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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

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    Watcher in the Wings

    Who is the mysterious figure watching me? Stay vigilant for sightings of the mystery figure and scan the clues he leaves behind

    After receiving a few e-mails this portion of the guide has been changed to indicate where the sightings are but no order. It seems that the initial sighting can and will occur at any of the locations listed.

    Sighting across the street from Vicki Vale's helicopter crash.

    Sighting on top of Ferris wheel in Joker's Funland in the Industrial District

    Sighting on roof across from Solomon Wayne Courthouse next to Hotel Aventine

    Sighting in the Bowery east of the Museum and slightly west of the Subway.

    Once the mysterious figure is spotted in all four sites a puzzle appears on the map. The goal is to move the cocentric circle so that each one covers one of the sites marked on the map where the stranger was found. The puzzle will have to be zoomed out somewhat and rotated. Once the puzzle is solved a new marker appears at the church. Scan the symbol on the side of the church to find Azrael. Batman is pretty witty here. Azrael says I knew you would find me. Batman's reply, "It was pretty easy, you left me a map".

    Fragile Alliance

    Respond to a distress call coming from Krank Co. Toys in Amusement Mile. Once inside the building Bane will ask for assistance. There are 12 Titan containers that made it out of Arkham Asylum. Bane proposes that he and Batman agree to each destroy 6 containers.

    Titan Tank Locations
    • In the Museum's War Room
    • Just west of the Steel Mill
    • Cooling Tunnel B near the back entrance to the mill
    • South of the Subway Entrances in the Bowery
    • Subway Tunnels on the Bowery side just before the door to the Subway Terminal
    • South side of Wonder Tower Foundation in Wonder City

    Once all of the Titan containers are destroyed return to Bane's Hideout. A group of greedy thugs are interested in Titan. Fight along side Bane and defeat the room of enemies. At the end watch the cinematic and destroy the remaining Titan containers.

    Unlocks Bane Character Trophy

    Batcomputer A.R. Training

    This a series of obstacle course that will unlock the Grapnel Boost. Once the first four challenges are completed Batman can call in for the upgrade. More training sessions will be available implementing the gadget.

    Shot In The Dark

    This side mission can be initiated in Amusement Mile near the GCR tower just south of GCPD. Talk to the Political Prisoner and as he is revealing information a Sniper's bullet takes his life. Enter Detective Mode to create a crime scene. Examine the pipe where the bullet stopped. The trajectory of the shot should lead Batman to the Industrial District. Once at the point of origin scan the ground for a shell casing. The bullet is from Deadshot.

    Victim 2 is located in Park row just north of the Church. The body is on the broken over pass. Look for a bullet impact on the bridge railing and scan it in Detective Mode. This will reveal the bullet's trajectory. Follow the path to Gotham Casino and look for a tripod left behind. Scan it for more evidence. Batman finds a substance that could be traced back to a particular type of paint. There are two many possible locations to track the clue but more mistakes will result in Deadshot being caught.

    Victim 3 is also in Park Row between the Courthouse and Bank of Gotham. Find Harvey Dent's campaign office to the south west of the Courthouse and look behind the destroyed car. Analyze the crime scene paying special attention to the bullet hole in the wall. Trace the bullet to a nearby gate and come to the realization that Deadshot used a ricochet to hit his target. Follow the new bullet path to a building east of the Courthouse. Examine the part of the roof that Deadshot had to lay on to make the shot.

    Batman has now narrowed Deadshot's location to three sites. They are located in Amusement Mile, The Bowery, and the Industrial District. Move to each of the sites and look for at least three Substation Maintenance Hatches to open. The one Deadshot was using was the last one I opened and happened to be in Amusement Mile. Currently not sure if it will always be the last one or always be in Amusement Mile. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack Deadshot's PDA. The password should read HEADSHOT. Jack Ryder appears to be the next target. Quickly move to Ryder's location. Batman has 3 minutes to reach the assassination site. Once there a cinematic takes care of saving Ryder. When it ends Batman is behind cover looking at Deadshot.

    Deadshot is looking around for Batman but is not mobile. The goal is to reach the open ventilation shaft at Deadshot's feet without being seen. Move up to each point of cover when the villain's gaze is elsewhere. Once under him use the trap door in the floor to perform a takedown.

    Unlocks Deadshot Character Trophy

    Identity Theft

    Investigate suspicious circumstances of murdered inmate

    Locate the victim east of the Bowery Subway Station. Scan the body for evidence and to determine a cause of death. Be sure to scan the victim's head to see the cause of death. Then scan a blood stain beside the body to be able to trace the victim's blood to the last person that saw them alive. The trail leads to a political prisoner who claims that a man appearing to be Bruce Wayne was near the body.

    The next victim is south of the Courthouse behind the Hotel Aventine. Scan the victim's head then the knife beside the body. The prints on the knife belong to Bruce Wayne.

    Look for victim three in an alley south of ACE Chemicals. Scan the body's head and the chemical (bleach) at the body's left foot. Follow the bleach trail to a nearby alley where a criminal is washing his hands. Interrogate the thug to find out that Bruce Wayne told him to move the latest victim's body and to clean up with bleach. He reveals the location of Wayne. Head just east of the Courthouse, near Catwoman's apartment.

    Once at the marker find the door to enter the Identity Thief's hideout. Listen to the journal to find out who the true criminal is. Hack the console with the Cryptographic Sequencer to exit the trap.

    Iceberg Lounge Remote Hideaway

    Rendezvous with undercover cops in the Iceberg Lounge to collect upgrade

    Don't try to go through the Museum to get back to the Iceberg Lounge. The door will be locked and Batman will say that there must be another way in. There is. Move to the northern side of the Museum and look for a double door near the marker indicating the start of the side mission. Defeat any enemies and knock on the door. The cops will unlock it for Batman. Talk to the closest officer and receive the Disruptor: Mine Detonator.

    Mad Hatter: the Tea Party

    Batman gets a signal from Alfred that the cure he desires has been dropped on a roof top in Park Row. Go to the marker and take the cure. It was a trick by the Mad Hatter. Once the cinematic ends tap X to struggle. Batman is now placed in an odd existence. Fight off the bunnies and try to attack the Mad Hatter every time he appears. Hit him enough and the trance is broken.

    Return to the site of the fight to talk with Mad Hatter again.

    Nora Fries Heart of Ice

    Reunite Freeze with his wife, Nora Fries, who has been kidnapped by Joker

    Freeze was able to track Nora down to an area of the Industrial District just north of the Steel Mill. Locate the North Gotham Docks and find a door on the east side of the building. Batman knocks and someone answers but looks scared and locks the door. Move to a boat on the north side of the docks (should see the neon sign). Toss a Freeze Blast in the water and use the raft to the breakable wall. Place some Explosive Gel and enter. Pass through the door.

    Enter the vent on the wall and Batman will be under a group of thugs. The group includes one in body armor, two shields, and 1 blade. There is also a gun cabinet that the thugs will regularly try to open. Clear the room and see that Nora is safe. Hack the console next to the door and head back to GCPD to see Freeze. The front gate may be sealed by ice, but there is a way in at the back of the building.

