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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Apathy000

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 03/28/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Vanquish (PS3) FAQS & Guides 
    Version 1.05
    Copyright March/2/2011 by Apathy000
    Update: March/28/2011
    Table of Contents
    	I.     Introduction
    	II.    Game Story
    	III.   Options 
    	IV.    Basic Controls
    	V.     HUD
    	VI.    Tips and Tricks
    	VII.   Weapons 
    	VIII.  Enemies 
    	IX.    Upgrade System
    	X.     Bosses
    	XI.    Tutorial
    	XII.   Act 1
    	XIII.  Act 2
    	XIV.   Act 3
    	XV.    Act 4
    	XVI.   Act 5
    	XVII.  Challenge
    	XVIII. Codes / Cheats
    	XIX.   References
    	XX.    Copyright	
    I.	Introduction
                 Vanquish is quite an awesome game that I bought after watching a 
    video of the first boss.  It turns out the game exceeded my initial 
    expectations in how good it was by massive amounts.  I beat it on normal and 
    thought it was pretty good but short.  Then I decided to go to God Hard and 
    test it out.  Turns out that setting is what made me believe the game is 
    awesome.  God hard is a bit difficult and there are not any good FAQS out for 
    Vanquish (except for a lot of good ones for Pangloss), so I decided to go 
    ahead and write this FAQS/Walkthrough.  While writing the FAQS for the game 
    and understanding even more of how it works, my respect for the makers 
    increased even more.  The amount of different strategies open to the player is 
    amazing, even if the game is very linear.  These different strategies for 
    difficult parts of the game are my main focus within this FAQS.   There are 
    some problems with spawning enemies in the game, but I have encountered no 
    major glitches that caused me much grief.  While the game play seems limited, 
    when you really start to study it, you really do begin to appreciate it 
    II. Game Story
               Russian military forces take over a very large microwave cannon in 
    outer space and fire upon San Francisco, killing many people.  Russian 
    military commander Zaitsev demands US surrender or he will fire upon the 
    capital.  The President rejects his demand and sends military forces to retake 
    the microwave cannon installation.  A DARPA agent named Sam goes with the 
    military forces since a scientist closely involved with high tech military 
    technology was captured by the Russians.  Sam must try to rescue him from the 
    installation while cooperating with the US Marines.
    III. Options
    On Title Screen you can either go into Game or System
    A. Game
    a. New Game - You can select your difficulty before starting.  Before beating 
    the game you can choose from Casual Auto, Casual, Normal, and Hard.  God Hard 
    is unlocked once you have completed the game.
    i. Casual Auto - Very easy.  When aiming with a weapon, L1 on PS3, the 
    crosshair immediately goes onto the enemies.  Usually the aim goes to an 
    enemies' weak point.  The enemy does need to be on the screen for the auto-aim 
    feature to work.  Interestingly, some weapons are worse with the auto-aim, 
    namely the sniper, because the auto-aim does not take into account the lead 
    you would need on moving enemies.  The AR time seems even longer than Normal.  
    Enemies do a lot less damage and have a lot less health than Normal.  This is 
    for the very casual gamer or someone wanting to experiment with things in the 
    game.  You can basically walk though the game while firing and beat it, the 
    only concern you have is ammo.
    ii. Casual - Like Casual but without the auto-aiming feature.  
    iii. Normal - The standard difficulty, no auto aim, and enemies are not very 
    strong, but can kill you if you are not aware of your surroundings and keep 
    taking hits.  Bosses can be fairly difficult, but powerful weapons are usually 
    provided nearby.  Allies are decently helpful, at least at distracting the 
    iv. Hard - Few changes from normal.  Enemies seem to have slightly more health 
    and do more damage.  Very few enemy additions.  Not much different from 
    Normal. The one thing I did notice is that sometimes the red Gorgie-USNs will 
    kill you in one physical attack unlike Normal.
    v. God Hard -Very different level of difficulty.  God Hard- AR time is reduced 
    to close to 3 seconds.  Overheat time is about double. No upgrades for 
    weapons.  Enemy health is increased.  The enemies are a lot stronger; many 
    attacks will one-hit you.  Enemies seem to react much faster than before, and 
    have better aim.  For each section they usually add more or harder types of 
    enemies.  For instance, one well-known part on God Hard is near the end of Act 
    4, where they add another Drill Romanov and more snipers to the ones already 
    b. Continue - Will continue from last saved checkpoint.
    c. Tutorial - Goes through basic controls.
    d. Mission - This allows you to select missions within the game that you have 
    already beaten. Can go through the acts with L1 and L2 buttons, and individual 
    Missions with d-pad.
    e. Challenge - 6 missions of increasing difficulty.  Normal difficulty setting.
    B. System
    a. Rankings - can view online ranking of Mission, Game Total, and Challenge 
    b. Options
    i. Displays Difficulty
    ii. Vibration - On/Off
    iii. Audio Volume - Has 3 sub options: music, effects, and voice. On a 1 to 10 
    iv. Vertical Control - Normal/Inverted
    v. Horizontal Control - Normal/Inverted.
    vi. Camera Speed - 3 sub options: Normal, Aiming, and Zoom.  One a scale from 
    0-100, with 50 as default.
    vii. Score - On/Off
    viii. Subtitles - On/Off
    ix. COM Messages - On/Off
    x. Brightness Level - From a scale of -5 to +5.
    xi. SDTV Mode - One/Off. Note within game says this is recommended for SDTV 
    users to turn on or off zoomed text.
    xii. Language Select - Can select language for the Voice, Messages, and 
    Interface.  Can select from Japanese, English, Deutch, Francais, Espanol, and 
    IV. Basic Controls
       These are actions that are mapped onto the controller.  There are two 
    configurations which I will not list, but I will list the actions, and 
    sometimes put some additional notes next to them.
    -Boost (While moving)
    -Smoke Break (While in cover) - Smoke breaks are extremely useful - look at 
    the weapons section of the FAQS for more info.
    -Aim - Allows you to zoom in on enemy using the scope.  Depending on the 
    weapon you may just start locking on the enemy, like in the case of the rocket 
    launcher and the lock-on laser.
    -Activate AR Mode (Must be combined with Boost or Tactical Evade.) - You can 
    also activate it during some physical attacks like the heavy machine gun's 
    attack and while in the air after kicking an enemy while boosting.
    -Reload - Reload weapons.  If you change weapons after running out of ammo, 
    then change back, the game does not start auto-reloading for you, which is one 
    of my only complaints. This is easy to see this with the rocket launcher.  You 
    can reload during many other actions as well, such as rolling.
    -(Hold) Pick up/Exchange Weapon - Pick up the same weapon and you will either 
    gain a rank if you have full ammo, or regain all your ammo.  Get a different 
    weapon and your current weapon will fall on the ground, and you get the other 
    weapon you exchanged it for.
    -Fire Weapon - You can fire your weapon while boosting, and while 
    somersaulting (after physical attack while boosting).
    -Pause - pauses game, Some other options become available in this Like Restart 
    which also you to go back to the beginning of the mission (not the level) 
    which is useful at some hard points to get better weapons.
    -Throw Grenade - 
    -Melee Attack -You can use this while your suit is not overheated.  
    -Tactical Evade - aka rolling. No exploitable invincible frames here. 
    -Enter Cover - Sometimes there are certain places that are unsuitable for use 
    as cover for whatever reason, like an ally is using it already, or maybe the 
    hiding spot is just glitchy.  There is one low barrier in the first Bogey 
    fight that will allow you go against the barrier and hide, but immediately 
    makes you go out of cover.
    -Movement - Change direction to move.
    -Camera Control - the camera is actually very good in this game.  In many 3d 
    games the camera for whatever reason is insufficient, that is not the case 
    -Change Weapon/Change Grenade - The changing of the weapons in this game is 
    super fast, despite the animation.  The animation may show the weapon slowly 
    changing forms to another, but as soon as you press the direction for the 
    weapon you want it is good to start firing or locking on. 
    -Zoom - usually pressing R3 (analog). This is not listed. You can zoom with 
    sniper with this button.
         V.   HUD
    Radar - White dots are weapons out in the open.  Green dots are ammo 
    containers/boxes.  Red dots are enemies. Blue/Green circle is a downed ally. 
    The 'V' is the point you need to move toward.
    Weapon Selector - Select weapon displayed by pressing related d-pad direction. 
    The fragmentation grenade/EMP grenade selector is the left direction.
    VI. Tips and Tricks
    -Pressing the button to do the physical attack with the heavy machine allows 
    you to somersault.  During this somersault you can enter AR mode.  This 
    allows you to get over barricades and use AR at the same time to fire at 
    enemies and other objects.
    -When going over a barricade while firing a weapon repeatedly you can hover in 
    the air with or without AR.
    -Enemy grenades/rockets disappear when you kill them. Not realistic but 
    -If you are stuck at a part then you can go back to the title screen and then 
    go through the GAME->MISSION selection within the Title Screen to select the 
    previous mission, so you can get back your cigs, and gather different weapons 
    if necessary,
    -Keep an eye on your crosshair while aiming at an enemy. If it is not red then 
    you will not hit the enemy, the enemy is either out of range or there is 
    something in the way.  Some trees, pillars, and other obstacles are larger 
    than they actually appear.
    -Two close range shotgun shots to the fuel tank of a Romanov-F to kill them.
    -Warning! Sometimes friendly soldiers will prevent you from hiding behind 
    barriers if they are there.  You will momentarily hide, but then the game will 
    make you leave cover.
    -Friendly soldiers will revive by themselves if they are downed and no enemy 
    finishes them off.
    -You can shoot destroy enemy grenades as well as your own grenades.  
    -Die on a mission and all weapons in your inventory will be downgraded by one 
    rank. (except on god hard which has NO weapon upgrades)
    -If you encounter a weapon of the same type, but where you do not have full 
    ammo, Pick up another weapon, then get the weapon with full ammo then pick up 
    the one you first dropped. This will allow you to rank it up.
    -When a barricade moves up you can go on top of it.  
    -Before rolling and activating AR mode, place the crosshairs slightly above 
    the enemies' weak point, so when you roll forward/backward and activate the 
    AR, the crosshair will be on the weak point and you can fire at the point 
    immediately, and then exit AR mode to conserve suit energy.
    -Large Enemy transports when landing on you will kill you.  
    -You can do physical attack on teammates (does not do any damage, but they 
    -Enemies display a red eye when they are targeting your character.
    -If you are lost, then follow the marines, try to activate the panels, or 
    press start and look the text under the word "OBJECTIVE".  The game is 
    extremely linear so getting lost should not happen too much.
    -Rolling with the suit not overheated is faster than if you are overheated.
    -When getting a weapon, your currently equipped weapon will drop slightly 
    ahead of you.  If you want to 
    carry a weapon with you, you can continually pick up and drop the weapons.  
    This is of limited use.
    -Red dots are enemies,Green dots on radar are ammo chests.  White dashes are 
    weapons out in the 
    open, and green/blue circles are downed allies. The center of the circle where 
    the "V" point is, thats your current location. 
    -You can reload while rolling.
    -When shooting if you hide against a barrier that is to your left and slightly 
    in front. You can hide and fire at the same time without getting hit from most 
    enemy fire.
    -if you go right up to a stationary enemy turret on the same height as you, 
    and I mean like touching the turret, the turret will fire between your head 
    and miss you completely.  Not easily applicable, but still rather amusing, you 
    can easily do this on the turret right before getting onto the moving 
    transport in the beginning of act two, near the end of mission 2.
    -Each weapon has a unique physical attack.
    -Cigarettes are amazing. They will distract enemy fire for several seconds.  
    You get 3 per mission. Use them when up against cover. They will permanently 
    waste however for that mission. So if you die having successfully used one, 
    its gone until the next mission. If you die mid animation it wont count 
    against you. If you want to replenish your cigarettes for a specific part, 
    then go to the mission select in the main menu and reload the part closest to 
    your last checkpoint. Your cigarettes will be replenished
    VII. Weapons
    a- Assault Rifle
    Standard fare in shooters, not really strong, but does have a lot of ammo.  
    Not really accurate, but has a pleasingly high rate of fire.  Its range is not 
    very good either.  Having this weapon in one of your three weapon slots during 
    story mode, will ensure that you rarely find yourself without ammo.  
    Base ammo is 600, after all ammo upgrades you get 1200.  And of course when 
    you pick up another assault rifle the ammo fully refills.  At certain points 
    when upgrading the magazine size increases.
    b- Heavy Machine Gun
    This is a stronger, less-accurate, weapon than the assault rifle with a slower 
    rate of fire.  It suffers from a low amount of ammo.  It also has problems 
    with range.  Overall this weapon does more damage in a certain time period 
    than the assault rifle.  One head shot with this will kill a red Gorgie or 
    knock down a gold Gorgie unlike the assault rifle; guess it carries more of a 
    punch than the assault rifle.  This weapon is very cool to have in your 
    inventory, but its lack of ammo requires you to conserve it by using head 
    shots as much as possible.  Pressing the button to do the physical attack with 
    the Heavy Machine Gun allows you to summersault.  During this summersault you 
    can enter AR mode.  This allows you to get over barricades and use AR at the 
    same time to fire at enemies and other objects.  At certain points when 
    upgrading the damage increases.
    c- Shotgun
    Great strength at very close ranges, useful for a couple meters if you shoot 
    at the head since one shot from the shotgun always goes straight.  Beyond a 
    couple meters however it is useless.  It can be very effective if you 
    understand the optimal range to get as many shots into a weak point as 
    possible. Very useful weapon especially when enemies start aggressively 
    rushing you. There is a little strangeness with this weapon however, since 
    sometimes if a Gorgie is too close; your shot will merely knock it down for no 
    damage.  But this suffers from low ammo. Base ammo is 20, double when fully 
    d- Sniper
    It has perfect accuracy with decent strength, but with only 10 ammo initially 
    and a really long reloading time. Sniper is very effective for shooting at 
    weak points of enemies.  Not too effective if you use it for non weak point 
    damage. Takes a very short time to reach target, but it is not instantaneous.  
