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    Tyria Talk Transcript by SaturnineTenshi

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    			  transcribed by Saturnine Tenshi
    The following talk topics are pulled directly from Ar Tonelico 
    Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel via the Extras menu for Tyria. This is a 
    faithful transcription of dialogue. Hence, grammatical or syntax 
    errors and typos have not been changed.
    For swift searching use TALK TOPICS LEVEL "ROMANNUMERAL".
    I hope you enjoy the lavendar-haired lass as much as I have!
    1-1 “Nice To Meet You”
    [Aoto] …Sorry, I can’t see you as a holy being in all appearances.
    [Tyria] That’s fine.
    I’ve never thought of myself as holy before.
    [Aoto] But the Clustanians and Katene worship you…
    [Tyria] I don’t care what they think of me. I’m me. Nothing more, 
    nothing less.
    So, you can believe whatever you think is true.
    [Aoto] Oh, yeah?
    Then, from now on, I’ll see you as a fried-bread-loving, natural-
    born slob.
    [Tyria] ….Aoto, your eyes are rotten.
    1-2 “Perv Quack!”
    [Tyria] There’s an outrageous womanizer in this party.
    [Aoto] What are you talking about?
    [Tyria] Hikari Gojo. He’s such a player.
    Those suave lines he says show how lascivious he is. He sure is a 
    [Aoto] Are you talking about what he said to Richa after he saved 
    [Tyria] Of course! Seemingly, that woman has fallen victim of 
    that pervert.
    [Aoto]   That woman is Richa! And please don’t call him a pervert. 
    Please call him Doctor or Doc.
    And first of all, he’s not what you think. He’s such a square.
    [Tyria]  Apparent nerds are more dangerous. Even more dangerous 
    than regular perverts, like you.
    [Aoto]  R-really?
    [Tyria] A man who a woman calls “not fair” is always a predator, 
    without exception.
    He uses his charm as a weapon and gets his way with women. He’s a 
    perverted, delinquent quack.
    [Aoto] …I know what you’re saying is completely unfounded 
    nonsense, but…
    I don’t know… is it because you’re so agitated? I’m starting to 
    feel like it’s true…
    1-3 “No Bullshit!”
    [Tyria] There’s something I need to clarify.
    [Aoto] Is it something important?
    [Tyria] Yes, it’s extremely important. Please listen carefully.
    [Aoto] Oh, I see. So, what is it?
    [Tyria] That middle-aged man is a liar. His pants are gonna catch 
    on fire.
    [Aoto] Huh…?
    Oh, are you talking about Raphael? I didn’t know who you were 
    talking about at first.
    [Tyria] He is a middle-aged man.
    [Aoto] He’s got a full head of grey hair. He looks like an old 
    man to me.
    [Tyria] Well, I couldn’t care less whether he’s middle-aged or 
    [Aoto] S-so…you’re saying he’s a liar? We already know that. He’s 
    tricked me before.
    [Tyria] So, you don’t trust what he says at all?
    [Aoto] Basically I doubt everything he says.
    [Tyria] Then, you don’t believe that story about Kurogane, either, 
    [Aoto] Huh…oh, you mean that they messed up the Planet 
    Regeneration Project?
    [Tyria] …Yes. We did fail, so that was a fact. Therefore, it 
    follows that even a liar can state the truth.
    [Aoto] Of course. If I remember correctly, there was a 
    [Tyria] That was a lie.
    [Aoto] !?
    [Tyria] Kurogane would never make such a stupid mistake.
    [Aoto] Well, I’ve never met Kurogane before, so I can’t say 
    anything about him…
    [Tyria] So, you’re saying you believe that old man over me.
    [Aoto] That’s a slippery slope!
    [Tyria] It’s important! I need a conclusion.
    Please tell me, do you believe me or that old man?
    [Aoto] Alright, alright. I believe you.
    [Tyria] Okay. I’m glad you chose me.
    [Aoto] (…Kurogane must have really influenced her personality.)
    1-4 “Talk To Me, Too”
    [Tyria] You seem to be talking with Saki every night.
    [Aoto] Yeah, that’s been like my daily routine…
    [Tyria] I see…so you won’t come to talk to me as often anymore?
    Is it because of the generation gap between us?
    [Aoto] Well, that’s actually one of the interesting things about 
    talking with you.
    [Tyria] Then, I’d appreciate it if you start to talk with me more 
    often from now on.
    I have too much free time at night. I have nothing to do except 
    think about friend bread.
    [Aoto] I think you’re obsessed with friend bread. It’s almost 
    [Tyria] Then, prevent it by talking with me more.
    [Aoto] Alright, but you have to bring some topics to the table.
    [Tyria] …Can’t we just talk about friend bread?
    [Aoto] Let’s not. It’ll only make me hungry.
    1-5 “Watch Out!”
    [Tyria] Blue Canyon Hamlet is such a nice place.
    [Aoto] Do you really think so?
    [Tyria] Yes. I like the ambience of the village, and more than 
    anything else, I love the bus terminal.
    [Aoto] Do you like buses, Tyria?
    [Tyria] No, I just like that place. There is a lot of sunlight, 
    and the cherry blossoms are really nice.
    I want to bask in the sun and take a nap there. That would be 
    Maybe I should settle down in Blue Canyon Hamlet.
    [Aoto] …You better not, it’s dangerous. Plus, if you sleep there 
    all day, the buses can’t run.
    1-6 “One Out Of Two”
    [Tyria] Don’t you have any other udon flavors, other than Thin 
    Flavor Udon and Thick Flavor Udon?
    [Aoto] I’m sorry but I don’t have any. Are you hungry or 
    [Tyria] Yes, I want to eat something, and maybe talk with you.
    [Aoto] So, eating is your main objective, huh? But I like that 
    Of course we’re eating Thick Flavor Udon, right?
    [Tyria] …What makes you think that’s acceptable?
    [Aoto] Huh? You’re not going to say that you want to eat Thin 
    Flavor Udon, are you!?
    [Tyria] No. I’d like to eat a mixture of the two that’s neither 
    thick flavored nor thin flavored.
    [Aoto] M-mixed udon!? Are you going to ruin these delicacies!?
    [Tyria] No. It’s quite the opposite. I want to taste normal udon.
    Thin Flavor Udon is out of the question, but Thick Flavor Udon’s 
    soup spoils the flavor of noodles.
    [Do you like the noodles of the soup?
    [Aoto] Uh…I don’t know…
    [Tyria] Also, if the soup is too thick, you can’t finish it, can 
    [Aoto] Well, you’re right. Because the soup is so heavy, I can’t 
    drink it all.
    [Tyria] …What a waste. The whole point of eating udon is to 
    finish the soup, sweating from your forehead.
    That proves you haven’t eaten much udon before.
    Or are you just fodder for the thick flavor manufacturers? A 
    slave of Big Udon?
    [Aoto] Okay, okay. Let’s eat it!
    [Tyria] …Which one are we eating?
    [Aoto] …The mixed one.
    1-7 “Let’s Eat Together!”
    [Tyria] …Is that BBQ? That looks delicious.
    [Aoto] Do you like yakiniku BBQ, Tyria?
    [Tyria] Yes, I do. I used to go to yakiniku restaurants very 
    [Aoto] Was there a good restaurant in your neighborhood?
    [Tyria] Heck yes! They served fresh and delicious meat!
    [Aoto] Hahaha. Can you even tell fresh meat from regular meat?
    [Tyria] Yes, it was also a slaughterhouse. They demonstrated how 
    they turn cows and pigs into meat.
