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    RESIDENT EVIL 5: In-Game Investigative Documents
    By: Jeremy Beaver, aka Solid_Lancelot
    July 2009, Version 1.0
    July 2009, Version 2.0: couldn't believe I had actually missed a document...at
    the very beginning!  Added "The writing is erratic...", found right after the
    very first two documents in Back Alley 1-1.
    August 2009, Version 3.0:  thanks to a few adept gamers, a couple of documents
    are located and added to the guide.
    With this 5th installation of Resident Evil part answering plenty of questions
    and beginning new ones, the in-game documents have always allowed the player
    to learn about clarifications, clues, and background information about various
    situations, scenes, characters, and historicalfacts referring to events
    throughout the Resident Evil history.
    In this FAQ, all the documents have been discovered and is verbatim, down to
    the misspellings and bad English (if any).  I'm no English teacher, so I will
    present the documents as they were shown in the game.
    Please do e-mail me for corrections, clarifications, and perhaps documents I
    might have missed:  beaverpapa@aol.com
    Without further ado, we begin but of course at 1-1!
    1-1, BACK ALLEY:
    Turn around from where you pick up your starter weapons, in front of you there
    is a meat cleaving table and lying on them are 2 documents:
    The following four control types can be selected under CONTROLLER SETTINGS in
    the OPTIONS menu.
    [Type A]
    Use the L to move and rotate.  Use the R1 + (SQUARE ICON) to fire.
    [Type B]
    Use the L to move and rotate.  Use the L1+R1 to fire.
    [Type C]
    Use the L to strafe and the R to rotate.
    Use the R1+ (SQUARE ICON) to fire.
    [Type D]
    Use the L to strafe and the R to rotate.
    Use the L1+R1 to fire.
    When your life gauge is fully depleted due to taking damage, your status will
    change to Dying. If this status is displayed for your partner, you can revive
    him or her by pressing O while nearby.  You cannot revive yourself in this
    state.The game will end if your partner is unable to assist you before time
    runs out, or if both you and your partner are in the Dying state at the same
    1-1, BACK ALLEY:
    Found right next to the first Green Herb you find in a crate on the shelf, on
    a bloody table:
    All outsiders will receive the blade of punishment!
    We will bless them with a sacred death!
    We will release them from their bonds of wickedness!
    Right in front of your start point, there are two documents on the crates:
    While the item menu is displayed, press R2 to confirm what items your partner
    You can ask your partner for an item by highlighting it and pressing X.
    If you select “Give” for one of your items, you can pass it to your partner.
    Press (SQUARE ICON) to grab an item so you can move it to where you want it in
    your item menu.
    Assigning items to up, down, left, and right will allow you to quickly switch
    to those items using (CROSS PAD ICON) without opening your item menu.
    Press O to call your partner.
    While holding O, press up or down on (CROSS PAD ICON) to choose from the list
    of commands.
    Attack:  Your partner goes on the offensive.
    Cover:  Your partner assumes a supporting role.
    Conveniently placed on the table in front of you, a quite hard-to-miss
    As stated in earlier documentation on the subject, the original Las Plagas
    parasite was discovered in an isolated area in Europe.  Upon maturation in a
    host, the parasite quickly replaces the host’s will and self-awareness,
    rendering them highly susceptible to control by another.It was this aspect of
    Las Plagas that meant one so inclined could create obedient subjects who would
    obey directives without question.  With obvious commercial application
    possibilities, Las Plagas quickly came under review by interested parties.
    The problem with commercializing Las Plagas was the time discrepancy between
    initial infection and when the hosts were rendered susceptible to control. The
    time between when Las Plagas is administered to the host as an egg and the
    time when it fully matures and attaches itself to the central nervous system
    was met with negative criticism.
    The maturation cycle of Las Plagas is relatively brief, but potential
    customers wished for more expedient results. With this in mind, research was
    undertaken to improve Las Plagas.  The final result of this research becoming
    Type 2 Plagas.
    The Type 2 Plagas differs from its predecessor in that it is administered in
    its matured state, and from that point the host can almost immediately be
    Type 2 is administered orally, or more specifically, it is forced into the
    mouth of the host.  It’s an indelicate method, but it’s also the most
    After oral administration, Type 2 rends the esophagus and moves first to the
    medulla oblongata, then to the brain proper, and finally the spinal cord.
    Once it has taken hold of the central nervous system, the host can be
    Under a laboratory setting, we recorded complete control of a host within ten
    seconds of administration of Type 2.
