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    Walkthrough by KOH13

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/27/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Batman Arkham City
    By: KOH13
    Copyright KOH13
    Table Of Contents							[TOC]
    Version History						[VH]
    0. Introduction						[000]
    I. Disclaimer						[001]
    II. Controls						[002]
    III. Guide Walkthrough					[003]
    	The Beginning					[TB]
    	Catwoman and Two-Face				[CTF]
    	Find the Shooter				[FS]
    	Find and talk to the Joker			[JOKE]
    	Finding Mr. Freeze				[MRF]
    	The Museum					[TM]
    	Ras Al Ghul					[RAG]
    	Find the Mayor					[FM]
    	Mr. Freeze Why?					[MRF?]
    	Find the Cure					[FC]
    	Mastercode Key  				[MK]
    	The Conclusion					[TC]
    	Catwoman Episode 1				[CE1]
    	Catwoman Episode 2				[CE2]
    	Catwoman Episode 3				[CE3]
    	Catwoman Episode 4				[CE4]
    IV. Side Missions					[004]	
    	Acts of Violence				[AV]
    	AR/Advanced AR Training 			[ART]
    	Cold Caller Killer				[CCK]
    	Enigma Conundrum				[EC]
    	Fragile Alliance				[FA]
    	Heart of Ice					[ICE]
    	Identity Thief					[IDT]
    	Mad Hatter					[MH]
    	Remote Hideaway					[RH]
    	Shot in the Dark				[SHOT]
    	Stolen Freeze Tech				[SFT]
    	Watcher in the Wings				[WW]
    V. Achievements/Trophy Guide				[005]
    VI. Contact						[006]
    VII. Special Thanks					[007]
    Version History								[VH]
    - Guide is created and posted on GameFAQS
    0. Introduction								[000]
    Hi there and welcome to my guide for Batman Arkham City, I’ll try my best to 
    provide you with a detailed walkthrough for the main story and side missions.
    I. Disclaimer								[001]
    This guide is written by KOH13. This may be not be reproduced under any 
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any 
    website or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    II. Controls								[002]
    My controls are based on the PS3, so if someone wants to give me the 360 
    version I’ll include it.
    X: Action/Run and Glide (Hold)
    O: Drop down
    L1: Aim Gadgets
    L2: Detective Mode/ Environmental Analysis (Hold) 
    L3: Center Camera
    R1: Grapple
    R2: Crouch (Hold)
    R3: Zoom
    Select: Bring up inventory 
    []: Strike
    /\: Counter/ Use smoke pellet when prompted
    X: Evade/Roll
    O: Cape Stun
    L1: Aim Gadget
    L1 + []: Quickfire Exlplosive Gel
    L1 + /\: Quickfire Batclaw
    L1 + O: Quickfire REC [When you have it]
    L1[TAP]: Quickfire Batarang
    R2 + R2: Quickfire Freeze Grenade [When you have it]
    X+[]: Bat Swarm [Upgrade needed]
    /\ + O: Special Takedown
    [] + /\: Search and Destroy [Upgrade needed]
    X + O: Multi- Ground Takedown [Upgrade needed]
    R2 + /\: Ground Takedown
    D-PAD: Pick Gadgets
    III. Guide Walkthrough							[003]
    I’ll try my best to give a very detailed guide for the game but don’t hate 
    since no guide is perfect.
    The Beginning								[TB]
    So the game starts off with Hugo Strange interrogating Bruce Wayne and with 
    the roll of the opening credits, we then flash back to Bruce Wayne making a 
    public announcement about Arkham City but then Special Ops move in take the 
    billionaire playboy man.
    You then flash forward to a room where Hugo Strange tells you he knows that 
    your Batman, he then exits the room and you see your reflection in window, 
    use the left stick left and right so the chair breaks and you fall down, a 
    guard comes in and you counter him and grab something from his radio, a guard
    then comes in and attacks you then throws you outside, walk and go into 
    Line A where you need to wait till both prisoners move out of the way before 
    moving up, you then meet with 2 people. Exit and counter all the guys 
    attacking you then help up Jack Ryder, then a guy attacks you from behind 
    and your brought to Penguin, counter Penguin when he’s about to punch you in 
    the face then keep attacking till you get free, finish off all bad guys then 
    jump onto the dumpster and up the ladder, jump across and go up the ladder 
    again and then you talk to Alfred. Jump across to the ACE Chemical plant 
    [where the E is] and then move along the ledge, follow the tutorial until 
    you reach the top of building, after that you don the suit of Batman and 
    get the TROPHY: I’m Batman.
    Catwoman and Two-Face							[CTF]
    After becoming Batman you hear radio chatter which you have to decrypt first 
    [put the locator on the flashing point to receive the frequency and hold the 
    action button] about Two-Face having Catwoman in the courthouse, glide over 
    and face 6 guys guarding the courthouse, after that go in.
    After coming in go up the stairs and go right, after coming to the balcony 
    you have a cutscene, go up the ladder and silently takedown the guy up here, 
    you then drop down and fight 5-7 guys, after that’s done Two-Face shoots 
    you and you see a cutscene and also get a TROPHY: Acid Bath
    Find the Shooter							[FS]
    After the cutscene use Detective mode and scan the window then scan the floor 
    to see the trajectory of the bullet, talk to Alfred then head out, the door 
    is blocked so go up the stairs and go left to exit, after exiting drop down 
    and fight 7-8 guys, then follow the marker to the church where 3 guys are 
    guarding the entrance, immobilize them, then enter.
