What is better naruto ultimate ninja storm 1 or 2?

  1. Please answer thx...

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    nasserxx - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The second one...
    because of the new characters that were added unlike the first one which was the recycled version of the previous naruto games in the ps2
    and i haven't been so excited for a game like now

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Other Answers

  1. SOrry, it's so long I have to split it in two posts :

    I got yesterday my Naruto Storm 2 limited edition and after having been playing for around 10 hours (not in a row :P) and finished three story chapters I can , more or less give you an answer, considering the fact I really like Naruto, series and games, but more over PS2 and PS3 Naruto games.

    As to say, if you love Naruto as a fan as we most do, you probably will like both games. But my personal opinion after playing Naruto 2 is that....I really, really, I mean REALLY miss gameplay things from Storm 1 that for some reason have got'n lost in Storm 2.Actually, the part of gameplay that required to press a button quickly when required,the part that required the "ninja speed button press" hability from the player, as to say :P ...they-re all gone during the combat play (not talking about story mode ).

    These are the things that disappeared in Storm 2 but exist in Storm 1:

    -You cannot attack an opponent on the ground,you can in Storm 1

    -If you attacked your opponent and he was pushed away you could call your partner with L1/R1 to smack him on the ground,sort of partner end-combo.In Storm 2, you cannot

    -Opposite from the above,if you were the one thrown away, with quick press of L1/R1 you could call your support character to save you from the fall.In Storm 2, this is also gone

    -When keeping pressed the circle/attack button, every character punched the face of the enemy (there was actually a very good animation of the character's face being punched) and he was thrown far away.Sometimes the enemy was thrown against a wall, and then both characters were fighting ON THE WALL until one of them was knocked out back to the ground.
    Both this killer punch and the wall-walking thing, are gone in Storm 2

    -When two special attacks (as rasengan, chidori,kaiten,raikiri) collided at the same time, a button had to be tapped quickly to see who win the clash. In Storm 2, I've tried many times, even with two controllers, doing Naruto vs Naruto,rasengan vs rasengan....not only there's no tapping button in Storm 2 but....there's not even a clash!!!! The techniques just cancel, and nothing happens....another lost thing in Storm 2.... FOR ME a GREAT LOSS already

    -THIS IS THE LOSS I FEEL MORE SORRY ABOUT: when doing the ultimate technique for ANY character,the most powerful attacks, both players had to tap the triangle, circle, square and cross buttons in the same order they appeared on screen.Depending on who tapped more buttons, if the attacker won, the ultimate technique was successful, with increased damage depending on the amount of buttons tapped.If the attacked won, he performed an escape "jutsu" out of the ultimate technique, and no damage was taken.It's for me a very sad thing to lose, since it was what gave most the NINJA FEELING of kinda "doing seals" with every command input.It lost the chance to increase damage in ultimate techniques, as well as the chance to escape from it. Also, no need to input buttons, so the ultimate technique FMV animations in Storm 2 are much much shorter as I recalled,and basically, if it impacts, damage done....

    -Another important incomprehensible thing is the awakening mode (Kyuubi Naruto, Seal Sasuke, Syakugan....) doesn't allow to do ultimate techniques, so basically it just has become some kind of a simple "power up" state that, in cases like Naruto or Sasuke, changes the aspect of the character and his special attacks.In the other cases, just it's a "speed up" or "strenght up", but basically, cannot do ultimates until the state is gone.Why? Who knows...But ultimate techniques in awakening mode?? Nope, gone. You "gotta Storm 1" for that -_-

    -And well, just a detail, but loading times before matches, are a bit longer than Storm 1...how come if it seems to load less attacks/scenes/gameplay....??who knows...but installation still 5 GB >.< D'OH!

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  2. NOW, I was only talking about the gameplay differences between Storm 1 and 2.
    The thing would be....IT'S better STORM 1 or 2??
    My answer is: in terms of characters, obviously, Storm 2 has almost twice as Storm 1 and all are shippuden, so if you basically want to see your anime characters very well done in a videogame, and you don't care gameplay can be simplier than past naruto games (can this be XD), then you can get Storm 2.Don't worry for what I said that before ^_* Storm 2 IS a very good fighting anime game.
    About the story mode I'm still on it, so I cannot tell you how good or bad, but at least it follows the same path of the anime, or almost :)
    The most important difference beside gameplay, it's obviously, the online mode...now, from my point of view...Did Storm 2 had to lose so many gameplay features in order to make it "easy and simple" for people, and just add an online mode???

    I can tell you, for me, I prefer to have no online, and play "full gameplay" Storm 1 with my friends sitting on my side, no need for online ^_^ So when I finish Storm 2 completely, I might play some online matches, and some versus with friends at home....but for sure....people who enjoyed Storm 1, will miss things in Storm 2...so did I

    -If you never played Storm1, get Storm 2 . If you plan on getting them both and you know (I thing you do) the Naruto plot and have no need to play the saga in order, get Storm 2 first, and then play Storm 1 because there's all the ninja gameplay you expect. Storm 2 is good, but theres more hype for the Shippuden saga and less amazing gameplay found in Storm 1.

    Favorite Naruto games in order??
    -Naruto Storm 1 PS3
    -Naruto Shippuden Accel 2 JAP for PS2 (70 characters!!!!)
    -Naruto Storm 2 PS3

    Maybe if they did the game only for PS3 like the first one, they could have improved and keep the good gameplay, instead of doing two versions for two consoles. Who knows.
    Inescapable fact??? Storm 1 is awesome ^_* Storm 2 is quite good, and has online.

    Depends on that fact if you want to play online,or you wanna enjoy a real live anime episode in your console.Each of the games misses something, so I go for Gameplay :D

    Hope it helps.

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