What is the best way to get drafted to the team that you want to play for? I would like to get drafted by the Bulls.

  1. I would like to play alongside Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer so what would be the best way to ensure that I get drafted by the Bulls?

    User Info: CPortAssassin

    CPortAssassin - 6 years ago


  1. Before you begin the My Player mode (which I assume you're asking about), you can edit the roster of the team that you want to play on.

    Edit all of their players at the position you want to play.

    For example, if you want to play SG for the Bulls, then you edit all of their SG to low ratings in the roster.

    Then, after you start My Player mode, request a trade to the Bulls after 5 games. Since their current SG suck so much, you should be a good pick-up for them.

    If you do not get traded to the team of your first choice, then just request another trade to the Bulls, LOL.

    I never got hung up on that first, second, third choice thing.

    Also, some people do have strategies on getting drafted directly to a team, but it involved knowing at what position your team is drafting, and then playing good or bad as required, to get your stock to raise or drop to that team, in your combine games ... too much work for me, just play your best, get on, then ask for a trade to where you really want to play.

    If you are playing good, then your trade request seems to work, I've been traded to where I want to go, the two times I've tried it.

    User Info: troilevw

    troilevw - 6 years ago 0 0

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