    Keep that in mind while firing on fast moving targets.  Zoom by pressing the 
    R3 (analog).  Found it to be quite useful with the Heavy Machine Gun's 
    physical attack then AR trick, since you can clear obstacles and get a good 
    view.  Base ammo is 10, fully upgraded is 22.  At certain points when 
    upgrading the reload time lessens.
    e- Disc Launcher
    A weapon in the game that is highly useful for removing heads and limbs of 
    enemies.  This suffers from low ammo.  Does area damage since the blade is 
    very wide.  Once it encounters an object in the way, it will spin upward and 
    come back down towards another enemy most of the time.  The disc launcher is 
    one of the only weapons that you can damage enemies while shooting from 
    cover.  The disc will hit the wall, bounce up and then come down on a nearby 
    enemy.  Can remove heads from Romanovs if you aim it correctly, which will 
    cause them to be blind, rampage about a bit, and then die after a period of 
    time.  At certain points when upgrading the damage increases.
    f- Lock-On Laser - 
    It is a great weapon for eliminating hordes of normal robotic enemies.  
    Downside is that the lasers go up a great distance, so using them indoors will 
    not always work.(however there are some indoor areas you can use this, but is 
    harder to get hits in)  It also is not very strong, but it tries to focus on 
    the head, so 
    even on the gold robots it tends to be effective. This is one of the only 
    weapons that you can damage enemies while shooting from cover.  Has a huge 
    lock on range. There is a technique where you can fire it nearly horizontal by 
    running away from an enemy while firing.  That technique is not terribly 
    useful since you have to be out of cover, and some shots usually end up 
    hitting the floor.
    g- Rocket Launcher -
    This is a standard heavy hitting weapon in shooter games.  Does the most 
    damage per shot of any weapon, and also has a blast radius.  When shooting the 
    weapon without locking on to a target it will make the rocket extremely 
    inaccurate. Lock on aim at the target and two squares will appear, when 
    they overlap you are locked on (followed by a beeping sound and reticule color 
    change to red), and the rocket will home in on the target.  
    Very slow reload time. Ammo for rocket Launcher is 3. At certain points when 
    upgrading the damage/lock-on time/blast radius increases.
    h- LFE - Instantly kills common robotic infantry, will knockdown, or knock 
    back enemies that it does not one hit kill.  Base ammo is 10, double after 
    fully upgraded.  At certain point while upgrading the range of the LFE blast 
    is increased.
    i- Grenade - explodes after 5 seconds. You will take damage from your own 
    grenades; you are also capable of shooting friendly/hostile grenades before 
    the timer is reached to forcefully detonate them. A technique which you could 
    utilize is tossing a grenade over a cluster of enemies then activating AR to 
    shoot it, a surefire way to ensure the death of all enemies and be as 
    flamboyant as possible! 
    j- EMP Grenade - activates on impact when thrown.  You can quickly throw 
    grenades while moving if you are boosting.
    k- Laser Cannon:
    It has unlimited ammo. Ammo is tied into your suits power. Therefore it causes 
    your suit to overcharge if held down for the full period of time. Once the 
    suit recharges it is ready to fire again. Covers a very long range, similar to 
    the sniper rifle, only has no zoom. It can be used to wipe out many enemies 
    from a long distance without using ammo. It is also very useful for enemy weak 
    areas, and eats away their health pretty quickly. Will penetrate most armors 
    as well.
    l- Anti Armor Gun:
    20 ammo. Very powerful magnum. Similiar in power to the sniper rifle on 
    regular robotic infantry. Only it fires much faster and less reloading, faster 
    reloading. Has a single zoom, not as much zoom as the sniper but enough to 
    cause heavy damage from a long distance. Sniper can also reach farther. 
    Headshots are instant kills on regular robot infantry. Or two body shots. 
    Has anti armor properties as the name implies also. Meaning you can shoot at 
    the armor of various armored vehicles, or even the armor of the rolling ball 
    enemies and it will damage them. Shooting the red weak areas obviously will 
    magnify the damage but if thats not an option you can usually do significant 
    damage shooting the armor.
    m- Boost Machine Gun:
    Base ammo is 250, and is the most powerful of the machine guns, but 
    has the trade off of having to reload more frequently. 
    VIII. Enemies
    A. Gorgie-USN - Basic red-colored enemy RI that is human sized, and usually 
    carries an assault rifle although they can carry other weapons like rocket 
    launchers.  It is by far the most common enemy in the game.   Fairly 
    aggressive enemy that makes use of cover and will melee if you are close to 
    them.  They can also use grenades.  They use grenades very frequently on God 
    Hard.  Very dangerous if you remove a leg or legs, since it will go wild and 
    try to do a suicide attack.  They will also try to jump on you at times, if 
    you do the action command you can rip it off of you and then rip it in half, 
    killing it.  Weak point is the head.
    B. Gorgie -USR - Tougher gold colored robot with much more health than its red 
    counterpart.  It uses a heavy machine gun with great precision and does more 
    damage.  Also throws many grenades.  It will melee like the Gorgie-USS. On God 
    Hard throws two grenades at once. Weak point is the head.
    C. Gorgie-USS - A sniper version of the other two Gorgie types, and also the 
    rarest type.  It has the lowest health of all Gorgie units.  On lower 
    difficulties these present little to no difficulty, but on God Hard they can 
    head shot you for a one hit kill.  Weak point is the head.
    D. Gorgie-USG- Blue colored Gorgie that is by far the most dangerous type.  
    This is 
    a very fast unit that uses a shotgun and sword.  Has about as much health as 
    the red Gorgie-USS, but flinches when shot in the head, which makes it more 
    difficult to continue to fire at its weak point.  It is typically a good idea 
    fire at them from far away or to aggressively take them out with area effect 
    E. Light Transport - Destroy the driver to destroy ENTIRE vehicle plus 
    passengers. 1200 points plus driver plus passengers. Driver is always a Gorgie-
    F. Romanov-N - Aggressive armored robot about three times the size of a Gorgie 
    unit.  Can move around quickly by rushing along the ground, and this movement 
    is also an attack.  However it mostly tends to walk around shooting its 
    rockets out.  On higher difficulties its accuracy and precision is great, 
    sometimes it will head shot you with rockets.  It also has melee attacks that 
    it will use if you are close, even if it is missing limbs.   By doing enough 
    damage to a specific head or limb you can remove it, although the best method 
    is to use the Disc Launcher.  If you head shot this enemy enough it will 
    become enraged and fire at many times its normal rate for a period of 
    time.  If you are able to remove its head it will wander around attacking 
    randomly.  Although I say random it is mysterious how some rockets seem to 
    home in on you even though it is supposed to be blind.  It also has a large 
    energy ball that it will fire at you if it opens up its chest to expose its 
    core which is a one-hit kill on higher difficulties. When it exposes its core, 
    it is a good time to attack it since it is its weak point.  A good technique 
    to use a stun grenade, use the Heavy Machine Gun's summersault attack far 
    enough away so that you do not actually physically hit the Romanov, switch to 
    whatever weapon you want, use AR, and you can hit the core, since you got some 
    height.  Or you could hit the core on the ground, then quickly move behind it 
    and hit the core again.  Whenever you hit the core the root will face the 
    direction it was hit from.  You could keep playing like this until it dies.  
    This robot's weak point is the head and the red core on its back.  
    G. Romanov-F - Easiest Romanov type unit that uses a flame thrower.  This unit 
    can only kill you by attacking you with its giant spiked club; the flame will 
    only overheat your suit.  If you damage the gas tank on its back enough it 
    will explode and kill the Romanov and deal massive damage to units around it, 
    which is beneficial.  You can remove its head and limbs like the other Romanov 
    units.  It also has a large energy ball that it will fire at you if it opens 
    up its chest to expose its core which is a one-hit kill on higher 
    difficulties. When it exposes its core, it is a good time to attack it since 
    it is its weak point. This robot's weak point is the head and the gas tank on 
    its back.  
    H. Romanov-G - These Romanovs rarely move around, but they do not really need 
    to. They have a giant missile launcher on their back and turret-like weapons 
    on each hand.  They tend to just stand there firing bullets at you along with 
    a couple fast moving missiles.  After they use the missiles they usually will
    try to fire a large missile out of the launcher on its back.  If you kill this 
    the rocket will explode and kill the Romanov.  Weak points are that missile 
    and its head.  It also has a large energy ball that it will fire at you if it 
    opens up its chest to expose its core which is a one-hit kill on higher 
    difficulties. When it exposes its core, it is a good time to attack it since 
    it is its weak point.  
    I. Romanov-D - Hardest Romanov type by FAR and not for any good reasons 
    either.   They are about twice the size of the other Romanovs with drills on 
    their hands.  They have almost glitch-like movements and attacks.  They have 
    three methods of movement. 
    ￾@￾@1. Walking. While walking they can fire the drills on their hands, and will 
    slowly go through all obstacles while somehow leaving the obstacles intact.  
    They also have a close range grab technique which you cannot seem to dodge no 
    matter how you move if you are too close to them. They can also grab you 
    obstacles.  On God Hard their grab kills you in one-hit.
    ￾@￾@2. Gliding with their drills facing forward.  This is also an attack. With 
    this they have physics defying ability to change direction quickly, and go 
    through other drill Romanov units.  This gliding will kill you in one hit on 
    God Hard.
    ￾@￾@3. Tunneling, another physics defying ability that allows them when they 
    start drilling beneath them, to just about instantly appear underneath your 
    character and drill out.  They will come up underneath you regardless of 
    obstacles or other enemies in the way. Radar is very useful in monitoring 
    thier movement while they drill underground.
    	For these units I highly suggest using the Disc Launcher and removing 
    their heads. If you want to remove heads with the Disc Launcher shoot at their 
    heads while they are walking normally toward you, NOT while stunned or when 
    they are doing other actions!  For some reason it is very difficult to remove 
    heads when they are doing any other actions.
    After some time of rampaging around they will die.  The LFE is another good 
    choice to keep them off their feet while you unload your grenades and other 
    weapons at them.
    J. Jellyfish-M - A one-hit kill enemy that moves around on the ground and 
    tries to explode near you.  More of an annoyance than anything.  Strange 
    points gain, 100 points for the easiest enemy in the game.
    K. Jellyfish-L - A large unit that only appears in the tunnel portion of the 
    game.  I think there are only 6 or 8 of them.  I suggest using the heavy 
    machine gun and shotgun and these should die before exploding on your allied 
    L. Chicane - A mobile barrier that provides cover for enemy units.  Its head 
    is its weak point.  You can fire at it easily while it is moving around, or 
    when its head goes in its own barricade to fire a laser or missiles. Anti 
    armor weapons such as the anti armor gun, can damage it through the barrier. 
    M. MOA - Large standing vehicles that have a cannon and usually hold one or 
    two red Gorgie-USNs on top. Press the action command button near them once you 
    kill the riders and you can use it as your own weapon, although it has limited 
    ammo.  You can also kill the MOA by shooting at its middle section or with 
    anti armor gun.  
    N. A-2 Sphere - While rolling they are invincible to all weapons except the 
    anti armor gun which is downloadable content.  Just wait for them to stop 
    rolling and shoot their head that tries to fire at you.  Shotgun works 
    O. View Hound - Initially this is an airborne unit with low health that fires 
    bullets.  However once it lands on the ground it transforms into a fairly 
    large unit with more health and occasionally uses a shield to protect itself 
    and at times will also fire bullets.
    P. Soldier (AKA marine) - Comes in three types, assault rifle, sniper, and 
    rocket launcher.  They tend to flitter around, and will move away from your 
    crosshair. They are like glass cannons, hit hard, but break easily.  Sniper 
    unit is the most dangerous.  They are in various ambush positions when you 
    need to fight them.
    Q. BIA
    	Weak points - head, power source on back.
           Sam: "What the hell are those things?"
           Burns:  "NATO codename for them is BIA.  Other than that we don't know 
           Sam: "Well, some things are better left unsaid."
    As much as I totally want to agree with Sam, I think it is relevant to put out 
    a detailed description of them.
    A BIA has a similar build to a Romanov, large and ugly looking, only the BIA 
    look more like death gods than anything.  They also happen to carry a large 
    axe-type weapon that has an incredible range.  The BIA have two forms, one is 
    humanoid, the other scorpion.  It has two weak points, its head and its power 
    source on its back, neither of which provide much of a damage bonus.  Each BIA 
    has boss-level health and strength.  Depending on difficulty a single physical 
    attack from one will kill you.  Their physical attacks go straight through 
    walls and barriers so do not count on those for cover.  When in humanoid form 
    it has this heavy machine gun that it fires a lot. It also will sometimes send 
    out 4 floating turrets that will home in on your position and fire at you from 
    different angles.  These little turrets die by themselves after about 10 
    seconds, but during that time frame they are more than dangerous enough.  You 
    should try to shoot them down.  The humanoid has real slow movement, but 
    should you move too far away from it will transform into its super fast 
    scorpion form.  The scorpion form does not have a lot of different attacks; it 
    specializes in running you down and then pouncing on you, and using its tail 
    for physical attacks, along with using its tail as a shotgun.  Usually it 
    transforms into the humanoid form after it attacks you a bit.  
