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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Axel7174

    Version: 1.15 | Updated: 06/22/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    | inFamous 2 Guide            |
    | Created by: Axel7174        |
    | FAQ and Walkthrough         |
    | Copyright 2011 Ryne Gardner |
    Version History
    Version 1.05 - 5/24/11 - 6/12/11
    --Complete walkthrough is up. All Good Missions and choices are accounted for.
    Some of the Evil missions are also included but most of the Evil stuff is being
    worked on. Most of the sections are done already too. Still kinda rough with
    fixes, edits, and additions soon to come.
    Version 1.10 - 6/15/11
    --First update. The Evil side missions and relevant choices are all included.
    Started added the Dead Drops; still working on the rest. Made a few minor
    revisions to some strategies and missions. I also performed a much needed
    spellcheck. Last but not least, first submission added! That's all for now. More
    to come, including the UGC stuff hopefully soon.
    Version 1.15 - 6/22/11
    --Phew. It's tough to work on updates when there's too many other things to do
    or take care of. Well, anyway, got a few small updates. I started the UGC
    section. Not sure I feel comfortable with it yet, but it's still in progress so
    I might fix it up later. I finished the Dead Drops and I also added a completely
    new section for miscellaneous stuff like Easter Eggs, Tips, and XP grinding.
    Most of this new section isn't ready yet but it will be added in the days to
    come. Ahh... I'm tired. Good night. Zzzzz....
    The electricity puns start here! Table of contents to follow.
    Section I - Introduction........................................... [itro]
     Subsec a - About This Guide
     Subsec b - Using This Guide
    Section II - The Basics............................................ [bc00]
      Subsec a - Controls.............................................. [bc01]
      Subsec b - So What's New?........................................ [bc02]
      Subsec c - InFamous Trophy Data Import........................... [bc03]
      Subsec d - The Karma System...................................... [bc04]
      Subsec e - Cole's Powers......................................... [bc05]
    Section III - inFamous 2 Walkthrough............................... [in00]
       Subsec a - Prologue - The Fate of Empire City................... [in01]
       Subsec b - 1500 Miles Away...................................... [in02]
       Subsec c - 1132 Miles Away...................................... [in03]
       Subsec d - 1067 Miles Away...................................... [in04]
       Subsec e - 731 Miles Away....................................... [in05]
       Subsec f - 353 Miles Away....................................... [in06]
       Subsec g - 124 Miles Away....................................... [in07]
       Subsec h - The Beast is in New Marais........................... [in08]
       Subsec i - The Showdown......................................... [in09]
    Section IV - User Generated Content................................ [uc00]
      Subsec a - What Is it?........................................... [uc01]
      Subsec b - Creation Tools........................................ [uc02]
      Subsec c - Some Basic Tips....................................... [uc03]
    Section V - Extras................................................. [ex00]
     Subsec a - Dead Drop Locations.................................... [ex01]
     Subsec b - Tips and More.......................................... [ex02]
     Subsec b - Trophies............................................... [ex03]
    Section VI - Miscellaneous......................................... [misl]
      Subsec a - Frequently Asked Questions............................ [fak4u]
      Subsec b - Contact Info
      Subsec c - Credits/Special Thanks
      Subsec d - Legal Jive
                                  |     INFAMOUS 2     |
               | Section I | Introduction |                        [itro] |
    Axel7174 here to bring you this guide for inFamous 2, the highly anticipated
    sequel to Sucker Punch's big new IP from 2009. It can certainly be said that
    Sucker Punch... shocked gamers everywhere with inFamous (bad pun count: 1). And
    that is the reason why I, among many others am very eager to see just what
    inFamous 2 has in store for us.
    If you're here, I assume you've come to get some form of help. Whether you are
    here for a full walkthrough, or just to pick up a few tips to get by difficult
    parts, don't worry, I'm hoping to provide as much help as possible. I may not be
    perfect, but I try to do what I can. So without any further delay, let's get
    About This Guide
    Well, again, welcome to the guide. If you've ever read any of my other guides,
    particularly recent ones, or have e-mailed me this year, you probably know that
    I've not updated or worked on anything in a long, long time. In fact, inFamous 2
    marks my first guide of 2011! Wow. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood was the last
    one, which is almost six months ago!
    Why you might ask? Well the short answer is college. I've been trying to just
    focus 100% on school lately and getting my work done so that has taken much of
    my time. Apologies to everyone who waited a long time for their tips or
    strategies to be added to my older guides. I'm only just now getting caught up
    on updating everything.
    So I'm very happy to say I can finally work on a new guide. The first of a few
    this year, I hope. For this guide, I'm trying to give a good, detailed, and
    friendly guide that will hopefully serve its purpose in helping any inFamous
    Using This guide
    Navigating around this guide is really easy. Really! The table of contents is
    above (can't miss it!) and most of the items in that index have little codes
    called quickjumps. Put those codes into the ctrl+f function of your browser to
    jump around from section to section. Additionally, use ctrl+f to search for
    specific keywords in the guide.
    When it comes to questions and submissions, I implore you to please read the
    Miscellaneous section of the guide at the end. This has Frequently Asked
    Questions so you can see if your question is already answered. If it's not, feel
    free to e-mail me. Also, for submissions, please read my guidelines before
    doing so, found in the Contact Info subsection.
                                  |     INFAMOUS 2     |
               | Section II | Basics |                             [bc00] |
    This section will introduce some of the elementary parts of the game, from the
    control scheme, to a look at Cole's moves and abilities, and also, a preview of
    some of the new features added since inFamous 1.
     Controls                     [bc01]
    |Button             |Action                     |
    |Start              |Pause Menu                 |
    |Select             |Map                        |
    |Left Analog Stick  |Move Cole                  |
    |Right Analog Stick |Camera control             |
    |L3                 |Ping radar                 |
    |R3                 |Alternate aiming hand      |
    |L1                 |Aim                        |
    |L2                 |(hold) Electric Drain      |When Aiming with L1  |
    |R1                 |Interact                   |Bolt powers          |
    |R2                 |Misc Powers                |Lightning Tether     |
    |Triangle           |View/Look/Finisher         |Rocket powers        |
    |Square             |Amp attack                 |Grenade powers       |
    |X/Cross            |Jump/Climb                 |Blast powers         |
    |Circle             |Roll/Use cover             |
    |D-Pad Left         |(Hold) Quick Power Switch  |
    |D-Pad Right        |Powers Menu                |
    |D-Pad Down         |Use Ionic Powers           |
     So What's New?               [bc02]
    A new installment brings a plethora of new changes, additions, and modifications
    to the inFamous world. Here's a look and brief breakdown of some of the new
    features in inFamous 2. Please note this is just a brief overview of the new
    stuff, not an in-depth look at the features. For more info, check out the
    subsequent sections.
    - inFamous 1 Data Import -
    The first inFamous was incredible. It was a journey that had two possible
    endings, with Cole ending up on one of two possible paths. With inFamous 2, you
    have the option to import Trophy data from inFamous 1 and reap some rewards in
    inFamous 2. Read the NEXT section for all the details!
    - The Amp -
    Cole's new melee attacks utilize his amp weapon. Strike a punishing blow this
    using the Square button. He can do several repeated attacks in a row for small
    combos. This builds up Cole's "combo gauge". When it is half full, there are
    Triangle prompts for finishing moves to quickly dispatch foes. He can upgrade
    this to add even more finishers for when it is completely full. For those who
    preferred Cole still use his fists, you'll find that this new melee weapon is
    more than... amp-le. Ha! (bad pun count: 2)
    - New Parkour Abilities -
    You can now climb, traverse, and get around much quicker in New Marais. From the
    start, Cole can use Vertical Launch Poles to shoot up the sides of buildings.
    He can also eventually learn to hover longer, get jumping boosts, and one that
    even lets him do a Spider-Man impersonation. Check these out in the "Other" part
    of the below Cole's Powers section.
    - Customizable Powers -
    Many of Cole's core powers from the main game now have several alternate
    versions, each with distinct properties. You're able to change from one version
    to another on the fly. This provides you with a strategic advantage, allowing
    you to adjust to certain situations with the correct type of power, or just
    choose the one you like best. Again, you can find out more about this in the
    following Powers section.
    - User Generated Content -
    Want to get more bang for your buck? You can with the User Generated Content
    portion of inFamous 2. Play custom missions made by your fellow gamers or
    better yet, make your own for others to play! Let your imagination be your
    guide and play with the tools and make your mark on the inFamous world! This
    has a whole section briefly dedicated to some of the finer points of the UGC
    and its tools. As of this writing, it is still in progress.
     inFamous Trophy Data Import  [bc03]
    Did you play the original inFamous? Did you beat it on both Karmic sides? Did
    you collect most of the Blast Shards? Well, now inFamous 2 has a way for you
    to redeem your efforts from the first game.
    When you start up inFamous 2, you will be given the option to import your TROPHY
    data from the first game. You can get extra battery cores, XP, and even one
    boost in karma level for the start of the game! Sweet! These will be your
    choices when you start up the game:
    Continue your Infamous 1 Story (Good Karma)
    Continue your Infamous 1 Story (Evil Karma)
    Start A New Game
    And below I listed the accomplishments from Infamous 1 and how they reward you
    in Infamous 2. *NOTE*: I am not 100% sure about the Infamous 1 Trophies
    required for the first two bonuses. They might be wrong. It's quite vague what
    the accomplishment is.
    |Accomplishment              |Trophy Name (inFamous 1) |Reward in inFamous 2|
    |Reach full "Good" Karma     |Goody Two Shoes          |Start at first level|
    |                            |                         |of "Good" Karma     |
    |Reach full Evil Karma       |Truly Infamous           |Start at first level|
    |                            |                         |of Evil Karma       |
    |Collected 25% of all Blast  |Junior Geologist         |Start with 1 extra  |
    |Shards                      |                         |Battery Core        |
    |Collected 50% of all Blast  |Member of the Mineral    |Start with 2 extra  |
    |Shards                      |Club                     |Battery Cores       |
    |Beat the game               |Good Finish/Evil Finish  |Start with 1000 XP  |
    |Good/Evil Decisions         |Good/Evil decision       |Dialogue in game    |
    |                            |trophies (Good/Evil Riot,|changes based on    |
    |                            |Good/Evil Train, etc.)   |these decisions     |
    Let me emphasize that you just need the TROPHIES, and do not need actual save
    data, so as long as you still have your PSN account with your Trophies tied to
    it, you don't even need to be on the same PS3 that you got them with.
     The Karma System             [bc04]
    If you're not familiar with the Karma system in Infamous, here's a little
    In the top-left corner of the screen is your Karma meter. The top part
    represents the Hero portion, while the bottom is obviously for Evil. Your
    actions in New Marais will be reflected in your Karma. Almost anything you do
    can award you Karma points. These are different from XP points. Karma points
    will raise or lower your Karma, making you progressively more Heroic or
    In addition, there will be several choices, some more significant than others,
    some very critical to the story, that will be presented to you throughout the
    game. Making good choices will obviously reward you good karma and the opposite
    is true as well.
    So how can you control your Karma? And what can you expect to gain from it?
    - No More Mr. Ice Guy: Playing Heroically -
    They say... he's sick, he's obsce-hee-... oh, right. *ahem* Playing on the
    light side means a few things. It means blue, it means saving and healing
    people, it means not taking the easy way out. It means siding with one
    particular character for some important story decisions. While most likely
    everyone knows who that is, I will still refrain from saying who for spoiler
    You can sometimes gain Good Karma by defeating enemies. The game will give you
    tons of random events that while varied, may get a tad repetitive over time.
    Still, there are random events for both the Good and Evil sides. Here are the
    Good ones:
    o Stop muggings
    o Stop abductions
    o Healing injured civilians
    o Defuse Blast Shard bombs
    If you continue making good choices, this will eventually lead you to acquire
    Ice powers. You can find the exact details in the very next section below. In
    short, with ice, you can freeze some enemies, defeating them instantly. There
    is also one ability that aids you in travel and parkour.
    - You're Fired!: Playing Infamously -
    Hopefully Mr. Trump doesn't sue me for that one. Anyways, being Evil is in some
    ways, easier than being Good. For one, it lets you explore other impulses and
    proclivities you may have toward destruction and chaos. Anything goes, really.
    If it breathes, kill it. You'll be Evil in no time! Again, there is one
    particular person you'll want to side with when the opportunities arise and
    this will make you even more bad to the bone.
    Here are the random events for you evildoers:
    o Defeat the police
    o Put down protestors
    o Silence street performers
    o Defeat Blast Shard thieves
    o Blow up Blast Shard bombs (from the Good opportunity) by shooting them
    o Kill citizens being abducted or mugged (from the Good opportunity)
    People in New Marais will also react to Cole differently depending on his Karma.
    Heroic Cole will earn more praise and camera time from the people, while Evil
    Cole will be feared and attacked by the citizens.
     Cole's Powers                [bc05]
    Here's a list of all of Cole's available powers. I will go ahead and say there
    are definitely some small spoilers in here. If you for some reason, have not
    watched any trailers on this game, this section will ruin a few small surprises.
    This isn't HUGE, but for people who are super sensitive about even the smallest
    non-plot related spoilers, look away...
     ____   __   __   ____  ____ 
    (  _ \ /  \ (  ) (_  _)/ ___) =================================================
     ) _ ((  O )/ (_/\ )(  \___ \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    (____/ \__/ \____/(__) (____/ =================================================
    Description: Bolt is your standard ability for Cole. It's a long-range electric
                 bolt attack that damages enemies. The bolt is prepared with L1,
                 then aimed with the Left Analog Stick and the cursor, and fired
                 with R1.
    Alpha Bolt: The traditional lightning bolt attack that Cole begins the game
                with. Can be fired rapidly.
    o XP Required: N/A
    o Karma Rank: N/A
    o Stunts Required: N/A
                                        LEVEL ONE
    Pincer Bolt: A bolt that before impact, will split into three, making a pincer
                 shape. It converges on the enemy and does more damage than a normal
                 bolt. It can't be rapid fired though.
    o XP Required: 400 XP
    o Karma Rank: Guardian (Good) or Thug (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: Six Takedown stunts
    Artillery Bolt: A bolt with even longer range than the traditional one. Allows
                    Cole to hit even more distant targets. These bolts arc downward
                    as they travel through the air.
    o XP Required: 800 XP
    o Karma Rank: Guardian (Good) or Thug (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: Five Climbing Assault Stunts
                                        LEVEL TWO
    Magnum Bolt: A one-shot blast of extra powerful electricity. The "revolver"
                 version of a normal bolt. Does very high damage but can't be rapid
    o XP Required: 1200 XP
    o Karma Rank: Champion (Good)
    o Stunts Required: 10 Head Shock stunts
    Skull Bolt: A headshot on human enemies causes an explosion that deals big
    o XP Required: 1200 XP
    o Karma Rank: Outlaw (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: Five Hit Clueless Enemy stunts
                                       LEVEL THREE
    Bolt Stream: An attack that launches rapid-fire lightning bolts at very high
                 speed. Uses up energy somewhat quickly.
    o XP Required: 2800 XP
    o Karma Rank: Hero (Good)
    o Stunts Required: 10 Stick it to the Man stunts
    Scythe Bolt: A very wide bolt attack that hits with slightly more power. The
                 appeal is the very wide range, making it good for crowds. Tends
                 to flat out kill, rather than just wound.
    o XP Required: 2800 XP
    o Karma Rank: Infamous (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: One 4-in-1-Blow stunt
     ____  __     __   ____  ____  ____ 
    (  _ \(  )   / _\ / ___)(_  _)/ ___) ==========================================
     ) _ (/ (_/\/    \\___ \  )(  \___ \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    (____/\____/\_/\_/(____/ (__) (____/ ==========================================
    Description: The shockwave attack from inFamous 1. It creates a wide blast of
                 energy that hits enemies in a short range in front of Cole. Its
                 wide range makes it a useful ability in close combat.
    Alpha Blast: The standard shockwave. Knocks enemies back or may send them flying
                 a short distance. Does small damage.
    o XP Required: N/A
    o Karma Rank: N/A
    o Stunts Required: N/A
                                        LEVEL ONE
    Lightning Hook: A DLC only power that lets Cole cast out a long electric hook.
                    Enemies caught by it are pulled toward him and land at his feet.
                    Good for creating melee opportunities or blasting helpless foes.
    o XP Required: DLC Power
    o Karma Rank: Guardian (Good) or Thug (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
    Sniper Blast: A DLC only power that lets Cole throw a narrow but long-ranged
                  shockwave, making it useful for trying to knock off far away
                  enemies from ledges and rooftops.
    o XP Required: DLC Power
    o Karma Rank: Guardian (Good) or Thug (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
    (thanks to Rugal Vice for submitting Sniper Blast info in his own words)
    Detonation Blast: Launches a blast of energy that can stick to surfaces and
                      enemies. After a few seconds, it explodes, damaging all
                      surrounding enemies. Can be detonated by shooting it. If Cole
                      jumps on the energy blast, it gives him a super jump boost.
    o XP Required: 600 XP
    o Karma Rank: Guardian (Good) or Thug (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: Five Watch Your Step Stunts
                                        LEVEL TWO
    Graviton Blast: Enemies hit by this blast fall to the ground a lot slower,
                    allowing Cole to blast them in the air.
    o XP Required: 1200 XP
    o Karma Rank: Champion (Good)
    o Stunts Required: One Rubber Rocket stunt
    Punch Blast: A blast that hits in a more narrow range than others but sends
                 enemies flying for more damage.
    o XP Required: 1200 XP
    o Karma Rank: Outlaw (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: One Blast Party stunt
                                       LEVEL THREE
    Shatter Blast: An ice-powered blast. It can send enemies flying like a 
                   traditional Shock Blast, but this one fires several thing ice
                   projectiles when it launches. As such, it does much more damage
                   than a normal Shock Blast.
    o XP Required: 2800 XP
    o Karma Rank: Hero
    o Stunts Required: N/A
    Nightmare Blast: A blast that creates a cloud of black ash and smoke, stunning
                     and damaging all who are caught in it.
    o XP Required: 2400 XP
    o Karma Rank: Infamous
    o Stunts Required: N/A
      ___  ____  ____  __ _   __   ____  ____  ____ 
     / __)(  _ \(  __)(  ( \ / _\ (    \(  __)/ ___) ==============================
    ( (_ \ )   / ) _) /    //    \ ) D ( ) _) \___ \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     \___/(__\_)(____)\_)__)\_/\_/(____/(____)(____/ ==============================
    Description: Compact electrical energy that can be lobbed a short to medium
                 distance, eventually exploding for big damage like a grenade. This
                 power gives Cole new strategies, using the bounce (and sometimes)
                 sticking properties of the grenade to attack enemies from
                 different angles.
    Alpha Grenade: Standard grenade that is thrown and detonates after a second or
                   two for good damage. Capable of hitting multiple enemies.
    o XP Required: N/A
    o Karma Rank: N/A
    o Stunts Required: N/A
                                        LEVEL ONE
    Electrocution Grenade: A DLC only grenade that electrocutes enemies in a wide
                           area. After zapping any enemies in range, it explodes,
                           dealing more damage. Power is good for stunning a group
                           of enemies, allowing Cole to deal with others. Cole can
                           also take damage from the explosion.
    o XP Required: DLC power
    o Karma Rank: Guardian (Good) or Thug (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
    Sticky Grenade: This grenade can stick to enemies and surfaces, which removes
                    possible throwing errors due to bounces. Useful for sticking to
                    one enemy in a group. Hold Square to turn the bounce back on
                    when throwing.
    o XP Required: 1400 XP
    o Karma Rank: Guardian (Good)
    o Stunts Required: Five Enviro Stunt Kills
    Double Grenade: A grenade that upon exploding, bounces and explodes again. Deals
                    extra damage and can hurt enemies not initially hit by the
                    original blast.
    o XP Required: 1400 XP
    o Karma Rank: Thug (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: One CARnage stunt
                                        LEVEL TWO
    Ice Grenade: A more powerful grenade that can freeze some enemies hit by the
                 explosion. Frozen enemies are automatically defeated. Does heavy
                 damage if the enemy can't be frozen.
    o XP Required: 2600 XP
    o Karma Rank: Champion (Good)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
    Napalm Grenade: Extremely powerful grenade with a large impact. Enemies are sent
                    flying from the impact. The damage dealt is substantially higher
                    than normal grenades.
    o XP Required: 2800 XP
    o Karma Rank: Outlaw (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
                                       LEVEL THREE
    Cluster Grenade: A grenade that splits up into many smaller grenades, each
                     detonating individually. Does higher damage and can create
                     much bigger explosions.
    o XP Required: 5500 XP
    o Karma Rank: Hero (Good) or Infamous (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: 10 Precision Head Shock stunts
     ____   __    ___  __ _  ____  ____  ____ 
    (  _ \ /  \  / __)(  / )(  __)(_  _)/ ___) ====================================
     )   /(  O )( (__  )  (  ) _)   )(  \___ \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    (__\_) \__/  \___)(__\_)(____) (__) (____/ ====================================
    Description: These powers are the Megawatt Hammer and variants from inFamous 1.
                 It is like a cross between the bolt and grenade powers: slower
                 than a bolt, but powerful and with a wide blast like a grenade.
    Alpha Rocket: Standard rocket that can be blasted at enemies. Explodes like a
                  grenade immediately upon impact, dealing a lot of damage.
    o XP Required: N/A
    o Karma Rank: N/A
    o Stunts Required: N/A
                                        LEVEL ONE
    Redirect Rocket: A rocket that can be redirected onto a target of Cole's choice
                     after firing. After shooting it (preferably into the air), lay
                     the targeting reticle on an enemy or object and hit R1. Cole
                     gets the "Tag!" bonus confirming it. The rocket will home in
                     on the enemy and hit them. Firing multiple rockets in the air,
                     then redirecting them on a group of enemies is like a fun
                     artillery fire.
    o XP Required: 2000 XP
    o Karma Rank: Guardian (Good)
    o Stunts Required: Five Hit Flying Enemy stunts
    Tripwire Rocket: A pair of dual rockets connected by an electric tether. The
                     width of this attack makes the chance of a successful hit much
    o XP Required: 2000 XP
    o Karma Rank: Outlaw (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: One Rocket Party stunt
                                        LEVEL TWO
    Sticky Rocket: This rocket will split into smaller rockets before impact and the
                   pieces will stick to multiple enemies before exploding. Good for
    o XP Required: 2600 XP
    o Karma Rank: Champion (Good) or Outlaw (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: Three Dead Eye stunts
                                       LEVEL THREE
    Freeze Rocket: A rocket that instantly freezes enemies it hits. It is capable
                   of freezing multiple bunched together enemies in one shot. Frozen
                   enemies are instantly defeated.
    o XP Required: 4100 XP
    o Karma Rank: Hero (Good)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
    Hellfire Rockets: A burst of mini rockets that punish an enemy or group with
                      repeated blasts of high damage.
    o XP Required; 4100 XP
    o Karma Rank: Infamous (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
     _  _  __  ____   ___      
    ( \/ )(  )/ ___) / __)            =============================================
    / \/ \ )( \___ \( (__  _   POWERS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    \_)(_/(__)(____/ \___)(_)         =============================================
    Description: A variety of other powers. These are controlled using R2.
                                        LEVEL ONE
    Kinetic Pulse: Cole generates a field of electric energy around him. One nearby
                   object is lifted up and can be aimed and thrown. The impact
                   creates an explosion of energy.
    o XP Required: N/A
    o Karma Rank: Guardian (Good) or Thug (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
                                        LEVEL TWO
    Ice Launch: Creates a tall column of ice underneath Cole propelling him high
                into the air. Has no offensive capabilities, serving only to aid
                Cole in travel. Can be good for setting up Thunder Drops however.
    o XP Required: 2400 XP
    o Karma Rank: Champion (Good)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
    Firebird Strike: Cole propels himself forward in a flying motion, knocking into
                     any enemies in his path. During impact with any enemies, a
                     small explosion is unleashed.
                                       LEVEL THREE
    Frost Shield: Creates a shield of ice energy in front of Cole that protects him
                  from attacks. Some attacks are absorbed into energy for Cole. It
                  replaces the Polarity Wall from the first game.
    o XP Required: 2500 XP
    o Karma Rank: Hero (Good)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
    Spikers: Cole summons a few of the Spiker creatures to assist him in combat and
             attack his enemies. This power is well... terrible to be honest. These
             things die with about one hit and therefore can't even serve as proper
             distractions. Can't recommend this one at all.
    o XP Required 3000 XP
    o Karma Rank: Infamous (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
     __  __   __ _  __  ___
    (  )/  \ (  ( \(  )/ __)         ==============================================
     )((  O )/    / )(( (__   POWERS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    (__)\__/ \_)__)(__)\___)         ==============================================
    Description: These are Cole's most powerful abilities. For that reason, they
                 can only be used sparingly, so long as Cole collects energy orbs.
    Ionic Vortex: The first Ionic Power that Cole obtains. He spins and lets loose
                  a powerful burst of energy that turns into an electricity tornado.
                  The vortex defeats any non-boss enemies in its path and can pull
                  in near enemies as well.
    Ionic Freeze: Cole gathers energy and casts a large sheet of ice forward,
                  enveloping anything in his path. The attack has a fairly wide
                  range and travels very far. All enemies hit are frozen. Some
                  bosses can take damage from it.
    Ionic Drain: A medium range attack that drains the life energy out of any
                 surrounding enemies, giving it to Cole. Can hit multiple enemies
                 but has limited range.
    Ionic Storm: The original Lightning Storm attack gained late in Infamous 1.
                 Unlike in the original game, it cannot be steered, and instead it
                 will attack the biggest/tallest enemy in front of Cole for big
                 damage. Can hurt bosses.
      __   _  _  ____ 
     / _\ ( \/ )(  _ \           ==================================================
    /    \/ \/ \ ) __/  UPGRADES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    \_/\_/\_)(_/(__)             ==================================================
    Description: Various upgrades to Cole's melee attacks.
    Melee: Default combos and melee attacks and default finisher attacks.
    o XP Required: N/A
    o Karma Rank: N/A
    o Stunts Required: N/A
                                        LEVEL ONE
    Finisher Attacks: Finishers deal even more damage.
    o XP Required: 600 XP
    o Karma Rank: Guardian (Good) or Thug (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
                                        LEVEL TWO
    Ultra Attacks: Adds even more finishers when the combo meter is filled.
    o XP Required: 1200 XP
    o Karma Rank: Champion (Good) or Outlaw (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
                                       LEVEL THREE
    Ultra Drain: Ultra Attack finishers (when combo meter is full) replenish Cole's
                 energy back to max when connecting with an enemy.
    o XP Required: 1600 XP
    o Karma Rank: Hero (Good) or Infamous (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
    Quicker Combos: Melee attacks fill up the combo gauge quicker.
    o XP Required: 3000 XP
    o Karma Rank: Hero (Good) or Infamous (Evil)
    o Stunts Required: N/A
     _  _  ____   ___  ____   __   ____  ____  ____ 
    / )( \(  _ \ / __)(  _ \ / _\ (    \(  __)/ ___) ==============================
    ) \/ ( ) __/( (_ \ )   //    \ ) D ( ) _) \___ \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    \____/(__)   \___/(__\_)\_/\_/(____/(____)(____/ ==============================
    Description: Additional miscellaneous upgrades including Electric Drain upgrades
                 and Ionic Charge capacity upgrades. 
                                        LEVEL ONE
    Megawatt Drain: Cole drains electricity from objects 50% faster
    o XP Required: 500 XP
    o Karma Rank: Guardian (Good) or Thug (Evil)
    o Side Missions: 10 Side Missions
    Ionic Charge 2: Gives Cole the capacity for a second Ionic Charge. Allows him to
                    to use two Ionic Powers before getting another charge.
    o XP Required: 900
    o Karma Rank: Guardian (Good) or Thug (Evil)
    o Side Missions: 20 Side Missions
                                        LEVEL TWO
    Gigawatt Drain: Cole drains electricity from objects 100% faster
    o XP Required: 1200 XP
    o Karma Rank: Champion (Good) or Outlaw (Evil)
    o Side Missions: 30 Side Missions
    Ionic Charge 3: Gives Cole a third Ionic Charge for his Ionic Powers.
    o XP Required: 1200 XP
    o Karma Rank: Champion (Good) or Outlaw (Evil)
    o Side Missions: 40 Side Missions
                                       LEVEL THREE
    Precision Enhanced: Time slows down even more and the aiming view zooms in even
                        more when using Precision.
    o XP Required: 2100 XP
    o Karma Rank: Hero (Good) or Infamous (Evil)
    o Side Missions: 50 Side Missions
    Blast Shard Sense: Pinging the radar (L3) shows the closest Blast Shard, no
                       matter how far away it is. This allows Cole to see where even
                       the final Blast Shards are, even if they aren't nearby.
    o XP Required: 2500 XP and 60 S|MISSIONs
    o Karma Rank: Hero (Good) or Infamous (Evil)
    o Side Missions: 60 Side Missions
     __ _   __   ____  _  _  __  ___ 
    (  / ) / _\ (  _ \( \/ )(  )/ __)         =====================================
     )  ( /    \ )   // \/ \ )(( (__   BOOSTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    (__\_)\_/\_/(__\_)\_)(_/(__)\___)         =====================================
    Description: At each individual Karma rank for either side, Cole gains bonuses
                 for himself and his abilities. These don't require XP, they are
                 simply activated as soon as he reaches that rank. There are three
                 for each side and because they are tied to one Karma each, they
                 cannot all be active.