    Unlocks Mr. Freeze Armored Character Trophy.

    Stolen Freeze Tech: Hot and Cold

    Provided by Harley in Sionis Steel Mill Locate the Freeze technology stolen by Joker in the Steel Mill

    From the Loading Bay enter the Freight Elevator. While standing on solid ground beside the elevator with the magnet, make it go up. Fall below and enter the Boiler Room. Take out the thugs and locate Freeze's equipment to obtain a new gadget: the Freeze Cluster.

    The Riddler: Enigma Conundrum

    Save the hostages from the Riddler

    While moving around Arkham City Batman is likely to find Riddler trophies connected to consoles that we normally hack with the Cryptographic Sequencer. These consoles though have been reformatted by the Riddler. Try to hack one a couple times and Riddler will give us a message to head to the Church.

    Upon reentering the church we find those we saved inside are gone. The Riddler comes on a screen and poses some questions to us. Solve his riddles and the hostages will be safe.

    Riddle 1: "I am an instrument whose music always comes from the heart. What am I?"


    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    Scan the Organ

    The next riddle is in the Courthouse. Upon stepping outside we scan the enemies to find one is a Riddler operative. Defeat the other two thugs and leave Riddler's goon unharmed. That is until the interrogation. Once inside the Courthouse look for the next group of enemies and be sure to Interrogate the informant. After winning the fight release Eddie Burlow, who gives you the next riddle. Tune the Cryptographic Sequencer to approximately 275 (horizontal) and 325 (vertical) and tap X. Get the machine from the officer.

    Riddle 2: If you know me, you'll want to share me but if you share me, I'll be gone. What am I?


    SPOILER! Highlight to View


    Move to the next hostage site. Its located just south of the Church. It appears that there is nothing nearby. You should be able to see a painted Question Mark on a brick wall. Investigate the question mark to reveal a door behind the wall.

    Riddler will appear and threaten the hostages again. The goal is to move through his challenges in this building to save the innocents. The door ahead is locked turn around and toss a Batarang at the dot on the Question Mark. Now the door is unlocked.

    This room has an electrified floor. Toss a Batarang at the dots on the Question Marks to stop the charge on portions of the floor. A timer will appear and once that timer hits zero that portion of the floor is re-electrified. One other question mark dot will cause the elevator in the back to rise. This site is the goal. Once their rise up and glide to the hostage. They give us the next frequency 625, 925.

    Riddle 3: The more there is, the less you see. What could I be?

    SPOILER! Highlight to View


    Move to the next site and bust through another wall. Drop below and stand on the Riddler button to reveal the next hostage. Use Detective Mode to follow him to the correct cover. Once the machines stop toss a Batarang at the dot of the appropriate question mark. Jump over to the hostage and save Officer North. He provides the next frequency 860, 120.

    Riddle 4: I have a head, a tail, but never any legs. Do you know what I am?

    SPOILER! Highlight to View


    The next hostage is in the Industrial District. Find the question mark and search it to reveal a hidden door. Enter the room for another Riddler puzzle. Use the Line Launcher to move to the next platform. There are two question marks on the wall. The dots at the end need to be hit to open the path. Above the question marks is a magnet and a large box. Push/Pull the box over one question mark to stop the flow of water. When the water stops toss a Batarang at the dot (Remote Controlled for the left one). Repeat the process for the second question mark. Move through the now open path to the right using a Line Launcher with a change in direction. If you stand on the Question Mark floor button the force field encasing the hostage dissipates. The only problem is we can't reach the hostage and stand on the button. Or can we? There is a metal box and three magnets on the wall. Pull the box into the air by using R2 to add an electric charge to the magnet on the ceiling. Now shift the focus to the magnet on the far left and pull the box from the ceiling to this magnet. Give the box a push from here then a push from the central magnet. If performed correctly the box will hold the button down allowing Batman to free the hostage.

    Tune the Cryptographic Sequencer to, 606, 120.

    Riddle 5: I'll be right under your feet, in the midday sun; you cannot lose me, no matter how you run. What am I?


    SPOILER! Highlight to View


    This puzzle unlocks a hostage located near the Steel Mill. Once there punch through the fake wall again and enter this room. This time we have an electrified floor and a spinning death wheel rotating throughout the room. Next to the door is a hackable console. The password is CONUNDRUM. Run across the non electrified floor tiles to the safe zone. Don't worry the spinning wheels of death will not hit you either. Look for the Question Mark on the distant wall and toss a Batarang at it's dot. Once destroyed more tiles lose their current. Race across them and grapple up. Now run across the bridge to a safe zone roughly above the previous safe zone. Line Launch into the distant room away from the entrance.

    Use Explosive Gel on the weak wall. This will reveal another Question Mark. You should also be able to see a magnet on the ceiling. Zap it with R2 to pull a box toward your location. Now toss a Remote Control Batarang over the fence and guide it through an opening created by moving the box. Once it hits the dot on the question mark the forcefield is disabled temporarily. Move through the opening and find a Riddler Button. Stand on it then use the Line Launcher to start across the corridor. About half way through change direction and head toward the hostage and out the window to the exit. He gives Batman the following numbers: 115, 780.

    Riddle 6: Hit me hard and I will crack but you'll never stop me from staring back. What am I?


    SPOILER! Highlight to View


    At the location for this hostage walk inside to see what the Riddler has in store for us this time. This guard has it worse than the rest. The others were in precarious positions but his one is being shocked. Slide under the gate to the right and leap over the debris. Look up and find the magnet. Use R2 to fire a Remote Electric Charge to raise the gate. Slide under the bars but be careful of the giant block that will come crushing down. Batman must make it under this and slide under another set of bars. The floor ahead is electrified and there is no turning back. Toss a Batarang at each of the successive Question Marks that light up hanging from the ceiling. When each is out the floor loses its current and the door opens. Through the door look to the right and fire a Remote Electric Charge that pushes a block through a wall ahead. A forcefield still blocks our path. Toss a Remote Control Batarang over the barricade and hit one of the two question marks at the end of the hall. The floor is not electrified again. Quickly hit the other question mark with a Batarang. Press forward and climb the ladder. Here we find an electrified floor. Line Launch across it but change directions as you approach the spinning blades to the right. Once through the blades hack the Riddler Console (surely the mighty Batman can get through this without checking resources on line). Line Launch back through and grapple up to where the forcefield was. Fire the REC at the magnet on the ceiling to push the metal blocks down to the ground. Now grapple across the room and fire the REC at the magnet near the blocks to push them through the wall. Glide back and use the Line Launcher to reach the now open path. Use the Line Launcher to move across the electric floor. As you approach the Red Riddler Buttons be ready to change directions. Half way down this hall be ready to change directions to the left and to the location of the hostage. Rescue her to end the trouble. He didn't give this hostage a code.