    You cannot exploit the physical attack of the Disc Launcher by continually 
    attacking the BIA.  If you attempt to, then the BIA will break out of the loop 
    and physically attack you.
    1) For the first dual bias encounter on god hard: There is a large container 
    to the left that a rocket launcher is behind.  
    Get the attention of only one BIA.  Then you are going to play onigokko with 
    it.  You are going to run around the box and occasionally boost forward and 
    then kick it, then AR in mid air shoot it a bit until you over heat and then 
    go hide behind the box.  It takes about 6 rockets and one melee to kill one.  
    Repeat.  When it is dead get the attention of the other BIA (pat yourself on 
    the back you have balls of steel!), and then repeat.
    2) Try to use stun grenades and LFEs to group them together, and then use area 
    weapons like the rockets, physical grenades, LFE.  This should reduce them to 
    less than a 1/3 health.  Try to run back behind the container and get the 
    rockets. One will probably follow you.  From this point onward look at 
    Strategy #1.
    ￾@￾@3) Alternate strategy for the Dual Bias by Walking Beast (Done on God 
    "I found a weapon load out that is capable of killing both BIA without 
    restocking supplies, and that can stun them together as a pair and kill them 
    both simultaneously if done right. My load out was disc launcher, LFE gun, and 
    rocket launcher. Here is what I did. First thing is to get out the LFE gun and 
    get to the large box in the back of the area. You can also search the three 
    crates quickly in the area as the enemies are coming out; maybe you'll get an 
    extra rocket launcher but not needed. Let them come to that back area. As you 
    are behind the box it will force them to try and come around the box, so they 
    will be grouped closely together. Now move outside the box, and fire the LFE 
    when both are close together. This will stun them both at the same time. Fire 
    it a few times if need be, it will push and move them a bit as well to get 
    them closer together. 
    Now fire the disc launcher at the one in front and the discs will bounce off 
    and stun both bias , allowing you to unload all your discs into them (you can 
    unload the LFE into them as well but its damage is minimal so save it for a 
    finisher if need be). Keep a little distance since they can still melee you 
    occasionally. Throw stun grenades to keep them stunned as well and throw your 
    hand grenades in there. Also switch to rockets as the explosion will damage 
    both bias simultaneously. By keeping them stuns and getting all your ammo in, 
    both should die around the same time without even getting an attack on you. "
    IX. Upgrade System
         You get ranks for weapons from picking up the same weapon when you have 
    full ammo for that weapon in your inventory, or when you pickup an Upgrade 
    cube that drops from enemies sometimes.  If you die in a mission your weapons 
    are downgraded.  Upgrades are useful for increasing weapon characteristics 
    such as ammunition.  On God Hard you get no upgrades. 		
    X. Boss 
    	1. KNRB-0 - you face 4 of these in total throughout Vanquish.  The 
    first one you must face without a lot of weapon selection. The second time you 
    have to fight one right after another.  The third time is in area with red 
    	2. Red Bogey - Look at relevant section.
    	3. Buzzard - you have to kill 3 of these in the game. The fights for 
    each are quite different so refer to the relevant section.
    	4. Unknown - you have to kill 3 of these in the game, and each fight 
    is basically the same deal.  Look at the section you first encounter it within 
    the Kreon for full details.
    	5. Burns - Refer to section in Walkthrough.
           6. Dual Bogeys - Blue Bogey and Red Bogey - Refer to section in 
    Walkthrough.  Easily hardest thing in the game.
    XI. Tutorial 
    	There are several sections here that are worth going through at least 
    once.  It will not take long so just go ahead and do them.
    XII.    Act 1
    Mission 1 - Landing
      Follow the corridor.  Cut-scene.  After landing you will be behind a 
    Mission 2 - Breach
    Go to the left though an entrance, you will have to boost to go under the low 
    hanging area in order to get behind the enemies.  Behind the enemy barricades 
    you will notice red fuel tanks. Shoot them and they will explode severely 
    damaging or killing nearby enemies.  While behind the barricades, look to the 
    right, on two different ledges are two Pangloss.   After you kill the guys 
    behind the barricade you will move through a door that opens up at the top of 
    the ramp.  There is one Pangloss statue right out in the open here.  Another 
    Pangloss is on top of box on the left side this room; it is a bit hard to see 
    however.  Try moving all the way to the left of the entrance, and look toward 
    the far door and left and up a bit on top of a box.
    Mission 3 - Giant
    	This section can be very annoying on God hard. You come out of the 
    door and there are robots behind some barricades, kill them, and proceed up 
    another ramp.  Pangloss under the first set of stairs though.  If you go right 
    you can go up some onto a slightly elevated platform.  At the end there is a 
    sniper and low level wall you can hide behind.  Once you reach the end of that 
    raised platform 2 red robots will come up behind you, kill them, and then a 
    third one will come.  In the courtyard there are several Romanov-Ns, and if 
    this is on god hard you may have a lot of difficulty due to not having any 
    heavy weaponry and it being a well-fortified position.  God Hard has gold 
    Gorgies and snipers in the courtyard as well. On God there is a heavy 
    (invincible) transport unit that appears and puts out even more units. Before 
    those units run out throw a grenade or two over there. I suggest getting into 
    the barrier on the right of the closed gate within the courtyard before more 
    units teleport in once you have dealt with the first wave of enemies.  This 
    placement will prevent enemies from throwing grenades into your hiding place.
    Alternate strategy from Walking Beast (Done on God Hard):
    "As soon as you reach the courtyard, stay back at the gate you come in from.  
    You will need a sniper rifle or an anti armor gun (Downloadable weapon) for 
    this tactic. To get the desired weapons simply get to the sniper rifle located 
    on the platform in that area. Two robots will appear after you get it, if you 
    die its no problem, you'll start the checkpoint back with the sniper rifle. 
    Can always get weapons by opening chests or reviving teammates, if you don't 
    get what you want commit suicide and try again until you get your desired load 
    out. Now stay back and snipe the heads off the Romanov first thing. Without 
    their heads they can't see you and will eventually die on their own. But it's 
    easy enough to finish them off, just watch out for their missiles from far 
    away. Snipe the smaller enemies. When all the Romanovs are beheaded, dead and 
    small enemies are dead, move up the first set of barriers. Take cover and 
    finish off the gold robots. Then move up. As the gate opens throw grenades in 
    there to take out most of the enemies."
    After killing the guys in the courtyard a door will open on the far side of 
    the courtyard.  If you run up and throw some grenades while they are running 
    you can wipe out the first wave of Gorgie-USNs easily.  The second wave with 
    the Romanov-N requires more care.
    Once you go up through that door enemy transports will come. Go back down to 
    courtyard and throw some grenades as the door opens to kill most if not all of 
    them.  The enemy transports do fire at you.  They transport red robots. After 
    killing them it is boss time.
    Pangloss near the exit of this area on 2nd story to the right. Another one is 
    on the far end of that upper section way to the right, and one more to the 
    left of the exit.
    	Boss KNRB-0
    Weak point - Core
    Spider Form Flinch points (remove all health to cause it to stay 
    still.) - leg joints
    Humanoid Robot Form Flinch points (remove all health to cause it to stay 
    still.) - Eyes, 2 elbow joints, 2 leg joints, and the back.
    The first time you face it your position will be where right where you were 
    before the cut-scene.  If you die you start up on the platform facing its 
    cannon.  Stun Grenades do work on this boss but only for a shot amount of time 
    and only in the spider form. Which might be good to use to interrupt attacks 
    like the attack with missiles that arc upward and come down on you.  
    When in spider form there are 3 turrets along either side of its head, 2 along 
    the back of its head, and then two turrets on the bottom of the spider robot.  
    If you kill those while in spider form it is easier than while it is robot 
    form. You do not have to kill them but on god hard it may make things easier. 
    Physical attacks seem to work HORRIBLY. The attack homes in on portions of the 
    robot that you do no damage to, and then you overheat, which is terrible.
    To make the spider stay still, remove all the health from one of 
    its leg joints. The spider form turns into the humanoid robot form after you 
    shoot the core until its health disappears.
    There is a great spot to fight the boss from. If you are on the far side of 
    the hole it came out of, you can use the metal that was forced upward into the 
    air as a shield.  If you find a good spot you do not even have to move.  Keep 
    alternating between shooting at a leg and the core.  The heavy machine gun 
    does more damage per time than the assault rifle. Wink wink.
    In Humanoid form, if you kill all the weak points (head, legs, arms, back) 
    then the core will ALWAYS be exposed.  You can make it stay still again 
    by removing all an arm joints health again to the elbow joint.  It has 
    increased defense this time however.
    When in humanoid form, if you are hiding behind that area from the pit, 
    the first laser from the Robots eyes will miss, but the other two can 
    go through the barrier, so dodge those.
    It also has a large energy laser that it will fire at you if it opens up its 
    chest to expose its core which is a one-hit kill on higher difficulties. When 
    it exposes its core, it is a good time to attack it since it is its weak point.
    Whenever you fail a cut scene that weak-point's health will take on more hit  
    to remove, it does not regain its health.
    The Robot form has two unusual attacks. 1) It will stomp the ground and send a 
    wave of some energy along the ground that will overheat your suit. 2) It will 
    do the same thing with its arm. These attacks will not kill you.  If the 
    energy pulse hits you overheat.
    When you destroy an arm you become magically transported up to the top of the 
    second floor and get the chance to go through some action sequences where you 
    need to rotate your controller.  At the end of it you blow up his arm and get 
    a few shots at his core.
    The best thing to do on the human is to knock out its head with sniper/assault 
    rifle.  Then it will stand still.  Ignore the core, and go after its legs with 
    the shotgun.  While stunned you cannot stun it again while it is in stun no 
    matter how much damage you do to other weak points.  However, if you remove 
    their health the very next hit on that spot will put the robot in stun.  In 
    the case of removing the health from a leg, it will fall down.  And then... 
    POINT BLANK with the shotgun baby!  Ignore the pulsing bands of energy, you 
    cannot die from them.  If you get in as many shots as possible with the 
    shotgun you should be able to get it down past health on any difficulty.
    Mission 4 - Rescue
     Pangloss on a burning vehicle right in front before encountering enemies.  
    Follow Burns out to another area with two levels.  There are waves of enemies 
    that appear once you get to certain points so take your time and remove each 
    wave as they appear.   When you are near the bridge enemies will spawn 
    including a Romanov-N.  There is a Pangloss statue on top of some boxes a 
    distance from you to the right on the first floor in the middle area. A sniper 
    may help to see it. Alternatively, you could see on top of that box from the 
    2nd floor.  There is also another Pangloss statue on the ground behind some 
    boxes near that Pangloss.  
     You could alternatively just completely dodge this entire area by finding the 
    stairs and getting to the top of them.  After you get the next checkpoint the 
    enemies below you disappear.
     On the upper area, 3 marines are being tortured and Sam and co. go to rescue 
    despite protests from Burns.  To rescue them you have to activate the panel 
    right near them.  There are two raised platforms with fuel tanks that you can 
    shoot down, and then shoot the tanks to explode them and kill nearby enemies.  
    There are several light transports that will come zooming in.  Killing the 
    driver of the light transport will cause it to explode. Use AR and then shoot 
    the head of the driver for an easy kill. Once you save the three marines, a 
    door opens near the initial starting point for this checkpoint.  Pangloss on 
    the ground near the door inside the room.
    To get to the next mission, bust your way through the guys that come out of 
    the door and get to the V to complete the checkpoint.
    Mission 5 - Trust
    A Pangloss is to the right of where you start the mission on top of a fence.  
    Open the initial panel to open the door to a couple enemies that do not offer 
    a lot of resistance.  Once you go past the initial area, mobile guardian units 
    will move in close and provide cover and support for enemy infantry.  These 
    guardian units, Chicane, can be easily destroyed by hitting their heads that 
    pop up occasionally to offer missile or laser support. Or using the anti armor 
    gun (DLC only) you can shoot through its armor as well.   
    There are snipers and a turret along with Chicane.  Move past the opposite 
    gate to activate a checkpoint.
    Grab the Lock-On Laser for a bunch of easy kills, or take the stairs to get to 
    the second level and use the turret.  
    Take the ladder to that 2nd floor area, and look toward the enemy turrets, 
    then look to the right on the blocked-off ramp that is leading up for another 
    Pangloss.  The main focus here is to kill the turrets.  In this fairly open 
    area, the lock-on Laser is excellent.  After taking out the turrets take out 
    the rest of the small fry.
    For the large tank, use EMP grenades to immobilize it.  Removing its turrets 
    and two infantry that are riding it render it much easier to kill.  Its cannon 
    will fire after you hear a beep and the little light on top of the cannon 
    lights up. After killing the tank and all infantry the mission is complete. Be 
    careful of the Gorgies-USNs that accompany it.  I suggest first clearing out 
    the Gorgies, and the fuel tanks before tackling the tank.    Warning! The tank 
    can blow away the barriers with its cannon if it hits them enough.  The tank 
    can also use its giant spinning to ram the barriers to destroy them.  Once the 
    Gorgies are gone, and the turrets on the back of the tank are dead.  Just 
    place yourself on the back of the tank (the red area as usual is its weakness) 
    and shotgun/whatever it to death. Rockets to its weak area in the back do 
    massive damage as well. 