    After entering Harley Quinn attacks you so counter her or punch in the face, 
    after that happens she talks to you and after she’s done the guys start 
    shooting so use the SMOK PELLET and then GRAPPLE up, you then use the Detective 
    mode and Batman describes the situation and how to take care of them, take 
    out the left and right guys first then take out the last two with a cool 
    double takedown, rescue the hostages and get the TROPHY: Savior
    Go back to the entrance and enter the door to the left, go up the wall and 
    look up for a RIDDLER TROPHY then grapple up to the top and up the ladder, 
    scan the gun and then Joker starts talking you, after he says you have 5 
    seconds to get out jump out the window and watch the tower blow up, you then 
    need to find the Joker, you also get 2 side missions: Distress Flare and 
    AR Training.
    Find and talk to the Joker						[JOKE]
    Follow the meter to Jokers complex which is the Steel Mill, follow the signal 
    then talk to Alfred you tells you theres only one way in, grapple the chimney 
    stack and get the TROPHY: Chimney Sweep.
    After gliding down you land on a wire [I don’t know why there’s a wire there 
    in the first place]. This part is another tutorial lesson, slide under, use 
    the batclaw on the to pipe to cool down the steam then drop down, drop to 
    ledge then jump, explosive gel the floor then use the batarang on the switch 
    on the top right corner, go through the tunnel follow the pipe till you come 
    you are blocked and he tells you to follow the pipe back to the origin then 
    go back then takeout 10 guys after coming out of the floor.
    Go through the big doors and batman tells you that the guys in the other room 
    has guns so hit the switch and go left, go through then up then grapple to 
    the statues, go to the guy by himself and silently take him down, then double 
    takedown the other 2, jump through the window and go through the doors. Wait 
    for the guy walking to get to the other guy so you can double takedown, then 
    grapple up and silent takedown the next guy and then takedown the 2 guys in 
    the room with the hostage.
    After you rescued the medic look behind you with the Detective Mode and shoot 
    the door to make it go up, then again and up to the vent and take out 
    4-5 guys after dropping down, head back to where you beat up the 10 guys and 
    use the crane to break open the door, grapple up then you get kicked down, 
    fight like 9-10 guys plus a one armed freak, beat up all the small guys 
    then take out the big guy, you get the TROPHY: One Armed Bandit.
    Go up and watch the cutscene, you need to find Mr. Freeze to help you.
    Finding Mr. Freeze							[MRF]
    Head North to the GCPD building and see guards posted outside, take them out 
    and look for the door with a motor above it, slide under and go down and break 
    the wall to get the RIDDLER TROPHY, then head to the doors and get the chip 
    from Penguins guy.
    Walk down and see that there are 5 armed guys here, make some noise and 1 guy
     will come out, make sure your above on the ceiling before taking him down, 
    then Heartbeat Monitors tell when a guy goes down, another guy will check on 
    him so take him out, go into the vent above and plan out how you want to 
    takedown the other 3 guys, the last guy standing will drop his weapon so 
    interrogate him to learn where Mr. Freeze is. After that go back to the exit 
    where the gates close on you, open the grate and go into the next room and 
    use the decrypter to get out, now head for the Museum.
    The Museum								[TM]
    There are 5 guys waiting outside the door at the Museum, take them out then 
    hack the terminal to get in, there are 2 guys with knives here, follow the 
    lesson and take them out, jump left to get a RIDDLER TROPHY, then jump right 
    and hack the terminal but get locked out since Penguin is using a military 
    grade communication disruptor, head back outside to locate 3 of them before 
    heading back inside. [1] Above you on the roof and is guarded by 5-6 guys, 
    you need to destroy 3 sides before moving on [2] Head North for the next one, 
    when your about 45-50M away turn on Detective Mode and see 4 guys with guns 
    here, sneak attack the lonely one then proceed to take out the rest [3] The 
    last one is in the subway tunnels, there are 3 armed guards protecting the 
    entrance, then go down and see 2 guards so double takedown, hop over the gate 
    follow the path, you eventually see 3 guys and a TITAN canister, go through 
    the vent and grapple onto the ledge then takedown the guy on the bridge, 
    grapple back up then takedown guy who checks on him, then take out the other 
    3 guards accordingly, then destroy the last disruptor [Communication 
    Breakdown] and head back to the Museum where 6-8 guys are waiting for you. 
    Go inside and disable the gate, head up and dinosaur will scare you but its 
    nothing, go down and 3 guys are beating up someone, take them out and talk 
    to the prisoner, go down and you need to use a RC Batarang, throw up to the 
    hole then down to hit the switch [use brakes to help you out], go and enter 
    the pit, you fight like 17-21 guys here which is no problem but then comes 
    the second part where you fight like 10-12 guys and a TITAN freak, to beat 
    him super stun which is 3 times then punch him to ride him, keep doing this 
    till he goes down and you get the TROPHY: Gladiator.
    Use the RC Batarang and go left to hit the switch to open the gate a bit, 
    slide under then hack the terminal to unlock the door, jump in and go up 
    then gel the top then climb up and gel again then through the door where you 
    gel 1 more time before a cutscene.
    Walk on the ice and free the officer but don’t run on it as it will break and 
    if you fall there’s not a nice surprise waiting for you, after freeing the 
    officer go back on the ice and look right and see 2 more officers, shoot 
    down the raft hanging and use it to get the prisoner on the left first then 
    go to the other side to get the other one. Go up and enter the next room. 
    After entering you see 6 guys and 3 with thermal vision which detects you 
    when hiding on a vantage point. [My suggestion is to blow up the wall to the 
    right to get their attention and pick off one by one.] After saving them 
    head back out and go to the room across from you to Mr. Freeze.
    After you reach the other side there is 3 people waiting at the door but can’t 
    get them since the gate comes up, hack the terminal and take them out, go in 
    and slide under to reach Mr. Freeze, gel the wall to your right and a One 
    Armed freak attacks you with 5-7 other guys, take them out and release Mr. 
