other three Level 2 round rooms in the Underbelly. If you know how to run Only Game in Town and Demithor in Peril, you know what to do and it's seriously not fun at this point. This sort of thing distinguishes the hardcore WKC player from the casual. You know who you are.

    Now for the Exterminator side, which you might have done earlier in one of the bounty quests. Take the lift back up to Level 1 and head to the levers at C-4 and throw the RIGHT lever, unless you did it earlier for a bounty. Back out and drop down the hole at D-4. Defeat the enemies in the round room and throw the lever. Back up the elevator for the last two which we can get in one shot.

    Enter the west door at C-3, and run down the rectangle stairs, or if you know how to drop down the holes you can do that. I take the stairs and my friends hate that. You might already have the levers done at C-3, and at B-2, but if not then the B-2 pattern is 1 and 3 go RIGHT. Defeat the enemies in the round room at B-3 and throw the lever.

    Now back up the stairs the way you came in. Drop down the top LEFT hole at B-2. More spiders in the round room, then throw that lever. Finally we can access that purple rift spot on Level 3. Go out to the elevator and head to Level III. See? The doors open up now.

    I landed in the Other World on the far west platform. Looks like it's circle around the middle again, with no access to the far corners nor to the center. The chests are at the platforms in between the larger ones, just before the corners. I found the Princess' Grace at C-1, the third chest I checked. Couldn't be bothered to check the last one.

    Have fun with your knight!

    Version 1.5 Added some notes about armours appearing in either rift in an areas.

    Copyright 2011 pprincess Carie Novitzke, PhD