    - GOOD KARMA -
    Civilian Safety: Protects civilians from Cole's attacks, reducing the damage
                     they take greatly. Does NOT prevent Karma loss though.
    Karma Rank: Guardian
    Group Heal: When Cole heals one person, an energy field is emitted and any other
                injured people in the radius of it are healed as well.
    Karma Rank: Champion
    Bolt Recharge: Hitting human enemies with any bolt power slightly recharges
                   Cole's energy.
    Karma Rank: Hero
    - EVIL KARMA - 
    Civilian Bonus: Defeating civilians gives Cole 1 XP each.
    Karma Rank: Thug
    Bolt Chain: Bolt attacks, when shot at enemies, will chain the electricity into
                other nearby enemies and objects.
    Karma Rank: Outlaw
    Bio Leech Overload: After using Bio Leech, Cole will have unlimited energy for
                        a short period of time.
    Karma Rank: Infamous
                                  |     INFAMOUS 2     |
               | Section III | Walkthrough |                       [in00] |
    Welcome to the walkthrough. I gotta say, between you and me, I have been really
    excited to write this and play this game. So hopefully you'll enjoy reading it
    as much as I enjoyed writing it.
    So just one disclaimer before we officially get under way. This guide is like
    99% SPOILER FREE. I promise you I will not intentionally or accidentally spoil
    any major plot points, cutscenes, or anything like that. I will be mentioning
    character names here and there but they usually won't be until after you've
    already met the characters in the game. So be assured you won't be spoiled on
    anything major here.
    ______           _
    | ___ \         | |
    | |_/ /_ __ ___ | | ___   __ _ _   _  ___
    |  __/| '__/ _ \| |/ _ \ / _` | | | |/ _ \        The fate of...
    | |   | | | (_) | | (_) | (_| | |_| |  __/
    \_|   |_|  \___/|_|\___/ \__, |\__,_|\___|          Empire City
                              __/ |           
    After the opening scene, you'll finally get back in the saddle with Cole
    MacGrath. Like in Infamous 1, you'll be prompted to look up using the Right
    Analog Stick, then left.
    After looking left, charge down the boardwalk and toward the game. Aim with L1
    and fire a bolt with #1 as the game instructs you, going for the lock on the
    Keep charging forward as things continue to get more intense. Continue down the
    boardwalk and you'll see something far, far in the distance. Aim at this and
    fire at it with your Bolt. Another scene plays.
                                     - BOSS FIGHT -
                        _____ _  _ ___   ___ ___   _   ___ _____ 
                       |_   _| || | __| | _ ) __| /_\ / __|_   _|
                         | | | __ | _|  | _ \ _| / _ \\__ \ | |  
                         |_| |_||_|___| |___/___/_/ \_\___/ |_|
    The Beast is here and he's about to lay the smack down. Empire City needs a hero
    and Cole is on the case.
    The Beast will mostly stand by letting you pummel it with the Bolt power. The
    game will hold your hand through this so no worries. You do have access to
    other powers, like the Grenades, but Grenades in particular will just bounce
    off The Beast, so don't bother.
    The Beast will every so often throw a fiery blast down at you. It has a somewhat
    large impact, but its slow execution makes it relatively easy for you to dodge.
    Try to keep Cole moving left-to-right and dodge with Circle if need be.
    After enough successful hits, you take to the air. Keep firing Bolts and/or
    Grenades at him. The flying here can feel a little awkward but it's easy once
    you try moving around with it.
    Keep pelting him as much as you can. He has a blast that he emits from his
    right hand that acts as a massive vacuum. If he pulls you into his hand, you'll
    need to mash R1 to break free, but you'll take damage in the process. To avoid
    this, when Cole starts getting pulled in, use the Left Analog Stick and move
    him toward the camera.
    Eventually, the fight drops back down to the pier. Keep firing on The Beast,
    then watch for the prompt to use Ionic Storm. Infamous 1 fans will remember
    this nifty power.
    A short scene plays. After that, turn around and book it back down the pier
    toward the boat. Jump on and there will be another really quick scene, then...
    As prompted in this last sequence, keep firing your Bolt with R1. Next, use
    Ionic Storm again and that will do it. Watch the scenes that follow.
     __   _____ _____ _____   ___  ____ _              ___                       
    /  | |  ___|  _  |  _  |  |  \/  (_) |            / _ \                      
    `| | |___ \| |/' | |/' |  | .  . |_| | ___ ___   / /_\ \__      ____ _ _   _ 
     | |     \ \  /| |  /| |  | |\/| | | |/ _ | __|  |  _  |\ \ /\ / / _` | | | |
    _| |_/\__/ | |_/ | |_/ /  | |  | | | |  __|__ \  | | | | \ V  V / (_| | |_| |
    \___/\____/ \___/ \___/   \_|  |_/_|_|\___|___/  \_| |_/  \_/\_/ \__,_|\__, |
                                                                            __/ |
      STORY MISSION | - Breaking Into New Marais
    Once you have control again, try out the Amp with Square. It will be your new
    melee attack and it will be tested out soon enough.
    You'll see the white marker at the top of your mini-map. Head in that direction
    as you listen to some dialogue. Eventually, you'll spot two Militia enemies.
    Beat on them with your new toy. You can attack several times in a row with
    Square. It builds up a small meter on the left. When it is halfway full, you
    can use a special attack with Triangle. Try it out!
    Keep moving, going toward the raised platform ahead. You'll see a ladder that
    you can climb to get up there. Two more enemies are just ahead. You can shoot
    them with Bolt if you want, but why not test out the Amp some more? Up to you.
    Once they're down, go to the part of this platform that protrudes from the rest
    to find a source to drain electricity from (it will be a lightning bolt symbol
    on your mini-map). Hold L2 near it to drain it. Doing this restores Cole's
    health quicker and also his energy.
    After a scene, you'll be given one of your Karma divergences. The generator
    on the far side of the water can be shot at with your Bolt. Pour rapid shots
    into it and notice the lights at the top begin to turn on. If you're planning
    to be a good guy, get it to green and no further. If you're evil and don't
    care, turn it up to the red.
    Either way, the bridge will lower, and there will be Militia waiting for you.
    Zap and bash them for more XP. You can then Restrain or Leech them for more
    XP and slight karma boosts. Stand over a defeated enemy and hold R1. You will
    then see the choices. If an enemy was completely knocked out, this option will
    not be available. You can tell which NPCs you can do this on or not by their
    movement. If they're moving on the ground, you can target them. IF they're
    completely still... no.
    With that in mind, there will be some people just ahead you can heal for Good
    Karma. These and other instances of people in need of healing will be marked
    with the blue and white icon you see on your map now. You can also Bio-Leech
    them if you're feeling devious.
    Head in the direction of the marker. When you can, go left and climb a ladder
    to get behind one enemy. Melee him til he goes down. Drop back down and fight
    a few more. Use the Amp and the special Triangle attacks when they become
    available. As you proceed closer and closer, use Cole's Shock Grenades to try
    and defeat some of them. These can help because of the blast radius and the
    fact there are a few combustible objects around.
    If you need energy, there will be some objects around to drain. Continue beating
    on the Militia until the coast is clear. Continue on.
    The Militia will start firing mortars at this point. Just keep running until
    you see the riverboat they're attacking from. Look for the large gas tank on
    the right (and if you don't see it, the game will basically say "RIGHT HERE!"
    by highlighting it for you). Fire at this to sink the ship and remove the
    Jump your way across the wreckage of the ship and other platforms. Remember
    that you have Static Thrusters if you need them by holding R1 in the air. As
    you traverse the obstacles, there will be some columns and stuff to your right.
    Jump toward these and Cole will grab them. Climb up and go across from one to
    the next to reach the subsequent platform.
    Jump on the grindwire near the TV to really get moving. Hold forward on the
    Left Analog Stick to go faster. On the next platform, take cover with Circle
    behind the small wall. Fire your Bolt or Grenades at the explosives to take
    out the gunner. Move on and take the next wire. You will take to the air
    briefly, so try to land on the next wire.
    At the next platform, look for the yellow pipes. Jump and walk across each
    of these til you reach the vertical yellow pipe. Jump to it and climb up. You
    will be right behind a Militia gunner. Drop down and try to land next to him,
    holding Square to unleash an aerial Amp attack. Beat him down with a few more
    swings. Two more are up ahead, at the edge of the platform. Use Cole's Shockwave
    power even though you're not prompted to, by hitting X when holding L1. Try to
    knock them both in the water for easy kills.
      STORY MISSION | - Forward Momentum
    Follow Kuo into the streets. Eventually, a Militia rocket will come roaring
    at you. Dodge it and then fire back as prompted with the Grenade. Take him and
    his buddy out. The Grenade, even if you don't actually hit the enemies with
    it, is good for these perches, because it destroys the platforms as you can
    see, usually killing them anyway.
    Head down the alley with Kuo and use Shockwave to move the truck. Some more
    enemies will attack after you make a left. Fire more Shock Grenades up at the
    one on the balcony, and another at the two bunched together. Finish them off
    with melee if necessary. Keep in mind you can Arc Restraint or Bio Leech them
    for extra XP and Good or Evil Karma respectively.
    Continue to follow Kuo until another Militia rocket comes down from a rooftop.
    Aim for that building and climb up it to find the perpetrator. Beat him down
    with your Amp, then notice the other red blips on your map. Party time!
    Look for the two towers nearby and fire a few Bolts at each to blow them up.
    Hop from roof to roof, using Static Thrusters and lay some hurt into the Militia
    guys. Shockwave them off the roof too for easy kills.
    Look for the chest with the purple glow. Before you can inspect it though, there
    is a cry for help. You can help this person for Good Karma, or ignore them for
    Evil Karma. Your choice. If you choose to help, just drop down. Do not use a 
    Thunder Drop. Melee them both and the person will be saved. If they are hurt,
    just heal them and you'll get your bonus XP for it.
    Inspect the chest when you're able to and get a scene. After that, take the
    wire right in front of you. It should lead to successive wires you can land on.
    Enemies should become visible soon enough. Look at your radar/mini-map to see
    they're all over the place.
    Get to work. Melee any nearby enemies, while firing at ones on distant rooftops
    with your Bolt or Grenades. The constant gunfire can be tough, so drop down if
    need be, using the buildings to cover you. Defeat as many in your way or that
    you want to, then head for the marker.
    Once the next scene is over, it's time to try out your new power, Kinetic Pulse.
    You have two mini objectives: Throw a car and Throw a car at a Militia member.
    You can easily kill two birds with one stone and there should be an opportunity
    You should hopefully see a marker on your map for people in need of healing. If
    not, the location you want to go to get this easily is just a bit to the east.
    Near there is a small parking lot with a Militia enemy. Stand near a car in
    this lot and hold R2 to pick up a car. Aim with the Right Analog Stick and 
    throw it at him with X. If you are successful, you'll get both of the objectives
    complete. Heal the nearby people or Leech them for Karma and XP.
    At this point, you can gain some Evil Karma by suppressing the police, but that
    is totally up to you. If you ignore it, Kuo will eventually chime in to let you
    know of something. A new marker appears on your map.
    You can head there or you may want to explore a bit. There's not much to find
    other than opportunities to beat up Militia or heal citizens. Do what you want
    to though. Head to the marker when you're good and ready.
     __   __   _____  _____    ___  ____ _               ___                       
    /  | /  | |____ |/ __  \   |  \/  (_) |             / _ \                      
    `| | `| |     / /`' / /'   | .  . |_| | ___ ___    / /_\ \__      ____ _ _   _ 
     | |  | |     \ \  / /     | |\/| | | |/ _ | __|   |  _  |\ \ /\ / / _` | | | |
    _| |__| |_.___/ /./ /___   | |  | | | |  __|__ \   | | | | \ V  V / (_| | |_| |
    \___/\___/\____/ \_____/   \_|  |_/_|_|\___|___/   \_| |_/  \_/\_/ \__,_|\__, |
                                                                              __/ |
      STORY MISSION | - Lost and Found
    You'll see the clock tower in one city square. Hard to miss. Climb to the very
    top and look for the carrier pigeon. It will be hard to spot but if you look
    up, you should see it flying about with a red light giving away its position.
    Blast it with a Shock Blast and that will ground it, supposedly not killing it.
    Zeke suggests a Thunder Drop attack from the top of the tower. Holding Square
    while falling will activate it. The higher you are, the bigger the blast. It's
    cool, but be warned this will net you a bit of Evil Karma. You can make it up
    easily though.
    Retrieve the data from the bird, a Dead Drop. You are then given some more mini
    objectives. Collect three Blast Shards and drop down a ledge. The latter is
    really easy. Just climb any building or object and hit Circle to drop down to
    a ledge below. For Blast Shards, hit L3 to see their locations on your mini-map
    as dark blue circles. They also glow bright purple when you spot them. Collect
    three of these bad boys to end the mission and get another Battery Core.
    After this, Kuo will contact you again and suggest you go off the beaten path
    if you're interested in expanding your powers. Translated, this means you have
    the option of playing User Generated Content Missions for some extra XP should
    you want or need it. If you're connected online to the PlayStation Network, you
    can view and accept or decline the agreement, which allows you to access UGC
    Missions afterwards.
      STORY MISSION | - Karma's a Bitch
    Head to the next marker and you'll get a scene with Zeke. Then you will get two
    missions to choose from, one for each Karma side. Picking one erases the other
    so choose wisely.
    |Good| Side Mission - Good Samaritan
    Head for the white marker, just nearby. It points you to an old mansion where
    there are people in need of healing. Give them that nice healing touch and
    you'll get XP. More will need healing just around the corner, then you'll see
    the Militia above you, preparing to hurt more people.
    Try to climb up from the side, rather than just below them. They'll be gunning
    at Cole as soon as he pops his head up so be ready. You'll also want to avoid
    hitting the innocent people standing at the edge of the roof so try to just use
    Bolt and the Amp to beat these guys as fast as possible. If anybody is hurt,
    heal them.
    Return back to where you started to find some more Militia. Beat them down with
    some Bolts and Amp attacks. Be sure to restrain at least one of them to complete
    this mission, so don't overdo it.
    |Evil| Side Mission - Taking Out The Trash
    For some reason, I found this be insanely difficult my first few tries. I'm not
    sure if it was just because the beginning of the game was harder than I remember
    or if the difficulty was still "Hard" despite the fact I turned it to Medium.
    In any case, go to the other side of the building to find one of two brothers.
    Bio Leech him by standing over him and holding R1, then hitting Square
    repeatedly. Now for the other brother...
    Watch the water and make your way into the swamp. You should see a small
    indicator on your radar. It's a search area that will expand when you get
    Unfortunately, several Militia thugs are in your way. Two of them wield rocket
    launchers and they are the biggest threat. With no energy sources nearby
    though, you're in danger no matter what. Try to hang back or use a stump or
    something as cover. To take cover, remember to hit Circle behind an object.
    Take out the rocket guys quickly with some bolts. The Militia may bunch together
    here, making them easy grenade targets. If you have Electrocution Grenade, it
    can be a big help here.
    If you manage to defeat them, find the second brother behind the house and to
    the left. Kill him and this one is over.
    Your next story mission (white ! marker on your map) is not too far. You'll
    notice though, if you look at the full map, there's plenty of Side Missions
    (yellow) around the city. We should check out some of those first.
    Now, note that I am sometimes pretty particular and meticulous with side stuff
    in games like this. I tend to do most but never all of it when it becomes
    available, before I go back to the story. So be aware I will be spreading these
    mission out throughout the game. Never doing them all at once, but never
    saving them for last either. You are by no means obligated to do exactly what
    I do, so if you want to jump ahead to Story Missions, feel free to skip some of
    the side stuff.
    S|MISSION - New Marais Tea Party
    D| Just to the north are some supply boats. Head out to the dock and get as
    E| close as you can using the walkway to jump onto the first one. Things will
       get very hectic, very quickly though, so be warned. You may want to fire some
      Grenades onto the boat first before jumping to it. The Militia have some
     not-so-bright guys firing rockets at close range and the explosions can really
    mess things up for you.
    When it's clear, go for the black and orange boxes and stuff on the boat. Use
    Shock Blast to blow them off the side or just destroy them. Jump across the
    small boats in the water to reach the next supply boat. Again, be very cautious
    with the rocket guys. Try to nade them from afar and that will clear the way.
    Mop up any survivors by boarding them (arrrr matey?) and beating them repeatedly
    with your Amp.
    S|MISSION - Tourist Trap
    D| You magically acquire a camera and with it, you'll be taking some photos
    E| of various things. Your first photo op will be of one of the pipes that Cole
       can use to shoot up buildings really quickly. If you haven't seen one, you'll
      notice the various white markers on your map now. Take a picture of the bottom
     part of one. For the future, note that it's these ones, with electric wires on
    them, called Vertical Launch Poles, that allow Cole to shoot up quickly using
    his powers. It won't work on normal pipes or poles.
    Next, you need to take a picture of a mugging in progress by the Militia. There
    will be one marked on your map so head there. You might want to take it from
    a higher vantage point though. The Militia can spot you, though not easily so
    that you can't take the picture on ground. It's just that if there are other
    Militia patrolling nearby, they can alarm the muggers.
    For the final picture, it's more Militia. These guys will be abducting some
    civilians nearby. Go to the marked location, get on a higher ledge and snap the
    picture. You're done! For extra XP and Karma, you can stop the mugging and
    the abduction, but only after you've taken the pictures. If you're feeling
    particularly evil, you can kill everyone (insert wicked laugh here).
      STORY MISSION | - Evolution
    You will be able to expand Cole's powers here but you first need to defeat six
    enemies. There should be another abduction going on nearby, so find it on your
    mini-map and defeat the two Militia there. Obviously this is a Good Karma
    event but if you're playing for Evil Karma, you can just beat and Leech the
    hostages (you fiend, you...).
    Go to the white marker to find the cul-de-sac where some slightly ghetto Militia
    members are waiting. Their locations in front of these houses make them very
    easy targets for your Shock Grenades. Be very careful of a Militia shotgunner
    to your left, stalking slowly toward you. Take him out immediately. Once they're
    all defeated, you should have six. Hold right on the D-Pad to see your newly
    unlocked power, Pincer Bolt, a variation of your standard bolt. You can then go
    to the Powers menu to buy it for 400 XP.
    To switch powers on the go without fumbling through the menu, hold left on the
    D-Pad. It will pause the game so long as you hold it, and bring up the
    customizable powers. Each one is shown with the button they are used with.
    Hitting that button swaps the power for the next version. So for example, you
    can change your bolt to Pincer and back to normal by holding the D-Pad left and
    hitting R1.
    And that's exactly what you must do to finish this mission. Switch the powers
    using the D-Pad and then fire one Alpha Bolt, switch back to Pincer and fire
    that. You don't even have to aim at anything; just shoot. That will end the
    You should also be rewarded with new finishing moves for the Amp, you know those
    awesome Triangle attacks you can do. You have to buy them with XP like other
    powers. Why not do that and try them out? Explore more of the city. Find more
    Militia to beat on, and of course, collect more Blast Shards. Feel free to roam
    around before heading for the next mission.
    S|MISSION - Overcharge
    D| Find the man Zeke mentions. He'll be on a nearby rooftop, marked for you.
    E| After speaking with him, stand on the generator at the edge of the rooftop.
       Get off it after a second or two and Cole will be glowing white. This
      "charge" he is carrying will zap all nearby Militia, but he has to stay
     suspended in the air, either by grinding wires or by using Static Thrusters.
    Take the wires ahead and use the thrusters to stay airborne as you try to land
    on the subsequent wires. The trick is to use thrusters right after and use the
    Left Analog Stick to steer Cole even remotely near the next wire so he grabs it
    at the very least. You can make this easier by not increasing your momentum as
    he grinds, which means not holding the Left Analog Stick forward.
    As you fly by each group of Militia, they'll get fileted easily. Some parts
    will have you running on rooftops for brief moments, so hurry to the next wire.
    Cole will start to glow red when the charge is fading, so get on another wire
    quick. At the end, get near the generator for some early Fourth of July
    festivities. Ouch, I bet that... hertz! (bad pun count: 3)
      STORY MISSION| - Bertrand Takes The Stage
    You'll easily recognize this mission from 2010's E3 presentation of inFamous 2.
    That may sound like a spoiler, but... if you know what it is, that means you've
    already seen it, so it's not!
    Anyways, after the scene, you will charge forward, Amp in hand and battle these
    new enemies. If you're like me, and have a weird urge to want to reenact the
    E3 demo, then you'll want to beat on these guys with the Amp, and make use of
    the finishing Triangle moves.
    Problem with that is... it's not exactly the overall best strategy. These guys
    rush you like crazy, and so going for what is essentially one-on-one combat
    doesn't really help too much. By no means is the Amp a bad tool for this fight,
    but you may want to consider other options.
    For example, if you have it, Electrocution Grenade is great here! These guys
    literally mob you, so aim it between them. The Electrocution Grenade will
    stop them in place, slowly damaging them, then explode. The others that are not
    hit are prime targets for your Amp, now that you've isolated them. Of course,
    if you don't have it, the normal grenade is also a viable option, but you need
    to aim it closer to you, since they will just run past it otherwise as they are
    trying to reach you. Shock Blast, with its wide range is also a good tool for
    small damage, but also to keep them from crowding you.
    If you do decide to use a lot of melee here (like me), you will want to beat on
    one, but as soon as the finisher appears, target a DIFFERENT one and use it on
    them. This will hopefully prevent you from being overwhelmed, since as I said,
    you really can't just focus on one at a time.
    When that's over, follow the limo you see. You will notice grind wires and other
    objects giving off a white glow, meaning you should take these routes, the
    rooftops as means of travel. The wires mostly lead right into each other and
    you'll zip around easily this way.
    Keep following the limo, using the wires, until you have to go back on the
    ground, leading toward the square and the traffic circle surrounding the tower.
    Another downed power line will let you grind up, catch up to the limo and easily
    land on it. Quickly jump on it for a scene.
    Is this a boss? Not really, but this helicopter will sure do its best in
    stopping you, trying to earn the "Be fodder for the hero" badge. Try to stick
    to the streets, where you have lampposts as easy sources of energy, should you
    take too much damage from the helicopter. Just fire on it over and over with
    Bolt, or better yet, grab a car off the street with Kinetic Pulse. Aim at the
    center of the helicopter's underbelly and throw it. If you land a hit, it will
    do a lot of damage. In addition, you can wait til the helicopter fires missiles
    and then with proper timing use a Shock Blast to send them back for good damage.
    This also gets you the "Return to Sender" Trophy. Keep this up and the mission
    soon ends.
    S|MISSION - The Sidekick
    D| A ton more of those monsters will show up and quickly swarm you. They are
    E| very agile, capable of jumping from building to building with ease. In this
       small area of a rooftop, you are at a disadvantage, particularly in close
      combat. Beat down a few, but as they begin to swarm you, try to jump to
     another rooftop.
    The advantage here is not only do you have a few seconds to procure some energy
    should you need it, but usually, the monsters will not chase you at the same
    speed. One or two might show up, followed slowly by the others. This prevents
    you from being overwhelmed. Again, Shock Blast is great for keeping them off
    you, but Alpha or Electrocution Grenade will work wonders.
    S|MISSION - Masquerade
    D| Twenty, count 'em, twenty Militia disguised as street performers. They
    E| will be waiting for you nearby. They will surround you and punch Cole like
       crazy. If this happens, it's difficult to escape. Don't even bother with
      melee. You can go to grenades, but there's two better options.
    You can run and only a small number will chase you at first. Find a car while
    you have a little breathing room. Grab it and hurl it at them with Kinetic
    Pulse. If you catch enough, the attack will level them all easily.
    Alternatively, you can damage all twenty at once by climbing one of the
    surrounding buildings. The enemies, when at a distance from you, throw rocks at
    Cole, but if he's on a building and out of their line of sight, they will all
    run over to the foot of the building. Wait for them all to gather below you,
    then unleash a Thunder Drop (remember, hold Square while falling). This will
    kill some, but hurt the others. Finish them off with grenades and Kinetic Pulse.
    Going with the Thunder Drop strategy I mentioned is an incredibly easy way to
    net the "Shock and Awe" Trophy. Also, if you don't have it already, this mission
    rewards you with "Discerning Taste" as well. Even though the game tells you
    these guys were Militia in disguise, to the game they're still street performers
    and thus, you will earn this Trophy if you didn't have it before.
      STORY MISSION | - Bomb Scare
    Approach the object on the wall and it will eventually explode. Another one will
    be just around the corner, also threatening to blow. As the interval between
    the beeps gets shorter, the bomb gets closer to detonation. You need to be
    Hold L2 near it and drain it of power to defuse it. Then, collect the Blast
    Shards inside. These will help you add on more Battery Scores, so, sweeeeeet!
    You are then given a karma choice. Defuse another bomb, or go for its
    counterpart choice: steal from the citizen holding one. The latter is evil
    because these people run from you and to get it, you need to beat them down.
    Yep, for Evildoers, saying "please" is as simple as a whack across the head
    with a heavy metal, electrified object. Choose what you want, and look for
    even more of these popping up randomly across the city from now on.
    S|MISSION - Field Medicine
    D| You are tasked with retrieving some captured medical supplies. They're being
    E| held by the Militia up on a rooftop. Head for the flashing white star as per
       usual and head up. If possible, climb up from a side that will let you ambush
      them. An easy way to dispose of them all is to use Shock Blast, sending them
     off the rooftop to deadly falls. You will also satisfy Watch Your Step stunts
    if you need them.
    To return the medicine, you need to use Kinetic Pulse to carry it. You are
    allowed to throw it with X, as the impact will not destroy it. Take it over to
    the marker on your map and it will change to a circle. Drop the crate within
    this area in the alley, then return to the street to talk to the medic. Job
    well done.
    S|MISSION - Gunboat Diplomacy
    D| To the northeast is a not-so-friendly boat firing on some presumably friendly
    E| people. Who has to step in and stop this? It's not Aquaman, that's for sure.
    Lame jokes aside, this mission is really simple. Find the boat in the nearby
    water, and shoot at it repeatedly with anything you got. Eventually you will
    sink it. If you really, really want to get close and personal first, you can
    use the wooden perches sticking out of the water and wait til it gets close
    enough to hover over to. It's really not necessary though.
      STORY MISSION | - Wolfe Hunt
    This mission will start off with Cole having to follow a person through the
    streets of New Marais. This is extremely similar to the courier chasing
    missions from inFamous 1.
    Stay on the rooftops, using wires and Static Thrusters to stay close. You can
    watch him directly, manipulating the camera to keep him in focus, or just
    follow his position on your mini-map.
    At the checkpoint, you'll need to fight off the Militia near the canal. Beware
    the rocket launcher one. Try to deflect it with Shock Blast if possible. Toss
    a grenade though since they like to bunch together and finish off the rest with
    your Pincer Bolt or Amp.
    Head for the next white marker after a call from Kuo. As you move down the
    street though, something... happens. There's something... moving. Uh-oh...
                                     - BOSS FIGHT -
                              ___   ___   ___   ___ ___ ___ 
                             | _ \ /_\ \ / /_\ / __| __| _ \
                             |   // _ \ V / _ \ (_ | _||   /
                             |_|_|_/ \_\_/_/ \_\___|___|_|_\
    This beastie packs a punch, but with enough practice you will be able to best
    him with no problem at all. The Ravager has two main attacks. It will mostly
    charge at you like a bull, and with its bulky frame, it will hurt, knocking
    Cole into the air. It may also spit some acid-like substance at Cole from long
    range. This attack appears to have a slight homing effect, so suffice to say,
    a mere side step will not cut it.
