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    Walkthrough by pprincess

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    [[Walkthrough]] (Continued)

    [[Frequently Asked Questions]]

    Q. Should I play the first WKC or start with the second one?

    A. If you haven't played the series before, start with the first story. You'll get some good Tier 1 materials that are harder to farm if you start with WKC 2 only. Plus you'll get a better understanding of the story.

    Q. I didn't finish WKC 1 and sold my disk. Can I import my file?

    A. No. You must have a star next to your save file on PSN when you load the game for it to be "cleared" for import. If you didn't finish the final boss fights in WKC 1, you can't import your file.

    Q. I bought a used game, now I can't get online! The code has been used.

    A. You will have to buy a new code in the PSN store.

    Q. Can I master 2 job classes?

    A. Yes. But your level will be locked at level 65 until you hit GR 17, and you'll slowly gain more levels until GR 20 when you can finally hit level 80. It's possible to master 2 full skill trees and get some of the Divine healing skills by the time you hit level 80. Focus on finishing one skill job first, then add the other, so you are at least strong on one weapon class. Mage requires both Staff and Elemental Magic to do well. After you hit level 80, you can do more rebirths and gain extra skill points each time. Bow is a popular job to add to your build, if you skip the elemental tips/bolts on the bow you can have an adequate bow set up without completing the entire tree. Some weapons require 100% in the skill tree completed at some point, so keep that in mind.

    Q. Why do you seem to hate swords?

    A. I don't hate swords. I played a short sword in White Knight 1, and at GR 26+ Longsword is a decent build. But the fact is the game has made Short Sword and Longsword difficult to use in the story mode, and swords lack strong strike and thrust moves. Many enemies in the game are strike or thrust weak. Axe does a better job at Strike and Slash, and Bow does a better job at Thrust.Mage is a great damage class but is weaker defensively.

    Q. So, is Mage the best job?

    A. There are a lot of mages online. It's an easy class to start out and easier in story mode because of mobs like skeletons and Succubus. Bow is another good class for story mode. Axe is the best DPS job of all. Many mages do not like to do support skills, and it is a fact that mage is one of the best support jobs. A really good mage can do damage, but a GREAT mage does support too.

    Q. How do I set up my town and go online?

    A. Check out FAQs on these subjects for White Knight Chronicles International Edition. GameFAQS also has an FAQ on the new Residents for towns. Everything about online is explained in the FAQs for WKC 1.

    Q. How do I find people to play online? I'm only GR 4.

    A. Finish the story, bounties and errands and THEN go online. You'll be GR 16. Don't expect anybody to help you until you finish all the stuff in the story.

    Q. How do I find a guild?

    A. Check the message board on Geonet.

    Q. What's a fast way to level up my GR?

    A. Check on the GameFAQS message boards, tons of topics on this.

    Q. What's a fast way to get guilder?

    A. Run free monster quests with higher level players and sell the materials.

    Q. My binding rank seems to be stuck.

    A. If you can't Donate any more, then you need to do some binds to get to the next binding rank. Try binding Items and the eyeglasses.

    Q. How long does it take to get all the trophies?

    A. It will take you a minimum of 5 weeks. You can grind quickly to GR 30 but you won't have the gear nor the materials to get the other trophies. If you just plan to play this for the trophies, you will have terrible gear and nobody will enjoy questing with you. And, you will miss out on the materials you needed from lower ranked quests. Trust me, I've done the GR grind on one of my characters and I never got enough materials compared to when I completed a second avatar and did everything the right way. Quest with people at your rank and take your time.

    Q. What is the difference between the European and North American versions?

    A. The European version requires more GR points to rank up. The North American version can only be played online if you have a North American IP address. Each of these versions has a different publisher.


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