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    Jordan Challenge Guide by instant000

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    ____Title:  NBA 2K11:  Jordan Challenge Guide, version 1.0
    __Version:  1.0
    _____Game:  NBA 2K11
    ___System:  PC
    ___Author:  instant000 (Gamefaqs Name)
    _____Date:  October 7, 2010
    Copyright:  Copyright 2010 Lewis Lampkin, III
    Info:  NBA 2K11 has a game mode called the Jordan Challenge.  This is a FAQ for
    that Game Mode.
    DISCLAIMER:  The material inside this FAQ is based upon the PC version of the
    game, NBA 2K11.  If some tips do not apply to your particular version of the
    game, then I apologize.  Additionally, these tips were collected by myself, and
    none other.  
    NOTE:  The Challenge Descriptions inside this FAQ are taken from the PC version
    of the game, NBA 2K11.
    TYPOS:  If there are typos in this document, then I apologize for them.  This
    is for fun, I'm not getting paid for this, LOL.
    A.  Challenge Descriptions
    -A01.  The Arrival
    -A02.  69 Points
    -A03.  Shootout
    -A04.  Bad Boys
    -A05.  1991 NBA Finals
    -A06.  The Shrug
    -A07.  Double Nickel
    -A08.  Father's Day Victory
    -A09.  The Flu Game
    -A10.  Michael's Last Dance
    B.  Tricks to beating the Challenges
    -B01.  Scoring Points
    -B02.  Getting Assists
    -B03.  Getting Rebounds
    -B04.  Getting Steals
    -B05.  Stopping a scorer
    -B06.  Shooting Threes
    C.  Which challenges did I find most difficult, and why?
    -C01.  The Arrival
    -C02.  The Shrug
    -C03.  The Flu Game
    -C04.  Michael's Last Dance
    D.  Power Tips
    -D01.  Editing Minutes
    -D02.  http://nba-live.com/forums
    -D03.  http://2ksports.com/forums
    E.  Why did I write this FAQ?
    -E01.  To ease boredom
    -E02.  To have fun
    -E03.  To help others
    F.  Thanks
    A.  Challenge Descriptions
    -A01.  The Arrival
    Who:  '85-'86 Bulls vs. '85-'86 Celtics
    When:  April 20, 1986
    Where:  @ Celtics
    Context:  Game 2, Easten Conference 1st Round
    Notes:  Jordan made his mark with this 63 point playoff game against a heavily
    favored Celtics team.
    Your challenge:
    Score 63+ points
    Shoot 50%+ from the field
    Record 6+ assists
    Full Story:
    In 1986, Michael Jordan faced a first round matchup with a Celtics team widely
    regarded as one of the best teams in NBA history.  After being limited to just
    18 games during the regular season due to a broken foot, Jordan was determined 
    to prove himself on the national stage.  In game 2 with virtually every Celtic
    guarding him at one time or another, he did.
    Larry Bird described Jordan's Playoff record 63 point outburst as "God
    disguised as Michael Jordan."  
    "A lot of times you just say 'let Jordan get his and stop the other guys,'"
    Celtics coach K.C. Jones would say later.  "Tht wasn't out plan.  We were 
    trying to keep him from scoring, and he still got 63.  That's when we all got
    our first look into the future and it was scary."
    What was even more amazing was this was the first time Jordan had scored more
    than 50 points in an NBA game.  The Bulls fell 135-131 in double OT before
    being swept three games to none, but Jordan had arrived.
    -A02.  69 Points
    Who: '89-'90 Bulls vs. '89-'90 Cavaliers
    When: March 28, 19990
    Where: @ Cavaliers
    Context:  Regular Season Game
    Notes:  This time Jordan gets the win by dropping 69 points and putting a dent
    in the Cavaliers' playoff plans.
    Your Challenge:
    Score 69+points
    Shoot 50%+ from the field
    Record 6+ assists
    Win the game
    Full Story:
    Near the end of the 1990 Season, the Cleveland Cavaliers faced their new
    nemesis Michael Jordan.  Needing the victory to clinch a playoff berth, Jordan
    set his career high with 69 points in an overtime win.
    "This would have to be my greatest game," Jordan said.  "When I scored 63
    against Boston, we lost.  It sure feels a lot better."