    [Aoto] Okay! Stop talking about it!
    I’ll lose my appetite for meat, permanently.
    [Tyria] But it was a good place to learn how to appreciate food.
    [Aoto] I wouldn’t want to learn that at a slaughterhouse-slash-
    yakiniku restaurant.
    1-8 “No! That’s A Funbun!”
    [Tyria] There are many counterfeits in this era.
    [Aoto] Counterfeits? You mean like Funboons and stuff? So one of 
    them is real and the others are fake?
    [Tyria] …Aren’t there Funbuns here?
    [Aoto] What is that? I’ve never heard of them.
    [Tyria] It’s the crystallization of collaboration between world 
    famous cake bakers.
    Compared to Funbuns, all those others are nothing more than bogus 
    [Aoto] Really? I think they’re all delicious.
    [Tyria] They may be tasty, but in an empty way. You bite them, 
    chew them, and swallow them. That’s it.
    They don’t warm your heart. It’s too low-quality, even for 
    [Aoto] Funbuns are that delicious!? I didn’t know that. I wanna 
    try them.
    1-9 “Must For A Gal Wife”
    [Tyria] …
    [Aoto] Do you really like that apron with the heart applique so 
    [Tyria] I think it’s really cute. I love its design.
    [Aoto] I think it’s kind of embarrassing to wear it.
    [Tyria] I like it. It looks like a newlywed couple’s apron.
    [Aoto] Newlywed?
    [Tyria] Yeah. That’s why I like this kind of thing.
    [Aoto] (I didn’t know she was interested in marriage.)
    2-1 “How Was The Dive?”
    [Tyria] Did you enjoy the Binary World?
    [Aoto] …It was kinda…scary.
    [Tyria] Is that because your memory was overwritten? But you 
    shouldn’t have felt it happening.
    [Aoto] Well, I didn’t feel anything at the moment it happened…
    But when I came back to reality, I felt really frightened.
    Like, “I’m glad I’m me again, safe and sound.” …Isn’t that weird?
    [Tyria] It’s not weird. It’s natural, as intended.
    [Aoto] Oh, really?
    Wait, what do you mean, “as intended?”
    [Tyria] Usually as soon as you step into the Binary Field, your 
    cognitive system swaps into someone else’s.
    But I thought that would boring, so I changed the setting so that 
    you gradually changed into him.
    I though you would enjoy the thrill that way.
    [Aoto] Well, what’s the point of being freaked out after I come 
    back to reality?
    2-2 “Friends?”
    [Tyria] Are you sure it was okay to defeat him?
    [Aoto] I don’t know who you’re talking about…
    [Tyria] That man who transformed into the dragon. He seemed like 
    your friend.
    [Aoto] Oh, Ayatane? He…helped us out a lot before we met you.
    I thought he was such a reliable guy. I even respected him.
    [Tyria] … Is that a typical twist of betrayal?
    [Aoto] Well, sort of. I thought he was a nice guy…
    [Tyria] I see. I think you’re a little too gullible.
    [Aoto] Hahaha. I can’t believe you told me that.
    [Tyria] Even if you want to trust someone, you still need to be 
    Only then will you be a really trustworthy person like me.
    [Aoto] …Well, if I need to become an empty-headed friend bread 
    girl, I would rather be the way I am.
    2-3 “New Breed?”
    [Tyria] While I was sleeping, Reyvateils have evolved quite a bit.
    [Aoto] Evolved?
    [Tyria] I never thought I would see a muscular, beefy Revateilic 
    Are there many of those girls?
    [Aoto] Of course not. I would refuse to let that happen.
    First of all, you’re talking about Mute, right?
    She’s like that because of a Hymn.
    When it expires, she becomes a regular girl, which is her real 
    [Tyria] I see. That’s kind of disappointing.
    [Aoto] It makes me shudder, thinking that there could be more of 
    those butches. That would be a nightmare.
    2-4 “Greetings”
    [Ar Ru] Do you want to talk with me, and not just with Tyria?
    [Aoto] I don’t mind, but you’re normally hiding behind Tyria.
    [Ar Ru] Yes, but you’ve also talked with Saki’s and Finnel’s 
    other personae, right?
    H-how did you know that!?
    [Ar Ru] I didn’t know. I just guessed.
    It seems I was right. For my reward, how about you talk with me, 
    [Aoto] Don’t presume your victorious privilege. Well, not that I 
    [Ar Ru] Thank you. But I don’t intend to come out very often.
    If I do, Tyria may get mad at me.
    …Anyway, are you really going to call me Arru?
    [Aoto] Oh, you’re talking about the silly nickname Tyria came up 
    [Ar Ru] I don’t care either way. A nickname isn’t such a bad idea.
    [Aoto] Then, wouldn’t you prefer something else?
    It’s practically the same as your real name. It’s boring.
    [Ar Ru] Okay. Then what nickname are you going to give me?
    [Aoto] How about…Kanga Ru?
    [Ar Ru] …I’d prefer Ar Ru. I like my own name the best, actually.
    [Aoto] I thought that was a good one…
    2-5 “Tyria Is A Strong Girl”
    [Tyria] Aoto, you’ve been using me quite often in battle.
    [Aoto] Of course! You’re so strong! How can I not rely on you?
    [Tyria] Am I that strong?
    [Aoto] You’re super strong. I was amazed. If you were that strong, 
    you should’ve told me.
    [Tyria] Oh…not that I mind you relying on me…
    But I’ve been fighting so many battles…I’m kind of getting tired.
    I just awakened, so I’m not in the best condition yet, you know…?
    [Aoto] Oh, yeah. That must have been tough.
    [Tyria] It wasn’t tough. As I said, I just woke up from a long 
    sleep, so I’m kind of being lazy.
    [Aoto] Oh, that’s what it is? Then, come on. Help me.
    [Tyria] You’re such a sadist. *sob* I can’t help crying.
    [Aoto] I don’t think I abused you or anything, but…sorry.
    2-6 “Used To Poverty”
    [Tyria] By the way, I hear the Inn in Clustania is very comfy.
    [Aoto] I bet. It’s a hotel, not an inn.
    [Tyria] Right…
    So, Aoto, when you leave the hotel, how much free stuff do you 
    take with you?
    [Aoto] The toothbrush, shampoo, bath oil…
    [Tyria] The hand towels?
    [Aoto] Of course. I can reuse them again and again.
    In addition to the hand towels, I also take the bath towel and 
    [Tyria] Oh, you take the bath towel, too?
    [Aoto] I asked the concierge once if it was okay to take the bath 
    towel and bathrobe with me.
    She sort of scoffed at me, but told me it was okay.
    [Tyria] …I kind of understand why Clustanian Reyvateils hate 
    humans so much…
    [Aoto] But everyone does this, right?
    [Tyria] I wouldn’t take the bath towels or bathrobes…
    2-7 “Nostalgia”
    [Aoto] VR21 was created 700 years ago, right?
    [Tyria] Yes, that’s right. I’ve used it several times before.
    [Aoto] Then, such an antique gadget still works after such a long 
    period of time? That’s amazing.
    [Tyria] But it’s almost obsolete.
    It was sensational when it first appeared. So I, who could use it, 
    was even more amazing.
    [Aoto] Well, you lived during that era. It’s normal that you 
    could use it.
    [Tyria] No one in this era has ever used VR21.
    I have the experience. Therefore, I am great.
    [Aoto] Uh, sure. You are great, but that sounds a little unfair.
