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"Zombie Island of Dr. Ned Review"

I started my game on playthrough 2 as a level 40 medic soldier with my friend, who was a level 39 tank spec Brick. As we first step foot on the island it wasn't too long until we encountered our first zombie. Most of the enemies we fought were level 42-46. So we started killing zombies while making our way to the town and it seemed like endless zombies. Gearbox did a good job in making it feel like you would be overwhelmed by zombies. They pop out of the ground and fall from trees. It seems like they will never stop coming, and you don't want them to.

The enemies feel well more diverse. In the original game you had skags that jump at you, bandits that shoot at you, and raaks (rokks?) that swoop down at you. Here you have zombies that spit at you and slow you down. It does a lot of damage (depending on your level). The bird type enemy swoops down, but this time stays down and swipes at you. There are suicide zombies, tankenstiens, and loot goons (which throw elemental damage at you). So imo the enemies are more fleshed out in the DLC.

The story is once again not that great. It's pretty standard and I was ok with that seeing as the original game did not have much story. The main game will take you about 4-5 hours and with extra quests along the way you can squeeze 7-10 hours out (all depends on how you play).

Boss fights in this DLC are pretty good. My big complaint about them though is that they do not have loot tables like in WoW. So you take down this boss that is difficult and hope for a good reward, but you get something crappy. Other than that I thought most of the boss fights were pretty fun.

There is challenge in the DLC (or at least I thought there was) in the first part. As my partner and I leveled up everything became easier and the zombies did less damage. Everything became a lot easier when we learned that fire is their main weakness. So if you were hoping for a challenging time I do not think you will be satisfied.

Overall I did think it was well worth the $10. It has the same great humor and game play. I do hope there is more DLC in the future as long as they change things (make DLC end game content and give loot tables to bosses =D). If you enjoyed playing through the original game, then you would be a fool to not buy this.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/14/09

Game Release: Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned (US, 11/24/09)

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