    The game was a complete effort with Jordan also recording 18 rebounds, six
    assist and four steals.  It was the fourth time Jordan had scored more than 60
    points, and, at the time, only three other players had scored more than 69
    points in a game.
    -A03.  Shootout
    Who: '89-'90 Bulls vs. '89-'90 Hawks
    When: Any date in 1990 vs. Hawks
    Where: @ Bulls
    Context: Regular Season Game
    Notes:  Jordan and Dominique Wilkins face off in some of the all-time greatest
    scoring performances of the era.
    Your Challenge:
    Outscore Dominique
    Hold Dominique to under 25 points
    Record 5+ assists
    Win the game
    Full Story:
    Michael Jordan and "The Human Highlight Film" were responsible for perhaps the
    two greatest All-Star Game Dunk competitions in NBA history.  But they also
    delighted fans by lighting up the scoreboard in some of the most exciting games
    of the 80s and 90s.  Over his career, Jordan had three game winning shots in
    the final seconds to defeat the Hawks.  During the 1987 season, Dominique
    Wilkins went for 57 points against the Bulls and later in the season Jordan
    topped that by going for 61.  Wilkins set an  NBA record by making 23 of 23
    free throw attempts vs. the Bull in 1990.
    Wilkins was the league's last scoring leader in 1985 with 30.3 PPG before
    Jordan began his reign of seven consecutive titles.  Wilkins was named to the
    All-Star team nine times.  Prior to his final three seasons, Wilkins never
    averaged fewer than 20 points per game.  Dominique Wilkins is the NBA's 10th
    all time career scorer with 26,668 points.
    -A04.  Bad Boys
    Who: '89-'90 Bulls vs '89-'90 Pistons
    When: May 26, 1990
    Where: @ Bulls
    Context: Game 3, Eastern Conference Finals
    Notes:  Jordan showed the Pistons and the world that no defensive trategy could
    stop him for long.
    Your Challenge:
    Score 47+ points
    Record 4+ assists
    Win the game
    Full Story:
    The Bulls-Pistons rivalry had grown incredibly intense in 1990.  Two years
    before, Jordan had dropped 59 points on the Pistons in the Eastern Conference
    Semifinals.  In 1989, they met again in the Eastern Conference Finals where the
    Bulls took an early 2-1 game lead.  However, the Plstons then clamped down on
    Jordan wih the so-called "Jordan Rules" (which consisted of double and triple
    teams).  The Pistons went on to win three straight games and then their first
    NBA Championship.
    In 1991, Jordan would have his revenge.  Intead of Jordan scoring, Jordan
    picked the Pistons apart with his passing.  The Bulls would go on to deliver a
    humiliating sweep of the Detroit Pistons.  This caused Isiah Thomas to lead his
    team off the court before the final minute of the final game had concluded.
    Most of the Pistons went directly to the locker room instead of shaking hands
    with the Bulls.  The fierce rivalry would continue, but the Bulls ultimately
    dominated the 90s.
    -A05.  1991 NBA Finals
    Who: '90-'91 Bulls vs. '90-'91 Lakers
    When: June 2 thru June 12, 1991
    Where: @ Bulls and @ Lakers
    Context: NBA Finals
    Notes: Jordan silenced the doubters by coming back form a game one
    embarrassment to thrash the Lakers in these Finals.
    Your Challenge:
    Average 31+ points
    Average 55%+ from the field
    Average 11+ assists
    Win the series
    Full Story:
    After sweeping the rival Pistons, the Bulls faced the Los Angeles Lakers in the
    1991 NB Finals.  It was the first time the Bulls had reached the Finals and
    there appeared to be a letdown, getting upset in Game 1 at home.  The media
    began to spout stories of a potential Lakers weep.  This only made Jordan
    Jordan dominated Game 2 making 15-of-18 shots and dishing 13 assists.  One of
    Jordan's greatest individual plays occured when he drove the lane and went up
    for a right-handed layup.  But A.C. Green and Sam Perkins came over to block
    the shot.  Jordan, in midair, double-clutched, switched the ball to his left
    hand an laid it in.  The Bulls proceeded to steamroll the Lakers and win the
    series 4-1.