    Pangloss is on the right side of the ramp from where the tank appears.  
    Pangloss on top of a neon sign hanging over the ramp leading down. 
    Mission 6 - Darkness
    Move downward towards the barrier for a checkpoint.
    The next couple checkpoints you will have to escort this slow moving 
    transport.  It is quite difficult to go through the entire tunnel section 
    without having the transport die, because the damage accumulates on it.  
    However if you die at any checkpoint within the tunnel the transport's health 
    is regenerated.
    Set the explosive on the barricade as the support woman tells you, be careful 
    to explode away from you.   The transport will join you at this point.  In the 
    fire on to the side is a Pangloss. One good way of killing them is to use the 
    Heavy Machine Gun and then Shotgun when they come close.  Little Jellyfish-M 
    take one hit from anything and rarely cause any sort of problem.  Kill 4 
    Jellyfish-L for a checkpoint.
    Come to a barrier with two levels. In front is a Romanov-F (flame thrower 
    type). Set explosives on top and bottom and then explode them.  You can get to 
    the upper story by means of a ladder on the left side.  Rockets tend to spawn 
    here frequently for some reason.  If you go to the top of the barricade look 
    back toward your own units, then look up and to the left, on top of a ledge is 
    a Pangloss.
    A good method here is to use EMP grenades on the two jellies and the Romanov-F 
    to group them up together.  This allows you use area effect weapons on all of 
    them at once, like grenades, rocket-if-you-got-it, and the LFE.  When the 
    Romanov-F explodes it also does large area damage to units surrounding it.  
    The Romanov-F can be killed easily by firing on the fuel tank for awhile.  Or 
    you could just stand there and blast away with your shotgun and get pretty far 
    too if on lower than god hard difficulties.  Pangloss can be found behind a 
    box on the floor after the barricade.  There is another Pangloss near the 
    final checkpoint of the tunnel a bit behind your walkway on the right near 
    some fire.
    Mission 7 - Seismic
    On the far side after the tunnel are three Romanov-Gs and red robots, and a 
    turret and two snipers on the left side, and one turret on the right side.   
    The snipers can be a huge pain if you are out of cover.  Be careful if you 
    move all the way to the other side, your transport will be firing its laser 
    cannon, and if you happen to be in the way or near where it fires you will 
    die.  After the 3 Romanovs two light transports come in, take those out before 
    they drop off more reinforcements.  Your transport will use its laser cannon 
    to wipe out two Romanov-Gs usually, so just focus on the turret and the 
    snipers at the start, then move on to other Gorgies. 
    Remember that transport you had to escort through that entire tunnel?  Shortly 
    the checkpoint a giant transport comes up out of the ground and falls on it, 
    destroying it.  Make sure to wipe out the enemies before they disembark.
    Warning! When Gorgies are hanging inside the transport they are invincible! 
    Wait until the drop to attack them.
    Pangloss statue is on the far right side facing the elevators on top of boxes.
    Pangloss is on an I-beam in the pit. Pangloss is between two boxes on the 
    ground on the far right side facing the elevator.
    Mission 8 - Hostile
    Get up that elevator.  When the elevator stops and the characters start 
    talking around on the ledges near your elevator platform, there is a Pangloss 
    right near you.  Enemies will come up on the opposite elevator.  Kill them, 
    and reach the next level.  Get up and out of the elevator. Some enemies 
    offer some resistance.  A little cut scene occurs with the scientist where he 
    comes up out of an elevator.  Throw a fragmentation grenade in there to 
    continue.   After killing some guys around the scientist another cut-
    scene occurs where the guys you JUST killed are escorting the scientist into a 
    large enemy transport. 
    Pangloss statue is to the left of when you come out of the elevator on the 
    ground.  Pangloss up a ledge near the middle.  Another Pangloss on the ground 
    behind some boxes near the enemy elevator to the right while facing it. 
    The last one is sort of tricky.  In this area find the neon sign, and near the 
    middle, under it is an area blocked off by boxes, on left side behind the 
    boxes is a Pangloss.
    Red Bogey
    Weak point - head
    If you need some major breathing room you can go back to the area with the 
    elevator, or hide behind his invincible transport.  The Red Bogey rarely goes 
    back there.  This boss will also target your allies making him easier than he 
    would be otherwise.  An easy killing method is to use EMP grenades to stun it, 
    then shoot it while it is down and use a physical attack.  Heavy Machine Gun 
    ammo is plentiful here so you can use that if you are finding your weapons and 
    ammo are lacking.  You can also wait around until he tries to slash you with 
    his sword, and when he misses kick his face in and shoot him a bit.  He also 
    goes onto ledges and tries to snipe you occasionally.  You MUST mash the 
    action button on the screen and fill that bar or you die, Zaitsev will happily 
    cut you in half with his giant sword.  Once you punch his intestines into 
    paste, Zaitsev says Das Vidanya in any language you set it to.
    XIII.    Act 2
    Mission 1 - River
    Take the elevator, up and encounter a barricade with enemies behind them. If 
    you throw a grenade upward near 45 degree angle, the grenade will explode 
    above the enemies killing all of them.  There are two trucks on the left and 
    right sides with enough space to boost underneath them and go behind the 
    enemies.  Grenades are quite useful here as well as rockets.  Pangloss near 
    the exit of this area behind a burning enemy light transport on the ground.
    Go into the next area. There are two large moving conveyor belts here. You 
    will notice a strange green barrier on portions of the conveyor belt, if you 
    walk into it you die.  A MOA, red and gold robots appear along here.
    Pangloss statue in the middle section, to get it go around the right side and 
    then make another right and look in to the middle section that is corded off.
    This checkpoint can be a bit hard, but if you take over the MOA, you can fire 
    its weapons at the Romanov-Ns and take them out.  The little red guys are not 
    much of an issue.
    Turn and look back around from the spot you spawned at and across the way on a 
    far ledge across from you.  You may need a sniper to get it.  Pangloss off to 
    the right as you come in behind a fence a moderate distance beyond it on the 
    Mission 2 - Rapids 
    On the transport I see two rockets on Normal and Hard, no rockets on God Hard. 
    There are two on the transport, use them. Some flying units come at you, but 
    with the turret it should not be an issue.
    Another transport will move alongside you and move in various ways around 
    you.  A Pangloss is on your transport toward the back. Pangloss on the back 
    bumper of the enemy transport, if you get the heavy machine gun and do a 
    summersault (physical attack), then AR, it is easier to see and shoot, 
    otherwise boxes and a turret in the way.   AR is of much use here.  You should 
    probably use the sniper to kill the gold robots since they take so many body 
    shots to kill.  At the very end a Romanov-G will teleport it, use a turret on 
    the transport to kill it, or whatever. If you fail to kill all enemies then 
    your transport will derail and you die.
    Pangloss is on the side of the building with enemies, on a ledge below your 
    3 Light transports will come flying in; take them out before they get close.  
    MOAs and Gorgie-USNs pop out of the neighboring building. Kill them all.  The 
    real issue with this checkpoint is that large troop transports will come 
    flying overhead and rain down bullets onto you.  Do not stay in a static 
    position, roll around constantly and try to keep your AR suit from 
    Mash the action button during the cut-scene otherwise you fall to your death.  
    My, the makers of the game are really nice with the checkpoints.
    Elena hacks a light transport for you so its turrets will fire wherever you 
    aim.  When an enemy transport comes up beside you, just aim and kill them, to 
    get an achievement.  Or you could just hide, the transport ends up dying after 
    a set time anyway. 
    Pangloss on the back of an allied flying transport.  Physical attack with 
    heavy machine gun and AR then change to sniper and you can fairly easily shoot 
    it.  The allied transport at another point will be near your ship which is 
    another opportunity.
    You are without allies for the next checkpoints.  Pangloss can be found on the 
    platform across from you, on top of the smoking wreckage of an allied 
    Mission 3 - Nightmare
    Some rolling ball enemies make an appearance. They are invincible while 
    rolling (Anti Armor Gun will pierce through thier armor however).  When they 
    stop and pop out their head, shoot them to kill.  Some 
    Gorgies in the area behind some barricades. Kill them and activate the panel.
    A Romanov and a couple red Gorgies "ambush you".  Kill them and move forward 
    while looking through the grille on the floor to get a Pangloss.  Operate the 
    panel to get a checkpoint.
    You have to fight Two Argus KNRB-0 robots this time.  But you really have to 
    deal with only one at a time.  The large robot is having fun with the flying 
    transports in the air, so you can kill the one in the spider form.  The spider 
    form's cannon can shoot through its own legs so do not try to take advantage 
    of its legs being in the way. After you remove most of the first one's health 
    you can totally kill it during an action sequence before it goes to human form 
    (why doesn't he do this every time?).  However if you fail the cut scene and 
    kill it when it transforms into its humanoid robot form, then kill the other 
    in robot form you get an achievement "Failure Breeds Success".  There are 
    several rockets available in this area on Normal.  There is one in a container 
    to the right, one near the middle, and one way far out near the edge on the 
    ground.  On God hard it seems there is only one rocket in the area, and that 
    the one way out on the ground past the humanoid robot.  You get a checkpoint 
    after killing one.  
    Pangloss statue is to the left of where you come out the door near two weapon 
    containers, look above on a ledge.
    Pangloss is on some vehicle near where the first humanoid robot was.
    Mission 4 - Struggle
    Kill the riders of the MOA, and then wipe out the ground units. In an area 
    before you go up to kill the MOA, on the right there are two ammo containers 
    with a heavy machine gun and a lock-on laser.  Get the lock-on Laser.
    Pangloss is behind some boxes on a ramp.
    If you can make it to the next checkpoint ALL the enemies on that hill 
    disappear.  The next checkpoint is through the door at the top of the hill, up 
    to the top of the tower.
    Now, as long as you kept the MOA alive you can use it to fire into the next 
    area.  However, if you die that area will be blocked off, and you will restart 
    at the bottom of the hill.  This area is rather obnoxious since everything 
    focuses on you when you pop up your head.  You are also limited by range here, 
    although your enemies are not. Weapons that have longer range are better than 
    close range weapons.  Sniper, Lock-on Laser, assault rifle, and rocket are 
    pretty good choices.
    There may be some massive annoyance in this area with enemies spawning again 
    behind you on the hill, so be careful when moving back out the building.
    You may use a cigarette on the bottom, and right near the top use another and 
    throw that in the building and then boost and roll through the building while 
    using EMP grenades all the way up to the top is one quick method.
    Pangloss is by the double turrets in the building.  Pangloss is off on a ramp 
    on the right side of the stage off to the side. 
    Navigate through the boxes, with enemies hidden behind them. While hidden the 
    enemies do not appear on radar.
    Here is another small hill, with some snipers on the upper left.
    Pangloss is across on a ledge to the left of the panel in the room at the top 
    of the hill. It is not in the room with the panel but on a ledge outside. 
    Operate Panel.
    After operating the panel, a door opens below you with RIs coming out, kill 
    them to advance.
    Mission 5 - Assault
    Pangloss is on top of a barrier-thing off to the left near an ammo box.
    Light transports come flying across, take them out.  Once you are across the 
    little semi-circular area, there is another Pangloss just sitting right near 
    you before you start descending a ramp.
    This hill is very annoying.  There are two good ways of doing this. First, try 
    to get the Lock on Laser, you can death whore yourself out (aka continually 
    committing suicide) until you get the weapons you want from the two ammo boxes 
    near your spawn point. On Hard difficulty and less, light transports do not 
    frequently come in to drop off reinforcements.
    1) Get over to the left side, and move up the hill. Kill the guys that spawn 
    from the container, and then hide against one of the protruding areas.  Use a 
    cigarette to distract many enemies, then immediately boost all the way up, 
    through the door, use a stun grenade, and rolling past the guys that appear to 
    get to next checkpoint. 
    2) Take it really slowly. Kill all the guys on the lower portion of the hill.  
    Keep an eye out for light transports, you want to kill those.  When you are 
    past the container, many enemies insta-spawn all over the upper portion of the 
    hill.  Kill these guys, while watching for the transports.  The Lock-On Laser 
    works very well as well as rocket.
    Additional info from Walking Beast (Done on God Hard):
    "If you are out of cigarettes simple go to the mission select feature on the 
    title screen. Select 2-5. You will only have to shoot down 2 drop ships then 
    you will be back at the hill. Just use rockets, lock on and take those out."
    "Don't forget to use rockets on the first two turrets before progressing up 
    the hill. Apathy informed me about using a cigarette. Before this I tried this 
    section for at least 5 hours. Once I went back and got the cigarette it made a 
    HUGE difference"
    Pangloss is on the right side near the bottom. Pangloss is in front of 
    the entrance at the top of hill. Face the way the door is facing and look back 
    down the hill to the right to see it.
    Mission 6 - Stronghold
    A turret is overlooking the little courtyard area along with red Gorgies 
    spread out.   After you clear them out one Romanov-G pops out.  Then two of 
    them come out from each door. There are two cannons in the background that 
    continually kill your flying transports.  If you kill those cannons then the 
    transports will fire at the closed window for the large laser cannon that has 
    a shutter on it, doing no damage.  So ignore them.