    Freeze. Blow up the TITAN Canister in the next room and hack the gate to get 
    out faster, head back and see that all the ice is now water, head back to 
    where you saved the 3 hostages earlier, use the rafts to make it across and 
    don’t fall off, after going back to the Armory Room, go to Mr. Freeze’s suit 
    and get the chip, now head to the Iceberg Lounge, when your close enough the 
    shark will attack, beat it down and proceed to penguin.
    After coming into the room go left or right it really doesn’t matter, wait 
    for Penguin to shoot before proceeding, make it to the ramp and when close 
    enough use the jammer on his gun then uppercut him off the table, after that 
    you fall into a pit and meet Solomon Grundy.
    This zombie is really easy, there are 3 parts to him though. [1] The first 
    part is you have to use the Explosive Gel on the conduits on the floor to 
    hurt him [Quickfire] then punch him till another part happens. [2] After he 
    will be pissed and you have to do the same thing but only this time the 
    conduits have doors on them, wait for them to open to hit them, after this 
    part finish him but he’s not done yet, press the action button and break 
    free; TROPHY: Wrecking Ball. [3] You shoots shockwaves at you so all you have 
    to do it jump it, its exactly the same thing, after you kill Grundy you head 
    up and fight Penguin, dodge all his shots till you get to him and finish 
    him off.
    Ras Al Ghul								[RAG]
    After coming out from the Iceberg Lounge you talk to Freeze who tells you he 
    needs a suitable enzyme to help his cure and a ninja in the glass near you 
    escapes, scan her blood and follow the trail, after the trail ends you get hit 
    from behind, follow the ninja till she attacks you and counter her where a 
    cutscene occurs, after that you get the LineLauncher.
    Go to the Steel Mill, and see a hole leading underground, dive in or take out 
    all 4 armed guards here, go down and face 3-4 guys after jumping across, then 
    face 2 and 1 Armored guy when you drop down, move up and two paths. Left 
    which you can’t do yet as you need a certain gadget so go right, use the 
    LineLauncher and then look right and shoot there for a RIDDLER TROPHY, then 
    shoot across, move up and there are 8 guys and a RIDDLER INFORMAT under the 
    breakable floor, hack the terminal [CARRIAGE]. Look for a door to the right 
    of you then after entering go left and go in, you get sick but no worries, 
    LineLauncher across and fight 2 Armed Guards, 1 Armored and 2 guys, look 
    across for a RIDDLER TROPHY and go through the door. After entering you see 
    a doctor and you need to save her, take out the guy to the right first then 
    plan out what you want as the enemies always go a different way.
    After that go down and open the door, REC the generators at the bottom of 
    the door, and after the second door, 3 ninjas appear, the next generator 
    needs to be gelled before opening it, go to the door and see that’s its 
    locked, scan the robot next to you and he tells you that you need the 
    recordings from them to see where they enter, use Detective mode to find 
    them all and ninjas will attack you when scanning some of them, after you 
    have it all go to the wall and you need a key, a ninja will drop down so 
    counter her and then enter, keep going till you see a ladder where you then 
    fall ill again and see your parents, get up and go to the big doors where 
    you are confronted by Talia, who tells you need to pass some trails before 
    talking to her father.
    You will enter a room with a chalice so drink from it and you’ll start 
    tripping out, talk to Ras who tells you that you need to follow him and 
    not touch anything as you will die [you don’t die you just restart] and 
    follow the blue line to get to him, after reaching him you’ll need to glide 
    again to another blue crystal where you fight 2 sand ninjas, fly again 
    into the circle where you go into another part. Glide through all the 
    obstacles to the blue crystal, glide again to another blue crystal where 
    you fight 5-6 sand ninjas, after that glide into the circle and your 
    completely fine, follow Talia to meet her father.
    You start trippin again but this time its real, you right Ras Al Ghul, you 
    first fight 5-6 sand ninjas while dodging his attacks after that’s all done 
    he will make a sand sculpture of himself with sand ninjas as his shields, 
    shoot when there is gap [need to hit him 6 times] and dodge his sword and 
    ninja star attacks, after you beat him he’ll fall down where he jumps up at 
    you and you need to press the counter button multiple times, after this you 
    will have a little scene then 20 ninjas jump at you, you need to press the 
    counter button till all the markers disappear to be successful, then fight 
    them off while Ras attacks you [THIS CAN REPEAT ITSELF YOU DO NOT HIT RAS 
    THAT MUCH] keep fighting till he makes himself big again, do the same thing 
    but this time he swings his sword but its easy to dodge, after you beat him 
    you’ll need to counter him again where you stop trippin out. After this he’ll 
    use Talia as a shield where you use a Reverse Batarang to hit him then 
    Superman Punch him to knock him out; TROPHY: Sandstorm.
    Head back to the subway where 5 guys are waiting for you, take out the Jammer 
    first then proceed to taking them all out, head west to exit, after there 
    are people with riot shield now, keep heading forward till you get to the 
    exit, take out 11 guys and a RIDDLER INFORMANT, hack the terminal 
    [COMPARTMENT] and get out of here.
    Find the Mayor								[FM]
    After coming out you find out that Mayor Sharp is inside the city, follow the 
    marker and fight off the thugs and then a cutscene, you also unlock a new 
    gadget which you have to back to the Iceberg Lounge outside entrance to get in.
    Mr. Freeze Why?								[MRF?]