    Jordan won six NBA Championships during his career, but his reaction to the
    first was the main story of the season.  He let out all the emotion that he
    had, crying like a baby as he clutched the championship trophy.
    -A06.  The Shrug
    Who:  '91-'92 Bulls vs. '91-'92 Blazers
    When:  June 3, 1992
    Where:  @ Chicago
    Context:  Game 1, NBA Finals
    Notes:  Just to prove a point, Jordan sets the tone for the series by
    dominating the first half of this first Finals game.
    Your Challenge:
    Score 35+ points in the first half
    Make 6+ threes in the first half
    Hold Drexler to under 20 points
    Win the game
    Full Story:
    After the 1991-92 NBA season, there were some who didn't feel Jordan was
    deserving of his third MVP and that the award should have gone to Clyde Drexler
    instead.  This talk heated up when the Bulls squared off with the Trail Blazers
    in the Finals.  As most of the NBA was rapidly learning, it's not wise to anger
    Michael Jordan.
    Jordan dominated from the beginning.  He scored 35, breaking Elgin Baylor's
    record for most points in a first half in the plaoyffs (33).  After his sixth
    three-pointer (also a record), Jordan turned towards his old rival Magic
    Johnson at the broadcast table and just shrugged his shoulders.  The Bulls went
    on to deliver a huge 122-89 win over the Portland Trail Blazers.  Jordan
    averaged 35.8 points despite often being guarded head-to-head by Clyde Drexler.
    The Bulls won the series in six games to gain their second consecutive NBA
    "Going into the series, I thought Michael had 2,00 moves," Drexler said.  "I
    was wrong.  He has 3,000."
    -A07.  Double Nickel
    Who:  '94-'95 Bulls vs. '94-'95 Knicks
    When:  March 28, 2995
    Where:  @ Knicks
    Context:  Regular Season Game
    Notes:  After a sting with the bat, Jordan returns to New York to tear up the
    Knicks for 55 points and an unforgettable pass.
    Your Challenge:
    Score 55+ points
    Shoot 55%+ from the field
    Record 2+ assists
    Win the game
    Full Story:
    Following his retirement to play baseball, Jordan made his first visit to New
    York special.  He scored neary half of the Bulls' points in a 113-111 win.
    Jordan broke his own record for most points by a Knicks oponent, hitting 21 of
    37 shots from the field.
    With the game on the line, Jordan went up to shoot a jumper, but instead dished
    the ball off to an unguarded Bill Wennington for the game-winning layup.
    "Michael is proably the only player in the world who can score 55 points and
    his biggest play of the game is a pass,"  Wennington said.  "You can never
    predict what he is going to do."
    Knicks' guard John Starks had been considered one of the few players able to
    defend Michael Jordan.  However, Jordan humiliated Starks throughout the game.
    Starks was so demoralized following Wennington's basket, that he dropped an
    inbound pass and booted the ball back over the center stripe.
    Jordan later said, "I think he forgot how to play me.  I got a lot of easy
    -A08.  Father's Day Victory
    Who:  '95-'96 Bulls vs. '95-'96 Sonics
    When:  June 16, 1996
    Where:  @Bulls
    Context:  Game 6, NBA Finals
    Notes:  Michael ran the table over the entire league but this fourth title
    would prove to be just as special as his first.
    Your Challenge:
    Score 22+ points
    Grab 9+ rebounds
    Record 7+ assists
    Win the game
    Full Story:
    Michael Jordan has always had a sense for the dramatic, but his timing was
    never better than during Game 6 of the 1996 NBA Finals.
    Michael Jordan retired from basketball after his father died in 1993 and played
    minor league baseball.  He returned in 1996 hungrier than ever to make the
    Bulls the greatest team of all time.  He did just that by leading the Bulls to
    a 72-10 record, the best in the history of the NBA.
    The Bulls stampeded the competition during the playoffs and easily won their
    fourth NBA championship.  To Jordan, this one was worth so much more than the
    others.  After defeating the Sonics in Game 6, Jordan was overcome with emotion
    and crumbled to the floor remembering his father.  We were left seeing Michael
    Jordan clutching his trophy, again covered in tears.  Only this time they were
    different from the tears that fell from his eyes after his first title, these
    were for his father.
