Awakening effects??

  1. Can somebody kindly jot down the awakening effects of every characters here and would be highly appreciates from me .

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    Chibi_Kisame - 7 years ago
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    Wow gee thanks guys

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  1. All awakenings give you immunity to throws and UJ. You cannot use items or support. You cannot use UJ. Enter a "Power down" status upon end.

    Most of the below characters have their combos change completely
    Naruto: Four-tails, Chakra Gun Volley ninjutsu, speed enhancement, attack boost

    Naruto (Sage): Six-tails, Chakra Gun Volley ninjutsu, speed enhancement, attack boost

    Sasuke: Curse Seal Stage 2, Black Chidori ninjutsu, attack boost

    Sasuke (Taka): Mangyeko Sharingan, Amaterasu ninjutsu, attack boost (no combo change)

    Itachi: Susanoo, Amaterasu ninjutsu, attack boost

    Minato: attack boost, Chakra Dash instantly warps you behind opponent, (no combo change)

    Killer Bee: Eight Tails, Light Hack ninjutsu, attack boost

    Tobi: "Shows you the truth", Fireball Jutsu x2 ninjutsu, attack boost (try this one out to see how much he changes as a character)

    Sasori: Puppet form, Fire Barrage ninjutsu, attack boost

    Jiraiya: Sage Mode, attack boost

    Diedara: C2 Dragon, C2 Dragon Explosive ninjutsu, attack boost

    Chiyo: 10 puppets, Assault Blade Blast ninjutsu, attack boost, summons puppets only to attack

    Kakuzu: Monster form, Weird Mask ninjutsu (name too long to remember), attack boost

    Konan: Paper Angel, attack boost

    Everyone else I think just gets an attack boost, but I may be wrong.

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  2. Neji - Byakugan, Drains chakra when attacking, attack boost, I don't think there's a change in combos
    Hinata- Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists, Drains chakra when attacking, attack boost, no change in combos
    and I think less chakra usage when using 64 palms (most likely incorrect but I think I saw it...)

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  3. Also kisame has a chakra drain

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  4. After Awakening, You have down stats, and will recover in 15-20 secs and will be able to return Re-awaken or stay normal.

    Ino: Chakra shuriken (normal mode) has poison added to them. Awakening: Attack boost, Jutsu dmg boost.

    Lee: (Awakening) Attack boost, Speed boost, Jutsu dmg boost.

    Shikamaru: (Awakening) Improve "Shadow Stitching Jutsu" (dmg, range widens and heightens but Lance shadow is stays normal), Attack boost/Jutsu dmg.

    Gaara: (Awakening) "Sand Hell" is enhanced into "Sand of Hand Grip" becomes unblockable. "Sand Arm: Crushing Grip" becomes "Monstrous Sand Arm" enhanced significant arm reach and added combos, Mid-air attack becomes a projectile drilling arm, and Attack/Jutsu boost dmg.

    Yamato, Tenten, Kakashi: (Awakening) Nothing changes other than moves other than Attack/Jutsu boost dmg. I'll post some later.

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    artasyan - 6 years ago 0 0

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