    2-8 “A Nuance Of Taste”
    [Tyria] …
    [Aoto] You’ve been awfully quiet. Don’t you want to talk about 
    [Tyria] I do, but I’m savoring a candy. Do you want some, Aoto?
    [Aoto] Oh, sure.
    Oh, this is Kitty Candy, right?
    [Tyria] Yes, it is. It tastes interesting.
    [Aoto] Really? To me, it’s just another candy.
    [Tyria] I think children in Sol Ciel would love it.
    [Aoto] What? How do you know that?
    [Tyria] Because I’m a gourmet.
    [Aoto] Don’t you mean a glutton?
    [Tyria] …
    [Aoto] …That was a joke. Aren’t you gonna deny it?
    2-9 “A Little Disappointed”
    [Tyria] …That may be a failure.
    [Aoto] What may be a failure?
    [Tyria] Love Beep Messengers… I should have made something else.
    [Aoto] Why? It’s been really useful.
    [Tyria] Because, if I use it with you, I can’t use this radio 
    I can’t talk with you while I listen to music.
    [Aoto] You’re right. You’ve been talking with me every night 
    using the Love Beep Messengers.
    Why don’t you go back to your room and relax, and listen to the 
    [Tyria] No!
    I’d rather talk with you. It’s much more fun.
    But then, I can’t use the radio you gave me…
    [Aoto] …Well, just keep it and use it whenever you can.
    Actually, I’d rather be talking with you than listening to music.
    I would be disappointed if you said, “I can’t talk to you tonight 
    because I’m listening to the radio.”
    [Tyria] …
    [Aoto] So, anyway, if you don’t mind, why don’t we talk using 
    Love Beep messengers tonight, too?
    [Tyria] Sure.
    I like you more than the radio you gave me.
    3-1 “In Front Of My House…”
    [Aoto] So, why is everyone fond of making a fuss in front of my 
    [Tyria] …Oh, Paper Scissors?
    [Aoto] Yeah…
    Now I remember, ever since I first saw Saki being attacked there, 
    things have changed 180 degrees.
    And now a couple’s lovey-dovey quarrel?
    There should be a lot better places for that. Why do they have to 
    do that in Paper Scissors?
    [Tyria] That place may be cursed.
    [Aoto] Don’t say that. It’s right in front of my house…!
    [Tyria] It’s not in your house, so don’t worry too much about it.
    [Aoto] I thought Blue Canyon Hamlet was a peaceful, idyllic 
    country town.
    3-2 “I Don’t Know How To React”
    [Aoto] Don’t you think Harvestasha’s personality change was a 
    little much?
    [Tyria] Of course. She was not like that scumbag bitch.
    To put it simply, think of that stupid hussy as one of her 
    [Aoto] Oh, that’s lucid.
    So, the current Harvestasha is…
    [Tyria] Her name is too long. Can we just call her Harvy?
    [Aoto] Sure. So, the Harvy now is who she really is, and that 
    bitch was another persona?
    [Tyria] Not quite, but sort of.
    [Aoto] But Harvy now is a little too nice. It’s so weird.
    [Tyria] If you replace her personality skin, you can customize 
    her personality.
    [Aoto] Oh, you mean using the same method that Ayatane used?
    [Tyria] Right. If you like that bitchy Harvy, then, for example…
    You might want to make a Harvy that likes and obeys humans, but 
    still has a dirty mouth.
    [Aoto] ..That sounds pretty troublesome. She can stay the way she 
    is now.
    3-3 “Is Everyone Like That?”
    [Aoto] Anyhow, I can’t forgive Raphael.
    [Tyria] He sure is a truly unforgivable man.
    [Aoto] I don’t care if it’s evolution or whatever, but I can’t 
    believe he can think about such brutality~!
    [Tyria] …You’re pretty naïve about researchers.
    There are ruthless scientists who would do anything to get their 
    Their own research means the world to such fanatics.
    They make no bones about committing genocide or whatever in order 
    to succeed.
    [Aoto] I see. I didn’t know researchers were so scary.
    [Tyria] They’re only part of academia. I think those like that 
    old man are just a minority group.
    They have to bet their life on their ruthless research path.
    At the same time, they must have believe in their righteousness.
    [Aoto] …They’re that desperate, huh? It certainly leaves a bad 
    3-4 “What’s A Bug?”
    [Aoto] So, can you tell me about those “bug” things?
    [Tyria] I’m not to willing to. I don’t even want to think about 
    [Aoto] Well, you said “fix” and “support.”
    If you can fix bugs, then there shouldn’t be a problem, right?
    [Tyria] It’s not easy to fix bugs!
    Even if you know where the bug happens, you must find out how it 
    Some bugs are permanently irreparable.
    So, don’t assume it’s easy!
    Apologize to the staff that created the Tyria software!
    [Aoto] I can’t apologize to those hooligans who left them as is.
    [Tyria] Well, sometimes, though, users like it to have bugs.
    [Aoto] They like it…? So, you mean all programs should be buggy?
    [Tyria] No! Apologize to the staff that created the Tyria 
    software right now!
    [Aoto] …Bugs are so profound.
    3-5 “I Didn’t Know…”
    [Tyria] I still can’t believe my parents were researchers…
    [Tyria] But thanks to your parents, you got the boot key. You 
    must call it luck.
    [Aoto] I know that, but I didn’t think this necklace was such an 
    important thing.
    [Tyria] I’m glad you never lost it when you were a child.
    [Aoto] …
    [Tyria] …Have you almost lost it before?
    [Aoto] Actually, yeah, like three times…
    [Tyria] …What a bad child.
    [Aoto] B-but I ended up finding it!
    3-6 “Strong Opponents”
    [Aoto] Hey, you’ve been joining the battles all the time… Are you 
    [Ar Ru] Are you underestimating me? I’m not that weak.
    [Aoto] I know you’re strong.
    But I feel like you’ve been overworked.
    [Ar Ru] …Was there any enemy we fought that was formidable enough 
    to make me exhausted?
    [Aoto] Well, but you’ve fought so many enemies.
    [Ar Ru] You’re the same. You fight every battle.
    [Aoto] I’m confident of my toughness, but you’re not like me, 
    [Ar Ru] Well, sure, but this is nothing.
    I want to fight stronger enemies.
    [Aoto] You’re so strong. Well, that means I can rely on you a 
    little more.
    3-7 “How About The Dive Shop?”
    [Tyria] This is so unimportant, but there’s something I’ve been 
    thinking about.
    [Aoto] If it’s unimportant, then why are you thinking about it?
    [Tyria] Well, there’s something that’s very important to me. I 
    can’t even sleep at night, thinking about it.
    [Aoto] What is it? It sounds pretty important.
    [Tyria] …Isn’t there a Dive Shop in Blue Canyon Hamlet?
    [Aoto] …Oh, that’s what you’ve been thinking about?
    [Tyria] I told you it’s unimportant at first. So, isn’t there?
    [Aoto] No, there isn’t. First of all, I don’t think it’s really 
    I’m the only young person in the entire village, to say nothing 
    about the Reyvateils.
    [Tyria] …Is it in a fast process of depopulation?
    [Aoto] It’s not that bad yet! Well, at this rate, it’s only a 
    matter of time, though…
    There’s no amusement facilities. The only charm of it are idylls.
    [Tyria] Hip youngsters will definitely have nothing to do and 
    will get bored if they visit the hamlet.
    [Aoto] Where you settle down is where your soul belongs. You’ll 
    get used to it.