    -A09.  The Flu Game
    Who:  '96-'97 Bulls vs. '96-'97 Jazz
    When:  June 11, 1997
    Where:  @ Jazz
    Context:  Game 5, NBA Finals
    Notes:  A very ill Jordan still manages to both dominate the game and hit the
    winning shot in the last seconds of the game.
    Your Challenge:
    Score 38+ points
    Grab 7+ rebounds
    Record 5+ assists
    Win the game
    Full Story:
    Jordan had been sick for days with a stomach virus.  He was unable to even
    practice the day before Game 5 of the '97 Finals. Further weakening his
    condition, he then got food poisoning keeping him awake until four in the
    morning of game day.  Jordan was so dehydrated and dizzy that he could barely
    stand up come game time.  However, it was the Jazz who would suffer.
    Jordan played 44 minutes and scored 38 points.  He also had seven rebounds,
    five assists and three steals.  Jordan drained the game-winning three-pointer
    in the final seconds to seal the victory and Bulls ent on to win Game 6 to
    claim their fifth NBA Title.
    Jordan, talking to the media after the game, was quoted as saying, "We wanted
    it real bad."
    "I've never seen Michael as sick as he was, to the point where I didn't think
    he was going to be able to put his uniform on," said teammate Scottie Pippen.
    "The effort he came out and showed us was incredible.  He's not only the
    greatest player ever, but the greatest leader ever."
    -A10.  Michael's Last Dance
    Who:  '97-'98 Bulls vs. '97-'98 Jazz
    When:  June 14, 1998
    Where:  @ Jazz
    Context:  Game 6, NBA Finals
    Notes:  With one final resounding shot, Jordan seals both his legacy and the
    fate of the Jazz's championship hopes.
    Your Challenge:
    Score 45+ points
    Get 4+ steals
    Record 1+ assist
    Win the game
    Full Story:
    The Bulls were facing the Jazz for the second consecutive time in the Finals.
    The Bulls were up in the series 3-2, but Game 6 and 7 would be in Utah.  The
    Bulls had never allowed a series to go seven games, so a victory was
    With Scottie Pippen's back ailing, the Bulls were forced to rely almost
    entirely on Jordan.  In his final game as a Bull, Jordan put the team on his
    back one last time and scored 45 points, including the game-winning jumper to
    give the Bulls their sixth in eight years.
    The Pose, as it came to be known, had everything.  Down by 1 with 17 seconds
    left and the Jazz with possession, Game 7 seemed inevitable.  Then, Jordan
    stole the ball from Karl Malone, drove to the 3-point line, crossed over Byron
    Russell and hit a 20-foot jump shot with just 5.2 seconds left on the clock.
    "He wouldn't let us lose,"  said Bulls coach Phil Jackson.  "If this is to be
    his last game, he left us all with a performance to remember.  He's the
    greatest player ever, and this proves it."
    B.  Tricks to beating the Challenges
    -B01.  Scoring Points
    In all of the challenges, you have to score some points.  This is important, if
    you want to win the challenges.  There are four main ways to do this easily:
    pick-n-roll, calling plays, isolation, and coast-to-coast.
    1.  Pick-N-Roll:  This method is quite simple.  You substitue Jordan in at
    Center or Power Forward, and call a pick-n-roll play.  It helps if you
    substitute Jordan in against the weaker defender of the bigs.  Then, call the
    pick-n-roll using a good passer against the weakest available perimeter
    Sometimes, you may get issues with spacing, using this method.  That is, you do
    not clear out the help big man well enough to create space to get to the
    bucket.  In these cases, you have a few alternatives:  call an iso prior to
    calling for the pick-n-roll, OR you can sub your passer in against the big that
    gives you problems, OR you can sub in a three point shooter against the big
    that gives you problems, thus pulling them further away from the basket that
    I hope the pick-n-roll serves you well.  I abused it in order to beat the
    scoring challenges.  As pick-n-rolls develop so fast, they're a weapon of
    choice, considering that the quarters are only 8 minutes long, unless you EDIT
    the minutes!  (more details on that in section D of this FAQ.)
