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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shadowdoom1998

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 10/20/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                          SAW 2 FLESH AND BLOOD
    This is my first walkthrough so please don't complain. Saw is my favorite
    Franchise so it seemed fitting to write a walkthrough for it. Anyway, read
    Ahead for other information. Also if you have any questions or information
    That I may have missed for any part that has been submitted, please e-mail
    Me at cameronis@shaw.ca and you will be acknowledged in this FAQ if I use
    The information that you gave me.
    Table of contents
    |1. Version info. |
    |2. Move list|
    |3. Tips|
    |4. Walkthrough|
    |4.1. Campbell|
    |4.2.1. David Tapp|
    |4.2.2. Henry|
    |4.3. Sarah|
    |4.4. Joseph|
    |4.5. Carla|
    |4.6. Solomon|
    |4.7. Michael|
    |4.8. Path Of Flesh|
    |4.9. Path Of Blood|
    |5. FAQs|
    |6. Trophy Information|
    |7. Credits|
    1. Version info.
    1.0.	Campbell level complete
    2.0.	David Tapp level complete
    2.1.	Henry level started
    2. Move list.
    Walk = left control stick
    Run = left control stick + R1
    Look around = right control stick.
    Hypo = hold L1
    Attack = square when prompt appears.
    Action = x o [] or /_\  depending on situation.
    Turn on light = /_\
    _____________3. Tips
    4. Walkthrough
    4.1 Campbell.
    You will begin the game by waking up in the death mask / Venus flytrap.
    After the cut scene, rapidly press the button shown on the TV’s behind
    You to get the scalpel to Campbell’s eye. Move the left control stick to
    The right until Campbell is shown in severe pain. Keep doing this until
    You cut the last stitch. Campbell will then pull the key out from behind
    His eye and remove the trap. You will then earn the trophy "would you like
    To play a game?”
    Walk forward and turn left into the lit room. Walk to the first aid box
    And press X to open it and get a health hypo. Use it. You lost a bit of
    Health trying to get the key. Head to the big metal door. If you cannot
    There is a puzzle beside the door. You don't know the combination so don't
    Try it yet. Turn to the right and look in the mirror there will be a small
    Cut scene go closer to the mirror and press X. the mark on your chest is
    The combination to the door. Match up the symbol to unlock the door. The
    Big arrow on the puzzle goes directly left onto the red bar. If you complete
    The puzzle fast enough, you will get the trophy "Tumbler". Go up the stairs
    To get the flashlight. Turn it on. There are trap experiments that you
    Can interact with some will play a clip of the scene you get if you fail
    The trap in the first game.
    There is a white board beside the reverse bear trap that says, " you can
    See but do you understand Campbell?" shine your light on it for a few seconds
    Then shut your flashlight off to get the code (573). Go to the door on
    The right and use the code on the padlock.
    In the next room, stand still and look for an indent in the ground. Walk,
    Don’t run across it. Get ready to push a button to jump before it falls.
    If you run and you push the button it says in time you will have to rapidly
    Push the button the game says to climb on to a wooden plank before it breaks.
    Grab the pipe on the table and break the wall down by pressing square beside
    It and tapping the button it says rapidly. Go forward to see someone get
    Impaled by a swinging pendulum. Follow the path until you get to a broken
    Fence. Press X to crouch and pres L2 and R2 until you get past. Keep
    Following the path and turn right when you can. Near the end of the path
    Will be a hole in the wall on the left. Go through the same way you went
    Through the broken fence. Open the first aid box to get another health
    Hypo and a nail. Save your game with the old tape recorder. Find the puzzle
    Piece near the door to get the trophy "Start With The Corners". Pick the
    Lock to get the trophy "smooth criminal" and go to the other door.
    Be careful watch and push the buttons that appear on the weight. Continue
    Until you reach a hallway with a smashed up ceiling. You will be prompted
    To press a button. Push it to avoid the collapsing ceiling. Go through
    The door and push the button near the elevator. Dodge the man and push
    The elevator button to open it back up stand in front of it and dodge him
    Again. He should fall down the shaft. You will earn the trophy "Battering
    Go through the door opposite where you entered this area. Go through the
    Next door and open the first aid boxes to your left. Go back to the door.
    Go straight and go through the door to the left. The room should be red.
    If it is not, you went the wrong way. Turn on the light and open the filing
    Cabinet to get a coupler. Look at the hour hand on the clock. It is a 4.
    Leave the room and go into the room right in front of you. Turn the light
    On. You should be in a green room. Look at the hour hand in this room.
    It is a 9. There is a gate covered in barbed wire. There should be a Billy
    Puppet in a chair. The room that the Billy puppet is in is blue. Look at
    The hour hand on the clock. It is a 3. Leave the room and go back to the
    First door in this area. Go right and enter the door on the right. Save
    Your game with the old tape recorder. Go across to the circuit box and
    Press X. yellow cannot connect to yellow and red cannot connect to red.
    Make the lights turn green. If you complete it fast enough you will get
    The trophy "Electrician". The door should open. There is a door to the
    Left. The code from top to bottom is 943. Take the Billy puppet to get
    The trophy "Paper Mache" and a message from Jigsaw.