    GO back to Mr. Freeze where a cutscene occurs, after that happens you have to 
    fight him. You have to surprise attack him 5 times, [1] Silent Takedown at 
    the very beginning to get first strike [NOTE: AFTER DOING A CERTAIN TAKEDOWN, 
    FREEZE LEARNS AND COUNTERS THAT] [2] Use the puddle of water on the bottom, 
    flip the switch when he’s on it, [3] Use the REC on a motor when he is near 
    it, [4] Hide in under the floor to sneak attack him, [5] Drop down and smash 
    in his helmet. You get the TROPHY: Hide and Seek
    Find the Cure								[FC]
    After all that you 2 are friends again, use the freeze grenade on the steam 
    to exit the building, after leaving a helicopter sees you then it gets shot 
    down by the Joker, find the wreckage where Vicky Vale is pinned down by sniper 
    fire. First find the 2 snipers on the same building but cannot do a double 
    takedown, then move up and see 2 more snipers where you can do a double 
    takedown, rescue her and get a new side mission “Retrieve sample cure”. Go back 
    to the steel mill back entrance but watch out for sniper fire when coming here, 
    there are 2 snipers at the back entrance, take out the very top one then the 
    guy by the ledge, take out the lower sniper then the last 2 on the catwalk,
     go to the door and double takedown the 2 guarding the door.
    Keep going and fight 3 guys, you then use the freeze grenade on the water, 
    jump onto it and batclaw downstream, crouch till you get to the other side 
    and then climb up and then do the same thing here, keep going and freeze 
    grenade again, break the window and attack the 6 guards inside here. Go 
    through the door where 2 guys are torturing another guy, take them down and 
    free the guy but wait he’s a bad guy so take him out when he attacks you,
     gel the wall, go down and make an ice block, use it to get across then when 
    you come to the part where you think you can’t go anywhere, use the 
    LineLauncher to get across, freeze the steam coming out then make an ice 
    block and then go up. Use an RC Batarang to get some electricity on it then 
    come back to hit the switch, look right and hack the terminal [ROMAN IONIS], 
    go through the doors and back into the Steel Mill where you rescued the doctor
    After you come back here there are 7 people with guns and mines [HAVE THE MINE 
    DISRUPTOR TO MAKE THIS EASIER FOR YOU], take out the guy closet to you right 
    away then grapple up, blow up a mine on a guy then hit the fire extinguisher 
    near the door to smoke takedown 2 people, then take your time to plan out 
    everything. Use the REC to open the door and into the vent, after coming out 
    grapple up to avoid being detected by the sniper to get to the assembly line, 
    then use that to take down the sniper, go up and see Harley Quinn tied up 
    who tells you about a side mission “Stolen Frozen Tech”, go back to where you 
    first met the Joker where 5 people are waiting for you, grapple up and do a 
    double takedown on the snipers then come down and attack the people on the 
    ground, go up and then left to face the Joker.
    Beat the Joker down with a some punches of justice then after 9-11 people show
    up to help him [TALK ABOUT A FAIR FIGHT], then a One Armed freak comes out 
    with more people so take them out, the final part is 2 TITAN freaks that come 
    out with more people so take out the big ones first before taking out the 
    small ones. We then come down to the Joker where after enough is done a
     cutscene occurs. TROPHY: Ghost Train
    Mastercode Key 								[MK] 
    After you get up a helicopter will find you so scan it then they start 
    shooting you with their machine guns [YOU CAN GRAPPLE ONTO THE COPTER TO 
    was near the Steel Mill but I don’t know if that’s for everyone so good 
    luck with finding the code. Go to the marker where 2 snipers are looking for 
    you, take them out then hack the door [MASTERMIND], go in and go to where 
    there are 3 guards, after that happens a little scene which you have to 
    listen to, then fight off like 5-7 guys, drop into the sewer after this.
    Get the RIDDLER TROPHY then drop down and go left, gel the floor and go through 
    the door and talk to the doctor. Take out the guy directly below you then take 
    out the sniper on the stairwell and other sniper near him, trigger some mines 
    to get down 2 people left, after that’s done go to the elevator door and hack 
    it [OBESSIONS] then hack the button [MEDICATION] and wait to go up, grapple 
    up so your on top of the elevator, takedown someone through the glass and 
    fight, hack the gate [SAFEGUARDING, need to wait for the I to appear] then 
    drop down and move across, get up and grapple up top, go left and walk on the 
    railing, grapple across then look behind you to grapple again, go up the 
    ladder then glide down and go right, go onto the railing then onto the 
    tightrope, grapple up and hack the terminal [MAINTENANCE] then grapple up to 
    where the door opened, go through the vent and take out the guy closet to 
    you then wait for the guy to come look for him then take him out, down to 3 
    guys either takedown or fight, go up the stairs to Strange and hack the door 
    [GOTHAM SAVIOR] and watch. TROPHY: Free Fall.
    The Conclusion								[TC]
    After you come out the Joker is calling you out and you need to answer right 
    away, go to the location either wise Talia dies, go to the marker where Joker 
    will say something to you, take out all the snipers on the rooftops before 
    heading on the ground for the last 2, enter the theatre and watch the cutscene.
    After all that you fell for the old Joker gag, [NOT A GOOD DETECTICE EH LOL] 
    so you fight clayface, he’s really simple all you have to do is throw your 
    freeze grenade till he freezes up then grab the sword and attack him with it, 
    [he has 2 attacks, sweep and then rolling at you] the second part is the 
    same thing but he shoots clay balls at you, after you kill him you fall down 
    into the pit, where you need to fight him again, this time you have a sword 
    which is really fast which you cut down all the clay people, you need to 
    throw your grenade into his mouth after he shoots his projectiles at you, 
    keep doing this till you finish him off.
    Watch the cutscene and you get to play as Catwoman and Batman, you can freely 
    roam the city without TYGER soldiers, you can now complete all the things you 
    didn’t complete in the game, you also unlock New Game Plus.
    Catwoman Episode 1							[CE1]
    You watch the cutscene and then fight 5 guys which is really easy, after that 
    go to the vault and grab your prize and watch the cutscene.
