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"Death for darksiders?"

I was really looking forward to this as I expected they would only improve it over the first one. At the end of the day, this is a big disappointment. They tried a bit too hard I think. The addition of multiples of items that get picked up every five minutes, really cheapens the concept of extra armour. In the original darksiders, new armour for War was very cool. In this game it is just "Meh, whatever".

Then there is the horse. In the first game it was pretty interesting when you got to ride the horse for a bit. Now in darksiders 2, riding the horse is boring. As well as actually riding the horse being boring, it results in the areas being boring. You end up with a few large plains, with some dungeons dotted around the place. This actually polarises the game between horse bits and dungeons. It takes the intrigue out of world exploration as you know what to expect.

Due to the drawbacks of these elements of the game, I decided to set it to easy so I could go through the game easily and quickly. but they couldn't even get that right. I ended up going up against a boss who my zombie decoys died against in 3 seconds so I couldn't distract him, I was hardly taking any health off him and got completely slaughtered. On easy.

There is of course the existence of bonus items. The limited edition gives a really powerful weapon, but this just makes the weapons you pick up useless. It takes out any sense of reward for collecting stuff, not that there would be anyway since the game throws stuff at you. It seems backwards, when you really need some health you just can't seem to pick any up. When you don't need health it gets thrown at you. It's just all really, really wrong.

I haven't even mentioned the poor level design. I simply cannot imagine how the game designers failed to notice that their volcano was moving from one side of the temple to the opposite side. The art design of the environments is bad, with overlapping textures causing a horrible flickering effect, some places there are glaring gaps in the geometry so you can see through to the other side. The general art direction is very clumsy with many areas just being very difficult to figure out and resulting in a mess of clutter.

Initial art design and concept design seems like it must be good, but the end result is a bit of a mess in places.

A lot of the sound is very nice, but can be too noisy at times. The music has some really nice melodies that remind me of a lot of gaming classics.

Game play:-
Starts off fluid, gets repetitive then enemies start to increase in number and become so relentless that the whole thing becomes a mess. Best part of the game play is the environment based puzzles. These can be very enjoyable.

The story is rather barren. there is a lot of potential for a rich story with a few characters that could be fleshed out much more.
Instead it boils down to a few fetch quests with a little embellishment.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/06/12

Game Release: Darksiders II (Limited Edition) (EU, 08/21/12)

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