Riddlers Pressure Pads????????

  1. How do i solve them once i hit one it turns green and the others i cant reach i Just dont now how to make them all work so the trap opens up and gives you the trophy Im stuck can you Help Me Thanks

    User Info: Jgeorgenes88

    Jgeorgenes88 - 5 years ago

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  1. Once you stepped on a pad, you cannot touch any other surface than these pads, or every pad you activated until then will deactivate. Simple as that.
    Note that grapple-boost still works, unlike the normal grapple.
    Every gadget may come in handy, depending on the situation.
    With this information in mind, you should be able to solve the riddles without any problems.

    User Info: waschbaerjohann

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  1. Dont touch the ground. use the line launcher or grapel and glide to the next.

    User Info: thewizard--99

    thewizard--99 - 5 years ago 1 0
  2. There are 3 types of pressure pads.

    One switches between red and green, and if you step on it, it will stay activated (looking like it's been turned off, like one that's already been solved, so in this case maybe it's better to think of it as deactivated) unless you step on a red one that is part of the same puzzle, or leave.

    Another is red and if you step on it, the open cage with the trophy in it closes.

    The final one is green, and it lights up if you step on it. If you walk or run off of it, it goes back to normal. Although it's never really explained in the game, in order to keep it lit, you must not touch the ground, rebound off a wall (brushing against it is fine), or hang from a ledge. In my experience, this is also USUALLY the case with the ones that require you to stay on the same pad and interact with something else, not that it matters. The line launcher and wire walk, flight, and the grapple and grapple boost are the tools you use to do this. I don't know whether the ice platforms are safe to step on, but I doubt it.

    HOWEVER, interestingly, the evade move and the slide do NOT count as touching the ground, so you can use these to step off the pad without deactivating it. You can go from a slide into an evade, but not the the other way around, and you can do 2 evades without the pad deactivating, but it deactiveates as you come up from the second one. So that's a total of 1 slide, THEN 2 evades you can safely perform while off the pad.

    This means that if you really want to, it's possible to get some trophies before you have the neccessary tool or upgrade. I only know of 2 places where this can be done, though. 1 at the GCPD, with the three pads in the area above where you first enter, which also requires you to fall off and grapple to the next ledge before touching the ground, and the other at the bottom part of the east side of the building in Amusement Mile with the frozen pool, although this one is a #%$@&-and-a-half to get. I suspect some others can be done before getting the grapple boost by canceling a normal grapple, but I don't know or feel like finding out.

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  3. Either jump around or use the grappling hook to propel you in the right direction

    User Info: brawlfanboy9

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