    2.  Calling Plays:  If you are hard-core enough, you might feel that you need
    to call plays, that set a screen, and have players running all over the place,
    all for the purpose of giving the ball to Michael.  If that floats your boat,
    then fine.  Several of the plays they have for Michael in the game are ISOs,
    though, or pick-n-rolls with Pippen.  Don't say that you weren't warned!  Also,
    it is more than just doing effective plays, your time is limited, and you have
    to score mass numbers, of points, so make sure that you use quick-hitting
    plays, not something that requires 5 screens and 4 passes, just to get into
    3.  Isolation:  If you just want to give the ball to Michael, and tell everyone
    else to get out of his way, then this is your Doug Collins play-call style,
    reincarnate!  Give the ball to Michael, and ISO.  You can drive left, drive 
    right, pull-up, or do whatever it takes to shake your man enough to create
    enough space.  Except for the very earliest version of Jordan, all of the
    others have his mid-range Jumper that is like Butter.  Take advantage of it.
    4.  Coast-to-Coast:  If you like isolation, then you'll love coast-to-coast.
    Basically, why bother giving the ball to Michael in the halfcourt, when you can
    give it to him in the fullcourt?  Give the ball to Mike, and by the time his
    man comes out to meet him in the quarter-court, you may already have a full
    head of steam to blow by for the dunk, or you can force the tempo, and get
    upcourt before the defense can get fully set-up, thus exploiting a mismatch in
    the transition.
    -B02.  Getting Assists
    Assists are not that complicated.  You never really have to get that many.  As
    most of the challenges require Jordan to score a sizable amount of points, the
    ball is probably in his hands, most of the time.  In this case, you may get
    double-teamed from time to time.  If you're on point with your icon passing,
    then you welcome the double teams, and use them to get your other shooters
    opportunities.  If you find passing out of double-teams a bit harsh, then
    set up pick-n-rolls instead.  You'll find that Grant, Rodman, and Pippen are
    excellent finishers on the roll, allowing you to easily roll up your assist
    So, in summary, think of two things:  (1) pass out of the double team, and (2)
    use pick-n-rolls. 
    -B03.  Getting Rebounds
    Rebounds were frustrating--at first.  I figured out Rebounds.  Rebounds are
    easy now.  Here is the rebounding secret:  substitute Jordan in at whichever
    position has the least dominant big-man rebounder.  That is, versus the Jazz,
    sub Jordan in at Center.  I did the same thing versus the Sonics.  Then, you
    control the other big man on your own team yourself, and leave Jordan to CPU
    control.  Instead of using Rodman or Longley to rebound, you use them to box
    out the pesky Malones and Kemps of the world who try to steal all your
    rebounds, giving Jordan an opportunity to get some boards.  As Malone is really
    the only player on the Jazz that goes down low a lot, boxing him out really
    helps out your rebound opportunities.  The Sonic have Perkins or somebody like
    that who likes to pop threes, but they rebound poorly, so it gives Jordan some
    -B04.  Getting Steals
    Steals were the most difficult thing for me.   
    I had several strategies:
    (1) passing lanes
    (2) guard the PG
    (3) steal from the big
    (4) trap
    (5) press
    These hadn't worked out for me so far,  mainly because Stockton's ball handling
    is so good, and Malone gets rid of it so fast after he gets it.  Also, it's not
    just about creating steals, it's about creating steals for Mike.
    I wanted to force the ball out of Stockton's hands, and get someone else
    passing it, and try to get a pick off.
    Anyway, those were all of my struggles, and you probably could care less about
    those.  You might want to know how I got past the steals, don't you?
    Well, I did two things:
    (1)  Press
    (2)  Slow Down the Timing
    This was the full court press strategy:
    After a score, and the full court press would set-up, I would control Jordan,
    who was guarding Hornacek.  I would sag off Hornacek, and bait the pass, then
    lunge for it, to get the interception.
    This was the half court press strategy:
    After a score, I would set up the half court press.  I would control Jordan,
    who was assigned to guard Stockton.  I would defend Stockton at the inbound, so
    that the ball would be passed to Hornacek, instead.  After crossing halfcourt,
    Hornacek would want to pass the ball back to Stockton, and I could intercept it
    In general, it was about passing lanes, as it was darned-right difficult to rip
    Stockton, or interecept his post entry passes, and most other players on the
    team didn't waste dribbles or make too many bad passes that I could easily pick
    Slowing down the timing:
    In (Options > My NBA Settings > Gameplay) you can adjust the game speed.
