Redeem codes and items?

  1. How do i really redeem my code? i put it in and and downloaded the house of valor. but idk what that does... and also it says when i redeem the codes i get to unlock some N-7 mass effect armor for in-game play reckoning but i didn't get that either. So am i doing anything wrong? cuz i didnt get anything....

    User Info: iKnowlittle

    iKnowlittle - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. For the items, you can find them in the special delivery chest in the first village. Same goes for the Twists of Destiny.

    For the house of valor, they are a series of missions related to a faction. You have to progress in the game and find that faction to do those missions.

    User Info: Amaranth_Silver

    Amaranth_Silver - 5 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. When I first put the codes in the items weren't there on the initial load of that game. I had to back out to the console menu and then start the game again. Then when I went back to Gorhart all of the items were in the chest. I also got all of the DLC and that time the items were in the chest on the first shot.

    I was also confused about the house of valor because when you enter the code and load the game, you aren't given any indication that you did it correctly. I just made my way through the game and found it the faction. I made sure i was a lil ways leveled before i did it just to be safe. It is a pretty basic set quest and you get some pretty decent items.

    I also made sure on the games actual site (in the FAQ's) that all DLC items are loaded to each new character and they are. I highly recommend the new DLC's but use them after you are a bit leveled.

    User Info: Samael119

    Samael119 - 5 years ago 0 0

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