    Leave the room and push the barricade forward until you reach the wooden
    Plank. Push forward on the left control stick and rapidly tap X until you
    Make it across. Push it forward onto the switch to unlock the door. Go
    Through the door. On the box is a case file, pick it up to get the trophy
    "A Little Background". Go through the door. Go to the right and press the
    Button on the wall. Go through the door and listen to jigsaw's message.
    Go through the other door and follow the path. Either make it across the
    Plank and crawl underneath the collapsing ceiling or just die here. Your
    Choice will affect the outcome of the game. Whatever you choose will end
    The level and auto save the game.
    4.2.1. David Tapp.
    You begin in an apartment looking out a window in first person view. Turn
    Around and go into the living room. Listen to everybody in here and then
    Leave the apartment. Go right to see a cut scene with Sarah talking to
    You. Keep following the hallway until you get to a mirror. You will then
    See Michael Tapp's face. You will automatically switch to third person
    View again. Go down the stairs to your right and go through the door to
    Be captured by Pighead 2. That’s it for this chapter. The game will auto
    4.2.2. Henry.
    You will wake up as Michael Tapp in a cage with a floor covered in broken
    Glass. When you get control of Michael, press X to start pushing the cage.
    Don’t worry; it is impossible to beat Solomon. He has shoes. Rapidly press
    X. When you escape from the cage, go forward. Go to the left to get a health
    Hypo from the first aid box. Go in front of your cage so you are facing
    The broken window. Go right and move the barricade. Squeeze through the
    Hole in the wall and move forward. To your left should be a swinging light.
    Go underneath it and look to the left. You should see a small peephole.
    Look through it by pressing X. In red paint is written, “Prove you deserve
    A SecOnd chaNce”. Put the underlined letters together to make the word
    SON. Turn around and turn off the light. Turn around again to see how SON
    Would be translated into numbers. It is 732. Enter that in the padlock
    On the door. Turn on the light first to make it easier to see. Go through
    The door. If you want your hopes to quickly escape crushed, open the door
    On the right underneath the exit sign. It will NOT kill you. It WILL kill
    Any hope of a quick escape. Open the door at the end of the hallway. Be
    Careful. It is a trap door. Oh wow, a shotgun. That’s new (sarcasm). Go
    Around the pillar so you don’t step on broken glass. Push the button next
    To the elevator. GRAB THE CRUTCH!!! Push the broken buttons inside the
    Elevator. I am actually amazed that it still works. This building has been
    Abandoned for years. When you reach the top, a message from Jigsaw will
    Play on a small TV. Get ready to fight. Dodge the attacks until he smashes
    The ground, go over to him and press square. Push the three button prompts
    To kill him and lose your crutch. Don’t worry, you can take the nail bat
    That he tried to kill you with. Search him for items. You will get a fuse.
    Go through the door that he came out of. Go up the stairs and put the fuse
    In the power box. Turn around and check the nightstand to get a health
    Hypo. Go back downstairs and through the now opened door. Walk through
    The hole in the wall. Save the man in the next room for two reasons, 1
    You get the trophy compassion for saving someone you didn’t have to, and
    2 you get a puzzle piece. You save him by switching the numbers so that
    They go lowest to highest from left to right. The timer will stop when
    He opens the door. Go right and press X by the door. The code is 3054.
    Go through the door and to the left. Crawl through the path and listen
    To the tape recorder to find out why he is here. I think he deserved to
    Die but we need him alive. Enter the room that he went into and drop down
    From there. Enter the next room, which is a bathroom, and collect the puzzle
    Piece. Unbolt the door and go into the next room. If you still have the
    Nail bat, you are about to use it and break it. An enemy will run at you
    With a baseball bat. Kill him and search him for items. On the dresser
    Is a case file. Collect that and continue down the hallway.
    Be careful of the collapsing floor. Once you pass the collapsing floor, there
    will be a metal door. Go past it and there should be a door on either side of
    you. The one on your right should be on the ground inside a room. Peek into the
    door on your left. Enter the code in the keypad. (8120) And enter the room. You
    can’t get the weapon yet. Continue down the hall and peek into the room on the
    right. Enter the code in the keypad. (6438). Enter the room to get a puzzle
    piece. Leave the room and peek through the other door. Be Careful. This is the
    Magnum Eye Hole from SAW 2. Push the button that the game says and peek again.
    Enter the code in the keypad. (5430). Enter the room and interact with the
    minigame. You have to be quick. If you are quick enough, your will get a
    trophy.  Believe it is Gear Grinder. Anyway you have about 15 seconds before
    you lose the trophy. You have to align the gears so that the gear that is
    moving makes the grey gear tat is not moving move. You cannot move the grey
    gears. After you complete the puzzle, you will get a key. Go farther into the
    room to find two cabinets. Open them both to find a handmade lockpick. Go back
    to the room with the weapons case. Interact with it. Now you have to turn the
    gears to clear a path. If you complete it without hitting a gear, you get
    another trophy. Take the nailbat if you want. Go back to the metal door and
    unlock it with the key that you got a moment ago.

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