    The main attack to worry about is the charge. It's best to keep your distance
    at all costs. You can catch it with melee sometimes, but it has little effect
    and the Ravager doesn't react to it. It's a gigantic risk because at close
    range, the Ravager grabs Cole, pinning him to the ground and spitting on him.
    If this happens, tap R1 repeatedly to get it off, damaging it in the process.
    The Ravager is capable of moving very quickly underground. Make extra sure you
    pay attention to your mini-map so you can track its location by watching the
    red star.
    While the Ravager is tunneling, you have... AMPle opportunity to prepare an
    attack (bad pun count: 4). Kinetic Pulse does decent damage and you can pick up
    a car, waiting for it to surface, then toss it before it attacks. Rapid firing
    bolt will also do good damage. If you have Sticky Grenade, try that as well.
    Keep up these attacks, while dodging the charges it makes at you. I strongly
    recommend you keep your back to the buildings and houses, and not to the
    canal. Fighting too close to the canal is risky, because if the Ravager gets
    you with its charge attack, it might propel Cole into the water for an instant
    Be cautious, stay back and use Kinetic Pulse, grenades, and other attacks to
    your advantage to bring down this bastard. If you have Sticky Grenades as a
    Hero, they work well. However, Double Grenades for evil players work just as
    well if not better. Seriously, if you have Double Grenades, use those and this
    thing goes down easily.
    Make your way to the white marker when that is done and jump on back of the
    truck. This next part will have Cole firing on enemies from the truck as it
    makes its way through town.
    Sticky Grenade is your friend here. It's not necessary, so worry not Evil
    players, but it helps a lot. Many cars chasing you through the city can be
    hit with the grenade to easily dispose of the Militia riding them. Just firing
    your bolt repeatedly though can destroy the cars. If you spam grenades, be
    sure to recharge your energy from the small generator on the truck.
    Also beware of many Militia on the streets. Grenades help because many of them
    stand near explosive objects. Pay attention to your mini-map to know what's
    coming. Try to focus mostly on what's ahead of you, but turn around to fire
    on any cars chasing you. Aiming while moving is difficult here, so try your
    best to compensate for this by aiming ahead of your targets.
    Eventually, the trip will take a turn, and then a scene starts up.
    With that done, I do recommend taking a break. Play some UGC missions if you
    like, or just hunt for Blast Shards. It's also a good time to upgrade some
    powers, if you haven't already.
    First, you should hopefully by now at least have your foot in the door of the
    second level of your Karma of choice. That would be Champion for good guys,
    Thug for evildoers. This will open up some new choices for you.
    Your options are limited, unlike in the first game. So I won't always be
    recommending certain powers to get over others, but also mentioning how to
    unlock some of them. Many new versions of powers require you to satisfy stunt
    challenges as well as having the necessary XP. Let's take a look:
    Artillery Bolt - 800 XP and five Climbing Assault stunts
    Magnum Bolt - 1200 XP and ten Head Shock stunts
    Detonation Blast - 600 XP and five Watch Your Step stunts
    Graviton Blast - 1200 XP and one Rubber Rocket stunt
    Sticky Grenade - 1400 XP and five Enviro Kill stunts
    So as far as the stunts, go, here are a few tips you can apply if you are still
    looking for these. Climbing Assault kills are really easy. Just have Cole hang
    from a ledge or be climbing in some fashion (even standing on a narrow perch
    like a lamp post or something counts) and have him kill something. Do that
    five times.
    Head Shocks are also easy. Find some enemies, preferably a small group. Aim for
    the head with your Bolt power only. It requires you to line up your shot more
    carefully, meaning you'll take more damage, so be careful.
    Watch Your Step stunts can be earned by using Shock Blast on rooftop enemies.
    Blast them off the side with it and let them fall to their death to rack these
    up easily.
    Rubber Rocket is a little tricky. You need to find an enemy that fires rockets.
    Once you do, wait for them to fire it, staying a good enough distance away.
    Quickly use your Shock Blast on the rocket to deflect it and earn this.
    Finally, Enviro Kills, should also be very easy. You will occasionally find
    Militia near explosive tanks and stuff. Blowing these up to kill them instead
    of just shooting at them will get you these. You can also use cars if they use
    them for cover. Additionally, this stunt is just often rewarded for other kills
    you may get.
    When you've had your fill and are ready to move on, head for the next Side
    Mission marker just below, this one is to the south. If you would rather
    continue with the story, skip the next couple sections.
    S|MISSION - Going Overboard
    D| This is similar to an earlier Side Mission. To the southwest, across the
    E| swamp, you will find two boats. It's your job to find the supplies on board
       and throw them overboard.
    Of course it's heavily guarded, but first, make your way through the swamp to
    get there. There is water, but for the most part, not too many dangerous jumps.
    You should make it there with relative ease for it's mostly land.
    Carefully make your way toward the boat. You can try to lob a grenade up there,
    or get up close and personal. If you choose the latter, Graviton Blast can be
    a big help, knocking the Militia into the water with ease.
    There should be about 10 supply boxes on the first boat and 12 on the second,
    including a truck you need to blow up. Also beware Militia shooting at you
    from the swamp.
    S|MISSION - Trick Photography
    D| Cole will be flexing his Peter Parker muscles in this one as you have to
    E| take pictures not only of some landmarks, but of some enemies in action.
       Start by going northwest to the Can-Can building. Stand far, far away from
      it, like say, at the monument in the park. Take a picture of the front of the
    Now, just nearby, take a picture of the Hush theater, where you'll see a lot of
    Easter Egg faux movie titles such as "Assassins Need (Love Too)", "Hey Low
    Reach," and more. Have yourself a complimentary chuckle and take the picture.
    Now things get interesting as the Militia and the monsters, as if on cue, will
    suddenly appear not too far from Cole's current location. You have to take
    snapshots of a helicopter a defeated Militia soldier, and finally, a Ravager
    as it's in the process of charging someone.
    Try to get the chopper and Militia ones out of the way. You are in luck with
    the third one, because the Ravager will be focusing on the Militia and not
    necessarily you (unless you get too close). So you can easily get the picture of
    the Ravager charging without great risk involved. The only trouble you should
    have is with the Militia, they will be shooting at Cole, rather than focusing
    solely on the Ravager.
    And speaking of Peter Parker, you know what they say... With great power, comes
    great ass kicking. Or was it responsibility? Nahhhh. So clean up the mess here
    by jumping into the fray. You can start with the helicopter, but if you feel
    that it might be helping you, save it. I can't say for sure if it actually does
    help you, but it's up to you.
    Focus on the Ravager first. If most of the Militia are still alive and if you
    keep your distance, you can attack the Ravager pretty freely here, without
    worry of being targeted by it. Plenty of cars around makes it easy to use
    Kinetic Pulse and throw them at it. Sticky Grenade still works, and be sure to
    track its location with your mini-map.
      STORY MISSION | - Desperate Times
    Storm down the street, toward your objective. Not too long after you start off
    running, you'll see an Evil Karma opportunity present itself. If you're bad to
    the bone, you'll want to silence these protestors. Nothing says "stop what
    you're doing" like a flying car coming right at your head. If not, leave them
    alone and continue on your way.
    Head through the swamp, same as you may have already for the Going Overboard
    mission. Make your way to the shack and check it out. Nothing. Turn around and
    head back, but... oh no. Spider Sense is tingling!
    Indeed, there's something coming for you. These new monsters, Gasbags, are the
    new kamikaze enemies. They will charge Cole and use the detonating sacks on
    their backs to do damage. It takes several Bolts to kill one so try using your
    Blast powers to keep it away.
    Charge back inland and find some Militia waiting for you. This particular battle
    can be tough so try to prioritize first. Go for the rocket guy in the gazebo
    or whatever you would call it on your left. Stay there since it can provide a
    tiny bit of protection and try to rapid fire some Pincer Bolts or grenades at
    the other enemies gunning for you. Try to keep that Militia guy you just killed
    alive too, if you're playing Evil. You can toss Double Grenades over and over
    at the other soldiers, then quickly Bio Leech the guy next to you for your
    energy back.
    Alternatively, to quickly reduce the enemy count and consequently, the damage
    you'll be taking, you can try Magnum Bolts to quickly take one enemy out at a
    time. Energy sources are few here, but go to them if you need them.
    Keep moving and find another ambush as a turret gunner and a tower guard open
    fire. Shoot at the tower first to blow it up. Then, try to lob an Alpha Grenade
    behind the turret gunner, using the tree to protect you from him. If you knock
    him away with the grenade, finish him off with melee. Continue to the next
    A mini-gun Militia soldier appears. You can try to use Kinetic Pulse and lob
    the nearby truck at him, but maybe it's best to find cover and fire Sticky
    Grenades at him. Two headshots from Skull Bolt (Evil) does the trick as well.
    Alternatively, you can wait for a very small break in his firing, then rush him
    with Melee. Make sure you use finishing moves on him since he takes a lot of
    Check the shack. Zilch. Make your way to the new marker, but as you do, watch
    out for swamp monsters. A pack of three normal ones will attack you. Use Shock
    Blast powers to keep them from crowding you, then Bolt or Melee to defeat them.
    Proceed and they will attack again, mixed in with some of the Gasbag variety.
    The best strategy here is to back away with Cole while still aiming, so you
    can move away from them as they charge while still shooting. Aim for the sacs
    of the Gasbags to try and blow them up. If they or the other monsters get too
    close, use Shock Blast to knock them back.
    Jump to the small patch of land and find some more Militia guys just chillin'.
    Give them something to think about with some bolts and grenades. Use the tree
    stump or something similar as cover (hit Circle near it) so you aren't shot up,
    then take your shots to put them down.
    Taking cover is extremely helpful because there isn't anything immediately
    nearby to drain energy from. Try to take out the closest Militia to you, because
    they may throw grenades. Move up slowly and use Artillery Bolt to hit some
    distant enemies as you get closer to the shack.
    Watch out for the turret gunners. Use Alpha Grenade or try to slip around them
    and attack from behind. Trying to check out the shack leads to a sudden
    explosion. Go check it out, making your way across the obstacles in the swamp.
    A scene will start up.
    Follow your new partner through the streets and onto the rooftops. The job here
    is to pour the oil from the canisters onto the banners. They are marked by the
    white stars on your mini-map. There are tons of Militia up here though, so you
    will need to clear them out first before you can attend to the canisters.
    Your new partner will for the most part, attack any nearby Militia. She will
    trap them in black goo and shooting them or the goo will cause them to explode
    for easy kills. She doesn't always go for the enemies though, unless you are
    near them too. So if you have Artillery Bolt, it can help for some of the more
    distant Militia. Clear them out before you go to the canisters.
    Make your way across the rooftops, defeating more enemies with your new partner.
    Let her trap them, then blow them up with Cole. It's relatively simple, and
    there are electric sources on the rooftops for energy. For enemies that are
    bunched together, you can use Double Grenades, or if you're not Evil, Alpha or
    Sticky Grenades.
    Once you have poured all the oil on the banners, shoot one of them to light
    them all up. The last phase then begins. Drop down and defeat all the Militia.
    Go with grenades and your Amp, as they will be likely too busy to target you in
    the ensuing chaos. Once you've defeated most or all of them, the mission ends.
    No doubt you're eager to redeem the new Blast Core you just got. If so, skip
    ahead. For people who would rather treat the Blast Core as a delicious 
    dessert, then I got some entrees for you.
    S|MISSION - Those Who Trespass Against Us
    D| Go to the cathedral and climb it to find the Militia who have taken up some
    E| permanent residence there. Be wary of the rocket Militia halfway up there.
       Try not to rely too heavily on melee, using Bolt and Shock Blast instead.
    Climb to the top and there will be a lot more waiting. Try to use the cover
    they have set up and bomb them with grenades. Beware the sniper in the right
    bell tower as well. A well placed Sticky Grenade can damage a few of them.
    Otherwise, be patient and use cover and fire at them one at a time.
    S|MISSION - Tough Critic
    D| Guard the captured Militia soldier as the officer runs off for backup. You
    E| are given the choice to keep guarding him (Good) or kill him (Evil). Make
       your choice. If you guard him, just keep waiting. If you decide to kill him,
      be ready for a fight. The police will turn on you so try to have something
     like a nearby dumpster ready to throw at them with Kinetic Pulse. Grenades and
    melee will finish them off.
    |Good| Side Mission - Jail Break
    Follow the officer to the parking lot where the Militia have some of their
    partners captured. If you aren't led directly there, just look for the red
    blips on your radar and go there.
    The lot is crawling with Militia, but luckily, the nearby cars serve as ample
    weapons. Shoot at them or nade them to blow them up, or use them with Kinetic
    Pulse. Score some Amp hits and use the finishers on the mini-gunner.
    To save the prisoners, jump on top of the truck bed and tap R1 when near the
    device at the front.
    |Evil| Side Mission - Flying Cars
    Relatively simple mission and a good way to practice Kinetic Pulse. Follow Nix
    around until she disappears on the top of a smokestack. Use Kinetic Pulse to
    lift up a nearby car and aim it up at her with the Right Analog Stick. Try to
    aim the reticle just barely above her, then hit X. If you miss, just redo it.
    She'll move to the Can-Can building next. Stand back a bit and fire another car
    in her direction. Keep following her and you'll eventually get to a statue that
    you can hit from across the bridge. Do that and the last one will be a boat.
    Again, aim just a tiny bit above the target to account for gravity. When you
    sink the boat, you'll have ended the mission.
     __   _____  ____  ______   ___  ____ _               ___                       
    /  | |  _  |/ ___||___  /   |  \/  (_) |             / _ \                      
    `| | | |/' / /___    / /    | .  . |_| | ___ ___    / /_\ \__      ____ _ _   _ 
     | | |  /| | ___ \  / /     | |\/| | | |/ _ | __|   |  _  |\ \ /\ / / _` | | | |
    _| |_\ |_/ / \_/ |./ /      | |  | | | |  __|__ \   | | | | \ V  V / (_| | |_| |
    \___/ \___/\_____/\_/       \_|  |_/_|_|\___|___/   \_| |_/  \_/\_/ \__,_|\__, |
                                                                               __/ |
      STORY MISSION | - Storm's Coming
    Time to try out a new power. Get down to the streets and find some Militia to
    rough up. There may be events going on that you can get involved in, or maybe
    you'll find some nearby. Defeat them until one drops a purple orb of energy.
    This is an Ionic Charge. It lets you use an Ionic power. You can only use
    Ionic powers when you have a charge and only enemies might drop one. If one is
    dropped, a purple energy icon will appear on your mini-map.
    Once you have a charge, try out the Ionic Vortex by hitting down on the D-Pad.
    Electric tornadoes. Well... with that, you can really put a... charge into
    someone (bad pun count: 5).
    S|MISSION - Past Decisions
    D| This mission plays out in one of two ways, depending on which Karma boost
    E| you chose to take at the start of the game, good or evil. Whichever one you
       chose, you also imported all of your respective decisions from the first
      game. This mission slightly references the first decision of Infamous 1, the
     decision to give people food or take it for yourself. So if you took the good
    boost, the mission will go something like this...
    Watch the scene. Get a kiss. That's.... it. Cough. No, but really, that's all
    If you went Evil though, she will call on the Militia to come kick your butt.
    Lob some Double Grenades at any attacking you, then climb up to the roof above
    and Shock Blast them off the edge to finish the job.
    For another Side Mission. Try to find an enemy somewhere in the vicinity of the
    Cathedral, perhaps even right on the grounds of the cathedral. Defeat any
    Militia you come across until one turns into a mission marker.
    S|MISSION - Hidden Package
    D| You get a picture showing the location of a stash of Blast Shards. You can
    E| check the picture again for reference but it's not necessary. Just climb the
       cathedral and check one of the bell towers. It'll be in there.
    S|MISSION - Changing The Channel
    D| The task here is to drain the power out of the satellite dishes surrounding
    E| the red light district. Most of them are on the sides of the buildings, so
       you will have to climb down a few ledges and drain them while hanging.
    Not really a problem though. Pay attention to your mini-map to see their
    locations. Really... not much more to it than that.
      STORY MISSION | - Torn
    This will just be a scene leading you into making a choice between two other
    missions, one obviously good, the other evil.
    Blue Mission - Leading The Charge
    Keep the Ionic Vortex ready, it will come in handy. Find those Militia-driven
    trucks, staying on the rooftops until they pass underneath you. By that time, 
    they will spot Cole. Why not drop in and say hello? As the first truck passes 
    beneath you, fall onto it with a Thunder Drop. Get on the street and lob a few
    grenades inside the trailer where there are lots of soldiers.
    Focus on the other trucks and clear out the other Militia, then the smaller
    truck following behind and finally, the helicopter. Once all that is done, the
    vehicles stop. Climb on top of the prisoner truck and mash R1 near the device to
    free the police. 
    These two missions start differently but end the same way. So when you arrive
    at the plantation grounds, skip ahead a few paragraphs to see what happens next.
    Red Mission - BOOM!
    You have to ride the trolley to the plantation, but it's more like "push" it
    there. A device on top of it can be charged with Cole's bolt to make it move,
    but anything less than a full charge just pushes it a little bit. If you
    overcharge it though, it will take much more damage from enemies,
    So you want to avoid overcharging it for sure. It will not only make the
    trolley blow up easier, but you'll be moving so fast, you won't be able to
    fight back effectively. Consider just pushing it and taking out the enemies in
    the balconies with well-placed Double Grenades.
    If you can manage it, you can charge it to the max and no further and just
    ride it in without too much worry. You won't be able to hit every enemy but
    that's ok.
    When the trolley makes the final turn approaching the plantation, make sure it
    is charged to max and it should charge in, ramming the gate and exploding.
    You'll have allies for this no matter what choice. If you freed the police,
    they will distract some of the Militia running rampant around here. If you
    sided with Nix, she will be there to set up some easy kills for you, making
    your life easier.
    I strongly suggest making use of Ionic Vortex here. If you are with the cops
    though, you risk catching them in the blast. Not a big deal, but you might
    lose a tiny bit of karma. If any enemies here drop extra charges though, don't
    let them go to waste. Use the one you have and pick up the new one.
    Swing around the sides and keep clearing out the enemies. Know where you can
    find energy if you need it. Pelt them with bolts or grenades if they are
    clustered together. If you're working with Nix, she should help you out a bit.
    Eventually, after you clear out most of the Militia, you should be able to check
    the shed marked on your radar. Do so to get a new objective. Take out the
    mortar placements starting with the first one marked for you. Attack the
    placement and any other enemies guarding it with your grenades. Disable it with
    R1 when the coast is clear. Do the same for two more. Consider using an Ionic
    Vortex for the last two if there are a lot of enemies left over. If you already
    defeated most of them though, there won't be much danger. Approach the shed
    when the mortars are destroyed. You'll get a scene. 
    Your last task is a bit difficult. Protect Kuo as she staggers toward the
    truck. Ignore the crazy stuff going on and focus ONLY on the Militia immediately
    surrounding you. They will be gunning specifically for Kuo. Too much damage and
    it's over for her. Try to get easy headshots or knock them back with grenades.
    Ionic Vortex, if you have the right angle for multiple enemies in one shot, is
    also a good idea. Go after any of them that are shooting at Kuo and stay close
    to her at all times to succeed.
    S|MISSION - Crossfire
    D| In the park nearby, the Militia and monsters are going at it. Jump into the
    E| fray and teach them not to rumble in your town! Start by climbing the
       building with the rocket Militia guy. It's the one with the balconies that
      have green lights. Go up there and blast him off the edge, removing the
     threat of his rockets.
    Now, there should be a Militia mini-gunner and a swamp monster fighting each
    other below you. Thunder Drop onto them, then whack the mini-gunner til he
    From here, clear out most of the minor enemies, then focus on the Ravager. As
    you have already before, rely mostly on Kinetic Pulse and Sticky Grenades if
    you can use them. Throw cars at it when it surfaces and keep your distance. Bolt
    will not really help here so definitely rely on your heavier hitting powers.
    If the Ravager charges you, dodge to the side with Circle. Drain the nearby
    lamp posts or cars for energy when you're in a bind.
    When the Ravager surfaces, pelt it with grenades or cars. Either one works fine
    in defeating it. It should go down eventually, just like the rest.
    S|MISSION - Malpractice
    D| You might recognize this and the previous mission as being from the demo.
    E| Here you'll need to recover some medical supplies guarded by the Militia.
       Turn the corner right from the start and there will be the first one. Lob a
      grenade in between these two, then finish them off with some Bolts.
    Grab the package but beware the ambush coming down the alley. This part screams
    for the Ionic Vortex, so feel free to unleash one. Unlike the demo, you can't
    use it as much as you want. You'll need another charge to use it next time. If
    you're playing on the Evil side, Double Grenades work wonders in this narrow
    Follow the next white marker to a mansion. You can easily attack the oblivious
    Militia from the side, ambushing them with some grenades, but try climbing the
    mansion first. Shock Blast the two guys up here off the edge, then Thunder Drop
    the guys below. Take out the mini-gunner immediately, then mop up the rest with
    Grab the second package off the roof, then proceed to the third one. This one
    will be on the street to the north. The one guy you worry about here is the
    rocket-wielding soldier. Target him from the start and take him down with some
    quick Bolts or rush him with melee. Grenade the guys on the balconies til they
    collapse and finish off the rest. Grab the package. One more to go.
    It happens to be in an alley just nearby. Unleash another Ionic Vortex if you
    have a charge. Otherwise, bomb the Militia here with grenades, trying to set off
    a chain reaction with the cars, or use them as weapons with Kinetic Pulse.
    Once the coast is clear, grab the package, run a short way to the medic, job
      STORY MISSION | - Powering Up Ascension Parish
    This is a fun one. Interact with the generator here to fire a "Tesla Missile".
    You can freely direct this missile and control where it goes. As soon as it
    takes off, lift it high into the air with the Left Analog Stick and fly it
    toward the beacon on the screen that looks like a flashing circle. Use the
    Left Stick to guide it above the buildings and other obstacles, then land it
    on the generator indicated by that beacon.
    Once you've done that, head over that pronto. Zeke gives you a warning about
    being in these powered down areas. You won't have to worry about that just yet
    Locating the generator, you'll be ambushed very shortly by tons of Militia.
    Toss as many grenades as you can. Electrocution Grenades can work wonders here
    if you got them. You can recharge from the generator so keep it up. They'll try
    to get in and damage the generator, stopping your progress. Keep them back and
    if you need to use it, you can expend an Ionic Charge (if you have one) to use
    Ionic Vortex.
    Restrain or Leech some enemies if you'd like, then fire another Tesla Missile
    from this second generator, aiming for the third one as indicated by another
    beacon. As you make your way toward this one, stick exclusively to the rooftops
    so you can avoid unnecessary danger. You can fight some enemies from your high
    perch but don't let them rough you up since you have no energy sources.
    Power up this generator too and prepare for another ambush. This one is even
    tougher because they'll come at you from both sides. Ionic Vortex will really
    help here if you have a charge handy. When things get really hectic, go to it.
    Otherwise, pepper in some healthy grenades as your foes come rushing in. Beat
    them with melee when they get close or use Shock Blast. Detonation Blast can
    also be a help as the enemies crowd together.
    Once you've activated it, use another Tesla Missile. Aim it into the air as soon
    as you can, then steer it toward the next generator.
    Stick to the rooftops again, since just about every alley is occupied by
    Militia. Find the generator and fire it up. Get ready...
    Two alleys will usher in some more Militia. They have to sort of go around
    the platform you're on to get to you, which lets you have more time to ward
    them off. Fire grenades into both and use Ionic Vortex if you wish. Stay near
    the generator to keep the energy going. It shouldn't be too hard, and you also
    have cars nearby to use as weapons as well.
    With that done, more Side Missions!
    S|MISSION - Chopper vs Monsters
    D| Listen to that blatant New York accent. And I'm a native New Yorker myself...
    E| Anyways, this mission can be annoyingly difficult and sometimes for dumb
       reasons. The three biggest threats here are the two Ravagers, the
      rocket-firing Militia soldiers, and the helicopter. Yes, that's two Ravagers
     at once. Apparently Cole is a... magnet for those things (bad pun count: 6)
    If you have a charge, try to use it and get as many enemies as well as the
    helicopter in range of it. If you can take down the helicopter, that's good.
    You'll likely get another charge before this is over anyway. I would go after
    the rocket guys next. You'll find them on the rooftops ahead of you. Blast them
    off the edge, then continue on.
    Finally, focus on the Ravagers. Use Kinetic Pulse and throw cars at them. Use
    Sticky Grenades or normal grenades to weaken them further. It's likely that
    they will try to get in close and pin you down. It's only bad if you've taken
    a lot of damage though, because when pinned down, you can mash R1 to do decent
    damage to them. Don't intentionally let it happen though.
    It's hard with two of them, so try to keep them both in view so you know what
    they're doing and are able to dodge their charges. If you're playing as Evil,
    Double Grenades just flat out wreck these guys. Use those to end this fight
    easily. One thing that really sucks is that when you defeat one, you have to
    watch the death animation for it, and the other one is totally free to come up
    to you and attack. Try to have full health for when that happens. Finish the
    second one off and you're done.
    |Good| Side Mission - Police Parade
    A large convoy of Militia soldiers have nine police hostages and are marching
    them around in front of the cathedral. Go to that location (marked on your map)
    and think about a game plan.
    Ionic Vortex is obviously a big no-no. You don't need to save every one of the
    police but still, you should try to avoid using anything than your bolt, good
    ole' number one. You may want to use something else other than Pincer Bolt too,
    such as Magnum. I recommend Magnum for Good players just so you can eliminate
    the amount of enemies shooting at you quicker. Melee them when the numbers are
    dwindled and finish the mission.
    |Evil| Side Mission - The Hunt
    Bobby Boucher (Waterboy reference...) gives you another target to assassinate.
    You can find him in the cathedral area so make your way over there.
    Hold R1 to view the photo. It should be a guy with a blue collared shirt, and
    hat. What the photo doesn't show is he also wears a backpack. Search within
    the designated area at the cathedral. It can be a little tedious but you should
    be able to find him. The alternative is to kill everyone and you know... process
    of elimination. This might cause him to run though, I'm not sure.
    It might be random, but I found him to the right of where I entered.
    S|MISSION - Triage
    D| This will be just like the Police Parade mission above if you did it, just
    E| with less Militia and less hostages. I recommend Magnum Bolt again here if
       you are playing as a Hero. Otherwise, just use standard Alpha or Pincer
      bolts. Try to take out the rocket guys as soon as possible, since they may
     accidentally kill all the medics.
    If you want to come out of this without getting too much Good Karma, you can
    "accidentally" kill some of the medics, but don't kill all of them.
      STORY MISSION | - The Sacrifice
    Take the path behind these houses, heading for the marker. You'll see some
    swamp monsters waiting to ambush you. Beat them down with Cole's amp, using his
    finishing moves to dispatch them easily. Find the girl "hanging out" near the
    swamp. Two more monsters pop up when you try to get to her. Beat them down as
    well, then shoot the girl's restraints to free her.
    As you guide her back to the street, get ready to fend off even more monsters.
    Use Detonation Blast on one as the crowd you, then fire at the blast as it
    clings to a monster. If they are close together, the blast will hit them all.
    Blasts always work well to keep them back, then you can rely on melee if you
    As you reach the street, a rocket comes sailing toward you. Equip Artillery
    Bolt and shoot the culprit down with haste. As you go down the next street,
    several swamp monsters, including a Gasbag, will ambush you. Expend a charge for
    an Ionic Vortex to easily dispatch them. If you would rather not, run away from
    them, letting them chase you. While still backing away, aim and fire a
    Detonation Blast or Electrocution Grenade to stop them (make sure you shoot at
    the Detonation Blast once it clings to an enemy if you pick that). When there's
    just a few left, switch to melee and use Cole's finishers.
    Follow the girl into an alley. Another monster, plus several smaller rolling
    creatures will attack you. Blast them with some Bolt attacks, heal the girl
    if she gets hurt, then move on.
    There should be some Militia waiting outside the alley, including some
    shotgun-wielding foes. Stay back and hit them with some Bolts or Grenades, then
    move on for a scene.
                                     - BOSS FIGHT -
                          |   \ _____ _____ _  _ _ _ ___ _ _ 
                          | |) / -_) V / _ \ || | '_/ -_) '_|
                          |___/\___|\_/\___/\_,_|_| \___|_|  
    If you know what you're doing, this guy can be pretty easy. Still, some caution
    is strongly advised. The Devourer will slowly move down the streets, focusing
    either on Cole or nearby innocents.