    After some research Oracle does find a link between the hostage locations and provides a marker in the Bowery to guide Batman. This information is unlocked after solving/collection 400 items in the Riddler's Challenge. The marker is near the entrance to the Iceberg Lounge. Upon arrival look for a tall column and reach its apex. From here dive bomb and glide under the bridge and over an electric fence. There is a door to the left. Enter to find some footprints on the floor. Detective vision reveals several bodies in the next room. Unfortunately the door is rigged with dynamite. Grapple up and find a vent. Move through it and listen to the conversation between Cash and the Riddler, paying special attention to the Remote Detonator portion.

    Once through the building Batman reminds us to stay out of the hostages way. They stop moving, they stop breathing. When safe move under the No 1 Platform sign. Turn the corner and take the first left. Wait off the tracks until two relatively close hostages pass by. When there is a larger gap between hostages proceed around the path behind the closer pair. The next left is where Batman should see the stairs to the Riddler. The fencing around the Riddler's room will prevent entry from this point. Continue past the To Trains sign and Batman will arrive under a weak point in the floor that the Riddler just happens to be standing on. Perform a takedown to end his reign of terror.

    Unlocks the Riddler Character Trophy and Concept Art

    Zsasz Cold Call Killer

    Stop Zsasz from capturing and murdering random targets in Arkham City

    Throughout Akrham City Batman will hear the sound of a ringing phone. When this sound is heard use Detective Mode to locate the location of the pay phone. Answer a call to initiate the side mission. Once a phone is answered Zsasz will be heard. He has some innocents captured and will kill them if Batman does not reach a subsequent ringing phone. Once we have a fix on the location of the next phone, a timer and distance meter appears on screen. Arrive at and answer the phone before the timer hits zero to save the hostages. Once answered Batman can try to trace Zsasz's call. It will take several intercepted calls before the meter at the bottom of the screen is full and Batman can triangulate Zsasz's location in the Industrial District.

    Enter the building and go down the stairs to find a locked door. Look to the right and pull down the vent cover with the Batclaw. Enter the vent to find Zsasz on the other side. Move across the rising water to the next platform then leap across another gap. This platform appears to be a dead end. There is a pipe at the end of the path that Batman can slide under but he will always end up in the water. That is unless you toss a Freeze Blast into the water near the ledge. Using the quickfire does not aim the Freeze Blast like is necessary. Instead, manually select the gadget and aim it near the edge of the platform and toss when the water is seen. Now slide under the pipe and onto the ice raft. Grapple up to the next platform and toss another Freeze Blast into the water. Fire the Batclaw at the rings to pull the raft to the door that was locked. Now walk to the central area where Zsasz is located and take him down.

    Unlocks Zsasz Character Trophy

    Arkham Assault Acts of Violence

    Stop the random acts of violence against the political prisoners inside Arkham City.

    Through Arkham City there are numerous Political Prisoners being harassed. They are found by listening for pleas of help. When you hear someone requesting assistance they are easier to find in Detective Mode. If you so choose to not help them at the time a marker will be left on the map indicating their location for future help.