    Aside from the reduced infection time, the Type 2 Plagas appeared to share all
    of the characteristics of the original Las Plagas, which made it more than
    suitable for commercialization.
    All that remains now is to accumulate field data from the Kijuju Autonomous
    Listed below are the three key experiments for evaluation of Type 2:
    1. Infection: Administer Type 2 samples to 10 previously infected individuals
    and observe the rate at which they spread the infection.  These 10 subjects
    must be given enough Type 2 samples to create measurable results.
    2. Control: Observe as to what extent the barbaric behavior induced by the
    Plagas can be controlled.  This will be ascertained by witnessing the results
    of the directive to engage the BSAA operatives within the area.
    3. Fighting: Accumulate data on Type 2 in combat.  Type 2 hosts will battle
    BSAA operatives deployed in the area. This experiment will be the last stage
    for evaluating the effectiveness of Type 2 Plagas.
    This document is easily missed, being located on a lower shelf where pottery
    you can shatter sits upon to the left of the first shrine you encounter in
    the beginning of the area (right next to the Emerald Square treasure):
    Shooting an enemy will give you an opening to get close enough to fight it
    directly. Not only do physical attacks help you conserve ammo, they also deal
    serious damage.
    Where you shoot the enemy (arm, head, leg, etc.) will determine what type of
    attack you can unleash.
    You can start with a hook (or twist kick for Sheva) and chain other attacks to
    You can alternate between attacks and chain up to three of them in a row.
    3-1, VILLAGE:
    This document is quite easy to find, lying right between the green herb and
    gold pick up on the table residing on the 2nd floor of the building
    Chris/Sheva enters after the drawbridge is dropped:
    April 5
    A man who said he was the foreman of the oil plant came to visit us today. He
    said he wants to inoculate everyone living near the oil field against some
    kind of disease.
    In my parents’ generation, they tricked our people and stole
    the land to turn it into their oil field. They must feel guilty about that
    because they are always trying to help our village now. When we couldn’t get
    across the swamp, they built a gondola on a rope for us. Sometimes they’ll
    even give us alcohol from foreign countries.  This medicine is probably
    something like that. Everyone in our village is glad to receive this medicine,
    but I don’t want it.  I don’t have a reason for not getting it, I just didn’t
    like the way the foreman looks, that’s all.
    April 8
    Everyone went to the oil field to get this inoculation.  The village is
    usually never this quiet.  The only thing to do today is sleep.
    April 9
    I slept too much during the day, so I couldn’t sleep at night, and it was
    noisy outside.   Everyone was talking with serious voices in the middle of the
    village.  All of the children in the village had come down with a fever. The
    mothers all drew water to cool their bodies, but it didn’t help.  By the next
    morning, they were all dead. In the morning our leader went to the oil field.
    He wanted to know if the medicine they were given killed the children. When he
    came back to the village, he said the children died because they had the
    disease.  He told everyone that they needed to go back for more shots.  I
    didn’t want to but everyone in the village was worried about catching the
    disease.  They forced me to go with them and get the shots.
    April 10
    People are fighting in the village.  All the men are very angry.  It might be
    because all the children died, but I think it’s something else. The women just
    sit around and don’t move.  I wonder if the disease is spreading?
    April 11
    I couldn’t sit still today.  It felt like something was moving around inside
    me. Outside I saw a man who looked strange.  He was naked and had a weapon.
    His entire body was covered in war paint.  It wasn’t even a festival day.
    I tried to talk to him, but when he turned around, I saw his face…He didn’t
    even look human! What is happening to the people of my village!?
    April 12
    The screaming has not stopped since yesterday.  The men are all dressing like
    our ancestors and fighting each other.  Most of the women have died.
    April 13
    Head hurts.
    Fever…Feel angry.
    Saw big man outside window.  Very tall.
    Must be vision.
    April 14
    Feel good…
    Looks fun…
    Want to…kill…
    You find this lying on the bed inside the first Tricell tent when you arrive
    at the oil refinery fields:
    On week has passed since the initial field test of Type 3 Plagas.
