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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Paltheos

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     /--\   |   | (_) | | | | _> (/_        F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H
              _                             Paltheos(@gmail.com) / Brian Lundin
     | | ._ _|_ _  ._ _   _ _|_ _|_  _  ._  Version 0.15 9/9/11  2011
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    Introduction {INT}
     This Guide {THG}
     What's New {WNW}
    Getting Started {GTS}
     Controls {CTR}
     How to Play {HTP}
    Walkthrough {WLK}
     Episode 1: Rebels of Hades {W10}
      o Basic Controls {W11}
      o Special Skill & DEF {W12}
      o Lift & Throw {W13}
      o Geo Effects {W14}
      o Reincarnation Site {W15}
      o Prinselytise Room {W16}
      o Albatross Collar {W17}
      o Disaster First {W18}
     Episode 2: Prinny Wars {W20}
      o Chain {W21}
      o Tumble {W22}
      o Practice {W23}
      o Rotten Sickbed {W24}
      o Hypha Invasion {W25}
      o Forest of Corpses {W26}
    Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ}
    Version History {VER}
    Legal Information {LGL}
    Closing {CLS}
    :                             Introduction {INT}                            :
    This Guide {THG}
    Hi, I'm Paltheos, and this here is my walkthrough for Disgaea 4! I haven't
    yet decided on the scope of this guide, but I'd like it to cover a wide range
    of material. At the moment it's big 'work in progress'. Please be patient as
    I complete the main game. =) If you find that I've missed something and would
    like to contribute, please email me at Paltheos@gmail.com. Thanks, and I hope
    you enjoy your time with Disgaea 4.
    What's New {WNW}
    Disgaea 4 brings a fair number of changes to the field. It's the first game
    in the series to use HD Sprites. You can make custom maps and pirate ships
    now and change the colors main characters. Item Worlds now have branching
    paths; more bonuses are available in party management. You can wield two
    Magichange weapons at once, and you can create Giant Monsters by merging two
    smaller monsters together (and magichange them too). If you're new to the
    series and don't know what I'm talking, don't worry. You can learn all you
    need by reading on... eventually. It's still a WIP.
    :                           Getting Started {GTS}                           :
    Controls {CTR}
                  Base / Menu                        Combat
    Square        (Hold+L1/R1) Toggle view           (Hold+L1/R1) Toggle view
    X             Talk / Open Chest / Select (Menu)  Select
    Triangle      Pull up Menu                       Pull up Menu
    Circle        Jump / Cancel (Menu)               Cancel
    L1            Turn view counterclockwise         Turn view counterclockwise
    R1            Turn view clockwise                Turn view clockwise
    L2                                               Toggle between Allies
    R2                                               Toggle between Enemies
    How to Play {HTP}
    Disgaea 4 is a grid-based tactical RPGs. You dispatch a team of a fighters to
    take on an opposing enemy group. The goal, usually, is to kill all the
    enemies. I'll fill in this section later. The game walks you through most of
    the basics though, and you can learn allot more from the Help menu and by
    talking to NPCs in your base. Eventually I'll put all the information
    together in one place.
    :                             Walkthrough {WLK}                             :
    A few notes:
    There are some assumptions I'm making in this guide. First, that you are
    regularly checking with shops and upgrading your equipment and skills and
    improving your party. The method I'm using (and have used) for equipment is
    purchasing some strong gear for my best units and giving the rest of the team
    hand-me-downs and whatever I find in chests or receive as bonuses.
    Second, that you begin to understand the game and the meaning behind the
    strategies employed in this guide as you progress through the game. This puts
    a burden on you the reader if you should start reading in media res and your
    methodology differs from mine. But worry not! Most people (apparently) tackle
    the game in a similar fashion. Most of the things I do aren't
    counterintuitive and I won't stop saying what you should do. I just might not
    say why you should do it because I expect you to know.
    And third: My strategies don't assume power leveling. I may suggest a little
    grind, but nothing too burdensome.
    And now an explanation. In my suggestions and descriptions for stages:
    "Recommended Level" means an average. Units in parentheses are neutral NPCs
    and units in square brackets friendly NPCs. Names in curly brackets signify a
    unique name for that unit, independent of their class title.
