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    T.Hawk by Heroic_Legacy

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                      Super Street Fighter IV: T.Hawk Character Guide
                                  By: Heroic_Legacy
    1:  Intro
         1.A: Rawking T.Hawk
         1.B: Controls/System and Notation
    2:  The Movelist
         2.A: Normal Moves
         2.B: Unique Moves
         2.C: Special Moves
         2.D: Super Move/Ultra Moves
    3:  Gameplay
         3.A: Basic Combos
    4:  Match-Ups
         4.A: vs. Abel
         4.B: vs. Adon
         4.C: vs. Akuma
         4.D: vs. Balrog
         4.E: vs. Blanka
         4.F: vs. C. Viper
         4.G: vs. Cammy
         4.H: vs. Chun Li
         4.I: vs. Cody
         4.J: vs. Dan
         4.K: vs. Dee Jay
         4.L: vs. Dhalsim
         4.M: vs. Dudley
         4.N: vs. E.Honda
         4.O: vs. El Fuerte
         4.P: vs. Fei Long
         4.Q: vs. Gen
         4.R: vs. Gouken
         4.S: vs. Guile
         4.T: vs. Guy
         4.U: vs. Hakan
         4.V: vs. Ibuki
         4.W: vs. Juri
         4.X: vs. Ken
         4.Y: vs. M. Bison
         4.Z: vs. Makoto
         4.1: vs. Rose
         4.2: vs. Rufus
         4.3: vs. Ryu
         4.4: vs. Sagat
         4.5: vs. Sakura
         4.6: vs. Seth
         4.7: vs. T.Hawk
         4.8: vs. Vega
         4.9: vs. Zangief
    5:  Thanks and Legal
    1. Intro
    Hello again. For my Second guide I decided to write up an overview on T.Hawk.
    As far as I'm concerned he's probably the best grappler in the Super Street
    Figher 4 universe. With his long range pokes and his amazing mixup, T. Hawk
    undoubtedly will destroy you.
    1A. Rawking the Hawk
    T.Hawk is amazing. He has so many tools to get in and once he does it is just
    a matter of time before his hands end up mutilating the opponent. So much 
    damage so much health, what isn't to like in him? Yes, he's a grappler, 
    his dash isvery slow, and he doesn't have projectiles so he is not as easy 
    to play if you want to just pick up the game and play for 20 minutes. 
    Rawk the Hawk. Not only is he devastating, but immensely fun.
    1B. Controls and Notation
    LP: Light Punch/Jab
    LK: Light Kick/Short
    MP: Medium Punch/Strong
    MK: Medium Kick/Forward
    HP: Heavy Punch/Fierce
    HK: Heavy Kick/Roundhouse
    df: Down+Forward on directional
    s.X: Standing attack
    j.X: Jumping attack
    c.X: Crouching attack
    360: "SPD" Motion. Spin the stick and hit at least 6 directions.
    DPM: "Dragon Punch" Motion. Forward down down+forward in one motion.
    RDP: "Reverse Dragon Punch" Motion. Back down down+back in one motion.
    HCBx2: Half circle back motion. Two half circles ending in the back position.
    720: Like the 360 motion, but you have to hit at least 13 directions.
    2. The Movelist
    Right here, you'll learn everything that T.Hawk has to offer in terms of moves
    in the game. From normals to his Ultra move, I've got it all covered.
    2A. Normal Moves
    Normal moves while can change depending on range. 
    Far standing Normals
    s.lp: Quick jab is thrown by T.Hawk. Great speed and range. Real good tick too.
    s.lk: Quick knee. Amazing for a tick. Cancelable.
    s.mp: Double eye poke. T.Hawk's amazing standing quick poke. Even on hit, keeps
    them in range for Mexican Typhoon! Godly tick.
    s.mk: Front kick at opponent. Pretty good poke, but leaves them just outside
    Typhoon Range if at a distance. Good counterpoke.
    s.hp: If you ever played Zangief, you'd know his s.mp is the best poke he has.