    3-8 “About Eternus”
    [Tyria] I didn’t know Eternus Shaft was such a fun place.
    I heard it was in a big cavern, so I thought it would be a lot 
    [Aoto] Well, I thought the same thing before I first visited 
    [Tyria] A cavernous city. What would you expect?
    But it looks kind of like a mysterious-looking, urban town.
    Before I became the Tower, there was no such place like this.
    [Aoto] I think everything was more convenient in your period of 
    [Tyria] That may be true.
    There was delicious fried bread.
    [Aoto] I’ve never met anyone who likes fried bread as much as you 
    3-9 “You’re Scared, Right?”
    [Tyria] Do you remember the place where you can warp into the 
    [Aoto] Oh, that was awesome! I can’t believe we could teleport to 
    another place in an instant!
    [Tyria] …Weren’t you scared?
    [Aoto] Scared? Why?
    [Tyria] …
    Nevermind. Don’t worry about it.
    [Aoto] Now I’m curious…
    [Tyria] If you weren’t worried before, please don’t worry about 
    Ignorance is bliss, right? Never think about what’s happening to 
    your body when you teleport.
    [Aoto] You fudged your explanation. It was even creepier…
    4-1 “Not Perfect”
    [Aoto] I think the security system is too stringent.
    [Tyria] You don’t like Ku?
    [Aoto] Of course not. It’s at the top of that huge labyrinth!
    But you’re the administrator of the Tower, right?
    Then, don’t you know a shortcut or something?
    [Tyria] …
    Don’t think I can do everything just because I’m the 
    [Aoto] You administrate the Tower! You must be practically able 
    to do anything that involves the Tower.
    4-2 “Who Is She?”
    [Tyria] …So, who is that girl called Sasha?
    [Aoto] She’s just an ordinary girl who’s a friend of Cocona’s.
    [Tyria] An ordinary girl wouldn’t build an artificial satellite.
    Plus, it seems like she’s only using everyday stuff for the 
    materials of her crafts.
    [Aoto] Yeah, she can even make Hymns… I haven’t thought about it, 
    but she’s quite a wonder!
    [Tyria] She is. Judging from our conversation with her…
    She’ll surpass Kurogane as a scientist in three years or so. 
    That’s kind of sad…
    [Aoto] …Now I’m curious about Sasha.
    [Tyria] Don’t throw my question back at me.
    4-3 “Begin Round 2”
    [Tyria] This is your second trip through the Binary Field. Are 
    you sure it’s going to be good this time?
    [Aoto] I don’t know about that…
    [Tyria] Are you lacking confidence?
    [Aoto] No, but…I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the Binary 
    Just because I carried over my memories doesn’t mean I’ll be fine 
    this time.
    [Tyria] I’m glad you’re so meticulous.
    I want you to be that serious when I let you Dive into me.
    Good luck, Aoto.
    [Aoto] Thank you!
    4-4 “I Love Bathing”
    [Tyria] I like that Inn with the big bath.
    [Aoto] Eulark? I like it, too!
    The bath is so big, and the water is so hot. That’s the way 
    public baths should be.
    [Tyria] It seems like we have something in common.
    …But I heard an odd rumor.
    [Aoto] An odd rumor?
    [Tyria] I heard that many people heard a female voice from the 
    male bath.
    It stopped happening, but what was that?
    [Aoto] Beats me, man.
    (That was probably Cocona…)
    4-5 “What To Do From Now On”
    [Tyria] I can’t believe it was so easy to remember the rest of 
    the lyrics.
    I’m glad I let you Dive into me, Aoto.
    [Aoto] I wouldn’t call it easy, though.
    First of all, I died in your world…
    [Tyria] I know, but thanks to that, I remembered the Song.
    I can never thank you enough. Thank you, Aoto.
    [Aoto] Hey, that’s too much…
    [Tyria] …I feel like you’ll reach a different ending if you Dive 
    into me again.
    [Aoto] What!?
    [Tyria] Will you?
    [Aoto] Hmm…I dunno. I feel like I’ll fail again.
    [Tyria] Really?
    I really do believe that you’ll get to another denouement.
    I’m not saying you have to do it right now, but do it whenever 
    you feel like it.
    4-6 “It’s Pretty Painful…”
    [Aoto] I’m sorry I couldn’t always protect you perfectly in 
    battle. Are you okay?
    [Tyria] I’m fine. That was nothing.
    [Aoto] Really? If you’re exhausted, you can take a break.
    [Tyria] I don’t need that. This really is nothing.
    …But it’s not very pleasant when someone disturbs me from singing 
    a Song.
    So, please promise me you’ll protect me better from now on.
    [Aoto] Sure! I’ll never let you get hurt!
    [Tyria] …Then I forgive you. Alright, let’s not talk about it 
    4-7 “Man-Eating Tower”
    [Aoto] Hey, I can think of the Tower as your body, right?
    [Tyria] Right. In other words, when you enter the Tower, it’s the 
    same as being swallowed by me.
    [Aoto] Are you gonna digest us!?
    [Tyria] No, I won’t. You guys don’t seem very tasty.
    [Aoto] …So, you could eat us if you wanted to?
    [Tyria] Aoto, who do you think I am!? The Tower is not equipped 
    with a digestion system!
    [Aoto] You’re the one who brought up swallowing!
    4-8 “I Want THAT THING!”
    [Tyria] I want a present.
    [Aoto] What are you saying?
    [Tyria] I found a cute stuffed animal. I really want it, but I 
    can’t afford it.
    [Aoto] A stuffed animal? Alright, I’ll buy it for ya.
    [Tyria] R-really!? Are you really gonna buy me that!?
    [Aoto] Sure I will. Where did you see it?
    [Tyria] It’s a huge stuffed animal at the general store in 
    [Aoto] That stuffed animal? That giant monster!?
    [Tyria] Yeah. It’s so cute. I really want it.
    [Aoto] …
    [Tyria] You said you’d buy it for me. I’m sooo happy.
    [Aoto] Well, I don’t think you really want it!
    [Tyria] Why not? Did you lie to me?
    [Aoto] It would be a lot of work to carry it around.
    Why don’t we buy it after everything’s settled?
    [Tyria] …
    Aoto, you’re right. I understand.
    [Aoto] (…I have to start saving money from now on.)
    4-9 “That’s How Great It Is”
    [Tyria] I didn’t know it was such a steep path to get to Eternus 
    Shaft from Blue Canyon Hamlet.
    [Aoto] That’s why there’s a bus.
    [Tyria] That’s right. It would be too dangerous for the elderly 
    and children to walk there.
    …Then, why are we walking through there?
    [Aoto] Because we’re already used to it. We don’t need the bus.
    Besides, it’s short enough o walk.
    [Tyria] …I’d rather take the bus. I don’t want to walk through 
    such a dangerous place.
    [Aoto] I understand.
    5-1 “We’ve Talked A Lot”
    [Tyria] Why do I feel like you’re my old chum?
    [Aoto] As it turns out, I was thinking the same thing.
    …Actually, even though we’ve been travelling for such a short 
    time, we’ve talked a lot already.
    [Tyria] Yes, we have. That’s because you’re so entertaining, Aoto.
    [Aoto] Isn’t that the reason? That’s why we feel like we’ve known 
    each other for a long time?
    [Tyria] I think that’s possible. And that means we’re compatible.
    But don’t forget about Saki or Finnel. They get lonely easily.
    [Aoto] I know. Thanks for your advice.
    5-2 “A Weak Child?”