    Okay! With *that* out of the way, on with the show.
    Episode 1: Rebels of Hades {W10}
    After the opening cutscene, you're given a pack of party members:
     Valvatorez, the Prinny Instructor, and our hero. Valvatorez leans heavily
    toward physical offense and defense. He has high SP for unleashing plenty
    of special attacks, and his Evility (passive ability) increases his
    strength as the number of defeated enemies on the field rises.
     Fenrich, his Steward. Fenrich is a speedster. He's also a physically based
    character but focuses much more on SPD than his master. Being a good servant,
    when Fenrich stands next to Valvatorez in battle, his own stats rise
    significantly to aid him.
     A generic Fighter unit. Dishing out hits and takin' 'em are what he excels
    at. He's strongest in the thick of battle as his stats rise significantly
    the more enemies that surround him.
     A generic Red Skull unit. Attacks from a distance with potent Fire damage.
    His Evility boosts that damage too, at the cost of using more SP. As you might
    have guessed, he's super frail. He can dodge some attacks, but you want to
    keep him in the back ranks.
     A generic Healer unit. She... heals you! Her Evility raises the
    effectiveness of her healing spells by the number of adjacent units are next
    to the target. She's not as frail as the Red Skull - She needs to get a little
    closer to keep your front line fighters in tip-top shape - But don't leave
    her exposed if you don't have to. She's pretty important!
     A generic Catsaber unit. He's a monster-type unit and a straight up
    attacker. His stats aren't very good, but his Evility halves all the damage
    he takes from *other* monsters.
     Two Pvt. Prinnies. Prinnies aren't very strong... They're not useless,
    though! They're good cannon fodder, plus they explode when thrown, causing
    damage to all nearby units. Don't underestimate them, dood.
    After that cutscene, you're left in your base. There's not much to do here at
    the moment. Most of the NPCs who sell items or offer other services, the ones
    marked with icons above their heads, are setting up shop. You can talk to the
    other NPCs though. The Weapon Master in particular has very helpful
    information for you newbies. You can also collect treasure chests strewn
    about the base. There are three in total:
    1) Behind the message board.
    2) In the center square at the bottom of the lavafall.
    3) In the prison next to the Cockatrice Convict. Turn your camera if you
    can't see it.
    Such treasure chests appear every chapter. They all contain random items of
    Rank corresponding to the point in the game you're in, and they're all of
    Common Rarity. More on that later.
    Once you've done that, talk to the only NPC who isn't setting up the shop,
    the twirly haired girl by a portal, the Dimension Guide. Here you can select
    from the available maps to play on and advance the story. There's only one
    map available right now, so open it and press X to begin.
    This one's the first of a series of tutorials. If you'd like to skip the
    demonstration or, throughout the rest of the game, any pre-battle cutscenes,
    press Triangle instead.
    Basic Controls {W11}
    Recommended Level: 1
    Lv. 1 Pvt. Prinny x4
    Nice and easy. Sick your strongest attackers in for a team attack on one of
    the frontline Prinnies. Then recall the ones that didn't actually act and set
    them up to take out the other and end your turn.
    The two remaining Prinnies won't do any real damage and will probably lose
    most of their health from counters. Finish them off in the next turn.
    Good news! The General Store, Weapon Shop, and Armor Shop are now open for
    business. You don't really have much money right now, but you're free to
    check 'em out. The Infirmary's also open. Go there to heal your wounds and
    maybe pick up a prize, from time to time. ;) Once you're ready, head back
    to the Dimension Guide and continue the tutorial.
    Special Skill & DEF {W12}
    Recommended Level: 2
    Lv. 1 Fighter
    Lv. 1 Pvt. Prinny x2
    Ignore Valvatorez's advice about Defending here and charge straight at the
    Fighter. If you haven't changed anyone's equipment (I'm mainly referring to
    the Fenrich's Slippers and the Healer's Makeshift Bow), you can easily defeat
    the Fighter on the first turn. Put Fenrich in front of him, Valvarotrez
    behind Fenrich, and the Healer behind Valvatorez. Set the Healer to attack
    first, then Fenrich, and finally set Valvatorez to attack with Impaler
    Prince. Then execute.
