Review by GoombaKillerMan

Reviewed: 10/26/12

BAC-Still Arkham, But a little more City.

Ah, Another Batman game by Rocksteady. This time promising a lot more then Its predecessor. Batman Arkham City is the sequel to Rocksteady's 2009 , Batman Arkham Asylum, and I enjoyed that game very much, playing it to the last level, twice. But Arkham City, that deserved three times, probably even more. This game is beyond perfect. Thats why I am summing it up in a small review. Im sure you've heard this before If you've ever wondered about purchasing this game, You need to buy it. No superhero game, NO, No GAME has ever brought you such a complete package of an Action/Platforming game, such as this.

You have such a complex, and interesting story, with a great variety of characters, that get there story very well told, In there own way. Such addicting gameplay, that will leave you fighting thugs, and soaring the rooftops, hours on end. You obviously play as Batman, and your goal is to protect Gotham City, and Arkham city, from basically being destroyed, all though at no point in the main story you leave Arkham City, It is a very satisfying environment to fly around and clean the streets, and solve mysteries, and find the popular Riddler Trophies.

You can also play as Batman's half villain and half allie, Cat woman. If you buy the game new, there should be a code that you activate to unlock her, and her specific missions, along with challenge maps. She is a bit slower, roaming around the city, BUT this cat fights fast, faster then Batman. She easily dodges crooks attacks, and puts on a whooping. Yes, her fur is pretty, but that cat has claws. Of course she doesn't dodge bullets though.

The graphics are updated from the last game, and the voice acting is better then ever. Especially with Kevin Konroy voicing Batman, and Mark Hamill voicing the notorious Joker. If you are a Batman fan, buy this game, actually buy the game of the year edition. It comes with all the DLCs, which are more then worth it.

If your not a Batman fan, buy this game, actually buy the game of the year edition. The game is easily a classic, and one of the best games to come out in a long time,It is a farewell to Mark Hamill's claimed last time voicing the joker (which deserves enough as it is) and gives the caped crusader, a much deserved reward, for being such a kick a** superhero.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Batman: Arkham City (US, 10/18/11)

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