    Type 3 was designed to display dramatically enhanced physical abilities over
    previous versions. The original Las Plagas had a Plaga known as the control
    Plaga that would provide a host with enhanced physical abilities. These
    control types were limited in number, and they always caused severe physical
    changes in the host, and thus it was not always expedient to use them. From a
    business standpoint, this was undesirable.  The idea was to create super
    soldiers without any side effects, something consumers wanted. Other teams are
    currently working on developing a similar product to Las Plagas for
    commercial use, but given the affinity Las Plagas has for human hosts, it
    seems advantageous to continue to develop it.  Other methods may produce
    superior super soldiers, but if they do not render the host completely
    controllable, their effectiveness would be limited. Taking a subordinate Plaga
    (the base Las Plagas) and implanting a gene from the control Plaga created a
    new type of Plaga – the Type 3.
    It is believed that if Type 3 can be perfected, it will become the new
    standard on the bioweapons market. But that day is still in the offing.
    During a recent field test, a number of issues came to the fore.  The chief
    problem is its ineffectual adherence rate.  In adult and adolescent males, the
    adherence rate is approximately 92 percent, the same for normal Las Plagas.
    For women and young children Type 3 has a 0 percent adherence rate. With these
    disappointing results, it is obvious that in its current state, Type 3 would
    not render a adequate product.
    In addition, superficial mutations were invariably fatal.  This is thought to
    be due to the dynamic influence of the control Plaga gene. The test, however,
    was not without some favorable results. Our goal to realize dramatic physical
    enhancements were somewhat realized. The jumping power of hosts has shown
    remarkable improvement.  Another point is one we hadnt’ predicted: size
    increase in the hosts, with some reaching a height of almost three meters.
    This could also be due to the gene from the control Plaga, but it is within
    acceptable parameters. With this field test, we did not achieve all our
    initial desired results, but the test was not a complete failure.  It may be
    possible to  use the information garnered from the current tests and use them
    to make improvements in any future tests.
    You find this document on top of crates before you enter the hallway filled
    with Licker B’s:
    Dec. 4
    Mr. Spencer once spoke of a flower called the Stairway to the Sun.  Supposedly
    this flower would give the person who consumed it incredible abilities.
    Everyone thought it was nothing more than a rumor or legend that Mr. Spencer
    was telling us, but later research would prove us wrong.
    The first person to recognize the validity of that story was my teacher, Dr.
    James Marcus.  He hypothesized that a virus, hereto unknown, might exist that
    could alter DNA.
    That man was so perspicacious!
    His hypothesis turned out to be correct!
    The virus discovered in that flower was labeled “Progenitor.”  For three
    months in Africa we worked diligently, fretted over results, and staved off
    attacks from the Ndipaya.  After such time, our efforts were finally rewarded.
    Even Dr. Marcus, who until yesterday looked exhausted, was in good spirits.
    He wants to return home as soon as possible to delve deeper into his research.
    I feel the same way.  I want to learn the secrets of this Progenitor virus as
    soon as possible.
    Feb . 12
    We’ve hit a metaphorical brick wall.  We brought the Progenitor flower back
    from Africa and attempted to cultivate it here.  The initial culture samples
    of the Progenitor virus have not shown DNA-altering characteristics.
    We cultivated the flower to mass-produce the Progenitor virus.
    At first, everything proceeded smoothly.  The plants were strong, and grew
    quickly.  In a short amount of time they flowered. But here is when a major
    problem surfaced!  The flowers did not contain the Progenitor virus! Perhaps
    the environment in which they’re grown triggers the development of the virus.
    This matter must be investigated further.
    March 23
    We’ve made no progress.  We’ve tried cultivating the flower under different
    conditions, but with no luck in triggering the development of the virus
    itself. Thus far we have tried changing the soil, water, temperature, and
    light exposure all with no success. I got into a heated debate with Dr. Marcus
    about the direction this research was taking.
    During that debate, Mr. Spencer interjected some foolhardy notion of starting
    a company. Without the Progenitor virus there’s no point in starting a
    company.  Does he not see that?  It’s all pointless!
    By turning on a computer in the room to your immediate left at the start of
    the hallway, you will read yet another entry from Researcher Brandon:
    November 16
    We’ve closed down the Research Center.
    It’s strange, but I don’t really care.  I’m indifferent to the whole thing.  I
    feel the same way as when I heard that the Arklay facility and Raccoon City
    were destroyed.  When did I become so apathetic? I’ve spent every waking
    moment researching and extracting the Progenitor virus.  Everything I did was
    for Dr. Marcus.
    Actually, when I think about it, I probably stopped caring the day I heard he
    had died all those years ago. I didn’t feel angry or happy or even shocked; I
    felt nothing at all.  It was as if all my emotions just shut down.  I just
    kept sending out samples of the Progenitor virus to all of Umbrella’s
    laboratories.  I was just an automated machine reporting to Umbrella
    Headquarters every time one of my subordinates made a breakthrough or
    discovered something new.