    With Cole, it will fire a barrage of explosive acid balls from its mouth. Run
    to the side and roll to avoid as many as you can. If you can shade yourself
    behind a corner or something, even better. Once one hits you, it can be
    difficult to dodge the others.
    The other attack you need to worry about is a potential instant death one. When
    you are at close or medium range from the Devourer, it may open its mouth and
    shoot its extra long tongue at him. If it grabs Cole, he is pulled toward the
    creature's mouth. You have one chance to free yourself by firing Bolts at its
    uvula (you know, that punching bag-shaped thing in its mouth). There's two ways
    to succeed. Either you shoot it enough and it drops you, or Cole gets caught but
    is able to hold the beast's jaw open. In the latter case, the Devourer tries
    to shut its jaw and this will expel Cole but do severe damage. It's better
    than death though, which is what you get if you fail completely to free
    The Devourer's weakness is fairly obvious. It is covered in a protective
    shell except when it opens its mouth. First, switch Cole's bolt to Alpha Bolt.
    Use this, grenades, and Kinetic Pulse to damage the beast. Stay at a distance
    and fire at its mouth when it opens. It will only open when it is about to
    shoot the acid, use the tongue attack, or sometimes it just opens it briefly
    for a few seconds. Use these three attacks to do damage to it.
    If you get caught in the acid attacks, try to find some energy fast and run
    away to recover. When using Kinetic Pulse, grab a car with it, then wait as
    the Devourer comes closer. Hold the car in the air and when the Devourer opens
    its mouth, launch the car at it. Follow up with bolts and grenades.
    Another really important reason I advocate Alpha Bolt is because if the tongue
    attack grabs you, you can rapid fire this into its mouth to save yourself. Try
    to keep your distance and attack when you see the opportunity, healing when
    necessary. You will come out on top in no time.
    S|MISSION - In the Name of Science
    D| Go down the street and enter the graveyard. Find the swamp monsters and
    E| you'll see they are... feasting on the flesh of the dead? Now that's messed
       up. Get their attention and let them chase you. Exit the graveyard and
      hightail it back to the park.
    Lure them into the circle shown on your map and then get ready for a beatdown.
    With so many chasing you, Sticky Grenades can be really easy to place, even
    while you're moving away from them and aiming at the same time. Detonation
    Blasts still work good as well.
    Melee some of them (but of course, beware them surrounding you), work up some
    hits to fill up your meter, then target a different monster that might attack
    you and unleash the finisher on it. Some of Cole's finishers can even take out
    multiple enemies if they are close enough. Use this and other powers to defeat
    them near the park. Get 10 and you're done. Good work!
    Next, search the area south of the graveyard. Look for any Militia in the area.
    Stop any muggings or abductions you see. One of these enemies should turn into a
    mission marker.
    S|MISSION - Convoy
    D| Go to the white marker. Take to the rooftops and you might just run into
    E| some Militia up there. Grenade them or blast them off. There should be more
       below. Drop down on them and unleash an Ionic Vortex.
    Continue toward the white marker which is a convoy of trucks with Militia. There
    will also be a helicopter watching over it. Disable the trucks with grenades,
    or... if you can get them all lined up, try to use an Ionic Vortex to hit them
    and the helicopter in one go. Destroy the trucks and you're done.
      STORY MISSION | - Conduit, Not Human
    After the interesting scene, you'll need to go on a little scavenger hunt in
    the graveyard. Like, zoinks Scoob! First though, follow Kuo around and defeat
    the enemies that you come across. You can explore some new attack options here.
    Once you have the picture, hold R1 to look at it. It's just slightly northwest
    of your current position with Kuo. Find the stone coffin to the left and use
    Kinetic Pulse to lift the lid off. Examine the contents for another picture.
    Continue west, where a bunch of monsters and Militia will be fighting. Use an
    Ionic Vortex to wipe most if not all of them out. You can also use Magnum Bolt
    and Detonation Blast, or whatever you want.
    Look at the picture again. Really look at it for clues. Jinkies! You'll notice
    the graveyard wall is nearby, there's a lamp post, and the wall above the graves
    is blue. When you find the search area (the circle on your map), you should
    find that area over to the northwest, just inside the wall as the picture
    showed. Lift the lids off the graves til you find the next picture.
    Head for the next circle area on your map. On the way, Kuo steals your Spider
    Sense and feels something amiss. Fight the Militia here with her help. Attack
    them with grenades and melee mostly.
    When the coast is clear, search the area within the circle. The picture makes
    it really easy to locate. Inspect the side of this large vault and interact
    with the latch here for a scene.
    A Ravager shows up and it has some new tricks and friends to bring to the table.
    When these appendages pop up out of the ground, shoot them with your Bolts.
    The small creatures from earlier, called Spikers, will also appear. Kuo will
    sometimes set you up for easy kills on them (though they are easy to defeat
    already...) so don't miss your cue.
    This Ravager is a special kind. As you already saw, it can summon these
    appendages from the ground. After a while, they will "hatch" the small creatures
    called Spikers. Too many of them is a bad thing, so shoot at the appendages
    when they appear. You can still kill this thing like any other Ravager. Speaking
    of which...
    Try to take this fight outside of the graveyard. You should hopefully find
    cars to hurl at it with Kinetic Pulse. The Ravager may also go after Kuo which
    takes the heat off Cole and lets you get easy shots on it. Use grenades, Sticky
    preferably to continue damaging it. If you're Evil though, Double Grenades
    completely evaporate this thing's health like with other Ravagers. Eventually,
    it will fall if you keep it up and stay healthy.
    With the Ravager Hive Lord and the Spikers down, return to the vault and
    retrieve the Blast Core. After a scene, the mission is done.
    You may want to go redeem that now for new goodies, but we're overdue for some
    Side Missions. Continue or on skip ahead. Choose wisely....
    S|MISSION - Stronghold
    D| Follow the trucks ahead to witness an all-out war commence between the rebels
    E| and the Galactic Empi-- err, I mean, the Militia. Lob some grenades across
       the street to get things going. A turret gunner is the first threat to
      contend with. Either go around him or bounce an Alpha Grenade behind him.
    Get into the alleys and find more waiting for you. Electrocution Grenades or
    Detonation Blasts work well. Ionic Vortex can help you take out the chopper,
    though it's a risk since it's sometimes difficult to hit it. You can just as
    easily throw cars at it with Kinetic Pulse. A direct hit does big damage.
    |Good| Side Mission - Good Deed
    Meet up with Kuo and follow her across the rooftops. She'll lead you right into
    very discernable paths with wires so you'll be able to cross with ease.
    Eventually, you'll find some swamp monsters. Kuo will try to set you up for
    some kills, but you'll be fending for yourself mostly. Electrocution Grenade,
    Detonation Blast, Sticky Grenade, and Ionic Vortex are all great here.
    If you really need breathing room, run from them to another rooftop, or down
    in the alleys where the space is more confined and narrow. The latter can put
    you at an offensive advantage with your powers.
    Kuo will lead you to the next spot, where you encounter a Ravager and more
    monsters. Take this down to the streets where you have more room and cars to
    use as weapons.
    Things can get hectic so use an Ionic Vortex to clear out the lesser enemies
    first if you have a charge. Try to pelt the Ravager with lots of grenades when
    it surfaces. Use Kinetic Pulse as well. Always dodge its charges by rolling to
    the side. When you slay the beast, the mission ends in success.
    |Evil| Side Mission - Revenge
    Follow Nix to two separate gatherings of Militia forces. The first one you'll
    meet after a few grind wires across the rooftops. Two ways you can go about
    One, guns blazing and tearing everything in the vicinity a new one. Problem with
    that is you got some mini-gunners, a turret, and potential grenades which could
    lead to an early death. Solve that problem by unleashing an Ionic Vortex, that
    is, if you want to expend a charge.
    Two, you could hang back and let Nix do her thing while you snipe them with
    Skull Bolts and Double Grenades. When she captures some enemies with her goo
    attack... thing, hit them to make them explode. Either way, you'll only be
    halfway done when that's over.
    Follow her to the next camp. Thunder Drop down on these guys to start, then
    either use Ionic Vortex or pelt them with Double Grenades. Take out the bigger
    threats first. If you are able and if you have Infamous rank, you can Bio Leech
    one enemy and gain temporarily unlimited energy. Go crazy with grenades and
    this will be an easy victory. Alternatively, you can be a more long-range
    attacker and snipe them from above or rain down grenades on them.
    |Good| Side Mission - Firing Squad
    The Militia are conducting an experiment to see if people can fly when thrown
    off a building. The results? Not too good so far. Ok... they're just executing
    people. You can look with Triangle. Go behind the building to find a quick way
    up using a Vertical Launch Pole.
    You'll be behind them taking this way up. Lob a few grenades at their feet,
    enough to hit multiple soldiers, but close enough that the hostages won't be
    harmed as well. Use Graviton Blast to knock them off the roof and that will be
    all she wrote. Some hostages might die, but you can still pass the mission.
    Melee any surviving Militia or use Graviton Blast some more. When they're all
    defeated, you can chalk up another Good Side Mission
    |Evil| Side Mission - King of the Hill
    Find the rooftop where the rebels are preparing to execute some Militia. Climb
    up there and switch your Shock Blast power to Punch Blast and start sending
    them off the rooftop.
    After you do that, a helicopter appears and opens fire. Since you don't have
    Sticky Grenades, your options are limited to bolts and Kinetic Pulse. I would
    go with the latter since it's quick, and relatively easy. You'll need a lot of
    bolts to bring the chopper down.
     ___________  __     ___  ____ _               ___                       
    |___  /____ |/  |    |  \/  (_) |             / _ \                      
       / /    / /`| |    | .  . |_| | ___ ___    / /_\ \__      ____ _ _   _ 
      / /     \ \ | |    | |\/| | | |/ _ | __|   |  _  |\ \ /\ / / _` | | | |
    ./ /  .___/ /_| |_   | |  | | | |  __|__ \   | | | | \ V  V / (_| | |_| |
    \_/   \____/ \___/   \_|  |_/_|_|\___|___/   \_| |_/  \_/\_/ \__,_|\__, |
                                                                        __/ |
      STORY MISSION | - Good Gets Better
    Time for some new abilities. First off is the Improved Static Thrusters. This
    lets you not only move forward faster while hovering, you also get a slight
    boost upward when you activate them. Soar for as long as you can to pass a few
    mini objectives.
    Next on the list is the so-called car jump. Find a car and jump onto it. Then,
    jump again while you're on it to get an electrical boost upward. Nice!
    Finally, you have Precision again. Hold up on the D-Pad to activate this slow
    motion, long-range powerhouse bolt power! If you never played inFamous 1, this
    power drains your energy slowly as you hold the D-Pad up, but it lets you get
    easy headshots and packs quite a punch. Use it up to three times to finish this
    More Side Missions open up, so let's get to it. There will be two that both have
    the name "Enemy Surveillance." Go to the one that's closer, not the one to the
    far northwest.
    S|MISSION - Enemy Surveillance
    D| You'll find a swamp monster nearby and it's your job to chase it to its base.
    E| This will be a nice test for your improved Static Thrusters. Use them to
       quickly traverse gaps and after riding on wires to get a huge aerial boost
      forward. This will help you keep up with the monster.
    Try to stay on wires and use that momentum, combined with your thrusters to
    stay on its tail. Eventually, it will drop to the streets and lead you to a
    mansion where several of its friends, including a Ravager, will be waiting. If
    Admiral Ackbar were here, I know what he'd say...
    Start by running. Run and then turn and aim while you're backing away from
    them. Fire some Sticky or Electrocution or other grenades to slow them down.
    Graviton Blast doesn't knock them in the air, so any blast will do, especially
    Detonation Blast.
    Once you've defeated the minions, go for the Ravager. As always, dodge its
    charges and rely on grenades mostly to win this battle. Try to keep it in sight
    at all times and watch its location on your mini-map. Defeating it ends the
    S|MISSION - Overcharge
    D| This is just like the previous mission by the same name, except it's catered
    E| to the improved Static Thrusters. Step onto the generator and then jump off
       to gain the charge. You must maintain it all the way to the other generator
      which you can see with Triangle.
    The path may not totally seem clear or linear, as far as the wires go. If you
    speed along the wires and use Static Thrusters though, you should get enough
    momentum to carry to the next wire or close enough. It may take some practice
    but try to let the momentum carry you and try to land on or near the next wire.
    Take it to the generator without losing the charge to finish this one, defeating
    the Militia. You come in so fast, I bet they were... shocked to see you! (bad
    pun count: 6)
      STORY MISSION | - Stories of the Past
    Watch the scene, then follow Nix to the mansion. There will be Militia on all
    sides, all stories, so get to work. Clear out as many as you can on the front
    side, allowing Nix to capture some for you in that black goo attack. This lets
    you kill them easily. Getting to the ones on the second floor can be tedious if
    you climb, but try grenades.
    Go to the left side of the building and use an Ionic Vortex to quickly get rid
    of the turret gunners and other soldiers behind them. Clear out the back side
    and then climb up to the roof. Use Graviton Blast to knock these guys off the
    edge. If you're Evil and at Infamous rank, you can take advantage of the Bio
    Leech Overload. Leech a Militia soldier you've defeated then spam Double
    Grenades at everybody else with the unlimited energy. Repeat by draining someone
    else. Very effective against the guys on the balconies.
    Now, just clean up the survivors, climbing down to them and picking them off.
    It might take a minute but it should be no problem. Follow Nix after that.
    Get to the dock and use a Shock Blast power to knock them into the water. Kill
    any Nix sets up for you, then get on the boat when they're all defeated. You'll
    be taken into the swamp, past some towers. Two of them are occupied by Militia
    who open fire with rockets. Suddenly the swamp is overrun with them. Blow up
    the two towers and then get off when Nix stops. Time to get busy.
    Push forward, defeating any Militia in your way. Come at them with any punishing
    attacks you have. Grenades, Magnum Bolt, Detonation Blast. Graviton Blast can
    throw them into the water easily. Go for the turret gunners to protect the boat,
    as well as any others gunning forward.
    As you press onward, you'll see some generators and other objects every now and
    then to restore energy and health. Keep battling the Militia and shoot the
    towers if they are occupied. If you see an Ionic Charge drop, use an Ionic
    Vortex and then grab the new one.
    Eventually, the swamp monsters crash the party. Nix swoops in to pick you up.
    If you can't resist though, throw one Ionic Vortex into the brawl and then get
    going. Hop back onto the boat and leave the carnage behind.
    Or so you think... Swamp monsters quickly spring aboard like pirates so give
    them a good shore leave. Use grenades and your Amp to repel them. Since the boat
    doesn't provide much room, use your Blast powers to keep them back too. You may
    even throw one or two overboard.
    Get off the boat to check out another possible Militia camp. Turns out though,
    they're already dead. I'm sure that's not ominous in any way...
    A new marker appears in the distance though. Wait for Nix to pull the boat up
    on your left, so you can use it to get across to the other island without
    touching the water.
    Turns out it's another Ravager Hive Lord. Great. The only real throw-able
    objects are the generators around here, and you need those so don't use Kinetic
    Pulse on them. Instead, rely mainly on your grenades. For Evil players, Double
    Grenades make this fight laughably easy so have fun. Blow up the appendages
    that sprout up, trying to prevent more Spikers from emerging. Focus on the Hive
    Lord primarily if the Spikers attack. Keep him in sight so he doesn't catch you
    off guard with a charge.
    Try not to rely on one generator for your energy. They will run out, so mix it
    up to keep your supply going. Any time the Hive Lord sprouts up, hit it with
    more Sticky or Double Grenades. Keep it going until it falls.
    Get back on the boat. Enjoy the nice chaotic scenery for a while. You'll then
    hear a loud thump... The fog gets thicker, the noise gets louder... a scene
    |Good| Side Mission - Enduring Freedom
    You have to rescue four civilians about to be sacrificed at the edge of the
    swamp. Each is marked on your map. At each site, you'll find plenty of Militia
    resistance waiting.
    Work together with Kuo and take them out. Take advantage of her powers and
    defeat enemies when she traps them in an ice cloud, shooting at it for instant
    kills. Also take advantage of your proximity to water, knocking guys into it
    with Graviton Blast. Between that, grenades and your Amp will see you through.
    For saving the civilians, shoot their restraints to let them down. Heal them if
    they are hurt. Continue from one to the next, taking out any Militia you come
    At the fourth site, things get more intense as the Corrupted show up. Let the
    lower creatures chase you and use an Ionic Vortex when they're all lined up.
    Alternatively, use Detonation Blast or Electrocution Grenade. Streak some melee
    hits on them and use finishers as well to put them down.
    As for the Ravager, you've fought a lot of those lately. You don't need any
    reminders, right? Alright.... just kidding! Kuo can help you here by distracting
    it. Pepper it with grenades when it surfaces and you can deplete its health
    quickly. If it is going for you though, be sure to dodge its attacks and you
    can try throwing some of the objects around at it with Kinetic Pulse.
    Defeat the Ravager and anything still twitching, then go save the last
    civilian. Meet up with Kuo after that to end this one.
    |Evil| Side Mission - The Third Degree
    Really short mission. You are given a picture of a woman in the park in the
    center of the red light district area. Go there and look for here. Assuming the
    picture isn't randomized, you'll be looking for a woman with a sling bag, which
    should be an easy thing to spot.
    Once you find her, beat her down (how cruel...) and then Arc Restrain her by
    holding R1 over her and hitting Circle. She'll tell you where a Blast Shard
    stash is nearby. Go to the white star on your radar and find it. There will be
    a single Militia soldier nearby, but he's easily dealt with.
    S|MISSION - Life Insurance
    D| You'll notice something... big in the background as this woman talks about
    E| shoes, or something... Crap, another Devourer!
    First thing's first, focus on the main swamp monsters charging at you. Run
    away, letting them chase you in one big line. Unleash Ionic Vortex then to wipe
    them out. Now you can focus on the big boy.
    Like before, you'll want to switch to Alpha Bolt. If you're playing as a Hero
    though, use Bolt Stream if you have it unlocked. It will do a lot of damage
    to it, although it uses up a lot of energy. Whenever it opens its mouth though,
    fire Bolt Stream.
    If you don't have it, you can always use Alpha Bolt and Grenades, but Kinetic
    Pulse still does a great job as well. Remember you can only damage it by
    attacking when its mouth is open. Roll constantly and run from its acid
    attacks and if it grabs you with its tongue, aim for inside its mouth with a
    rapid bolt attack like Alpha or Bolt Stream.
    Without too much effort, it should go down, ending the mission.
      STORY MISSION | - Transferring Power
    This scene will lead you to two more Good and Evil Story Mission choices. Pick
    one, most likely the one that sides with all the other choices you've made thus
    Blue Mission - Hearts and Minds Campaign
    Get on top of the ambulance and ride it. A bunch of Militia fools will stand
    up ahead under some scaffolding. An explosive tank sits nearby. Throw a grenade
    in that general vicinity to kill most if not all of them.
    Feel free to go crazy here because the ambulance will provide you with endless
    energy to drain from it. So spam those nades and if you have it, Bolt Stream.
    You'll encounter more Militia as you go, so let loose with everything you have.
    Eventually, they'll block you off, forcing Kuo to go around. Kill more Militia
    up ahead by throwing massive grenades at the cars blocking you. Heal the people
    nearby, then make sure the alley across from the ambulance is clear so it can
    move on.
    A rocket-firing Militia soldier will be on a rooftop above. Use Precision to
    slow things down and try to get him. Won't matter too much though if you miss.
    The ambulance soon turns and more cars and soldiers block your path. Bomb the
    hell out of them, then blast the cars out of the way to move on.
    Soon you'll reach another situation as the Militia contend with a Devourer.
    Stay on the ambulance for energy and use Bolt Stream or a combination of Alpha
    Bolt and grenades to blast this thing when it opens its mouth. It will be
    mostly occupied with the Militia so you'll have plenty of free shots to take
    it down without breaking a sweat. It can and will target Cole eventually though
    so be ready if it grabs him with its tongue. Fire rapidly at the inside of its
    mouth to break free. Finish it off with anything you got. If you're playing on
    Hard, don't even bother fighting this thing because it will destroy the 
    ambulance in like two seconds. Clear the cars as fast as you can before the
    ambulance gets there and just ignore it.
    Clear out all the cars which can take a moment, then ride the ambulance down
    the adjacent street. More rocket enemies and other Militia will attack, but
    the ambulance will be moving too fast to really hit them or for it to matter.
    You'll soon reach another roadblock though. The threat here are the shotgun
    Militia soldiers and one mini-gunner. Take out the mini-gunner with a few
    Precision shots on his head. The shotgunners may take cover or get closer.
    Their shotgun blasts can knock Cole off the ambulance. Either get them before
    that happens, or back away and fire off some quick Bolts to defeat them. Like
    before, clear the way for the ambulance again.
    You'll reach the rebel safehouse, but it soon becomes compromised by an army of
    Militia soldiers. Use an Ionic Vortex to wipe out a lot of them. The mini-gunner
    can also be a good target for a Sticky Grenade, hitting nearby enemies in the
    More will be up on the rooftops. Join Kuo up there to take them out. Combine
    with her powers to defeat them, or blow them right off the rooftops with Blast
    powers. You should soon see more below you though. Thunder Drop in on them and
    wipe them out.
    You have another opportunity against this sea of enemies to launch another
    vortex, but there might be a lot of rebels in the area too. You might take a
    few tiny hits in karma for it, but it might be worth it.
    More will come storming down several alleys, one swarm after another. Ionic
    Vortex may again be a saving grace, but it's not necessary, especially if you
    don't want to risk a small loss in karma. Grenades will work especially well
    in the narrower confines. Just be careful of taking too much damage. There's
    plenty of cover, but energy sources aren't exactly right in front of you.
    Once you've slain them all, you can celebrate another well-fought victory.
    Red Mission - Fooling the Rebels
    This was a pretty fun mission. After the chuckle-worthy scene, storm into the
    fortress. You can stroll in or climb your way in. Either way, there will be
    tons of Militia inside. You don't really have to kill them all but it will make
    your life easier if you wipe out most of them.
    The biggest threats in descending order are the rocket guys, mini-gunners and
    the few shotgunners. Take advantage of Bio Leech Overload if you are Infamous.
    You'll not only heal yourself but that unlimited energy is so helpful. I
    strongly recommend using it whenever you get the chance and using that unlimited
    energy and spam Precision bolts. Don't even worry about headshots, just fire
    Precision bolts over and over at your enemies until the overload runs out.
    Whenever an Ionic Charge is dropped, use your Vortex and collect the new charge.
    Pay attention to your radar to see where the enemies are. Avoid rockets at all
    costs and try to take them out before even going after the objective.
    When you're ready, on the north side and in the center of the fortress, both
    on the upper levels, there are two radios that need to be destroyed. They're
    green and found on tables so they shouldn't be too hard to spot. Destroy them
    both to get control of Nix behind the fortress turret.
    Start by shooting the two large gas tanks, marked for you on the radar. The
    rebels show up soon after. Start unloading endless volleys on them. Use your
    radar and their tell-tale rockets to determine their locations. Keep shooting
    at them and eventually, the Militia show up too.
    Now, as Cole again, find the Militia convoy and hit them with an Ionic Vortex
    or multiple grenades. When the coast is mostly clear, fire grenades or use
    Kinetic Pulse and launch a car up at the turret to destroy it. Finish mopping
    up the Militia and more will pour out of the main entrance.
    Get in there and use Scythe Bolt on them. Scythe Bolt works beautifully in
    the tiny entrance room and dispatches the Militia with ease. Once you have
    defeated the last one, the mission ends.
    Look for some Militia in the area of the cemetery, near the canal and the bridge
    crossing it. Defeat any Militia in this immediate area and one may turn into a
    mission marker.
    S|MISSION - Hidden Package
    D| Fun fact. My exact words upon seeing the photograph were "Oh God, that
    E| couldn't be any easier to find." It's true, I think. Your mini-map already
       points you in a general vicinity, so go there first. The photograph will the
      make the rest abundantly clear where it is. Climb the water tower and grab the
     package, as well as nearby Blast Shards if you don't have them. Job done.
    S|MISSION - Grave Danger
    D| Meet up with the rebels inside the graveyard. First defeat any Militia
    E| outside that may be causing trouble. Go in after that and you'll see many red
       blips light up your mini-map.
    Try to take them in small numbers. Some will be on ground, others waiting on
    top of some of the structures. There's plenty of cover and few energy sources,
    so make use of the former. If any enemies drop Ionic Charges, let loose a
    Vortex. It might not hit many enemies, but it will help.
    Swamp monsters will swoop in and attack as well. Don't bother with melee unless
    they are alone. Attacking them near your allies can just make a mess of things.
    There are lots of shielded enemies which more or less forces you to go up to
    them and use melee. If you have a fully charged finisher, let loose on a small
    group and if it's an ultra attack, it will hopefully defeat all of them. When
    you have erased every red blip on one side, go to the other side.
    Take out the mini-gunner first, then try to use grenades or Detonation Blast
    on any creatures chasing you. For all the enemies above, get on their level
    first and either zap or blast them. Watch out for the snipers. Use Precision
    when you're on top of one of the structures here and at the same height as
    they are to snipe them back. Clear out the rest of the stragglers, using your
    radar to show you their locations.
      STORY MISSION | - Storm the Fort
    Use a car to jump and boost yourself up onto the tram car lines. Ride these
    forward and right before they make a right turn, have Cole jump and use Static
    Thrusters to let the momentum carry him right to the fortress walls. Let the
    fun begin!
    Start wailing on the Militia, using blasts and melee to let them have it. Go
    right and find a whole bunch of them gathered. Use a few grenades and Kuo's
    abilities as well to level them. Tons of opportunities will present themselves
    for various powers, so feel for the situation and use them appropriately.
    Your first task is to take out the turrets below, the ones the Militia usually
    use. Try to finish causing chaos up above though, then drop down and disable
    them. More markers will show up on your map, along with more resistance. Keep
    blasting then, shooting bolts, and knocking them senseless with the amp. if you
    use Ionic Vortex, make sure you use it while standing on the same level as your
    victims, or else it might not touch them.
    Clear the way to each turret. There is one more down below, and two on the
    upper levels. Kuo will provide some decent help so utilize her abilities when
    she assists you.
    After that, the whole area goes out. Lots more enemies show up and rockets and
    explosions pour in on you. With no energy sources, and rockets going off like
    fireworks, I recommend getting the hell out of there. Don't bother fighting,
    just make your way out and go to the marker.
    The generator is in an alley across from the fort. Fire a Tesla Missile from it
    to a generator inside. This one is tough. The easiest way to get it is to steer
    it up right away, then far to the left side of the fortress. As the missile
    gets over the fortress, bank it to the right and aim it down to get the
    Fire one more from that one at a much more easily reachable generator at one
    of the towers. Now just go up to this one and interact with it to get the power
    back on.
    Last task is to disable the mortars. You'll find two of them on either side,
    plus many more Militia. Get as many of them as you want for additional XP. It
    will be worth it, but you can focus mainly on the mortars. Defeating the person
    operating each one is not good enough. Hit R1 nearby it to disable it like
    the turrets. Otherwise, this will never end and they'll continue to be used by
    an infinite amount of enemies. Disable them to end it.
    A scene takes over. You are then presented with a major choice in the game.
    You'll get new powers either way, but they'll differ depending on which one
    you choose. Make up your mind, then after the scene, test out the new Ionic
    power by hitting the D-Pad down. One of them will require you to find some
    enemies clustered together nearby. Suh-weeeeeet!
     _____ _____  _____    ___  ____ _               ___                       
    |____ |  ___||____ |   |  \/  (_) |             / _ \                      
        / /___ \     / /   | .  . |_| | ___ ___    / /_\ \__      ____ _ _   _ 
        \ \   \ \    \ \   | |\/| | | |/ _ | __|   |  _  |\ \ /\ / / _` | | | |
    .___/ /\__/ /.___/ /   | |  | | | |  __|__ \   | | | | \ V  V / (_| | |_| |
    \____/\____/ \____/    \_|  |_/_|_|\___|___/   \_| |_/  \_/\_/ \__,_|\__, |
                                                                          __/ |
    You'll also unlock several new powers. Spend some XP to get some of them now, or
    all if possible. For good players, grab Ice Launch immediately! Trust me. Now,
    let's say we have some fun? Muhahahaha!