    Catwoman Episode 2							[CE2]
    Go back to your apartment and see 4 people waiting outside, take them out and 
    go to the window and get your BOLAS and CALTROPS, then head to Ivy’s compound 
    where 3 armed guards are, after that go under the bridge to get to the other 
    side. You then fight 4 people after watching the scene, then climb up and 
    fight another 5-6 people, go up 1 more time and fight 6-7 people where Ivy’s 
    plants shoot at you, after you finish go to her and watch. TROPHY: 
    Arkham City Sirens
    Catwoman Episode 3							[CE3]
    Then you need to go to the sewers where 3 TYGER guards are, take them out and 
    go into the sewer, go through the sewers till you reach the room with 
    computers, you then need to pickpocket 3 guards for their keycards after that 
    you need to go back to the computer and unlock the vault, you then need to 
    take out all 5 guards which is simple, just silent takedown from the top then 
    go into the vault when done. After your in you see Ivy’s plant and briefcases 
    [Ivy’s plant you destroy] grab the briefcase but then 5 TGYER guards attack 
    you, after that grab the briefcases and leave [TROPHY: Pickpocket], you end 
    up having to make a choice, either ditch Batman or save him; if you ditch 
    Batman you get to see what happens to Gotham [only audio in the credits] but 
    then after its done you rewind and can go left to save batman.
    Catwoman Episode 4							[CE4]
    You need to go to your apartment, when you enter you get blown up, defeat all 
    4 guys here then head to the Museum. Where 4 guys are waiting outside for 
    you, go inside after, go down and fight 5-6 guys then go down some more and 
    through the door, follow the way to the pit where you fight like 17-21 guys, 
    then slide under the gate and go up the elevator, keep moving and go through 
    the door to where all the water is, climb down and you’ll hang onto the
    ceiling, open the gate then jump onto the ceiling, keep going and go right 
    till you see the entrance, move up and fight 2 armed guys and 1 more, after
    that go into the Amory Room.
    See Two-Face on the bridge with another guy, try to separate the guy next to 
    Two-Face so you can takedown, try and take out the surrounding people as fast 
    as you can then attack Two-Face after you attack him for the first time more 
    people come out, this where it gets tricky, try and get Two-Face in a corner 
    and then CALTROPS the way in to beat him down easier [That’s my way] then 
    he tells you that he gave half of your stuff away.
    Now you need to find 16 pieces of loot from Two-Faces henchmen, there are 
    10 in around you and the other 6 is near the courthouse. TROPHY: Family Jewels 
    IV. Side Missions							[004]
    There are a total of 12 side missions in the game which each one takes like 
    1-3 hours to complete depending on how distracted you get with other things.
    Acts of Violence							[AV]
    This side mission is started by helping a political prisoner out when he is 
    either getting beat up or roughed up by the inmates, all you have to do is 
    listen while travelling the city and take out guys to help progress the 
    completion status of the side mission.
    AR/Advanced AR Training 						[ART]
    This is just a tutorial on how to glide and drop dive in the game, complete 
    this to get a nice upgrade to your grappler, look for a red batman sign to 
    start the tutorial.
    AR 1: This one is easy, just follow the markers. 
    AR 2: This one you learn to drop dive
    AR 3: Now this one you drop dive then have to glide after
    AR 4: The final one is glide then drop dive then let go then drop dive then 
    glide to the last one.
    After you done this Alfred will send the Grapnel Boost, use the marker on the 
    map to get this as this is a useful upgrade.
    Advanced AR 1: At the Steel Mill, you need to glide then drop dive then level 
    out to fly through the tunnel 
    Advanced AR 2: Notably the hardest one out of the 4, you just glide to the 
    first one then go down, when about half way to the second ring you drop dive 
    then level out to get above the fence, then the next one has to be perfect 
    as you need all the speed to reach the last one. 
    Advanced AR 3: This one is easy one as there are only 3 targets to hit, you 
    need to drop dive then glide through the tunnel.
    Advanced AR 4: The easiest one of them all, glide then drop dive then do a 
    U-turn and go above the fence, then when your about to fall grapple then
    boost and then fly around to hit the last one.
    After you complete this you get the AR Knight Trophy. 
    Cold Caller Killer							[CCK]
    To start this side mission you need to answer a phone anywhere in the city 
    where you get a TROPHY for that and you’ll talk to Victor Zsasz who tells you 
    that he’ll kill a person if you don’t reach another phone ringing in the city 
    within the time limit.
    So after you reached the phone you need to get to he’ll start talking to you 
    about his life, you then will have to talk the call by hovering your circle 
    over the circle that moves to trace the call and fill up the bar at the 
    bottom, you will have to do this like 4-5 times as he hangs up after each 
    After you have enough of the call traced you locate his hideout, go there 
    where 3-4 inmates are outside. After going in, go through the vent and then 
    out, jump across the gap after the water in low, then slide under and move 
    across the ledge when the water is low, jump across the turbine and use the 
    LineGrappler if you have it, use it to get across then wait for the water 
    to go down, jump then grapple onto the ledge then silent takedown Zsasz and 
    watch the cutscene. You get the trophy: Dial Z for Murder
    Enigma Conundrum							[EC]
    To start this side mission is to either get “Find Mission Medical Team” or go 
    back into the church [Going back is probably the church is the easiest thing 
    to do]. After you enter the church you find that all the volunteers and 
    officers are missing, you then see the riddler who tells you that he has 
    them and you need to solve his riddles to find them. He starts off with his 
    first one which is “I’m a instrument that plays straight from the Heart” 
    [Sorry can’t remember what the riddle was but this is close to it], so head 
    to the end of the church and use the Environmental Analysis on the ORGAN to 
    solve his riddle and get a TROPHY, he then tells you to head to the 
    Courthouse and a surprise is waiting for you outside.