    T.Hawk's s.hp is the same move, just a bit slower and more damaging. Oh so good.
    s.hk: Donkey kick. T.Hawk turns his back and kicks as hard as he can. Amazing
    reach. Very fast to come out, not so fast to recover. Gets destroyed by focus
    attacks but is very good when your opponent doesn't expect it.
    Close Standing Normals
    s.lp: Same as jab, except less range because, you are up close.
    s.lk: Same as s.lk from far.
    s.mp: T.Hawk does a knife chop downwards. Best tick he has as you recover super
    fast and he is still animated while the opponent is recovered. Very tricky.
    s.mk: Amazing close range kick. Special cancelable. Definitely a good move to
    continue jump in combos with.
    s.hp: Don't use it. Really isn't worth it. Standard grappler close range heavy.
    s.hk: Real great anti air normal. T.Hawk's leg takes up his entire height.
    Use as an anti air.
    Crouching Normals
    c.lp: Little quick jab. Very good tick.
    c.lk: T.Hawk sticks his foot out. Cancelable.
    c.mp: T.Hawk slashes both ways with both hands. Very good poke and sometimes
    beats very meaty crossups. 
    c.mk: Looks just like Ken's c.mk except shorter and faster. Just a good poke
    to counterpoke back at them.
    c.hp: If they are keeping you out of Mexican Typhoon range with long range 
    pokes use this bad boy here. 2 hits, T.Hawk slams the ground in front of him 
    Great damage.
    c.hk: Just like Guile's sweep. Except it's faster and shorter range. Whiff this,
    and it recovers real fast and moves you forward.
    Jumping Neutral Normals
    j.lp: Jumping and sticks his palm out. Just like Super Turbo, amazing. 
    Cancelable to Condor Dive on hit or block.
    j.lk: Knee drop with a terrible hitbox and range. Don't use it.
    j.mp: Just an air to air strike. Nothing special.
    j.mk: Jumps and sticks his foot out. Nothing great. There are better moves.
    j.hp: T.Hawk drops his hand down and stretches out sideways. Very good hitbox.
    j.hk: Drop kick. Amazing range and air to air. But, Hawk isn't going to be
    neutral jumping too much.
    Jumping Directional Normals
    j.lp: Same as neutral j.lp. Except better. Hitbox is basically there for a good
    second. Amazing jump in. Yes, a jab jump in. Trust me. j.lp is going to set up
    a lot of 360s and then some. And, it is still cancelable to Condor Dive on hit
    or block.
    j.lk: Just as useless as the neutral jump one. Nevermind it.
    j.mp: No use for it. You have better jump ins.
    j.mk: Could've been much better, but alas, it has a pretty bad hitbox. Don't 
    use it too often.
    j.hp: T.Hawk does the downward hammer. Probably your best jump in. Stuffs 
    Mexican Uppers.
    j.hk: Dropkick. A good far range jump in.
    2B. Unique Moves
    These moves are special and belong to T.Hawk only. Normally they have special
    Thrust Peak: df+lp, A weird move. It isn't an overhead, just another jab like
    move with awful recovery. Just use it as another tick for now. I've heard it 
    being used as anti air, but you have better options. Never use this move up
    close. Ever.
    Heavy Shoulder: df+mp in air, Another weird move. T.Hawk's shoulder drops down
    like a tackle, but it doesn't hit grounded opponents! It only hits in the air!
    Which makes it amazing! Why do you ask? Why is a move that doesn't hit grounded
    opponents so good? Well if it whiffs, you can just use it to buffer 720 as they 
    cower thinking you are going to hit them so they just block. Shenanigans.
    Heavy Body Press: df+hp in air, Ahhh, the ST press. Amazing jump in. Can cross
    up. Does tons of damage and hitstun. But the hitbox is better than Zangief's.
    Very ambiguous at times. Is also a safe jump.
    Focus Attack: mp+mk (Chargable to level 3), T.Hawk's focus attack is utter
    garbage. Super slow and makes his hitbox even bigger...Why bother. Just use it
    if you have to absorb a fireball and dash in.
    Forward Dash: double tap forward, T.Hawk's forward dash is short, but has a bit
    of lengthy recovery after. Still good enough to scare them though.
    Back Dash: double tap backward, T.Hawk's backdash is pretty good. Airborne and
    has a good amount of invincibility. Nowhere near Abel's or Hakan's though.