    Find some Militia near the northeast corner, in the vicinity of the bridge and
    fortress. One of them should turn into a marker upon defeat.
    S|MISSION - Convoy
    D| Use the tram cables to take you right to the convoy. Start blasting on it
    E| with whatever you want. That should get the attention of several Militia
       soldiers, who should hopefully be so kind as to gather relatively close
      together. Heh...
    Unleash Ionic Freeze or Ionic Drain on them. The latter will require you to
    get a little bit closer to the center of them all. Either will completely
    devastate them, and hopefully put a nice smile on your face as it did for mine.
    Destroy the trucks in the convoy and any other Militia to end this mission.
    S|MISSION - Heavy Weapons
    D| This one is chaotic! But... sadly not the type that will really let you make
    E| great use of your ice or fire powers. There will be a helicopter, two
       Ravagers, and a Devourer. The helicopter can be defeated with a lot of Bolts
      or easily with Kinetic Pulse plus a car.
    The trio of monsters seems intimidating but you only have to defeat the
    Devourer to end the mission, so focus on him. Use Bolt Stream if applicable,
    otherwise go with Alpha Bolt and the grenade of your choice. Stay at a good
    enough distance and just keep firing when he opens his maw to win. I'm not sure
    if the helicopter is always required since I destroyed it anyway.
    S|MISSION - Ship of Fools
    D| There's a boat in the swamp right below the fortress. The Militia onboard are
    E| firing grenades indiscriminately into the city.
    There's a semi-easy way to do this with little effort. Stand near the edge of
    the street overlooking the boat. Use Artillery Bolts, or preferably, Precision
    to shoot at the Militia soldiers on board. The challenge lies in the fact that
    the boat has protective fences so you have to wait for it to turn. The other
    challenge is in getting the shot and not running out of energy. Recharge using
    nearby lamp posts and such if you opt for this strategy.
    You can also go with my preferred "awesome strategy". Climb the fortress tower
    and wait for the boat to get close to you. Use Static Thrusters to float out
    for a second til you're just about over the boat. Then activate Thunder Drop
    and come crashing down! Booyah! Finish them off with the Amp and then get the
    hell out of there before it sinks. Use the wooden pillars to get out and avoid
    a watery demise.
    S|MISSION - Enemy Surveillance
    D| Find the swamp monster in the alley. It will take off running and leap to
    E| the rooftops. Use Ice Launch to get up there after it, that is, if you have
       this awesome power. Continue using it, combined with Static Thrusters to
      stay on its tail with ease. Evil players will want to rely on the improved
     Static Thrusters and the wires to keep up.
    Eventually it will lead you to its buddies. You can use Ionic Freeze to get
    the lesser foes. You can use the frozen minions as projectiles with Kinetic
    Pulse, though I'm not 100% sure if it hurts the Ravager or not. Ice and Napalm
    Grenades do a lot of damage, though they cost two Battery Cores to throw one.
    Use these or another grenade of your choice to defeat this nasty.
    My only recommendations before continuing are to perhaps tie up any loose ends
    first off. I just finished off all the territory on the first island in the
    Side Missions above, so do that if you've not been following me (and thus
    hurting my feelings, you meanie).
    Secondly, if you expended a lot of XP to buy the new powers, you may want to
    save up a little bit more. Stop any muggings or protests you find, save hostages
    or silence more performers. Do whatever you want to gain a little extra XP,
    even if it's just another 300-500. Alternatively, see if there's a nice UGC
    mission up to play.
      STORY MISSION | - Joseph Bertrand the 3rd
    A scene plays. During this, there will be a loud tremor, followed by an inhuman
    growl. Both get louder as Cole stares down the street, ominously covered in
    smoke. What could this be? Head down the street toward the white star marker
    to find out.
    What is "huge ass freakin' monster", Alex? Sweet. Now I'll take Obvious Answers
    to Dumb Questions for 600, Alex.
                                     - BOSS FIGHT -
                  _____ _          ___     _                  _   _
                 |_   _| |_  ___  | _ )___| |_  ___ _ __  ___| |_| |_  
                   | | | ' \/ -_) | _ | -_) ' \/ -_) '  \/ _ \  _| ' \ 
                   |_| |_||_\___| |___|___|_||_\___|_|_|_\___/\__|_||_|
    Think, Cole, think! Wait, no.. run, Cole, run! For now, take off heading to the
    right (based on the camera's position), or west on the map. Let this big guy
    stretch his legs a little as he turns the block to confront you. Now, if only
    we had an XXL can of Anti-Monster spray...
    The Behemoth will stalk slowly down the street after you. It will divert its
    attention between both Cole and the Militia who are also trying in vain to stop
    it. This creature will sometimes spit acid at you like the Devourer, but in much
    shorter bursts. It also has a toxic roar that only knocks Cole back, but if
    you're really close, it will do decent damage to him. Spikers can also appear as
    If you haven't already noticed, The Behemoth's weaknesses are fairly obvious.
    It has several purple glowing orbs on its body that you need to hit in order to
    weaken it. One is in its mouth, visible when it stops to roar and attack. 
    Switch to Magnum Bolt if you have it. Otherwise go with Alpha or Pincer Bolt.
    Any time it opens its maw, fire a bolt or as many as you can in that brief,
    brief window to damage it. Do this and then keep backing away from its attacks.
    Keep it up until the creature opens up its chest cavity. This reveals two more
    weak spots. Fire on one of them with Magnum Bolt or another bolt that you can
    rapid fire. Sticky Grenades are also viable. Damage this enough and then keep
    backing away.
    The Behemoth will then go through a rotation of its weak points. It may hunch
    over, showing two more on its arms. Fire at one of these, then each one that
    is visible from here on out. Be cautious of one other attack when its chest
    cavity opens. Like the Devourer, it will try to grab Cole and reel him in.
    Immediately switch to a rapid fire Bolt attack like Bolt Stream and fire at his
    other weak spot or the chest area in general to free yourself. You can still
    take damage, and like the Devourer, this might be an instant kill attack if you
    Luckily, if you destroy both of its chest weak spots, it will not use this
    attack any more. If The Behemoth turns away from you down a different street,
    it's chasing the Militia. Get in front of it again and zap its weak spots more.
    The creature will start summoning swamp monsters rather often, particularly if
    its arm weak spots are the last ones left. It always summons them when it leans
    on its arms. Most of the time the monsters will focus on the Militia, but they
    may go after Cole so have the amp or an Ionic power ready.
    Drain any energy sources you need, but staying safe from this monster can be
    surprisingly easy with how it is distracted and the shorter range of its
    attacks. Fire away with Magnum Bolt or another attack at its final weak spot
    and bring the baddie down.
    Without any further delay, go right to the next Story Mission which is right
    near your current location.
      STORY MISSION | - Powering Up Flood Town
    Use the generator nearby to fire a Tesla Missile. The second generator is an
    easy target, on top of the bridge. Go there next, using the wire from the side
    to get up there. Activate it and fire another Tesla Missile, this one into
    flood Town. Proceed across the bridge now...
    You get your first real encounter with the Vermaak 88. You most likely saw them
    a few times already, making brief cameos but never actually personally engaging
    Cole. Well, now that has changed since you're on their turf.
    You have two for now. One will likely shoot at you, while the other comes
    slowly toward you with an ice shield drawn. Several others will also show up in
    a few seconds. Yeah, an Ionic power would end this without a sweat, but where's
    the fun in that? I want to get to know our new victims.. err, I mean friends!
    Despite what you may be thinking, they are not impervious to ice powers if you
    chose to take them. And no, fire powers are not "Super Effective!" against them
    either. They should both do the same relative amount of damage, which is to say,
    more than some of your standard electric attacks. Use Ice or Napalm Grenades,
    mixed in with Magnum Bolts and others to put them down. While aiming, run side
    to side to try and avoid some of their gunfire.
    As you dwindle their numbers a bit, you can move in closer with less risk. The
    Amp is always a good option but take note that these guys have much more health
    than other enemies, so it can take several hits from the Amp. They also like to
    run away often, but if you chose napalm powers, Nightmare Blast is really good
    against them. It stops them in their tracks, stunning them. This lets you get
    easy headshots or melee. 
    When using the Amp, try not to just tap Square constantly all the time. They
    take a lot of hits as I mentioned and you'll build up a Finisher much sooner
    than you will actually knock them out, so use that instead. Alternatively, you
    might find it better when going close range to use Graviton Blast, then shoot
    them as they float helplessly.
    After putting them down, proceed into the powered down area. Welcome to Flood
    Town. the area is, as the name suggests, heavily bogged down by flood water.
    Great... and to make it worse, the Vermaak 88 are all over the place. Your
    goal should be to proceed to the next generator with haste. However, if you
    want to have fun or gain a little extra XP, you can harass them a bit. If you
    manage to get them in the water, it gives you a huge advantage. Just shooting
    at the water nearby them while they're in it with electrical powers will kill
    When you locate the generator, power it up. It's your job to protect it while
    it charges. This won't be too difficult. The Vermaak 88 will swarm you but
    mostly from two adjacent sides. They are both water routes so that gives you a
    huge advantage. Shoot bolts or lob electrical grenades in the water near them
    for instant kills.
    Some of them will ice jump toward you. Blast them away with a Shock Blast.
    Continue repelling them until it's charged.
    Make your way to the second one, trying to avoid too much enemy contact. This
    generator is perhaps the toughest. You'll be attacked from opposite sides more
    or less and the terrain is obstructed and there's not as much water. They will
    swarm you like crazy here.
    Just know that if this gets really tough, your go to power is Ionic Vortex or
    if you're playing Evil, you can try Ionic Drain. If you're good however, use
    Bolt Stream. STAY near the generator at all times for constant energy and
    health. Use this to fire an unending Bolt Stream at all your attackers. Switch
    between hitting the Vermaak and the water. You can sometimes easily get them
    while they are in the water and this helps. This one can be intense, but like
    I said, you have a trump card if need be.
    The final generator shouldn't be as bad. Fire it up when you find it and the
    Vermaak will perch themselves along a wall ahead of you. Just stay where you
    are, letting the energy heal you. Fire Bolt Stream or some other rapid fire
    bolt at them. If any get close, have a Shock Blast handy. You just need to hold
    them off until the generator is done. Pull through and you can breathe a sigh
    of relief.
    The next Story Mission isn't too far off. Head over there to find it behind a
    dilapidated wall.
      STORY MISSION | - The Dunbar Beam
    Go to the marker on your map and grab a hold of the spotlight. Turns out Zeke
    has made some modifications to it. Steer it around with the Right Analog Stick
    to shine the light around. Anything it touches slowly loses health as long as
    the light stays on it. Use it to kill the monsters in the water below. You can
    also focus the beam for extra damage by holding L1 and R1 together.
    When you clear out this first swarm, go in the opposite direction and find
    another "Dunbar Beam". Some Ravagers show up and make for fine targets. Watch
    as their health just evaporates when you shine it on them. Does this come in a
    portable size?
    The Ravagers will mostly be up on the rooftops, so guide the light up there to
    do away with them. Sometimes you may need to dial long distance with the beam
    so focus it to get a better view if they are farther away.
    More should show up, so defeat them too. Track their movement with both your
    mini-map and their tell-tale signs such as the dust clouds when they burrow.
    When the last one is down, make haste for the next spotlight.
    Forgive me for saying this one is really easy, but it is. All the swamp monsters
    will be down below, harassing the citizens. Just shine the light on them for a
    few seconds and they'll pop like popping kernels. You can easily get multi-kill
    bonuses here so take advantage.
    This will continue on for a while, and multiple sirens will go off. Take each
    area one by one and eliminate the threats with the beam. When Ravagers are
    involved, look for their acid attacks and dust clouds to give them away. Other
    than that, this is really simple.
    Eventually you are told to fall back, so go to the next marker and return to the
    camp. More monsters will be waiting here. Engage them as Cole or use the
    spotlight above to again do the work. Your choice.
    Eventually some interlopers come in to aid you, but it turns out they're not
    here to make friends. Oh you're not here to help, you're here to kill us? Just
    what I was hoping for...
    These guys can create giant ice columns to keep them high up as they fire ice
    beams at you. Pelt them with Magnum Bolt or Bolt Stream or some form of grenade
    if possible. You can attempt to get onto their platforms and knock them off but
    it might not be worth the effort. They're not too hard if you pepper them with
    a barrage of attacks, so just shoot them and be done with it.
    After doing three straight Story Missions, let's get some more XP by doing a
    few Side Missions. Huh? What say you?
    S|MISSION - Enemy Surveillance
    D| Get ready for another chase mission. This time you'll be tailing a Vermaak
    E| soldier. Overall he is slower than the swamp monsters, but the Ice Launch
       power gets him around. Still, keeping up shouldn't be too hard. Make use of
      grind wires and your improved Static Thrusters to get around. If you have ice
     powers of your own, Ice Launch will help a lot as well.
    He'll take you to his clubhouse where they have a strict "No Masks, No Coats,
    No Darth Vader breathing devices, No Service" policy. So take out your rage on
    its members. You'll have a few of the standard types, one of whom on the tower
    above the main platform has a rocket launcher. There is also one of the bigger
    brutes like you faced in the previous mission.
    Take this guy out first. Aim at him with constant Alpha Bolts or Bolt Stream on
    top of his high ice perch. Shock Blast any enemies near you off the platform
    so you can snipe them later. Melee any others and use finishers to beat them
    quicker. Clear them out for another successful job done.
    S|MISSION - Emergency Measures
    D| The Vermaak 88 have captured some medical supplies. Go kick some ass, grab
    E| them, bring 'em back, party. The first location is marked on your map. Make
       your way across these devastated ruins to their location. Get up to their
      level and try to disperse them with a few Shock Blasts of your choice. Shatter
     Blast for ice users seems to do a little extra damage but Graviton can still
    provide big benefits by allowing you to shoot them in the air.
    Kill any that step in the water by shooting at it. Knock the bigger guy down a
    few pegs by shooting rapidly at his ice tower, destroying it. Move in for the
    kill by hitting him with the Amp to build up your finisher, then unleash it to
    dispatch him.
    Defeat the rest and grab the package in between the rooftops to be shown the
    next location. Again, a whole squad will be waiting for you. One thing you can
    try is the long-range game, using Artillery Bolts. Precision is good too but
    it takes two headshots to take these guys down unless you upgrade it so it will
    burn energy fast.
    Otherwise, do what I did and move in, then unleash Ionic Freeze or Ionic Drain
    when you are near enough of them. Shock Blast the rest in the water and put them
    out of their misery. Ionic Drain works for just about each of these groups of
    ice soldiers, but you'll of course need the charges to used it. Collect the
    meds, then whisk yourself away to the next one.
    This one might be an ambush attack, I'm not sure. When I went for the package,
    it was mostly unguarded, save one or two Vermaak. Grabbing the package though,
    several more showed up, popping up onto the rooftop. Either case, defend
    yourself by using Shatter Blast or Graviton Blast to knock them away. These guys
    and their shotguns can pack a punch so be aggressive and tactical. Repel them
    away, then snipe them from above or from a distance with Artillery Bolt or
    Precision. When in close quarters with one or two, unleash melee, going for
    finishers. Sticky and Ice or Napalm Grenades still work wonders.
    With the threat over, you'll see the last package nearby. Ice-letric Man,
    awaaaaaaay! I recommend using an Ionic power on this bunch, since they are
    mostly clustered together. Otherwise, lob several grenades their way, then some
    Bolts. Try to keep them on the floor or off the roof even with Shock Blasts.
    Destroy the ice tower, then the one who made it with many melee attacks and a
    finisher or just shoot him while he's on top of it.
    Grab the package and bring it back. Let's move on.
    Just two more and we'll be continuing the story. Of course are not obligated to
    follow my path, but consider the benefits. XP for better powers and upgrades!
    Why, you might even make it to the Major... Circuit! (bad pun count: 7)
    S|MISSION - Best Served Cold
    D| This is an all-out war between Militia and Vermaak. Fun! The best way to go
    E| about this is probably to keep your distance. Let them do most of the killing
       to each other while you take potshots at them from afar, hoping that they
      won't bother coming after you. Just sit back and watch for any Vermaak 88 or
     Militia to walk into the water. Fire a bolt into the water to kill them.
    If a charge drops (or if you just have one on hand) drop down to the left, the
    side the Vermaak are attacking from, and try to get most of the on screen foes
    in range of an Ionic Vortex, Freeze, or Drain. For the rocket enemies, lob
    grenades or other blasts at the scaffolding they are standing on to dislodge
    them. Finish off the big ice guys and other remnants to end this one.
    Now, head east finally. You'll need to use all your travel and climbing
    abilities to make it across the dangerous terrain. As you go, check out any
    random events along the way for extra XP.
    When you get to the east part of town, look for a new Good or Evil Side Mission.
    |Good| Side Mission - Unlikely Allies
    A Vermaak 88 soldier wishes to betray his brethren and help out Cole and the
    gang. Meet up with him and he'll lead you to a stash of Blast Shards. He will
    launch off and jump around from place to place, but will wait for you to catch
    There will be one enemy ambush halfway there, coming from a large group of
    swamp monsters. They can be annoying since their attacks may knock Cole off the
    roof and into the water. Use Shatter Blast or Graviton Blast to knock them back.
    Ice or Napalm or Sticky Grenades if possible. Otherwise, keep your distance or
    find an object or building to climb and shoot them while hanging.
    Once that's done, follow your new ally to the stash. He won't help you here but
    that's ok. Drop in on the Vermaak here and just unleash an Ionic power to wipe
    them all out. Grab the shards to end it.
    |Evil| Side Mission - Assassin's Greed
    If your instincts are anything like mine, you'll have a sinking suspicion
    that something is wrong here. Go to the location marked for you and jump on
    the boat when you find it.
    As it turns out, there are no Blast Shards like the assassin promised (surprise,
    surprise!). Instead, there's an ambush of Vermaak 88. Nix shows up to lend some
    aid though. With her help, go at these guys hard. Use Nightmare Blast to stop
    any Vermaak dead in their tracks, then melee or headshot them.
    You'll be under a lot of fire, but if you get a chance, you can try and activate
    Bio Leech Overload and use the unlimited energy to spam Napalm Grenades or
    Precision shots. Nix will also of course set up some easy kills for you so don't
    miss those. If either her or you can knock enemies into the water, be sure to
    grab the easy kills there too.
    When you've put them all down for the count, head back to the rooftop above the
    alley where you spoke with the assassin. Nix will have him waiting. Bio Leech
    him to end the mission.
    As it just so happens, you're exactly at the right location for the next Story
    Mission, so let's get to it.
      STORY MISSION | - Burning Wells
    Nearby there will be a well with fire shooting out of it. You gotta cover it up
    with the large "cap" nearby. Use Kinetic Pulse to lift it up. Click R3 to
    help you position it over it. Then let go and drop it. That stops the fire and
    you can remove the cap.
    You have to anyway since there are two more to stop and only one cap, so you
    have to haul it with you. Use Kinetic Pulse and launch it as far as you can
    in the direction of the northwestern marker. Find it using your radar and keep
    picking it up and launching it. If it lands in water, you can step on it and
    still lift it (and yourself) with Kinetic Pulse.
    When you reach the next one, which happens to be in your camp, there will be
    a surprise waiting...
                                     - BOSS FIGHT -
                              ___              _            
                             / __|_ _ _  _ ___| |_  ___ _ _ 
                            | (__| '_| || (_-<| ' \/ -_) '_|                     
                             \___|_|  \_,_/__/|_||_\___|_|  
    You have a fierce battle on your hands here. The Crusher will repeat two
    attacks over and over for the most part. He will fire a blast of ice that
    snakes rapidly along the ground right at Cole. Dodge quickly to the side to
    avoid it. For the second attack, he lifts up the large icicles he just created
    from that and tosses them at you. Again, a hard dodge will help here.
    Hurting him is tough because he'll be constantly attacking you and the ice he
    creates can shield him. You can weaken him a bit with some bolts, but even
    Magnum Bolt won't help that much. If you chose napalm powers you'll have an
    extremely easy time. Napalm Grenades flat out wreck this dude. Other grenades
    do ok, but slightly less damage.
    The best way to hurt him it seems really, is to get up close and personal. When
    you close the distance, he will instantly charge you. You can tell because he
    glows light blue. Get ready when he runs at you and hit Circle to dodge away
    from him as he tries to hit you. He'll create a shockwave of ice around him,
    but you should hopefully have dodged it. Quickly strike back with several Amp
    Precision headshots do a good amount of damage, but with limited energy and his
    attacking, it's not the best option for the entire fight.
    He will most likely do this attack again, or back away and use the ice and throw
    it at you. If you can somehow avoid getting hit by another attack, you might be
    able to build up a finisher. It won't kill him, but it should do some extra
    damage, I think.
    The difficulty here is dodging when he attacks so frequently, then managing the
    uneven and dangerous terrain to find energy. He's menacing but not incredibly
    difficult. Learn his attacks and dodge like mad, then lure him in and dodge
    again. Strike back with melee, grenades, anything. You'll... cool him off
    eventually (bad pun count: 8). Ok, that was an ice pun, whoops.
    Now, find the cap (now marked on your radar) and put it on the well to quench
    the fire. Two more show up when you pull the cap off. Bring it to the northeast
    one first. There should be a scene on the way. There may also be enemies nearby
    but focus on capping the fire. when you got that third one done, carry it to
    the fourth and final one.
    More Vermaak 88 will likely attack. Blast them off the roof tops and hit them
    with Magnum Bolts. Graviton Blast + Magnum Bolt works well if you're Good. If
    you're Evil, try Napalm Grenades. Cap the fire when the dust settles. That's
    all folks!
    A few more Side Missions, yes? There might be two Overcharge missions on the
    map. Choose the southern one for now. We'll save the other for later.
    S|MISSION - Overcharge
    D| You know the drill by now. Stand on the generator, then take off running.
    E| Try to jump, using the electrical boost and move forward, hoping to grab the
       wire. Ice Launch, if you're a Hero, will help too. Take this wire forward,
      then jump slightly right to the next one.
    As you clear the first couple generators, blowing them up as you pass by, you
    need to make a huge turn to the left and try to get on one of a set of
    criss-crossing wires. This is tough if your momentum takes you too far one way
    and the long period of time on the ground or climbing or so on can make you
    lose your charge and fail. Ice Launch is a huge help for getting back in the
    air and redirecting yourself. If you don't have it, try to find the wire you
    have to take and position yourself to get on it. Take this to the last
    generator to end the mission.
    S|MISSION - Seek and Destroy
    D| Your goal is to chase down three fleeing Vermaak soldiers before they get
    E| away. They will be fleeing through the train yard so get moving!
    They don't run fast, but the Ice Launch lets them cover ground quickly. Try to
    stop each one with bolts, then catch up and melee them until they drop. You can
    also try to use Precision to slow things down. Your energy will drain quick but
    you can put them down relatively quickly with it. Use your Improved Static
    Thrusters and the wires above the train tracks to help you move quickly and
    keep up with them.
    If you don't have Ice Launch yourself, that's a slight disadvantage. Still, you
    can spam Firebird Strike to fly through the air and chase them. It uses up a
    lot of energy, but it might help. Any time you have a shot on these guys, slow
    them down with long-range bolts and then finish the job as you get closer.
    S|MISSION - Prescription Strength
    D| Grab the nearby medical crate with Kinetic Pulse. You'll have to chuck like
    E| a touchdown pass across the town to the circle on your radar. Along the way,
       there will be some resistance, mostly in the train yard.
    Use your most powerful bolt attack, as well as Shock Blast powers and melee to
    defeat all the Vermaak. They like to crowd you in the train yard so long-range
    tactics help a lot. Artillery Bolt or Precision. There's a lot of obstructions
    and although there's lots of enemies too, you might be ok to go with a lot of
    melee here as well. Either strategy works, just know where your energy
    sources are.
    Keep carrying the crate until you reach the medic and drop it near him, then
    stand next to him. That ends the mission.
      STORY MISSION | - Ray Field Energy
    Incredibly short mission. You'll just watch a  scene then you'll finally regain
    Cole's Megawatt Hammer power, a.k.a. the Rockets. Fire them once anywhere to
    try them out. You're done.
     __   _____    ___   ___  ____ _              ___                       
    /  | / __  \  /   |  |  \/  (_) |            / _ \                      
    `| | `' / /' / /| |  | .  . |_| | ___ ___   / /_\ \__      ____ _ _   _ 
     | |   / /  / /_| |  | |\/| | | |/ _ | __|  |  _  |\ \ /\ / / _` | | | |
    _| |_./ /___\___  |  | |  | | | |  __|__ \  | | | | \ V  V / (_| | |_| |
    \___/\_____/    |_/  \_|  |_/_|_|\___|___/  \_| |_/  \_/\_/ \__,_|\__, |
                                                                       __/ |
    You can go and do more Side Missions right now if you'd like, or cash in some
    other XP opportunities, hunt Blast Shards, etc. Since it's close by, I'll be
    doing another Good or Evil Side Mission.
    |Good| Side Mission - Icebreaker
    Follow Kuo across several watery gaps to find some of the Vermaak 88. Stay on a
    rooftop and let Kuo distract them. Any of them that are in the water or any
    that you Shock Blast into the water should be killed instantly by shooting at
    the water. For the others, stand your ground and fire at them with Magnum or
    Artillery Bolt or some form of Grenade. Maybe Kuo will create her ice clouds,
    letting you freeze them instantly.
    Kuo will then lead you to some easy paths via wires and such. Use Ice Launch as
    well to traverse the rooftops with style. Eventually you come across an even
    larger group of Vermaak 88. A group that includes a Crusher. Son of a...
    Stay high above and snipe them with Artillery Bolts. Try to get the big ice
    tower guy out of the way first, then the regular soldiers. Any one in water
    is of course a prime target. Alternatively, though it's risky, if you fight on
    the ground, you can build up your combo and unleash melee finishers or you can
    just take the easy route and unleash an Ionic power. In addition, Kuo will be
    there to help.
    When it comes to the Crusher though, I lucked out. He somehow went in the water
    and died. Assuming that you are not so fortunate, try to do what you did last
    time. Kuo I imagine will not be a huge help except as a distraction. Dodging is
    key against this guy so continue that. Lure him into melee opportunities and
    dodge his lunging attack at you. Strike back with melee and finishers if you can
    avoid getting hit. Drain electricity when you need it then keep it up with
    grenades, melee, and so on. He'll go down and the mission will end.
    |Evil| Side Mission - Chipping Away
    Go with Nix to the area indicated. There will be several Vermaak 88 soldiers,
    including one Ice Heavy. The battle is made simpler by Nix's powers, enabling
    you to score some easy kills, as well as the surrounding water. You can take
    advantage of the latter by using Alpha Blast or Punch Blast to knock them in,
    then shooting at the water around them, as you have been doing in previous
    missions I assume.
    The Ice Heavy can suffer a similar fate. Shoot his ice tower enough times and
    he falls, possibly into the water. You can also try and throw a Napalm Grenade
    right at him, then follow up with some bolts til he dies.
    At the next area she leads you to, there will be a slightly different assortment
    of enemies. There will be shotgun-wielding Vermaak who are particularly deadly,
    as well as a Crusher, on top of an Ice Heavy and some other normal ones. Try to
    stay on a rooftop and go long-range. Nix should keep them busy and set up some
    kills for you. Take out the Ice Heavy first if you can with a Napalm Grenade and
    some bolts or with Precision.
    If Nix grabs the Crusher in her attack, note that you can't kill it by shooting
    it like other enemies, but you can get some free shots while she's holding it,
    which is just as good. If anyone comes close to you, you can melee them, then
    Bio Leech for the overload special. Be sure to make good use of your newly
    acquired rockets as well.
      STORY MISSION | - Rail Yard Intel
    As you may or may not be suspecting, this is leading into another split between
    two missions. I assume you're going to be picking the one on the same side as
    your previous choices. So find them on the radar and start it up!
    Blue Mission - Exposing Bertrand
    Head east, toward the marker. It will quickly take you into the powered down
    area, which isn't good news. A few Vermaak 88 guys will be up ahead. Deal with
    them from afar with your Magnum Bolt. After that, you should find some weaker
    Militia to bully around.
    Keep in mind that if you need energy, the only sources are cars and some small
    lights that are set up in the area. Try to avoid using very costly powers like
    elemental grenades.
    When you get to the white marker, look inside this building to find the plague
    victims. There's tons of injured people in here and you can heal them all for a
    good chunk of XP. Cole's Group Heal will make the job go by faster.