    Pangloss is on the upper portion of the ramp hidden a little bit on the ground.
    Only one BIA spawns on Normal, on Hard 2 pop out, on God Hard two appear. One 
    rocket in an ammo container, and one rocket on the ground behind a box.   On 
    god Hard only the rocket behind the box is there.
    	Weak points - head, power source on back.
           Sam: "What the hell are those things?"
           Burns:  "NATO codename for them is BIA.  Other than that we don't know 
           Sam: "Well, some things are better left unsaid."
    As much as I totally want to agree with Sam, I think it is relevant to put out 
    a detailed description of them.
    A BIA has a similar build to a Romanov, large and ugly looking; only the BIA 
    look more like death gods than anything.  They also happen to carry a large 
    axe-type weapon that has an incredible range.  The BIA have two forms, one is 
    humanoid, the other scorpion.  It has two weak points, its head and its power 
    source on its back, neither of which provide much of a damage bonus.  Each BIA 
    has boss-level health and strength.  Depending on difficulty a single physical 
    attack from one will kill you.  Their physical attacks go straight through 
    walls and barriers so do not count on those for cover.  When in humanoid form 
    it has this heavy machine gun that it fires a lot. It also will sometimes send 
    out 4 floating turrets that will home in on your position and fire at you from 
    different angles.  These little turrets die by themselves after about 10 
    seconds, but during that time frame they are more than dangerous enough.  You 
    should try to shoot them down.  The humanoid has real slow movement, but 
    should you move too far away from it will transform into its super fast 
    scorpion form.  The scorpion form does not have a lot of different attacks; it 
    specializes in running you down and then pouncing on you, and using its tail 
    for physical attacks, along with using its tail as a shotgun.  Usually it 
    transforms into the humanoid form after it attacks you a bit.  
    You cannot exploit the physical attack of the Disc Launcher by continually 
    attacking the BIA.  If you attempt to, then the BIA will break out of the loop 
    and physically attack you.
       1) There is a large container to the left that a rocket launcher is 
    behind.  Get the attention of only one BIA.  Then you are going to play 
    onigokko with it.  You are going to run around the box and occasionally boost 
    forward and then kick it, then AR in mid air shoot it a bit until you over 
    heat and then go hide behind the box.  It takes about 6 rockets and one melee 
    to kill one.  Repeat.  When it is dead get the attention of the other BIA (pat 
    yourself on the back you have balls of steel!), and then repeat.
     2) Try to use stun grenades and LFEs to group them together, and then use 
    area weapons like the rockets, physical grenades, LFE.  This should reduce 
    them to less than a 1/3 health.  Try to run back behind the container and get 
    the rockets. One will probably follow you.  From this point onward look at 
    Strategy #1.
    3) Alternate strategy for the Dual Bias by Walking Beast (Done on God Hard): 
    This was done on the second dual bias encounter on god hard but should be 
    applicable to the first as well.:
    "This is one of the tougher checkpoints in the game. I found a weapon load out 
    that is capable of killing both BIA without restocking supplies, and that can 
    stun them together as a pair and kill them both simultaneously if done right. 
    My load out was disc launcher, LFE gun, and rocket launcher. Here is what I 
    did. First thing is to get out the LFE gun and get to the large box in the 
    back of the area. You can also search the three crates quickly in the area as 
    the enemies are coming out, maybe you'll get an extra rocket launcher but not 
    needed. Let them come to that back area. As you are behind the box it will 
    force them to try and come around the box, so they will be grouped closely 
    together. Now move outside the box, and fire the LFE when both are close 
    together. This will stun them both at the same time. Fire it a few times if 
    need be, it will push and move them a bit as well to get them closer together. 
    Now fire the disc launcher at the one in front and the discs will bounce off 
    and stun both bias , allowing you to unload all your discs into them (you can 
    unload the LFE into them as well but its damage is minimal so save it for a 
    finisher if need be). Keep a little distance since they can still melee you 
    occasionally. Throw stun grenades to keep them stunned as well and throw your 
    frag grenades in there. Also switch to rockets as the explosion will damage 
    both bias simultaneously. By keeping them stunned and getting all your ammo 
    both should die around the same time without even getting an attack on you. "
    After killing one large laser cannon and the Romanov-Fs you get a checkpoint.  
    You can use the sniper or whatever to shoot the fuel tanks on back to kill 
    one and do massive damage to the others.
    Pangloss is on the far right side on the ground, in the little hidden pillbox 
    looking thing.
    Kill another laser cannon and you get another checkpoint.
    Romanov-Ns come out, but if you kill one more laser cannon and you completed 
    Basically a fast way of completing this entire laser cannon portion is to go 
    into AR while using rocket and get two shots off on the jamming core to kill 
    one of them quickly, then suicide to get your rockets back and also to set the 
    position of the next jamming core to open and centered so you will be able to 
    do it once more. Rinse and repeat.
    Alternate strategy from Walking Beast (Done on God Hard): 
    "For the three Romanovs have the LFE gun, and preferably a rocket launcher and/
    or fragmentation grenades. 
    Let the three Romanov-Fs exit the ship and come down to ground level. As soon 
    as they do notice they'll be grouped together in a cluster. Use the LFE gun to 
    fire a single shot that will knock all three of them over. Shoot them with 
    rockets or grenades while they are down and keep using the LFE gun to knock 
    them all back. Repeat until dead, they won't hit you. 
    As for the rest of the fight, simply use the rocket's lock on ability to hit 
    red core. Ignore everything else. Only takes two rocket shots to destroy each 
    phase of the core. Once second rocket hits, it is a check point no matter 
    what's going on with the enemies below and the guns up above. So ignore it 
    all, get behind a barrier and just shoot the core. The third phase of the core 
    is the final. I believe there are 3 checkpoints, one for each phase of the 
    core. Extremely simple"
    XIV.    Act 3
    Mission 1 - Forward
    Pangloss right near where you regain control of Sam on the ground.  
    The idea is to kill the Romanovs or else you cannot continue.  Kill the 
    Romanovs and some red Gorgies and Burns will tell everyone to advance. Watch 
    out for the Gorgies far up on a ledge to your right near some signs.  I 
    suggest taking your time here, because the checkpoint is really long.  I 
    suggest staying at the top and spamming the Disc launcher at the Romanovs.  
    you get near the bottom fast mobbing blue RI attack.  If you immediately move 
    back up the stairs the blue RIs will play with the marines leaving you free to 
    shoot them down as you like.  
    Pangloss is on top of one of those little railing things on that large 
    downward staircase.  It is a little hidden with grass, so just shoot the LFE 
    all along to find it.
    There is a hard to find Pangloss inside a box after you pass the barricade 
    along a wall.  You can shoot open the boxes or physically hit them open.  
    Some snipers and light transports,then 2 Drill Romanovs bust through a wall.  
    Use LFE/Rockets EMP/Grenades and the Romanovs should be a piece of cake.
    Pangloss is on a ledge between two shiny advertisements underneath where the 
    snipers spawn. After you advance through another corridor there is a Pangloss 
    the way on the ground. Really hard too miss.
    Mission 2 - Attack
    Once you exit that corridor and watch the cut-scene, there are enemies above 
    you that you must destroy.  The easiest way to kill that Romanov-G is to go 
    ahead and wait until it bends over and then fire into its cannon to destroy 
    the missile, thus destroying the Romanov.  The other RIs are the same deal 
    thus far.  The bridge to the left will fall, allowing you to get into the 
    courtyard area that was above you before.
     Alternate strategy by Walking Beast for 3-2 intro (Done on God Hard):
    "Take cover behind the central median on the staircase in the beginning. Peek 
    out of cover to take out the Romanov on the right side with the rocket 
    launcher. Use the lock on, finish off the rest of its health with the sniper 
    rifle. Your sniper rifle can only reach the one on the right from that cover 
    point. Behead them whenever possible to make them blind and also they will die 
    after a certain period of time headless. Get out of cover briefly to take 
    shots at the second Romanov and retreat back as necessary. If the red soldiers 
    didn't die from the rocket blasts finish them off as well. For quicker 
    destruction shoot the large missle as it comes out of the romanovs cannon for 
    an instant kill. AR mode makes that easier to pull off"
    (From Walking Beast: "A glitch I encountered did not allow me to proceed. The 
    bridge never went down. The soldier who activates it got stuck inside the door 
    frame of the transport vehicle. So I had to restart the checkpoint [God hard 
    While crossing the bridge there is a Pangloss statue off to the right.
    Three transport vehicles will bust up out of the ground and disgorge Gorgies, 
    depending on the difficulty more gold Gorgies will come out. On normal there 
    are only red Gorgies; on God Hard the transports only carry gold Gorgies.  
    After killing most of the robots a tank will destroy an area off to the side 
    and enter the courtyard.  There is a rocket on the ground in the middle, and 
    an ammo box on the right side, an ammo box behind one of the enemy transports, 
    and another ammo box that becomes accessible once the tank makes an entrance.  
    Once all enemies are eliminated you get a checkpoint.
    This checkpoint is rather brutal on God hard.  The gold Gorgie-USRs are as 
    absurd as usual, but here it is totally apparent.  They are totally focused on 
    you.  If you pop out your head for even 1/10 of a second you get shot at by 
    them, even if they are looking in the opposite direction.  At the start of 
    this put yourself behind a barrier so that you get a clear shot up the ramp of 
    a transport when it appears.  When one transport breaches, start locking on to 
    the infantry with your rockets (get them from the middle of the level if you 
    do not have them) and fire once they are released to move (firing while they 
    are hanging, before thier release will not work. They are invincible then).  
    Do this 
    immediately for another transport.  Do this right and you should kill enough 
    of them so that the tank will start moving in immediately.  Once the tank 
    comes in get into cover near the transports, otherwise you will most likely 
    not survive. The tank will run over a couple of the Gorgies on its way in.  
    The tank then jams itself in one corner of the courtyard.  While it is 
    blissfully stuck, try to kill the other Gorgies, before dealing with the 
    tank. A stun grenade followed by frags can clean up the remaining gorgies when 
    they group together.  The tank's cannon is very annoying since it can destroy 
    barriers; its 
    ram attack also destroys barriers but that is less sudden and easier to 
    avoid.  Try to get more rockets from the ground in order to fire at the tank's 
    weak point on its rear.  Stun grenades are quite useful here for stunning the 
    tank.  Once all enemies are dead from the courtyard you get a checkpoint.
    Pangloss within a box near an ammo box on the far side of the area near where 
    the tank appears.  Pangloss underneath the sign "Tungsten Terrace Cafecitos 
    Cuban Cafes" near the floor behind some bars on the lower right.  Enter the 
    elevator and it will go up.  
    Mission 3 - Vertigo
    When you go down the stairs enemies appear that you must defeat.  
    After the Kreon appears in the cut-scene and clears your way forward, there is 
    a Pangloss statue in the window of a bus.  There is another Pangloss on a 
    piece of ground that fairly quickly falls down.
    There is a bunch of enemies below you, kill a bunch and you get another 
    The whole checkpoint here is time-critical.  Keep near Burns otherwise you may 
    not make it before the whole area collapses.  Elena will say a couple useless 
    lines like "Hurry!", but if you hear them and you  are a bit behind Burns 
    expect to die, since only about a second later areas behind Burns collapse.  
    Pangloss on the right side off of the road slightly below it right before 
    getting to a couple of Romanov-Gs.  Pangloss is off on the left after passing 
    through that little roadblock at the end of this area.
    Mission 4 - Dragon
    This portion is the best to upgrade the sniper. There are four of them on the 
    monorail with you.  If you die, your sniper de-ranks once, but you can get 
    three ranks up.  If you fire a weapon other than the sniper, missiles will 
    fire at you and the transport. Except the missiles that fire at you to die 
    The main point of this is to use the sniper to shoot the lights.  If the 
    lights see you monorail missiles will fire at your transport. Most boring 
    section in the game, although there is a point with a light transport that you 
    need to destroy. Notice the two mobile gun turrets are flying off in the 
    distance.  If you kill these Air Gatlings then you get an achievement "Fly 
    Pangloss to the right on a ledge near the start. Pangloss after the first 
    three spotlights of to the right on the lower-most balcony of a spire. 
    Pangloss on a ledge on the right underneath one of the search lights about 
    half way through the checkpoint.
    Weapons re-spawn on the monorail.  You need to set and detonate two bombs to 
    destroy a barricade to let the monorail continue.  Once you start off to do 
    that a large amount of red Gorgies will attack.  You need to get off the 
    monorail from the left side. Once up the stairs there is a mounted turret you 
    can use to destroy the second wave of enemies on the far side of the monorail.
    A fast way of completing this is to immediately boost and set the first bomb.  
    Use a stun, then boost and roll your way across the bridge to the second bomb 
    point.  Set the second bomb, then go behind the stairs and move as far away as 
    possible from the bridge. Detonate the bombs.  The monorail will move up near 
    you, boost in there and the monorail will continue out of the area.
    To get the Pangloss here you have to go behind the stairs on the right side, 
    continue on behind them and look to the left to get the Pangloss.  