    2C. Special Moves
    Each character has special moves, Ryu's Hadoken, Zangief's Lariat. T.Hawk has
    quite a lot for a grappler.
    -Mexican Typhoon: 360+P(PP), T.Hawk grabs the opponent's head and slams them
    into the ground beneath him. Very very damaging, starts up on frame 1 like 
    every good command throw. LP version has longer range than Gief's LP SPD!!!!
    This will be the move you most use. As everything T.Hawk does revolves around
    setting up these nasty moves. LP has the longest range, least damage, and 
    leaves them right next to you. HP has the shortest range, most damage, but
    leaves them full screen away from you. MP is in between these two.
    EX Typhoon has MP damage, and LP range, while leaving you at MP distance.
    -Tomahawk Buster: DPM+P(PP), Yes, T.Hawk has a Dragon Punch. He flies up into
    the air chest first. Decent invincibility and good to get out of pressure
    scenarios. Better than Zangief's lariat because it does have start up 
    invincibility. EX Version can be canceled into the EX Condor Dive on hit.
    -Condor Dive: PPP while jumping, T.Hawk dives down at a 45 degree angle.
    It is a very, very versatile move. Causes knockdown on hit, can be done just 
    off the ground for a fake into a 360/720. Can cross up if done at the right 
    position above the opponent. Can be combo'd into from j.lp. EX Version only
    comes out from EX Tomahawk as it is the followup. Otherwise there is no EX
    version standalone. An important note is that you cannot jump back and Condor
    Dive like in Super Turbo. =/
    -Condor Spire: RDM+P(PP), T.Hawk dashes forward in the air towards his enemy.
    It goes under low moves and is unthrowable. Very good at getting in on an
    unsuspecting opponent. EX Condor Spire is projectile invulnerable and goes real
    far. Real good for getting in and crushing projectile user's heads into
    the earth.
    2D. Super Move/Ultra Move
    Super Move
    In Super Street Fighter IV, there is only one Super Move for every character
    (Gen and Dan being exceptions) It costs all 4 of your EX stock and usually 
    is a watered down version of an Ultra.
    -Double Typhoon: 720+P, T.Hawk's Super is just a lp Mexican Typhoon that
    bounces them into the air for a hp Typhoon. Not real flashy, but it does a ton
    of damage. MP Typhoon range.
    Ultra Move
    In Street Fighter IV, in addition to the Super Bar there is a Revenge Meter.
    This meter fills when you take damage, or focus enough attacks. When it fills
    halfway, you are given the ability to use an Ultra Move, which is considered
    a move to turn the tide of battle in your favor. It normally does at least 40%
    damage to all characters, very useful.
    In Super Street Fighter IV, You have the option of selecting from 2 ultras like
    in 3S you had selectable Super Arts. Both of T.Hawk's ultras are viable, but
    only the first one is good all the time.
    Ultra I: Raging Typhoon: 720+PPP, T.Hawk grabs the opponent, flies up real
    high and throws them down, before dropping like a boulder on top of them. He
    then raises his hands and grunts before jumping off of them. Does massive
    damage and there are tons of ways to catch opponents with this.
    Ultra II: Raging Slash: HCBx2+PPP, T.Hawk yells into the air at the opponent
    and he shoots upwards a la his Tomahawk Buster. But if he hits them he does a
    power bomb, and then proceeds to toss them around like a ragdoll, ending in a
    throw that looks like Abel's Tornado Throw. Does real good damage, but cannot
    be combo'd into, and the range is very poor. Not to mention, it only hits
    airborne opponents.
    Situational at best.
    3. Gameplay
    So you know his moves and his normals. But do you know how to use them? Do you
    know how to combo? Well, start here.
    3A: Basic Combos
    T.Hawk isn't a very combo heavy character, but he definitely has a few combos.
    And what combos he does have, he has a lot, and I mean, a lot of damage.
    1. c.lk x2 > Tomahawk Buster
    2. j.lp > Condor Dive
    3. Heavy Body Press/j.HK close s.mk > EX Condor Spire EX Tomahawk Buster >EX
    Condor Dive 
    4. close s.mp s.lp s.mp
    5. s.lp x2 s.mp
    That's really all you need to know for combos. But, can you tick throw yet?