    I was like a zombie ambling through life.  No thoughts, no feelings. And now
    the Research Center where I’ve spent half my life is closed. I don’t really
    care one way or another. It’s probably all for the best.  Perhaps it is too
    late to have any semblance of a life again.
    Right after exiting the previous room, this document is lying on a middle
    Umbrella Training Facility
    Dr. James Marcus
    Five (5) cases of the “PROGENITOR” sample
    	Dec. 15, 1977
    	Africa Research Center Director
    	Brandon Bailey
    In the room where the Stairway to Sun flowers are housed, by turning on the
    first computer you see, we get a glimpse into Tri-Cell’s operations:
    Feb. 19
    When I heard it was THE laboratory used by Umbrella in Africa, my expectations
    were raised, to say the least.  But when I saw it, well, it's a lab in name
    only.  I don't know how Umbrella ever used it, and Lord knows how Tricell
    could possibly have any use for it.
    The place was abandoned long ago, so there's nothing there of any value to us.
    Not one piece of lab equipment remains, at least nothing that still works.  I
    can't say I'm surprised because I half expected this.
    Anyway, the important thing now is the Progenitor virus.
    If we didn't need that virus for our research, there would have been no need
    to come to this run-down Umbrella facility anyway.  We already have samples of
    the T-Virus, the G-virus, the T-Veronica virus, and even the Las Plagas
    parasite.  We have everything we need for our research.
    We just didn't have that damned Progenitor virus.
    But we finally got our hands on it.  Hopefully this will give us that much
    needed breakthrough in our research.  I can't wait to start working on it.
    Mar. 7
    I wonder who came up with the name Licker for those creatures.  I mean, when
    you see its long tongue you just know that it's the perfect name.
    But for researchers like me, B.O.W.s like Lickers are just a pain in the ass.
    If I said Lickers were too perfect, I'd probably be ging too far in my praise.
    But they're pretty much an evolutionary dead-end.  There's no room left for
    B.O.W.s that were created using the T-Virus don't seem to show much
    improvement when the Progenitor virus is administered.
    I mean, their abilites show some slight improvements.  For example, their
    sense of smell seems more or less improved.
    But that's all we've got so far.  They're still blind as an old lady, and
    they're ugly as shit.  The biggest jump in their evolution seems to be their
    ability to reproduce.
    I hate when things don't go according to plan, but since there's still a
    demand for Lickers on the B.O.W. market, I guess things aren't all that bad.
    In the room where the Stairway to Sun flowers are housed, by turning on the
    computer, we get another glimpse into Tri-Cell’s operations:
    I know this is sudden, but I’m going to be getting some time off soon.
    We’ve completed most of our work on the new “project” (sorry, you know I can’t
    talk about work), so they’re giving us some time off as a reward for all our
    hard work.
    All the staff are leaving tomorrow and we’ll finally be getting out of this
    country. I’m heading straight back to Arizona, and I can’t wait to get home
    and see everyone.
    More than that, I think I’ll just be happy to get away from “the high and
    mighty” Miguel.  Guy thinks he’s some sort of super genius. Miguel’s a guy
    that sits next to me at work, and he’s a good researcher and all, don’t get me
    He’s got some good ideas and is good at noticing details, but every time he
    opens his mouth, he just goes on and on about how great he is.  Yu can’t even
    begin to imagine what torture it is to hear that day in and day out.  I wish
    we made a sedative I could give him.
    But forget all that. What matters is that I should be back home within the
    next few days.  When I get back, I’ll give you a call.  We gotta go out and
    get smashed.  I could use the break.
    Talk to you soon,
    5-2, MISSILE AREA 1st FLOOR:
    This document is found on the table to the left of the weapons case containing
    the SIG 556 Machine Gun:
    May 6
    A fire broke out during the test for loading Uroboros Virus onto the missiles.
    This required a temporary Level 4 (BL-4) quarantine for the immediate area.
    May 11
    It’s been five days since the area was put under quarantine.  There have been
    reports of an animal undergoing a strange and rapid mutation.  Eye-witness
    accounts indicate the creature possesses a very hard epidermis.  No viral
    cysts related to Uroboros have been reported, however. I speculate that we are
    dealing with something that has been influenced by the Uroboros Virus, a rare
    occurrence to be sure.  Perhaps tomorrow I will put together an investigation
    team to procure a sample specimen.