    [Tyria] Aoto, you protected me so hard in the battle. Are you 
    [Aoto] Are you worried about me? This is nothing.
    I’m nothing if I can’t protect a girl.
    [Tyria] …
    [Aoto] What?
    [Tyria] …You’re treating me like a girl, even though I’m a 
    Reyvateil Origin?
    [Aoto] Is that weird?
    [Tyria] Not at all. I’m just a little surprised.
    You can treat me like a girl even more than before.
    [Aoto] Well, if there’s any other way of treating you, let me 
    5-3 “A Machine From The Future”
    [Tyria] I saw a Dive Machine in this period of time. It looked so 
    [Aoto] Simple? What do you mean?
    [Tyria] It seems the technological advancement of Dive Machines 
    only focused on normal Dive activity.
    I think VR21 is more advanced in that it was capable of many more 
    things than just Diving.
    [Aoto] Yeah, it can scan the deepest parts of your consciousness, 
    [Tyria] Right…and it is not very commonly used.
    But I still think it’s a very important function.
    5-4 “It’s Pretty Lonely…”
    [Aoto] Tyria, do you like Ciela Gate?
    [Tyria] Why do you ask?
    [Aoto] When we were walking down Clockwork Street, you were 
    constantly looking around.
    So, I thought it intrigued your curiosity or something.
    [Tyria] Not really. I just thought it was a little lonesome.
    [Aoto] Lonesome? Why?
    [Tyria] It seemed lively, but there were few passersby.
    I think that big street should be abound with hundreds of 
    [Aoto] I know what you mean…
    I think it wasn’t the busiest hour of the day.
    Most of the people in that town work at the Moebius Factory 
    during the daytime.
    Plus, now isn’t the time to walk around the streets, having fun.
    [Tyria] I see. When this journey is over, I want to go back to 
    Clockwork Street.
    5-5 “Dive Machine?”
    What was that Dive Machine in that humid, frosty place.
    [Aoto] Are you talking about the Dive Machine in the Slave 
    It was used for something else, too…
    [Tyria] I sort of figured that out. It’ll deprive you of your ego, 
    [Aoto] Exactly. How can you tell just by looking at it?
    [Tyria] I kind of messed with it.
    Then, those Dive Machines in that entire place are for that?
    [Aoto] Besides that function, they’re capable of connecting to 
    the Reyvateils in Clustania.
    So, their database will choose a compatible partner and connect 
    you with them automatically.
    [Tyria] …What a frightening technique.
    [Aoto] I hope no one is using it anymore…
    5-6 “Vacant House”
    [Tyria] Is that house with a broken window abandoned?
    [Aoto] That’s the training monk’s abode. He’s on his sojourn 
    right now, so it’s temporarily empty.
    [Tyria] I see.
    [Aoto] Why do you look so disappointed?
    [Tyria] If it was an abandoned house, I thought I could get my 
    own house.
    [Aoto] …It would be quite inconvenient. It’s built upon the steep 
    edge of a cliff.
    5-7 “Should I Be A Teacher?”
    [Tyria] Aoto, I’m considering becoming a teacher at Ogai Memorial 
    Pre-school. What do you think?
    [Aoto] …
    [Tyria] You don’t think I’m qualified?
    [Aoto] …That place gets plenty of sunlight.
    [Tyria] Yep, it’s the best.
    [Aoto] You’re not saying you wanna be a teacher there because 
    it’s the best place to take a nap, are you?
    [Tyria] …
    I think teachers need to rest sometimes, too.
    [Aoto] I think you’ll be sleeping all day long on sunny days.
    5-8 “Is It Edible?”
    [Tyria] Aoto, is this apple edible?
    [Aoto] You mean this Pale Apple? Of course it is.
    [Tyria] But it’s color is creepy… Are you sure it’s okay?
    [Aoto] It is a “PALE” Apple.
    [Tyria] …A Pale Apple? I’ve never heard of it.
    I thought there were only red apples, green apples…
    [Aoto] Green apples? I’ve never heard of those…
    [Tyria] …
    A lot of things have changed in 700 years…
    5-9 “I Love Spangles”
    [Aoto] I love spangles…
    [Tyria] Aoto, don’t stare at the Synchro Evo Sap.
    [Aoto] But look at this! Spangles are so beautiful.
    It looks gorgeous.
    [Tyria] I can’t understand how you take your likings to spangles. 
    They just seem chintzy to me.
    [Aoto] Well, I know you can’t just use them for anything.
    But if you use them like a fashionista, it’ll turn out to be 
    gorgeous like this.
    [Tyria] So you’re saying THAT thing in your hand is gorgeous?
    [Aoto] That’s right!
    [Tyria] …Okay, you’ve convinced me. Now I like spangles.
    6-1 “Something About Saki”
    [Tyria] Aoto, you visit Saki’s room pretty often.
    [Aoto] Don’t get me wrong. We’re just talking about normal stuff.
    [Tyria] Are you sure that’s all? I see you grinning every time 
    you go in there.
    [Aoto] I am not…
    [Tyria] …
    Aoto, do you like to talk with Saki the best? Am I second to her?
    [Aoto] There is no best or second best.
    It’s just a coincidence.
    [Tyria] I see.
    Then, I hope you coincidentally like me the most.
    6-2 “Something About Finnel”
    [Tyria] You’ve been visiting Finnel’s room every night.
    [Aoto] I just go there to talk.
    [Tyria] Are you sure? Are there really that many things to talk 
    about with her?
    [Aoto] It’s just casual small talk. You have plenty of topics, 
    Plus, it’s really fun to tease her.
    [Tyria] Don’t bully her too much. She’s looking forward to 
    talking with you at night.
    [Aoto] Oh, really?
    [Tyria] Of course. Otherwise, she wouldn’t let you in her room 
    and talk with you at night.
    So, you should come visit me at night more often. I want to talk 
    with you, too.
    6-3 “First Experiences”
    [Tyria] That was my first time entering a sewage pipe.
    [Aoto] Well, unless you’re a plumber, you don’t normally travel 
    through pipes.
    How do you feel?
    [Tyria] …I can’t understand how you could walk in that frosty 
    place without wearing a mask.
    [Aoto] If that was your first time there, it’s natural for you to 
    think that way.
    But if you’re prepared for it, it’s not that bad.
    If you’re living a normal life you still have to deal with that 
    kind of smell sometimes.
    [Tyria] I had never smelt that foul stench in the world I came 
    Plus, there was always sewage purifying equipment in the pipes.
    [Aoto] …Is that right?
    [Tyria] The technology was pretty advanced in the past.
    6-4 “Way Too Big”
    [Tyria] I have to say that the Tower I became is really humongous.
    [Aoto] That’s yourself. Didn’t you know how big you were?
    [Tyria] I’d never seen myself that objectively.
    But that’s way too gigantic.
    It’s hell to have to climb up and down to do everything.
    [Aoto] Then why didn’t you just build in an elevator inside it!?
    [Tyria] I was only thinking about security. I had no choice.
    But I think I should have made at least one elevator exclusively 
    for myself.
    [Aoto] Well, this Tower definitely was poorly designed.
    6-5 “Secret Base”
    [Tyria] I get butterflies in my stomach when I’m in the Old 
    Eternus Gallery.
    [Aoto] That dark place? Are you serious? It’s so dark and 
    sometimes rocks fall on you.
    I was captured there once.
    [Tyria] …Aoto, are you an ex-con?
    [Aoto] I was just captured by the Clustanians!
