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    DLC Character Evility List by Unknown_PC

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    Written and compiled by Unknown_PC

    Source data:

    • Japanese Disgaea 4 Wiki for character info, http://alphawiki.net/disgaea4/

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    This is a list of evilities for DLC (downloadable content) characters.

    Please note that there are spoilers for DCL scenario and DLC character names.

    This short guide provides rough translations of DLC evility effects.

    For quick access, either click on the table of contents or use CTRL+F to search for the character/class name you desire.

    Evility List

    For the list below:

    • Innate - Evility unique to the character/class. Evility in this category cannot be transferred through Chara World.
    • 1 / 2 / 3 - Secondary evilities for the character. These evilities can be transferred to other characters through Chara World.


    Innate - Increase damage by 30% during 1-on-1
    1 - Increase fist normal attack range by 1
    2 - Increase fire damage by 20%, decrease fire damage taken by 20%


    Innate - Increase adjacent male allies' stats on the Cam-Pain Map by 10%
    1 - Increase adjacent allies' critical chance on the Cam-Pain Map by 20% (does not stack)
    2 - Increase adjacent allies' magic range on the Cam-Pain Map by 1 (does not stack)

    Asagi (HD)

    Innate - Normal attacks with gun will be performed twice.
    1 - Allow diagonal shots with gun normal attacks (like bows)
    2 - Increase gun's melee-range damage by 50%

    Priere (Axe)

    Innate - Allow Priere to take another turn after defeating an enemy with normal attack (once per turn)
    1 - Force the target to counter-attack
    2 - During level-up, increase ATK by 30%, decrease DEF by 30%


    Innate - Increase damage by 3% for every enemy on the map
    1 - If the target is weak to the element, increase damage by 100%
    2 - Increase star damage by 20%, decrease star damage taken by 20%

    Pink / Deathsaber (Fist) (flying)

    Innate - After a melee-range attack, target will face away from Pink/deathsaber
    1 - Increase stats by 10% for every cat-type unit on the map
    2 - Decrease damage taken by 50% if own elevation is higher than the enemy
    3 - Able to survive deathblows, but will put self to sleep (once per turn)


    Innate - Increase ally stats on the map by 10%
    1 - Increase adjacent allies' movement range by 1
    2 - After defeating enemies, recover 50% SP from skill usage

    Main Char B. / Angel (flying)

    Innate - Decrease non-elemental damage taken by adjacent allies by 50%
    1 - Healing items will also affect target's adjacent units.
    2 - Healing spells will also cure status alignments.
    3 - Increase healing spell effectiveness by 10% x the number of spaces moved (within turn)

    Prism Red / Prism Ranger (humanoid)

    Innate - Increase stats by 5% x deployed allies in the same Evil Area*
    1 - Increase adjacent allies' ATK by 10%*
    2 - Increase the stats of 7 other prism-type allies on the map
    • Generic prism rangers will get +5% ATK, INT, DEF, RES, HIT or SPD instead.

    Kyoko Needleworker

    Innate - Increase evasion by 50% when next to Raspberyl in battle
    1 - During full HP, increase SPD by 30%
    2 - When next to Raspberyl, increase Raspberyl's damage by 10%

    Asuka Cranekick

    Innate - Increase damage by 50% when next to Raspberyl in battle
    1 - During full HP, increase ATK by 30%
    2 - When next to Raspberyl, increase Raspberyl's evasion by 5%


    Innate - 50% chance to evade ranged and area special attacks. (same as D3)
    1 - Increase attack damage by 50% when you attack multiple times.
    2 - Increase stats by 5% every time you evade an enemy's attack.
    3 - Crit rate becomes 100% against defending units.

    Gig (Sword) (flying)

    Innate - During magichange/fusion, increase aptitudes by 50%
    1 - When set to leader, increase Evil Area members' stats by 5%
    2 - When deployed from base, increase stats by 20%

    Tyrant Valvatorez

    Innate - Increase weapon stats by 50%
    1 - Increase stats by 20% x the number of adjacent allies on Cam-Pain Map
    2 - Defeated enemies become neutral* (cannot be transferred through Chara World)
    • AI-controlled

    Nisa / Nippon-ichi chan

    Innate - Increase stats by 1% for every 10-hour playtime
    1 - Increase stats by 10% x the number of flat-chested character in the same Evil Area. (capped at 100%)*
    2 - Increase stats by amount of HP recovered from healing spells
    • Characters include Nisa, Fuka, Desco, Flonne, Raspberyl, Etna, Pleinair, Pram, Valkyrie, Witch, Archer, Thief, Sorcerer, Alraune


    Innate - Random evility every turn*
    1 - Decrease adjacent enemy RES by 50%
    2 - Increase stats by 5% x the number of deployed male allies
    • Random evilities pool include 100% accuracy, 100% evasion, +50% damage, +50% DEF, +1 movement, +1 spell range, double normal attack or no effect


    Innate - Recover 5% HP/SP for base panel allies every turn.
    1 - Cure adjacent allies' status alignments at the end of the turn.
    2 - Poison adjacent enemies at the end of the turn.
    3 - Adds a new command to instantly transport an ally back to the base panel.


    Innate - Defeated enemies become neutral zombies*
    1 - Become a neutral zombie yourself during deathblow*
    2 - Increase stats by 5% x number of zombies on the map
    3 - Zombified units will reward EXP and mana
    • AI-controlled


    Innate - Increase adjacent allies' normal attack and magic range by 2
    1 - Increase adjacent ally Overlords' stats by 30%
    2 - Increase critical chance and critical damage by 20% x number of adjacent enemies


    Innate - Increase stats by 5% x the number of ghost allies on the map
    1 - Enables the usable of the Confine command (cannot be transferred through CW)
    2 - Increase stats by 10% x number of times equipping magichanging weapons


    Innate - Increase stats by 100% during the last turn of magichange
    1 - When summoned by Confine, increase stats by 50% (cannot be transferred through CW)
    2 - Increase water damage by 20%, decrease water damage taken by 20%

    Hugo (Bow)

    Innate - 10% chance to inflict deathblow when casting spells
    1 - Same as reapers

    Nemo (humanoid)

    Innate - Drain 10% HP from adjacent enemies at the end of the turn
    1 - Reflect 10% of damage taken back to the enemy

    DES X (Sword)

    Innate - Increase ATK by 40% when next to Fuka or Desco
    1 - Same as Desco

    Revision History

    v0.93, 10/27/2011 - Added entries for DLC scenario & round 7 characters.

    v0.92, 9/22/2011 - Added Kunoichi generic class entries by sion4ever. Added secondary evilities for Medic, Necromancer. Added (flying) to angels.

    v0.90, 9/21/2011 - First version of the list