    3B: Tick Throwing
    T.Hawk is mainly tick throws and mixups to make you land his almighty Mexican
    Typhoon. So be sure you know how to buffer 360s and 720s. I can't teach you how
    to buffer the motions, that is just practice. But once you can, feel free to
    Everyone has their own special ticks and gimmicks in order to land a 360. Empty
    jump-ins aren't the only ones around you know. Hell, you can even buffer quick
    moves into a 720 to catch them after the hitstun is done. Tick throws are what
    You make of it. Every move in the game can be a tick throw one way or another,
    so just find which ones you like the most and use them.
    4. Match-Ups
    So you have everything you need to play T.Hawk right? You know how to set up
    his Mexican Typhoon, you know how to combo and do tons of damage. But wait,
    what about character specific matchups? Oh man...You've got a lot to learn.
    Note: Difficulty does not reflect tiers, nor does it use the same system. 
    Difficulty will just be a number out of ten, as how hard you will have to work
    to win. 
    4.A: vs. Abel
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Strategy: Ahahaha, Abel really got better in SSFIV. He'll be troublesome for
    everyone, but with Hawk's he's just about even. Just be wary of his Tornado
    Throw, it's throw invulnerable and will beat your 360 and 720. His comboability
    is still very high so you want to make sure you can beat him to the punch,
    or at least trade blows. You have more health so you'll win out eventually.
    His new Ultra, Breathless, is very, very dangerous. He can just throw it out
    up close and you are probably going to get hit by it. It is throw invulnerable
    and comes out in 3 frames from full screen. The only thing you must do when
    you see him crouch during the flash though, is jump. Condor Dive is armor
    break, and he has 1 hit of armor here. So just jump and dive into him. He's 
    reeling in pain again. Very even match.
    4.B: vs. Adon
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Strategy: Gah, instant overhead into Jaguar Kick is very annoying. Jaguar Tooth
    has to be jumped since apparently it is safe on block. Adon can dance around
    your Typhoon range all day and all night without fear basically. Learn what you
    have to offer in order to counterattack him properly. Tomahawk Buster and s.mp
    are good at stuffing most of his air to ground stuff. Watch for Rising Jaguar
    if you get inside, a lot of people like that move as his 'get out of pressure'
    Don't try to poke him. That s.hk of his is great.
    4.C: vs. Akuma
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Strategy: Run away again. Just like Street Fighter 4. As a grappler T.Hawk
    cannot make up the distance that Akuma can. It's sad. But if you do get in
    and continually safe jump your way to mixing him up, it gets easier. Teleport
    can be punished half the time with a well timed s.hk. The problem is, Akuma has
    ways to escape your mixup for free if he isn't cornered. So even after you
    get him on the ground, you have to deal with his ground game, which is very,
    very good in this game.
    You might also eat Reversal Ultras too if you get overzealous. Remember that
    Typhoon and Tomahawk aren't the answer to everything. And neither is dive. A
    well organized gameplan here will help you fight Akuma. And it is usually 
    going to end up on the wrong side of a timeout if they play smart.
    4.D: vs. Balrog
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Strategy: Oh, get in on him right? Balrog has no good reversals and can't mash
    out of a 360 right? Partially. Balrog's poking game ruins any button you press
    at a distance so don't bother trying to outpoke him. It just won't work.
    Instead you should try to stay as far away as you can and wait for him to come
    and rush punch at you. On hit or block, you can lp Typhoon to grab him after.
    Balrog isn't too much of a rushdown character anymore, though he can still semi
    rush down. Just out turtle him and keep him as far away as you can, and try
    to punish his every move on the inside. If you get at midrange, you lose this
    fight as you'll probably be forced into that range all game.
    4.E: vs. Blanka
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Strategy: Nothing new. Just gimmicks as usual. Blanka isn't a scary character,
    it's the person behind him that can be scary with mixups and crossups and 
    sheer mindgames that confuse you. His Ultras are pretty bad so you shouldn't
    have to worry about it too much. Just, don't do anything regarding a mixup on
    knockdown. EX UpBall starts up immediately and hits you for damage and knockdown
    And you being knocked down subjects you to Blanka's mixup games. Which, you
    cannot handle most of the time.