    Now move the rest of your team out as far as you can to intercept the
    Prinnies and end your turn. The Prinnies will do diddly damage, and you can
    finish them however you wish next turn. I recommend finishing one with the
    Red Skull's Fire spell and the other with an attack from one of your
    frontline fighters who hasn't pulled in a kill yet.
    Good news again! The Evility Shop is now open! You should have enough Mana on
    some characters to learn a few rudimentary Skills (and maybe an Evility). I
    recommend the weapon-based skills for physical fighters - Blade Rush for
    Valvatorez, Triple Strike for Fenrich, and Boulder Crush for the Fighter.
    Once you're done, head back to the Dimension Guide for another tutorial
    Lift & Throw {W13}
    Recommended Level: 2
    Lv. 2 Petite Orc
    Lv. 2 Pvt. Prinny x2
    Don't go for the orc immediately. Take out the two Prinnies first. Move the
    Healer and Red Skull toward the Prinny on the right. Set her to attack and
    him to cast Fire on him. Now move Valvatorez, Fenrich, and the Fighter over
    to the other Prinny for Team Attacks and a Combo.
    Once the Prinnies are gone, follow Valvatorez's example in the tutorial.
    Have a party member pick up a box and toss it in line with the short stack
    in front of the orc. Then send another ally to over to the box and throw
    someone up to the orc, preferably someone you don't care about taking part in
    fighting him. If most of your allies can still act, throw the orc down
    immediately. If not, end your turn now and throw him down next turn and then
    mop him up with the rest of your team.
    Geo Effects {W14}
    Recommended Level: 3
    Lv. 4 Petite Orc
    Lv. 2 Pvt. Prinny x4
    (Lv. 1 Green Geo Block: Change Green) x1
    (Lv. 1 Blue Geo Block: Enemy Boost +50%) x1
    (Lv. 1 Red Geo Block: Enemy Boost +50%) x1
    (Lv. 1 Null Geo Block: Enemy Boost +50%) x1
    Geo Panels:
    Blue -  Enemy Boost +50%
    Green - Enemy Boost +50%
    Red -   Enemy Boost +50%
    Valvatorez's isn't joking about this map. It's set up perfectly for a quick
    and easy clear. Send one ally to pick up the green Geo Block and toss it onto
    the blue panels and have another destroy it. The resulting Geo Chain will
    destroy everything on the panels except for the orc, which will barely
    survive. Send a couple allies over to him to finish him off.
    You get a significantly clear bonus for this stage - The Bonus gauge is at
    least at level 8 - So be sure to check it before you defeat the orc for any
    EXP+ bonuses and bring out the rest of your team if need be.
    That finishes the tutorial. You can't revisit any of them except for a less
    convenient (not a give away) variant on the last one. You can find it in
    under Ep. 1 as "Rehabiliation Room". Now onto the *real* game.
    Reincarnation Site {W15}
    Recommended Level: 3
    Lv. 3 Warden of Hades x1 {Axel}
    Lv. 3 Evil Ranger x1 {Pink}
    Lv. 3 Masked Hero x3
    There's a trick to this battle. The Masked Heros only attack when you aggro
    them, but Axel and Pink charge after your second turn. The Masked Heros are
    not far from the Base Panel so it's not difficult to aggro them if you try
    mobilizing your whole party, and you don't want to fight all the enemies
    On your first turn, aggro the front Masked Hero only and deal with him. That
    should free you enough space to fight Axel and Pink without bringing in the
    other two enemies. Bring out the Red Skull and cast Fire on the Masked Hero.
    With the MH's high SPD, it's likely that a frontal attack won't work. That's
    fine. After you're done, move your attacker behind the Base Panel and end
    your turn.
    The Masked Hero will move to attack. He won't kill, so there's no problem.
    Put your physical fighter with the highest hit next to the MH and the
    strongest one behind him, set up a big team attack, and execute. The MH
    should be dead. Now bring out your Healer and start healing, giving
    preference to your frontline fighters. End your turn.