    I set it to 0.  It was like playing in slow motion.  As cutting off a pass for
    the steal is all about reaction speed, slowing down the time gives me a
    fighting change to actually get the steals.  Even with slowing down the timing,
    I could not rip Stockton.  I could rip Russell, or someone else, but it was
    very rare for someone other than Stockton to be dribbling the ball, as they
    were trying to play smart.
    -B05.  Stopping a scorer
    In order to stop a scorer, you have to dedicate two defenders to them.  My
    personal preference is to let anyone else shoot EXCEPT the person who I am
    trying to stop.  In order to best faciliate this, you need to know what
    strategies they are using to get points, and then how best to stop those
    Here are the CPU's top scoring strategies for Wilkins and Drexler:
    (1) cherrypicking
    (2) screens
    (3) alley-oops
    (4) transition
    (1) cherrypicking:
    You might wonder what this is.  Basically, cherrypicking is when a player on
    the defense immediately sprints down to the offensive end after a shot attempt,
    in hopes that upon the miss, they will be alone for easy points on the other
    Drexler probably abuses this the most, due to the fact that the Blazers are a
    high tempo team. Irregardless, you have to be wary of it, and defend against
    Most importantly, you have to consider that you don't want Jordan at the same
    position as the cherry picker, as Jordan usually has to score quite a bit of
    points himself, making him prone to getting picked on.  Also, you want your
    fastest non-Jordan players at point guard and shooting guard, to increase the
    chances that somebody gets back there, to stop the cherrypicking madness on the
    defensive end.
    Once Jordan gets his scoring objectives, feel free to switch him to the same
    position as the cherrypicker, and then use Pippen, etc. to score freely.
    Jordan can keep up with Drexler in the transition easily, but if he's shooting,
    then that bit of a gap is all Drexler needs to be dunking on the other end
    before Jordan lands good.
    (2) screens
    The CPU likes to run plays with some type of screening action, that picks off a
    man, and gets them free.  Wilkins and Drexler both like to do this a lot.  My
    only advice with regards to this is that you need to guard them with two
    players:  (a) their assigned man, and (b) the help man.
    If their assigned man is about to hit a pick, you need to see that, and sag off
    as appropriately, to give their man a chance to catch up.  If they may be about
    to shoot anyway, then you need to switch, so that you can contest the shot.
    When a human contests the shot, it seems to affect the shot more than when a
    CPU does it.  If you can contest with more than one player, that helps too.
    (3) alley-oops
    My mind cannot erase the imagery of Dominique Wilkins going up for an 'oop from
    Spud Webb.  The best thing you can do to prevent this is, like before, always
    have an eye out for them.  If you're supposed to be stopping Wilkins and
    Drexler from scoring, even if you're on the PG with the ball, you need to be
    watching where they run to, and what picks they're coming off, so you
    can anticipate to be in that direction, to help out.  The screening action
    preceding the oop attempt is easy to spot, so once you see it, you need to
    sag back deep, to encourage the guard to shoot instead of pass.  Remember that
    Spud or Porter going off for 35 isn't going to make you lose the challenge.
    (4) transition
    Clyde and Dominique wouldn't just hurt you on a cherrypick, or half-court
    offense, they'd also hurt you when you were still getting set-up on the
    defensive end.  The best favor you can do yourself on the defensive end is to
    switch over to the PG as quickly as possible, giving your team a chance to
    set-up as they need to.  As I play on the broadcast cam, I can't see the entire
    defensive set-up until the ball comes up the court, so they can get in best
    position if I'm not moving them around.  As always, your eye needs to be on
    Drexler and Wilkins, for anything they might be doing.  Ignore the PG, as Spud
    and Porter scoring 30 isn't going to break the challenge for you, but if
    Drexler or Wilkins go off, it wastes your time, if you have to repeat the game.
    Keep that in mind.
    -B06.  Shooting Threes
    Well, with regards to shooting six threes, the main thing that I found with it
    is that on Pro difficulty, I shot between 20-33% from downtown using Jordan.