    Just make sure to distance yourself accordingly. Don't let them blanka ball to
    victory, on hit you can EX Condor Spire and punish with 720. Yes, it's
    very possible.
    4.F: vs. C.Viper
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Strategy: She got a bit worse in the special moves department, better in the
    normals department. So it makes it more interesting now. Her pokes are good but
    not in the same level of range as yours. So be careful how you space your Hawk.
    She can EX Seismo in the middle of a poke war to ruin your s.hk so make sure
    you know how to play smart in the mid game. And if she ever gets fullscreen
    from you make sure to do short Condor Dives to get in. Just straight out
    Condor Diving will get you hurt, very, very badly.
    And since you are a big guy, EX Seismo Ultra 1 works. Happy days. Ultra 2 is
    pretty good here
    4.G: vs. Cammy
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Strategy: Block and punish seems to be the normal route to take here. Cammy's 
    offense pressure is seriously lacking. Just throw tech or if no throw is on
    the way block and counter with a 360. I haven't seen anything threateningly
    new or hard to deal with as T.Hawk, other than the occassional jump back 
    heavy kick beating near everything you throw out. Just play it safe, she has
    to hurt you to win the match, and she can't do that too well without taking
    damage back.
    4.H: vs. Chun-Li
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Strategy: She can anti air you with basically any normal she wants to. Luckily,
    she can't trade too often with you without being in pain. She has low health,
    so you want to end this as quickly as possible before she gets any meter. Once
    she has one bar be more careful on your jump ins or mixups. EX SBK will knock
    you out of near everything. Her new ultra is very versatile as well. It
    basically gives her free comboability on near everything she has. Luckily it
    does meager damage. But it still isn't very good to be eating an ultra.
    Keep her low on meter, keep her high on stress and you'll have her done soon.
    That is, if you get around her nine gazillion anti airs.
    4.I: vs. Cody
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Strategy: Such a solid character. His BnBs do massive amounts of damage for 
    relative ease of links. The match is just momentum really. If you get to be the
    first one knocked down, you have to eat mixups since your Tomahawk will be
    beaten by his crossups. If you knock him down first, he has to eat mixups since
    he has no good reversals at all on wakeup. His overhead has moderate speed but
    can't combo afterwards so it wouldn't matter too much unless you ate like, 10
    of them in a row. He's good at keeping you out from a jump in though, his
    Jawbreaker normal has an excellent hitbox so you need to properly bait and 
    punish to get that knockdown. After knockdown of course, feel free to mix up and
    destroy as necessary.
    4.J: vs. Dan
    Difficulty: Dan/10
    Strategy: Walk towards him. Destroy him. He has nothing to scare T.Hawk.
    Everything is terrible on block and you can easily EX Tomahawk out of any
    pressure string he uses. He's a walking mess, so hurt him even more. Even if
    you eat a combo into Ultra 2, the juggle potential is screwy so you'll take 
    at worst 5 hits. Don't worry too much. Get in, churn the butter and move onto
    another match. Dan really isn't too difficult to deal with.
    4.K: vs. Dee Jay
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Strategy: Not as bad as Guile luckily. But still good. Up kicks unfortunately
    beat your Condor Dive if timed right. Max Outs are pretty good speed and great
    on recovery so you'll need to watch out if you decide to dive them. Focus and
    back up. Work your way in but watch out. His mixup on knockdown is much, much
    more tricky than yours. Fake jumps, crossups, ambiguous stuff. Make sure you
    aren't knocked down. It's very tough to deal with when your only reversal move
    gets stuffed by crossups.
    4.L: vs. Dhalsim
    Difficulty: 10/10
    Strategy: C.HP beats his limbs if you start before him. Keep doing it. That's
    about the only thing you have going for you in this matchup. Don't you dare use
    any EX Meter. Just save it for super in the event he gets close by. Chasing the
    yoga fire is too advantageous to Dhalsim. Just focus it and backdash. Dhalsim
    will have to rush eventually if you keep beating his limbs with your giant 
    Hawk Chop.
