Finesse/Sorcery build - Am I doing it wrong?

  1. I've made my first character on hard difficulty, and he's a (currently) lvl 20 mix of finesse and sorcery. My primary weapon alternates between whatever is the better weapon I find/craft between daggers and faeblades, and my secondary is chakrams. The tutorial level discouraged me to use bows ever, until I discovered investing in bow skills gave you larger quivers.

    Still, I wouldn't know which weapon to replace with bow since I find all 3 weapon types freaking awesome, so I still haven't started investing in bow skills.

    Most of the time, I'm not having too much trouble, but 4/5 times whenever there's a boss or orange-named monster I simply need to have Fateshift ready to be activated. Yet, my brother plays pure sorcery, on hard as well, and he says he's not having any difficulty at all. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Darkunov - 5 years ago
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    Thank you both of you.

    @TheAntiZealot so what you're basically saying with your tactic is to use Finesse's abilities before Corcery's, and almost no weapon attacks except the stealth backstab?

    What I'm doing is basically try to stealth kill as much people as possible, then teleport through as much people as possible (I have the warlock's poison-blink). Next I fight with either weapon seems appropriate (most likely dagger/faeblades if I know I can easily dodge/block their attacks, chakrams otherwise) with sorcery's sustained shield perma-activated, and sometimes use Ice blast on far away targets or the fan-of-knives spell from Finesse (it's the first active ability you get I believe) whenever a lot of enemies are in front of me.

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    Darkunov - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Some people like bows + chakrams
    Others like bows + staves
    Some like daggers + chakrams
    Still others like Faeblades + chakrams

    Bows become good with Scatter Shot in Finesse. Daggers benefit from crit damage bonus, crit chance increase, and they also have an auto crit delayed attack (with proper timing). Daggers are single target, Faeblades are close-range aoe, Chakrams and staves are medium range aoe/cone. Bows start off single target then become multi-target and with Scattershot your bow becomes a shotgun (cone with decreasing damage the further a target is away from you).

    If you have frost traps consider dropping 3-4 before an encounter, then stealth attack. Attack as you back away to your trap, stand on it. When the large enemy charges you, blink behind him and pelt him with spells as the trap stuns him. Drop another trap or move to the next one as he recovers and repeat.

    If you're using daggers try to auto-crit trolls in the chest, it brings them to their knees. Bleeding increases your physical damage dealt, poison lowers their damage dealt (assuming physical), and fire spells/damage can allow you to auto-crit all abilities with finesse/sorcery destiny.

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Other Answers

  1. Mixed characters are hard to use at low lvls. i would suggest sticking to one or the other until ur a higher lvl then respec to mix. btw bows are amazing.

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