    Axel and Pink start charging. Don't attack. Wait one more turn. In the
    meantime, put your Healer on the lone wooden box in the corner, along with
    anyone else that may need healing and deal with that. If your Red Skull's
    still out, put him back in the Base Panel and then bring him out to snipe
    Axel with a Fire spell, then move him to the corner. Now put anyone else
    still out back in the Base Panel and end your turn.
    Axel and Pink get closer. Now's your time to attack - Focus all your power
    on Axel, who's the more dangerous of the two. Arrange your men like so:
    (blank)    | Catsaber  | (blank)
    Prinny     | Fighter   | Prinny
    (blank)    | *Axel*    | *Pink*
    Valvatorez | Feinrich  |
    Red Skull  | Healer    |
    And let loose. Set your weakest attackers first. Healer -> Fighter -> Red
    Skull (Fire) -> Feinrich -> Valvatorez (Impaler Prince) works fine. He won't
    be finished by this series of attacks, but the counters afterwards should
    bring him down.
    With Axel down, the rest of the battle should be a cinch. Move the Fighter to
    the spot in front of Valvatorez before you end your turn to lure Pink into
    the same spot Axel was in and then deal with him the same way. After you
    defeat Pink, heal, aggro the two Masked Heros and defeat them however you
    Cam-pain HQ is now open. Talk to Pleinair whenever you want to go there.
    She's your Cam-pain Manager in this game. =) The Data Shop is also open now;
    you can view your game records there.
    If you've redeemed your code for the Fallen Angel Flonne DLC, she's also
    available now. She's an offensively geared character, favoring bows and guns,
    but you can slap a staff on her too to work her as a support character - She
    learns healing spells and her innate Evility doubles the effect of healing
    magic on your allies. Cool.
    Prinselytise Room {W16}
    Recommended Level: 4
    Lv. 5 Abbaddon x2
    Lv. 4 Catsaber x3
    [Lv. 3 Warden Of Hades {Axel}]
    [Lv. 3 Evil Ranger {Pink}]
    (Lv. 4 Blue Geo Block: EXP +50%)
    (Lv. 4 Purple Geo Block: EXP +50%)
    (Lv. 4 Red Geo Block: EXP +50%)
    (Lv. 4 Yellow Geo Block: DEF +50%)
    (Lv. 4 Treasure Chest) x2
    Geo Panels:
    Green - Defense +50%
    This map's made easier by the DEF boost on the main floor and friendly NPCs,
    Axel and Pink, who are now on your side. Bring out your whole team. Send one
    over to the Purple EXP +50% Block and toss into the green panels, move the
    rest toward the Catsaber closest to the Base Panel and take him out before
    ending your turn.
    How things go depends on how Axel and Pink respond. They're here pretty as
    much as bait, since their survival is not critical to the mission and since
    they're not strong enough to do much of anything on their own, but the
    enemies may move into more or less favorable positions depending on how they
    attack. When your turn comes up, try to take out both Catsabers however you
    can. Once they're down, the Abbaddons won't pose much a threat by themselves.
    Move the Red EXP +50% Block onto the Green Panels as well before you finish
    them off and toss someone up to upper level for those two treasure chests and
    the remaining Geo Block, unless you're really hurting at this point. This
    battle can go either way really. There's not much in those treasure chests -
    Some random, low Rank items - But you can reset if you really want them.
    Albatross Collar {W17}
    Recommended Level: 5
    Lv. 5 Abaddon x2
    Lv. 5 Petite Orc x3
    Lv. 5 Catsaber x2
    (Lv. 4 Red Geo Block: Ally Boost +50%)
    (Lv. 4 Blue Geo Block: DEF +50%)
    (Lv. 4 Null Geo Block: Treasure Panel)
    Geo Panels:
    Blue - DEF +50%, Treasure Panel
    Red - (none)
    If you've only been following the in-game tutorials so far, there's something
    you should know - The enemies are cheaters! There's no limit on the duration
    of enemy Magichange, and Fused enemies don't expend any SP to maintain their
    forms. Waiting them out clearly isn't an option.