    4.M: vs. Dudley
    Difficulty: 10/10
    Strategy: So safe on everything. If he whiffs a special move though, punish him
    mercilessly for it. His Jet Upper is extremely terrible, worse than your 
    Tomahawk Buster. Pressure him on wakeup and eventually he'll have no options but
    to eat damage and get out with a cross counter. But, he is deadly. If you can't
    get him knocked down within the first few moves of the fight you'll have 
    issues dealing with everything else. All his target combos are safe, and most
    leave him outside of Typhoon range. You just can't count on mashing 360 here.
    Dudley has a nice Anti Air game to exploit on you, so getting in is tough. Not
    to mention if he lands a single hit on you while you are standing, you eat a
    massive amount of damage due to his freeflow comboing potential. Anything will
    end up into EX Machinegun Blow, and that leads to the corner, where he's the 
    deadliest person in the game. Ultra 2 lands off of everything for a nice chunk
    of damage too. Just play as hard as you can once you get him off his feet. Make
    him jump a few times too, his air to air game is really bad.
    4.N: vs. E.Honda
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Strategy: Honda is surprisingly good in this game. He hits harder than you too.
    Be very careful and stay away from too many spires. Dive is decent, but he can
    punish you for it with Ultra. Yes, Ultra. Short dive and bait stuff like usual.
    Punish blocked headbutts with s.hk. It's a giant footsies war. Except his head
    is also part of the footsies game. And it beats everything you do.
    4.O: vs. El Fuerte
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Strategy: More damage, more mixup, but luckily, Ultra 2 for you is going to
    make Fuerte more managable. Just holding onto it is enough to force him to 
    reconsider doing run mixups. So you can block low on wakeup a majority of the
    time since he won't want to take to the air. Restricting his game, and you
    can make your way in to decimate his feeble Mexican cooking and wrestling.
    4.P: vs. Fei Long
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Strategy: Just because it is hilarious. You can just press one button, and 
    Fei is having a hard time. He has an uphill battle to hit you hard, and you
    can just stand there, and with good timing, keep him out with s.HK. Both close
    and long range versions. Jump ins are taken care of close ranged HK, and all
    of his other moves are taken care of far range s.hk. Yeah, he can probably U2
    you if you get too predictable. And it will hurt a lot, but when he can't get
    in because your boot is too long, and when he does get in he has to deal with
    your mixup, this looks very bad for Fei..
    4.Q: vs. Gen
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Strategy: Weak frail old man. Break him in two like one. Just be careful not to
    eat too much from him. Punish all wall dives with 360s. Punish roll with 360. 
    If you choose to play footsies with him, use c.mk as much as you can. It has
    better range than his s.mk and goes right under it. Watch the Gen Shenanigans
    and you shouldn't be in too much trouble.
    4.R: vs. Gouken
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Strategy: Don't bully too much. Gouken's counter is still very good in this
    game so be sure to bait it and Typhoon it if they are counter happy. Or Condor
    Dive him. Fireball zoning is godly against you so you have to watch your 
    jumping. If he goes for demon flip, jump and dive at his face.
    4.S: vs. Guile
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Strategy: With Guile's buffs and awesome normals, he is definitely going to
    give T.Hawk players issues. His sonic booms recover too fast for you to dive
    on reaction and beat, and if you dive, you'll eat an Ultra, or his backhand.
    This will be a very tough fight of patience. EX Condor Spire is useless
    because he will recover by the time you go through his sonic boom. He seriously
    is going to give people headaches. Stay your ground, work your way in with
    patience. Don't dive around like a silly idiot. You'll only get punished hard.
    4.T: vs. Guy
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Strategy: Meh. Not much of a hassle if you've seen his stuff before. Punish his
    mixups with Typhoon and dive when he doesn't have ultra bar. If he does, stop 
    using your dive immediately and focus on trying to keep him off you. Ultra 2
    does good damage even against T.Hawk. Really a bad matchup for Guy. Ultra 2 for
    you is nice. As his jump is gigantic. But your ultra can be baited by Elbow.