    Based on that, I jacked up a lot of shots, as fast as I could, and I had the
    six 3's in the first quarter, going something like 7 for 23 or something weak
    like that.  I am not sure there is much else to it other than just getting up
    enough attempts.
    You want to do it as fast as possible, of course, so you have a chance to play
    "normally" LOL.  Be VERY careful with doing this, if you have not accounted for
    who will guard Drexler, while Jordan is busy jacking up shots.  I'm sure that
    Drexler gets a break attempt for every two quick shot attempts, so keep in mind
    who is going to guard Drexler, with every attempt that you make.
    C.  Which challenges did I find most difficult, and why?
    -C01.  The Arrival
    This challenge was difficult, mainly because of a few things:
    (1) There was no Scottie Pippen, to help take the pressure off Mike.
    (2) I hadn't started using the Pick-N-Roll that much yet.
    (3) The Celtics do not make it easy to score.  Without pick-n-roll, it is very
    difficult to score almost two points a minute on these guys as a team, LET
    alone with only one player. (8 minute quarters x 4 = 32, and you're required to
    score 63, which is one less than twice 32, which is 64, so you basically have
    to score 2 points a minute).  My greatest friends versus the Celtics were
    pick-n-roll, iso, cherry picking, and coast-to-coast.  Not much time to talk
    and make friends, I'm too busy trying to make a bucket a minute, LOL.
    -C02.  The Shrug
    What makes this challenge difficult was stopping Drexler:  the cherrypicking
    and transition offense master.  Oh yeah, Drexler could shoot also.  The closest
    comparison was that he was another Jordan out there, excepting that he was not
    as defensively skilled and did not shoot as well as Jordan, but he represented 
    a great danger to the defense, you can be sure of that.  Just popping the
    threes was nothing.  Jack up enough shots, and some of them are bound to fall.
    The true challenge here was holding down Drexler, who was more dangerous than
    'Nique, at least to me, because of the high tempo offense of the Blazers.
    -C03.  The Flu Game
    What made this challenging was that Mike seemed to fatique faster than normal
    in this game, probably due to the flu simulation.  You'd be dunking on people
    one minute, and two minutes later, you're getting rejected.  Aside from that
    frustration, you had to deal with trying to get those rebounds.  Luckily, I
    figured out the key was boxing out Malone.  But, if I hadn't figured that out,
    maybe I'd still be struggling on this one.
    -C04.  Michael's Last Dance
    What made this challenging was the steals.  I had tried tons of things, as
    detailed earlier in this FAQ, but none of them worked.  Fortunately, I was able
    to slow down time, and press to get the ball out of Stockton's hands to get
    some steals from other people's poor passing.
    D.  Power Tips
    -D01.  Editing Minutes
    If you want to edit your minutes, you need a couple of things:
    (1) How to get 12 Minute Quarters in Jordan Challenge Mode:
    (2) An Example of how to edit the memory of your game
    -D02.  http://nba-live.com/forums
    This site, NBA Live Series Center, has provided a wealth of information to me.
    It was originally created to follow NBA Live, but you live and your learn,
    They provide a wealth of tutorials and knowledge that can make your gaming
    experience better.  Note that the links posted under "D01" came from
    -D03.  http://2ksports.com/forums
    This site is by 2K sports itself.  There is a good bit of knowledge to be
    found in these forums, also.  This is often the first place people go, when
    seeking answers to questions about the game.
    E.  Why did I write this FAQ?
    -E01.  To ease boredom
    I'm currently at home on vacation from work.  The game came out on the 5th,
    didn't have work to do, and my place was already clean.  I did not have any
    appointments scheduled, or library books to read.  So, I bought the game, and
    played through the mode, and wrote a FAQ.
    -E02.  To have fun
    The game was hyped for months, leading up to its release.  It is amazing that
    they can actually do so much to improve a game, just from last year, when we
    have mostly recycled junk coming from another un-named gaming company.
    -E03.  To help others
    I was having issues with the Jordan Challenge at first.  I searched for answers
    to my questions, and could not find them on the internet.  I figured that I
    would share my answers. Considering the game's street release date was two days
    ago (October 5, 2010), many might do well to see this FAQ.
    F.  Thanks
    Thanks to everyone who reads the FAQ, and gets something from it.  And, if you
    want to thank me for it, I can only say "You're Welcome".

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