    Tough guy time if it is on God Hard.  You need to kill the large flying unit 
    called a Buzzard before it lands on the far side of your monorail and starts 
    continually doing damage.  The trick here is to do enough damage before it 
    wrecks your monorail.  I suggest rockets and heavy machine gun, and when it 
    lands use grenades.  Using AR and sniper on its weak point is also good for 
    damage.  On god hard almost everything is a one hit kill from it.  The 
    physical attack from the heavy machine gun allows you to dodge the beam it 
    emits that cuts across in a line.  If it wrecks the monorail you die.  That 
    blue light is its weak point. If necessary you can make use of the ammo 
    containers as barriers to hide behind. On another note, the scenery here is 
    awesome looking.
    Mission 5 - Despair
    You are now near the Battleship Kreon.  You should move to the right 
    immediately or a large laser from the Kreon will kill you. It seems to already 
    be aware of what is the major threat to it.    Rush up the ramp to the left 
    and get on the turret and kill the tank with it.
    The robots that were left behind disappear.  Pangloss is on the fallen piece 
    of the piece on the left side.  If you look down slightly you should see it.  
    Move up the stairs and start operating the turrets to kill the tanks that try 
    to kill the Railgun teams. There are several tanks but with two turrets worth 
    of ammo you can easily do this.  If the tanks destroy all your Railgun 
    vehicles then you fail the mission and you have to retry. 
    It is worth noting that this area has tons of ammo containers and boxes.  You 
    need to fire at the center of the bottom of the Kreon's foot.  It is a glowing 
    yellow sphere object that has health when you aim at it.  Be careful not to 
    get squished when the Kreon puts its foot back down.
    Pangloss is to the right on top of a little ledge along the side.
    Let me say that to complete this all you have to do is get the "V" point on 
    the radar and stay around there for a couple seconds.  There are rather large 
    amount of enemies firing all over the place underneath the Kreon.  There is a 
    movable platform that comes out of the Kreon that has Romanov-Gs on it and a 
    lot of red Gorgies.  There are two whole platform worth of enemies on that.  
    The platform moves in and out after a certain time.  On the bottom of the 
    Kreon are also many turrets and missile launchers which all seem to fire at 
    you when you are visible.  If you keep moving forward and up the stairs two 
    Romanov-F and red Gorgies will oppose your continued advance.  
    If you want to complete this quickly you could boost and roll while using EMP 
    grenades to get over there quickly.
    Pangloss is near the beginning off on a little dividing portion between you 
    and falling off into the water. There is another Pangloss when you go down the 
    left side of the stairs off to the left.
    Mission 6 - Infiltrate
    The monorail you must go onto slowly moves forward.  There are a couple RIs 
    and the Unknown moving around, which seems to be invincible at this point. 
    Pangloss on top of a pipe above you as you are moving forward on that 
    Boss - Unknown
    Get some rockets, stun and grenades ready for the Unknown.  When it appears 
    use the stuns, grenades and rockets as well as physical hitting.  If it grabs 
    you, you acquire an instant death via the unknown chainsawing you in half 
    while shooting you in the head.  The Unknown will move around the room and up 
    on the walls and ceiling.  It has a couple different configurations it uses to 
    attack.  It can string itself out in a line and will have its various 
    components all fire at you.  Another configuration is similar to a star 
    formation where the core is in the middle and other parts surround it and fire 
    at you.  The most dangerous one is where its core moves up high on top of the 
    garbage of its parts and lasers randomly move all over.  On higher 
    difficulties the laser will kill on a touch.  The unknown's weak point is its 
    core, which you can expose by physically hitting it or blowing it up with 
    grenades or rockets or hitting it enough with lesser damage weapons.  
    Sometimes the Disc Launcher's attack does not seem to hit properly in some 
    configurations, so I suggest a stun grenade before attacking.  If you do 
    enough damage the core will run around trying to gather its various "parts" 
    back together again.  On God hard the little core has more health and it runs 
    around a  lot faster than normal, nearly as fast as your boost.
    Easy way of killing-Use a stun grenade, boost up and use the physical attack 
    of the disc launcher. This will deal damage and totally expose the core.
    Pangloss in the next area between two pods on the floor, on the left side are 
    you come in.
    Blue Gorgie-USGs will teleport it in around here.  They are fast, use shotguns 
    and swords. You should be as aggressive as possible in killing them quickly.
    The checkpoints throughout here are very frequent. This part requires you to 
    boost to avoid getting vaporized through the tubes. There are little platforms 
    at regular intervals you can go to as a safe haven.  Move past the first area 
    that you could die in and avoid getting vaporized.  
    Some red Gorgies appear if it is on God Hard a Romanov-N. If you have to fight 
    the Romanov-N you could lure it back into the tubes and get it vaporized.  
    Keep moving up ever upward. I have had it where the Romanov-N never comes out 
    of the garage. Either a glitch or there is some type of alarm system that 
    releases the enemy. Possibly by killing the flying drone quickly. 
    At one point a mobile turret will spawn below you and move up, suddenly 
    attacking you so watch out for that.  At the end of the road you will come to 
    an elevator.  There are a couple panels you need to operate, and on one that 
    causes a platform to move down with Romanov and RIs you get a checkpoint.
    Pangloss on top of the second level accelerator ring. Another Pangloss is on 
    top of the third accelerator ring. To get the third one it is easy to see from 
    a position right before you get on the elevator.
    Before the platform carrying the Romanov-G, the blue Gorgies, and the Red 
    Gorgies get level with you, throw some grenades to greet them.  After killing 
    those, move forward and a Romanov-N along with Red Gorgies will teleport in.
    Mission 7 - Phantoms
    Lots of Light transports everywhere, remember to shoot the driver to destroy 
    the entire vehicle and passengers.  Before any time passes move forward and 
    throw some grenades down into an area that is moving up with lots of red 
    Gorgies.  Pangloss is off near the left side of the elevator.  Keep moving up 
    the Kreon.  Before going on the elevator look back toward the elevator you 
    originally came up on.  Then look up and to the left, and you can see a 
    Pangloss up on a ledge.  Get up an elevator.  While going up the elevator you 
    can see a Pangloss on one of the ledge as you go up, shoot it here, or get it 
    from another angle from the 2nd story if you cannot use the summersault with 
    the Heavy Machine Gun or the LFE.
    RIs come out of containers on the side of the Kreon that open up.  On the 
    second container do not move forward, because a friendly vehicle will suicide 
    (intentionally I doubt) into the second container, if you are in the way you 
    die.  To kill the Romanov-G that remains simply kick it off the ledge, or use 
    the turret nearby.  There is an elevator that you need to get into to continue 
    moving up.
    As you move up two light transports attempt to kill you.  Some more RIs will 
    attack. Then you have to move underneath the overhang, go underneath the 
    glowing yellow sign with two arrows pointing up and press the action button to 
    go up.  Your character will grab hold of a hook or something and zoom upward.  
    Pangloss is to the left after zooming up the first one.  Move through this 
    area and you have to operate a panel.  The elevator comes up and you get to go 
    up even further.
    Disco Robots are for the win.  I feel bad for killing them.  But at least do 
    it quickly, I suggest a rocket in their midst, but maybe you should keep the 
    rocket for the upcoming Unknown.   You can grab the ammo boxes behind the 
    elevator without being seen. After killing the robots an Unknown will fall 
    down. You CAN attack it with the Disc Launcher's physical attack as it falls 
    down if you wish, which is kind of funny looking.
    After defeating the Unknown a door behind the elevator opens up, and then you 
    get into another elevator (sure are a lot of elevators).
    Here kill 5 transports before ripping apart the giant cable and you get an 
    achievement. I like how some of these transports seem to not even have 
    drivers or passengers.  They also seem to mysteriously explode at times.  When 
    you are ready, go up the giant cable, press the action button and start 
    mashing it to rip off the cable.  Act complete.
    XV.    Act 4
    Mission 1 - Silence
    Sniper RIs blend in quite will in this forested section. A couple red Gorgies 
    accompany the snipers.
    Pangloss is off near the river on the left side, near where the RIs first 
    appeared. The trees have some strange sizes so adjust your position 
    accordingly so your shots will hit.  There may be an issue with a sniper or 
    two so kill them off fast.  There is a railing that is quite common to this 
    portion that you can shoot through.
    Another Pangloss is off across the river on a ledge.
    Once you get through a gate, two MOAs, some RIS and some mobile barrier RIs 
    will appear. To the right of the gate there is a Lock-On Laser and a Disc 
    Launcher. Make sure not to destroy the MOA for use in the next checkpoint.  
    After this some Drill Romanovs (Romanov-D) will make an appearance. If you 
    kept the MOA this will be easy, if you killed them or fail on this checkpoint 
    you cannot use the MOA for the two Drill Romanovs. Also, if you die here, the 
    gate will be closed so you cannot backtrack.  There is an LFE in the middle of 
    this area that might be of use.  Kill the two enemies and go through the gate 
    into the next area.
    Mobile barriers, RIs, Romanov-Ns and Gs come out of an elevated platform, be 
    aggressive because once they get off the platform and into the grass they 
    become hard to see and are rather annoying.   Kill them all to progress. You 
    can jump up three platforms around that upper area the enemies are on to get 
    out of the grass and get an easier shot at the enemies rushing you.  There is 
    one platform to the right that allows you an easy shot at the enemies coming 
    out.  A door opens to the right of where you first came in. Pangloss attached 
    to the back of a tree near the top.
    Follow the path to the end, and consider picking up the rocket in the ammo 
    container if you want that, although on God Hard it is absent.  This whole 
    area can get rather nasty.  Keep in mind that there is a stationary turret in 
    the middle.  Once you activate the panel to the door in the next area some red 
    Gorgies and MOAs will attack.  Kill them.
    Two of the heavy troop transports that are invincible land near you.  When 
    those containers open up I suggest rocketing inside them or throwing some 
    grenades.  Be careful because within the red Gorgies that come out are some 
    blue Gorgies, the fast shotgun/sword wielding ones.  After killing a bunch of 
    RIs the elevator door will open. Once Burns is in there he will tell you to 
    hit the panel switch to close the door. If you wait you can kill the enemy 
    reinforcements and get an achievment.  You can shoot them from inside the 
    relatively safely since they do not run in there.  When you want to, use the 
    panel inside the elevator and two marines will JUST miss the elevator, they 
    spawn there for that plot device so do not worry about saving them, you 
    cannot.  You can only activate the elevator when Burns is inside the elevator 
    with you (best buds have to stay together I guess).  Pangloss is off on a rock 
    to the right of the catwalk.
    Some View Hounds and then a cut-scene.  There is plenty of ammo here, take 
    what you want, since a mini-boss, the Buzzard will appear in the next area.
    Mission 2 - Brink
    This can be a hard checkpoint.  Be aware that there are two ammo boxes in this 
    area.  Blue RIs and after a minute or so a Buzzard lands in the middle area.  
    Depending on difficultly you may have to use more weapons to clear this.  At 
    the beginning I suggest rushing to the other side.  This will remove the 
    threat of being surrounded by the blue Gorgies.  There is a barrier that is 
    in the middle that you can use to shoot back at the blue Gorgies.  If you have 
    any sort of ranged weapon, killing them from far away is recommended.  Also, 
    the Buzzard tends to indiscriminately spray grenades everywhere that tend to 
    kill its allies.  Or, you can just stay where the game spawns you and duel it 
    out with them as they come at you. Use EMP grenades, shotgun, and rockets; 
    you got to kill the blue Gorgies.
    The Buzzard sure does have a lot of health, but be persistent and it will die 
    like all the rest.  You can deal with it just like the BIA, hit it and run 
    behind the truck, and continue doing that until it dies.  Its weak point is 
    the blue light on its head, and the red circle on its torso, that you can see 
    from head and back. The Buzzard has close range physical attacks, homing 
    missile attacks, a machine gun, a giant laser attack, and sometimes it will 
    rush at you.
    Pangloss is right in front of a box along the way. Another Pangloss is near 
    your spawn point on a slightly elevated platform. A Third Pangloss near where 
    you enter a door to a room, below in a large hole.
    I suggest getting the Lock-On Laser that is on the floor, the shotgun, and 
    the rocket here, all in preparation for the KNRB-O that you have to fight 
    shortly.  Air Gatlings attempt to kill you here as you make your way down the 
    ladders. If you plan on killing the KNRB-0 on your first time, it might be 
    useful to kill the Air Gatlings before fighting the KNRB-0, because they can 
    fire into that area where you fight it.  If you die while on the KNRB-0 they 
    are not an issue.  Once you have progressed a bit, a KNRGP-0 comes out of the 
    water and moves forward into the open area a little further on.  The KNRB-0 
    robot also destroys the path to backtrack.
    There are two rockets in two ammo containers on opposite sides of the large 
    room and another rocket in a container in the middle of the room on the side 
    on Normal. On God Hard there are no rockets in ammo containers, but rockets do 
    appear in the ammo boxes.  It is also not uncommon for rockets to appear in 
    the ammo boxes.  It might help to kill the RIs that appear in the room as 
    well. The spider form of the robot is much weaker here than anywhere else, it 
    only takes two rockets to its red core to waste its health completely until it 
    turns into a 
    robot.   Once the KNRB-0 goes to robot form more RIs will appear. If you 
    destroy an arm you get a cut-scene that allows you to easily destroy the head. 
    And you can fire on the open core. Then you can fire upon that same arm ONCE 
    to destroy it and get another shot at the core.
    If you are having difficulty on these guys, refer to this document's boss 
    section that deals with the KNRB-0.