    • Movement
      • X Run, Jump, Climb, R2 Crouch, R2 + X hang from ledge
      • Traverse the streets and rooftops of Arkham City with ease. Hold the run button to automatically climb over obstacles and jump over gaps. While crouched, movement is quick and silent, making this a very useful tactic when a stealthy approach is desired.
    • Detective Mode
      • L2
      • Gain an immediate tactical analysis of the current location, identifying potential threats, even through solid walls. Threats carrying firearms are highlighted in orange. All other personnel in the vicinity are highlighted in blue. This scan mode also highlights items of interest in the environment, providing information via a direct connection to the Batcomputer
    • Slide
      • R2 (while Running)
      • Use the slide to navigate through very small gaps allowing access to new areas. The slide can also be used to kick straight through vent covers, saving the time in pulling these off, but at the cost of making more noise and potentially alerting nearby threats. Finally, the slide can be used to initiate combat as the first strike of a combo attack.
    • Drop Attack
      • Square
      • When overlooking an enemy from above, you can use this height to your advantage to launch a surprise attack directly down onto your target. You can select your target by highlighting them with the bat-symbol marker. You can combo directly from this attack if there are other enemies nearby, or launch immediately into a Ground Takedown.
    • Grapnel
      • R1 (Tap) Grapple and Climb, R1 (Hold) Grapple to Hang, Circle Cancel
      • The Grapnel is an essential part of your navigation equipment. To grapple, simply look at any ledge and fire the Grapnel to move there instantly. While running or gliding, the Grapnel will still continuously target the nearest valid point in the direction you are moving so you can grapple at almost any time, as long as there is somewhere to grapple to
    • Glide
      • X (Hold) Glide Left Stick Steer Glide
      • When gliding, your cape takes on a rigid form, allow you full control of pitch and yaw. Mastering this move, in combination with the Dive Bomb, is key to moving quickly and effectively around Arkham City's streets. If you glide directly into a wall, you can kick directly off this into another glide
    • Dive Bomb
      • R2 (Hold) while gliding
      • When gliding, the Dive Bomb immediately sends you accelerating towards the ground at great speed. By pulling up out of the Dive Bomb after a few seconds you can transfer this downward speed into a horizontal glide. Alternate between the Dive Bomb and a steady glide climb repeatedly to cover large distances at great speed.
    • Glide Kick
      • Square Glide Kick, R2 (Hold) Dive Bomb Tackle (while glide kick locked on)
      • When gliding through the streets or perched up high, you can target any enemy within range for a glide kick. The glide kick will knock most enemies to the ground, making it an effective way to initiate combat with a group. When used on an isolated target an effective tactic is to immediately follow up with a Ground Takedown to finish them off. If you want to focus your attack completely on your target, hold the Dive Bomb button after locking on for more damage.
    • Environmental Analysis
      • L2 (Hold)
      • The Environmental Analysis has two main function. Firstly, you can use this to scan in Riddler Trophies which are unattainable. This adds their location to the map screen allowing your to return to collect them later. Secondly, the Environmental Analysis is used to scan in the solutions to the many riddles that Riddler poses Batman.
    • Interrogation
      • Triangle
      • Interrogating the Riddler's informants is key to locating the whereabouts of the Riddler trophies hidden in Arkham City. To extract information from an informant you must knock out every other enemy in the vicinity to make time for the interrogation. A good tactic is to use the Evade move to vault over the informant should he attack, to keep him conscious for questioning.
    • Grapnel Boost
      • R1 Fire Grapnel Gun, X, X (Hold) Grapnel Boost
      • This reward for completing the basic AR challenges allows for incredibly fast movement across Arkham City. When grappling over medium to long distances, this gadget boosts the speed of grapple, launching you high into the air above the target point. Combine this move with the Dive Boost and glide to cover huge distances without ever touching the ground.
    • Balistic Armor
      • v1.0 Provides a 25% increase in the level of protection against firearm damage
      • v2.0 Provides a 50% increase in the level of protection against firearm damage
      • v3.0 Provides a 75% increase in the level of protection against firearm damage
      • v.4.0 Provides a 100% increase in the level of protection against firearm damage
    • Combat Armor V 1.0
      • v1.0 Provides a 25% increase in the level of protection against melee attacks
      • v2.0 Provides a 50% increase in the level of protection against melee attacks
      • v3.0 Provides a 75% increase in the level of protection against melee attacks
      • v4.0 Provides a 100% increase in the level of protection against melee attacks
    • Shock Wave Attack
      • R2 (Hold) Dive Bomb while (gliding), Circle Shockwave attack (after landing)
      • This gadget automatically stores the kinetic energy from Dive Bombing directly into the ground. You can then trigger this after landing to send out a kinetic shock wave which knocks any non-armored enemies in the immediate vicinity to the ground. This is very useful when entering combat with a large number of thugs on the Arkham City streets.
    • Glide Boost Attack
      • Square Glide Kick, R2 (Hold) Glide Boost Attack (while glide kick locked on)
      • This incredibly powerful attack can be used to take down multiple enemies in a single move. To successfully pull this off, you will need to be traveling at extremely high velocity. Press Glide Kick to lock onto your target and then hold the Dive Bomb button. If you can fill the Batsymbol icon before impact then you will instantly knock out your target and any enemies standing directly behind them.
    • Heat Signature Conceal
      • The Heat Signature Conceal renders you undetectable by enemies equipped with thermal vision. This is effective as long as you remain perfectly still while being scanned. If grappling to or from a vantage point while being scanned then you will still be detected.
    • Batarang
      • L1 + R1 Aim/Throw Batarang, L1 (tap) Quickfire Batarang
      • Your signature weapon. Use it to stun enemies or hit objects that are out of reach. Use the Quickfire Batarang to unleash up to 3 rapid fire Batarangs in the middle of combat without losing your combo. A Quick Batarang throw is also very effective when discovered by a single enemy, stunning them temporarily to provide enough time to escape.
    • Remote Control Batarang
      • R2 Auto Level, R1 Boost, L1 Brake, L1 + R1 U-turn
      • Special Batarang that can be controlled after being released, making it useful for hitting switches and objects out of reach. Brake and flip controls provide high levels of maneuverability. Hold the Boost to impact into an enemy at high velocity to send them flying. If directed into electricity, the Batarang will retain the electric charge, and can then be utilized to overload items such as fuse boxes
    • Batclaw
      • L1 + R1 Aim/Fire Batclaw, L1 + Triangle Quick fire Batclaw, L1 + Triangle -> Square Batclaw Slam
      • Fires a claw like projectile that interacts with out of reach objects and pull them towards you. In combat, use the Batclaw on enemies and follow up immediately with a Strike attack, to perform the Batclaw Slam. This does double the damage of a normal Strike but takes more time to perform, leaving you vulnerable to attack.
    • Explosive Gel
      • L1 + R1 Place Explosive Gel, L1 + R2 Detonate Explosive Gel, L1 + Square Quickfire explosive gell
      • A liquid explosive useful to temporarily incapacitate enemy targets, or explode through structural weaknesses. Up to 3 charges can be placed at any given time and these can be detonated simultaneously or independently by zooming in on the specific charge. Features a built in proximity detector. Use the Quickfire Explosive Gel controls to seamlessly include this gadget during combat.
    • Cryptographic Sequencer
      • L1 + R1 Deploy Cryptographic Sequencer
      • The Cryptographic Sequencer is used to hack into security consoles and unlock access to secure areas. After recovering an encryption key, the Sequencer enables you to lock on to secure radio broadcasts which are subsequently stored, tracked and played back by the Batcomputer.
    • Smoke Pellet
      • L1 + R1 Aim/Throw Smoke Pellet, L1 + R2 Drop Smoke Pellet, Triangle Drop Smoke Pellet (when under fire)
      • The Smoke pellet floods an area with disorientating smoke, allowing you to safely escape while under fire. Additionally, you can target a group of enemies whit the Smoke Pellet and take them down silently during the confusion. When used in combat, enemies will panic and attack wildly, often hitting each other. Requires a recharge time after use.
    • REC (Remote Electrical Charge)
      • L1 + R1 Aim/Fire Positive Charge, L1 + R2 Aim/Fire Negative Charge, L1 + Circle Quickfire REC
      • THe Remote Electrical Charge provides electricity to powered down generators and electromagnets. Additionally, it can be fired at enemies to administer a localized non-lethal electric shock. This is particularly effective against armored assailants.
    • Line Launcher
      • L1 + R1 Aim/Fire Line Launcher, Triangle Takedown (while on line launcher)