    [Tyria] But if you take another look at it, it could be a fun 
    I want to occupy one of those rooms and build a secret hideout.
    [Aoto] No man could hear the word hideout without getting 
    butterflies in his stomach!
    When you make one, let me know, I’ll help you! I was a hideout 
    making genius as a kid!
    [Tyria] …And you became a construction worker?
    6-6 “Bourgeois”
    [Tyria] Compared to 700 years ago, it’s become a physically 
    richer world.
    [Aoto] How can you say that after seeing all this?
    [Tyria] Well, it’s only limited to Clustania, but every household 
    owns a Divine Machine, right?
    [Aoto] Yeah, actually…
    [Tyria] Do you know how high-maintenance a Dive Machine is?
    It’s such a complex machine. It requires a lot of maintenance.
    Each household has one of those. Don’t you think that’s neat?
    [Aoto] Well, actually, even slaves have them…
    [Tyria] That would be inconceivable in my period of time.
    [Aoto] To be honest, it’s kind of too big. It’ll take too much 
    space in your house…
    6-7 “Who’s Prepared?”
    [Aoto] Hey, there are chests in the Tower, right?
    [Tyria] If I didn’t prepare them, no one would bother to visit.
    [Aoto] First of all, it’s unnatural for there to be treasure 
    chests in the Tower.
    Who the hell put them in the labyrinth?
    [Tyria] O-of course they were there when the Tower was first 
    Making all those chests was the hardest task.
    [Aoto] …What unnecessary labor that was?
    6-8 “I Want To Use It”
    [Tyria] That spherical machine in the Moebius Factory is a weapon, 
    [Aoto] You mean the DFP? Yeah! It’s really strong!
    It’s destructive enough to sink a whole fleet of Clustanian 
    [Tyria] I see. It sure is way more powerful than I thought.
    [Aoto] So, what about it?
    [Tyria] …I’m thinking of how to make use of it.
    [Aoto] Really? If you can use its devastating power in battle, 
    it’ll be much easier to fight enemies.
    [Tyria] Anyway, you’ll have to carry it on your shoulder…
    [Aoto] That’s already no feasible.
    6-9 “Looks Inconvenient”
    [Tyria] Your weapon looks unwieldy.
    [Aoto] Are you talking about my masterpiece, Moocheriel Disaster?
    [Tyria] What else would I be talking about?
    [Aoto] Well, listen, this weapon’s deadly strong.
    [Tyria] I know that, but still.
    [Aoto] Then you gotta understand, there’s a reason deadlier 
    weapons are more unwieldy.
    What if a bad guy got it? He’d definitely abuse it, right?
    [Tyria] …First of all, the name of the weapon sounds like a 
    devil’s weapon.
    [Aoto] That’s not true. It’s a cool name.
    [Tyria] …Aoto, I think your tastes are beyond eccentric.
    7-1 “Do You Have A Friend?”
    [Aoto] Hey, I thought about this in the Binary Field… You used to 
    go to school, right?
    [Tyria] Yeah, I sometimes ran to school with a piece of bread in 
    my mouth, when I was running late.
    [Aoto] That’s so typical…
    [Tyria] I didn’t bump into anyone, so it wasn’t that typical.
    [Aoto] That’s not what I wanted to ask you.
    So, in the Binary Field, Saki and Finnel were your classmates, 
    Does that mean you had friends like them when you were in school?
    [Tyria] …
    I don’t want to remember it. I can never see them again anyway.
    [Aoto] …
    [Tyria]  Let’s stop such a gloomy topic. Change the subject.
    7-2 “What Was Kurogane Like?”
    [Aoto] Hey, it’s kind of pathetic of me to ask you, but can I ask 
    you anyway?
    [Tyria] …Did you wet your bed?
    That’s too pathetic. I’m afraid I’ll have to call you by a really 
    pathetic nickname…
    [Aoto] That’s sooo pathetic! I mean, NO! I didn’t wet my bed!
    That’s not what I was going to say! I want to know about Kurogane.
    [Tyria] Why did you tell me you wet your bed when you wanted to 
    know about Kurogane?
    It’s disgracing to Kurogane!
    [Aoto] I didn’t say I wet my bed! You said that!
    [Aoto] So, Kurogane…what kind of person was he to you?
    [Tyria] …You should know if you were in the Binary Field.
    [Aoto] I want to hear from you in the real world.
    He wasn’t like your boyfriend, was he?
    [Tyria] No. I hardly ever even saw his face.
    He gave me commands through speakers, and I obeyed them. That’s 
    [Aoto] What a cold man.
    [Tyria] He’s not cold. That’s the way he is.
    [Aoto] Why can you like someone who only gives your orders 
    without showing you his face?
    [Tyria] It’s better than an idiotic animal with an obvious agenda 
    approaching me without showing its ugly face.
    Besides, he laid everything on the line to turn me into the Tower.
    How can I not love such a great man?
    [Aoto] …Was that unrequited love?
    [Tyria] That was not a romantic crush. I just loved him, and I 
    still do.
    [Aoto] …Sounds complicated.
    [Tyria] It was a complicated relationship. But this is how true 
    love works.
    7-3 “That’s Gergo…”
    [Tyria] Gergo…
    [Aoto] Again? You have a habit of saying random things.
    [Tyria] I don’t understand. We talked about Gergo at Nya Nya Ya, 
    [Aoto] Yeah, I kind of remember that.
    [Tyria] …If I remember correctly, I saw the exact same thing 700 
    years ago.
    [Aoto] Are you serious!?
    [Tyria] Yes. That was…a puppet show or something.
    But what I saw was more like a green frog.
    The voice was really high. It’s a legendary puppet superhero that 
    traumatized many children.
    [Aoto] There are such things as puppet superheroes? And it 
    traumatized kids?
    [Tyria] I guess impressive things do survive the centuries…
    [Aoto] Did you just cobble together a forceful conclusion?
    7-4 “Ugly Personality”
    [Tyria] Harvy…poor her. Her personality became so shitty…
    [Aoto] Are you pretending to cry?
    [Tyria] Of course.
    But Aoto, it’s courteous to be flummoxed at the sight of a 
    maiden’s tears.
    [Aoto] A maiden wouldn’t say “shitty.”
    [Tyria] … I guess you’re right.
    Because Harvy had become such an exasperating wench, my language 
    got a little dirty.
    Now I’m the same as Harvy…
    [Aoto] Then, let’s go to Ku and overwrite her personality.
    [Tyria] Sure…
    …What kind of personality should I change her current personality 
    [Aoto] Just restore her to her default personality!
    7-5 “Is It Really Alright?”
    [Tyria] …Do you have any regrets?
    [Aoto] About saying that we’d go to the core of the planet with 
    [Tyria] Yes. Weren’t you just unable to resist saying such a 
    heroic thing under those circumstances?
    [Aoto] …I don’t blame you for not understanding, but couldn’t you 
    misunderstand me in a nicer way?
    [Tyria] But as time passes by, you may change your mind.
    So, if you have second thoughts, I won’t hold it against you.
    [Aoto] …
    I owe you for saving Saki and Finnel.
    Besides, you’re our friend now. We can’t let you go alone to such 
    a dangerous place.
    No matter what you say, I’ll never change my mind.
    [Tyria] …Okay.
    I’m very fortunate. I knew you would say that.
    7-6 “I’m Lost”
    [Aoto] Jack is from a place called Sol Ciel.
    [Tyria] Yeah, it seems that way.
    [Aoto] Tyria, have you been to Sol Ciel before?
