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"The latest Ultimate Fighting Championship game"

UFC Undisputed 2010 was released for the Playstation 3 near the end of May in 2010. UFC Undisputed was made by THQ and features fighters that compete in the UFC in real life.

The gameplay is a lot of fun because there are a variety of gameplay modes to play around in and they are all easy to play around with and you can get started in all the play modes in no time.

Exhibition is simple. You just pick which two fighters are going to get it on and the fighters you can choose from depend oon the weight class and you also pick the arena and referee that will oversee the bout.

Title Mode is where you pick a weight class then fighter then go either 8, 10 or 12 fights for the title and the amount of fights is chosen by you. The fights do start off easy but gets harder as you progress to the title match. If you lose, you have to keep playing that fight over and over until you are victorious. Once you win Title Mode, you unlock Title Defense Mode.

Title Defense Mode, you pick a weight class and fighter then you have to defend the title of your weight class 12 times. The 12 fighters are in 4 different classes of rankings and if you choose the person you won the title with in title mode, you start off against the people that were the hardest in Title Mode. You also unlock Shop Points to buy different clothing and moves and other things by doing tasks (not getting hit too much, not using too much energy etc.) and the more times you complete these tasks, the more times you get rewarded with points to spend in the UFC Shop.

Tournament is a normal tournament, you pick the weight class and number of fighters along with if you will watch the fights between the computer or if you want them simulated to get out of the way quickly.

Another gameplay mode is the Ultimate Fights Mode. In this mode, you take fights that actually happened sorted by categories then you either re-live or re-write history. First one of the UFC card girls show you the build-up and what happened in the original fight then deciding on the fighter you chose, you either have to re-live or re-write history. There are three ranks of accomplishments with three accomplishments in each rank for each fighter. You have to complete a whole rank of accomplishments for it to count and you either unlock an exclusive video or points to use in the UFC Shop. There are also five fights that were put in for the Playstation 3 version that are exclusive for the Playstation 3 since the category reads "Exclusive Playstation 3 Fights."

Another gameplay mode is Event Mode. You either create a UFC show or Pay Per View and you book the fights as well as the amount of fights and the fights happen one after another. In the main event, you do see a build-up between the two fighters. If you choose for a fighter to compete in more then one fight, the game may re-arrange the card itself.

The last gameplay mode is Career Mode. You create your fighter and you start off fighting in the amateur circuit but you can choose to go pro right away. Even if you do go pro right away, you do not start off fighting in the UFC. you start off competing in the WFA and as you win fights and get recognized then you get invited to the UFC. You have a fight every 12 weeks but in the weeks between fights, you can choose to train in either strength, speed or cardio, you can spar. You can choose to go to a fighting camp to work on a certain skill and of course you do have to rest between fights. Once you get to the UFC, you may have a UFC girl check out your training regimens, get interviews and continue to build your popularity.

There is a mode to Create your fighter. Unfortunately the mode is not that detailed and regardless what weight class you are, your fighter can't weigh that much and there's not many options for height either. It doesn't get much better when you get to clothing and ring moves but there is a way to unlock some.

The graphics and sound are great. The ring announcer sounds the way he usually does and the fight is covered with a play by play team. The fighters look like their real life counterparts and I don't think the graphics or sound could be done any better.

There is a whole lot of playtime in UFC Undisputed 2010 with all the game modes and unlocking everything will definitely take a long time. The replayability also exists because even after you unlock everything, you can play with friends off the same console or online although I have not been able to test the online play yet.

I give UFC Undisputed 2010 a 9 out of 10. There should have been more options when you are creating your fighter and you also can't skip the tale of the tape in most fights which I don't see why you should not be able to.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/14/10

Game Release: UFC Undisputed 2010 (US, 05/25/10)

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