    After you exit there are 3 guys but 1 of them is glowing green [Green means 
    that he works for the Riddler] take out the 2 other guys then interrogate 
    the green guy to give you clues about riddler trophies around the area. Head 
    to the Courthouse where there are 11 guys and an Riddler informant here. Go 
    in and fight 4 guys and 1 Riddler associate then free the hostage who then 
    tells you some numbers 3-2-5, 2-7-5 which is a radio frequency where 325[Is 
    the bottom numbers] and 275[Is the top numbers] after that the officer gives 
    you a box which you need to solve the riddle “If you know me, you want to 
    share me, but if share me, I’ll be gone, what am I? and the answer is SECRET.
    Head to the marker and drop down where you can help a political prisoner, look 
    on the wall at the with the big ? on it so investigate and break the wall and 
    head through the door, after that the Riddler will talk to you and after 
    that look behind you and hit the big neon ? to open the door. There are 2 
    ways to do this [1] You can hit the switch in front of you which turns off t
    he power for a path, then hit the switch to your right which makes another 
    path, then head to the elevator and hit the switch to the left to go up, 
    then glide to the hostage and get the trophy (Conundrum). [2] Run across the 
    floor to the elevator then hit the switch to go up. After this the guy gives 
    you 6-2-5,   9-2-5 where you decode but need more Riddler trophies for the 
    next hostage. You need to have 80 of Riddler Trophies.
    Requirements: 80 Ridder Trophies 
    After you have enough trophies answer the riddle; The more there is, the less 
    you see. What am I? DARKNESS. You’ll play a game which is really simple just 
    then rescue the hostage and get the frequency 8-6-0, 1-2-0. TROPHY: Mastermind.
    Requirements: 160 Ridder Trophies
    Solve the riddle; I have a head and tail but no legs, do youk now what am I? 
    PENNY. Head to the location with the ? on it and enter the room. Use the 
    freeze grenade on the water and tug yourself across to the other side, then 
    grapple up and use your REC to block the waterfall to hit the ? on the left 
    and right, after that use the LineLauncher through the blades [GO WHEN THE 
    SMALL BLADES ARE UNDER] then LineLauncher to the right and drop. See the box 
    behind the fence, use the REC to bring it up then you the REC on the left 
    motor to bring it across, push it to the next motor and use the last one to 
    push it onto the circle, thus releasing the hostage. Get the frequency 
    6-0-6, 1-2-0, TROPHY: Puzzler
    Requirements: 240 Ridder Trophies
    The riddle; I’ll be right under your feet in the midday sun, you cannot lose 
    me no matter how you run. What am I? SHADOW. Decrypt the lock behind you 
    [CONUNDRUM] to make a path, run and watch out for the blades so crouch then 
    hit the ? across from you to make another path, climb up and jump across, 
    wait for the blades to pass before using the LineLauncher, gel the wall then 
    use the REC to move the block out of the wall, then a RC batarang to hit the 
    switch to turn off the lasers, LineLauncher across and look right to 
    LineLauncher to the hostage to free him. Frequency 1-1-5, 7-8-0, 
    TROPHY: Intellectual
    Requirements: 320 Ridder Trophies 
    Riddle; Hit me hard and I will crack but I’ll you’ll never stop me from 
    looking back. What am I? MIRROR. Slide under the gate then use the REC to 
    bring up the trap, then keep sliding under till you reach the other side, 
    move up and wait for the ? to start glowing, hit them till the door opens, 
    use the REC behind you to push the crates to break the wall, then use RC 
    Batarang to hit the left one as the right one turns on the trap, up the 
    ladder and LineLauncher across then look left and do it again, then 
    LineLauncher through the blades, hack [BAMBOO YPOTY], LineLauncher back then 
    go right and up the wall, use the REC to drop the boxes above you then shoot 
    the where the boxes are to make them fly and break the wall, then 
    LineLauncher and up the wall, LineLauncher across then go left, then left 
    again till you see the hostage, save her but doesn’t give you a frequency. 
    TROPHY: Brainteaser 
    Requirements: 400 Ridder Trophies
    You can only get this after you have all of the riddler trophies, after that 
    a location will pop up, grapple up then dive bomb down then level out to glide 
    across the fences, look left for a door to get in.
    Grapple up and go into the vent, keep moving till you get out, [DON’T GET 
    SPOTTED BY THE HOSTAGES AS THEY WILL BLOW UP] go straight till you make a 
    u-turn, then go left till you see another set of tracks, keep going left till 
    you see a light coming down, go right till you can do a takedown [RIDDLER] 
    after that you finish this insane side mission. TROPHY: Genius.
    Fragile Alliance							[FA]
    After you go to the Distress Flare then drop down and beat up all the inmates 
    here, then go to open the door. You’ll see a huge guy and its Bane, talk to him 
    who tells you that there are 12 containers of TITAN formula around here and 
    they need to be destroyed, he then tells you that you split up and destroy 
    6 each.
    1. To the Steel Mill, it is located near the end of the complex guarded by 
    like 3-5 guys.
    2. The Steel Mill as well but need to use the back entrance to get in which 
    is guarded by like 7-9 guys, enter then destroy it.
    3. Before you go into the subway, use your Detective Mode to look for it 
    down an alley to destroy it.
    4. The Subway, when destroying Penguins communication disruptors 
    [the last one], you’ll go into the subway, travel through and you’ll find 
    see it.
    5. Inside Penguin’s museum, after freeing Mr. Freeze, go around and destroy it.
    6. Before you enter the door to Wonder City, when you fight the guys that are 
    jamming your signal here look for it.
