How do you load your User Profile on a different controller?

  1. Hi,

    Having a wierd problem, hoping someone can help. When I first bought and played the game, I happened to have a joystick plugged in to the PS3 which gets assigned to Controller 1, so the Dual Shock controller I was using got assigned to Controller 2. I did a bunch of things, started 'My Player' mode, played some Jordan games, won some shoes and whatnot.

    Now when I load the game (without the joystick plugged in so the Dual Shock gets assigned to Controller 1) the User Profile I created is still assigned to Controller 2, and I can't load it on Controller 1. So I don't have access to the shoes I won, and the game doesn't let you play 'MJ: Creating a Legend' because there's no User Profile loaded.

    You can test this out by going to Options -> User Profile, and try loading your profile on a different controller. It doesn't let you because "a User Profile with the same name already exists." Duh.

    So either I have to manually reassign my controller to Controller 2 every time I play the game, or I'll have to create a new User Profile. This seems stupid, I must be missing something. Any ideas? Thanks.

    User Info: ekisentorikku

    ekisentorikku - 7 years ago

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