    May 12
    I sent a lightly armed team to investigate the sightings of this strange
    creature. Unfortunately, another team had to be deployed to retrieve the
    corpses of the first team, which had been dismembered by something extremely
    sharp. There were also multiple stab wounds that appeared to be made by a
    giant spear. Trace amounts of a peculiar chemical substance were detected on
    the eyes of some of the corpses.  What kind of mutant organism we are dealing
    with is still unknown at this time.  According to the initial investigation,
    we could be dealing with a new type of B.O.W.  Based on the creature’s style
    of attack, I have codenamed it “Reaper” for the time being.
    Of course, more data on this creature is still required before a thorough
    analysis can be submitted.
    After defeating Uroboros Mkono, you will then be allowed to head to the
    Missile Area 2nd Floor.  When you climb up the ladder, head straight into the
    observation room instead of hanging a right and you will find this document
    lying at the base of a lighted display board:
    *This instruction manual contains important information concerning the proper
    handling and use of the Uroboros virus.
    *Using the virus for anything outside the uses listed in this manual could
    result in the expiration of the handler.
    *Using the virus for anything outside the uses listed in this manual could
    result in the expiration of those within the handler’s vicinity.
    *Administration of the virus to a test subject usually results in dissolution,
     so carefully select your test subjects.
    *When using this virus, please follow the instructions in this manual
    Virus dosage is proportionate to the test subject’s weight.  Please use the
    following chart:
    60 kg or above………1 bottle
    40 – 60 kg……………..2/3 bottle
    20 – 40 kg……………..1/2 bottle
    20 kg or less………….1/3 bottle
    After injection of the virus, a test subject may experience some or all of the
    following symptoms:
    *Sweating, labored breathing, delirium and/or confusion.
    After being administered, the virus will recognize and adapt to the test
    subject’s DNA.  During that time, the virus will enter a state of dormancy.
    When it is unsuccessful in adapting to the subject’s DNA, it will begin to
    assimilate organic matter from its immediate environment in order to fuel its
    The immediate area around an unsuccessful adaptation is extremely volatile.
    Researchers should be advised to evacuate the vicinity of the test subject’s
    corpse or incinerate it to prevent its spread.  The virus will transform the
    cells inside the test subject’s body into black leech-like pustules, then
    expel them through the skin surface, consuming the subject completely.
    This creature displays only primitive intelligence, and will only search and
    prey upon organic matter to fuel its growth.  Individually these pustules are
    not a threat, but as a collective they become dangerous to other living
    organisms and will try to feed on them.  Please take extreme caution when
    handling the virus.
    If the virus does adapt to the test subject’s DNA, you are required to report
    it to the proper section immediately. In the case of rejection of the
    subject’s DNA, or if there are complications disposing of the corpse, please
    contact the section listed on the attached paper.  You will then be instructed
    how to deal with your situation.
    5-3, MISSILE AREA 2nd FLOOR:
    This document is inside the room the final Rocket Launcher Majini camps out
    with two Shield Majini, just right by the exit door:
    The following report details the execution of your orders.
    All research personnel boarded a bus.
    Left research facility and headed toward the airport.
    Sleep gas was released and targets for elimination all fell into a coma.
    Bus was stopped and targets were brought outside the bus to be eliminated.
    Elimination of targets finished.
    Targets’ bodies were collected and brought back to the research facility.
    Bodies disposed of in the underground furnace along with all personal effects.
    Completed immolating all bodies and personal effects.  All orders successfully
    carried out.
    End of report.
    6-1, SHIP HOLD:
    Right before you go past the watertight door leading to the inner ship hold,
    turn on the computer to your left, just next to the green herb:
    May 8
    Our current aim is to develop a virus that surpasses the potential of both the
    G-Virus and the T-Veronica virus. We need to eliminate extreme mutations,
    mental atrophy, and instability in the virus.
    We were told not to be concerned with retention and rejection rates, but even
    still, overcoming these three problems is going to be a challenge.
    Of course, all that is really only a problem for regular researchers. I’m
    already on the cusp of overcoming two of the problems.  The third is proving
    to be a bit trickier, so I may have to resort to some alternative methods.
    Sometimes I frighten myself with my own ingenuity!  Tricell is fortunate to
    have someone of my intelligence on their payroll.