    After you finish that, go back to Bane to tell him the news, he will then 
    tell you that he has his side done but then TYGER operatives come in, there 
    are 17 of them and are quite easy but the only problem is Bane hitting you 
    while attacking, after that’s done Bane attacks you but you lock him up, 
    destroy the rest of the canisters and receive the TROPHY: Broken Toys
    Heart of Ice								[ICE]
    You get this side mission after you beat up freeze, go to the Steel Mill, but 
    you want to be near the water and on a ship, use the freeze grenade then tug 
    your wall to the wall and gel it, enter the room, go into the vent and fight 
    the guards, go unlock the door and go back to Mr. Freeze to tell him about 
    his wife. TROPHY: Bargaining Chip
    Identity Thief								[IDT]
    To start this side mission you need to investigate a murder victim. After 
    reaching the victim you scan the THROAT and then look near the body for a 
    BLOOD TRAIL, follow that in detective mode, you’ll hop a fence and talk to a 
    man who tells you that it might be BRUCE WAYNE, so you need to clear your name.
    The second victim is located near the ACE Chemical plant [look on the map for 
    a thing that looks like a pistol], go down and scan the body then the knife.
    The third victim is south of victim number 2, look for a big grey area [ALLEY] 
    on the map that gets cut off by the red line, scan the victim then the bleach 
    to find the killer, you see a prisoner so interrogate him to reveal the 
    location of the real killer.
    Now go to the marker and enter, walk in and pick up the journal where a little 
    scene explains what he’s done to himself, after that hack the gate then leave, 
    you also get the TROPHY: Serial Killer
    Mad Hatter								[MH]
    After you rescue Vicky Vale, Alfred tells you about a sample cure Mr. Fox has 
    worked on, go to the location and beat the 3 guards here, after that you fall 
    to the ground.
    After you wake up you are in the Mad Hatter’s house and you get sent into a 
    dream world, you fight an infinite amount of enemies, the only way is to hit 
    the Mad Hatter which teleports in and is usually at the end, after you do 
    enough damage to Mad Hatter. You escape the dream and get the TROPHY: 
    Stop the Clock.
    Remote Hideaway								[RH]
    After you save Quincy Sharp you get a call from the undercover cops, go back 
    to the Iceberg Lounge [outside entrance] and beat up all the guards before 
    knocking on the door. Go in and he gives you the Disruptor: Mine Detonator.
    Shot in the Dark							[SHOT]
    Start this side mission by flying to the Radio Station in the city, talk to him 
    where he starts talking then gets sniped, scan the bullet hole then follow the 
    trajectory to the Steel Mill and look for the shell casing, you then need to 
    find more evidence to find DEADSHOT.
    The second victim can be found after coming area the area of the dead body 
    which is near the church, look on the bridge to find him and scan the bullet 
    in the wall near him, follow the trajectory and find the bipod on a ledge.
    The third victim can be found left of where the marker is located by a fence 
    with 4 guys around the body, scan the bullet then follow the trajectory and 
    look for melted snow, you then have enough evidence to find Deadshot, you get 
    the TROPHY: Forensic Expert.
    You then need to search the power substations to find his equipment, [My 
    location was near the GCPD] but I don’t know if that’s where yours will be, 
    hack his PDA [HEADSHOT] then follow the marker to save Jack Ryder, after 
    that you need to takedown Deadshot, when he’s looking away, run to the small 
    hole then take him down. TROPHY: Contract Terminated
    Stolen Freeze Tech							[SFT]
    To start this side mission you need to talk to Harley Quinn after returning to 
    the Steel Mill, after you take out the snipers and the 3 guards in the room 
    look for the door to your right [NOT SURE IF YOU HAVE TO BE JOKER FIRST BEFORE 
    DOING THIS], hack the fence then drop down into the elevator and take out all 
    3 guards, then use the REC to lower it to get onto the other side, climb up 
    then double takedown the guards here, enter the room and fight like 6-7 guys, 
    after look for a briefcase for the upgraded version of the freeze grenade 
    which is the FREEZE CLUSTER GRENADE, head back out, push up the elevator and 
    look up for something to come down so you can grapple onto it. 
    Watcher in the Wings							[WW]
    To start this side mission all you have to do is find him randomly at any of 
    the 4 spots in the city. Always use Detective vision to locate him
    1. On the Ferris Wheel at the Steel Mill
    2. West of the GCPD building
    3. South of the courthouse, first building to your left
    4. Subway closest to the Museum, building to the NE of it
    After each encounter you need to scab each emblem, then after you have all 4 
    you need to match the locations with the circle then get another location 
    which is at the church where you meet him for the last time. 
    TROPHY: Mystery Stalker 
    V. Achievement/Trophy Guide						[005]
    Here are all the achievements/trophies in the game, I’ll try my best to tell 
    you how to get them if you don’t already know.
    50x Combo: Complete a combo of 50 moves (any play mode, any character)
    How to Get: Just do a 50x combo
    Acid Bath: Save the damsel, but is she in distress?
    How to Get: After saving Catwoman from Two-Face you get this.
    Aggravated Assault: Stop all assaults in Arkham City
    How to Get: Complete the side mission “Acts of Violence”
    AR Knight: Complete all augmented reality training exercises
    How to Get: Complete the side missions “AR Training and Advanced AR Training”
    Bargaining Chip: Reunite the separated couple
    How to Get: Complete the side mission “Heart of Ice”
    Brainteaser: Rescue the fifth hostage from Riddler
    How to Get: After collecting 320 Riddler Trophies can you get this trophy.
    Broken Toys: Destroy it all
    How to Get: Complete the side mission “Fragile Alliance”
    Bronze Revenge: Obtain 24 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps 
    (as Batman)
    How to Get: Must be online in Riddler’s Revenge to achieve this.