    [Tyria] Well, I used to live there.
    My home country is Elemia, the capital of Sol Ciel.
    There was another Reyvateil Origin, other than me, there.
    [Aoto] Did you guys play a lot?
    [Tyria] I only met her twice in my entire life.
    But when I first met her, she piqued my interest.
    The name of the researcher was… Eleno?
    She seemed very happy with that researcher. I still can’t forget 
    [Aoto] Oh, then what about the second time?
    [Tyria] …She looked exhausted. That was probably because the 
    Tower connectors had started by then.
    I wonder how she’s been doing…
    [Aoto] Unlike you, she may be a decent administrator.
    [Tyria] …If she is happy like before, I’d be glad.
    7-7 “That’s So Cool!”
    [Aoto] I kind of want a mechanical arm like Jack’s.
    [Tyria] Aoto, that was so random. You’re not dissimilar to me.
    [Aoto] Well, but it’s so cool! It’s got a gun!
    The first fantasy of all guys is a drill! The second is a gun! 
    The third is to transform!
    It’s like a golden combination of the second and third fantasies!
    [Tyria] …I guess things do change. Guys from 700 years ago 
    wouldn’t fantasize about those things.
    Back then, the second dream would be the string of a shamisen. 
    The third would be the sword cane.
    [Aoto] …Isn’t that fantasy ranking board a little biased?
    Well, then what was the first?
    [Tyria] A drill.
    [Aoto] …Oh, I guess guys don’t really change over time.
    7-8 “Thinning Shadows”
    [Tyria] …There’ someone I want to introduce you to today.
    [Aoto] Who is it?
    [Tyria] …You can come out now.
    [Ar Ru] Good evening, Aoto. Long time no see.
    [Aoto] …Who were you?
    [Ar Ru] …I knew you would say that.
    You’ve talked with Tyria so many times in such a short time, but 
    you’ve only met me a few times.
    Because of that, Tyria in the Binary Field…
    Teases me like, “You’re so important, nanananana?”
    You know…
    [Aoto] S-sorry! I was kidding! How could I forget about you, Ar 
    And please don’t cry…
    [Ar Ru] I’m not crying!
    Well, let’s cut the crap. You’ve gotten very close to Tyria 
    [Aoto] Huh!? Really? I don’t think so…
    [Ar Ru] You shouldn’t deny it. Tyria is listening.
    But, how can you talk with her so long without getting bored?
    Well, the reason I’m here tonight is…
    I wanted to ask you why nothing happened even though you two have 
    been alone in an intimate room?
    [Aoto] Of course nothing’s going to happen! What are you saying!?
    [Ar Ru] Despite your looks, you seem pretty shy, Mr. Cherry.
    [Aoto] Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult?
    [Ar Ru] Take it as you like.
    Anyway, I’m glad I got to talk with you. It was fun.
    I’ll come back when I get bored. Will you talk with me then?
    [Aoto] Yeah, you can come more often.
    [Ar Ru] Really? Good. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
    7-9 “It’s Kind Of Late, But…”
    [Aoto] Hey, why do you always talk to me half naked?
    [Tyria] I’m not half naked. I’m wearing clothes.
    [Aoto] This is the least you wear in battle, right?
    If you were Saki, it would be like talking with me in her 
    [Tyria] …So, you mean you want me to wear more when talking with 
    [Aoto] Well, I’m asking if you should wear little more.
    [Tyria] …Well, then…
    Are you satisfied now?
    [Aoto] …Actually, can you take that off? It’s too weird.
    8-1 “Thank You For Your Effort”
    [Tyria] Aoto, thank you for your hard work in the Binary Field.
    [Aoto] Sure. I finally got the ending I wanted.
    [Tyria] That was a miraculous route. I was impressed.
    [Aoto] Well, that was only because I had memories from the last 
    play through.
    Otherwise, I might have ended up with the same ending as the 
    first time.
    [Tyria] You mean that worst ending ever that spreads open the old 
    traumatic wound in my heart?
    …Should I just delete that route?
    [Aoto] That’s like a historical museum, right? You shouldn’t just 
    eliminate an inconvenient history.
    [Tyria] But I can replace it with this ending…
    [Aoto] But it’s obvious that we forged history since the Tower 
    still exists.
    [Tyria] …I’m disappointed.
    [Aoto] …But this world might have been created if things were 
    Please leave that in the Binary Field so that it will always be a 
    [Tyria] …Of course.
    Even if history is deleted from my Binary Field, this will remain 
    It’s my precious treasure…
    8-2 “Got The Normal Ending…”
    [Tyria] Aoto, you haven’t beaten the Binary Field yet?
    [Aoto] Uh…it’s just not going as I expected.
    [Tyria] I don’t think you can get an better ending than the 
    current one.
    [Aoto] B-but, it’s kind of creepy.
    I think I could’ve reached a better ending if I were more 
    [Tyria] …You’re serious?
    [Aoto] It’s nothing but distasteful to relinquish happiness.
    [Tyria] …Now I’m curious about your happiness.
    You don’t need to worry about me. Just try as many times as you 
    8-3 “I Respect You Even More!”
    [Ar Ru] Anyhow, Aoto, you’re amazing.
    [Aoto] What do you mean?
    [Ar Ru] I’ve monitored everything that’s happened in the Binary 
    Field from the get-go.
    I was embarrassed, but that was really impressive.
    [Aoto] R-really? I didn’t know you felt that way.
    But then why didn’t you come on out?
    [Ar Ru] I decided it would be more fun to just watch.
    If I were Tyria, capable of experiencing the other world, I’d 
    like to do that.
    [Aoto] Huh?
    [Ar Ru] I want to experience facing someone who thrusts such 
    strong feelings at me.
    [Aoto] That was me. Are you sure that’s okay?
    [Ar Ru] Who it isn’t important.
    What counts is that someone loves me that much.
    …I’ve never experienced that before…
    [Aoto] Ar Ru…
    [Ar Ru] It’s getting too sentimental. Sorry, but I have to stop 
    right now.
    8-4 “Mixed Bathroom”
    [Tyria] …Aoto, do you want to take a bath with me?
    [Aoto] Bfft! Wh-what are you talking about!?
    [Tyria] I heard a rumor about a bath in Eulark.
    I hear there’s a unisex bathroom there.
    [Aoto] O-oh, really? That sounds cool.
    [Tyria] So, I though I would help you wash your back or something.
    [Aoto] H-huh…
    O-okay. Let’s go there when we visit Eulark alone next time.
    That way, I don’t have to worry about the others.
    [Tyria] I agree.
    [Aoto] Okay. Thank you for understanding.
    [Tyria] I don’t want to bother you, but I want to go there soon.
    8-5 “Good People”
    [Tyria] Perhaps, I should thank everyone.
    [Aoto] Everyone? What did they do for you?
    [Tyria] They’ve been really friendly to me, even though I joined 
    the party pretty late.
    Maybe it’s normal, but it makes me really happy.
    [Aoto] Well, it sure is normal. We’re all friends.
    You shouldn’t thank them, that would make them feel distant.
    [Tyria] …Is that how it works?
    [Aoto] It’s so overly formal.
    Be normal, like how you are now.
    …Alright, I don’t think it’s a good idea to become overly formal.
    I’ll just be friendly to them as always.
    8-6 “A Pervert?”
    [Tyria] Aoto, you seem pretty social. You can make friends with 
    [Aoto] Is that a bad thing?
    [Tyria] No. But maybe if I were one of them, I might be a little 
    Strangers don’t just start conversations randomly.