      • Use the Line Launcher to rapidly move horizontally across areas, While riding the Line Launcher you can aim in a new direction and fire this again to change direction without dropping to the ground. Offensively, this gadget can also be used to takedown unaware enemies by moving above them and using the Takedown button as you approach to drop down and take them out in one move. Note that this powerful move will alert nearby enemies.
    • Reverse Batarang
      • L1 + R2 (hold)
      • This special pre-programmed Remote Batarang will loop back on itself and hit an enemy from behind leaving them dazed and confused while searching for their attacker in the wrong direction. It is perfect for disorientating an enemy so that you can sneak up and take them down during the confusion.
    • Freeze Blast
      • L1 + R1 Aim/Throw Freeze Blast, R2 R2 Quickfire Freeze Blast
      • Deploy this projectile to cause an ice-based explosion that will freeze an enemy in position for an extended period of time. This can be used effectively in combat situations using the Quickfire Controls. Additionally, the Freeze Blast is powerful enough to freeze water of any temperature, creating a temporary ice platform capable of supporting Batman's weight.
    • Batclaw Disarm
      • L1 + R1 Aim/Fire Batclaw, L1 + Triangle Quickfire Batclaw
      • This upgrade to the Batclaw enables you to surprise an attacker armed with a firearm by snatching the weapon from their hands from a distance. This can be used effectively in combat situations using the Quickfire Batclaw.
    • Sonic Batarang
      • L1 + R1 Aim/Throw Sonic Batarang
      • Once deployed, the Sonic Batarang gives off a high-pitched alarm that will interfere with nearby enemies wearing heartbeat monitors, causing them to investigate. Using this to distract enemies or lead them into traps. Once thrown, requires a short recharge time before reuse. Note: The Sonic Batarang will have no effect on enemies who are not equipped with an armband heartbeat monitor.
    • Sonic Shock Batarang
      • L1 + R2 Detonate Sonic Batarang
      • Upgrade to the Sonic Batarang which integrates a high power electrical charge that can be detonated once deployed. This will overload the heartbeat monitor of a nearby henchman, incapacitating him. However, the residual interference will stop any further Sonic Batarangs from being effective in this location. Note: The Sonic Batarang will have no effect on enemies who are not equipped with an armband heartbeat monitor
    • Line Launcher Tightrope
      • R2 Line Launcher Wire Walk (while on zip line)
      • This upgrade to the Line Launcher enables you to flip up on top of the zip line and use it as a tightrope. This can be used to create new positions to observe and attack enemies, or to collect Riddler Trophies. While on the cable, yo can move above an enemy to perform a Drop Attack or Glide Kick.
    • Freeze Proximity Mines
      • L1 + R2 Aim/Throw Freeze Proximity Mine
      • The Freeze Proximity Mine will automatically detonate and freeze an enemy on approach. Upgrade compatible with Freeze Blast and Freeze Cluster gadgets
    • Cryptographic Sequencer Range Amplifier
      • Increases effective range of the Cryptographic Sequencer, allowing your to override out-of-reach Security Consoles and open up areas that would otherwise be inaccessible
    • Cryptographic Power Amplifier
      • Increases the power of the Cryptographic Sequencer, allowing easier deciphering of security systems.
    • Disruptor: Firearm Jammer
      • L1 + R1 (Hold) Jam firearm
      • Remotely disables enemy firearms without the enemy being aware that the gun they are carrying has been jammed. Once disabled, these targets will be shown as blue in Detective Mode so that they can be easily identified. This Gadget can also be used to disable TYGER sentry guns and temporarily disable TYGER helicopter machine guns. After 2 uses of the Disruptor, a recharge period is required.
    • Disruptor: Mine Detonator
      • L1 + R1 (Hold) Detonate Mine
      • Detonates proximity mines that have been placed in the environment. If timed correctly, the concussive effect of these explosions can be used to knock enemies out. Additionally, removing mines can be used to reveal secret areas or access Riddler Trophies. The Disruptor device can only be used 2 times before a recharge period is required
    • Freeze Cluster
      • L1 + R1 Aim/Throw Freeze Cluster
      • This advanced Freeze weapon technology creates a large blast radius capable of freezing multiple enemies to the ground at once. Trapped enemies are free to move their torsos and can still attack, so approach enemies with firearms from behind to minimize any risk
    • Strike
      • Square
      • The strike is your primary close range attack. Once you have delivered 3 sequential blows in a fight, you will enter FreeFlow. While in FreeFlow, you will cover a much greater distance with your attacks and your strikes will increase in power, knocking most enemies to the ground. In order to maintain the Freeflow, you must continue to successfully engage enemies without being hit.
    • Counter
      • Triangle
      • The Counter is one of the most important moves in your arsenal and mastery of this is critical to success in combat. This move instantly turns an enemy's attack back against them and keeps you on the attack even when under attack. When multiple enemies strike at once, tap the Counter button once for each attacker to fend them off.
    • Evade
      • Left Analog Stick + X, X
      • Use evade to quickly move around during combat. When under enemy fire, evading reduces the amount of damage received. You can also evade through glass or over railings.
    • Redirect
      • Left Analog Stick + X, X (towards enemy)
      • This move flips you over the head of an attacking enemy. It is very effective to use when surrounded, giving you time and space to launch your next attack.
    • Cape Stun
      • Circle
      • Use the weighted tips of your cape to disorientate attacking enemies and temporarily stun them. The move will affect all enemies standing immediately in front of you.
    • Projectile Counter
      • Triangle
      • If an object is thrown at you, the counter button can be used to catch this object and throw it back at the person who threw it. Additionally, the object can be re-directed towards a different enemy, by pushing in their direction as it is caught.
    • Ground Takedown
      • R2 + Triangle
      • This powerful move knocs a downed neemy in one attack and is very effect in both combat and predator situations. While performing the Ground Takedown you are vulnerable to attack, so it is important to ensure that there is enough time for the move to complete successfully before committing to it.
    • Beat Down
      • Circle -> Square (repeatedly)
      • Unleash a flurry of quick, focused blows on a single enemy without knocking them to the floor. If performed for long enough, this can be used to finish off an opponent in one attack. This move is especially effective against armored enemies who are invulnerable to most other attacks. The Beat Down is very powerful but leaves you vulnerable to attack from other enemies while it is performed.
    • Aerial Attack
      • Circle -> X, X
      • Use this move to attack over the top of an enemy's defense and come crushing down on them. This is especially useful against enemies using shields as they cannot block an Aerial Attack
    • Ultra Stun
      • Circle, Circle, Circle
      • Use 3 Cape Stuns in quick succession on on target to perform the Ultra Stun. This move knocks down most enemies for an extended period of time without doing any damage. This move is particularly effective against TITAN enhanced enemies, breaking down their defense and leaving them vulnerable to a Beat Down attack.
    • Special Combo Takedown
      • Circle + Triangle
      • This combat special move will immediately incapacitate most enemies in a single move, regardless of their health or current weapon. This Special Combo Move can only be performed after your Combo score reaches x8 or above. The combo meter will flash when Special Combo Moves are available.
    • Special Combo Bat Swarm
      • X + Square
      • This combat special move calls in a swarm of bats to attack and disorientate all enemies within your immediate proximity. For the greatest impact, move into position in the middle of an attacking group before triggering to maximize the number of enemies taking damage. This Special Combo Move can only be performed after your Combo score reaches x8 or above.
    • Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown
      • X + Circle
      • Flipping up into the air and throwing out a number of Batarangs simultaneously, this combat special move instantly incapacitates all enemies that are currently knocked down. This move can be very effective if timed correctly but will also fail if there are no targets currently on the ground. This Special Combo Move can only be performed after your Combo score reaches x8 or above.
    • Special Combo Disarm and Destroy
      • Square + Triangle
      • This combat special move focuses your attack on a single armed attacker and permanently destroys their weapon. This move is especially effective against enemies with powerful weapons because it stops the weapon from being re-used by other enemies. Use this move tactically to destroy dangerous weapons early on, when in a fight against a large number of enemies. This Special Combo can only be performed after you Combo Score reaches x8 or above
    • Blade Dodge
      • Left Stick (Away) + Triangle (Hold)