    Campaign Bronze: Obtain 24 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns 
    (as Batman)
    How to Get: Do Riddler’s Revenge campaign 
    Campaign Gold: Obtain all 108 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns 
    (as Batman)
    How to Get: Do Riddler’s Revenge campaign
    Campaign Silver: Obtain 72 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns 
    (as Batman)
    How to Get: Do Riddler’s Revenge campaign
    Catch: Find someone to play remote Batarang catch with
    How to Get: Throw it to mysterious stalker while doing “Watcher in the Wings” 
    [NOTE: This is missable if you complete the side mission]
    Chimney Sweep: There is only one way in
    How to Get: After getting to the Steel Mill and you talk to Alfred who tells 
    you that there’s only one way into the Joker complex.
    Communication Breakdown: Clear the airwaves
    How to Get: Destroy all 3 of Penguins communication disruptors  
    Contract Terminated: Stop the contract operative
    How to Get: Complete the side mission “Shot in the Dark”
    Conundrum: Rescue the first hostage from Riddler
    How to Get: After saving the hostage from the electrified floor
    Dial Z For Murder: Stop the phone booth killer
    How to Get: Complete the side Mission “Cold Call Killer”
    Distress Flare: Answer the call for help
    How to Get: When you get the side mission Distress Flare, go to the flare 
    and receive your prize.
    Exit Stage Right: All the world is a stage
    How to Get: Beat the game
    Flawless Freeflow Fighter 2.0: Complete one combat challenge without taking 
    damage (any character)
    How to Get: While doing Riddler’s Revenge missions, complete all rounds 
    without being hit.
    Forensic Expert: Collect enough evidence to locate the gun for hire
    How to Get: After finding the third victim in “Shot in the Dark” and scanning 
    all the evidence.
    Freefall: Don't look down
    How to Get: After finding out what Protocol 10 
    Fully Loaded: Collect all of Batman's gadgets and upgrades
    How to Get: Must have 27/27 items to receive it
    Gadget Attack: Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight (any play mode)
    How to Get: Use Batclaw, REC, Freeze Grenade, Batarang, Explosive Gel in 1 
    fight to get this.
    Genius: Rescue all the hostages from Riddler
    How to Get: After collecting 400 Riddler Trophies and taking down the Riddler
    can you get this trophy.
    Ghost Train: Fight for survival
    How to Get: Beat the Joker and this people after returning to the Steel Mill 
    the second time.
    Gladiator: Last man standing
    How to Get: After talking to Penguin in the Museum, you fight a lot of guys 
    in a pit, there are 2 rounds, get it after the second round.
    Gold Revenge: Obtain all 72 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps 
    (as Batman)
    How to Get: Must be online in Riddler’s Revenge to achieve this.
    Gotham Base Jumper: Jump off the tallest building in Arkham City and glide 
    for 1 minute without touching the ground
    How to Get:
    Hide And Seek: A deadly game of hide and seek
    How to Get: Beat Mr. Freeze when he backstabs you
    I'm Batman: Become the Bat
    How to Get: Plain and simple, become Batman
    Intellectual: Rescue the fourth hostage from Riddler
    How to Get: After collecting 240 Riddler Trophies can you get this trophy.
    IQ Test: Solve the first riddle
    How to Get: When you either get the Side Mission “Find Mission Medical Team” 
    or you can go back into the church, after that the Riddler will tell you that 
    everyone is gone and you need to solve his riddles, solve the one he gives 
    you to achieve this.  
    Lost And Found: Uncover the secret of Arkham City
    How to Get: Enter Wonder City
    Mastermind: Rescue the second hostage from Riddle
    How to Get: After saving the second hostage from the find the hostage game.
    Mystery Stalker: Reveal the mystery watcher
    How to Get: Complete the side mission “Watcher in the Wings”
    One Armed Bandit: Hammer the point home
    How to Get: Defeat the One Armed Joker guy when you are about to meet 
    the Joker.
    Pay Your Respects: A moment of remembrance
    How to Get: Go behind the theatre where the Joker is in the final battle, see 
    an outline of people, you must stay there till the music ends before getting 
    this trophy.
    Perfect Freeflow 2.0: Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman's 
    combat moves (any play mode)
    How to Get:
    Perfect Knight - Day 2: Main Story, Side Missions, Upgrades, Collectables, New
    Game Plus and Riddlers Revenge (as Batman)
    How to Get:
    Puzzler: Rescue the third hostage from Riddler
    How to Get: After collecting 160 Riddler Trophies can you get this trophy.
    Ring Ring: Answer a ringing phone
    How to Get: Answer the first phone to get this
    Sand Storm: We are legion
    How to Get: Beat Ras Al Gul
    Savior: Save the medical volunteers
    How to Get: After entering the church for the first time, knock out all 4 
    Joker clowns and untie the volunteers to get this.
    Serial Killer: Track down the serial killer
    How to Get: Complete the side mission “Identity Theif”
    Silver Revenge: Obtain 48 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps 
    (as Batman)
    How to Get: Must be online in Riddler’s Revenge to achieve this.
    Stop the Clock: Time is running out
    How to Get: Beat Mad Hatter and his guys on the clock after taking the Cure 
    from the batwing.
    Story Teller: Have 12 murderous dates with Calendar Man
    How to Get: Go to the back of the courthouse to find a door, enter and go to 
    the basement where a man is in a cell, look at the wall and see 12 dates, you 
    then need to switch your system to the corresponding dates for him to tell 
    you a story.
    Twice Nightly: Complete New Game Plus
    How to Get: Beat the game on New Game Plus to get it
    Wrecking Ball: Stop the unstoppable
    How to Get: Defeat Solomon Grundy
    VI. Contact								[006]
    If you got any tips or information that is useful for the FAQ, please email me 
    @ thekingofgames000@hotmail.com, you get credited for sharing this info with 
    me but make sure you check the FAQ before emailing me, it might be covered in 
    the FAQ.
    VII. Special Thanks							[007]
    I would like to thank some people but I did this FAQ all by myself, so I will 
    be waiting for people to me make this guide so I can credit them for the work 
    as well, c ya people ;P

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