    6-2, BRIDGE:
    This document is found inside a briefcase lying in a broken experimental tube:
    I just received word that Raccoon City has been wiped out.  The Americans
    finally took action against us.  I hope the irony of using the very military
    machine that was supposed to protect them from foreign attackers to kill their
    own people is not lost of them.
    While the danger posed by the threat of the T-Virus spreading was very real, I
    don’t think Americans will easily forgive their government for the deaths of
    over 100,00 of their own people.
    If the truth of this matter is ever brought to light, support for the current
    administration will plummet.  I don’t think he wants that. Even a child can
    see that they will come after Umbrella with everything they have.  To hide
    their own foolish mistakes, they will blame Umbrella for Raccoon City’s
    It would seem Umbrella will share Raccoon City’s fate, but perhaps it will be
    to a lesser degree. Umbrella was nothing but a tool for the research of the
    Progenitor virus.  Even without that tool, the research still survives. Only
    Umbrella’s lowly employees will be hurt by its dissolution.
    If the secret research involving the Progenitor virus is protected, then I can
    always rebuild anew.  I’ve already made preparations for such a plan. The
    research facility in Africa remains a secret, and it is there that the
    Progenitor virus is produced, something that we didn’t achieve until the late
    Only a handful of people in the company are even aware of the African
    facility’s existence thanks to our strict regulation of the flow of
    information.  Only a minimum amount of personnel were ever transferred from
    Africa to other locations, and they were always closely monitored.
    Director Bailey has been confined to the African facility for almost 30 years,
    and even that has all been for this day.
    All that remains is to close that facility and everything will go according to
    my plan. Once that facility is gone, all its connections to Umbrella will
    disappear with it.  Then I will have to deal with anyone who has a Level 10
    security clearance as they are the only ones who know of the African
    facility’s existence.  Everyone else will be summarily disposed of.
    My secrets will be protected.  When one buries a treasure, one should not
    leave behind a map.
    (A printout is stuck inside the notebook)
    Level 10
    Ozwell S. – Deceased
    Henning P. – Imprisoned
    Masaki T. – Deceased
    Jenny K. – Whereabouts unknown
    Carlos M. – Found -> information obtained -> eliminated
    Level 9
    Brandon B. – Deceased
    Frank E. – Deceased
    Isabella C. – Deceased
    Greg A. – Deceased
    Lee D. – Deceased
    Michael K. – Deceased
    Ethan W. – Deceased
    6-2, BRIDGE:
    Right before you climb up the stairs to the Uroboros Aheri battle, the
    directions for the laser cannon is posted on the wall:
    The Shango satellite laser is operated by using a rocket launcher-style laser
    targeting device (L.T.D.) that sends targeting coordinates to the satellite.
    The satellite is then capable of firing a highly concentrated laser to within
    centimeters of the target.
    Operation Procedures:
    1. Aim the L.T.D. at the target to relay the coordinates to the satellite.
    2. Once the target has been ascertained, the coordinates will be relayed.
    During the transmission, the target ring will appear red on the targeting
    scope.  Note:  If the targeting sensor’s AI perceives that the target is no
    longer being tracked by the targeting scope, transmission of the coordinates
    will be canceled.
    3. When LOCK ON appears in the scope, it means the transmission has been
    successfully sent.  Pulling the trigger will now activate the laser.
    4. The firing cannon must be given time to recharge before it can be re-fired.
    6-3, BRIDGE:
    Right after the fight against Uroboros Aheri, you will go through the bridge
    again.  Turn on the map and you will see a document shaped icon on the map, go
    to it and investiage.
    The Uroboros Virus will have a direct and substantial impact on human DNA.
    Those who possess inferior genes will find exposure to the virus fatal.  Most
    of those infected will be unable to withstand this winnowing.  The handful of
    survivors will be limited to those who possess superior DNA.
    There is no room in this new world for those who do not qualify.  A new day
    will dawn only for the chosen few.  Tonight Uroboros and I shall awaken the
    best of this world.
    Everything is on schedule.  When the bomber reaches the tropopause, the
    missiles carrying the Uroboros Virus will be deployed.
    Once released, the virus will enter the upper troposphere and spread using the
    wind currents.  It is then that humanity will receive its final judgment.  A
    virus possesses no emotions, and therein lies its beauty.  It will select only
    choice humans from around the world.  The ones who are not chosen, will become
    hosts for Uroboros, and their existence will consist only of searching for new
    Once set into motion nothing can stop this chain reaction.  THe din of six
    billion screams will close the book on humanity's ignoble past.
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