    Fortunately! You don't need to deal with that at all on this map. A Red Geo
    Block has nicely been placed by your Base Panel. Tossing it onto the blue
    panel in front of it and destroying it sets off a chain that obliterates
    every enemy on the map, except for the Abaddons, who narrowly survive.
    If you want a perfect round, put two heavy attackers next to two other
    characters on the field, end your turn, everyone outside of the Abaddons'
    movement ranges, and on your next turn toss the two inside and let them whack
    the Abaddons to death. A perfect round, and plenty of bonuses too.
    Disaster First {W18}
    Recommended Level: 5
    Lv. 7 President's Son {Emizel}
    Lv. 6 Healer x2
    Lv. 5 Abaddon x4
    Fighting these guys head-on is risky business, but there are means to
    mitigate the risk. Send a weak ally (like, say, a Prinny) out the back of
    the Base Panel and end your turn. This will aggro only the two frontline
    Abaddons who will charge forward and promptly annihilate your not so
    auspicious associate.
    This leaves them, however, conveniently in a line, isolated from the rest of
    the enemy group. Rush 'em - No matter what you do, after your turn the rest
    of the Abaddons rush you. Blade Rush and AoE Fire, or even plain regular
    Fire, work well here. Try taking out both but if that doesn't look possible,
    be sure to kill at least one and then heal up before ending your turn. Let
    the Abaddon attack and then survey the field.
    Things may get messy here. If there 2 Abaddon left, you shouldn't have
    trouble, but if there are 3 you're gonna have to work. Try to take out 2
    again. Grouping them together works. You should have an easier time this turn
    considering they've accumulated damage.
    Be mindful of your placement though - Emizel will begin his attack next turn.
    He casts a potent Fire with a de facto 50% damage boost thanks to his Evility
    Concentration. While he can only hit one unit at a time, he likes to attack
    targets he can kill in one hit. Focus your healing on your strongest units,
    particularly the Fire-weak ones (i.e. Valvatorez). If you can still send out
    units have some cannon fodder left, throw one out (per turn, if possible), to
    distract Emizel.
    At this point, Emizel, at most one Abaddon, and the two Healers should be
    left on the map. Spend this turn defeating that Abaddon or beginning your
    attack on Emizel. The two Healers shouldn't be a problem. They'll only leave
    their posts if either you enter their territory or an injured comrade does,
    and even if they come, at this point, they're only a nuisance. For some
    reason, they tend not to heal Emizel. If you've been using Valvatorez and
    Feinrich, they work well in a battery against Emizel - Feinrich attacks and
    Valvatorez stands beside him using Impaler Prince or a spear attack.
    Once Emizel's down, just clean up the Healers. They don't heal themselves, so
    you can even have a weaker ally grab the kill... if you have any left.
    Episode 2: Prinny Wars {W20}
    Cue episode 2. If you haven't started shopping yet, now's a good time to
    start - You should have saved up plenty of money by now. Get to raising that
    Customer Rank so you can push for better items!
    Also, if you haven't spent any mana yet, you might want to do that now.
    Rather than upgrading your skills at the Evility Shop though, I suggest
    creating new characters at Cam-pain HQ. In particular, create a Lady Fighter,
    a Thief, and a Mage - Green or Blue only (you don't want to be redundant!) -
    In order to round out your team with all the available human-type characters
    and unlock the others ASAP.
    Conveniently, this setup also lets you round out your weapon loadout on your
    team. The Lady Fighter can acquit herself with a spear, and the Thief can
    handle a gun. The Mage will become another staff holder, but the added
    elemental diversity makes her a worthy addition. Shoot for Average ability
    when making them - They won't be around forever, but they need to at least
    be able to hold their own.
    Here are the locations for this chapter's treasure chests:
    1) In the square by the base of the lavafall.
    2) On top of the weapon display by the Weapon and Armor Shops.
    3) To the side of the display by the General Store. Turn your camera if you
    can't see it.
    Once you're ready, head to the Dimension Guide to learn... you need to pass a
    few more tutorials. Onward.