    Warning: AFTER killing the robot keep DODGING!!  It tries to do one more 
    powerful laser attack that will kill you if it touches you. It will keep 
    homing in on you.
    After it finally blows up, go out through a door under a neon green sign. 
    Before going up the stairs, turn around and you can see a Pangloss statue. 
    Drop down into a little area with ammo containers and such.
     Enemies are above you and on the ground. The little ball robots, A-2 Sphere 
    are on the ground, and turrets above you.
    Dual BIA. Refer to the large boss section on the BIA.  Same strategy applies 
    here.  There is even a nice box to hide behind.   
    They close the door behind when you leave the area after killing the BIA.
    Mission 3 - Maneuver
    There is an ammo box that tends to give good weapons right at the start.  This 
    little tunnel is nothing too hard. A turret at the end, an Air Gatling, some 
    Gorgies, and small jellyfish offer some resistance.  Move past the turret and 
    there are some sniper RI on ledges shooting at you.
    Pangloss is on the ground near the area where the Air Gatling came out of 
    slightly off the path.  Pangloss statue is right behind the turret at the end 
    of the tunnel. Pangloss is off on a ledge to the right, right before going 
    down some stairs. Pangloss of on a ledge to the left as you go down stairs a 
    moderate distance from you.
    This is an extremely hard checkpoint on God Hard. I suggest the following 
    build Disc Launcher, Lock-On Laser, and Rockets. On normal there are only 3 
    snipers and 2 Drill Romanovs. On God Hard there are a lot more snipers and 3 
    Drill Romanovs (Romanov-D). 
    An LFE, a Heavy Machine Gun, and a Sniper are in ammo containers.  There also 
    is an ammo box in the courtyard, but it is a huge pain even to get to it on 
    God Hard in the beginning, and to add the aggravation it does not seem to give 
    out good weapons like Lock-On Laser.  If you need to get different weapons you 
    can press Start->Restart and you will go back to the beginning of Mission 3, 
    which is just the previous checkpoint.  There is an ammo box that tends to 
    give good weapons like the Disc Launcher and Lock-On Laser.
    There is an obnoxious wall that you start behind that is highly breakable.  
    Get too close to the barrier and Romanovs can reach through the wall and hit 
    you.  When moving around you should use the technique where you start boosting 
    then change it into a roll.  Do it smoothly enough and it will allow you to 
    travel great distance without using any AR.
    Drill Romanovs
    (Look at enemy section for in-depth description)  Try not to stay too close to 
    them, since sometimes they will seem to get stunned from an attack but will 
    end up grabbing you, which on God Hard means death. If you want to remove 
    heads with the Disc Launcher shoot at their heads while they are walking 
    normally toward you, NOT while stunned or when they are doing other actions!  
    For some reason it is very difficult to remove heads when they are doing any 
    other actions.
    Strategies for God Hard
    1) First take out the snipers with the Lock-On Laser, which is MUCH easier to 
    do than with other weapons even if it does not one-shot them all the time.  
    With the snipers, a useful technique is to stay still for about two seconds 
    after their eye turns red, which means they are looking at you, and then 
    moving slightly.  This will have their shots miss you.  Then try to lure the 
    Drill Romanovs into one spot and then stun/grenades/rockets, and whatever else 
    you got on you for them.  Of course if you can remove a head than all for the 
    better.  You can exploit the Disc Launcher's physical attack here, by 
    continually using it on a single enemy.
    2) Make it a priority to take out one Romanov from the start.  Try to use the 
    Disc Launcher to remove a head.  2 Romanovs is much preferable to three.  Then 
    kill the snipers, and after them the Romanov-Ds.  Try to lure them into one 
    spot and then stun/grenades/rockets, and whatever else you got on you for 
    them.  Of course if you can remove a head than all for the better.  You can 
    exploit the Disc Launcher's physical attack here, by continually using it on a 
    single enemy
    3) "From WalkingBeast999"
    "This is one of the most difficult checkpoints on God Hard. Luckily I have 
    found some ways to make it less painful. For this strategy the weapon load out 
    is Disc Launcher, Lock-on Laser and Anti Armor Gun (or you can have rocket 
    launcher if you don't have the DLC weapons). 
    To quickly and most painlessly take the snipers out, use the Lock-On Laser. 
    First roll to the right and activate AR just long enough to get a lock on the 
    snipers, then release and immediate roll out of AR and to the other side. Do 
    this on the other side, roll out of it and repeat for the right side again. 
    Until snipers on both sides are dead. The slow motion for a few seconds allows 
    you some safety from the Romanovs one hit death charges and also sniper fire. 
    Then you have the option to take out the turret gunner and other sniper in the 
    back location inside the canyon. You will have more room to manuever to deal 
    with the Romanovs without worrying about any bullet fire. 
    Go the the back canyon area and roll side to side using the AR and Lock-On 
    Laser, releasing immediately and rolling. Be aware of the Romanovs going 
    crazy. They will always be trying to charge you. Use the radar to see their 
    Now that all snipers are gone, you're goal is to behead all Romanovs. Without 
    their heads they cannot see you and they will die after a certain amount of 
    time. The disc launcher can take off thier heads very quickly. So roll 
    agressively and take shots at thier head whenever possible or at least their 
    body.  Sometimes it will bounce and take off the head. Just hit them from the 
    front and preferably when they are just walking around.  
    Once all three are beheaded, go to the now safe area in the back of the 
    canyon. They should be far away from you in the distance and die on their own. 
    If one still has its head, try to snipe it off with the anti armor pistol from 
    a distance. If you've run out of discs.
    After you kill the enemies you get a checkpoint."
    A tank, blue Gorgies, along with some snipers spawn on top of ledges again.  
    This checkpoint is a lot like the previous part with the blue Gorgies and a 
    Buzzard.  You need to kill all of them to proceed.  If you can get into the 
    area that the tank came from you can freely fire at the enemies, since they 
    seem to not want to return from whence they came. Pangloss is off to the left 
    in some rubble.
    You need to go through the complex on fire.  Pangloss is between two boxes 
    behind an ammo container.  If you go a bit further and look to your right 
    before going down the stairs, there is a another Pangloss on top of a steel 
    beam, although it is hard to see, because of the color.  Continue and you will 
    get a checkpoint.
    Mission 4 - Slave
    Destroy some RIs that appear and jump down. Crystal Viper teleports into the 
    Pangloss right near a sign on the ground near a corner.  You can also see it 
    right before jumping down.
    If you die on the Crystal Viper and have to redo the checkpoint no other RIs 
    make an appearance.
    Crystal Viper
    Not a very hard boss, but it still can move rather quickly.  It also has a 
    cloaking device that it does not use at this point, but will the next time you 
    fight it.  It has a very large sword that it swings around that does a lot of 
    damage.  If it runs at you and swings the sword, press the action button to 
    parry the sword and slam it into the ground.  This can make things very easy.  
    The Crystal Viper can make this large field surround it that it can shoot at 
    you.  With that field it can also grab at you and has a unique action 
    sequence. To get out of the grab you need to press the grab at the section of 
    a bar that it appears.  If you do it correctly Sam dodges the sword of the 
    Crystal Viper and kicks his face in.  If you do a large amount of damage to it 
    quickly it will fall to its knees and lose most of its...body.  You can do 
    about 1.5 times damage to it when it is in this state.
    It is noteworthy that the Crystal Viper takes no damage from the Lock-On Laser 
    and other laser type weapons.
    You could also get the Disc Launcher and continually use the physical attack 
    to kill it when it is against a wall.  This WOULD be the easiest method.  But 
    your allies tend to throw grenades and usually end up killing you.  Your 
    allies also continually spawn so you cannot wait for them all to get killed. 
    Mission 5 - Emancipation
    Go into a zero G area.  Kill some Gorgies and then a Romanov-G teleports in. 
    Pangloss is on a box to the right.
    In the next little corridor there is a Pangloss on top of a box, near the sign 
    that says "Alpha". Move some more forward and kill some more RIs.  More 
    Gorgies will teleport near you.  A gate lowers, go through that.  Move forward 
    and go through another gate.
    An Unknown teleports into the area.  Take care of it just like the other two. 
    There are two ammo boxes in this area. Pangloss is on top of the gate that you 
    came into that room through.  While looking at that gate, look left until you 
    see the ammo container, then look up slightly to get another Pangloss.
    XVI.    Act 5
    Mission 1 - Denouement
    Pangloss is on the far side of the semicircular area near some ammo boxes.
    Operate the panel and move forward.
    A Buzzard and two Romanov-Ns face you when you appear. There is a room on the 
    side with two turrets in it and some RI.  If you get in there you can take 
    care of many enemies easily.    This area is rather strange.  Attack the 
    Buzzard and it will jump down and you can get a checkpoint.  Once you revive 
    the Romanov-N go away and in their place are the Drill Romanovs (Romanov-D).  
    So you do not actually need to kill the Romanov-Ns.
    If you did not die, on the previous checkpoint, the 2 Drill Romanovs teleport 
    into the area after you kill the two Romanov-Ns.
    A long bridge with two large laser cannons focused on it as well as RI 
    reinforcements on the ground on the far side, with some air support in the 
    form of View Hounds, and 3 turrets make this bridge extremely well defended.  
    Take your time and kill them all, then boost across the bridge. I suggest 
    making a boost for it while some marines try running across the bridge and get 
    raped by the giant laser cannons.  
    It is possible to use a cigarette immediately before the enemies get into 
    their places and boosting across the bridge.  Even if you get caught into the 
    teleportation of some enemies across the bridge you can quickly roll past 
    go left and up the stairs.
    Once you make it across the bridge go to the second floor and open the door 
    to get a checkpoint.
    After you place two bombs you get a checkpoint.   
    A BIA is in the room you need to set the bombs, but I suggest dodging the BIA 
    by opening the panel on the far side, entering the room and detonating the 
    bombs.  Goodbye BIA.
    A large amount of enemies try to cross the bridge, you are not on the ground 
    so the enemies do not focus on you much if at all. Use the turret in the room. 
    There is a rocket on the second floor behind some boxes.  Get it for the 
    upcoming Crystal Viper if you like.
    Go to the bottom floor and keep moving all the way to the end, and you can see 
    Pangloss between two boxes on the ground.
    On top of a beam, before opening the door there is a Pangloss. Open the door 
    and kill a couple RIs and a Crystal Viper.  This Crystal Viper will cloak up 
    and become invisible.  It can attack you once while invisible.  There is a 
    Disc Launcher and a Heavy Machine Gun, and a LFE within this room in ammo 
    containers.  Refer to Crystal Viper section on strategies.  Unlike last time 
    however this time it will use its cloaking device.  EMP grenades expose it 
    quite easily.  It removes its cloak when it attack so running around near the 
    marines is a good way to get it to attack them and expose itself.The easiest 
    method is to just unload rockets and grenades and physical attacks on it as 
    much as possible to keep stunned and on its knees.   In this room you could 
    also exploit the Disc Launcher's physical attack, by consecutively using it 
    while the Crystal Viper is against a wall.  You still have to watch out for 
    your allies' grenades however.  
    After killing it, move away from it, because its explosion will kill you if 
    you are nearby.  Go through the door and keep looking at the pipes as you go 
    through the corridor, Pangloss. Nice Pangloss floating on nothing.
    Mission 2 - Soldier
    Boss - Burns
    Weak point - Head
    Here I will describe Burns's actions.  The most simple and important thing 
    that you need to remember is that Burns will flinch if you shoot him in the 
    head for enough damage, or if you hit him in the body with some large damage 
    hit like a rocket launcher.  This will stop him while he is rushing forward 
    and attempting to smack you in the last area you fight him.  You could also 
    use stun grenades to stun him. For each section Burn's health is reset to a 
    certain percentage of health if you die.  I highly suggest using AR to kill 
    the soldiers. The soldiers die easily, but hit really hard and accurately.  On 
    God Hard the flying sniper marines are quite difficult, they seem to kill you 
    in one hit and move around spastically.  You should prioritize their 
    elimination before anything else. Use AR.  Why aren't Burns and company this 
    powerful when they are on your side?  It is also annoying that the marines' 
    guns are more powerful than Burns'.
    Go down some stairs and there are two Pangloss statues on the ground near an 
    ammo box.
    The first two sections with Burns are not that difficult.  Take your time 
    killing his marine underlings.  His underlings are rather tough enemies for 
    normal ones since they will start to move away if your cursor is over their 
    body and they have great aim and are strong.  Make use of the cover all over 
    the place to advance slowly.  There are a couple places where marines will 
    suddenly ambush you and this is another incentive to move slowly.  After you 
    get his health down abut 1/4 he will run away onto a monorail. After some time 
    the opposing monorail will slam into yours, perform the action command 
    correctly or fall to your death.  Then the little monorail ride will end.
    Pangloss statue underneath the transport Burns was on.
    This whole section has the weirdest physics ever, the game totally ignores 
    relative velocity or whatever it is called.  Basically when you fire, the 
    bullets move as if you were standing still.  This also applies to the enemy. 
    However the grenades seem to fly away from you when thrown, making them 
    useless here.   
    Burns will keep moving around trying to lure you into the opposite room.  
    After you follow him in there marines will suddenly spawn below the catwalk 
    and fly up, and a little later they spawn behind pillars and ambush you.  Move 
    up the ramp towards the room at the far end.  With the Disc Launcher you can 
    damage Burns when he is hiding in that upper area if you fire it.  Do not do 
    this unless you are confident in success, becuase if you die Burns' health 
    gets reset to half health.  After walking into the room you get a checkpoint. 