    [Aoto] That’s right. It’s not like I talk with them because I had 
    a purpose, really, either.
    [Tyria] …I think you should think of other people’s feelings from 
    now on.
    8-7 "How Presumptuous!”
    [Aoto] So, did you do anything to my house?
    [Tyria] What do you mean?
    [Aoto] You were doing something in front of the door.
    [Tyria] Oh, I just added a new name plate on the door.
    [Aoto] Oh, that’s it…?
    What did you do!?
    [Tyria] I said my dream is to become your young gal wife, so it’s 
    [Aoto] B-booked?
    [Tyria] …Am I not good enough?
    [Aoto] …How could that be? I’m glad.
    [Tyria] Oh…okay. That’ so wonderful.
    [Aoto] (Of course the villagers have seen it. I can’t imagine 
    what they’ll say the next time I visit.)
    8-8 “For A Gal Wife!”
    [Aoto] …H-hey, what is that thing…?
    [Tyria] An apron with a heart applique. It’s a special item for 
    any gal wife.
    …Do you want me to wear it for you?
    [Aoto] Wear it? You’ll just equip it in battle, right?
    [Tyria] But before that, I’ll take everything off.
    [Aoto] Are you serious!?
    [Tyria] …That reaction is your reply to my question?
    [Aoto] Well, uh…
    Okay, you don’t have to now… Please put that away.
    [Tyria] …You don’t like it?
    [Aoto] Well, that’s something I would see in the kitchen after 
    having lived with someone for a long time.
    I really want to see you wearing it, but I don’t think it’s a 
    good idea to do that here…
    [Tyria] …I understand. Aoto, you’re pretty sharp.
    [Aoto] Again, is that a compliment?
    [Tyria] I’ll keep it until the day we live together.
    [Aoto] …I’ll look forward to that, too.
    8-9 “What Mechanism?”
    [Aoto] Hey, there’ something I want to show you.
    [Tyria] The levitating stone tablet?
    [Aoto] I was wondering how it can fly.
    [Tyria] Uh…I’m actually curious, too. I’ll take a look…
    [Aoto] Did you find out anything?
    [Tyria] …This is just a piece of stone, isn’t it?
    [Aoto] Yeah. Why?
    [Tyria] Why is a piece of ordinary stone levitating?
    [Aoto] …You can’t even solve this mystery…?
    9-1"Goodbye, Maid Cafe"
    [Aoto] So, that bistro in Eternus Shaft...
    [Tyria] Finnel lives and works there, right?
    [Aoto] Oh, you knew that.
    [Tyria] Is she working in the kitchen, or in the dining hall?
    [Aoto] She said she was the mascot waitress.
    [Tyria] ...
    Did she wear a maid costume or something?
    [Aoto] No? Why would she be wearing something like that?
    [Tyria] ...Don't you understand what I'm getting at?
    [Aoto] I don't understand at all.
    [Tyria] ...Of, it seems like maid cafes have gone extinct in this 
    9-2 "Feels Strange"
    [Aoto] So, if you were to live in this time, would you want to 
    live in Clustania?
    [Tyria] ...No.
    There are only Reyvateils in the entire country, right? That 
    would be weird.
    I lived with humans for a long time.
    [Aoto] But you don't hate Reyvateils, do you?
    [Tyria] I like diverse societies.
    But if I had to choose between humans and Revateils...
    I'd find a handsome husband and live with him in the Tower.
    [Aoto] Then you've chosen humans.
    9-3 "Piles Of Treasure"
    [Tyria] That Nya Nya Ya shop is fun. It's full of interesting 
    [Aoto] What they deal in isn't quite normal, is it?
    [Tyria] I'm not talking about the items. I'm talking about the 
    decorations and machinery all over the place.
    [Aoto] I hear Sasha's renting a space that used to be an iron 
    I think the stuff they left behind is still there.
    [Tyria] ...But I saw things that weren't made of iron. Those were 
    cutting edge, high tech articles.
    [Aoto] Hahaha. I think that's your imagination. Those things 
    wouldn't be in a general store.
    [Tyria] ...I think you're probably right, but we must take 
    precautions with that general store.
    9-4 "What A Waste..."
    [Tyria] I love steaks.
    [Aoto] I think only a few people don't like steaks.
    [Tyria] I think so, too.
    That's why that steak is outrageous!
    [Aoto] Oh, you mean the Inferno Steak? Yeah, it's not edible.
    [Tyria] ...Are you sure this really isn't edible?
    Aoto, why don't you try it? Here. Open your mouth, my darling.
    [Aoto] Ungh...
    [Tyria] You really ate it...? You do love steaks, don't you?
    [Aoto] (I can’t tell her I was suckered by her “Open your mouth, 
    my darling” trap. I’m so stupid.)
    9-5 “Let’s Play”
    [Tyria] Aoto, I brought something to play with today.
    [Aoto] Huh? Is that a pair of dice and a bowl?
    [Tyria] Nothing beats this. Here.
    [Aoto] …A medical bag?
    [Tyria] *cough* *cough* D-Doctor, I caught a cold…
    [Aoto] That wasn’t a real cough! I’m not gonna play doctor!
    [Tyria] …Alright, I’ll be the doctor, then. Well…
    [Aoto] Hey, don’t use his weapon as a toy…
    [Tyria] Aoto, aren’t you interested in this kind of stuff?
    [Aoto] I am, if I weren’t I would be sick.
    But that’s Doc’s important tool. So, put it away.
    9-6 “So Cute…”
    Aoto, can you fix this stuffed animal?
    [Aoto] Which one are you talking about?
    …This…Stress Doll.
    [Tyria] Yes, its innards are coming out of its torn stomach. I 
    feel sorry for this doll…
    [Aoto] Well, this is for punching and venting stress on…
    [Tyria] But I want to use it as a hugging pillow, so I want you 
    to fix it.
    And it’s got such a cute face. You shouldn’t leave it like a 
    gutted fish.
    [Aoto] …That sounds appalling. Okay, sure.
    9-7 “My Future Clothes”
    [Tyria] It looks like Comfy Dress is easy to wear.
    [Aoto] Yeah, it looks light and comfortable.
    [Tyria] Do you want to wear it?
    [Aoto] What am I? A transvestite?
    Well, do you like that dress so much.
    [Tyria] …When I become a gal wife in the future, I want to use 
    this as my regular attire.
    [Aoto] Tyria in a Comfy Dress, huh…?
    …That wouldn’t be so bad.
    [Tyria]Don’t imagine it. It’s embarrassing.
    9-8 “Hard To Walk”
    [Tyria] …
    [Aoto] What’s up Tyria?
    [Tyria] I wanted to dress to kill you, so I wore the Divinity 
    And I took a step in it and stumbled down.
    [Aoto] …You would be a terrible fashion model… Well, are you 
    [Tyria] Uh-huh.
    …I wanted you to say, “Tyria, you look amazing…”
    [Aoto] For now, be cute… not beautiful.
    [Tyria] …
    …Okay, if you say so, I’ll be cute.
    9-9 “Something I’ve Noticed”
    [Tyria] The Steel Grinder is…your weapon, right?
    [Aoto] Can’t you tell? Who else would use a drill?
    [Tyria] …
    [Aoto] What?
    [Tyria] I just noticed something.
    I think drills are weapons that look cool only when robots use 
    [Aoto] …
    [Tyria] Am I wrong?
    [Aoto] I didn’t hear anything!
    [Tyria] I guess I wasn’t wrong.

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