    4.U: vs. Hakan
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Strategy: Pushover. Punish everything with Typhoon. Mess his face up if he
    considers trying to focus attack you. Mainly c.hp and Typhoon. Remember, your
    360 is faster than his too. So everytime you see him tick, use it to your own 
    advantage. Oily Turkish man has few ways to deal with Condor Dive unless he has
    U2 in stock. And then you can bait it.
    4.V: vs. Ibuki
    Difficulty: 10/10
    Strategy: You can't get in on Ibuki. She can literally spam kunai at you, and
    when you jump or dive in, you get Anti Air Raida'd out of the air into the back
    of the screen. Just to repeat the process again. Luckily it only takes 3 hp
    Mexican Typhoons to send her to 10% health. If you have enough patience then
    by all means this gets a bit easier. Use condor spire to beat kunai from full
    screen, and even if you get hit by a few EX Kunai for it, so what. You'll like
    having an Ultra meter ready to go. Ultra 2 is more viable in this matchup than
    most since Ibuki is airborne about half the fight.
    4.W: vs. Juri
    Difficulty: =(
    Strategy: If you get in, punish backdash. That's all I can say. Big emphasis on 
    4.X: vs. Ken
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Strategy: Still the trickery from SFIV. EX Tatsu forces you into a guessing
    game on hit. To Typhoon or not to Typhoon? Better answer is just go for a throw
    tech if he happens to throw you, if not, just block. You don't want to whiff
    Typhoon in Ultra range. Very nasty fight. Ken's fireball is still kinda bad,
    so Condor Dive is helpful.
    4.Y: vs. M.Bison
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Strategy: Counterpoke his s.hk with your c.hp. It usually trades or beats it.
    And trading while using T.Hawk is always a good thing. Random Ultra 2 is very
    punishable by T.Hawk. Scissor kick traps are still evil vs everyone. Though
    you can 360 afterwards if it was too close. Bison's main goal is to keep you
    grounded and using s.hk to do damage. Psycho Crusher is a good move now too. On
    block go for s.hp to punish it. Not much else to do about it. Unless it stops 
    in front of you. Then feel free to 360. Don't jump too much. j.mp beats just
    about all your normals in the air.
    4.Z: vs. Makoto
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Strategy: Gahahahaha. For everything she lands on you outside of the corner,
    feel free to laugh. You can pretty much 360 her out of Hayate and most every
    other move she has. The only thing to watch for is s.mp since it's fast and it
    links on T.Hawk quite a few times. If you are that close that you are getting
    Karakusa'd then you need to rethink your gameplan. Because you aren't 360'ing
    enough. Makoto has to outpoke you. And your range is near double her range.
    Shouldn't be too hard at all.
    4.1: vs. Rose
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Strategy: Soul Throw > Condor Dive. Pokes are faster, but shorter. Which is a
    good thing. Keep her at bay in the middle of the screen and when you see the
    gigantic startup for soul spark, EX Spire right in and grab her to start the
    mixup. Be very wary. Ultra 2 is actually very good against T.Hawk's mixup since
    she can activate it and you are forced to block. You can't 360 when a ball is
    on your face threatening a 40% combo.
    4.2: vs. Rufus
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Strategy: Your pokes are better. But c.hp outranges you slightly. Make sure to
    not condor dive too often. On block he can reversal ultra your feeble attempt
    to chip him. Short dives are good. EX Tomahawk if he starts getting dive happy.
    He still has 14 billion ways to combo into Ultra 1 so be cautious. But remember
    that you have a few options now. Although, not too good options. They are still
    4.3: vs. Ryu
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Strategy: Damn, still good. Well, you have Condor Dive to stop most of his
    zoning, and EX Condor Spire to flat out walk in the front door and chuck him
    around. But Ryu is still very solid. LP Shoryu to HP shoryu is going to be
    hitting you a lot. Or if he predicts your Dive/jump, j.mp to Metsu is painful.
    Play it very safe here, mix up short dives and crossup dives and everything
    you can pull out. Safe jumps are your best bet when it comes down to the 
    knockdown game.
