Evil Tome Locations?

  1. Does anyone know/remember where all the evil tomes are? I cant seem to ever find the last one to finish the quest line.

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    GGuyer - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. just did this last night.

    Two books are in Kirkwall.

    1) is in the vicounts keep, it the throne room to the left as you exit his office before you go over to the stairs that lead down to the guard area. Its on a bench to the left.
    2) In the Chantry up the stairs on the left side on a table on the left side of the cubby.
    3) Is in the "Dank Cave" on the Wounded Cost trail -easy way to find it is right after the second sigin fire spot to the SW of that spot.
    4) Is by the NW exit to the Sundermount area west of the Dalish camp just called the cave.
    5) Is at the Bone Pit, its all the way as far NW as you can go "Rotting Cave" or some such.

    Then head to Darktown and find the Forgotten Lar, I think its the same enterence as the Gallows Dungon or the sanctuary from Act 1. There will be a marker.

    You must destroy the 5 books and read the forbidden grimorie to get the stat boost and make the demon appear (don't know if the demon will appear if you just destroy the book are not but hey 2 free points for stats is always good, so read the book and kill the demon) and collect the trophy. On to the next task.

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Other Answers

  1. I'm not sure if you need to do anything before you start, you may need to get the book in the chantry first to start the quest.

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  2. Additional info just do one of the main quests first then you can find the books, they only 'appear' after a main quest is finished. I would still get the two in Kirkwall first I don't know if you can get to the caves otherwise. But, the Kirkwall one are easy just laying there waiting for you the rip'em up. Oh and if you are working on friendship/romance with Merrill do not have her with you as destorying the books casues rivalry with her

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  3. I had no idea how many books I'd destroyed, so I was trying to revisit the locations to check - it seems the Dank Cave in the Wounded Coast stops existing once you've destroyed the tome, which means I was wandering back and forth wondering why I could only find four locations. It doesn't help that the final quest destination is back in the city, in a much re-used location (now labelled 'Evil Pit' on the map) and once you've destroyed the 5th book it does little to indicate you've progressed the quest to that stage.

    So if you're like me, you could have finished it and not noticed. By this point I've started and finished so many quests I just haven't got a clue what most of the markers are.

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  4. Kirkwall
    The Chantry
    Viscount's Keep

    Free Marches
    *listed as: Main Area - cave within area where Tome is located
    The Bone Pit - Cave
    Sundermount - Recently Opened Passage
    Wounded Coast - Dank Cave

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