      • Enemies armed with knifes and other sharp objects will attack multiple swipes in quick succession. To avoid these repeated attacks you must perform a number of dodges in a row by moving away from the assailant while the Counter button is held.
    • Critical Strikes
      • Square (Just after finishing previous move)
      • Successful Critical Strikes reward perfect combat timing with devastating power. The goal is to perform a strike just after finishing the previous move. However if you press too early or tap repeatedly then you will not perform a Critical Strike. These well timed blows also increase the Combo b x2 for each strike, allowing for quicker activation of Special Combo Moves.
    • Special Combo Boost
      • All Special Combo Moves will be available after achieving a combo of x5 instead of the normal requirement of x8. This upgrade will be applied to all playable characters.
    • FreeFlow Focus
      • When achieving a combo of x12 or above, without using a Special Combo Move, you will enter FreeFlow Focus mode. This increases movement speed and reaction times. However using any Special Combo Move will reset the FreeFlow Focus. Upgrade will be applied to all playable characters.
    • FreeFlow Power Gadgets
      • When using quickfire combat gadgets while in FreeFlow Focus mode, this upgrade dramatically increases their power. However, once a FreeFlow Power Gadget is used, the FreeFlow Focus mode is immediately lost.
    • Blade Dodge Takedown
      • Left Stick Away + Triangle (Hold) (Release and press after each swipe)
      • A powerful counter move that will instantly take out any enemy with a blade or sharp object. To successfully complete this move, the counter button must be held as an enemy attacks but then released and held again in between each of the attacker's swipes. This upgrade will be applied to all playable characters.
    • Vantage Point
      • Use Vantage Points to survey and study enemy movement while avoiding detection. Used in combination with Detective Mode, these provide the ideal position to identify isolated enemies and to strategically plan the best way to take these out. If discovered by armed enemies, quickly swing between different Vantage Points to lose them.
    • Corner Cover
      • R2 + X (when near corner)
      • While hidden in Corner Cover, you can take out any approaching, unaware enemy when they move into close proximity. This move will quickly grab your target and silently choke them into unconsciousness while leaving your undetected.
    • Silent Takedown
      • Triangle
      • This signature move allows you to sneak up on an unaware enemy and take them down silently in order to avoid unnecessary attention. While performing the takedown, continue to survey the room and plan an escape route to avoid detection. Enemies equipped with heartbeat monitors will attract nearby enemies to investigate once unconscious, so it is preferable to keep moving following a takedown.
    • Knockout Smash
      • Square (during silent takedown)
      • While performing a Silent Takedown, use the Knockout Smash to instantly render the thug unconscious. However this move is noisy and will attract nearby enemies. If you have an escape route planned this move can be used strategically to manipulate the other enemies in the room to search for you after you have gone.
    • Double Takedown
      • Triangle
      • Move silently into position behind two unaware enemies, to administer a brutal, head-cracking move that knocks them both simultaneously unconscious. Be careful though, this attack is noisy so it will alert other nearby enemies to your position.
    • Inverted Takedown
      • Triangle
      • While position on a Vantage Point, drop down and grab an enemy directly below and leave them suspended from the Vantage Point, screaming for help. Move on quickly after performing this move as when a victim is discovered, the other enemies will invariably search the Vantage Point for his attacker
    • Grate Takedown
      • Triangle
      • When under a floor grate, use the Takedown move to leap out and knock unconscious a nearby enemy in one seamless move. Be careful, this move is not silent and will attract other enemies who will immediately search the nearby floor grate on discovering the victim.
    • Ledge Takedown
      • Triangle
      • While hanging from a ledge, reach up and grab an enemy on the walkway above and pull them off to knock them out. This move is not silent and will attract nearby enemies to investigate.
    • Hanging Ledge Takedown
      • Triangle
      • While standing on a ledge directly above an enemy, you can drop down and use your legs to silently chock the enemy unconscious.
    • Window Takedown
    • Triangle
      • When behind a window, you can take out an enemy on the other side in one move. As you smash through the window, the noise will attract nearby enemies so be careful to evaluate the whereabout of other targets in the room before using this move.
    • Wooden Wall Takedown
      • Triangle
      • From a starting point directly behind a weak wall, you can smash through the wood and grab the unsuspecting thug and choke him into unconsciousness. Be careful, this move will attract nearby enemies, so plan your escape route.
    • Vent Takedown
      • Triangle
      • When behind a vent cover, and there is a target on the other side, you can smash through the vent and, in one seamless move, grab and knock them unconscious. Be careful, this move is not silent and will attract other enemies.
    • Corner Cover Takedown
      • R2 + X Enter Corner cover (when near corner), Triangle Takedown
      • While hidden in Corner Cover, you can take out any approaching, unaware enemy when they move in close proximity. This move will quickly grab your target and silently choke them into unconsciousness while leaving you undetected
    • Grapnel Boost Takedown
      • R1 Fire Grapnel Gun, X X (Hold) Grapnel Boost Takedown
      • By aiming the Grapnel Gun at the ledge below an enemy and using the Grapnel Boost, you will grab the enemy, lift him high into the air and then smash him into the ground, knocking him out instantly. Note: This move can only be used in external locations due to the distance required to activate the Grapnel Boost.
    • Climb
      • R1 Climb Wall
      • Using the suit's metallic claws you can effortlessly climb up any wall or building. To begin a climb, position yourself close to the base of the wall. Use the aiming reticule to time your successive climbs perfectly for faster, more dynamic ascent.
    • Whip
      • Swing R1
      • Rapidly swing between nearby structures using your whip. To begin the Whip Swing, Move to the edge of a building or roof. This move can be performed mid air after a jump.
    • Ceiling Climb
      • R2 + X flip down under walkway, x back up onto walkway, R1 Jump to ceiling **Move undetected and upside down on any mesh ceiling. Jump up to ceilings from below or swing down from above when on a walkway that has a mesh ceiling underneath. Be careful though, if above an unconscious enemy, other enemies are more likely to look up to the ceiling and spot you
    • Ceiling Takedown
      • Triangle
      • Perform this silent takedown by moving above an enemy using the ceiling crawl. Be careful, any enemy that finds the unconscious victim is more likely to look up to the ceiling to see what happened, so plan your escape
    • Pounce
      • Square
      • This powerful pounce from higher ground will knock an enemy to the floor. This move is useful when initiating combat with a group or, when attacking an isolated enemy, can be followed by a Ground Takedown for a quick knockout
    • Whip
      • L1 + R1 Trip enemy, L1 + R2 Disarm enemy, L1 (tap) quickfire trip, L1 Triangle quickfire disarm
      • Use the whip to trip up enemies or quickly disarm anyone, including enemies with guns. The only enemies that cannot be disarmed are those using shields. The quickfire controls allow you to trip or disarm enemies while in combat
    • Bolas
      • L1 + R1 Aim/Throw Bolas, L1+Square, Quickfire Bolals
      • Use this projectile weapon to knock down unaware enemies. In combat you can unleash 3 rapid fire Bolas at a time without losing your combo. A quickfire Bola throw is very useful when discovered by a single armed enemy, stunning them temporarily as you escape
    • Caltrops
      • L1 + R1 Aim/Throw, L1 + O quickfire
      • Caltrops Deploy these anti-personnel devices to leave traps for unsuspecting enemies. Anyone walking over them will be tripped up and fall to the ground. In combat, these can be thrown with the Quickfire controls.
    • Balistic Armor
      • v1.0 Provides a 25% increase in the level of protection against firearm damage
      • v2.0 Provides a 50% increase in the level of protection against firearm damage
    • Combat Armor
      • v1.0 Provides a 25% increase in the level of protection against melee attacks
      • v2.0 Provides a 50% increase in the level of protection against melee attacks
    • Special Combo Whiplash
      • X + Square
      • This brutal combat special move unleashes a flurry of rapid whip strikes in all directions that inflicts damage on any enemy within range. For Maximum impact position yourself in the center of a group of enemies before triggering the move. This special combo move can only be performed after you combo score reaches x8 or above.
    • Special Combo Whip Trip
      • X+O
      • This combat special move trips up all enemies surrounding you, which can be very effective when overwhelmed by a large group of enemies. This also breaks up the number of attackers at any given time, giving the opportunity to perform a ground takedown if the number of enemies is low enough. This special combo move can only be performed after your combo score reaches x8 or above.