    Chain {W21}
    Recommended Level: 6
    Lv. 7 Green Slime
    Lv. 6 Catsaber x3
    (Lv. 5 Red Geo Block: Enemy Boost +50%) x25
    (Lv. 5 Green Geo Block: Enemy Boost +50%) x17
    (Lv. 5 Yellow Geo Block: Enemy Boost +50%) x9
    (Lv. 5 Blue Geo Block: Enemy Boost +50%) x2
    An easy map. Throw the lone Red Geo Block by the group of Red Blocks to start
    a chain destroying every Block in the stage. All of the enemies survive, but
    you can lure them one by one away from the group and take them out
    individually. Just watch out for the Catsabers' Cat Teaser Kick. Don't
    expose your mages to it and you'll do fine.
    One more thing. Destroying all those Blocks boosts the Bonus Gauge quite a
    bit. If you see anything nice near the end, you can boost for it pretty
    easily. Green Slimes have poor movement distance and high defense. Toss it
    into a corner somewhere early on and have your weaker fighters Team Attack
    it for however many turns you need, healing the Slime and your teammates as
    you go along.
    Tumble {W22}
    Recommended Level: 6
    Lv. 8 Green Mage
    Lv. 8 Thief x3
    (Lv. 7 Blue Geo Block: Atk +50%) x17
    (Lv. 7 Iron Box) x20
    The principle behind solving this map is the same as the last one. Tossing
    the Blue Geo Block in front of the others destroys them all and renders the
    enemies vulnerable. This map's actually easier than the last one: The
    Thieves can attack only in a straight line and can't move. Once you
    destroy the Green Mage, it's clear sailing, and even that isn't hard.
    Once you've destroyed all the Geo Blocks, put a few fighters in front of the
    boxes so that they can climb them immediately on the following turn and kill
    the Green Mage (preferably fighters not weak to Wind, of course). Then kill
    the Thieves at your leisure - Your weaker party members could probably use
    the EXP!
    Practice {W23}
    Recommended Level: 7
    Lv. 8 Lady Fighter x5
    Lv. 8 Eryngi
    (Lv. 8 Red Geo Block: Enemy Boost +50%) x19
    (Lv. 8 Blue Geo Block: Enemy Boost +50%) x19
    (Lv. 8 Green Geo Block: Enemy Boost +50%) x19
    (Lv. 8 Iron Box) x21
    Same deal as the last map. Toss the lone Geo Blocks to the like-colored
    Blocks to destroy the others and open up the enemy. Also like the last map,
    the enemies who are on top of the soon-to-be-destroyed Geo Blocks don't
    move although these guys aren't quite as defenseless, so stay as far as you
    can from them when attacking and heal regularly. Once you've killed all the
    Lady Fighters, cross the bridge and take out the Eryngi to clear the map. He
    *can* move, but there's really nothing he can do by himself.
    A new feature is now available at Cam-pain HQ! You can now place Evil
    Symbols on your territory. Speak to the Dimension Guide again once you're
    Rotten Sickbed {W24}
    Recommended Level: 8
    Lv. 9 Thief
    Lv. 8 Eryngi x2
    Lv. 7 Red Blob x3
    Lv. 7 Ghost x3
    (Lv. 7 Green Geo Block: Ally Boost +50%)
    (Lv. 7 Red Geo Block: No Effect) x26
    (Lv. 7 Green Geo Block: No Color Change) x11
    (Lv. 7 Blue Geo Block: No Color Change) x4
    (Lv. 7 Iron Box) x38
    (Lv. 8 Enlarge {Giant Mushroom}) x2
    (Lv. 8 Poison {Poison Mushroom}) x2
    This map takes its cue from the past tutorials. It may look a bit
    intimidating at first, but it's not hard and it's not even that complicated.
    To answer your first question, yes, the only way to the enemy groups in the
    back is by going through the ones before them: The layout of this stage
    prevents any alternate route making. First, then, you need to deal with the
    pack of Ghosts above you.
    The Ghosts are too high to leap to directly at this point, unless you've
    picked up a hell of a bunch of Slippers! So reduce the height differential
    so you can get up there instead. Lift the Green Geo Block in front of the
    Base Panel and drop it in front of the forward-most Red Block. Now you can
    destroy one of those Red Blocks or toss someone up there (or just run up
    there directly; you should have one Slippers in your inventory) to fight
    the head Ghost. Send a Red Skull as Fire magic works wonders in this stage.
