Where are the Tomes in Forbidden Knowledge?

  1. Working of the Forbidden Knowledge quests, and wondering if anyone knows where the tomes are? I found one in the Dalish Camp but after that nothing.

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    Upstart25 - 6 years ago

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  1. Two books are in Kirkwall.

    1) is in the vicounts keep, it the throne room to the left as you exit his office before you go over to the stairs that lead down to the guard area. Its on a bench to the left.
    2) In the Chantry up the stairs on the left side on a table on the left side of the cubby.
    3) Is in the "Dank Cave" on the Wounded Cost trail -easy way to find it is right after the second sigin fire spot to the SW of that spot.
    4) Is by the NW exit to the Sundermount area west of the Dalish camp just called the cave.
    5) Is at the Bone Pit, its all the way as far NW as you can go "Rotting Cave" or some such.

    Then head to Darktown and find the Forgotten Lar, I think its the same enterence as the Gallows Dungon or the sanctuary from Act 1. There will be a marker.

    You must destroy the 5 books and read the forbidden grimorie to get the stat boost and make the demon appear (don't know if the demon will appear if you just destroy the book are not but hey 2 free points for stats is always good, so read the book and kill the demon) and collect the trophy. On to the next task.

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  1. There is another forbidden tome in Vigil's keep. You go straight through the big doors on the far side of the entrance. The third is located in the Chantry. It's all the way up on your left when you first enter the building.

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  2. There are 5 tomes.

    So I assume you've found the one inside a cave, on Sundermount.

    There's one in the Chantry,
    one in the Viscount's Keep (not Vigil's Keep), in the throne room,
    one in a cave at the Bone Pit,
    one in a cave at the Wounded Coast,

    and the last one will appear in Darktown, after you've destroyed all the others.
    In order to complete the quest, you must destroy all of the tomes.

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  3. I'm sorry, that makes 6 tomes.

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  4. Another thing, don't bring Merril with you on this quest, because destroying the tomes will increase your rivalry with her. Unless you want that of course.

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