    Once that's done, proceed to the next white star. It'll be behind a building
    coming up soon on your left. This will point you toward a small swamp. Use Ice
    Launch and your Improved Static Thrusters to make it over to the small patch
    of land and continue in that direction.
    Jump onto the marooned train car, then onto the platform. Now you need to
    snap some photos. First, get one of the people behind bars right ahead of you.
    Just make sure you're close enough and snap it.
    Listening to Kuo, you understand this is an attempt at stealth. It will be quiet
    but there are guards around and getting too close will rouse them. Proceed west
    to the northwestern location on your radar. You'll go past a warehouse where
    some guards are inside. Though Kuo warns you, you should be able to walk on the
    roof without worries. Just in case, consider going around it to the right.
    Reach the second cage with the Gasbag enemies and snap the photo. Now, make
    your way south through the train yard to the next one. You'll see many red blips
    on your radar. Try to go in between them as best you can. Find the cage with
    the ravager, get on the correct side, and snap that picture.
    Now, there's another group of enemies up ahead. It's probably best to use Ice
    Launch (switch out the camera for now) and get up on the wire that's above you.
    Take this over the enemies below, despite Kuo warning you you're too close.
    The last photo op will be easy from there. After acquiring it, get on the roof
    of the nearby warehouse and find the windows that are opened slightly. Aim your
    camera in there and find Bertrand. Take a photo. After the scene, aim in there
    again and take a second photo. Ghastly...
    More markers then pop up. Time to get to the action! You need to save the
    prisoners, while the Militia will be swarming you. Saving the prisoners is like
    in previous similar missions. Get on top of the train car and mash R1 near the
    When you manage to do that, a whole bunch of Militia should appear. Find the
    right angle that gets most of them in a straight line for you, then unleash
    Ionic Freeze. Hell yeah! Move on to the next area.
    These will be the same prisoners at the location you entered from. Go free
    them, then engage any nearby Militia. Don't bother with an Ionic power this
    time. Kuo and your other allies will help you defeat a lot of them. Expedite
    it with just Ice or Sticky Grenades or Redirect Rockets. Press on north when
    you're ready to the final location.
    A Devourer will be there when you arrive. Use Bolt Stream and your Alpha or
    Redirect Rockets to hurt it. Try to attack from high ground or near energy
    sources, but keep in mind that the beast will still target you and its acid
    spitting attack has very long range, so dodging will be necessary. Wait for its
    mouth to open as always, then fire with everything you have to take it down.
    After that, the mission should conclude.
    Red Mission - Nix's New Family
    After some conversation, follow Nix to the Militia party and start knocking
    them around. Typical stuff, bolts and grenades/rockets on groups, all this will
    work fine. Beware the rocket guy on the high platform, and any grenades incoming
    will also be annoyances. Nix will be a decent help here though so be sure to
    hit the enemies she captures for you.
    When the plug is pulled on the town's power, head to the generator. Fire a 
    Tesla Missile from it to another one in the train yard. When you arrive at that
    one, rockets will come soaring by you. Fire a missile from this new generator
    and aim for the soldiers. They will be marked for you by those flashing circle
    Note that to defeat enemies with the Tesla Missile, you DON'T have to actually
    hit them, but just steer the missile near them. The electricity will beat them
    easily. So if you can keep the missile in the air without crashing it, you can
    use it to defeat multiple enemies by just going near them.
    After a short scene with Nix, fire another missile. Aim for the Vermaak 88. They
    will be on the move, making them slightly harder targets. If one jumps, go for
    another, or try to adjust to hit them as they land.
    Eventually, Ice Heavy soldiers appear and gun for Nix. You can see her while
    steering the missile, so go for any enemies that are in her vicinity. The Ice
    Heavy soldiers should be taken out immediately and are easy targets on their
    ice towers.
    When you've cleared them all out or when Nix is ready, aim your missile for
    the next generator which will also be indicated for you. Run over there and
    activate it, then watch the scene.
    With your new "pets", defeat the remaining ice soldiers. They'll be easily
    distracted so they should make for easy kills. Use Nightmare Blast to keep them
    from moving too much, then get easy headshots with Skull Bolt or Precision.
    Beat them down with your Amp or zap them til they fall. It's your choice. Either
    way, it'll bring you to the end of the mission.
    Best to take on a few more Side Missions before continuing. Start by exploring
    the central area of the train yard since we're already in the area. Defeat any
    Militia you come across until one turns into a mission.
    S|MISSION - Hidden Package
    D| This one is not as super easy as the others.  First, go south to find the
    E| search area. You'll likely run into plenty of Militia and Vermaak 88 along
       the way. Be sure to defeat them all with extreme prejudice, grabbing more XP
      for yourself. Now, let's take a look at the photo, shall we?
    You can discern a few key clues from the photograph. It's on a staircase, that
    one building in the background, as well as the kayak leaning up against another
    building. Use these to try and aid you in your search.
    If you look at your map, you can see the search circle. The package will be
    found on the southeastern part of it. It's a large two-story building with brown
    siding. Find the package there to end this.
    S|MISSION - Overcharge
    D| Find the generator and get on top. Jump and land on the wire. It will take
    E| you forward to the first rooftop with Militia. The second wire is the only
      difficult part here. It will be right below, low to the ground after the
     rooftop. Drop down and take this forward. The rest of them are mostly in line
    with this path.
    When you get to the final rooftop, you might have to go off on a tangent to
    reach it, so use those thrusters and if you have it, Ice Launch to get there in
    S|MISSION - Double Whammy
    D| The Vermaak 88 have taken some Militia hostage and despite the mission title,
    E| it's more like you will be saving them than hitting both. Well, you'll see.
       Go for the first marker which also has an abduction symbol in case you are
      confused. When you arrive, you should find the Vermaak 88 marching the Militia
     around. They are just ripe for an Ionic Freeze/Drain.
    Do that and you should kill everyone except the Militia probably. Once they are
    free, you can defeat them too, but they don't show up as enemies. Your choice.
    Go southeast to find the other group. There's tons of ways to go about it so
    you can have fun. Grenade spam, another Ionic Power, or what I did, several
    rockets, followed by melee and finishers. You can also get them with Graviton
    Blast and shoot them as they float helplessly through the air.
    Alright, just two more, then we're returning to the story. Start with a Good or
    Evil Side Mission.
    |Good| Side Mission - Stay Frosty
    Meet up with your ally, then proceed to follow him through Flood Town. He'll
    jump from place to place, leading you slowly to the place where the swamp
    monsters are. Use Ice Launch and have fun as you follow.
    When you finally arrive, you'll notice the presence of not one, but two Ravager
    Hive Lords. Perfect.... Worry not. Your rockets will do great damage to him, so
    use the Redirect Rockets. You don't have to redirect them, especially since
    this is a hectic battle.
    Speaking of which, you may want to lob a few grenades their way, hoping to
    catch several Spikers in the process. They can really rack up some damage on
    you if you ignore them. With two Hive Lords you'll be dealing with twice as
    many so don't ignore them.
    I won't lie, this can be pretty difficult. Try to stay in as open an area as
    possible and pelt one Hive Lord with rockets until it goes down, greatly
    lowering the danger level. You can make things easier by using an Ionic Vortex
    or Freeze to dispose of the Spikers.
    For the Ravagers, use the rockets as I said. However, if you have Cluster
    Grenades unlocked, they do a lot of damage so use those. Be sure to recharge
    though using nearby energy sources.
    There is no Evil counterpart to this mission. However, you will notice, if you
    are evil, that the section for Unlikely Allies is still there with no Evil
    Side Mission. Don't worry, keep playing and it will come up as we enter the
    Gas Works.
    Look for Militia in the relative center of Flood Town, amongst the flooded
    houses not too far from the train yard. If you completed most of the other
    Side Missions, the area you have to search will be obvious from the small
    patch of unclaimed territory on your map. Defeat all until you get a Convoy
    S|MISSION - Convoy
    D| Two boats to the northwest are just waiting to be sunk. They're far out there
    E| where it's tough but not impossible to reach them. You can get by just fine
       shooting them from afar though. The only noteworthy enemies are the ones on
      each boat that shoot rockets.
    So with that in mind, I recommend your bolt mostly with some Precision shots
    mixed in. Rockets can work but you have to aim them pretty well and they use
    up more energy. Grenades are tough to get over there and yeah. Bolts will do
    fine. Just snipe them and recharge as necessary if you use Precision. For the
    shield guys especially, try to use Precision to snipe them as they peek their
    heads out to kill them. The boats will sink when all enemies are defeated.
    Now, without further delay. Head for the next Story Mission. You'll notice it
    is back on the first island, so you'll need to backtrack across the bridge
      STORY MISSION | - The Beast Draws Near
    When you get control, use a Shock Blast on the large box to reveal the mystery
    prize inside. Get on top and then roll out.
    A few enemies will be trying to block your progress. Use rockets and bolts to
    defeat them, then Shock Blast the trucks out of the way. It'll get more intense
    up ahead, so fire what you have quickly, especially at the Militia on the
    Zeke will try to turn right onto the bridge so clear the way for him. Getting
    off the semi and using Kinetic Pulse will be quicker than constantly Shock
    As you begin to cross the bridge, some boats with grenade launcher Militia will
    attack you. Aim at them with Precision or use rockets. Recharge with any of the
    cars that are blocking Zeke. Try not to stand on the railing of the bridge, or
    a nearby explosion could cast you into the drink.
    Continue clearing the path until you find some Militia up ahead dealing with a
    Ravager. Hit the distracted Ravager with rockets and grenades, especially the
    Cluster Grenades if you got them. If you don't want to expend that energy, there
    are plenty of cars to use Kinetic Pulse on.
    With that in mind, clear the way for Zeke once the coast is clear. He will make
    a right turn after the bridge. Continue using Kinetic Pulse to clear the
    cars and use them as weapons on upcoming enemies.
    The Vermaak will be battling a pair of Ravagers. Try to knock the distracted
    ice soldiers into the water, then take them out with some bolts. Use Cluster
    Grenades or rockets on the Ravagers.
    Eventually you will reach the crane. Climb up to the very top and find the
    binoculars. If you're staring at control panels, you didn't climb high enough.
    Interact and hold R1 on The Beast, only to be interrupted.
    A whole legion of Vermaak 88 will be on you. Find some open ground and hit as
    many as you can with an Ionic Power. Cluster Grenades and rockets work great
    too. Melee is only advisable when there's just a few together, preferably
    against the shield ones.
    Without a doubt, the shotgun-wielding Vermaak are very difficult and the biggest
    threat in this fight. They will move super fast to reach you and are relentless
    in their pursuit and shotgun attacks which can easily kill Cole. Shock Blasts
    don't really do much other than make them stumble but if they are literally
    right in your face, Graviton Blast can send them flying, giving you breathing
    room and a chance to counter. Nightmare Blast for evil players is really helpful
    against them, stunning them and allowing you to fight back before they shoot.
    Other than your biggest powers, throwing Cluster Grenades or rockets will work
    against them.
    This is a long, difficult battle. Even if you get the shotgun dudes to stop
    harassing you, you still have to contend with the larger ones on the ice
    towers. Precision or Artillery Bolts from afar will really help there so you
    don't have to constantly be hit by their ice beams.
    Finish off everything you see on radar and Zeke will tell you to retry the
    binoculars. Head back up there and use them. Stay on The Beast with the
    targeting reticle, holding R1 until...
    After the scene, head to the marker and use Kinetic Pulse to lift the object
    up. After that, head to the debris and hold R1 to lift that up as well. There
    will be one more to lift, so do that and then get ready for another short
    scene, followed by the end of the mission.
     _____ _            ______                _      _        _       
    |_   _| |           | ___ \              | |    (_)      (_)      
      | | | |__   ___   | |_/ / ___  __ _ ___| |_    _ ___    _ _ __  
      | | | '_ \ / _ \  | ___ \/ _ \/ _` / __| __|  | / __|  | | '_ \ 
      | | | | | |  __/  | |_/ /  __/ (_| \__ \ |_   | \__ \  | | | | |
      \_/ |_| |_|\___|  \____/ \___|\__,_|___/\__|  |_|___/  |_|_| |_|
     _   _                 ___  ___                _     
    | \ | |                |  \/  |               (_)    
    |  \| | _____      __  | .  . | __ _ _ __ __ _ _ ___ 
    | . ` |/ _ \ \ /\ / /  | |\/| |/ _` | '__/ _` | / __|
    | |\  |  __/\ V  V /   | |  | | (_| | | | (_| | \__ \
    \_| \_/\___| \_/\_/    \_|  |_/\__,_|_|  \__,_|_|___/
    A few new Side Missions have opened up, so let's take care of that first.
    S|MISSION - Battle by the Bay
    D| Can you say battle royale? It's Cole vs Militia vs Vermaak 88 vs swamp
    E| monsters. Hoo boy. And you can be sure all the big players will be here.
       Well, not THOSE big ones, but there will be a Ravager and a Crusher. Try to
      take out the latter as soon as you can. Your rockets will provide a really
     big boost against them. You can always still run up and melee them, dodging
    their lunging attacks, then using finishers, but rockets and Cluster Grenades
    provide you with a great long-range option.
    Watch out for the Ravager next. Clearing out mass amounts of enemies can be
    difficult or easy because of the terrain, but if you can do that before
    dealing with the Ravager, good. It won't matter too much as most of them are
    greatly distracted anyway. Redirect rockets are only useful in the more open
    areas but they can be a great help so it's worth it.
    Pelt the bigger enemies with your rockets and grenades, then mop up any
    survivors and this one will be over before you know it.
    S|MISSION - Action Shots
    D| Head back to where you just were and pull out the camera. First, take a shot
    E| of The Beast's foot print. They are those large craters in the center of the
       area. After that, go south a bit and get the entire destroyed crane in view
      and snap that.
    Just nearby is a swamp monster... feeding. Snap that picture, then go kick its
    butt. Bad monster! That does NOT taste like chicken!
    Finally, you'll need to take several in-action shots of the Vermaak 88 and a
    Hive Lord at work. they'll be doing battle nearby. I strongly recommend staying
    back and trying to get the first shot out of the way. That's the one where you
    must get a picture of a Vermaak soldier in mid-air. This one is difficult if
    you are spotted by them.
    The picture of the Ice Heavy will be easy. You can spot him easily by his ice
    tower, so take a shot of him when he's on there. When the Hive Lord uses its
    pods to hatch Spikers, take a shot of that.
    Now, if you get too close, they'll all seem to ignore each other and attack only
    Cole. This can be a problem. Throw Cluster Grenades at the Hive Lord to kill it
    quickly. Then, take out the lower Vermaak soldiers with some distant bolts and
    rockets. Save one of them if you still need the first shot though. Take out the
    Ice Heavy with some Precision or Artillery bolts.
    If you still need that first picture, save all but one regular ice soldier. Try
    to get close to him, causing him to use the Ice Launch. Quickly try to take
    the picture before he lands. It might take a few tries though. As far as I can
    tell, using Graviton Blast to send one in the air does not count.
      STORY MISSION | - Powering Up Gas Works
    Another mission to restore power, this time to the final area of New Marais.
    Start by firing a Tesla Missile. You will be gunning for a few Crusher enemies
    at the start. Note that if you hit one with the missile but don't crash it, you
    can continue to steer the missile toward the next target and not have to fire
    another one.
    Once you clear them out, the generator will eventually show up as a target. If
    you score the hit, head on over there. Fire up the generator when you reach it,
    and get ready for an onslaught. I recommend just going crazy here. Toss Cluster
    Grenades like crazy. Drain from the generator to restore energy, then keep it
    up. You'll wipe out most of them but one or two will slip by so blast them
    back. Alternatively, if one enemy drops a charge, feel free to expend on for a
    whole bunch of easy kills using your Ionic powers.
    Once again, fire a Tesla Missile, going after the Crushers. As I noted earlier,
    if you hit them and don't crash the missile afterwards, you can continue flying
    it. In fact, just steer the missile relatively close to them--you don't even
    have to actually touch them with it to get the kills.
    You'll need to get about six of them before finally hitting the generator. Go
    over there after doing so and activate it. This one starts only slightly
    tumultuous, but then gets really out of hand near the end. They'll all try to
    jump on the platform with you. This makes them easy targets for Graviton Blast
    though. Use it to keep them away.
    They'll crowd you and some will shoot you from distant rooftops so you can
    lose health fast. Your Ionic Powers won't help too much here because of your
    altitude. If you're evil though, Ionic Drain is really effective here because
    of the way the Vermaak crowd you. Use that when they're all on the platform with
    Cole. Otherwise Rockets and just constant Shock Blasts to keep them at bay will
    be the best tactics to use.
    If you survive that, fire another Tesla Missile from this generator and take
    out each of the Crushers you are led to. The generator is in a tricky spot, but
    if you hit the last Crusher and keep the missile intact, try to steer it down
    the alley and into the nook to hit it.
    Hurry to its location and get it fired up. You have one more attack to ward off
    to beat this mission. Well, maybe not...
    After the scene, you're trapped and you're defenseless. You can see the crates
    and they seem like prime cover, but the enemy gunfire will break them very
    quickly. They're not reliable. Instead, shade yourself over to the left side
    and hit Circle to instead take cover behind the generator itself. Yes, that's
    right, take cover behind the generator. This will keep you nice and safe. Stay
    there and wait it out for a scene (thanks very much to a good friend, braxy29
    for this tip which I somehow overlooked).
    Some Side Missions should open up, so let's partake. After you've done any other
    side things of course. There's plenty more Blast Shards out there.
    S|Mission - Cold Snap
    D| Like an earlier mission, you'll be attacking a group of Vermaak that have
    E| detained some Militia soldiers. They'll be ripe for an easy Ionic Power
       attack. If you don't have a charge (like I didn't), pelt them with rockets
      and Cluster Grenades.
    It all seems too easy and it is. Two Crushers appear at that moment and thus
    begins a lengthy battle. Dodge their attacks and fire back with rockets and
    Cluster Grenades. Both are effective but both can be hard to land sometimes.
    Try to time your attacks to fire before the Crushers prepare their ice chucking
    attacks. Those tend to shield them.
    These guys will likely take to the rooftops and hop around a lot. Keep pelting
    them with rockets, preferably from higher ground so you don't have to worry
    about them being blocked. In addition, Precision can do alright damage as well.
    S|Mission - Overcharge
    D| This should be pretty routine by now. Get the charge, then take the grind
    E| wire just to the right. This will lead you to another, a bit to the right.
       Jump to it and take this forward. The next wire will be on your left so do
      not use Static Thrusters. Just quickly hop off the one wire and onto the left
     one. This takes you to a bunch of Vermaak and their demise as you fly by. Take
    last wire directly ahead and that will lead you to generator and this mission's
    |Good| Side Mission - The Big Chill
    Your friend has certainly changed since this all started in Flood Town. After
    he creates an entrance for you, pounce on the terrified Vermaak soldiers and
    melee them. Just beware the shotguns. If that's too dangerous, stay back and
    let your ally do some of the work while you strike them with Magnum Bolts.
    Proceed to the next warehouse and again, you can hang back and hit them with
    bolts and rockets while your friend does most of the heavy lifting. Mop up
    the remainders with your Amp and you'll get an easy win here.
    Or so you think. Two of them take off running and Cole has to give chase. Follow
    them on your radar and use Ice Launch and Improved Static Thrusters to help you
    catch them. They should shop eventually, and use that chance to ambush them
    with some rockets and anything else you have cooking.
    |Evil| Side Mission - Playing "Hero"
    Meet up with Nix on a rooftop. When given the option, hit R1 to send in the
    "pets". After that, drop down to the center of the chaos and target the Militia.
    Off the bat, you can think about using Ionic Drain to kill half of the Militia,
    as well as some innocents if that's your fancy. For the other Militia, use
    either melee, or repeated bolts and grenades. That will wrap up this one rather
    |Evil| Side Mission - Chucking Clunkers
    Although you take this mission in the Gas Works, it's actually for that last
    bit of territory in Flood Town if you ignored the Unlikely Allies mission. It's
    strange but this is it.
    Very similar to "Flying Cars". I won't go into major detail here because it's
    pretty simple. Just be sure to follow Nix very closely or else she won't always
    move ahead. When she teleports up to a high perch, get a good view with Triangle
    and then find a car. Throw it up at her with Kinetic Pulse. Rest the targeting
    reticle on her location and toss it.
    Some of them you really don't need to be super accurate with, so passing this
    mission should be a cinch.
    Alright, that's enough for now, yes? Back to the story we go.
      STORY MISSION | - Forced Conduits
    Enter the warehouse and defeat the two clueless Militia here. After that, start
    breaking open all the Bertrand crates to find one with a safe. Interact with it
    for a scene.
    Go across the street to another warehouses. A few Vermaak 88 will drop in. Nail
    them with Cluster or Napalm Grenades or knock them down with rockets, before
    moving in to finish them with melee.
    Once the coast is clear, search the crates for another safe. Note that there are
    a few on a platform near the celling so be sure to check there too.
    Head for the white star marker on your map to the next warehouse. Along the way,
    you might witness a battle between the Militia and Vermaak. Feel free to
    intervene if you want.
    Inside the next warehouse... well, let's just skip to what you already know.
    It's not in here either. You'll be trapped inside with gas quickly spreading
    throughout. Get to higher ground first to save your life. Next, start shooting
    at some of the walls until one falls down, allowing you leave.
    There will likely be plenty of Vermaak 88 out here, so contend with them. Give
    them a good Ionic Vortex or other power. Move on when you're ready to the final
    Attack it from the front, where there are tons of Militia. Hit them with Ionic
    Freeze or Drain to start, then pelt the rest with grenades. You can also use
    their vehicles and other objects against them with Kinetic Pulse. Shoot the
    towers to blow them up, then use Precision on the snipers before they bother
    you too much.
    When the coast is clear, go inside and search for the safe. When you find it,
    something... finds you.
                                     - BOSS FIGHT -
                                 _____ _ _             
                                |_   _(_) |_ __ _ _ _  
                                  | | | |  _/ _` | ' \ 
                                  |_| |_|\__\__,_|_||_|
    Your new foe has two main attacks, among a few others. For the most part, he
    will cast double ice beams at Cole as well as chuck several small ice blocks
    at him. You can block the beams with Frost Shield if you're a good guy.
    Otherwise, you'll need to dodge. The latter attack can also be dodged if you
    hit Circle and continue evading to the side.
    Start the fight off by using Kinetic Pulse to throw some of the cars at it. It
    won't do a whole lot but it will get you started. If he casts his ice beams,
    run or use Frost Shield. Take the fight outside of the warehouse where you can
    get some energy sources.
    Probably the two best attacks to use here are Cluster Grenades and any rocket
    attack. They'll cost you lots of energy to spam but the damage will be worth
    it. As the Titan slowly comes after you, you'll want to keep pelting it with
    these attacks to blow off one of its arms. Keep it up to remove the second arm.
    He'll be stunned, and a marker appears in front of him, beckoning you. Step
    inside it and hit R1, then mash Square repeatedly to expose the Titan's weak
    If you want to use a bolt power, don't use Bolt Stream. Switch to Magnum instead
    and use that or your rockets to continue hitting it in the head. The Titan will
    charge you and try to hit you with some close range attacks, as well as
    continuing its previous tactics. Only hitting its face will do damage, so do
    that, backing away when it charges. Just keep it up, and eventually you will...
    socket to him! (bad pun count: 9)
    More Side Missions await. In case you're wondering why I haven't gone for the
    final two Side Mission in Flood Town, no reason really. Just been doing them in
    a particular yet random kind of way but it's coming up in a bit.
    |Good| Side Mission - Mercy Kill
    You probably saw this one coming. Find your friend and engage him with Kuo. She
    actually won't be much help here except as an occasional distraction. As a
    Titan, he'll employ the attacks you already have seen, such as the ice beams
    and ice throwing. Guard the former with your Frost Shield whenever he uses it.
    It'll cost energy but hit him over and over with Cluster Grenades or rockets.
    Anything else will just not do enough. Recharge when you need to and just keep
    it up until he loses both arms. Approach him at that point and start the little
    QTE to expose his weak spot. From there, you can hit him with Magnum Bolt or
    rockets to slowly bring him down.
    |Evil| Side Mission - Pet Project
    March down the street, following the friendly Devourer. When you come upon some
    poor ice soldiers, just hang back and let the monsters do all the work. Use
    the Devourer kind of like a gigantic shield and just hurl Napalm Grenades at
    any enemies you see from a safe distance.
    When the first mob is defeated, continue following to find the second. Same
    stuff applies. You can go rush them if you want, but it's better to just sit
    back and play it safe with some grenade lobbing or bolt firing. When they're
    all defeated, follow Nix.
    This last mob doesn't call for anything special or strategic. Just team up
    with Nix and take them out one by one. Nightmare Blast is always very helpful
    to stop them where they stand, then beat on them with melee. You should
    hopefully have that last Amp upgrade that gives Cole his finishers earlier,
    and that will help here just like in many other upcoming fights.
    S|MISSION - Special Delivery
    D| Head for the warehouse marked on your map and land on the roof. Use Triangle
    E| to look through the windows and spot the courier making the delivery. Wait
       for the deal to end, then move in for the attack!
    Drop over the side and face the entrance. Unleash an Ionic Freeze or Drain
    attack. You should wipe out most of them, and depending on the attack used,
    do some damage to the Crusher in the back, hopefully. Keep your distance and
    use bolts or rockets to defeat any stragglers.
    Once it's just you and the Crusher, try to lure him out to the street if
    possible. I found battling in the warehouse to be difficult with his attacks
    and the objects getting in your way when he tries to melee you.
    You can stand outside the warehouse and hit him with bolts or rockets, but this
    is tough because of his ice attacks blocking them. Therefore, Cluster Grenades
    at medium range might be a better strategy. Or you can just be patient and
    slowly chip away from a distance
    Grab the package when he goes down and you're done here.
    Now we'll finally grab those last missions in Flood Town. If you already did
    that, you can skip ahead. To reach it easily from Gas Works, go to the top-left
    corner where you can see the swamp. It's the same area you entered the train
    yard from in an earlier mission. Hover over to the land there and then enter
    the train yard. Find the mission.
    S|MISSION - Ice Tea Party
    D| The Vermaak 88 have some supplies on their boat but the Militia are bombing
    E| them from afar and it's an all-out war. Jump into the fray by sneaking up
       on the distracted ice soldiers. Use Shock Blasts to throw as many of them as
      you can into the water, then shock the water for easy kills.
    Eliminating the Vermaak isn't the problem. It's the damn Militia boat further
    out. They will constantly fire grenades over your way and it makes this mission
    really annoying. You can ignore it and just knock all the supplies off the
    Vermaak boat. Removing all the supply containers will end the mission. If the
    Militia are two annoying you can try to find a way to reach their boat and
    get rid of them.
    Now look for a Hidden Package mission in the final area in the top portion of
    Flood Town. There should be some Militia in the train yard that will yield a
    mission marker upon defeat.
    S|MISSION - Hidden Package
    D| Really simple. Head to the area marked on your radar. When the search circle
    E| expands, check the open train cars for the package. It's easy to find.
    Return back to the Gas Works and find the next Story Mission.
      STORY MISSION | - Easy Going
    You'll get a scene and acquire a new power. Behold, the Lightning Tether! Now
    you really are Spider-Man. Try it out. Aim with L1 and point at a nearby
    building. Hit R2 to fire the tether and it will pull Cole toward that wall or
    object. With a little practice, you can easily travel around the city this way.
    More Side Missions pop up. You know what that means.
    S|MISSION - Biohazard
    D| Three ice soldiers are fleeing with highly volatile chemicals. Chase after
    E| them and stop them. Track them with your radar, paying attention to the white
       stars. They'll be right nearby when you start.
    You can use the Lightning Tether to help you traverse the terrain, but if you
    aren't used to it yet, it might be difficult. If they get away, you fail this
    mission. Try to stop at least one of them right off the bat. You can use Bolt
    Stream, Magnum Bolt, or if you get really close, a Shock Blast power. Try to use
    bolt though. If you can shoot these guys in the back, you might cause their
    packages to explode, defeating them easily.
    With Lightning Tether or another parkour power, you should be able to keep pace
    with them. Shoot the other two in the back and stop them or try other long
    range powers. Precision can also help with its slowing effect.
    S|MISSION - The Harder They Fall
    D| Bring Cole over to the battle site where it's all-out war between Vermaak
    E| and some monsters. The heavy hitters on either side are the Titan and the
       Devourer. Start with the Devourer first. Clear out the swamp monsters with
      Cluster Grenades or an Ionic power. If you have Bolt Stream that will do a
     good job against the Devourer. If not, rockets work fine as well.
