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"Resident Evil 5 review, from a player that is new to the game."

Gameplay: The gameplay to me, is in fact brilliant. The chapters may be short, and sometimes a bit boring but you cannot deny that this game can be intense and quite struggling at times. No, this game isn't a horror/survival game like the other RE games out there, but this game definitely has a new kind of zombie to kill, and a lot of action and some puzzles to complete. There are loads of things to collect, and places in and out to explore. The only thing I am disappointed about is how there is absolutely nothing scary about this game at all. I mean, it IS a Resident Evil game afterall, right? But this game seems to be lacking creativity when it came to creating the zombies, and the big bosses. Do not get me wrong, the storyline is fantastic and it all fits together, and it makes sense... But I really wish they went with it a different way! But apart from the non-scary monsters, this game is really the game for you if you just like killing zombies one after the other. 8/10.

Story: The story is great, a bit rushed but still great. I honestly didn't think the creators thought about the storyline quite well, but I'm just glad it made sense, even though at the same time it was rushed and could of been longer, or added more story into it. I didn't connect with any of the players and how it personally affects them, and it just seemed as if I was killing zombie after zombie without looking around me and exploring, which is very limited in this game. I mean, that can be a good and bad thing, depending on what YOU want from the game! But for me, I love the gameplay and the story, but it could of done with more thought, and could of included the characters feelings and emotions a bit better. 4/10.

Sound: The sound is perfect, it's ultra clear and the accents are easy to understand. I do find it smart how the further away you are from your partner, if they try to speak to you, you will hear her/his voice as if it's coming through the walkie talkie, which I enjoy about it. I have no faults with the sound. And, I must also add that there was barely any music in this game. It was so boring listening to small grunts and silence, it ruined very intense moments because I had to listen to this stupid little 2 second tune while a licker came on the screen. Total nonsense, was not happy.8/10.

Graphics: The graphics is probably the best thing about the game, to be honest with you. No flaws here, you can see every little thing, as everything is detailed and you notice everything. So clear and precise, the graphics get a 10/10 for me.

Controls: I did get a bit confused at first, how when you usually pressed 'X' to do most things, you now need to press 'SQUARE' or 'O' to open doors, and other stuff. But, this can be changed in the settings I think, so it's not a big of a deal. And firing the gun is so hard, as it's not steady whatever gun you use. Throwing grenades is perfectly fine, there is no wobble with that, same for throwing eggs, but the guns are quite annoying to aim, especially the sniper. 5/10.

Replay Value: I have replayed each chapter probably over 10 times, online and offline. Each time you play, it's different whether you're alone with A.I or with another real player. It's different, and you enjoy it every way and every time you play it. You find new things that you didn't before, you can look for treasures and emblems that you've missed, and if it's an easy chapter you can collect ammo all over again! Very fun to replay the game, especially with another real player because like I said, different every time and more fun! 10/10.

Overall: Resident Evil 5 is very much an action-filled game. There is no horror, or survival whatsoever, so if you're looking to play a game that is like the previous RE games, then this game isn't the one for you. If I had to sum this game up in one very long sentence it'd be...
'This game is basically the game where you get a whole load of guns and shoot zombie after zombie, some easy, some hard, but you get my drift.'
And I'm perfectly fine, because that is why I love this game so much.
Based on everything I have said, I rate this game a 9.3 out of a 10. The other .7 has been removed due to the poorly thought story line. Thank you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/20/13

Game Release: Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (EU, 03/12/10)

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