    Comments from Walking Beast:
    "For the marine group in the hallway prior to Burns' room, throw an EMP 
    grenade as soon as you are about half way down the hall, all marines will be 
    stunned , then throw in some frags and the marines should be eliminated." 
    The overall strategy here is to get Burns alone so you can take your time with 
    him nice and slow (LOL).  Burns alone is still rather difficult, but a piece 
    of cake comparatively. 
    You get 3 stun grenades and 3 fragmentation grenades 
    and hopefully have Rockets, and the Assault Rifle or Heavy Machine Gun, the 
    Sniper and LFE are also good choices.  For at least two weapons avoid close 
    range weapons or weapons that take long to fire.  Avoid Lock-On Laser since 
    the shots hit stuff on the ceiling often.  If not, there is an ammo box right 
    behind your initial position near the door. There are two other ammo boxes, 
    but they are in relatively far places from you.  
    To kill the marines I first took cover against a barrier a little bit forward 
    and left from the entrance to the room, then I threw an EMP grenade onto the 
    ramp on the left, then threw an EMP to the right nearer to Burns but also near 
    the left ramp.  The good thing about stun grenades is that it brings the 
    flying guys down to earth.  This makes them susceptible to fragmentation 
    grenades and rockets' area damage.  Then I threw a fragmentation grenade on 
    the left ramp, one behind the barrier in the middle of the room, that is level 
    with you to kill the sniper hiding behind there, and then another near Burns 
    and the right ramp.  If necessary, use rockets to kill any stunned clumps of 
    marines that you fail to kill.  This may seem like overkill, but the marines 
    are the most dangerous part of the mission here.  Alternatively you might 
    consider quickly rolling out, use AR and using the Sniper, Assault Rifle, or 
    whatever to head shot an errant marine, or just use Assault Rifle or something 
    else, the marines die easily with head shots.
    Burns is very obnoxious since he is briefly un-
    stunnable and un-flinchable immediately after being stunned or flinching.  Do 
    not count on chaining stuns with this boss.  His shield and his metal body 
    parts will also completely cancel out all damage from attacks that hit it, 
    even rockets.
    In room - 2 Heavy Machine Guns, Shotgun, 2 Assault Rifles, and 3 ammo boxes.
    Burns has only a couple attacks.  Here they are in order of annoyance.
    1. Burns throws a capsule into the air that breaks apart and missiles 
    erratically come out and home in on your position.  This attack is very 
    effective on you, because sometimes the little missiles go over barriers and 
    hit you.  Burns also tends to rush immediately afterward while the missiles 
    are going towards you.   Very dangerous.
    2. Burns will rush you while firing and then perform some sort of close range 
    attack that tends to kill you in one hit on God Hard.  You can avoid this 
    close range attack by jumping over the barrier.  Hiding behind the barrier 
    does not work against Burns most of the time.  His physical attacks can 
    magically go through barriers.
    3. Burns will just stand there and take a drink.  He Is NOT merely taking a 
    drink, this gives him a speed boost, and makes him rush more often.  If he 
    completes drinking you will probably be overwhelmed.
    4. Burns will shoot out his arm that will grab your head unless you dodge it.  
    If you fail to do the action command vigorously enough your head will become 
    paste.  This action can be good for you if Burns is alone, because it allows 
    your suit to cool, and Burns is not doing anything.  However if Burns still 
    has marines on his side than they will still move around towards you while you 
    are busy with his hand.  You could also jump over the barrier and while in 
    midair give him some bullets to the head.
    5. Burns will fire missiles out of his shield.  This is less annoying than the 
    thrown version because it does not gain any height, so hiding behind a barrier 
    is very safe.
    6. Burns will fire out a fast missile at head height.
    7. Burns will stand there and fire.
    I suggest staying behind that one piece of cover that is near the door to the 
    left until the marines are dead.  Then stay there and use some rifle (assualt, 
    heavy, sniper) to shoot at Burns when he is not firing at you.  When Burns 
    rushes you, you can do a couple things.  Personally I like rolling to the 
    right, using AR and then shoot his head a bit to make him flinch with some 
    rifle weapon.  Or you could shoot at Burns while you are in midair after 
    hopping over the barrier ,since Sam can hover in midair for quite some time, 
    this will give you height, and if you do this when Burns is near you, you 
    would most likely (Burn's attack sometimes seem to go through obstacles) dodge 
    an attack by him even if you fail to make him flinch by shooting.  A couple 
    other things you could do are to use rockets when Burns gets close to make him 
    flinch and back off, or possibly meleeing.  I dislike the idea of meleeing 
    since sometimes it hits his metal body part and does no damage, although other 
    people have used it to great success.  Occasionally, Burns will go stand in a 
    corner off to the right where he can attack you from, and you may have to go 
    hide behind the barrier to the right.  Try to get Burns away from that area by 
    making him flinch as much as possible.
    Alternate strategy by Walking Beast (god hard):
    "For burns final stage, here is what I did. Get to the immediate left barrier 
    for cover. Throw two EMP grenades, one to the left the other to the center 
    (can throw a third if you like). Then throw hand grenades in the same 
    positions. This will take out most of the flying marines. Use rocket launcher 
    to clear out the remaining marines. Best to get rid of them and isolate Burns 
    first thing.
    Once the marines are cleared, get to the back and up the ramps. Now use your 
    radar to keep tabs on Burns' movement. Boost to him when he gets close and 
    melee him with LFE. Then roll out of the area and get away from him. Keep 
    going around and repeating at every opportunity. He will only occasionally 
    block an attack. However the hits do very high damage. It's dangerous but it 
    Mission 3 - Deception
    Right after Burns there are 4 Pangloss statues.  2 are above the doorway.  2 
    are out across on the walkway.  Do not move too forward or you will get 
    ensnared in the cut-scene and will not get the Pangloss statues.
    After the cut scene you get another checkpoint.
     Dual Bogeys - Blue Bogey and Red Bogey
    Weak Point(s) - Head
    This is by far the hardest boss in the game.   You have to fight these two 
    simultaneously until you get one Bogey down to a tiny portion of health, about 
    1/20th, then you have an action command cut scene to kill the almost dead 
    bogey.  After defeating one you get a checkpoint to kill the other. Because of 
    this, I recommend focusing your damage only on one Bogey to get the 
    checkpoint.  Then you get another checkpoint after removing most of his health 
    for a little cut-scene battle with action commands where you defeat the 
    remaining bogey.
    It is worth the time to read about the level layout.  The level is a 
    moderately sized raised platform with a square potion in the middle removed.  
    At the start of the level you are at the bottom of the level.
    In the stage there are - 3 assault rifles, 2 heavy machine guns, 1 LFE, 1 
    2 Disc Launchers, 2 EMP Grenades, 1 Sniper Rifle, 2 Shotguns, 1 Fragmentation 
    The Red Bogey is slower moving than his Blue counterpart, but is more 
    dangerous.  He carries a sniper rifle that does massive damage.  He also will 
    fire the laser in the direction you are moving which is aggravating.  You can 
    take advantage of that by continuously moving in one direction and then juking 
    in the opposite direction when you hear the noise for when he fires the 
    weapon.  Most of the time the Red Bogey will be flying low to the ground and 
    firing that sniper rifle at you.  The Red Bogey will frequently go to 
    platforms along the sides of the level and just sit there and snipe at you.  
    This is the easiest time to deal damage to him.  When he decides to go to the 
    platform he moves in a nice arc directly to the platform; a perfect target.  
    Even if you hit him with a rocket during that time he will still move to the 
    platform.  He will snipe at your for a couple shots, then slowly run along the 
    platform firing tiny weaker shots with his rifle until he reaches the other 
    end of the platform.  Then he will sit and fire at you with the sniper again, 
    then jump off the platform and continue attacking you.  If you get too close 
    to his sniping position he will abandon that position.   He will attack you 
    with the sword that has three variations. He will either use a single strong 
    strike or use multiple attacks, or he will come fast parallel to the ground 
    and swing at you in that fashion.  The third variation is the rarest and the 
    hardest to dodge.  The Red Bogey frequently will fire out little miniature 
    satellites that will make your suit overheat if you fail to shoot them in 
    time.  These satellites have a VERY large hit-box so you can destroy them even 
    with the shotgun.  The Red Bogey will, if near you, throw out a single 
    container that will break apart into multiple grenades that rapidly spread out 
    along the ground.  These grenades are very annoying, because they all detonate 
    at slightly different times, meaning you cannot just take a hit and then roll 
    away, instead you will get caught in an explosion, flinch and then get caught 
    in another one and die.
    The Blue Bogey is very similar to the Red Bogey only faster, and has fewer one-
    hit attacks.  The only difference is that instead of the giant laser beam the 
    Red Bogey does, he has multiple tiny lasers that come at you in a parabolic 
    arc.  Also, instead of sniper rifle he carries an assault rifle that fires 
    multiple bullets.  He also does not sit up on those platforms and snipe you 
    because he does not have a sniper rifle. Occasionally the Blue Bogey will 
    disappear for awhile when he goes underneath the stage for some reason. He 
    will come out of the center hole of the stage and then attempt to melee you. 
    Nearly essential to this battle is the boost then roll technique.  You go into 
    the boost, then immediately roll.  By chaining this you can move very quickly 
    and dodge many attacks that you otherwise cannot.  This technique also uses no 
    AR if done properly.
    Another very important element is to find a path throughout the level that 
    works for you.  The area's barriers move up and down frequently, and not being 
    aware of where the next barriers will be usually means death.  The initial 
    barriers that you hide behind never go up again once they go down.  There are 
    two sections that move up and down.  They have three positions, down, half-
    way, and up.  When one is in its half-way position the other section is all 
    the way up.
    You have to whittle down their health.  Each one has a truly large amount of 
    health.  The key is to keep doing damage.  It would probably take about 12 
    rockets on God Hard to completely kill one.  
    Players must closely watch two enemies at once during this section which makes 
    it vastly more difficult.
            Good times to do damage
    1) Red Bogey starts moving to sniper position. Can easily hit him with a 
    locked on rocket.  
    2) Red Bogey in the sniping position.  Shoot a rocket, and then start locking 
    onto him ASAP again and you should be able to put another rocket in him.
    3) After hitting him with a physical attack or rocket or LFE, if you are fast 
    you can get in some more hits while he freewheels in mid-air.
    4) When he is swinging his sword around in mid-air before he rushes you.
    5) Before and after a bogey does his large scale air attack.  Red Bogey's is a 
    giant laser; the Blue Bogey's is a massive amount of little lasers.
    6) After he misses his physical attacks on you.
    7) When he is flying close to your position near the ground. Not as good as 
    the other openings, but you could boost and kick him more easily.
    Main Methods
    1) The first method involves basically using that boost-roll technique to 
    dodge around the stage while using stun grenades, and taking those 
    opportunities to deal damage to the boss. This method is simple and works 
    well.  After you run out of stun grenades there are two pickups within the 
    stage.   After those are gone use some other weapons like the lock on laser, 
    sniper, etc.  There are two spots when the Bogey is almost perfectly 
    stationary.  One is where it will hover in mid-air and perform a large laser 
    attack; the other is when it hovers in mid-air and waves its sword around 
    before coming and attacking you.
    2) Second method is more brutal on the player, and its primary focus is on 
    physical attacks.  It involves kicking and then using AR in air and dealing 
    damage to him in that period.  Also you must take advantage of when a Bogey 
    comes in for close range attacks.  Dodge its attack and then rocket, kick, or 
    do both during that time.  You should try to chain EMP grenades as well.
    After you knock one's health down to like 1/20th then you get a cut scene that 
    you must complete properly to kill the first bogey otherwise, death.  And no, 
    you cannot kill them completely to go past the cut scene; he becomes 
    invincible at a sliver of health.  Thankfully the cut scene is a simple button 
    mashing one. 
    Remaining Bogey
    Then your AR is modified to become super long and the boost speed becomes 
    incredibly fast.  It is no exaggeration that you can just fly across the whole 
    area in about 3 seconds.  On any difficulty you can probably just kick the 
    living shit out this guy with the powered up AR.  It recharges VERY quickly as 
    Gets a boost in speed and gets all the attacks the other Bogey had.  This 
    bogey gets a huge increase in speed as well.  After you get his health down to 
    next to nothing another action cut-scene will occur.  
    Perform the action commands properly and you beat the game.  Best to do the 
    actions promptly and with enthusiasm.  
    End Game.
    In the credits you get points for destroying the developers and the ships
    in the background. 
    XVII. Challenge
    1. Tactical Challenge 1
    2. Tactical Challenge 2
    3. Tactical Challenge 3
    4. Tactical Challenge 4
    5. Tactical Challenge 5
    XVIII. Codes / Cheats
     1) Unlock God Hard difficulty ** Unverified **
    It is possible to unlock God Hard difficulty without having completing the 
    game first. At the title screen rotate the Right analog stick clockwise 20 
    times. When done, you will hear a sound meaning that you unlocked God Hard 
    Contributed By: Santo3485.
    Right off of gamefaqs. 
    XIX. References
    1) An IGN picture guide for Pangloss statues.  I cannot find the link again 
    for some reason.
    XX. Copyright March/2/2011 by Apathy000 aka Michael Zacka
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