    If you don't have a strong Fire user, any melee character will suffice.
    These guys, like the enemies in the tutorials, also don't move from their
    positions, nor can they back up the others if you remain as far from their
    compatriots as possible when attacking them directly. Clear them all out and
    then toss the Red Geo Block on top down to the bottom to clear all the Red
    Blocks, changing the tower into a neat staircase.
    If you didn't eliminate the Ghosts up here with a magician, send one up the
    stairs now to target the Red Blobs below. Their high defense, together with
    an innate Evility that halves all non-elemental damage, make a melee
    confrontation unwise. Note that if you use a magician or an archer here,
    you'll probably need to go down there for the Red Blob in the back, but not
    to worry - His miserable movement speed will prevent him from catching you.
    The Poison Mushroom on the side can help you a bit but can't be tossed
    between characters, making it impossible to hit all three without dropping
    Once the Red Blobs are gone, you're left with another choice. Melee against
    the last group of enemies or long-range combat (as you can attack through
    the wall). If you decide to go melee, draw a line of recipients to carry the
    Green Geo Block by the start over to the Blocks in the pit in order to make
    another staircase so you can reach them. If you long-range and destroy the
    Green Blocks anyway for the Bonus, don't put anyone on the stairs except
    spearmen - The Eryngi cast weak Wind magic but punch with a not so weak
    Erynger Jab at that range.
    The Item World is now open for exploration! Talk with the Item Worlder for
    an explanation on how the Item World operates and five free Mr. Gency Exits.
    Now's as good a time as any to venture in and try powering up an item.
    Beware though. Stages in the Item World can be very dangerous. The tides can
    turn from a single mistake, so watch yourself. Once you're ready to
    continue with the main game, speak with the Dimension Guide.
    Hypha Invasion {W25}
    Recommended Level: 9
    Lv. 9 Lady Fighter x2
    Lv. 8 Zombie x4
    Lv. 9 Green Skull x2
    Lv. 9 Boggart x4
    (Lv. 8 Blue Geo Block: No Ranged Attack)
    (Lv. 8 Green Geo Block: HP/SP Switch)
    (Lv. 8 Poison {Poison Mushroom}) x3
    (Lv. 8 Enlarge {Giant Mushroom})
    Geo Panels:
    Green - No Ranged
    Blue - HP/SP Switch
    The geo effects supporting the enemy groups here make each pack stronger. You
    could fight them on these terms... BUT you could also swap the Geo Blocks,
    crippling them, instead. I think the latter is wiser. =)
    Send one character with a Throw stat of 5 one space away from the Base Panel
    toward the Blue bridge, and call out another human-unit with a Movement stat
    of 5. Now throw that character on top of the Base Panel across the river onto
    the Green Panels, send him over to the Green Block, pick it up, and toss it
    a few squares behind you in front of a Lady Fighter; you'll be tossing it
    back again later and would have a devil of a time doing what you have to do
    with the Block in a corner. The unit you send to do this will certainly be
    destroyed when you end your turn, but his sacrifice shall not be in vain.
    Now send your melee fighters charging across the Green bridge. You won't
    aggro the Zombies - They move only when you're in their vicinity. Leave the
    character who threw the unit over the river where he is: You want to lure the
    Boggart in front over the bridge. Now end turn 1.
    After your noble friend is slaughtered and the Boggart starts crossing the
    bridge, you should be able to start turn 2 immediately. Rush in and start
    hacking apart those Zombies. The Lady Fighters won't interfere. They won't
    even move until after turn 4 ends (unless you get *really* close), so take
    your time. Also return any stray units out on the field back to the base
    Once the Zombies are gone, check that you're out of the Lady Fighters'
    movement range, then pull back as close to the Poison Mushroom as you can.
    Sometimes they split up, depending on how far back you are - They'll both
    come eventually. If they charge together, be sure to get both in one turn.