    Just make sure you dodge its acid attacks and more importantly know your
    surroundings. As you back away from it, don't get trapped in a dead end. Leave
    yourself plenty of room to move and fight. If it grabs you with its tongue,
    switch to Bolt Stream or Alpha Bolt and let him have it.
    The other menace is the Titan. If it's on a building ledge, it may stay up
    there, which will remove the threat of its close-range attacks. Hit it with a
    constant barrage of rockets, recharging when necessary. If you fight on the
    roof, keep in mind limited access to some power sources and also slightly
    limited room. Break both its arms and then expose its weak spot. Finish it off
    from there with bolts preferably, or rockets.
    S|MISSION - The Gauntlet
    D| The supposed culprit behind all the Blast Shard bombs has surfaced. Go to
    E| a nearby location on your radar to find him. When you arrive though, all you
       find is a.... uh-oh...
    When you get on your feet, chase the bomber down. He'll set off several more
    bombs which will bring lots of debris down. If something lands on you, it can
    kill you so I would advise either using Ice Launch as you are running to get
    over it, or just slowing down and waiting for the debris to fall.
    Catch up to the bomber and he'll have some innocent citizens kept hostage. Get
    close to him and drain the bomb energy, then defeat him like any other lowly
    criminal. He'll take a lot more damage than a standard soldier, but enough
    bolts to the face and he'll fall like the rest.
      STORY MISSION | - The Face of Change
    Hop on board Bertrand's boat. It's kinda hard to miss. Get on being fully
    prepared for a fight as the Vermaak have the placed locked down. There's several
    regular soldiers, as well as an Ice Heavy. If you want, take out the latter
    quick with several really fast bolts or take out his tower and melee him until
    you get a finisher. Either works.
    From there, bolt and melee the rest of them until there are no more red blips.
    Stand near the ship's bow and look for the R1 prompt to disable the ship. The
    other one can be seen in the distance to the southwest, so go that way.
    Just outside, more of the ice soldiers attack you. I recommend backing up and
    using Artillery Bolt first on the Ice Heavy enemies. Defeat them, then melee
    the shield guys. Jump onto the boat first chance you get and find even more
    Deal with any enemies nearby, then try and target the Ice Heavy first. You can
    consider an Ionic power here but it's not really necessary. The enemies won't
    be very bunched up in all likelihood. Stick with grenades and rockets for your
    big damage and area attacks.
    At the rear of the ship, of course there's a Titan. Make sure all the other
    Vermaak are defeated first before confronting him. Stand to the right of the
    large containers and blast the Titan from there with constant rockets. Use
    Redirect Rockets if you're a Hero to redirect them if you happen to miss. The
    Hellfire Rockets, for you evil players out there, absolutely massacre it.
    If the Titan attacks with its ice chunks, back away and angle yourself so that
    you can use the containers for cover. You can also fall back to grab some
    Break both arms, then weaken it further. Switch to Magnum Bolt and just slowly
    chip away at its remaining health. It can't reach you from where it is so you
    only need to avoid its two ranged attacks. The beam can of course be blocked
    (mostly) by Frost Shield if you have it.
    Once he goes down, stand near the end of the ship and shut it down like the
    first one. This will begin a rather startling scene.
    After that, go to the new area marked on your map. Note that your radar ping
    has changed slightly. Anyway, after some travel you'll arrive at the plague
    ward. You can't heal anyone right now for some reason. Instead, just keep
    clicking L3 and have a look around. Everyone has two red glowing lights in
    their body. You're looking for the person who has an orange glow. Eventually,
    after enough searching around, her location should be shown to you.
    Try to heal her, and get a scene...
    So now we know that huge revelation. I'm... shocked. No, really, I am! (bad pun
    count: 10)
    Going to tackle three more Side Missions here. I know things are getting really
    interesting though, so if you'd rather go right to the story again, feel free
    to skip ahead.
    S|MISSION - Photo Finish
    D| More photos needed for old J.J., Parker! Wait.... Anyways, first find the
    E| plague ward that The Beast destroyed. Take a picture from a distance. Next,
       go to the giant ice tower in the center of the Gas Works. Get close enough
      until you can successfully take the picture, then do so.
    The last several pictures will require you to shoot the ice Titan that shows up
    below. Drop down and get his attention. First take a picture of his two main
    attacks, his ice beams and ice throwing. Shield yourself or run until he uses
    both, then whip out the camera for each and take the photos.
    Next, fight the Titan with repeated rockets or Cluster Grenades until it loses
    an arm. There are several lamp posts and such around the area for back up energy
    so keep firing those rockets. If you're evil, remember that Hellfire Rockets
    absolutely DESTROY this thing. Once it loses one arm, take a picture of it. Now
    finish the job. If he regenerates his lost arm he'll recover a little health.
    Fire more and more rockets its way and then expose its weakness with the QTE
    when it kneels down. 
    Finish it off patiently with some Magnum Bolts or rockets.
    S|MISSION - Overcharge
    D| This one is really straightforward, so I won't go into a lot of detail. Make
    E| sure you know which way you're going first, so hold Triangle to see the
       generator in the distance. Go northwest toward it, using the grind wire
    All the wires lead pretty much right into each other, with some slight
    adjustments necessary. So really, it is straightforward. Just make good use of
    your Static Thrusters to adjust yourself in the air and at the very least,
    catch onto each subsequent wire. Blow the Vermaak 88 up at the end to score
    another explosive victory.
    S|MISSION - Coast Guard
    D| Two boats are occupying the water just to the south, and the Militia onboard
    E| are firing grenades rather obnoxiously into the city as well as at Cole
       should he get close enough. Really? More Militia? Can't we stay... current
      with the enemies? (bad pun count: 11)
    First, use your amazing new Lightning Tether to quickly get to the top of those
    gas towers or whatever they are. You'll have a high vantage point over the
    boats. They'll still be shooting up at you and its possible you can get hit and
    fall off. Try to use Precision here to score quick hits. Running out of energy
    is of course a problem so fall back down to get some.
    Beware the Militia blowing the tower up. They may also blow themselves up
    though. You can try to reach their boats by using Static Thrusters, then
    Thunder Dropping on them. Your choice. Precision is a good low risk, high cost
    way of beating this one.
      STORY MISSION | - Demons
    After the scene, it's time for...
                                     - BOSS FIGHT -
                  _____ _          ___     _                  _   _
                 |_   _| |_  ___  | _ )___| |_  ___ _ __  ___| |_| |_  
                   | | | ' \/ -_) | _ | -_) ' \/ -_) '  \/ _ \  _| ' \ 
                   |_| |_||_\___| |___|___|_||_\___|_|_|_\___/\__|_||_|
    Find Zeke's truck nearby and hop on the back. Turn around so you can face the
    Behemoth. It will chase you through the city, destroying everything in its
    path. Along the way, you have to protect the truck from one of its attacks.
    When it uses a smaller homing acid attack, you need to use a Shock Blast to
    deflect the shots. These are smaller than the other acid attack so be sure to
    look out for them. Zeke will warn you when one of these attacks is incoming.
    The creature will show one of its weak spots in its mouth at least a few times.
    Fire at it with Bolt Stream or Alpha Bolt to shut it up. Do this each time it
    reveals that weak spot.
    Eventually you'll reach the target area. Get off the truck and join Kuo and
    Nix in defeating the new Bertrand and his minions. Focus on the beast, waiting
    for him to cycle through his glowing weak spots again. Kuo and Nix will help
    with the swamp monsters but give them a hand with some melee finishers. The
    constant barrage of them can be a big distraction. Use your Ionic Powers any
    time a charge drops. You might lose a little karma in the process, but it's
    worth it because these guys will be all over the place.
    Don't miss a chance to hit his weak spots in his arms when the show up. Keep
    shooting with your bolt until they're done. Eventually, when you've done enough
    damage to it, you get back to a vehicular retreat.
    While hanging on the helicopter, keep your trigger... hand steady. Bertrand will
    shoot more of those homing acid missiles so be ready to Shock Blast them away.
    After a short ride, the rebels trap Bertrand and fire a missile, but it gets
    stuck without detonation. Shoot the missile in his hide to detonate it.
    Keep deflecting the homing attacks with Shock Blasts. Draw power from the
    helicopter when you need it. Eventually, you'll get another chance to shoot a
    second failed missile, so do so and continue on.
    For the final phase, you'll get off the chopper and confront Bertrand again.
    Fire at his arm weak spots with Bolt Stream or Alpha Bolt. The wave of swamp
    monsters will be a problem again but Kuo and Nix may help set up some kills for
    you. Ionic powers are also still a good option to clean house.
    Hopefully, your allies will keep them distracted so you can focus on his weak
    spots. Keep up your attacks until this beast finally goes down for the count.
    Well, we're coming to the home stretch here. There are still several more Story
    Missions left, but we're almost there. Time to start wrapping up those Side
    Missions. Feel free to go crazy with side stuff starting here or soon. Grab
    Blast Shards, level up your powers more, Trophy hunt, etc.
    Start by searching the northeast part of Gas Works. Defeat any Vermaak you come
    across til one turns into this mission...
    S|MISSION - Convoy
    D| Maybe it was just me, but you might notice there is no objective marker,
    E| showing you where you need to go. No worries though. Just look at your map
       and you'll see red blips to the south. Head that way to find the convoy.
    This particular convoy has no vehicles. Just a bunch of ice soldiers being led
    by a titan. You can easily sneak up on them, so hit them with an Ionic Power,
    wiping out all the lesser enemies. That just leaves you and the Titan. Pelt
    him with Sticky Rockets or Cluster Grenades or anything that hits hard. when
    he loses one arm, try to recharge yourself and then relentlessly attack til
    the other one is taken off. Try to do it fast so he doesn't regenerate. Consider
    not blocking or dodging his ice beams and just attacking him instead. The beams
    hurt but they won't kill you very fast.
    When the weak spot is up for grabs, run up to him and hit R1, then mash Square
    like you have before. Hit his face repeatedly while dodging his rush and ice
    attacks. Eventually he will fall, earning you another Side Mission victory.
    S|MISSION - Proud Warrior
    D| Drain all the dishes in the northern area of the Gas works so Zeke can work
    E| his magic. They will all be marked for you on your radar. I really don't
       think anything strategic or specific needs to be mentioned here. Just use
      your Lightning Tether to make the job really easy. Zip up to the rooftops and
     walls where you can find these and drain them one by one. That's it. After
    that, find the nearest TV and catch a glimpse of Zeke's little ploy.
      STORY MISSION | - Death Toll
    Head into the circle area on your radar. The Vermaak are there, waiting. Embody
    the power of a storm and kick their asses. You can use the storm overhead as
    an energy source any time you want. Hold L2 to drain from it. With this in
    mind, let's go crazy.
    Fire your rockets, your Cluster Grenades, Bolt Stream. Fire it all without
    mercy and with extreme enmity. Don't let up. Know that you can heal yourself
    easily with this as well so just go nuts.
    After a while, one Vermaak soldier will take off with the Blast Core. Damn! Give
    chase. Use the Lightning Tether to cover ground quickly, zipping your way toward
    buildings. Just chase him for now and he'll lead you to where you need to go.
    The ice tower. Use the tether to get to the top of this and find the Blast
    Core trapped at the top. Zeke sends a photo of a valve somewhere on the tower's
    lower levels. Drop down and search for it, using the photo and the search circle
    on your radar as guides.
    On the west, northwest side of the tower is a small bridge extending outward.
    You'll see it in the photo. Drop down here and below the bridge is the valve
    you need to find. Interact with it, then find another, shown in a second photo.
    Just stay on the level you're on and go counterclockwise around the tower using
    this walkway. The other valve will be on the far side. Unfortunately though,
    you are intercepted by a Crusher. Use Precision and your ability to get
    unlimited energy from the storm to just headshot him over and over. His health
    will just disappear. Once he's fried, return to the valve and use it.
    One more. Climb up the tower to the near top, where the giant ice shaft begins.
    Up here you'll find it, as well as an ambush from the Vermaak. No worries. Just
    throw and endless shower of Cluster Grenades at them, replenishing with the
    storm until they're all dead.
    Use the valve. One more swarm of Vermaak 88 will appear. Don't these guys
    learn? Well, even with Mother Nature on your side, this isn't easy. Drop down
    on them with a Thunder Drop if you wish. They will swarm you very quickly and
    some of them include shotgun soldiers so be very cautious. If you wish to
    expend a charge, an Ionic Freeze or Drain will do a good job of setting the
    table for this merciless beating you're about to give.
    Continue by firing endless rockets and Cluster Grenades. Use another Ionic
    Power if things remain hectic. When you are down to just the titan, strike hard
    with the rockets and grenades (I'm sure I haven't said this enough...) and
    then its head with these and your bolt when you expose its weak spot.
    Done smiting your foes? Grab that Blast Core for a scene.
     _____ _            _____ _                      _                     
    |_   _| |          /  ___| |                    | |                    
      | | | |__   ___  \ `--.| |__   _____      ____| | _____      ___ __  
      | | | '_ \ / _ \  `--. \ '_ \ / _ \ \ /\ / / _` |/ _ \ \ /\ / / '_ \ 
      | | | | | |  __/ /\__/ / | | | (_) \ V  V / (_| | (_) \ V  V /| | | |
      \_/ |_| |_|\___| \____/|_| |_|\___/ \_/\_/ \__,_|\___/ \_/\_/ |_| |_|
    Go just across the rooftop ahead of you and start up the next mission right
      STORY MISSION | - The Final Piece
    Just watch the scene, then try out your restored Ionic Storm. Unlike in the
    first game, it doesn't seem that you can steer it with the Six-Axis. Oh well.
    After that, this one is over. Time to tie up some loose ends.
    S|MISSION - Ice Storm
    D| Meet up with LaRoche's guys nearby, then enter the battle with them against
    E| the Vermaak 88. You'll see explosions going off, a Titan in the distance;
       it's all pretty Michael Bayish.
    Find a good perch and start sniping some of the soldiers. You can use Precision
    if you want but you might want to save energy. Use your Lightning Tether to get
    up close and personal to any Vermaak on high ledges. Since many of them are
    distracted, melee is a good option here.
    If you have a charge, use Ionic Storm on the Titan to do a huge amount of
    damage to it, hopefully taking off both its arms. Expose its weak spot, then
    hit its face with constant bolts to defeat it. Evil players with Hellfire
    Rockets have it easy, since those are ridiculously powerful and take this guy
    down in no time. Get any stragglers as well to end this mission.
    You'll be done to one more piece of territory for the second island and,
    consequently, the game. Woooo! Incidentally, we're right in the neighborhood
    too. Search this area for Vermaak 88 terrorizing the neighborhood. If you don't
    run into any, travel a good distance away and come back. Defeat them til you
    find this mission.
    S|MISSION - Hidden Package
    D| I'll save you the time here and just point you right to it. Look at your
    E| map. The southeast part of Gas Works has two boats. The southern boat has
       two cranes (you can see the designs of the cranes on your map too), while
      the one just a little northeast has one crane. Go to that one single crane
     and climb it. The hidden package will be near the control panels up there.
    That does it! You should get another Trophy for your efforts. That means we're
    all set to finish the game. Feel free to do other things though like Blast
    Shards and XP grinding. Whatever you like. Me, well, I'm heading for that
    Story Mission marker...
      STORY MISSION | - The Final Decision
    If you've been puzzled on some details about the most recent events up to this
    point, some of that should get cleared up in the scene that starts here. You
    then get presented with an interesting choice. Choose, hero...
    One thing to note is that if, for some reason, you opt for the choice that is
    opposite of your Karmic alignment, you can't immediately select it. If you
    really want to "betray" your Karma and pick the opposite choice, you have to
    abandon the mission and reverse your Karma all the way to the opposite side.
    Let me just say that is a LOT of work so if that's REALLY what you want to do,
    then good luck...
    This should play out in one of two different ways depending on your choice,
    rather than being the same mission regardless. I'm going to simplify it to
    "Good Choice" and "Evil Choice" just for the sake of not giving anything away.
    Good Choice
    Depart from the cathedral and bust it down the street, going in the direction
    of the white star marker. Lightning Tether yourself onto the boat and then sit
    tight as it heads out.
    A few events will happen, then The Beast will attack the boat. A new marker
    appears behind you. Use your Lightning Tether to go from one boat to the next
    and retreat. Some urgency is necessary as The Beast will start sinking more of
    them, reducing your potential footholds.
    Once you're back on the mainland, retreat further into the city. Continue
    moving toward the marker. Eventually you'll arrive at a generator, but so too
                                     - BOSS FIGHT -
                        _____ _  _ ___   ___ ___   _   ___ _____ 
                       |_   _| || | __| | _ ) __| /_\ / __|_   _|
                         | | | __ | _|  | _ \ _| / _ \\__ \ | |  
                         |_| |_||_|___| |___/___/_/ \_\___/ |_|
    You'll take to the air soon, much like the first fight. You'll have constant
    electricity though from the generator below so feel free to pelt him with your
    strongest attacks. Cluster Grenades and rockets come to mind. You can just go
    with Bolt Stream as well though. Magnum Bolt, though slower, does good damage
    as well.
    The Beast will suck objects into his hand, maybe throwing the at you. He will
    try to grab Cole though and most likely succeed. When the screen turns red,
    get ready to mash R1. You'll see Cole ensnared by The Beast so keep hitting R1
    until you are free. When you land back on the roof, immediately drain the
    generator for health.
    With the generator nearby, just go nuts. Firing Cluster Grenades constantly
    will have very good effects, but you can go with rockets as well. In addition,
    you can expend an Ionic Charge and use Ionic Storm. The damage isn't actually
    that great, but it's... decent.
    The Beast will fight back with some attacks that knock Cole on his back, but you
    can just get up and drain the generator again. Keep firing with Cluster Grenades
    or rockets til eventually... a surprise guest shows up.
    This new boss will fire on you with beams from a high perch. Deflect them with
    your Frost Shield. Then she should come down to where you are on the rooftop
    and pelt you with some projectiles. Plenty of options open up. You can run up
    and use melee and finishers to do good damage. You can also fight back with
    rockets or grenades, or just go with the classic bolt. You might discover that
    Bolt Stream does an insane amount of damage to her, so if you can knock her
    down with melee first, you can literally keep her pinned with Bolt Stream.
    With her out of the picture, The Beast returns to its feet. Hit it with more
    bolts or rockets or whatever. It will try to draw you in. Attempt to fly out
    of this gravitational pull. If you fail, you might have to mash R1 again. Keep
    trying and keep fighting back.
    Eventually your other opponent will return and it will be like a two-on-one
    affair. The Beast will keep you occupied the most though, bringing you into the
    air and trying to suck you into its grasp. This makes fighting your other
    opponent rather difficult and in the long run, may not be totally worth it. If
    you ignore her though, she can definitely be bothersome with her attacks. It's
    up to you. I found it easier to just use the energy I had and pelt The Beast
    with Cluster Grenades. It was already heavily weakened and this did the job
    rather quickly.
    Either way, once you deplete The Beast's health, activate an Ionic Storm to
    finish it off. Is it over though? Watch the next scene.
    When you get control again, you're off to the cathedral. Follow the marker on
    your map to get there. Just be aware that someone is going to be constantly
    trying to stop you. You can stop and fight back with your Amp. It's not really
    necessary though. The damage you take should be minimal, so just keep going.
    Use Lightning Tether to climb the tower of the cathedral quickly. You'll get
    another scene then you'll control Cole one more time as The Beast appears yet
    again. With supercharged powers, hit it with your bolt over and over and it
    will go down fast. Watch the next scene and then when you are prompted, hold
    the buttons shown. This starts up one last scene and then the ending plays.
    Evil Choice
    You will have a powerful ally with you. When standing near him, hit X to take
    to the air. You'll have permanent hover with your Static Thrusters and there's
    never any fear of falling (at least from what I can see). In fact, you don't
    even have to move forward or backward. Your ally will just tug you along as he
    There is a boss fight here, but I won't highlight it for spoiler purposes.
    Before we get there, you'll notice many rebels, police, and so on trying to
    attack. They'll rarely be aiming directly at you, if ever and their chances of
    hitting you are nil. When your ally walks by them, they are caught in a sort of
    gravity reversal and are lifted up into the sky. Shoot on them as they are
    helpless to grab little bits of XP as you go along. Keep in mind you can drain
    energy from your ally or it slowly restores on its own so you have a limitless
    supply. Go crazy!
    Eventually the surprise (or not so surprise) boss shows up. When you land on the
    ground, quickly rush the tower where she is and use Lightning Tether to get up
    there. She'll be using the RFI to cast a long bolt of energy. Think of it like
    the ice beam attacks. The damage is slow but steady.
    Get up there and confront her. I recommend going with Hellfire Rockets and
    grenades, as well as headshots from your standard bolts. Melee is not advises
    since you can't do finishers and the damage is a little less than your powers.
    As you damage her, she'll flee from rooftop to rooftop. Follow her, but do so
    by climbing rather than just using Lightning Tether or Static Thrusters. She
    will use the RFI to damage you further and with The Beast down, you have no
    energy sources to use. Take special care in avoiding damage. Break line of sight
    so she can't get an angle with the RFI, then climb up to get her and hit her
    with more Hellfire Rockers or bolts.
    Any time she moves to a new location, go in from a low vantage point and you'll
    be safe. Keep attacking and eventually, the fight ends for now. The Beast gets
    back up, so regroup with him and continue on your merry, destructive way.
    You'll cross the water back to the first island. Along the way, many boats will
    be firing at you. Use Hellfire Rockets, Napalm Grenades, or Precision to kill
    all the inhabitants that you can. D...4... hit! You sunk my... err, nevermind.
    Back on land, there will be more rebels and other noisy flies. As The Beast
    passes by though, they too get sucked into the air. Eventually though, the fun
    ends and you've got to track down you-know-who again.
    She'll be at the top of the Can-Can building. Tether up there and hit her with
    some bolts to start. The fight will shift around the square, probably leading
    you to the former "home base" rooftop. Keep in mind you know have energy
    sources this time, so recharge when necessary, and feel free to take a little
    more risk when she is using the RFI. Hit her with more Hellfire Rockets. When
    she teleports to a new rooftop, she tends to stand there for a few seconds. Try
    using repeated Precision headshots for really good damage.
    You can close in for a little melee here and there, but it's not as effective
    as it would be on grunt enemies. At medium range she'll hurl Napalm Grenades at
    you. She can also teleport then reappear with a close-range shockwave attack
    on you. Beat her back then blast her with more bolts. Remember to recharge if
    you need it.
    She'll retreat to the Can-Can building. Try to confront her and she disappears.
    Regroup with The Beast and march on. It'll be a short walk to the cathedral.
    Bullets and rockets will be piercing the sky from every which way; it's truly
    a scene fit for the apocalypse. When you touch ground again after another
    interruption, charge up to the cathedral, killing any in your way.
    Tether up to the top for one last showdown. She will still use the RFI from a
    distance, but on this rooftop, you can close the gap quickly and melee her a 
    few times. Otherwise, stick with what works, and that's Hellfire Rockets,
    Cluster Grenades, or Precision headshots. There are a few energy sources up
    here so be sure to recharge.
    When she uses the grenades, run side to side and fire back with Hellfire
    Rockets. Her shockwave attack is hard to avoid, but she doesn't use it very
    often, luckily. Firebird Strike can be dodged if you see it coming. Dodge to the
    side if you can, although it's a fast attack. Keep pressing the attack, healing
    when necessary and eventually she will kneel in defeat. Hit her with a finisher
    as prompted and end it. Then comes in the next challenger...
    The game does a good job here of putting you in a difficult position, that is,
    unless you're completely dedicated to this destruction thing and have done away
    with a conscience. Hit R1 when prompted, if you can muster the fortitude to do
    so, and then watch what happens. This will end the battle, and the game.
    Regardless of what you choose....
    Congratulations! You've beaten inFamous 2!
                                  |     INFAMOUS 2     |
               | Section IV | User Generated Content |             [uc00] |
    This section will be dedicated briefly to User Generated Content that Sucker
    Punch has included in inFamous 2. I say "briefly" because I will not be going
    over every minute detail, but rather giving an overall look at the stuff you
    can do and tinker with.
     What is it?                  [uc01]
    The User Generated Content allows players to create and publish their own
    custom missions on the PlayStation Network for other inFamous 2 players to see
    and play. There are a variety of creation tools that let players add NPCs,
    objects, enemies, and completely govern how they act and behave. There are many
    possibilities, from protection and defense missions, to collection, race types,
    or even just "kill-em-all" missions.
    You can see User Generated Content on your map during inFamous 2, indicated by
    the green mission markers. You can filter these missions by going into the
    pause menu and selecting which ones (if any) you want to show. Going to a marker
    and hitting R1 will start that person's mission. You get XP and small bonuses
    just like normal missions, albeit a little less.
    With User Generated Content, you can not only make your own missions and let
    your imagination be your guide, but you can remix other people's missions or
    use templates by Sucker Punch to get started. Learning how everything works
    and how things connect into each other takes practice. However, seeing your
    own creation come to life can be quite worth it.
     Creation Tools               [uc02]
    Ok, here I will be going over all the different tools that UGC has and what
    they all do, how some of them connect, and so on. It can be quite a tough thing
    to absorb, so I recommend trying it out yourself after reading this, because
    a visual demonstration will really let you see how things work.
    Core Logic Nodes
    These are the main "circuits" (literally) that manipulate and govern the
    behavior of npcs and enemies, events, and really govern the laws and physics
    of everything you can create or do stuff with.
    - Mission Start -
    This node sets the starting point of Cole when the mission begins. Wherever you
    place this is where Cole will be positioned. If you edit this, here are the
    settings you can play with:
    o Name: The name of your mission
    o Caption: Short description of the mission
    o Objective: What is the overall objective of the mission
    o Time: How long the above objective mission displays on screen
    o Primary Tag: Tags that let other users know what "type" of mission it is
    o Secnodary Tag: An additional tag for category purposes
    o Time of Day: Choose the time of day for the mission
    - Mission Success -
    Holds the keys to ending the mission. This also appears automatically when you
    start creating. It follows a simple logic of "when (blank) happens, the mission
    is successfully completed." It needs to be connected to a Monitor for the
    actual criteria to be specified.
    - Monitor -
    A very basic and important logic modifier. It allows you to set conditions with
    the logic of "When (blank) occurs, (blank) happens." It's totally up to you to
    fill in those blanks. If you edit a Monitor, you can scroll left or right 
    through all the primary conditions, the "When (blank) happens..." conditions.
    You can set these to anything governing a group of your choice. For example,
    if you make a group of enemies, you can use the Monitor and edit it to say,
    when "Militia" are Arc Restrained, (blank) happens. The Monitor doesn't control
    the second condition; you have to add that to the Monitor to make it work. We'll
    get to that.
    For one more example, you can take a Monitor and edit it to say when "Group 2"
    have changed target to Cole, (blank) happens. Again, you've set the primary
    condition, but will need to create something for the actual event.
    - Volume -
    This is like the Monitor node except that it has a specific condition set. That
    is, when Cole enters the area of the Volume node, (blank) happens. When you
    edit this, here are the settings:
    o Shape: Choose the shape of the trigger area, a cylinder or a cube
    o Scale: Increases the size of the shape proportionately
    o Length/Width: Increase or decrease the length or width individually
    o Who/What: Choose what group has to enter this area for it to be triggered
    o Trigger: Choose if it is triggered by entering or leaving the area
    o Auto-Reset: Choose yes or no if you want the trigger to reset, meaning the
                   attached event or script will occur again each time you enter
    - Object Modifier -
    You've seen some of the conditions you can make for triggering events. The
    Object Modifiers handle some of those events finally. If we use the same logic
    we've seen, Object Modifiers would fit in here: "When (blank) happens, (Object
    Modifier) is triggered." So understanding this, if you connect Object Modifiers
    to Monitors or other nodes, you can create triggered events and so on. When you
    edit an Object Modifier, you can scroll left or right through the different
    events that can be triggered and how you can play around with them:
    o Object: Adds or removes a group from the world
    o Physics: When triggered, a group will experience physics changes you can tweak
    o Map: Shows the location of a group on your map, using customizable waypoints
    o Health: When triggered, changes the health of a group
    o Cole's Energy: When triggered, changes Cole's energy
    o Cole's Powers: When triggered, allows or disallows a power of your choice
    o Damage Response: When triggered, automatically make a group take damage
    o Hostility: When triggered, make a group hostile toward Cole or another group
    o Orders: Sets the orders of a group which you can modify
    o Bomb: When triggered, a bomb will be detonated or defused
    o Breakable: When triggered, any breakable objects in a group will break
    o Activate: When triggered, applicable objects in a group will be activated
    o Collect: When triggered, objects in a group are automatically collected
    - Script Command -
    This allows you to control the actions of a group, whether its one NPC or many.