    The location and solution for all the Riddles will be found in this section. The site for the breakable objects (Balloons, Joker Teeth, Penguins...) will not. These items can be more easily found by starting the Riddler side mission and locating Riddler informants to interrogate. Once an informant is interrogated markers appear on the map divulging the location of the breakable object. An informant is found usually inside the main buildings (Steel Mill, Museum...) or outside among the numerous thugs patrolling the streets.

    There will also not be a listing for the location of each TYGER camera. These will be placed on the map after acquiring an upgrade for the Cryptographic Sequencer that allows Batman to hack TYGER devices. This upgrade is obtained during the story mode. Once obtained Batman will be able to hack a TYGER CCTV Relay Hub that will reveal the location of all the cameras in the area. The location of the relay hubs is listed below for each area where cameras exist.

    I'm also writing this under the assumption that each trophy is associated with a specific item to be unlocked. I have not tested this yet to determine its validity. Some of the unlocks may be associated with the number of trophies found. The more trophies I find the more likely it is that unlocking the challenges are number based and not location. Otherwise I have been very lucky in finding the Challenge Map trophies early on, so I'm removing any mention of an unlock for a specific trophy as far as Challenge Maps are concerned.

    • Move to the wall surrounding the city at the west end of the street south of the Courthouse and north of the building where Park Row is written on the map. Use the Disruptor to disarm the turret then grab the Trophy.
    • On the bottom floor of the Courthouse in a cell next to Calendar Man. To open the cell return up the stairs and look for an electric current. Toss a Remote Control Batarang through the current and guide it down the stairs. Be sure to move it over the set of bars and into the fuse box to open the gate.
      • Unlocks Calendar Man Trophy
    • On a rooftop west of the Church find a sole trap. Turn on Detective Mode and follow the wires to the question mark. Throw a Batarang at the dot and the trap opens.
    • Inside the Church reach the Vantage point directly over the door. Look to the left and glide through the weak wall to grab the trophy.
    • On the wall of the "Restricted Area" south-east of the church. Hit a fuse box with a Remote Electric Charge to disable the electrified floor. Now use Explosive Gel on the wall to open the path to the trophy.
    • On a roof east of Monarch Theater break some boards hiding a small room with a trophy.
    • West of the entrance to Monarch Theater look for an old car blocking an alley. Beneath the car Batman can Batclaw or slide to a trophy.
    • Its in the water at the north point of Park Row right on the border with Amusement Mile. The Freeze Blast is required to obtain the trophy.
    • It's far from PURRFECT, but she calls it home. Scan Catwoman's apartment on the north east corner of the Courthouse.
      • Unlocks Arkham City Story Catwoman and Two-Face 3 of 3
    • I wonder how you can land an appointment with this milliner? Perhaps it would be best to book? Inside the room with the Mad Hatter, scan the Alice in Wonderland book on the table. The building is one of the ones where Park Row is written on the map. The entrance is in an alley across from a neon sign reading Gotham Casinos The Stacked Deck.
      • Unlocks Arkham City Story The Mad Hatter 2 of 2
    • Destroy 3 TYGER cameras
    • On the western side of the Courthouse, have Batman destroy a wall with Explosive Gel. Once the wall is gone Catwoman can crawl the ceiling to grab a trophy.
    • West of the Courthouse look for a wall that can be destroyed with Explosive Gel. Walk through the opening and use a Remote Electric Charge to open a gate and retrieve the trophy.
      • Unlocks Two-Face's Courtroom Concept Art
    • At the wall of the city north east of the Courthouse, use the Disruptor on the turret then destroy the wall to the right of the turret with Explosive Gel. (It is also directly north of a Catwoman exchange point and near a political prisoner being assaulted)
      • Unlocks Double Jeopardy Campaign
    • Between the Church and the Courthouse (at ground level) look for a neon sign reading The Stacked. Beside this sign Batman will need to toss a Freeze Blast onto a broken pipe so he can pass through to the trophy.
      • Unlocks Campaign Combat Master
    • In the Church where Harley is first encountered. Go through the Bell Tower door and after the first grapple look up on the wall. Use the Bat Claw to pull the trophy to you.
      • Unlocks Church concept art
    • Hack a Riddler Terminal on the roof of a building west of where the words Park Row appear on the map. The console can only be hacked after initiating the Riddler side mission.
      • Unlocks The Predator Watches Concept Art
    • Just south of the church near the border of the "Restricted Area" early in the game. Its in an alley under some "The Black Canary" signs. Enter Detective Mode and find the cable highlighted in yellow leading away from the trap and up a nearby building. At the end of the trail will be a question mark. If the dot at the end of the symbol is hit with a Batarang a 10 second timer starts. If Batman doesn't get to the trophy before the timer ends the trap closes. The key is to stay near the trophy and toss a Remote Control Batarang to hit the dot.
    • West of the entrance to the Monarch Theater, Batman will find a trophy behind some bars. Move to a building across the street and glide through the boards above the bars.
      • Unlocks Jack Ryder Character Trophy
    • The question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get there? Move to the top of the Courthouse above the main entrance. Look south and locate the question mark in Detective Mode. Align the dot and press L2.
    • You've been warned. People aren't the only unstable part of the city. North of the Church find the broken bridge. There will be signs at ground level warning of the dangerous situation the bridge is in. Be sure to scan the signs to solve the riddle.
    • Do you have Strange thoughts? Maybe you should seek help? From the Courthouse steps head straight south. As you get to the Monarch Theater look on the right side of the street for a sign - Strange Minds. Scan it to solve the riddle.
      • Unlocks Arkham City Story Strange Goings On
    • Destroy 6 TYGER Cameras
    • Near Catwoman's apartment east of the Courthouse look for a trophy in a cage. The trophy is obtained by using the trap door on the underside of the cage.

    Complete the row to unlock one of Catwoman's Interview Tapes.

