Destroy Malevolence minikits?

  1. Where are the minikits for Destroy Malevolence level? I have gotten 4 of the Sith washing machines, can't find the 5th. I also don't understand what the minikit is where you fight against Grievous.

    User Info: Talaeladar

    Talaeladar - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The 1st is at the beginning through the door where you need a clone trooper to open it.
    The 2nd is where the trains run, at the first switch for R2 you need to fly over at the door with a switch for C-3PO. The washing maching is at the front of the door.
    The 3rd is at the end of the train part, you need to disassemble the train to get over the rails. Don't go up the ramp but instead fly over to yourself and you'll hit another platform were the washing machine is.
    The 4th is at the battle with General Grievous in the middle.
    The 5th you can find on the Bridge were you need to change course into the moon.

    The minikit where you fight with General Grievous is you need to disable the Destroyer Droid's shield and then throw him at General Grievous. Do this 5 times.

    User Info: Revanchist84

    Revanchist84 - 6 years ago 0 0

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