    This node can be used as a destination for a group to move to, or it can be used
    to tell groups to perform simple animations like cheering or waving.
    - Splitter -
    The splitter lets you plug one condition modifier and let this condition trigger
    multiple events which you can connect from the four cables at the front of the
    splitter. Basically, it says that "when (blank) happens, (blanks 1-4) are
    triggered." You can edit how these four things are triggered:
    o All: All of the connected events are triggered simultaneously
    o Sequence: The connected events are triggered in the order they were connected
    o Random: The connected events are triggered by random
    o Probability: Allows you to set a likelihood of the events triggering in a %
    - Combiner -
    A combiner is like the opposite of a splitter. It lets you plug multiple
    conditions in together, all to trigger a single event. For example, you can
    plug in a Volume node and a Monitor and set them to say "When (insert group) is
    defeated and Cole enters the perimeter, (blank) is triggered." You can edit a
    combiner to make it so that one or all of the conditions have to be met.
    - Switch -
    Switches can seem really confusing at first until you simplify it. Think of it
    this way. A Switch is like the same logic setups we've seen thus far, "When
    (blank) happens, (blank) is triggered)." However, switches add a sort of "lock"
    onto this with a whole extra condition. Until this extra condition is met, the
    event cannot be triggered.
    For example, let's use the following nodes and connect them in order. First,
    connect a Monitor to the Switch and edit the Monitor to the Collect setting.
    Connect a second Monitor with the Incapacitated setting. Finally, connect the
    Switch to an Object Modifer. Edit the Object Modifier to the Cole's Powers
    settings and select Rockets (or whatever you want).
    What does this do now? Basically, it says "When all of (group) have been
    collected, allow Cole to use his Rockets, BUT NOT UNTIL he has defeated (group)"
    This sets another condition that must be met first in order for another one to
    be set up and triggered.
    - Brief -
    Allows you to display text to be used as direction or as dialogue. You can edit
    this to pop up for a length of time of your choice, or make it so that the
    player has to hit Triangle to end it.
    - Objective -
    Allows you to, through text, display a new objective. It does not show an
    objective on the map or anything like that, just merely tells the player through
    on sreen text what it is. You can edit it to change the message, and how long
    it stays on screen. It will be displayed any time the player hits L2 or L3.
    - Timer -
    Displays a timer on screen which you can set to count up or down. If you plug
    in an event node like an Object Modifier or something else, you can design it
    so that when the timer counts down, an event is triggered.
    - Counter -
    The counter lets you make an imaginary tally. You plug a condition into it, that
    says "When this happens, reduce the tally by one." You can then plug an event
    into it that says "when the tally is zero, trigger (event)."
    - Logic Modifier -
    This lets you further edit Timers or Counters. Plug it into a condition node
    like a Monitor or something and you can trigger this. When triggered, you can
    choose to add or decrease from timers or counters. So for example, let's say
    you are making a mission where Cole has to defuse a bomb. You set a timer for
    20 seconds and Cole has to make it there within that time. You can edit the
    mission so that when Cole reaches certain points, you add more time to the
    - Selector -
    Again, things get a little more complicated here. A Selector basically chooses
    a random object in a group to be triggered. You would put a condition into the
    Selector, then connect the Selector to an event to be triggered. So, it would
    play out like this "When (blank) happens, a random object in (group) is
    triggered to do (blank)." That's it, more or less.
    However, you have to understand triggers for this to make sense. The Selector
    will choose an object in the group by random to be the trigger. Only this
    object will do the event specified.
    So for example, we have three enemies in "Default Group". We set them to ignore
    Cole when the mission starts using a Monitor. Then we create a Volume node,
    connect it to the Selector, and then connect that to an Object Modifier. We
    make sure the Volume's Auto Reset setting is set to "no". Then, we edit the
    Object Modifiers to the "Orders" tab and--this is crucial--we edit the who/what
    of the Object Modifier to be TRIGGER. That means the orders we've selected will
    only happen to the randomly selected trigger object.
    So what this does is that when Cole enters the area, one of the enemies in
    this group will be randomly chose to attack, but not the others. Playing around
    with Selectors can let you do a variety of other things. You just have to
    remember to select "Trigger" when you're using the event modifiers.
    - Path Point -
    Creates a waypoint for the characters in a designated group to follow when
    - Player Control Modifier -
    Allows you to toggle control of Cole on and off. This is useful for letting
    events occur or dialogue play out without interference from the player. You
    just have to plug it into a condition so that "when (blank) happens, toggle
    control of Cole on/off."
    - Fail Mission -
    Creates a mission failure condition. You'll connect it to something like a
    Monitor or some other condition. When it is triggered, the mission would fail.
    It is completely optional but it is useful for missions involving timers or
    protection missions.
    - Mission Checkpoint -
    This one has baffled most UGC makers since the beta. By design, this node will
    serve as a checkpoint for Cole when he is killed. The player will respawn here
    in this case, but only when the trigger is activated. Just plug it into a
    condition like a Volume node, so that when Cole reaches the area, it becomes
    his checkpoint.
    What isn't so clear is how you get checkpoints to work and save your progress
    in the mission up to that point. So let's say you make a simple mission where
    you fight a few enemies, reach a destination and get a checkpoint, then fight
    some more enemies. Say you die against the second group of enemies. You are
    respawned at your checkpoint, but the enemies from before are alive still.
    How to get around this? Well... unfortunately, I still haven't figured that out.
    Hopefully it will become more clear soon enough.
    - Traffic Modifier -
    Allows you to set how much traffic and how many civilians will be in your
    mission. You can edit it to effect the entire world or just a small area. You
    can then set traffic to yes/no, parked cars to yes/no, and choose how dense
    the area will be with civilians.
    - Music -
    When triggered, the music is set to change. You can choose what the music will
    change to by editing this node. You have numerous tracks to pick from and play
    with. You just have to choose a condition for it to trigger and plug that in.
    - Creator Comment -
    Lets you leave a comment of your own for users to see if they remix your
    This will be just a brief overview of the available objects you have to play
    with. Note that some of these may be unlockable based on your progress through
    the game. Because of small spoilers, I will not list them all.
    - Core Objects -
    These are located at the top when you select "Create Object". They range from
    civilians to barricades to city objects to cars. When you create objects they
    are assigned to the most recently created or edited group. When you edit objects
    you can change their group assignment. You can also further edit civilians by
    choosing if their appearance is random or fixed.
    - Enemy/NPC Groups -
    Below the Core Logic group, you have five empty rows to load any group of
    objects of your choice. Each contains one or many NPCs or objects that you may
    want to use. If you know you're not gonna need police NPCs, don't load them. I
    won't list them for various reasons, including some spoilers, but you can load
    each one and see how many are included. You can also edit some of them. For
    Loading the Militia group shows only one soldier. Any time you place one down
    into your world, they are randomly generated in their appearance but nothing
    else. To further customize them, select an individual Militia soldier and hit
    Edit. Besides editing their group assignment, you can choose what kind of
    weapon the soldier has, from a shotgun to a shield and more. You can also choose
    if their appearance will be random or a fixed specific variation.
    For all NPC groups, you can edit their max health and how much they start out
    with. This can let you make enemies that are tougher than normal.
    - Objects/Platforming -
    The rest of the object groups you can load are not NPCs but various objects and
    walls, platforms, and so on. You can use these to build your own areas or small
    setpieces for your missions. It's all up to whatever you can imagine.
    There's nothing special about these. All you can do is edit their group
    assignment and that's about it.
     Some Basic Tips              [uc03]
    So I'll just say now that I am far from an expert at UGC. I wouldn't even go as
    far as to say I'm "great". I just know most but not all of the basics to it.
    It's a time consuming thing to learn how everything works when you plug it all
    together. To reduce some of the time and frustration, I've listed a few tips
    for some of the basic things, events, ideas that some UGC players might want to
    utilize in their missions.
    1. Markers
    So you have some items or enemies or objectives you want to point out to the
    player on the map so they know where to go to find them. How to do that? Or
    maybe you know how, but can't get the markers to turn off once you defeat the
    enemies or whatever the case is. How to do that?
    We'll make a Monitor, set it to "When the mission starts". We'll then connect
    that to an Object Modifier and go to the Map settings and select Pin, Waypoint,
    or Special. In any case, the objects of a group, the one you want to be shown,
    will be displayed on your map, even if you're far away.
    Combine this with objects from the Collectibles group and you add small
    collectible items to your mission. When picked up, the icons disappear, as they
    However, if you want to point the player to a group of enemies, using the
    Object Modifier to show their locations with icons, you will discover that when
    they are defeated, the icons do not disappear. In this case, use the Pin
    selection when tinkering with the Map settings in the Object Modifier. This will
    show the red blips for enemies even when you're far away, but when they are
    defeated, the blips disappear.
    2. Waypoints
    Say you don't want to point the player to a specific object or person, but
    rather just to a general area. How do you do that? And how do you get the
    waypoint icon to disappear when the player arrives?
    There may be other ways of doing this but an easy method is to create groups
    designed solely for being the waypoint markers. You can name them "Waypoint" or
    "Objective" to make it simpler, adding numbers at the end of each. If you don't
    want this to be visible in the mission, use a Path Point from your Core Logic
    Now let's use a Monitor, set it to "when the mission starts" and connect it to
    an Object Modifier. Set it to the Map tab, and choose Waypoint or Special, and
    make sure it is set to display the location of the group, in this case, the
    Path Point.
    Now move the Path Point or other object to where you want the player
    to be directed to. When the player starts the mission, the waypoint will be
    You can do one of two things to turn it off. You can set a Volume node near
    the Path Point or objective item and set the radius to however big you want.
    Connect it to an Object Modifier, go to Map, etc, and set the display radar to
    "No". Make sure for the Volume node you put Auto Reset to "No." So in this
    example, the waypoint will be displayed until the player enters the area, then
    it will disappear.
    Alternatively if you are bringing the player to an area where they will collect
    items or defeat enemies, you can create a Monitor and make it so that "When
    (group) is defeated/collected..." the waypoint will be turned off. You would
    connect that Monitor to an Object Modifier, Map tab, display radar icon to "No".
                                  |     INFAMOUS 2     |
               | Section V | Extras |                              [ex00] |
    Now for the "other" stuff that's not part of the main walkthrough but still
    important to the game or to players. Usually I reserve these sections for
    lists, Trophies, other achievements, and so on.
     Dead Drop Locations          [ex01]
    This is in progress. I promise it won't take me as long to add as in my guide
    for the first game. Promise!
    There are 29 Dead Drops in the game. I'll be organizing this list by the four
    main areas of the game, and then the drops for each individual area will be
    listed mostly by random. A few things to take note of though first:
    1) Dead Drops give a small amount of XP. It's not much but if you collect enough
    of them over time, it can add up and help get you closer to getting your
    abilities quicker.
    2) The pigeons move around a lot but still in a somewhat confined area. If you
    are in the relative vicinity, you should see the blue bird marker on your map.
    If not, move around though a bit and it should show up.
    3) With the exception of the first Dead Drop, you can only collect Dead Drops
    when not on a mission. Keep that in mind.
    4) If you knock the pigeon down, but get killed before collecting the data, you
    should still be able to get it later. Return to the same area (you might have to
    wait a bit) and the pigeon should be flying around again.
    First Area of New Marais
    (because I actually don't know what the first area is called, believe it or not,
    nor do I think it's even mentioned...)
    1. This one is automatic and story related. You get it on the Story Mission
    "Lost and Found".
    2. North of the Can-Can building is the square/park, also known as the red light
    district where all the movie theaters are. This guy flies around the Plex
    theater that advertises "Uncharted Love".
    3. The northwest side of the city has a large warehouse building. If you look
    on your map, it's just north of all the green areas and the building has two
    long docks or piers jutting out near it. The Dead Drop can be found across the
    street from this area.
    4. Slightly north of the previous Dead Drop. On the northwest part of the island
    are two other buildings on the water. This pigeon flies around the streets and
    rooftops between them.
    5. Just west of the canal that separates the first area from Ascension Parish.
    You can find this one flying above some small houses near the canal. It's the
    same area you find the marker for the Story Mission "Evolution".
    6. Southern part of the city, just northwest of a large mansion. It will be
    flying above the rooftops. Near the marker for the Story Mission "Desperate
    7. Flying around near the top of the cathedral.
    8. This one can be found at the cul-de-sac just southeast of the Can-Can
    9. Southwest of the cathedral is a large plantation/mansion. This pigeon can
    be found flying circles around it.
    10. Exactly south of the expo building. You can find this one flying around
    Ascension Parish
    11. South of the graveyard, flying around some of the small houses there.
    12. Found at the park which is just outside the southeast corner of the
    graveyard. It's the one with the lion statue.
    13. On the southeast side of Ascension Parish is the water tower. You will find
    this pigeon flying right around there.
    14. East side of Ascension Parish. This one can be found flying around the
    south side of Fort Philippe.
    15. Just slightly west of the northwest corner of Ascension Parish. He is
    flying around the street just west of the fort and the bridge.
    Flood Town
    16. In the northeast part of Flood Town is the train yard. You can see it on
    your map by the way it is designed. In the northern part of the train yard you
    can find one Dead Drop pigeon flying around.
    17. Just south of the previous one. This one is in the center of the train yard,
    hugging the east side a little bit. It's flying around some of the suspended
    train and tanker cars.
    18. On your map you should see the canal that divides Flood Town and the eastern
    section of the second island, the Gas Works. Well just west of the canal is a
    small neighborhood area without any flooding. In the center of this dry, rural
    area is the last Flood Town Dead Drop.
    Gas Works
    19. Just east of the canal that divides Flood Town and the Gas Works. You can
    find this one flying around just a ways south of the helipad (look at your map).
    20. Just east of the canal that divides Flood Town and the Gas Works, there are
    some large, round fuel tanks/towers. You can see their shapes on your map. The
    pigeon is flying around the north ones.
    21. You'll find this one north of the really long dock with the boat and the
    two cranes. It will be flying around some more of those large fuel tanks.
    22. Northeast of the ice tower are two sections if you look at your map. The
    Dead Drop can be found in the larger northeast section, which is a big
    industrial area. Look for it flying around the center.
    23. In th northern part of the Gas works is a large building with a smokestack
    and a sign that says "J & I Merger Industries". The pigeon is flying around the
    roof of this building.
    24. Flying around slightly east of the ice tower
    25. Southeast of the ice tower, in a small industrial area. There are many
    towers in this area, including the tall destructible ones, and the smaller,
    wider ones with the yellow walkways. You'll find this one flying around the
    walkway towers.
    26. South of the previous one. You can find it slightly northeast of the boat
    with the single crane (not the other boat with two cranes), flying right near a
    large warehouse.
    27. Flying around the north side of the helipad which is in the southern part
    of the gas works (again, look at your map to see the big "H"). It'll be not too
    far from all the tall gas towers.
    28. In the northeast part of the Gas Works. This one is flying inside the
    alleys between all the buildings, including Zeke's rooftop where you have a 
    bunch of your late game Story Missions started. These alleys are across the
    street from the northeast B. Harper Inc building on the water.
    Swamp Blockade
    29. This is the area from the near beginning of the game, when you first entered
    New Marais. The earliest you can return here is after getting the Improved
    Static Thrusters (Story Mission "Good Gets Better").
    Once you have that, return to the first island and go to the northwest corner.
    Behind the warehouse is the boat that Cole and Kuo came in on. Jump onto the
    boat and you'll see the tower with the grind wire. Jump to it and use your
    Improved Static Thrusters to reach it. From here, you just need to retrace your
    steps back through the swamp. You will find the Dead Drop in the village where
    Cole had to make his first Good or Evil decision.
     Tips and More                [ex02]
    This section will be dedicated to pointing out a few important game tips, as
    well as some hidden extras like Easter Eggs. I'll also be adding stuff like XP
    grinding opportunities and even more.
    - Fast Travel Exploit -
    It is possible to go anywhere in the inFamous 2 world in a jiffy by taking
    advantage of this little exploit with UGC. Once you are able to access UGC, hit
    Start, then select User Generated Content. Choose to create a mission. Once you
    are in the mission create mode, move the cursor anywhere you want. You can use
    it to fly through the world. When you are at a point you wish to be, hit Start
    again and choose to exit the mission designer. Cole will pop back up right where
    you left the cursor.
    This provides you with a way to get around really quickly. It's useful for
    getting form one side of the game's islands to another, or from one to the
    other (thanks to magofox for submitting this).
    - These Easter Eggs are Not For Children -
    Far east of the cathedral is the Red Light District area of the first island.
    It's a small city square with a park surrounded by some... adult movie theaters.
    If you take the time
     Trophies                     [ex03]
    Here's a list of the available Trophies in the game. Following the list, you
    can find some tips for getting a few of the Trophies where deemed necessary.
    NOTE: There are some slight spoilers here. You may not want to read until you
    have beaten the game.
    Trophy: Behind the Curtain
    Unlocked: Collect 50% of the available Dead Drops
    Trophy: Closed Casket Affair
    Unlocked: Give Bertrand what he wants
    Trophy: A Streetcar Named 'Boom!'
    Unlocked: Complete BOOM!
    Trophy: Quid Pro Kuo
    Unlocked: Complete Leading the Charge
    Trophy: Playing Both Sides
    Unlocked: Complete Fooling the Rebels
    Trophy: Ambulance Chaser
    Unlocked: Complete Hearts and Minds Campaign
    Trophy: Status Kuo
    Unlocked: Choose Kuo in Storm the Fort
    Trophy: Get Nix'ed
    Unlocked: Choose Nix in Storm the Fort
    Trophy: Am I The Daddy?
    Unlocked: Complete Nix's New Family
    Trophy: Exposure
    Unlocked: Complete Exposing Bertrand
    Trophy: The Cleaner
    Unlocked: Complete the assassination side missions
    Trophy: Frozen Asset
    Unlocked: Complete the ice Conduit side missions
    Trophy: Dazed and Defused	
    Unlocked: Take down the Blast Shard Bomber
    Trophy: Back to the Bayou
    Unlocked: Return to the swamp blockade
    Trophy: Mountaineer
    Unlocked: Climb to the top of the 3 tallest buildings in New Marais
    Trophy: Extreme Makeover
    Unlocked: Destroy 30 verandas or other large objects
    Trophy: Watch That First Step
    Unlocked: Defeat an enemy by destroying the object they stand on
    Trophy: Finish What You Started
    Unlocked: Perform 100 finishers or ultra melee combos
    Trophy: Knockout in the Blackout
    Unlocked: Defeat 50 enemies in powered down areas while no missions are active
    Trophy: Go Long!
    Unlocked: Hurl 50 objects using the Kinetic Pulse ability
    Trophy: Cole' Blooded
    Unlocked: Defeat 100 civilians
    Trophy: Army Of Me
    Unlocked: Defeat 300 enemies
    Trophy: Hero to the People
    Unlocked: Stop 80 crimes in progress
    Trophy: Nothing Can Bring Me Down
    Unlocked: Stay off the ground for 130 meters
    Trophy: Return to Sender
    Unlocked: Send a Helicopter's rockets back at it using any Blast ability
    Trophy: Vehicular Manslaughter
    Unlocked: Defeat 25 enemies by throwing cars at them
    Trophy: Take Them For A Spin
    Unlocked: Hit at least 6 cars in a single Ionic Vortex
    Trophy: Shock and Awe
    Unlocked: Thunder drop into a group of 5 or more enemies
    Trophy: Thunder Flop
    Unlocked: Thunder drop from the highest place in New Marais
    Trophy: Head Hunter
    Unlocked: Use the Precision ability to rack up three head shots in rapid
    Trophy: Discerning Taste
    Unlocked: Take down a street performer who is imitating a statue
    Trophy: I'm As Shocked As You Are
    Unlocked: Defeat an enemy or civilian by stepping in water
    Trophy: Don't Fence Me In
    Unlocked: Climb a chain link fence and rejoice
    Trophy: Express Elevator
    Unlocked: Ascend 50 vertical launch poles
    Trophy: Heavy Hitter
    Unlocked: Use your Ionic Powers 30 times
    Trophy: Matching Set
    Unlocked: Unlock and purchase a power of each type by performing stunts
    Trophy: Level Up
    Unlocked: Create a new mission using the UGC level editor
    Trophy: UGC Curious
    Unlocked: Play 10 user-generated missions
    Trophy: UGC Veteran
    Unlocked: Play 25 user-generated missions
    Trophy: Trail Blazer
    Unlocked: Play 5 user-generated missions under the Newest filter
    Trophy: With Great Power Comes Greater Power
    Unlocked: Unlock and purchase all powers
    Trophy: Shardcore
    Unlocked: Pick up 50% of blast shards scattered around New Marais
    Trophy: Fight the Good Fight
    Unlocked: Unlock the good ending
    Trophy: Forging Your Own Path
    Unlocked: Unlock the evil ending
    Trophy: Land Lord
    Unlocked: Take over the first island in New Marais
    Trophy: It's My Town, Now
    Unlocked: Take over the second island in New Marais
    Trophy: Well inFORMED
    Unlocked: Collect all Dead drops
    Trophy: Arch Villain
    Unlocked: Earn full negative Karma
    Trophy: Incorruptible
    Unlocked: Earn full positive Karma
    Trophy: Pain Builds Character
    Unlocked: Finish the game on hard difficulty
    Trophy: Just One More
    Unlocked: Pick up all the blast shards scattered around New Marais
    Trophy: inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy
    Unlocked: Collect all other inFAMOUS 2 Trophies
    Various tips and strategies for getting some of the possibly more difficult
    - Return to the Bayou -
    You have to go back to the same place you started after the opening boss fight
    and the cutscenes. If you look at your map, you can see to the northwest of the
    first island, there is several patches of land. That's where you started in
    New Marais. To return, you'll need the Improved Static Thrusters which you will
    not get until the Story Mission "Good Gets Better".
    Once you have the Improved Static Thrusters, return to the northwest part of
    the first island and find the boat docked behind the building. Stand on it and
    jump and use the thrusters to reach the tower in the water. Climb to the grind
    wire and take this path all the way back to about the halfway point and you'll
    get this Trophy.
    - Mountaineer -
    The three tallest buildings are the clock tower and cathedral on the first
    island, and the Vermaak ice tower on the second island. The clock tower you
    will have to climb to collect a Dead Drop in the Story Mission, "Lost and
    Found". Climb to the very top of this for it to count. For the cathedral, it has
    two towers that are equal height. Climb either one to the very top.
    When you unlock the second island, you can get this immediately or wait til you
    turn on the power for the eastern side, called the Gas Works, where the ice
    tower is. It's probably better to wait til you turn the power on since it'll
    be easier to survive. Climb this tower to the top of the antenna for it to
    - Knockout in the Blackout -
    Two things to keep in mind for this Trophy. Your kills will carry over from
    one playthrough to the next and kills will also carry over when you die. You
    have to kill enemies in powered down areas of New Marais, 50 in total. The
    first powered down area available will be Ascension Parish, the eastern part of
    the first island. Just walk in there and find enemies (there will be many) and
    start killing them. Energy sources are extremely limited, usually only coming
    from cars and sometimes small lights, so this can be tough.
    After you get access to the second island, you can also do this in the Gas
    Works, the eastern part of the second island.
    - Thunder Flop - 
    The ice tower in the Gas Works of the second island is the tallest structure in
    the game. Climb this when you have turned the power on there (or before if you
    want to take the risk) and get to the very top. Thunder Drop off of it, making
    sure you hit the ground.
    - With Great Power Comes Greater Power -
    All you have to do is purchase all the available powers for the KARMA you pick.
    You don't have to purchase powers for the opposite side. Doing all of the Side
    Missions will be extremely helpful for this. Other tips are to incorporate as
    many stunts as you can in combat. Use Graviton Blast a lot and hit enemies in
    the air for a stunt. Use your Ionic Powers often to get multi-kill stunts, and
    so on. Also, participate in as many random events and collect as many Dead Drops
    and Blast Shards as you can. I got the last power I needed for this at the very
    end of the game. If you still need more XP, you can play UGC missions.
                                  |     INFAMOUS 2     |
               | Section VI | Miscellaneous |                      [bc00] |
    Frequently Asked Questions
    1) What kind of data is imported from Infamous 1 into Infamous 2? I lost my save
    data for the first game!
    A) It's Trophy Data. Let me make that clear... TROPHY DATA. You don't need your
    save file, trust me.
    2) Is there a bonus to import from inFamous 1 for collecting ALL of the Blast
    A) No, apparently not.
    3) So I beat the first game as both Good and Evil. Which one gets imported into
    my inFamous 2 game?
    A) You get to choose how you want to start the game, Good or Evil, thus picking
    which boost you want.
    4) I'm worried I missed something important, because I'm pretty far in and I
    still don't have the Megawatt Hammer power!
    A) I thought a similar thing playing the game but worry not. You'll get it
    5) I'm still missing a power under the Misc. section. What is it?
    A) It's the Lightning Tether. You'll get it eventually.
    6) I'm missing just one piece of territory but there's no mission marker!
    A) It's most likely a Hidden Package/Convoy mission. Look for enemies in the
    are and defeat them. Also look for Abductions or Muggings. If nothing shows up,
    go far away from the area and come back.
    7) Do Blast Shards obtained from random Karma events count toward the overall
    total for the Trophies?
    A) No. They will count toward new Battery Cores, but not for the overall total.
    8) Why on Earth is Cole's voice different? Rage rage rage rage rage....
    A) I refuse to answer this question, just based on the principle that people
    complain way too much.
    9) Do UGC missions give me XP and Karma?
    A) Yes, you can get XP and Karma boosts from the UGC missions. However I think
    it only works once per unique mission.
    10) Can I equip a weapon skin and the Kessler/Reaper skin together?
    A) They all count as the same kind of skin so equipping one is like taking off
    the other. So the short answer is no.
    11) So you're back. What's next?
    A) Well good question. Here's a list of my tentatively planned guides for 2011:
       -Batman: Arkham City
       -Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
       -Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    Contact Info
    Before e-mailing me, I kindly ask that you please, please, please read all of
    the information here for certain stipulations and small rules I have. Do that
    and we'll be bestest friends... not really.
    I welcome any questions for the game. Just make sure you didn't fly past the
    FAQ section before you got here. Please read that first. If your question isn't
    answered, or you need additional info, feel free to ask me.
    If you're submitting a tip or strategy, I have just one special rule. In your
    mail, provide a screen name or alias you use. I do not publish people's real
    names or e-mail addresses, so please give me a name to credit you. If you don't,
    I will try to reply back for one. If you don't get back to me, your tip is
    going into the trash. I think this is an extremely fair rule.
    I can't guarantee I'll use every tip or strategy submitted to me. I will judge
    and weigh each tip and decide what is most useful to be included. Do not be
    discouraged, because I don't often turn down submissions. You can help yourself
    a lot though by doing the following: being specific with lots of details, and
    explain how/why this tip or strategy is helpful. Finally, I do accept typo fixes
    but I do not usually credit for these.
    Last but not least, PLEASE, if you e-mail me anything, a question or tip, please
    have a clear and identifiable subject header. Try to get right to the point and
    include what game you're e-mailing me about so I know. So if you are e-mailing
    about this game try to include the "2" in there next to inFamous, so I know
    you're e-mailing me about inFamous 2 and not the first one.
    E-mail: veritas7ax[AT]gmail[DOT]com
    Credits/Special Thanks
    -Sucker Punch! for making another game in a series that is quietly becoming one
    of my all time favorites. Keep up the good work!
    -My friends for their support
    -Rugal Vice for the info on the Sniper Blast DLC power
    Legal Jive
    This guide is solely my own creation and is my copyrighted work. Please do not
    steal it and try to pass it off as your own. Do not take it and post it on your
    site without permission. E-mail me asking for permission but do so being fully
    aware that you can be EASILY shot down. I do not pimp these things out. If you
    are already pre-approved, you do not need to e-mail me asking again. The
    following sites have permission:
    That's all from me. So... will we see inFamous 3? Well, I'm certainly... amped!
    (bad pun count: 12) Whoops, that one slipped. Well, good night everyone!

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