    • On a roof west of Courthouse near the city border, Batman finds a trophy in a trap. Detective mode reveals four wires exiting the trap. The wires lead to question marks. Once a dot is hit a four second timer begins. The goal is to hit all four dots within four seconds. Move to the ones to the right and left of the trophy and spray Explosive Gel without detonating. Once all three have gel, return to the trophy. From the trophy detonate the gel then switch to a Batarang and toss it at the fourth and final dot to open the trap.
      • Unlocks Gotham Rain Concept Art
    • On the east side of the Courthouse, Batman finds a trophy in a cage. There are also three nearby Question Mark Buttons. One is on the ground and two are on opposite walls. All three must be activated in quick succession to open the trap. Grapple up to the nearby fire escape and use the Line Launcher to move toward the higher of the two wall buttons. Once Batman hits the button glide off the wall toward the other wall button. From here we must glide toward the final button located on the ground near the trophy. Hit all three quickly and the trap opens.
      • Unlocks Solomon Wayne Courthouse Concept Art
    • Near the broken bridge north of the Church, you should find some shacks that some thugs appear to be using for homes. One of them is boarded up punch through the boards to grab the trophy.
      • Unlocks Political Prisoner Character Trophy
    • Hack the terminal on the long straight portion of the Church's roof. It can only be hacked after initiating the Riddler side mission.
      • Unlocks the Church Concept Art
    • In an alley southwest of the Courthouse. It is practically under the Cure side mission marker. Slide under the small gap in a gate to pick up the trophy.
      • Unlocks Hell's Gate (Extreme) Challenge Map
    • Move to the top of the TYGER Confiscated Goods Vault west of ACE Chemicals. Here we find a Riddler Button we can step on. Doing so will light up one arrow on the wall leading to a Question Mark. The goal is to hit the button with enough force to make all the arrows and the Question Mark light up. This can be accomplished by grappling to the vantage point on the Bank of Gotham and gliding above the button. Once at the right spot, Dive Bomb into the button and the Question Mark will light up. Destroy the dot with a Batarang and collect the trophy.
    • On the map look for an alley right where the Chemicals in ACE Chemicals Building is located. Toss the Freeze Blast at the steam and slide under the fenced in area.
    • DA campaign special: Get two votes, for the price of one. At the west end of the street outside the Courthouse, Batman can find Harvey Dent's Campaign Office. Scan the sign above the door to solve the riddle.
      • Unlocks Arkham City Story Catwoman and Two-Face 1 of 3
    • If you find the name, does the Cash cone hand in hand? Inside the Church enter the side room closest to the Bell Tower entrance. On the table scan the hook, picture, and name badge belonging to Aaron Cash
      • Unlocks Arkham City Story Aaron Cash
    • I am an actor who can transform a film with the final cut. Who am I? Scan the movie poster outside the Monarch Theater. The poster reads Basil Karlo is The Terror.
      • Unlocks Arkham City Story Clayface
    • Destroy 9 TYGER Cameras
    • On a roof top north of the church across from Gotham Casino
    • On the west side of the Courthouse, look for an electrified gate. This gate can be opened by hacking a TYGER console with the Cryptographic Sequencer. Once hacked the gate opens allowing Batman to grab the trophy.
      • Unlocks Killer Croc Character Trophy
    • East of the Courthouse and Catwoman's Apartment we find a set of 3 Question Marks behind some mesh fencing. Move to each question mark and set some Explosive Gel. Stand back and detonate to release the trophy from the trap.
      • Unlocks Ruthless Vengeance Campaign
    • Look at the map and find the Church. Just north of the Church look for the broken road. The building that almost touches the break in the road has the trophy. The site borders Amusement Mile. The trophy is in a cage and can be released if you hit the dot on the question marks with a Batarang while they are lit.
      • Unlocks Predator Expert Campaign
    • Inside the Church on the left side of the room bust through a weak wall behind one of the confessionals. Its next to the one where a thug held someone hostage during the initial trip inside the church.
      • Unlocks Catwoman's Execution Concept Art
    • South of the Courthouse and at the site of the Cure side mission. Stand on the Question Mark button and pull the trophy close with the Batclaw.
      • Unlocks Meltdown Mayhem Extreme Challenge Map
    • Slightly east of the TYGER Confiscated Goods Vault. Use the Disruptor to destroy a couple mines then grab the trophy.
      • Unlocks Blind Justice (Extreme) Challenge Map
    • Arrive at the Monarch theater and locate the two towers that are on either side of its entrance. One will have a Vantage Point sprayed with green paint. Grapple to this vantage point and listen. The sound is a gate opening. The gate is located directly below Batman. Dive Bomb through the opening to get the trophy.
    • BANG! BANG! Order in the court. Enter the Courthouse and move to the judge's bench next to the acid vat. Enter first person mode and look for the gavel on the table. Next to the gavel should be a gun. Scan it and solve the riddle.
      • Unlocks Arkham City Story Catwoman and Two-Face 2 of 3
    • The den is where the vicious animals take your treasure. Is it theft, if it's already stolen? Scan the gate to the TYGER Confiscated Goods Vault on the western side of Park Row.
      • Unlocks Arkham City Story Hugo Strange's Storage Vault
    • Six legs went in and only two came out. Where am I? Scan a Crime Alley street sign in an alley just east of Ace Chemicals near the Restricted Area close to Monarch Theater".
      • Unlocks Arkham City Story Close Arkham City
    • Destroy 12 TYGER Cameras
    • Behind the Church stand on a green Riddler Button to open the trap holding the trophy. Leap to the ceiling of the cage and climb up the other side to avoid hitting the red colored buttons. Now leap up to the trophy and collect it.

    Unlocks Catwoman Interview Tape

    • Enter the Courthouse and go down the stairs to the bottom floor. Here we find one of Batman's enemies locked up. Head back up the stairs and as you approach the first doorway look above it. Use the Batclaw to pull it down.
      • Unlocks Midnight Assault Campaign
    • On top of the building beside the Courthouse on the eastern side, look for a Riddler Button Batman can step on. This button opens a gate below. Once Batman steps off the button the gate will slowly close. The trick is to Dive Bomb off the roof through the gate and land next to a trophy.
      • Unlocks Predator Master Campaign
    • On a building west of ACE Chemicals, there are three magnets on the side of the structure. Stand so that we can use a Remote Electric Charge on all three. One will be near a gate where we will pick up the trophy. The other two are vertically position high and low away from the gate. First zap the higher magnet with R2 to pull the trap up. Now hit the lower magnet to push the trap up even further. Quickly shoot the magnet near the gate with R2 to pull it to the point of extraction.
    • Behind the Church, Batman finds a caged area with four ground Riddler buttons. The first button is green and the remaining are red. Stand on the green one and the trap inside the cage above opens. Step on a red one and it will close. Therefore, Batman should stand on the green one then use the Line Launcher to pass over the red ones. Grapple up to the next platform and grab the trophy.
      • Unlocks Medical Protection Team Character Trophy
    • Look for the Hotel Aventine just south of the Courthouse. On the back side of the building there is a trophy in a cage and a question mark completely fixed in. Fortunately though there is a broken ventilation duct. Move to the opening in the duct and use the Remote Control Batarang to hit the dot on the bottom of the question mark.
      • Unlocks the Monarch Theater Concept Art
    • Use a Remote Electric Charge on a gate in the alley across from ACE chemicals.
      • Unlocks Arkaham City Streets Concept Art
    • South of ACE chemicals Batman will find a series of Riddler question marks that light up on the wall. Turning on Detective Mode reveals that the question mark on the far right has a Riddler Switch. When this light is lit press X to activate the switch and open the trap revealing the Trophy.
      • Unlocks Police Brutality Challenge Map
    • Who's crazy enough to date this guy? Enter the Courthouse and move to the bottom floor. Inside a cell Batman should find Calendar Man. Scan him to solve the riddle
      • Unlocks Arkham City Story Calendar Man
    • Has this flower turned over a new leaf? Across the street from the TYGER Confiscated Goods Vault, look for a shop busting with plant life and scan it.
      • Unlocks Arkham City Story Poisonous Intent 1 of 2
    • Acing the chemistry test will illuminate you. Scan the sign on the roof of ACE Chemicals
      • Unlocks Arkham City Story Holding Grudges 2 of 3
    • Hack the console on the roof of the building just north-west of ACE Chemicals. Its the building between the Live Nude and Bar neon signs.
    • Behind some bars just west of the Monarch Theater