How to become a great player?

  1. First time user of the NBA 2k line. Got NBA2k11 and intrigued about the "my Player" Whats is the best way to build and how or where is the best way to accumulate SP point? Thanks for your help

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    suge1 - 6 years ago

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  1. THe first step is to create an athletic player, this starts you with a high vertical, very much needed for boards, one of the things that fills your bar up highest. This also starts you with the ability to dunk, which if done correctly, can give you the following- Good Shot Selection and Slam Dunk (Highlight Play). THese add tremendous boosts. As well, focus on one shooting skill. I chose mid range. Be careful though, as they are maxed out lower than what a scoring player would have them as. My mid range maxes at 90, so I'm working on 3 Pt, which is now at a 62 from a 42.

    You should also throw some SP towards the following attributes-

    Ball Security, Lay-up (very easy to mess up if you aren't upping your attributes), Speed (this is VERY expensive, I'm at 80, and want mine at 85, so I need to save up 5 games worth of SP, thats if i average 1600 SP a game, increasing slightly every game. It's easy if you get an A+, at least 2 goals, and win the game. Combined thats about 1200 SP, just get your performance over 400 and you'll be fine) and Stamina. The more stamina you have, the more you can sprint, the less likely you'll have that G next to your fatigue bar, which basically says you will be taken out at the next dead ball.

    tHe first couple of games you should get some milestones, these vary from 100-450 points each. First game I got 4, for a total of 550 SP.

    If you just want to increase your OVR, it worked last year but I'm not sure in this game, up your OFF and DEF AWR as high as they can be. Last year I maxed mine out and had a 62 OVR 10 games into the season. This year I'm focusing on attributes that actually matter.

    And if you up your vertical, there is no real need to update OFF and DEF rebounding, I left mine untouched and am averaging 6.7 boards a game. (I started the season off with only 2 or 3 due to the lack of playing time I was getting. But now that I have been named 6th man and am playing 20+ minutes a game, I'm getting double-doubles easily, hopefully that RPG should rise to 9 by the all star break.)

    In the rookie report, I'm currently ranked 3rd behind John Wall and Evan Turner, only reason i'm not first is because I didn't start in the beginning like Wall, and I didn't play alot like Turner, hopefully I'll pass turner and if I'm lucky Wall to get the ROY award and the 1st All-Rookie Team.

    Good luck!

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  1. Just play man try to do good in the games complete mile stones and soon enough you will be pretty good

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