    March forward a few squares now. You need to position your men carefully for
    the next step. Approach the incline before the red slime(?) hanging from the
    wall. The following spots are clear:
    I Danger | Danger | Clear  | W
    V -------------------------| A
    E Danger | Clear  | Clear  | L
    R -------------------------| L
    Any closer and you aggro the Green Skulls. In one turn, toss both Geo Blocks
    onto blue panels and destroy the Green one. The resulting chain should
    heavily damage all the remaining enemies. Bring out your ranged characters
    from the Base Panel, kill the Boggart on the bridge, and then end your turn.
    Your fate is in chance's hands now. Hopefully you don't suffer too much
    damage. Have whatever of your crew remains mop up the stage.
    Forest of Corpses {W26}
    Recommended Level: 10
    Lv. 7 Ghoul x12
    (Lv. 8 Red Geo Block: Recovery 20%)
    (Lv. 8 Red Geo Block: No Effect)
    (Lv. 8 Green Geo Block: Move -1)
    (Lv. 8 Green Geo Block: No Effect)
    (Lv. 8 Blue Geo Block: LV 7 Boost)
    (Lv. 8 Blue Geo Block: No Effect)
    (Lv. 8 Yellow Geo Block: No Lifting)
    (Lv. 8 Yellow Geo Block: No Effect)
    (Lv. 8 Purple Geo Block: No Entry)
    Two columns of Ghouls are hankerin' to rush you down in this stage, and
    they've got a truckfull of buffs at their feet. Thankfully, the game has
    given you the tools to dismantle the passageway for the hordes... for one of
    them anyway. The Ghouls charge immediately, so you want to blow their bridge
    ASAP. You have two turns before they're on top of you, but you can get the
    job done handily in one, plus you get a bigger Bonus to boot. Position your
    men as follows:
    |R|5| | | |5|G|   R - Red Block
    | | | | | | | |   Y - Yellow Block
    |5| | | | |#| |   G - Green Block
    |Y| | | | |5|B|   B - Blue Block
       C       C      5 - Human Unit w/
       O       O          5 Throw Stat
       L       L      # - Any Human Unit
       U       U
       M       M
       N       N
    Follow these instructions:
    1) Toss the Blue Block on top of the Yellow Block.
    2) Toss the Red Block on top of the Green Block.
    3) Toss the Yellow/Blue stack to the ally at #5
    4) Toss the Green/Red stack on top of the Yellow/Blue stack.
    5) Toss the full stack onto the Yellow column.
    Destroy *that* bridge (as pictured in the diagram) in particular as it's
    connected to more Blocks on the other side, giving you a bigger Bonus when it
    collapses. Now bring out your supporters and long-range attackers and end
    your turn.
    The Ghouls will charge but aren't able to cross the whole bridge in one go.
    Place your strongest melee unit on the only available spot on the bridge;
    then put your supporters and long-range attackers behind him. If you have any
    assist spells, like Shield, now's the time to use 'em. From here on out it's
    a straight up slug fest. Break through the line of Ghouls ahead of you and
    circle around to finish off the rest.
    To be continued!
    :                      Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ}                     :
    Q: I've heard about a limited edition "Fallen Angel Flonne" DLC. How do I get
    A: Fallen Angel Flonne can be downloaded from a voucher that comes with
    pre-orders on the Premium and Premium Figure editions of the game.
    If you bought the game from a retailer like Gamestop, the code should be on
    your receipt. If you bought the game directly from NISA, check your inbox.
    NISA's emailed the code to the address you registered with them. If you
    haven't pre-ordered or are buying the Standard edition, you're out of luck
    unless she becomes regular DLC in the future. At this point in time, she
    hasn't become regular DLC in Japan, so the outlook is poor for an unlimited
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    Version 0.1 (9/6/11)
    First release. Covers up through the middle of Episode 1. 19KB
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    Second release. Covers up through the middle of Episode 2. 39KB
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    Thanks to NIS for creating another great game.
    Thanks to all the host sites for hosting this FAQ/Walkthrough.
    Walking behind the Base Panel in Disaster First to split up the enemy and the
    existence of special-use mushrooms in Episode 2's maps I owe to BradyGames
    strategy guide, try as I might not to look at it. I did not find them on my
    own (the former in particular is an embarassment). Thank you.
    Finally, if anyone has any questions, contributions, or comments about this
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