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Reviewed: 08/05/13

Thus with Death came life.

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When Darksiders released back in 2010, it was the game everyone was talking about. It had elements of games like God of War, and The Legend of Zelda, but still had enough in it to make it feel original. Darksiders II was one of the most anticipated games of E3 2012, so does it live up to the hype? Well, almost but not quite. There are many elements of Darksiders II that are fantastic and some that just aren't.

Story: 9/10

Despite it having two in the title Darksiders II is not a sequel to the first game, it actually takes place during the first games story. War has been imprisoned by the Charred Council for triggering the apocalypse and dooming all of mankind. Though many think War is guilty and that he deserves to be imprisoned, there is one that does not, one that wants to save his brother no matter what the cost. War's brother Death, believes that he is innocent and is willing to do anything to prove it, even resurrecting the human race. Though during his quest Death's motives are questioned, as to if what he is doing is truly the right thing to do and then he must choose. Darksiders II's story is dark at times but it also has some cheery moments to it, which is odd for a main character by the name of Death, but I still like it. It tells the story of Death caring about his brother so much that he would bring back mankind and it is very entertaining, and overall a great story.

Graphics: 7.5/10

Darksiders II looks great in many areas, but most environments are better from a distance then they are close up. The opening level is absolutely beautiful, but most levels after that feel a little bit dummed down graphically. It's not like it has Wii graphics or anything, it's just that they look a little out of place when you look at the opening level and compare it to the rest of the game. Now character models look more cartoon like then they did in the first game, now I liked this but some people might not like the graphical change from the original game.

Music: 8/10

Darksiders II's music is really good, especially during boss fights. The music out of battle is calm and cool, but when you enter into battle it quickly changes to awesome sounding music. And during boss fights the music goes from awesome to fantastic, however the only downside is that music is recycled a lot throughout the game. In each area you go to the music is different but when you fight enemies the music is mostly the same. No, big deal at all, but still.

Gameplay: 8/10

Darksiders II's gameplay is VERY different from the first Darksiders. It's still a Hack and Slash game, but it has different aspects of gameplay then the first, such as there being many more RPG elements. Which someone like myself loves, you can put RPG elements in just about any type of game and it fits in perfectly.

The game has a a leveling up system, which I like because you can't just go from one boss to the next or you are going to have a hard time defeating them. When you level up all of your stats increase, your health, strength etc...And it is a nice change of pace from the usual, kill these enemies to get orbs, which I like but it's still cool. There is also a loot system, when you kill an enemy they will drop gold, you no longer exchange souls to Vulgrim, which means you can sleep better at night not feeling like a jerk. Death can also be customized, with armor, different weapons, amulets and much more. Also enemies will occasionally drop gear such as weapons and armor, and a feature that I absolutely love is that you can equip the gear dropped instantly all it takes is a push of a button. Death has two different weapons, a small and a heavy weapon his small weapon is his scythes and his heavy weapon could be a giant axe, or hammer. But if you're not one for the slow and powerful weapon, Death's secondary weapon can be claws that deal low damage, but are very fast. And that is one of the games biggest strengths is that it gives you many options.

You also no longer collect green souls to heal yourself, you now use potions like a normal RPG. Which in my opinion is better because all it takes is pushing the left button on the D-Pad to use a potion, and that can be really handy in an intense boss fight. Speaking of boss fights lets get to them, the only way I can describe them is, that they are fricking epic! While I loved the first Darksiders I hated the boss fights. Though each one was different, their fights seemed repetitive after a while and were boring to me. But Darksiders II has a unique boss fight every time and each one is challenging in it's own way. Sometimes you will fight a colossal boss and sometimes you will fight bosses around Death's size, but it doesn't matter how big they are, because they are all fun. Also you have platforming and climbing parts of the game as well, in some puzzles Death will have climb a wall and then wall run to get to the next spot and then have to use an item like Death Grip (which lets you pull things to Death or pull Death closer), to reach the higher spot.

Darkesiders II also has puzzles and this is one of my quarrels with the game. I liked the puzzles and all, but some of them just get repetitive. Find the bomb, throw it on the object, and then shoot. I liked it the first few times, but it got old really quickly. One of my biggest problems with the game is that, while I love the story, gameplay, and the boss fights. Most of the game is fetch quests, go get three of this thing and then bring it back to me. There is even one mission where you are ordered to bring three soldiers to their king and on that mission the soldier wants you to find three lost souls and then he would go with you. It gets a little ridiculous at times.

But above all else there are MANY game breaking glitches. One in particular where you need to ride this golem and get him to a certain spot to continue the quest. But while attacking enemies I got him stuck on a pile of debris and there was no way to get him off of it. There for no way to continue the game. So I had to delete my new game plus and start all over again. So be on the lookout for game breaking glitches like this and definitely download the patch to be on the safe side.

Verdict: 8/10

Darksiders II is a truly epic game, while the quests can get repetitive it's always fun to slay demons, golems, and more. The game breaking glitches are something you need to watch out for, but if you can make it past one level (which is where they all occur) you are, to my knowledge, completely safe. If you played the first Darksiders don't expect Darksiders II to be like the first, really they feel like to completely different games, which is not a bad thing. Both are great in there own way, but please have fun Darksiders II, because odds are that Darksiders III, will never see the light of day.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Darksiders II (US, 08/14/12)

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