    4.4: vs. Sagat
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Strategy: Sagat is no longer the King. In fact, he falls face first against the
    T.Hawk. At the start of the match anything he does can be traded with unless
    he decides to block. S.HP is going to trade with him, and since you have more
    life, trading is good. EX Spire is going to help you a lot when he starts
    chucking Tiger shots at you. Dive is a great tool here too. T.Hawk can destroy
    the former God of SFIV with relative ease. As long as you don't eat too many
    f.HK's to the face.
    4.5: vs Sakura
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Strategy: You do so much damage to her, and she can barely touch you. Real bad
    hadoken and the only reliable anti air being c.HP till she has Ultra. Just the
    same as a lot of matchups sadly. Get her down, crossup mixups and empty jumps
    until she ends up bleeding from all sides because she can't get out. Learn that
    EX Tatsu is safe. The more times you keep trying to 360 her, the more times you
    start eating more combos. It's not too bad, but a few of those will hurt you
    to the point where she can literally zone you and wait on you all day.
    And that isn't where T.Hawk is good.
    4.6: vs Seth
    Difficulty: 10/10
    Strategy: Zangief's woes are now yours. At least you have a DP though to beat
    limbs from fullscreen when he's running away sniping you. Trades are very much
    in your favor, but don't happen too often so be sure to capitalize on the shock
    of getting a trade and work your way in. Teleport is very very bad now, so be
    sure to punish every teleport in range. Pretty soon Seth will be down on health
    and start hoping to chip you to death with sonic booms and what not. Just a few
    hits here and there to make up for his abysmal damage is no problem.
    Unless of course, you can't hit him. Then in that case he's either mixed you
    up so well you can't see left or right, or he's played perfect zoning. And 
    both ways are what make this a very tough fight. He isn't as good in this game
    luckily, so feel free to pick him apart move by move before he yields to your
    damage output.
    4.7: vs. T.Hawk
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Strategy: Well, this isn't very easy, but it isn't hard either. You both should
    have the same tricks and moves. So it is just whoever is better at making the
    other person flinch first. Get to it. Counterpoking and Typhoons galore. Enjoy
    this massive slugfest.
    4.8: vs Vega
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Strategy: Bouncy bouncy bouncy. All over the walls. Vega always was hard to 
    catch and now that he is a threat, it makes it even more scary to chase him
    down. Concentrate on trying to beat out barcelona and pressuring him into
    wasting his few good reversal moves right away. Keep him grounded as much as
    humanly possible. Ultra 2 for you is nice in this matchup. Punish flips with 
    s.HK like everything else that moves people back. Just be sure to not mash
    on any reversal and just block the mixup. It isn't worth losing position and
    getting Izuna dropped if you were faked out by a crossup dive.
    4.9: vs Zangief
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Strategy: Mother Earth = Mother Russia. Gief is definitely a great fight for
    both players here. Gief's pokes are faster and recovery better, yours are long
    but very, very slow to recover. Luckily, s.HK as a poke doesn't get reversal
    EX Green hand punished. If it did, this matchup would be near impossible. Yes,
    your Mexican Typhoon outranges his Spinning Piledriver. It isn't all awesome
    though. You can't mix him up afterwards. He can press lariat on your mixup and
    trade with your crossup. Lariat really dominates your mixup game and trades with
    a lot of your pokes and your jump ins. If you see lariat from midscreen though,
    jump and condor dive for free damage + knockdown.
    Zangief is most likely going to pick Ultra 2 for this matchup. Ultra 1 is just
    who has better traps. Ultra 2 however, forces you to respect his jump ins.
    Your Tomahawk Buster is definitely a godsend until he has Ultra. In which, you
    just shut that option down completely. Not worth eating a Siberian Blizzard
    because he did a random jump-in. If you absolutely must stop his jump in and
    he is sitting on Ultra 2, use c.HP.
    Very fun match filled with pokes and mindgames.
    5. Thanks and Legal
    I would like to thank the following:
    Capcom, for making the Street Fighter series and continuing to add on to it.
    GameFaQs, for being a pretty cool site and hosting this FaQ.
    All my friends, for fighting me when I first started this FaQ for information.
    And You, for reading this guide. 
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